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Acorns: Invest Spare Change Negative Reviews

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Acorns: Invest Spare Change App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Acorns: Invest Spare Change app received 37 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Acorns: Invest Spare Change? Can you share your negative thoughts about acorns: invest spare change?

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Acorns: Invest Spare Change for Negative User Reviews

Pathetic Business PracticesUsed to use this service 5-7 years ago. It was an interesting and fun concept. Over time, naturally consolidated investments over to larger and more sophisticated financial institutions. Welcome 2022 and Acorns decision to automatically enroll folks whose bank information is still connected somehow to their platform (*because they don’t actually allow you to fully ever disconnect said information) to a monthly subscription fee “service” that gets you who knows what… I haven’t had money on the Acorns platform in years. Bottom line: tremendously infuriating to have any systematic auto-enrollment initiative begin charging you money. There’s never any guarantee that we still have the App on our devices, we may not receive emails from a particular account that’s over 5 years old (eg an old school or work email)… we may not even be able to login to the App/Service platform anymore because of all of the aforementioned logistical issues. Don’t charge old customers money by auto-enrolling them because you need to drive your own revenue. It’s an incredibly dishonest and irresponsible manner of capturing a few extra dollars. Completely shameful. So infuriating that I’d absolutely be willing to be part of a class-action lawsuit should one ever materialize. Frankly, if I were a lawyer, I’d file it myself..Version: 3.51.0

Useless if you don’t have a mainstream bank.Honestly, this review is only going to apply to people who bank with smaller, less popular banks. Just like everyone else, I saw the ads, invest your spare change, blah blah blah. I was super intrigued and excited to download and set this up. Come to find out, my bank isn’t listed in the seemingly endless list of banks big, small, and very small banks. I ended up having to go through the hassle of manually setting up my bank via account and routing number (which is the least inconvenient reason I’m leaving this review). After i contacted my bank I’m immediately prompted to get a subscription to advance further. I never was able to verify my account because they never sent me the micro transactions. I couldn’t connect my card because my bank was not listed and there is no manual card setup. So in the end I had no access to the thing I got the app for in the first place. Very disappointed overall because there’s no easy way to contact someone and ask them to add a bank or anything like that, but who knows maybe someone will see this and open up some new doors for future users. It’s a 0 out of 5 for me. Worth a shot I guess, probably works great if you back with a mainstream bank..Version: 3.36.0

Okay-ish.I’ve been a member since 2019 and for the most part I’m okay with the app. One thing that truly gets under my skin is that I can’t review my statements from the app. I have to physically get on a desktop computer in order to see my statements. It’s quite annoying considering I don’t always have a desktop around when I’m doing my finances. You cant go online from your phone and do it, you have to use a desktop. I’m not sure why it’s set up that way, but it’s annoying. Also, I have used Robinhood for 2 months, and in those 2 months I gained over $70 in stocks/investing. Whereas I’ve had Acorns for almost a year and the most I ever gained in investing is $35. I have waaaay more money in Acorns than I do in Robinhood, yet I managed to make more with less. Idk what Acorns is doing with my money, but it’s not really investing the way it can. I’m thinking of canceling Acorns because it’s honestly not working for me anymore. I think the best feature is the roundup investments, it lets me save by keeping the change. However, my personal bank does the same. It seemed like a good app when I first got it, but now I’m feeling like it’s not putting my money to good use. Plus, needing me to log onto a desktop just to see my statements is, once again, very annoying. Most apps, whether it’s a bank or another investing app, provide you with your statements without having to do the extra work. Why are they being so extra? Why are they not investing my money properly? Idk...Version: 3.10.6

Not worth it - my money has disappearedI got this app about 4 months ago months ago. I chose to invest a relatively small amount continuously until I figured out if the app was legitimate. I started noticing that I would have money taken from my account, in small sums but money is money; and it wouldn’t be reflected in my acorns account. I decided about a month ago that I wanted to pull the nearly $35 dollars it has pulled out of my account over time due to the fact that it was just sitting there and it told me there were errors and it couldn’t transfer to my account. I also had less money in my account than I had invested at that point. I recently got on and tried to take my money out again and it not only signed me out but it also has forced me to either “agree” to their new conditions which state that I agree to letting them continuously take money out of my debit account and I agree to let them take the subscription payment out of my account when they state and that I am fine with a fee if there are insufficient funds in my account when they try to do so. I not only cannot log in to my account where I have almost $50 dollars just sitting in, I have to agree to their terms therefore putting me in a binding contract with them in which I don’t want to be in just to receive my money. I am very disappointed and do not recommend. This app did not work the way they advertised it to..Version: 2.4.10

Really screwed me overSo I just started investing. I’m about 19 and only work part time, so since I don’t have a lot of money to invest I thought I’d start here. I’m in a bit of a tough spot now because Acorn was trying to charge my card, but my work just switched from weekly pay to biweekly pay so I was taking a bit to adjust and didn’t have much money in my checkings account at the time. Well, Acorn didn’t take the hint that I didn’t have enough money and kept trying to charge my card rather than just declining it. Every time they tried 30 dollars got taken away from my account. Not only that, but no money at all was added to my acorn portfolio. They didn’t even notify me my card wasn’t working, and charged twice on the same day (What looks like twice in a row) and then again the next day so I ended up losing 90$ for absolutely nothing. I tried contacting customer support, they said it’d take 1-2 business days to process the request. It’s been a week and I haven’t gotten any email past the confirmation email. It’s really frustrating having just under -90$ in my account because acorn wouldn’t stop trying to charge my card and didn’t notify me that my card wasn’t going through in any way. Acorn is the only company I’ve had do this to me. So I’m done with it..Version: 3.20.0

$5 dollar sharing perk scam & nonexistent customer service !I am trying to like Acorns but am finding it very difficult. 1) I am a student and want to take advantage of the perk they offer - monthly fee waived for 4 Years- however my college does not use .edu email addresses so I emailed customer service to see what they needed me to provide as proof and 5 days later have still not received a reply, although I did receive confirmation that my email was received. 2) I wanted to share this app with my husband and sent him the link which says repeatedly that once the friend “completes registration” they and you will each receive a $5 reward, only to find that once you complete registration is says great you completed registration and you will receive $5 after you make your first investment! This is bold face lying to get people to sign up and I do not support his tactic at all. 3) when you connect your account and turn on “round ups” it collects previous days purchases from your account- this needs to be disclosed when the round up option is activated (it prob tucked away somewhere deep in fine print ...) . All of these issues right off the bat! Hopefully someone from customer service will eventually get back to me and I can end up liking the idea of Acorns again!.Version: 2.4.1

I don’t even know manI started trying to save money n invest then I stopped for awhile just for reasons and after I stopped recurring every Friday for a bit it started taking 5$ away from my bank account without it being recurring so I deleted it so it wouldn’t steal money from me- yeah 5$ ain’t much but when it’s over n over n over I think they just want my money- especially when the money they took didn’t get invested for my acorns account- probably close to 50-60 bucks just gone and didn’t even try to get it back- why? What’s the point I can just invest in a different app that doesn’t take money without asking and not using that money for my investment account which is ridiculous- every time a 5 was deducted I checked acorns and nothing was there every time plus i was a new user at the time so I think it was a bad app for investing unless you want your money taken then sure be my guest. I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but yes if you turn off recurring bill for any amount of 5-20 per week it will start to take it out of your account for no reason and it won’t even be there in your acorns account- sorry but I aint downloading this again if that happens- hope someone sees this✌️ in the end don’t trust most things people say that’s all.Version: 4.2.0

Rip off company!!!I tried this company for less than a year, their App does not run right, they will charge your card for any little thing, when it is their mistake they will not reimburse you. They’ll send you a letter saying that you agreed to this or that according to their policies when you first sign up. Don’t sign up, if you put in any account information, they will start taking money from you. I tried getting a debit card so I could have access to the money that I have put into this company, I spent well over 10 to 15 emails and copies of my information in order to get a debit card, their app kept saying blurry could not read, picture was taken with an iPhone 15, in one email I was told I may need to have a better camera to get a picture of it( not exact words, however indicated). Even upon closing my account and removing all my money, they still have taken out two months of fees again when I Contacted customer service I was sent an email saying that I tried to login and that was justification for them removing a fee from me even after my account was closed. I was checking to make sure everything was closed so I logged in to them. This is a reason to charge another monthly fee..Version: 4.97.0

Transaction DisputeA fraudulent company accessed my checking account and took almost $1500 from my account in a matter of a few hours. Upon seeing the first charge come out, I called customer support in a matter of a couple of minutes of it happening to implore them to freeze my debit card to stop the charges. I was told I would be sent an email, which I was, with directions. The directions were to log in to my account. Why can’t the person on the phone walk you through what do. I was obviously already logged into the app on my phone; how else did I know that fraud charges were hitting my account. I filed a dispute on the charges. I was told there would be a 10 day investigation with the possibility of a provisional credit depending on what they find. I will change this one-star review if this company actually does the right thing and provide me with the relief that I deserve and their insurance will cover. I hate to say this but I suspect it was an inside job and the same people who are investigating this matter are the ones who perpetrated it. I just received an email stating that I have not responded to their email inquiries (not true) and that they have determined that the matter is resolved on my end and that they have closed the ticket. I can’t believe that after having had $1500 fraudulently taken from account that not one single person from Acorns can give me a call on the phone. I am being treated like I am the criminal. Beware of using this company!.Version: 4.9.0

User agreement nonsenseI opened my account over a year ago. Personally, I made the mistake of not doing enough research on the company before opening the account. After doing research, my disagreement is with the fees applied after cashing out. The bigger issue for me though, is the nonsense with how the company has been operating with it's user agreement. I received a new user agreement back in May of 2018. The agreement stated that I had to accept the agreement inorder for the app to keep managing my portfolio. At this point, I didn't want to accept the agreement so that the monthly deposits would be frozen. I received 2 more emails with extended agreement deadlines. I did not proceed with either. I have not opened the app since before the first agreement email. Regardless of my actions, the app has been taking money from my bank account on a monthly basis. I contacted customer support a few weeks ago and all I got was an email saying that they are sorry for losing my business and that I can login to my account, sell my investments, and close my account. If I follow through with this, it would require me to accept the agreement before I can even access my account. I have discussed this issue with my lawyer and we are in the process of notifying Acorns. I know others have had this issue as well, so I will try to give an update soon..Version: 3.3.8

Customer service response time bad.I signed up with Acorns a few months ago and enjoyed the app, it’s overall simplicity, and the fact that I was able to save money without really thinking about doing so (through roundups). Acorns offers referral reward bonuses at various times. I believe I referred 4-5 people who literally signed up and began to use acorns because of my discussion with them and positive referral. All I got out of it was a measly $5 reward, not the $500 or even $1,000 reward they offer at very specific times. I made a comment on an Acorns Instagram post, kindly recommending that they provide more generous reward bonuses for those that have referred others, without the specific (and difficult to achieve) guidelines regarding timeline of those referrals. I was told that my suggestion would not fall on deaf ears and that I was to DM acorns. Well, not only did I send a very respectful DM stating my position, I also emailed their customer support team. And, you guessed it. I haven’t heard back from either or anyone from acorns since. Customer service is paramount with me. At least take the time to reply to a legitimate concern/suggestion. I will be looking for another investment app if acorns fails to reach out to me within a few days..Version: 3.2.1

In shock!!!!!Ya know, Acorns for the most part is a great idea and useful and user friendly platform for people to invest, bank, and do other things, but I have to say that I just found out that without warning or notice my debit card was cancelled and a new one was ordered all because of. A dispute that I filed about a transaction I had seen that I had no knowledge of. So without calling me or emailing me to let me know the results of my dispute and after I specifically told an employee over the phone I cannot have my card cancelled they without warning did it anyways so now not only do I have to take the hit of the transaction unknown but now I have to endure the bombardment of returned payment fees if all the bills I have set up on autopay through the card that was cancelled. This is a very halfbaked unthought out protocol and I am on the fence of switching to a different investment institution because of this. And it’s not like they expedited the card delivery either, I now have to wait 2 weeks, and that’s business days don’t forget so weekends don’t count for the amount of time I’m waiting. Wouldn’t you rush someone’s card to them seeing how there is no physical bank for acorns and one depends on that debit card to have daily access to the money they worked hard for? So frustrated right now.Version: 3.33.0

Closing account and moving to RobinhoodI've been a member since 2019 and for the most part l'm okay with the app. One thing that truly gets under my skin is that I can't review my statements from the app. I have to physically get on a desktop computer in order to see my statements. Another things that ticks me off is that the found money service only works if all privacy protections are turned off, so I’ve never made any money from purchases at one of their partner’s because of this. Finally, likely due to the same reason of browser privacy protections, I’ve never won the big rewards to inviting friends because many of the ones I’ve invited that have signed up for whatever didn’t register as being invited by me. Robinhood is a lot nicer to use and has more modern features for example mating my IRA investments with 3%, offering both a debit and credit card, 2FA verification codes not requiring email or phone, AND allowing me to invest in individual stocks for FREE! Acorns literally charges money for just mutual stock investing, in Robinhood I can invest in ETFS (Mutal funds essentially) or Individual stocks for no fee. I think the best feature is the roundup investments, it lets me save by keeping the change. However, Robinhood can do this too..Version: 4.88.0

Customer Service is incompetentI was put on to this app by my brother. He has had great success with it, but that has been far from my experience. When creating an account, I was prompted several times to enter my information because the app either crashed or didn’t connect to their server. After finally getting my account set up I attempted to link my checking account for funding. In the app it clearly shows my bank account listed, checking and savings, yet still prompts me to link a checking account. I have followed the request of both customer service reps (one by email and one by phone) to manually enter in my routing and account number. Acorns comes back with a message saying “There is no bank associated with this routing number” yet when on the phone, the lady confirmed that I had entered it in correctly. This is after 2 days of emails back and forth with someone else who, after the second day, quit returning emails altogether. I have yet to hear back about a solution and feel that the difficulty to just sign up may not be worth the headache should something important and time sensitive occur. Great idea and very streamlined in how it is supposed to work, but atrocious first impression for sign up and even worse customer support..Version: 3.12.33

It’s scam appI deposited $15 to this app to try and than I decided to close my account I link my bank account with this trouble app and than I try to transfer my money to from this app to my bank account and I did and I receive confirm message from this app but I Check my bank account after 7 day and than after 15day and than after 30 day but never I receive my money in my bank account I contact with support team but they never answer me. Gays I want right now tell all off you whatch out your money and your information because this kind of app just they want make money and they don’t care about your money if your want to invest invest in your saving bank account by your self I learn by the time just send evry week or evry monthly some money to your saving account and save by your self don’t give your hard working money to this kind scam app owners off this kind off app they don’t have that much money they just create one app and than they want start make easy money they keep our money and then with our money they make money overall I’m not happy with this app and I home App Store and google play store take this scam app done so some poor regular people they don’t have that much info about what’s behind this kind app they don’t install in there phone and be aware and be careful!!!!!!.Version: 3.8.7

More like a weed then an oak this app is a jokeWhat a scam. I like the developers responses to anyone writing a review about negative returns. “O the market is going down right now” No it’s not! The market flex’s well acorns steals! A dollar a month to take our money?! I linked my credit card and after months of just losing money I decided to transfer what was left into my bank account. 3-6 days (more like almost two weeks) by the way Robinhood is instant... they front you the money and you choose what you invest in, you pick your stocks... not some blind shoot that you always loose. Also it is free. Fidelity doesn’t even take that long. You can take our money instantly but it’s weeks to get back?!?! But I digress from the real scam they pulled on me... after getting the account info (Acorns needed to transfer my money too) within days chunks of money started disappearing from that account!!! I went in and without asking they just started taking “roundups” from my bank account!!! I had to manually shut it off... but wait it gets worse!!!! My wife starting noticing money missing from her accounts... without my permission acorns just started taking money from all our linked accounts (four) I had to unlink all those accounts and then somehow they just turned my credit card back on themselves!!! This is a sneaky scam! People just invest your own money yourself in the market no reason to make these people rich with our money!!!!.Version: 3.3.5

Awful Customer SupportI like Acorns as a concept and their investment model is sound. However, and this is the part that really ruins it for me, their customer service has been so incompetent and annoying in my case, beyond tolerance. They stand out even in the sea of deteriorated customer service in general. I was hoping that with multiple tries I will eventually run into that one great customer service representative that will make up for all the others. Never happened. Here is my case: I wanted to stop my automatic withdrawals from my checking into Acorns until the market volatility calms down a bit during the Corona threat. I stopped withdrawals in the app. In the app it clearly shows that withdrawals are NOT on. However, they kept making withdrawals from my checking account and investing every week. Then I emailed them and got a response with instructions on how to close my account, which wasn’t what I asked. Three more emails to them with the same request after that, with their responses confirming that automatic withdrawals were stopped, shortly after I would find out otherwise. This morning, two months after my initial request, I glanced at my checking, another withdrawal was taken out. What am I supposed to do to stop withdrawals for a time being? There is no number to call, support in the app clearly didn’t work...They really ruined a good thing for me. Now I will think about closing the account and sticking with the classics..Version: 3.10.2

LackingI get the concept of this app but I feel like it’s not for me and I’ll tell you why. Acorns invests round-ups to the nearest dollar on your purchases. This means you have to wait until you buy something to invest in the stock market. Not only that, but the app itself does not give much insight into which stocks or ETFs are being used. So essentially you’re blindly putting in money that is going “somewhere out there” and hoping for the best. I get that there’s an option to deposit funds directly without waiting for round ups, but since that’s what I want to do, I’d rather be able to have a choice as to where my money goes. This app is for individuals who want to invest without the hassle, but I felt like it was almost too dumbed-down for me. It also took me more than half a year to receive my debit card, only to find out that instant round-ups aren’t available yet, which is why I wanted the card in the first place. The features on Acorn do not give you very much control, and for that reason I’d rather invest directly using a different service. It was a nice start into investing, and after more than three years of using Acorns it was hard to part with it. But the app’s purpose of taking the effort out of investing almost worked too well. If you want to invest, there are better ways of doing so in a more efficient manner..Version: 3.4.0

Fraudulent!I got invited by a friend to join acorns as they have a “you get 5 and they get 5 dollars” to invest promotion and so I followed the link to join. Never received the promotional money. I emailed them and a guy named “Alan” replied and said that I was not going to get it. And then sarcastically sent the promotion to me again which is just absolutely inappropriate. I’m not an idiot and I followed the steps correctly with the promotion but didn’t receive it. Clearly, this is a way to get people to join and you have to invest in order to receive it which I did! Absolute frauds. Everyone join the app “Stash” as I did the exact same promotion and received the money promotion. Better customer service as well as they did not have someone like Alan be inappropriate Update/FYI: I recently looked further into the reviews and I’m not the only one who has called out this fraudulent investment app. Scroll and see for yourself as others have had the same problem as me. Not to mention several other problems such as awful feedback and having to wait up 4-6 days to get withdrawal back... I have since proceeded to withdraw my investment and it’s going to take a while 😂. Also acorns has plummeted from being ranked #10 to now #12 and will continue to do so. If you are a beginning investor JOIN STASH!!! They have awesome customer service, legit promotions, and legit want you to succeed as they have this “coach” that helps guide you into your investments. Check it out for yourself!.Version: 2.6.0

Like and Don’t likeWhen I first heard of Acorns and the idea of an electronic piggy bank that invest your spare change from purchases I thought “what a great and cool idea.” So after awhile i decided to give it a try. I like that all my banking accounts are linkable and you dont have to do anything after they are linked. What I didn’t and don’t like is when I first put my credit card info in, the app pulled all my accounts for the option to link. I would have rather done that manually. Another thing I don’t like is, my credit card that I first put in, is the account that all the spare change comes from even when several accounts are liked. I would rather have the spare change come from the individual accounts that are linked. The last thing I don’t like is when you transfer money between your accounts like I do each transfer also invests $1.00. I hope that makes sense to you and helps on deciding to start collecting your acorns and invest them. Update: A developer has since responded to my review. The transfer of funds between your accounts that invest a whole dollar can be adjusted. Although this feature can be adjusted and has after the fact, I dont recall it being mentioned while setting up an account. Don’t get me wrong I am still using this savings/investment app..Version: 2.4.1

Charged Me A Dollar For No ReasonI woke up today, and saw a charge for one dollar by acorn. I was very confused because I hadn’t opened this app in a couple months. On top of not using the app, I was not notified that I would be charged any money. I have had the app on my phone for a while but never used it. Apparently they signed me up for a subscription but I was unaware that this platform had subscriptions. I definitely haven’t been on this app in two or three months so why would I be charged a dollar out of nowhere at the end of March? The problem isn’t just that they charged me a dollar for what I consider no reason, the problem is why now? My other question is, where did this dollar go? And why would I pay a subscription to save money? I have a lot of questions needless to say but one thing that I am sure about is that I will never and I mean never recommend this app to anyone. It was a good idea when I heard about it but to see them do business like this, unacceptable. The last thing I’ll say is, I don’t believe this is the first time this has happened because one of the options when trying to cancel your account says that you were charged unexpectedly. Hope y’all do good with the dollar y’all took!!! I also checked to make sure that this was not the first time I was charged comment and it said that this was the first time I’ve been charged from acorn..Version: 3.12.37

Manual roundups feature lacking!!This post is more of a question to the developer that I see respond to some of the reviews. I’ve tried posting reviews but they never appear so I can only assume that the creator of this app doesn’t want other people to see the limitations of the app. I tried call the customer service # that I’ve seen in some of the responses to the reviews and acknowledged that the limitation that I was asking about does exist and don’t know if it will ever be fixed. I do not round up all transactions but do them manually. Since the app was upgraded, the page with all transactions that can be selected from is no longer available. When I go to: Invest for your future —> Core —> Available Round-Ups, only 2 transactions appear with a “+” next to them. That’s fine until you see 2 transactions that you don’t want to round up. There is no way to skip them or see more than 2, so I can do any manual round ups after this. If I can’t perform manual round ups, I might as well leave Acorns because it’s useless to me without that feature. To the developer that monitors these reviews, are there plans on adding back the manual round ups the way they were prior to the recent upgrade? If so, can you give a timeframe? If not, I will be leaving..Version: 3.0.2

The app that stole christmas 🗣I only gave it 1 star because 0 was not an option. I downloaded this app because I thought it was like the app dave that gives you a payday loan. Upon making an account and linking my bank account, I realized what this app was actually for. I opted in for the app to round up each purchase to the nearest dollar and for reoccurring $5 investment each week. After the first week, I realized I do not actually care to invest and wanted to delete the app. I couldn’t quite figure out how to unlink my bank or delete my account to prevent any withdrawals from my account from occurring. I found a setting that allowed me to turn off all investments. So it wasn’t supposed to pull from my bank account at all indefinitely, as long as I did not turn it back on. I checked my bank account today and saw that I was $35 IN THE NEGATIVES. I have over-drafted and will have fees assessed once the bank opens in the morning. I’m very upset that they continued to take my money after I opted out. And $35 is way more than change from rounding up my recent purchases to the next dollar plus $5 for the week. I also cannot figure out where these investments go nor how to withdrawal them. So I have essentially been robbed. Do not use this app if you understand the importance of money. I did not have $65+ to lose for no reason. This app will take your money without consent and claim to be investing in you but not allow you to get it back!!!!🥴🙄🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 3.8.2

Great app but be carefulI have been using this app for a while now and it’s an easy way to save some extra cash you didn’t realize you had. But if you’re like me and sometimes push your bank account red this can be dangerous. My back charges 29 dollars every time an attempt is made by ach debit and i don’t have sufficient funds. This company try’s 3 times to pull from and empty bank account causing me personally to have to pay almost 90 dollars in penalties. It has happened a couple of times now and it’s rather annoying. I also have lost money on their investments so far, not much but some. So everything I have in this account is what I have put in minus what I’ve lost. I do recommend this app just be very cautious if you think you’re funds are gonna run low. To the developers response: I know that they can be turned off manually. My problem is I have no ability to know when funds are going to be attempt to pulled from my account, there for have know way of knowing when to turn off the account. That’s why I have pulled back all my funds from your account (to which only lost my money) and have decided I will not be using your services again. Thank you for the automated response and I pray for your success. God Bless!.Version: 2.6.9

Not happyI had my checking account as the funding account but was having a hard time getting it verified. I gave up and started using my Cap 1 acct. But though I signed up for round up my checking account has shown withdrawals ranging around $5+/- . The problem is that my account has been charged 5 overdraft fees totaling $175 bc I no longer really use that account bc I was diagnosed w End Stage Renal Failure which forced me to lose my income and I’m relying completely financially on my husband who pays my Cap 1 bill. Now, bc I didn’t verify my bank account I completely forgot about the whole thing for almost a year (I was diagnosed late August 2017). So how in the world is my checking account getting screwed up!!!!! And costing me $175! I read all over the app that my account was paused “to protect me from overdraft charges” but there were THREE transactions yesterday!!! And so many others that make no sense. How was it coming out of my account when I literally just verified it 5 min ago?? So my round ups and what I thought were my $5 Investments from my Cap 1 account have totaled $45 in a couple of weeks (I looked at it 2 weeks ago and saw my TD was “paused” and felt good about putting away from my Cap 1). But im out $90 now. Can someone EXPLAIN this bs to me???.Version: 2.5.0

Horrible Bank and horrible customer Service- RUN FAR AND FAST!!!!!They don’t honor their word at all, they had my bank account frozen for over a month after I provided them with all the necessary documents they asked for and to this date 1/8/22 my account is still frozen. I deposited a check into my account where I cash my check and funded the card, they told me I had to wait for after the holiday Weeknd to use my funds leaving me looking stupid in the grocery store. I never received any rewards from their extensions but I get email saying “ You’ve been an amazing early adopter of our Acorns Earn Chrome Extension. Thank you” But I still have no rewards! I saved the best part for last. If you do sign up for there rewards it takes 120 days before it’s invested for you. Customer service does nothing but send you emails and claims they don’t have a supervisor on duty. I’m embarrassed for the referrals I referred. Receive an email from the app developer team 2/1/22 stating they would like to rectify the situation. I called him this morning from the number they provided on the email and again acorn does nothing the girl didn’t even know what I was calling for I had to explain my whole review all over again and no change nothing , horrible customer service do not come to this place at all.Version: 3.49.0

Great concept, but needs serious improvementMake unlinking accounts ACTUALLY unlink accounts. I had “unlinked” my checking account only to find that, whenever I tried to deposit money or pay my subscription, the UNLINKED ACCOUNT was used. As a result, I incurred $175 debt from 5 (FIVE!!!) different overdraft fees, all from an UNLINKED account. Absolutely ridiculous — all the money I had saved in Acorns and more (about 2x more, if you’re curious) went straight to banking fees because of this ridiculously convoluted system of linking/unlinking accounts. I wanted to use Acorns to save money passively, but instead I ended up losing everything I had saved and more over the course of my ~2 month usage due to some silly fees resulting from either a terribly architected UI (make unlinking accounts ACTUALLY unlink accounts, don’t gray out an account that is still being drawn from, don’t make me navigate past 4 different menus into some obscurely placed drop-down to ACTUALLY unlink an account, etc) or an egregious error on Acorns’ end. Such a shame — the concept for the app is wonderful, and I firmly believe it can help myself and others learn to save effectively, hence why I left an extra star up on my rating. I am now skeptical towards this entire platform due to the months of small, incremental savings wasted to banking fees that could have been avoided if the app did what it said it did..Version: 3.21.0

Bad policy!In this day and age I understand security is important. However, there is such a thing as overkill. I ran into a situation where I needed to change my banking information. My old account was closed due to fraudulent activity, plus I changed banks. Because I was in the middle of the verification process the app/website wouldn’t allow me to change it. I went three rounds of back and forth through emails with no luck. So I decided to call. Upon getting in touch with a representative(which didn’t take long at all), I explained to her my situation and if she could possibly override the feature in the app that kept me from updating my account information. She couldn’t do until she very I had an old account with the old bank. I had no statements or old checks as the account was closed over a year ago. I know it wasn’t her fault as she only abides by the rules and procedures. After calling the OLD bank and not being able to identify me(because I no longer have an account with them) I decided to give up. As my simple request was not being handled. What a horrible draconian policy to have in place as banking information can change at anytime. This is truly asinine. There should be a way to just change your information like any other website..Version: 4.48.0

Just do a monthly transfer to your savings instead....If you spend a lot of your time shopping because there are deals, then this will be great for you as the only way to actually make money is by utilizing their “found” money deals. I’ve been using acorns for over a year now. I do roundups only, but I have every transaction I make rounded, so I’m averaging about $5-$10 a week. In this time I have made $0. In fact, I am -$26, but wait, that’s not including the $1 a month service fee I’ve been paying since I started. So I’m really -$38!!! Every single one of their investments has a negative YTD return. My own stock investments and 401k don’t even have that awful of a return. What makes it really bad is you can’t even see what their portfolio performances are until AFTER you’ve invested in them. All they show you in the portfolio selection process is what the top 6 companies are in that portfolio. Absolutely awful with their transparency on what the performance TRULY is. I’ve waited and waited to make this review hoping that their investments would make a comeback or that that they would answer my app feedback requests about adding info on the portfolio performances up front but each month I check back, nothing has changed and it’s another $1 spent and a little bit more in the negative. Thanks Acorns for saving my spare change and taking more than coinstar ever would have......Version: 3.2.5

🚨SNEAKY🚨please read before downloading ☟︎☟︎☟︎They had a promotion on the app, if you share it with your friends you would get so much money, so i shared it with several people, and on all of them it was ‘pending’ and never fully went through. So it was pretty much impossible to share and get your referral reward. They were also doing a $75 promotion for getting the debit card, so both my brother and I order the debit cards. As soon as I got mine I went to activate it and the promotion disappeared. My brother called to ask about it and they told him that the promotion never existed. My brother then realized that they would take a percentage out of whatever you’re investing through them, so we both decided to cancel our subscriptions because they don’t tell you there’s a charge for investing through them. So we decided it wasn’t worth it to use them. Since you can invest through other places with no charge. Later I saw I got a $5 charge for acorns for my ‘subscription’ (this was after I had deleted my account) another charge from acorns that they try to hide. After that my friend who had signed up also got a charge. Even though her account through my referral was still ‘pending’. So if her account was ‘pending’ why would they be charging a subscription fee?? I was excited to use it since it’s a great idea for investing. However it’s not worth the cost or deceitfulness..Version: 3.51.0

Referrals are a JOKEAcorns is fine if you want to squirrel money away for a very small percentage return and never think about it, or try to actually make it worth it with referrals (which is the sole factor in making a large return with this app). It is unethical at the lease and unlawful at the most extreme. I referred SIX people for the July promotion of 5 referrals for $500. The way you have to complete referrals is so complicated I had to walk everyone I referred through the process and two people still did it wrong. I only realized this in august after the referral offer was no longer valid. The customer service phone line is a joke, the line is so scratchy half the time you can’t hear the acorns representative. After probably 25 emails and 10 phone calls to acorns (I’m not kidding) to try to retroactively apply the credit for referring six people (1 over the 5 people required for said promotion) they said the referral bonus was in engineering and should be processed... Joke was on me because the “referral bonus” they were referring to was the $5 referral for one person, not the $500 I earned. Again, I this was after weeks of detailed conversation with customer service highlighting the fact that I rightfully earned the $500, and them acknowledging they were looking into it. I was speechless. This review is the last time I give this company a second of my time. I urge you not to waste yours..Version: 3.11.19

Worst customer experienceI had a spend account with them which i finally closed because it wasn’t benefiting me at all. They had very low limits on how much you could withdraw from an ATM. When I called to close the account, the rep told me I will get my funds transferred to my other bank account in 3-6 business days. Took 10 business days and I still didn’t receive the funds so I called back and I was told they don’t know what happened and had to submit a research. I waited 3 additional days and they finally emailed me and said that I “should have “ received an e-check. I told them that I didn’t. They said they will check on it. I finally received the e-check 2-3 days later after our last conversation and I deposited it. After I deposited it someone reached out to me and said that they are now sending me a physical check. The didn’t even bother to follow up with me before stopping the payment on the e-Check.I got charged a returned item fee from my bank and my perfect record ruined with my primary bank. The customer service is very slow. They have two different teams, phone reps and “back office”. The phone reps cannot do really anything except submit a request on your behalf and you get email days later from A different team. There’s lack of communication between the two teams..Version: 3.29.0

No help setting up my accountI was really excited to use this investing app. Part of setting up your account is having small deposits going into your personal bank account to verify your information. I received those deposits and went into the app and typed in the dollar amounts but for some reason it kept telling me that the amounts were incorrect. I waited a couple of days and tried again, still nothing. I sent a message through the app to have someone from the company contact me to help me try to figure out if I was somehow doing something wrong. I never got a response back. I waited a couple of days thinking maybe it might take awhile to get back to me even though the app says to wait 1-2 days for a response. I got no response so i tried sending another message. I have never heard back from anyone at the company ever! I’m really disappointed so I tried closing my account with them through the app. The message at the end said that they were working on closing my account and that I would receive an email when my account was closed. It’s been a month now and I have heard NOTHING. Not a reply from either of the messages I sent or an email on my account status. I would not recommend this app. Please just close my account for me..Version: 3.2.1

Horrible customer support.I recently tried depositing a check and they locked my whole account, including my debit card. When I called to speak to a real person, they said they are not on the internal team, and cannot connect me directly. I was left with no access to my funds in the bank. I have never had a bank lock down an entire account when depositing a mobile check. It’s insane. Rendering me unable to access my money that was already in my account for days. What’s worse is they said this is standard practice anytime I deposit a check from someone new. As a contractor, I have lots of small projects and new deposits meaning every time I try and deposit a paycheck, I have to deal with days of head aches. It’s flat out unusable. Additionally, I was making a larger purchase and called to see if I could get my debit card limit increased for the purchase. This has been common and easy to do with past banks. Once again the call center person, had no power to do anything, leaving me unable to access my funds. I recommend Recommend Chime which does the round up debit card for free. Then find other ways to invest your money, as this just simply isn’t well supported with trust worthy customer support. Better yet, go back to your local credit union which actually has human beings and empathy..Version: 3.62.0

Great Idea, terrible customer serviceAfter using them for years I switched my bank account after my bank got bought out by a horribly incompetent one. After changing information on all my other investment portfolios I went to this terribly done program to do the same. To switch my primary account I have to submit to them a voided check from the first bank and the new bank(which just added more time since I had to wait for new checks to arrive in the mail for the new bank). After doing that they said they would make two deposits into my new account which never came through. After contacting them they first told me i have to check my bank account and confirm the amount put in so clearly they didn’t care what my email said. They then proceeded to tell me I hadn’t properly cleared the switch and I needed to upload voided check images again… after the first upload i was told the one check came through improperly(which okay that can happen) and so I uploaded it again. After confirming I uploaded it again I got a new customer service associate who seemed totally unaware I had uploaded the documents and is requesting me to restart the process. If it’s not figured out soon I will unfortunately have to go the legal route which I really do not want to do since as I said in the title the idea behind this really is great….Version: 3.23.0

Do not use this CompanyWhile they make it easy to save, they are clearly reckless with their customer’s Personal information. My husband and I both signed up to save passive income and it turned into a nightmare. We assume because we have a joint account. Assume because no one actually could tell us. His account was frozen first until he could prove his existence. After his was frozen, mine was next. I was asked to provide either a bank statement or canceled check in an email that instructed me to login to my account to do so. Well… since your account is locked, that is not possible. When you ‘chat’ you are solicited for multiple personal information documents such as ss card, DL copy, a bill and bank statement. When informed that the email states they only need a voided check, you are told no and to submit your personal documents via chat. I escalated to second level phone support and made the individual read the email to me after they were trying to justify this. They could not. I understand the potential that customers can defraud the company, but Acorns LLC has an obligation to protect their customer’s personal information and to be so reckless with it is appalling. I encourage anyone looking to start saving to go to an established company that likely has good security measures in place and proper training. What we experienced was insane. To be honest, we had no idea what the issue was with our account. We just had to keep guessing..Version: 4.20.0

I’m not sure about thisI know the market isn’t all that stable and will have their ups and downs but my money just has downs. Everyday it goes down. Then it if goes up it’s by a penny. Then don’t get me started on the round ups. So what they do is wait until you have 5 dollars in round ups and then they take out the money in one chunk. The point of saving spare change is not to feel/notice it. If I spend 2.75 somewhere and they automatically were to take out the .25 at the same time as the 2.75, then I wouldn’t really notice that. But if they wait for me to have a lot of transactions that will add up to 5 then I’m totally going to notice that. It doesn’t make sense. And lately I see a lot of transfers for 7.86 or 9 dollars. I thought it was only supposed to be 5 dollars at a time. I am going to close my account because this is getting silly. I can get a regular savings account and just deposit 5 dollars a week automatically too. I don’t see the point to this account if you’re going to lose money anyway. And yeah I did get 5 dollars in “found” cash which was a pleasant surprise because I didn’t try to get them. I bought some groceries through Instacart and then I got 5 dollars. Not bad but I’m still wondering if it’s worth it..Version: 3.3.10

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