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Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly Negative Reviews

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Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly app received 14 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly? Can you share your negative thoughts about kikoff – build credit quickly?

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Kikoff – Build Credit Quickly for Negative User Reviews

Foney Credit BuildingThis app makes little to no changes to your credit score by using it. I made a $24 purchase with the line of credit they provided at time of sign up (October 2021). It took out $2 each month (12 month payment agreement). After the original purchase I probably on logged in a handful of time after. I just notice this month (February 2023) that it was taking out $5 so I redownloaded the app it auto renewed to another 12+ month term agreement of $60 and is now taking out $5 a month. I have emailed but not yet received a response. But it’s very fraudulent of the company, disgusting that they do the “auto” renews so sneaky like, and they do it to where you really don’t notice $5 being taking out of your account each month because it’s so little of an amount. NOT WORTH IT!.Version: 1.33.335

Unsure what this service actually doesI saw an ad for Kikoff and visited the website because it seemed like a good idea to help raise my credit score. Once I visited the website, there was minimal information on what the service actually provides. After getting approved, I did not fund the account bc it seemed like a waste of time FOR ME. After a couple months, I noticed this account on my credit report as a negative account. It stated that I was behind on payments, when all I did was apply. I never actually funded the account (thinking the system would automatically close the inquiry bc the account was not funded). Since then, the only choice I had was to fund the account. Now I’m stuck paying $2 a month for a service I really don’t want. With that being said, I haven’t seen any positive report to any credit bureaus since I’ve funded the account..Version: 1.16.53

USA only.Seems like a great idea but it doesn’t mention that it’s US only. I realise now it makes sense, but it should be stated in the description..Version: 1.7.40

DO NOT USEThe most aggravating tray I have ever made to fixing my credit. I download the app and create an account to see what this was about decided it wasn’t for me deleted the app and now sometime later I randomly have kick off on my credit as past due when I never made a purchase and it’s affecting my credit worse than it was before. Do not download this app or get suckered in there is no way to communicate with any type of customer service. I’ve tried calling and all I get is a stupid voicemail that doesn’t even except voicemails and now I’m stuck with this on my credit report making my credit go lower than when it was when I never made a purchase through this app to begin with please do not waste your time..Version: 1.16.53

This app lied to me! Be CAREFUL! Don’t DO IT!I downloaded this app because it was suggested by credit karma as an easy way to build positive credit. After doing some research, I decided to go another route and quickly cancelled the account. I tried calling customer service but it is just a recording telling you to email your problems to the given email address. I then wrote a lengthy message about my problems and was sent an email saying that my account was closed but that there was a chance that I would still receive bills and emails of late payment for up to two weeks. This is why I did not think anything about all the emails I began to receive insisting that I had an overdue balance. Two months later, I woke up with a message from credit karma stating that my credit score had gone down. When I checked the changes made, I saw that Kikoff had reported negative marks for late payments. I was shocked! This app was supposed to help me and now I have to dispute them to return my score to the status I was in before signing up for this app. Don’t do it!!! Do not get this app. You will be lost as to what is going on and you may even get a lower credit score than you started with..Version: 1.18.96

Can’t sign upMy phone number is “invalid”, tried my husbands and he had the same issue..Version: 1.31.313

Shady & Poorly Designed Waste of TimeI was optimistic about this app based on the ads I had seen as well as the reviews on the Apple App Store – but there's only one major problem – it's 'not yet' available in my state of residence. It would have been nice during the sign-up process if they were to make the first question they ask which state you live in and thereby tell you whether or not they are available in your state rather than having you go through all the steps of entering your email address, creating a password, along with all of your other personal information (most importantly asking for your including your Social Security number) only to tell you immediately after submission that that they are not yet available and approved for your state. I really hope this is not some type of a scam to farm peoples personal information, because unfortunately quite a few people who download the app (myself included) are falling for it. Not happy at all..Version: 1.15.52

Misleading! Do not trust this scamI just closed my account with Kikoff and they don’t return your money. They also report you on your credit report as getting a loan from them if $500 which I did not sign up for. The way it’s reported on your credit report is they report you taking out a $500 dollar loan from them which is untrue. I signed up for their $2.00 a month service. They did not return any of my money when I closed my account and they charged a extra $10 a month for 4 months on my card that I didn’t realize til it was to late. They did not return my money or acknowledge fault after they closed my account. I will be contacting my lawyer. I don’t think you guys are legally allowed to do this..Version: 1.26.233

ConfusingI initially loved this service and in all fairness it helped me somewhat with my credit. I don’t know if they changed policies or ownership, but the seem so have fallen off greatly. I wanted to change my due date, but can’t figure out how in the heck to do it.. so yesterday I got a message saying They closed my account. Then today I got a message saying they need the payment tomorrow. Well with that being said I figured I would contact them and find out what was going on. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT …. No way to even send them a message. So if someone from KICKOFF would take the time to email me, that would be great. I know a phone call is too much to ask… when a company doesn’t have a Customer support number it makes me wonder why- Gladys Sandy.Version: 1.25.204

StupidSo...why would anyone want a $500 credit line to purchase e books (choose from less then 10 of them) about financial wellness? The books are $20 or less and there seriously aren’t even enough of them to spend $500 even if for some strange reason you wanted financial wellness e books??? My credit is unbelievably not okay...but even I can find other ways to build it that include actually paying for things I need. Money Lion has a 4.99% interest rate and also approves immediately and is an actual $500 in your bank account to oh I don’t know help with emergencies! This app is just not my thing. I’d even be more inclined to give it 2 stars if it had things other then ebooks about finances..Version: 1.0.23

Can’t even signup..If a company can’t even get their app to work properly, how can I trust them with all my personal information and financial reporting? No thanks. During signup, my cell phone number I’ve had for 15+ years is “not a valid mobile number”. So yeah, I’ll pass with these guys..Version: 1.2.35

Can’t access my booksI started off absolutely loving this app. I think the books selection is great, I find it very beneficial when it comes to my line of work and because I enjoy constantly learning new things. But for like the last 5 months or better I haven’t be able to access and read my books. I’ve made my payments, a couple a little past the due date, but I have always paid it. I’ve written customer support about this issue a couple of times and they have yet to help me. Please explain to me why I can’t open my books as well as tell what to do so I can access them. That’s the only reason I didn’t give you 5 stars..Version: 1.18.96

Only available partially in the USWhy release the app in Australia if it’s not even available here?.Version: 1.5.38

Horribly Developed AppI’m not sure what rookie devs they hired to design this app, but it’s horrible. My main issue is not being able to pay my bill. I had to add new card to make my payment, but it stated I had too many payment methods. (I had five linked) Okay, fine. I delete one card and try again, same error. So finally, I delete all the linked cards and tried again, to no avail. Now my account is “past due” and I have no way to pay it or get any instant help since they have no phone support and emailing is useless when you need assistance today, not tomorrow. 1/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND! How can you build credit when they won’t let you pay your bill?!.Version: 1.20.118

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