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Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets app received 15 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets? Can you share your negative thoughts about rocket money - bills & budgets?

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Stay away from bill negotiationUPDATE: there’s no response from Truebill team even after sending email to [email protected] as mentioned in the reply below. Here’s the story. I signed up for Truebill’s bill negotiation service after the app mentioned that i could save 15$ on the 75$ month that I’m paying for my Internet connection. Coincidentally my contract with Internet company was ending the month after I signed up for this. Truebill’s bill negotiation team intelligently waited for this to end and so they could claim a higher negotiation benefit. My next month’s out of contract bill came out to be 108$ at which point they contacted my Internet company and just put me into another yearly contract with monthly charges 70$. They claimed that they helped me save 458$ On my yearly rate whereas that amount was only 60$ savings compared to what I was paying before. There was no negotiation involved here since they just extended my contract to get savings after waiting for the contract to end. The customer service agent at Truebill doesn’t understand this but just keeps copy pasting same messages showing incorrect calculation. Even after Multiple email exchanges (since they don’t have a simple phone support) the issue is still unresolved. Do yourself a big favor and stay away from this shady bill negotiation support..Version: 5.0.21

Double charged, poor response timeI downloaded the app 3 days ago. It did not tell me payment was going to be due (I expected a free trial at the very least) and part of your set up process is choosing a payment amount which is cool. I wanted to try this out only so I chose the lowest option of 2.99, and when I clicked the next step through Apple Pay it had set up and billed for a whole year! I went to try and correct this to a single month, and then it ended up charging me for both a full year and the monthly amount. I attempted to cancel it fully but was still charged and it says my subscription ends next month. I immediately used the customer service feature to try and get this resolved. I’ve gotten 1 response after 24 hours requesting information which I immediately provided and there has been no further communication. As soon as I can get this resolved I’m deleting this. I’m sure this app works great for some, I’m just glad I had the extra money to cover this. Im downloading an app for budgeting, that features cancelling unused accounts and reducing your bills. Having a confusing and inaccurate billing subscription for that service doesn’t bode well for the product..Version: 4.3.6

Terrible app!First of all the app kept loosing its connection with my bank account. I tried to get the app and my account rekindled several times. After loosing the link between the two a 5th time. I just removed the rest of my accounts that were linked...or so I thought. This month I received a notification from truebill that they negotiated with Verizon on my behalf and saved me $75. That was great! But, I thought they had no access to my account because I’d deleted it. Plus, how could they pay themselves $30 from my account if it was no longer linked! Not only that, after speaking with Verizon they negotiated a new contract on a phone that has had suspended service since December 2017. This renogitiated a new contract on a phone I had lost and didn’t replace, but still had a balance that I was paying on because I owed for the purchase of the new phone. On top of that, this phone was paid off and totally deactivated/removed from my account in Nov 3018. Both TRUEBILL & VERIZON are at fault! At this point TRUEBILL COST ME MONEY rather than saved by adding a contract to a line no longer viable to the tune of at the end of the one year contract on a deactivated phone of around $240. I’m responsible to pay on a contract for a deactivated phone, PLUS THE $30 they paid themselves. So, now I’m out of pocket $270! Will Truebill return my $30 for the fiasco I’ve had to clean up! Stay tuned!.Version: 3.20.3

I don’t know it seems slightly terribleSo if you don’t have credit or bills, there is no other way to get help here besides creating your own plans chances are you are too lazy to because if you knew how to create your own plans effectively you wouldn’t need this app. So if you are too young for credit and bills and net worth but you plan on saving to buy a big achievement this helps in no way. Also they charged me 35 without notification and no clear indication that they could do that. I payed them 3 dollars a few days ago I go to work today and get off go to Dunkin donuts and see this 35 dollar charge. Idk for a money management app it’s terrible but it’s the only thing I have in this category and I can see some of my statements. SOME. It doesn’t even show all your card transactions and they probably don’t connect to your bank properly that’s why they miss information. It’s bad but slightly ok for it’s made for, but of course as an app that’s designed by I’m assuming millionaires it’s definitely horrible. How does this “Truebill” come across a team’s mind they should’ve snatched it and left it behind the barn and invested in crypto imo.Version: 5.0.26

Not sure what to thinkI’m not quite sure what to think about the app yet - on one hand, I really like the interface of the app and the features it has. The potential to add my various accounts and have a “quick look” at my upcoming bills is nice, other apps do this too but the layout within this app is one of the better ones. However... I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if there’s a glitch or what, but even after linking my Comcast account the app is displaying the incorrect amount for my next bill; I tried unlinking and relinking it but no change. Also, I can’t link my Verizon account! It comes up as letting me add it for the “bill negotiation” feature (which I have absolutely no interest in) but when I try to add it under the the regular account menu it doesn’t even come up in the search (the only Verizon item that comes up is “Verizon Benefit Connect”). I want to like this app and give it a go with the premium features but these things that should be simple fixes seem overly complicated and on top of that it seems that the customer service is non existent (I used the in-app chat and got a response that they would be back after 30 minutes but several hours and follow up messages later, still nothing). So - not impressed at this point..Version: 3.21.4

Great app - one major issueI wanted to use and love this app because I loved almost everything about it. The one feature it’s missing that kills the deal though is that there’s no way to turn off the default AI auto categorizing transactions. The reason this ruins it is because when nearly every transaction gets auto categorized, we, the user, lose track of our spending - because the AI is wrong a lot, and it will never be perfect. Here’s how I think it should work… Every transaction needs dealt with (have each new transaction be in the notification tab or something). But after you categorize a transaction for the first time, you can assign a rule (like it does currently) to always categorize it that way for future transactions, or don’t create a rule and it will need to be manually dealt with for similar future transactions. This would help users “own” their spending so much more and really allow them to feel in control of their finances, especially for those one off purchases that happen all the time that need to go into a specific category but get lost with the current auto AI categorizing..Version: 5.2.10

Do not trust them with your money!!!I don’t typically write reviews on apps but I had to on this. Basically, you are giving very very sensitive details on your bank account to people you don’t know - that alone should stop you! I was unpleasantly misguided into doing this myself. I set up a “smart savings” account thinking it was just going to transfer funds to my own savings account. But no, it is not explained to you when you do this but those funds get transferred to another bank that you do not have access to! Not only that but it takes days for transactions to go through, so withdrawing or cancelling the account is nearly impossible. Their customer service is very terrible. The “Chat with us” window comes up blank and they make it nearly impossible for you to get ahold of anyone. If I were you, I wouldn’t make my same mistake. This is your money. If something happens to the company your money you invested with them will go away - specifically because they do not give you any insight on what account this is. I will not entrust another third party person with my money ever again. It is much safer to just keep up with your spending/budget/savings with your own bank or through a system you have control over!.Version: 5.0.23

What givesI have been using your app sense May 2021 and had no problems with it until recently. I tried to get a pay advance and it did not go through because I had to get a new debit card from my bank. Now I all of a sudden do not qualify for a pay advance and there is no way on your app or website to update the debit card number at all. I have been trying to get a hold of customer service for almost two months about this problem with no response at all!!! This is down right ridiculous and there is no need for it!!!! I am a paying customer and I pay for your service. I get it you say customer service is busy and call times take longer than expected but that is crazy. I have sent numerous messages about this issue both when people were active in the chat and when they weren’t just to be completely ignored!!!! No email or anything, I really like your service and want to get this taken care of but I’m not going to keep paying for something I cannot use!!! If I don’t get a response soon I’m gonna cancel my account because this is absurd that it takes this long to get anywhere..Version: 5.0.22

Misleading SavingsI downloaded the app and signed up for the negotiations just to see what it would be like. They negotiated with my cable company and got me a lower rate and I thought it was great, BUT they stated I would save $308 on that contract for the year and charged me the 40% ($120ish). About 3-4 months later my cable company starts charging me more saying the promotions negotiated expired. At the end of the day I paid my cable company what I would have if not more because of the deal they made plus I paid this app the savings I never got. I reached out through email after they automatically renegotiated a year later (I missed the email they sent as a remind like a week before they renegotiated, (which is not a reasonable amount of time to give a warning as most companies send an email 1 month in advance for renewals) and I told them before I was charged that I wanted a refund for the prior year. They emailed me back saying to send my statement so they could see the proof of how much I was paying and I did. Then they never responded back and charged me another like $90 for this years “savings” that I highly doubt will be savings. In theory this was a great idea, but unfortunately the application was performed improperly causing a misleading “savings” and a cost to me instead of a savings for me. I highly recommend doing negotiations on your own..Version: 5.0.15

Pretty close to uselessSo, if you don’t have a banking app, maybe you would find this useful. But really, probably not. My bank TEXTS me within minutes whenever I make a purchase. Truebill starts emailing me about my habits immediately upon downloading, as if they’ve studied my spending for years. So for the first month, every purchase is an alert! How exciting ! So they send you a bunch of emails about your spending. Then make an “unusually large” purchase at the Secretary of State around your birthday (now why would anyone do that??) and Truebill will alert you several days later, multiple times, about your spendthrift ways. If I could charge them $5 for every useless email, I would be making out, even with the $7 a month I pay for their “service”. But don’t worry, Truebill can cancel subscriptions and save you $$$$. Yes, as long as you know the email and password and all the other info you would need to cancel the subscription with the subscriber. So, if you think Truebill is going to save you from the Netflix bill that someone signed up for and then died without writing down the password, NOPE, just cancel your bank card, it’s way easier and maybe it’ll knock out the truebill subscription too!.Version: 5.3.0

Don’t bother.I decided to get this app because the reviews looked good and it sounded like a perfect way to trim unnecessary spending. Now I’m hoping to save someone else the bother. This app did not work AT ALL. It repeatedly asked me to add my bank account after I already had and it showed my bank account listed. The first day it showed an inaccurate account of the money I had in my bank account and it NEVER changed. Even after a pay day. Never showed any subscriptions. Never showed that I paid any bills….Nothing. Nothing showed. It just kept telling me it was gathering data. I thought “well maybe it would be better with premium. So I signed up for a paid subscription”. Nope, nothing changed. In fact the only thing that worked was the part where I signed up to pay them. Tried to cancel and it ran through 3 pages telling me that I’d miss out on all the services I hadn’t even received in the first place, just to finally tell me that since I signed up through Apple I would need to go there to cancel. I signed up on the app, I should be able to cancel through the app. Just one more hoop to jump through. Honestly the only thing I have felt good about in reference to this app is that I am now done with it. I’m not sure how anyone gives this good reviews. If I could zero to negative stars I would..Version: 5.3.0

I’M NOT HAPPYI’ve signed up with true blue a few months ago. I have used to pay advance at least twice that I know of. This month, starting on March 20 roughly, I tried doing a pay advance for $200 just because I knew my son who is in college was going to need a couple extra things. I upgraded to gold, I upgraded to premium, I did everything I could and every time I would hit the button to get paid in advance it would decline me. I tried asking questions and it always said it takes about a day for a response either where I texted you at or in my email. I never, NEVER received one returned message. Now, I understand my account and money situation is not your guises problem. However I get on here this morning and it says if I want to use pay advance to upgrade to premium it was seven dollars. I hit the button, I hit pay in advance so it would put the $200 in my account. Any ideas of what happened? NOTHING!!! But since you guys don’t have a person to talk to to explain the situation it’s just an automated system I’ve now accrued three or four overdraft fees. I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me out with this situation. I would not let me repeat this I would not recommend you guys to anybody!.Version: 5.0.26

Don’t opt for the discounted bill service they offer!I set up my account with them and requested to have my bill lowered through their service and it was all a lie. They told me they would lower my monthly bill while keeping my same phone service quality but they in fact lowered my phone service quality to achieve my lowered monthly bill and then charged me for doing so. After I fixed the mess they did, I asked them for a refund and they said they couldn’t do so because they had done their part of the service. I got in contact with an AT&T representative who told me that all true bill did was lower my phone quality to achieve a lower phone bill and when I contacted their support team about it, no one responded to me for months. When i finally got a response they told me I was wrong and that there was nothing they could do. I had to send them screenshots of my AT&T phone bill and statements from my AT&T phone bill showing exactly what they had done and how it affected my service until they finally gave me my refund. It wasn’t the money, it was the principal. They promised something and when they didn’t fall through with their promise they denied it. The amount of the refund wasn’t the problem. The problem was that they were shady and untrue to their word. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, please don’t. Save your time..Version: 3.6.4

Rocketmoney aka TruebillI'm that person that never writes app reviews but this one I had to. So I'm a long time user of this app and it definitely has it's pros and cons. So first of all I must say that I'm much more of a fan of the old version (truebill) because I found everything to be simpler and more efficient. The app has helped me out a lot, it's the best for managing your budgets, most of the transactions automatically get sorted and it's a very efficient and convenient app for an overview of your spendings. However ever since the company changed and the app itself changed I just don't like it anymore. Idk but I lost that love for it. Also theres a glitch where one random bank account always gets disconnected and you have to reconnect it which sometimes takes up to 2-3 minutes and it gets annoying when you have to do it everyday. I have two other friends who also use this app and they experience the same exact problem. I feel like next to creditkarma and experian, truebill is simply not useful to me anymore. That's why I'm giving it 3 stars. Thank you for reading..Version: 6.1.0

Scam! Stay away!If I could give zero stars I would! This may be ok for a budget app, but the “lower your bills” feature is a total scam! AT&T called me because someone had called them, pretending to be me. The rep thankfully put them on hold then called me via the number on the account. He knew right away the other caller was fraudulent and told them so. I spent a fair amount of time with the rep getting my security settings changed, he said he locked my account until it was all changed. After all this I received an email from Truebill saying they had saved me $524 on my AT&T bill over the next year, and they were going to charge my credit card over $180 for their trouble! I promptly called AT&T back and, SURPRISE! There had been no negotiations on my account. The only way for me to decrease my bill was to downgrade my service, and then it was going to be only $10 less a month. When I contacted Truebill to cancel my account, I told them about the fraudulent email and that they could not charge my card for their fee. Just like someone else commented here, she said “I’m sure there was a misunderstanding, and we’ll let you get the reduced rate from AT&T ‘on us’”. So even after you call them out on it, they lie..Version: 4.3.21

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