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What is Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets? Description of Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets

Join over 3.4 million members who trust Rocket Money to save more, spend less & see everything in the #1, all-in-one personal finance app.

Forbes: *"This App Will Save You Hundreds"*


- Track and grow your net worth (New!)
- Manage and cancel unwanted subscriptions
- Lower your bills and let Rocket Money negotiate on your behalf
- Keep track of your monthly bills and avoid overdrafts
- Create unlimited custom budgets (e.g. side projects, NFTs, etc.)
- Monitor your credit score
- Put your savings goals on autopilot
- Bank-level security and privacy

Save more, spend less, see everything, and take back control of your financial life.


Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) is your primary financial control center. The app automatically tracks different accounts and helps you navigate your finances each month in order to provide a clear picture of your income and expenses. Rocket Money finds recurring subscriptions and cancels them for you. It tracks all your bills and notifies you when they're soon to be due. Rocket Money can even negotiate bills on your behalf to get you much lower rates.

Use Rocket Money as a spending tracker to see where your money goes and how your net worth changes. Connect your investment and retirement accounts to view how your holdings have grown. Use Rocket Money to monitor your credit score and credit report to start thinking about long-term financial goals. The app tracks all your bank, credit, and investment accounts so you don’t have to – just link them once and let the app handle the rest.


Managing your subscriptions has never been easier. Rocket Money gives you a clear picture of all recurring services, including forgotten subscriptions. Actively and easily monitor, manage and cancel ongoing subscriptions from one hub. Rocket Money will notify you when an existing subscription goes up in price and remind you when free trials are about to end. Rocket Money can sometimes get you a refund for subscriptions retroactively. Stop spending on subscriptions you no longer use and start tracking your money today.


Stop overpaying and start saving for what truly matters. Let Rocket Money lower your bills. Easily connect your bill by logging in or snapping a photo of it. Our expert negotiators get to work and lower your bills by either negotiating a better rate, or by getting 1-time credits applied to your account.


Are you interested in discovering your net worth? Now you can easily monitor your assets and debt with Rocket Money. Simply select your assets—like NFTs, jewelry, fine art, cars, and homes—and let the app calculate the rest. Whether you need a pulse on your financial health for a loan or you’re just curious, figuring out your net worth has never been easier.

Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets App User Reviews

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Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets Pros

VERY Easy for New Budgeters, & Hesitant PeopleAfter a friend suggested Truebill, I downloaded the app and set it up. I was hesitant that it would be like all of the other financial apps: complicated, not worth the time/effort, not user-friendly, etc. I was wrong! Like most people, budgeting is not my favorite activity, yet Truebill takes away all of the stressful aspects so that it makes it a breeze! There are other aspects to the app that I have yet to utilize, but by simply categorizing my purchases, tracking my income, and seeing where/how my money is spent, has been a huge eye-opener. I just signed up for premium so that I was able to add notes to my purchases, however I am so happy with the ease and accessibility of the app, that I know the other premium benefits will only add to my appreciation for Truebill. As someone who loves to be very efficient with my time, this app will do most of the work for you, so that when your dragging your feet to start budgeting (like I was), it takes away the scary feeling of facing data, tracking expenses, creating a budget, and looking at financial weaknesses. I cannot express enough how much Truebill helped me face my fear of handling my finances, because of its ease of use..Gk828Version: 4.2.4

Really HelpfulFor just $7-8 a month, it helps me a ton with my finances. It tells me how much I’ve spent on different categories of things (eg. Groceries, dining out, rent, etc.), how this compares to my budget, how it compares to other categories I’ve spent (in a pie chart), and how it compares to previous months of spending. I don’t have to do any of calculations to figure out what I’m spending too much money on, or to manage my subscriptions, or how much money I have left in my accounts. Rocket Money does it all. I think this app is a must have for anybody trying to budget expenses, manage subscriptions, and to make sense of all the numbers of individual transactions that often make it hard to see the forest for the trees. That said, it does cost money. Personally, I think it’s worth the expense to save all the counting. It’s been especially helpful for me when it helps me realize that this or that particular month I spent more than I earned. Definitely recommend it..Gray_NerdVersion: 6.11.2

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Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets Cons

I don’t know it seems slightly terribleSo if you don’t have credit or bills, there is no other way to get help here besides creating your own plans chances are you are too lazy to because if you knew how to create your own plans effectively you wouldn’t need this app. So if you are too young for credit and bills and net worth but you plan on saving to buy a big achievement this helps in no way. Also they charged me 35 without notification and no clear indication that they could do that. I payed them 3 dollars a few days ago I go to work today and get off go to Dunkin donuts and see this 35 dollar charge. Idk for a money management app it’s terrible but it’s the only thing I have in this category and I can see some of my statements. SOME. It doesn’t even show all your card transactions and they probably don’t connect to your bank properly that’s why they miss information. It’s bad but slightly ok for it’s made for, but of course as an app that’s designed by I’m assuming millionaires it’s definitely horrible. How does this “Truebill” come across a team’s mind they should’ve snatched it and left it behind the barn and invested in crypto imo.Uhhhhhhhh cj??Version: 5.0.26

Stay away from bill negotiationUPDATE: there’s no response from Truebill team even after sending email to [email protected] as mentioned in the reply below. Here’s the story. I signed up for Truebill’s bill negotiation service after the app mentioned that i could save 15$ on the 75$ month that I’m paying for my Internet connection. Coincidentally my contract with Internet company was ending the month after I signed up for this. Truebill’s bill negotiation team intelligently waited for this to end and so they could claim a higher negotiation benefit. My next month’s out of contract bill came out to be 108$ at which point they contacted my Internet company and just put me into another yearly contract with monthly charges 70$. They claimed that they helped me save 458$ On my yearly rate whereas that amount was only 60$ savings compared to what I was paying before. There was no negotiation involved here since they just extended my contract to get savings after waiting for the contract to end. The customer service agent at Truebill doesn’t understand this but just keeps copy pasting same messages showing incorrect calculation. Even after Multiple email exchanges (since they don’t have a simple phone support) the issue is still unresolved. Do yourself a big favor and stay away from this shady bill negotiation support..Ykumar1230Version: 5.0.21

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Is Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets legit?

Yes. Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 48,848 Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets is 86.5/100.

Is Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets safe?

Yes. Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 48,848 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets is 87.0/100.

Should I download Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets?

There have been no security reports that makes Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets a dangerous app to use on your smartphone right now.

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Product details of Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets

App Name:
Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets
Rocket Money
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Safety Score:
Content Rating:
4+ Contains no objectionable material!
Finance, Productivity
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145.75 MB
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Relase Date:
05 July 2016, Tuesday
Last Update:
28 February 2023, Tuesday - 14:29
IOS 12.0 or later

Rocket Money - Bills & Budgets 6.12.3 Update Note
✱ Version History

Bug fixes and improvements..

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