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20 yrs plusI have used several companies in the past have always had issues. If u file a claim you get dropped or you ran around in circles and wouldn’t get your refund back. Well I have used progressive for over 20 yrs plus and I have never been dropped or cancelled. I’ve had several clams due to other people lack of insurance etc. my claims have always been paid and taken care of in a very quick and professional matter. My friends and family started using progressive because they saw how mine was. The other best part is the amount of discounts they offer that no other insurance company can beat. Sincerely, Your number 1 pleased customer !!.Version: 3.27

Amazing customer service A++This review is more based around the claims process then the app itself. I hit a deer 2 weeks ago around midnight on a Sunday. I used the app to file my claim instantly and the very next day I received a call from them confirming everything. They had me in a rental car and my vehicle scheduled at the body shop literally 1 day after the accident. It took the body shop about 1 1/2 weeks to complete the work but the entire time my Progressive rep kept me updated and was very polite and professional. Everything went so smoothly which is very much appreciated after having an accident which is stressful enough. Thank you progressive!!.Version: 3.35

In love with wallet feature 😍I love that you can finally add your insurance card to your wallet! Now it’s super quick and easy to retrieve plus it’s aesthetically pleasing unlike the ID card on the progressive app. For those that say that they can’t view their drivers/VIN numbers, you just have to tap on the little white dots at the top of your insurance card to view the additional information. It would be nice if the drivers would all be listed in the front or if you could customize your wallet card for your needs such as how many drivers/vehicles you want listed on the front but this is a great start! Good job app developers 👏🏽.Version: 3.35

Better rates than othersI’m giving Progressive 5 stars because they offered me the best rate and great customer service. My insurance monthly is $107 for one car with Snapshot. Other companies wanted to charge me close to $200 or even more a month. Never had tickets or accidents so I’m not sure why so high. Here’s my comment about customer service: Recently, I was gone about 6 hours from home for work. I drive a company car. I was gone for about a month and a half. While gone, I had no access to my email because I use a company computer and phone which restricts a lot of things. I came home a few days ago and found my car battery was dead. I got into my email and saw my rate went up to $176 every month. This was due to the Snapshot not being recognized because of the battery. I called Progressive and let them know of the issue. In about 15 minutes, they re-enrolled me in Snapshot and I got the discount back. I really appreciated that because I can’t afford the extra $70 every month for insurance. Thank you Progressive for being my #1 insurance!.Version: 3.28.2

Awesome serviceI just wanted to let you know that my insurance agent is amazing! A little over a year ago, I was in an auto accident that was not my fault. Although another insurance company was handling my claim, my agent was extremely helpful throughout my whole awful experience. Every time I added a car to my insurance for one of my children, he was always available to make sure the automobile was covered prior to leaving the lot. I highly recommend progressive insurance to anyone looking to switch especially after the difficult time I had when I did have to deal with another company. Thank you for everything!.Version: 3.56.1

Progressive worksI’ve had Progressive for several years now. I have read the reviews and I’m stunned. My whole family has Progressive, and we have never had anything close to these negative comments happen. Customer Service is amazing. When I got my policy it took very little time. Any questions I have are answered promptly. This is not true about other big named insurance companies I had in the past. There are 17 households in my family that are insured with Progressive. That says something about the company. If they were really as bad as the comments suggest we wouldn’t be there..Version: 3.32

AVOID AT ALL COSTSDo future You a favour and spend a little more for a policy from another company. If you’re here because you’re looking for the most “affordable” rate, you’ll regret it as soon as you have to use the insurance. I haven’t heard from my adjuster for a claim in MONTHS. Not a single word. And the times I have spoken to her….we’ll customer service isn’t her strong suit. Was shown via this app that I was paid for a certain month, when really they didn’t actually pull it from my account until the next month. Thus doubling the amount (unexpectedly). If, like myself, you’re A Poor, you’ll know just how detrimental unexpected large amounts coming out of your account can be. This has been the absolute worst experience I’ve had with an insurance company. As for their “affordable” rates….I found full coverage from a more established company for only $10 more per month than what Progressive offered me liability only for. You get what you pay for. Lesson learned..Version: 3.44.2

Please let me continue with progressive progressive or anyone affiliated with you.I really need to stay on board with progressive and can’t apologize enough as was in a bad place for 2 months and now and for the last 6 weeks everything has been wonderful. Company car with gas card. Please let me know ASAP I really don’t want to go insurance shopping because I have 2 months left on this 6 month interval. Please forward to department that will make the decision to keep me onboard even if we remove collision and comp! I need the Sr22 liability roadside assistance these are a must and appreciate you reporting to California. Please reconsider and keep me onboard. James George Phillips.Version: 3.52.1

Certain PSR’sThis is a company that I’ve been involved with for years with different situations continuing to present themselves as life happens. I do appreciate the reps that actually take the time to understand where the problem originated and took time to get the solution. My issue, as a clinical trained CMA and certification with my cna. I’ve worked with the most diverse and unorthodox of folks. They too, are worth any care. They are HUMAN BEINGS. don’t forget your reasoning. My Go stimulated that bothers me is some don’t agree with …. And I’ll say that statement when asked upon private messaging.Version: 3.66

ConfusedWhy when i had autopay set up did it not officially go through. Even when i looked on the app in billing and payments it appears to have gone through in a cash transfer. Only by talking to my bank did i find out it never went through. Then upon going into make a payment on the app there is no financial information saved for me? Ive been doing business with you since 2017 and been using auto pay for at least two years. This is most concerning and an unacceptable business practice. Would i have been considered “insured “ had i been in an accident? Why was i not notifyed the payment hadn’t gone through? Is it time for me to shop for new insurance?.Version: 3.66.1

I love ProgressiveYears ago, I was trying to back out of a parking space. A guy came flying into the parking lot and ran right into my car. I told him I was sorry and gave him my information and that I would pay whatever estimate he got from a body shop. He had a tiny scratch. It was nothing, but I didn’t want any insurance rate hikes for something so minor. Turns out, he decided to file a false claim with Progressive, claiming thousands of dollars worth of damage and not realizing I also had my RV policy with Progressive. He had multiple accidents. I had none. I explained this all to the Progressive Customer service guy. He said, “File a police report. Tell the complete truth of what happened. Don’t lie about anything.” I never heard anything more about this. The guy dropped the claim. Thank you, Progressive. Moral of the story: If you’re in an accident, file a police report as soon as humanly possible. You can usually do it online. (If there are no police doing this for you at the time of the accident.) Provide the case # to your agent..Version: 3.34

85% of my favorite thingsThe app is amazing. Always works when I want it to. Shows me both of cards when my policy is close to renewing. Anything that I can’t do on the app it will link me to the website and keeps me logged in so I can get things done. They have all of my documents stored in one single place online so if I miss a mailing or delete an email I can still check it out. I gave it 5 stars and said its 85% is because I wish you could pull up the dec page and voi on the app and save it like the ID card. I love that I can see the status of my payments online and that I get a reminder a few days before it pulls the payment. Originally I could sign my docs online. I would like to be able to sign all docs online. Like when I make changes in the middle of the policy period. And for the auto they don’t let you lower you comp/coll online. It would be great if I could do it myself instead of having to call in. Otherwise it’s great..Version: 3.34.3

AWESOME!I have been with progressive since 2015. My car insurance is only $85 a month, and I just got renters insurance tonight for $16 a month because I bundled it with the car. I have never had an issue with them. The app has always worked great. In response to the first review. It tells you when you open the app and look at your digital copy of your ID card if your states police officers will accept electronic proof of insurance, and not in paper form. In PA you can use your electronic ID card as a valid form of insurance. Just pay attention to what the prompts tell you..Version: 3.29.4

Review experienceI have had Progressive for several years without having to use it. Sadly that changed earlier this year when a rather large elk hit the front of my SUV crumpling the hood breaking the headlights but considering what it could have been, I was blessed. When I called to report it, I was extremely pleased at how smoothly the whole process went, from taking my information, explaining their process and making sure I had phone numbers should I need to contact them about the claim. Their adjuster contacted the facility who would be doing the repair work and things went smoothly. I was impressed from beginning to end and grateful for their professional management of everything..Version: 3.28.1

Changing star RateIt seems that it takes a few hours for the app to recognize the policies and passwords. After working off and on looking for returned emails I was successful in registering both policies in the app along with it recognizing my password without having to change it. Still only four stars because of the difficulty in setting everything up. Hopefully I will be able to change this review later. I just purchased two policies with Progressive. One for my RV and the other my auto. I was allowed one policy only and the app will not recognize the password that Apple gave. The app sends me to a web site that indicates an email will be sent but no email sent. I think the problem is multiple policies. If that is the case it needs to be updated immediately to accept multiple policies with Progressive if they want to be a player in this highly competitive insurance industry. Online customer service is important. Maybe you can reply to the app..Version: 3.34.3

Love this app and company!I haven’t been with progressive even a full six months and my car was totaled by hurricane Michael. A majority of it could be fixed by family friends so we thought it couldn’t be that bad. Turns out it was just that bad... so I make a claim and call progressive with questions and every time I’ve talked to someone they’ve been so nice and caring. I’ll be sticking with progressive until something changes. Most things I need answered could be answered through the app, but what couldn’t I had the numbers to call right away!.Version: 3.30

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