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Splitwise App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Splitwise app received 46 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Splitwise? Can you share your negative thoughts about splitwise?

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Simplify PleaseNot user friendly at all..Version: 5.7.7

For meals, promises a lot, delivers on littleWhen using this app on my phone, anytime I switch over to my calculator app to crunch some numbers, it closes out of an expense I’m working on. This drives me 100% absolutely nuts because there’s no way to save a draft, your progress, nothing. I had to redo one expense 4 times. That aside, it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to split a simple lunch bill among four people because (1) the UX is a real problem; (2) what in this good Earth is this “shares” feature that has little to no use in real life because no restaurant designs their menus this way and nobody orders this way; (3) not enough development is put into the dollar amount entry feature and why does it give me so many problems about the sum not adding up when I clearly know that it doesn’t and am trying to fix the issue but the app won’t let me leave without deleting everything… I literally needed to find out what the tax rate was for certain restaurants (ones that charge hidden taxes, a fight for another day) and it wouldn’t let me do that without restarting completely. I literally would rather pull out all my hair and an abacus than deal with this app another time and any friend of mine who suggests using this app is disinvited to future hangouts until they learn the error of their ways or this app fixes its problems..Version: 5.6.4

Really confusingApp is so confusing to use! Doesn’t show the total amount owed/lent. Here’s an idea, just make it like a credit/debit table. Like in finance, two columns titled credit and debit. It’s easier to see the final total amount..Version: 4.4.16

Too much adminI think this app would be fine if you had an ongoing group splitting bills but for a trip having to individually sign up each person I can do the payment split myself before they even sign up. Way too complicated when I just want to tally and tell people what and how much. An app trying to be too clever and missing the point..Version: 5.6.4

DUMB APP DOESN’T HAVE PROPER VENMO INTEGRATIONMy friend just tried settling a debt on Splitwise and decided to pay me via Venmo. But, since my Splitwise account has a different email address than my Venmo account, that money is stuck in the process. Now he’s having to go through a great ordeal to get the transaction canceled on Venmo, and I’m stuck not getting paid in the process. This shows how shortsighted the developers of this application are and how precariously this application functions. You guys probably have all this in the user agreement or whatever to protect your behinds, but mistakes like this can happen in real life. Just stick to just being an application company that just adds/subtracts numbers and simplies connected graphs or whatever, and stop trying to add features that callously handles others people’s money!.Version: 5.3.0

Bad payment processWhile I rate splitwise as a cost tracking service 5*, it frustrates me that it tries to offer a payment settlement service as well that is poorly designed and there is no opt out from. I’ve just apparently been sent nearly £100 from a friend via PayPal, except that my paypal is linked to another email so no one actually knows where the money has gone. Further, I didn’t want to receive the money via PayPal, and splitwise should offer a clear toggle to turn off payment receipts. Ultimately splitwise is useful to save the hassle of payment netting when spending with a group, eg on a holiday. However it has caused more inconvenience in this one instance than it will save over the holiday..Version: 4.5.12

Wonderful app, sleazy contacts needsI love the purpose and thoroughness of this app! Desperately needed, saves so much math headaches. But when I just wanted to split between a few camping trip peers, the app required unique, verified, real contact info for every single person, just to split costs for one trip. Many people need to split costs with those they may not know well, but even knowing all these people—it’s really inconvenient and sleazy to require verified contact info (clearly to try and spread the app more), but it turned the whole group off to the app and now all these potential future users associate the app with being sketchy in its user data requirements. Please, don’t give in to tacky behavior or “dark UX patterns”. Only require user data when it’s actually necessary. Thank you!.Version: 5.4.0

Audit is needddIt’s a good concept, but I think you need to install some user permissions on making edits and having an audit trail, so users can confirm it’s correct before sending money. Almost there, but missing some critical pieces for this to get to a 5/5..Version: 5.9.3

Very poorI have used this app before for a holiday with friends and it worked perfectly. I tried to use it with my housemates for food shops and other expenses and it simply didn’t work. It would display completely random amounts that each person owed. For example my housemate made two small trips to the shop and I owed him £1.25 for one trip, and £2.00 for the other, the total on Splitwise came to £6.00. Now I may not be the smartest guy on the block, but I’m pretty sure £1.25 + £2.00 does not equal £6.00..Version: 5.2.4

Scan Receipt option in Pro Version is highly inaccurateI bought Splitwise pro to keep a better track on my cashflow but somehow I am not all happy with the way "Scan Receipt" works. It detects the bill total on the main screen but when I try to itemize it, the total gets way off. It adds some random items with random prices in the itemized bill making is lot harder and time consuming process to get it sorted. I bet, it would be much easier more me to use the free web version and type out all my items and prices. I was unhappy for having paid for pro version until I cancelled the subscription..Version: 5.1.10

Few people see the pointWith mainstream accounts from the likes of Monzo, Revolut and even high street banks and stalwarts like PayPal offering similar or better ways of splitting bills, what’s the point? On a recent trip my 40+ year old friends didn’t get what SplitWise was supposed to do and laughed when I told them no money changed hands. At a recent weekend away with a different group, despite paying for the ‘Pro’ subscription, the promise of scanning receipts was not achieved and I felt let down. I’m not a student or 20-something who shares a house with people that skirt on the edge of liquidity, day-to-day, I was just looking for a better way to handle group expenses. This isn’t it..Version: 5.4.6

Nicer than nothingFor not having to build this customization in excel (which can be done easily), it’s an easier tool to use. I don’t really see it being 100% beneficial though for group trips. Features and simplicity could be much easier. Humans forget to enter things, enter then wrong, or just not at all. So it’s still up to you and your diligence to want to split things at the end hoping you don’t miss anything (like a car rental, or gas fill up, etc.) SiDE NOTE: it could definitely show you who contributes more in the relationship if you’re feeling a certain way. Just as information though, not to argue..Version: 5.7.1

Simplified really isn't simplifiedRead the title. You will have your friends questions where did this cost go or come from. The greatest way to get into fights since monopoly came out..Version: 4.4.12

Worst app I’ve ever usedThis UX is terrible. You can’t see your individual payouts from each person, nor how much they owe you. If someone deletes the expense you charged them, it deletes it for everyone else and then you have to charge everyone again. You cannot see how much you paid all together, nor how much in total you owe. The list of payouts they present is very messy and disorganized. Also, the group and non group expenses are confusing, because apparently you have to choose the group and then unclick names, if you do non group expenses, it doesn’t show on the other users end. Referring to a UX such as Venmo is something you guys should do. It comes second nature to people and would be an easy experience to have a similar UX to Venmo that is more clean and will be an easier transition for new users to understand..Version: 5.2.3

Fine but annoyingOver complicates transactions by putting them “as part of a set”... so for example I settle up, paying my friend £109, then my friend gets one notification saying I paid them £109, and a second saying I paid them £119. It is very difficult to account for the £10 discrepancy. Splitwise notes this, and says they are part of a set, go to “All expenses” screen for details. I cannot find an all expenses screen. Also is ugly..Version: 4.6.8

App Doesn’t Support Partner LoginApp isn’t usable if you use partner login, which is available on the web. Weird functionality gap in an otherwise good product..Version: 5.9.2

Terrible UXThis app is cluttered and requires too many taps to complete entering an expense. I used the free version, and the activity page is so poorly constructed and difficult to follow. You can’t even search an expense in the free version. It’s far too time consuming to use. This app only makes sense if you want to add an expense infrequently, but at that point, just use Venmo. If you share a lot of expenses, you spend a lot of time entering it all manually. It also sometimes erases your calculations when you switch to another app for a moment. I know you can get more features in the paid version, but for the app design I have seen already, I’m not tempted. I don’t think it should take so many taps just to enter one expense, and I think it’s unfair such a basic function as a SEARCH should only come with the paid version..Version: 5.7.1

SimplifyStill need to use excel to figure out where the extra costs are coming from.Version: 4.5.4

A chaos appPeople don’t pay and it shows as settled, pure madness… don’t get this app, never will. An app of controversy.Version: 5.9.2

Has potential but still needs a lot of workThe dashboard is confusing and awkward. If you pay someone individually outside the groups, the app’s display is a mess and shows two separate fees instead of combining them. The itemized receipt option is the main reason I use it but it’s not on the app only on the website. After a dinner with a group, I have to wait to go home to go on the website to tell everyone how much they owe me. I’m forced to use this app to split expenses with my roommates for the past three years. Still no updates or improvements with the interface or making it more user friendly. This does get the job done and could have been great but I guess the app’s motto is if ‘it ain’t broken why fix it?’.Version: 4.6.5

Good enough but not specificI use this for shared expenses amongst roommates. This apps features cater more to sharing a restaurant bill rather than rent and utilities. This doesn’t breakdown the charges that people owe, it only shows a lump some. Even after inputting future charges, it shows one whole amount. I tried the pro to see if the extra charts would provide more information, but the groupings by category aren’t helpful unless your splitting many kinds of expenses. The grouping by person show breakdowns but are inaccurate because there’s no way to connect a payment to one particular bill. So between not needing the receipts feature and unhelpful charts, the pro isn’t worth it..Version: 5.2.3

Good result, Terrible JourneyAlthough I find the payment aspect very simple, creating lists and adding items is not simple enough, and the notifications are not clear as to what action has been done/what action is required. The most used functions are poorly signposted and too many options are given when a list is still in progress. My friends love this app but I hate it, but other people paying for my beer is already nice; so 2 stars because the end result is worth the horrible GUI experience..Version: 5.3.0

Ok, but struggles with group holidays abroad.The app is off to a good start and should improve with time. There are usability issues where it is easy to enter transactions in the wrong way. The app would be greatly improved by being able to show an estimated of your balance as you go while using multiple currencies. At the moment looking at the app can leave you with no idea what the final balances will be. It would be good to be able to assign a default currency per trip/group..Version: 4.6.4

Ok but still not simpleCould be much more helpful if you could enter "expense paid". Instead you have to wait till everyone has paid that expense then delete that expense. I think using an excel sheet will be more helpful for us..Version: 4.4.12

Love it but it needs more!First off, this app is helpful and it keeps me organized on how much I'm owed. I have 2 issues I wish they could fix. Firstly, there needs to be an option to pay for specific items thru the Splitwise app. Maybe a person wants to pay 1 of the bills they owe money for but not all of them at once. Second, I would like there to be a notify option for one time charges. You're able to set when the person is notified/reminded about the upcoming charge but you're not able to do it if it's not a repeating charge. Kind of annoying but I hope they add these features in the future!.Version: 5.0.5

Ruins RelationshipsThe only good thing about this app is in the settings when you tap the screens cats appear. Maybe this app is great for small groups (less than 5 people), since all the people are more likely to be involved in the spending decisions. As for larger groups, I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND this app. Anyone can add anything and anyone can delete expenses they did not add.. turns into an all out WAR ZONE as friends argue about what is to be included / excluded. It also does not net out payments to minimize the number of e transfers..Version: 4.5.3

Could be clearerDifficult to tract what the money is owed for. Very confusing how it calculated money. It would be good to clearly and visually represent a normal human flow of thougts when owing/borrowing money (e.g. To see the breakdowns of what the money is owed for, the breakdown of calculations) Also some sort daily reminders to send money to settle up what you would be good - it would take away the annoying thing of having to remind people to settle up and send you money. Reminders to add regular expenses would be good to have..Version: 5.4.7

Siri Shortcuts SupportPlease consider adding shortcuts support so that bills and regular expenses can be predicted and more easily added on the fly Edit: Can’t upload photos.Version: 5.6.3

TerribleTerrible experience with it. In the end had to resort to Trello.Version: 5.7.9

No goodNew update is worst. We all friend are fighting.Version: 5.7.3

Great appWould be better if i could put account number in some sort of bio.Version: 5.6.3

Not workingSplitwise is not working properly ! I added a cost in our group and it kept saying that I wasn’t owed money (splitting it with one person as opposed our entire group..Version: 5.7.1

Don’t recommendUgly UI, clunky, not easy to use.Version: 4.5.7

Automatic settings made it difficult to split payments fairlyAutomatic settings made it difficult to split payments fairly between three people. We started using a different app as there were too many steps to make the split payment fairly..Version: 5.2.0

Should include payment processingThis app is fine, good way to track who owes what. But if there was a credit card payment processor in here this would be a 10/10.Version: 5.9.2

Update option for other usersConcept is good for this application but other users can change or delete the things that have been saved on my side. They need to be limited to see only what i write there not like they can edit it..Version: 5.9.2

Great idea....but too confusingThis app can be so amazing when planning a big event and sharing the cost with several hosts. BUT OH MY GOODNESS....if anyone "settles up" before all expenses are entered and the whole group is ready, it cause such a headache and take so much more time and energy than it is worth. Suddenly a few hosts are not being included in some of the expenses and then trying to get everyone to back track and reverse payments is insane. As the lead host I look like an idiot because this app does not clearly explain what it means to settle up. There should be a way for one person to control when the group is ready to settle so no one does anything until it's time. Now I'm having to recalculate all our expenses, then ask everyone what they have paid to who and then figure out how to redistribute the correct amount owned to and by each host. Ridiculous!.Version: 5.9.3

Not so user friendly app but does the jobThe app can be simplified a lot but still keep it’s main features of splitting. Another thing that would be extremely useful would be if people could add their bank details so other people cam transfer them money without asking them. This would ideally be information shared amongst the members of the group..Version: 5.1.5

Ok; but could be a lot betterThis app is on the way to being very good. Easier to add members of a group and add in bills that need to be shared. However it needs 2 simple improvements to be as good as it should be as settling up is much more complicated than it needs to be. First highlight whether a member of the group can be paid by PayPal and ideally which email address to use. Including how to settle up in a ‘help’ section would also be very useful. Second I only expected to pay my net balance So for example I owe other group members £30; they owe me £16 so I expected to only pay out my net balance of £14. However the way settle up works means I have to pay out £30 and then wait for group members to pay me back the £16: not only does this add complexity and delay it also increases PayPal costs as you pay a %..Version: 4.5.15

Terrible nowI’ve used Splitwise for over 5 years now, but the latest version is just terrible. Takes forever to load when click the + icon to add a new transaction. Then of course you’ll see their annoying paid subscription message. If you want to learn how not to go about monetisation of an app, this is perfect. But they’re probably going to lose me and a bunch of users in the very near future. I’m not opposed to paying for apps that I love, but it’s important they go about this the right away. Destroying the usability of an app is not the way to do it..Version: 4.5.6

Good but complicated.Very difficult to understand how it split. Better keep splitting separately for every month. No need to add up balance for next month..Version: 4.5.3

Great app, crap scanning/OCR of ReceiptsI really like the app, it does all the things you need in terms of regular payments, splitting the bills etc. However the scanner is awful, after paying for the pro version to get this functionality 9/10 times it doesn’t pick up the store, the amount or the items on the till receipt. The local Co-op, always becomes a shop in Calgary. The total is never correct and it doesn’t pick up the individual items. So basically you have to enter the details manually and the scan function is just a photo taker....Version: 5.1.9

It’s ok but has major problemsHere’s my use case: I live with my girlfriend and we split all our bills in our household If you delete a bill that’s been already paid: now the person who paid the bill owes the other person an amount equivalent to their half. Changing a recurring charge date or amount is truly a nightmare and will always result in a 1-2 month confusion period. I’ve had an error that has occurred after coming back from Venmo a number of times where it says the transaction has failed. It’s a trap! If you manually mark it paid, it will just say that the other person owes you money once it figures it out later. I don’t know if it’s their systems reconciling it or the app itself gets into a weird state that requires a restart. I hope the people who work on this app dogfood it because it is so painful to use. The moment that there’s an alternative to this app, I’m sold. To use Splitwise, you have to be a forensic accountant and the tools they provide don’t help because they lack any real granularity. I have the pro version. It’s offers almost no additional help..Version: 5.6.2

Annoying to useNot user friendly, annoying to use. Just another app that you’ll download and forget about..Version: 5.7.10

Erratic-unsatisfiedEvery single month you guys split my bills so erratically. Your app constantly makes mistakes.. my inquiry is whether I’m Being blocked from portions of my group account because I feel like either your app is absolutely pointless and flaw or absurdly that it does not do its task properly in any way other than the clean look of it. Every single month there have been comically large mistakes on your part. I need to know whether your app is the most inefficient algorithm or program I have ever used in my entire life OR my roommates are trying to hide real bill prices? If it is the latter than your app is cleverly designed to be fair and is difficult to alter with and so a great tool or (I’m being very sincere and not intentionally malicious) this app is so pointless I would suggest to anyone who is thinking of using it that they would be better of PAYING for a remedial calculator rather than downloading this for FREE..Version: 4.5.2

So confusingI changed the date of a reoccurring payment from a date in the past to a today’s date so that the payment would occur today but the amount owing didn’t change. So when the money was set as paid, it changed from someone owing me money to me owing them money. This app makes it harder to manage finances than using a notepad. It is incredibly confusing when dealing with multiple reoccurring payments where dates change often and payment dates vary significantly. The app just does not handle variation well and I’m still wishing for better functionality like the ability to simply create a money owed for something and then the ability to mark it specifically as paid and done with..Version: 4.4.12

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