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Progressive app received 33 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Progressive? Can you share your negative thoughts about progressive?

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Review of App, Not CompanyUnlike some people, this review is strictly in regards to the Progressive application, not the company itself, as intended by this platform... Overall, it’s handy to have access to all of your auto insurance policy details at your fingers, though it may help to make the menu a bit more user friendly by adding a short description near each option so you know where to go in order to locate what you’re looking for or what you need. My biggest problem with the app, is that it only shows your auto policy information, not home or renter’s insurance. For that, you’ll have to go online and log in that way. So for one policy, it’s ready to go at your fingertips, the other(s), you’ll need to open the browser and do it that way. Seems inefficient to me..Version: 3.39

I loved them until…I’ve had Progressive for about 3 yrs. Never had anything bad to say about them. Always super helpful. Always so willing to accommodate my economic needs. Recently, I had the privilege to purchase a home. I wanted to keep Progressive and bundle my car with my home policy. Everything was perfect until I told them that I had a Boxer mix pup. Needless to say, she’s a certified Emotional Support Animal. Fully trained. But this didn’t matter to them. As soon as the heard the “mixed” part they wanted a picture of my dog. I first refused, but then I sent pictures of my trained dog off leash at a dog beach. Even with this, they proceeded to refuse me home insurance because, I quote “your dog looks like a “pitbull”.” That was that. I was done! There is nothing more to say. Progressive has nothing progressive about them. When it comes to BSL, they have come so short that I am just sad and frustrated. The dog is never at fault for anything. It’s NEVER a bad dog. ITS ALWAYS A BAD OWNER!! Thank you..Version: 3.53

Fraud-Choose another insuranceProgressive Insurance company is a fraud. And I suggest you go with Lemonade, Allstate or state farm. I’ve been a loyal customer for more than 2 years, and have never missed a payment. December 2019 my kitchen flooded and they approved the claim. Our living situation was impacted and we could no long cook. Progressive agreed to cover the Additional living expenses and did so as we submitted monthly receipts. Our adjuster suggested that we accumulate all the receipt till the end and submit one big bulk. We agreed to doing so and submitted all receipts on August 2021. Our adjuster left. Yes he quit the company, along with the previous one. Now there is an outstanding ale balance owed to us since august. It’s now November. No logical updates and awhile of excuses. Please save yourself the headache and go with a devoted insure. I have opened a case with the BBB and will continue to update this review as things progress..Version: 3.49

App is useless and coverage is a fraudI held watercraft policy with progressive since 2018. Last year in 2020 I did not renew my policy due to the pandemic. The boat sat in storage and was not used (where could we go). I restarted my policy as restrictions lifted and my family and I got the boat out of storage and planned a day trip. Very common in the Bay Area. The bottom of the craft got damaged from rocks - we were not aware until we pulled the boat out of the water. We filed a claim and it was flag as suspicious because he did maintain our 2019 policy through 2020. The claim got denied. Not too mention the app did not let me make a claim. I had to call claims and waited on hold 19 min before I got a rep on the line. We were penalized for not keeping our policy through the pandemic where we didn’t even use the boat. The claim was not with ease and took a month before our claim was denied. Allowing for our coverage to be maintained another month. I canceled My policy and need to cover the cost of repairing the damage and loosing $200 for coverage fees that were not covered. My policy included full coverage! I am a victim of fraud from Progressive!.Version: 3.44.2

Don’t waste your time or money!Learned the hard way that I should have invested a little more money and gone with a better company. I purchased insurance before I left for work and then 20 minutes later a jerk in front of me slammed on his brakes! The info clearly states that coverage begins “immediately”, but that’s not true. My guess since the guy was “so injured” that he insisted he be taken by ambulance to the hospital but sure wasn’t injured enough to call insurance from the back of the ambulance and was threatening suing, progressive decided to refuse coverage. Even though I clearly showed my email with new documents with the time stamp they disagreed and denied my claim. When I demanded the forms for an appeal, I was denied and told that there is no appeal process and was hung up on. And I still get to make payments on the stupid thing while now having to get another vehicle and pay for an attorney to sue them. Then when I got other insurance, good one this time, Progressive emailed me to “give us a call and see if we can give you a lower rate”?! Nothing like poaching from other companies!.Version: 3.26.2

Don't not get Progressive they're horribleThis is my reply to their quote : Sorry it's to late I try to give you guys my business but your agent was very unprofessional and I kept getting inaccurate answers . My license been active for about 10 years I never had an accident never made a claim on none of the insurance companies I been with only had 1 or 2 minor violations which both were taken to court by my attorneys got little to no points -- your customer service is horrible and I would never refer or call you guys ever again I called your competition State Farm with in an hour I got Insurance the same day the emailed and faxed me my insurance card and I was able to get my plates and registration from the DMV -- to solve my issue all was needed was simple and or professional communication non of which your agent had -- progressive thanks for nothing -- great job at being horrible and not attempting to help potential clients.Version: 3.24.2

Let’s Get Back Real Human Customer Service!I totally detest doing business online!! It’s very frustrating and doesn’t save ME anything. It does expose me to a lot of things I don’t want to be exposed to. There’s no guarantee that my personal information won’t be hacked. I can’t ask questions for clarification whenever needed. It’s very time consuming to have to spell/type out everything and by the time I get some of it typed out, I have forgotten what all I wanted to discuss with the stupid computer that can’t answer my questions or isn’t programmed to understand what I might be inquiring. When I contact a company, I expect to speak to a living, breathing, thinking human being, not an AI machine!! I’m guessing that this review will be assessed by a computer rather than a real live human being..Version: 3.41

Useless Claims FunctionI recently had to file a claim so naturally I went to the app to look into it. "Claims Center" was listed so I went through to file my claim. Great, done, that was easy. Except it wasn't done. The body shop, who received the work order, had to call me to tell me that my claim was not actually submitted yet and that I would have to call for my claim. But everything on the app tells me I'm finished. So I call, and yes, you do have to call. But the app doesn't tell you. It makes it appear like it's finished but you still must call. If there had been a simple notice at the end stating this, that would've been great, but there wasn't. So the fix that could've been done while I was at work didn't actually go through, and now I'm taking up my Saturday morning to do it. Progressive just tell us more clearly for Pete's sake..Version: 3.35.2

WORST INSURERS EVERAll these guys care about is making money off you anything we do; I use my car heavily for work in a small start-up, and I have had my premium increased $200+ dollars even though I have had NO incidents and have reduced my over all coverage to almost nothing. They pay 3rd party agents extra money to bring them people instead of actually allowing some of the MUCH better companies to have us. It’s truly disgusting how progressive treats is customer and make us feel as though everything is our fault. Can’t wait to start looking for companies that are not just in it for a payday and instead the customer. I hope some of these new concepts coming out for insurance are making you guys sweat and see how crappy you treat us!!!!!.Version: 3.35.3

Progressive is horribleSo after talking with a representative on Tuesday who told me I had roadside assistance in my policy (I was outta fuel and didn't need to get towed, but I was checking), on Friday I needed the roadside assistance serendipitously. After making a request online, I waited an hour in a hot parking lot for verification of help on the way. Then I decided to call and they informed me that I was not covered. Why not call me after I entered my phone number five times? Then I finally procured a tow truck through them, THEY INSURE MY LONG BED EXTENDED CAB TRUCK, but they failed to tell the tow truck service about the size of my vehicle. Three hours after posting the request I called the tow company and he rerouted the correct truck necessary to haul me. I did their job, if like to get paid for it, I guess. The tow truck will be here in another hour now, I'm dropping this insurance company come Monday..Version: 3.37.3

Worst experienceI don’t usually write reviews, but I would steer clear of Progressive if possible. The only reason I am staying with them for the moment is because they are cheap (you get what you pay for), and I don’t drive much. Ive had a horrible experience and yet there has been absolutely no problem with my car, a late payment or an accident. They send you dozens of vague documents and threaten to cancel your policy constantly. When you give polite feedback they don’t listen or take any ownership for the huge issues with their system. Ive had 21st and Geico before them with zero issues. I shudder to think how their claims department will be, because sales, billing, and underwriting are all total chaos..Version: 3.61

Tracking drains battery and records phone use when there is noneSo, I went through the FAQ and it said that having the app set to always one for the location services doesn't drain the battery. That might be true for people who have newer phones but of your phone is 3 or 5 years old forget it! It also records that you have used the phone even if you are just listening to music via the Bluetooth. It is very annoying. Half the time I have it on it doesn't record my trips, even if I have the app location tracking set to always on. I get that they are saving money by not giving you the little device but the app could be more friendly about privacy and tracking. Also more considerate about the fact that people don't always have the newest phone so their battery will drain faster..Version: 3.69

Transposed my coverageRemoved my sons truck and added his jalopy car....somehow my very nice car got switched to liability and his car got the full coverage. I made no changes to my car’s coverage. We found out when I filed my accident claim after a deer jumped out in front of us this morning...best yet, since it was done on the app, It’s being investigated but seems fruitless at this point. No help to be offered so far. Guy on phone told me that he was not going to argue with me...such a disappointment. NEVER use this app. NOT EVER! No matter how many times they constantly remind you that it can all be done on the app. Also, as they keeeeep reminding me, they sent me policy information, I should have reviewed my car even though I did not make a change. I suggested to them that this could have happened to others and they are not concerned. Check your policies. I hope no one ever has to deal with what we are going through..Version: 3.38

Karen schraderI had progressive for 4 years full coverage on my car every year increasing my rate added mv beater motorcycle recently an ended up having an accident this company is requiring me to give them bank records phone records to mv phone as well as someone else's phone I provided the information an now karen Schrader is calling an asking extremely personal questions to my friends an family extremely unprofessional even when I provided proof the bike was in good condition just days before the accident she’s actively called me a liar and told my family that I’m lien but she couldn’t provide a single bit of proof that I was literally living up to that Karen name. So Glad I switched my car insurance before I had a accident in something that's actuallv worth anything progressive will never see another cent from me..Version: 3.66.1

UnbelievableThis insurance company was about to drop my insurance to $90 a month...pretty good right? But because My gf lives with me even though she doesn’t even drive my car they raised my Monthly bill to $174....how do they even come up with that number....and they canceled my insurance because I apparently didn’t call and update my info even though I did and when I called again they didn’t answer this happened multiple times before they canceled my insurance. If I have any good advice in me at all it is this. Whatever you do DO NOT GO THROUGH THESE PEOPLE THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF AND TRY AND BLAME YOU....it is not only stressful but irresponsible at the same time there customer service is garbage even in the chat option. I would rather pay double anywhere else just to have good customer service that is not so disrespectful.Version: 3.27

Changing my addressI don’t really understand why is so difficult to change my home address. I call progressive to change my home address but, when they answer the call after 30 minutes And you tell them what you want to do progressive employees tell you I will transfer you call to another team. However, you have to wait another 20 minutes finally they answer , and again you tell them the situation after that they tell you ooo we will transfer your call to a different team . And, they transfer you call to 4 different team. So with that been said I would like to know why progressives create a line to call and make this kind of change to make things easier..Version: 3.46.2

Progressive is giving me headaches!!I’ve been dealing with progressive for a few months after getting hit back in December. After sending the agent pictures and videos of the damage and the repair estimates he tells me the only way they can do the claim and give me money is through the app. Annoying, because I’m tired of needing to download an app for every company I have to deal with, but I do it. Every time I try to upload the pictures it freezes and crashes!!! One time I almost got to 70% after 10 minutes of waiting. I call the agents office and they send me an email with a link to send the pictures. After I take new pictures and send them they get back to me over a week later and say their claims estimators can’t tell which angle of the car it is without sending the pictures through the app and that they “fixed the app so just keep trying”. For some reason I believe them but the app keeps not working for me!!.Version: 3.41.3

Not getting cheaper after 3 yrsThis app is nice very useful and easy to use. Been with Progressive for 3 years and got that GOLD status already that says DISCOUNTS for loyalty clients. HOWEVER, when I see it there was really no discount, the discount you get is actually when you pay for the whole 6 months the in FULL. I compared it with another auto insurance provider and the rate was a lot cheaper. So now after 3 years I’m ending my loyalty to Progressive since they’ve been charging me more and more every renewal. I have no ticket and no claims. Service is not that bad though customer service rep clearly working from home can hear children and dogs in the background. But that’s fine totally understand..Version: 3.71.1

Progressive more like RegressiveHad to download app to file a claim. They made me send in photos and video to make a photo estimate. A day later they tell me sorry but we saw prior damage to the car so we can’t give you money upfront to fix. Instead you have to schedule a appoint with a bodywork yourself and call us back to send an agent to get it looked at. I swear the adjuster have eye’s like my grandma cause they saying the damage that they were at fault wasn’t even them and they don’t want to pay for it. My left bumper was entirely cracked and they called it ‘prior damage’. Why make a useless app to file a claim when 90% of the claim was me talking with a person. And they still want me to call them back. No point in having an app if I could of just emailed them the photos and video. My representative also went on vacation as she told me I have no other option but to go to the bodywork to drop it off. Well, how am I going to go to work without a car. I give the company 5 stars if they don’t scam me on the claim and have their representative drive me from and back from work. Since, they’re to cheap to get me a substitute car to drive. For the sake of others and you, don’t get this cheap insurance that’s not willing to pay.Version: 3.51.1

Don’t get ProgressiveI’ve had problems with Progressive auto insurance in the past, but they were mostly minor issues and were quickly resolved However, I got an email a few days ago saying my 6 month payment didn’t go through. I went online to pay, and they said they would only accept Western Union or a cancelled cashiers check for payment. I called customer service today - she confirmed that the payment had not gone through. When I asked what my payment method was, she said she didn’t have that information! I asked if she could run my card on file, again she said she didn’t have that information. Apparently if a payment doesn’t go through they need a ‘guaranteed’ payment method (see cashiers check or Western Union). The only reason I use Progressive in the first place is the relatively low price and ease of use/payment. I have been a customer for 10 years+ but I cancelled immediately because Progressive has no value to me if they make things this difficult. By the way, I currently have an excellent credit rating and have nothing that would prevent a payment from going through. The dealbreaker was them not even being able to give me information regarding my method of payment (I believe it was AMEX). Totally distrustful and they wouldn’t meet me in the middle and accept another payment over the phone. Goodbye forever Progressive!.Version: 3.41.5

Sneaky and not transparentI don't understand what's happening here, but I don't like it at all. I registered for Progressive with Snapshot a few months ago. At the beginning, my rate was $121, which was great. Then within a month, I got an email informing me that I was removed from the program due to supposed lack of feedback from my phone.... which I was completely unaware of, because I wasn't notified. The following month, my rate went up to a whopping $238. Over a HUNDRED DOLLAR difference. I didn't even notice, because I wasn't informed of the change. The next month, my rate went up AGAIN to $251. I'm supposed to be billed in the next few days, and I'm nervous to see how much they've increased my rate again. I didn't even notice the changes until today when I checked my bank account. I tried to access the Progressive app to see what's causing these changes, or if they've noted anything on my account, but go figure - the app won't even work. It's stuck on a loading screen. It's not my internet; everything else is working perfectly fine. I'm angry and I feel taken advantage of by this company. There's no transparency whatsoever. I don't have the kind of funds to afford sudden increases in rates like this. If I can't get this resolved by the end of next week, I'm switching insurance..Version: 3.44.1

Useless appProgressive as an insurance company is okay, nothing special but their app is essentially worthless. Click ‘change billing information’-> takes you to their 800 number, Click ‘manage coverage’-> takes you to their 800 number. What’s the point of the app if all it’s good for is sending you reminders of when your automatic payment is being taken? When apps tend to be kind of useless or seem dated I often wonder if the company is employing anyone under the age of 50. This app definitely seems created by someone older who rarely uses apps and whose tech savvy skills probably peeked around 1997. Word to progressive and your 50+ year old employees, apps are used for much more than reminders typically they have features. Get with the times. My goodness..Version: 3.43

ScamBiggest scam company DO NOT GET INSURANCE FROM THEM! I’ve had insurance for more than 5 years and I got a quote from progressive thinking “this is a pretty good deal for all coverage I’m getting” I finish my quote and start my insurance with them. I get an email saying my quote starts a certain date and I did not get a single other email from them besides that. Without me knowing they canceled my insurance and refunded my money to my bank (I haven’t had a claim or accident in over 5 years) I don’t have insurance anymore so I call them and ask them why they did that just so they could answer the phone and tell me they can’t do anything about it and I’m stuck having to pay extremely high rates on my insurance because PROGRESSIVE IS A SCAM DO NOT GET INSURANCE FROM THEM!.Version: 3.42.3

Zero recommended for liar companyDon’t trust this company guys… I have insurance with them four years ago I never charge them any Single dollar then when I have sample issue they give me a hard time and when I called them the lady her name Jamila didn’t answer and the customer representative Was asking me to send photos of the accident by them APP and I’ve been sent it the photos more than 15 times and they keep lie to me and said we didn’t received it send again… I have one week now waiting for them and nobody care about me …When you call them as a first time to have insurance with them they are so friendly so nice and helpful After that if you call them and you want to claim your accidentThey remove the mask from them face and they show you really how you was wrong when your choice them to ensure your car …👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 progressive 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 3.48

Worst insurance companyWe switched our insurance to Progressive because we got a good deal. However, out of nowhere they decided to raise our rate by over a $1,000 and when we didn’t approve and decided to cancel and switch to another policy they want to charge us the increase in the policy we canceled. We called them multiple times to try and resolve the issue because they threatened to send the balance to a collection agency. Every time we call, they are very rude and unwilling to help us at all and are still insisting on us to pay the money they increased in a policy that we canceled. The increase they did was unauthorized from our end and they did not inform us of such changed until they added it to our policy already. We have all the documents and proof and have reported them to the consumer protection agency and tried to get in touch with them again after to come to a conclusion but they still are not helpful. and if it comes down to it we will sue because that is fraud..Version: 3.46

Pro theftAll this place does is openly scam people currently I’m an over 40 driver with a perfect driving record, good credit, no claims, no late or missed insurance payments ever. Yet my rate keeps jumping up and I’ve been given at least 5 completely different and conflicting reasons this time alone and even been informed that if progressive knows you’ve been given false information on a contract they will not let you know under any circumstances. Even had a supervisor tell me they didn’t even need to inform me of changes to my policy. Rudest customer service I’ve ever seen and completely useless. This company even claimed I made several claims on my brand new car that has had no issues. This place is a joke and should be shut down for insurance fraud plain and simple. Hope this helps with anyone going through this and deciding to stick with them in the hope it will get better. Let me promise you as a long time customer it will only get worse. I’d rather go with a fly by night company at this point being that I’m openly being scammed by progressive.Version: 3.51

Cannot recommend using app for roadsideApp will pick nearest address instead of giving actual location to roadside drivers. Currently waiting over a hour and a half for roadside service and had to spend 40 minutes on the phone because you cannot correct location on the app. If you break down on the highway you may not get roadside assistance or at the very least will have to wait a long time to talk to someone to get it updated. Even after talking to someone on the phone and attempting to have the location corrected, the roadside driver still called, asked if I still needed gas, and then didn’t know I was on the highway. Although the service is dirt cheap, I am strongly considering going back to AAA as there roadside service actually works..Version: 3.47

Rates going up out of nowhereI changed my insurance policy because I was paying over $200 and when I got my quite from progressive they offer me a policy for $130. I liked it a lot and accept the whole snapshot and autopaynent stuff. First month they took me out of the auto payments and added family members to my auto policy. Causing my rate to go up to $268. I was so upset and gave them the call they said i list the discount of autopayment but that i was still enrolled in autopay and that my family lives with me. Every month is something new and my rate is going up and up. I do not recommend progressive to anybody. Id rather know how much I will have to pay since the beggining than find out every month what they will like to charge. Horrible experience!.Version: 3.50

I had a very disappointing experienceI'm not sure what's wrong with this insurance company and why things had to be so difficult. They could not contact their underwriters to let them know that I wasn't NOT married or living with the person that I used to share an insurance policy with... then there was the problem with the physical address which was not the same as the mailing address. They actually canceled me three times in a row by mail which I did not receive it except for the last one, so I didn't have coverage for a few days each time. Luckily I canceled the policy before they did and found a reputable company to go with. They refused to believe I was divorced (it's been 3 years now)or even acknowledge that I had a drivers license with my physical address on it wasn't good enough for them- they needed me to go to my place of work and have them sign a piece of paper so they could see it. Really?! Joe Blow could've been my signee!! I didn't tell them what a piece of garbage company I think they are on the phone because I know it's not the fault of one employee. But they appear to be extremely unorganized and I will never go back!!.Version: 3.24.1

Biggest scam of the yearI used to have Geico for years and somehow this progressive keeps sending me false advertisement so I switched to them. After I signed up and then the drama began. They kept asking me for the same info which I already provided. They have no common sense whatsoever. From where I live and work, the internet is provided and progressive keeps asking for internet bill. Ridiculous. I finally canceled my policy after almost 2 months and. For 6 month policy, it’s $674. Now they only refunded me back $374 for using it for only 2 months. So I feel like this is their strategy to scam people. Giving out false advertisement and then using nonsense excuse to make customer cancel their policy after getting their money. So progressive, from now on, every ad I receive from you guys will go straight to trash bin..Version: 3.42

TerribleIf you can choose, go to Geico. I will be switching this week. I blew a tire and I am currently on my third day of trying to get a tow. Customer service is no help, will not defer you to management (says that managers do not talk in the phone and they can send you back to the queue). Each time it has taken over 3 hours to get a tow and they just continuously extend the tow. I call at 8 in the morning and around 12, I cancel because I am now running late for work. The money I have spent in ubers, I could have just paid for my own tow. Not to mention if you are in an accident, there is definitely not a smooth transition between getting adjusted, set up with your rental and getting repairs. They are extremely unprofessional at customer service and after I finish this debacle I will be switching back to Geico, even if it is a few dollars more..Version: 3.53

No goodOverall the worst insurance company ever! After having my vehicle vandalized, I have received ZERO assistance. I have left so many messages for my claim rep and never get a response. Left messages through the app, been leaving voicemails for weeks now, can’t get one single call back. Not only that,because of COVID they no longer come out and assess damage, so you basically have to do their jobs for them. I was told they can’t help me with getting a key made for my car after my keys were stolen. When wanting to tow my car to a friends house who offered to help me fix it, since my insurance has completely failed me, they tell me I don’t have any more. Roadside available because I used it up having them unlock my car twice. So now I would have to pay out of pocket on top of having to fix it all myself. What a joke. They wanted me to pay a deductible to have my windshields replaced since both of them were knocked out. I heard most companies don’t charge deductible for glass. So lame. Go to any other company!.Version: 3.45.1

BEWARE OF DISCRIMINATIONMy 2020 Dodge Challenger has been sitting in the shop for over a month now because progressive did NOT want to pay $200. I pay over $600 in car insurance (we have 2 new vehicles & a young driver). These guys make $200 in 00.2 seconds! On thanksgiving an idiot ran into my door & took off. It was a pain getting on the phone with someone first of all then they had to do a formal investigation as if I ran into something myself. After they concluded I did not they sent the shop the most slap in the face quote of $700. The shop quoted my damages at $2800. Progressive took over 3 weeks to finally approve $2800. No one ever called me or kept me in the loop. I got more calls from the shop than my own insurance provider that I pay over $600 MONTHLY. I’m not sure if these adjusters where having a bad day or if they didn’t take me seriously because I’m a woman, or because I’m hispanic. It seriously has to be something, I have had crappy insurances before that have worked faster, treated me better and actually called than this “big corporate “ insurance. Save yourself the trouble, headache, discrimination & embarrassment go to someone else that values customer service ethics and values Progressive is anything but progressive !.Version: 3.51

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