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Fire Balls 3D App User Positive Comments 2023

Fire Balls 3D app received 124 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fire balls 3d?

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Fire Balls 3D for Positive User Reviews

I love it it’s so fun!!I love it! I’ve been playing this for Months! It’s so fun I love it soooo much! Your games are awesome! I enjoy your games very much!.Version: 1.17

SuperbThis game is so fun and addictive I love it so much ❤️❤️. When I was searching for a good game, I came across this one . At first ,I wasn’t sure 🤔but now I love this game it is my life. As it is the Easter holidays I have been playing it 24/7📱 If you are searching for a fun and addictive game this is your go to.👌👌.Version: 1.13

-Omg stop complaining about the adds. Just turn of your wifi ugh.Version: 1.4

Love thisThis game is amazingly great.Version: 1.23

The Great Game!Hi,I love this game because I love how you start off with a gigantic tower and then you could end up with no tower at all! I love it so so much,Thank you for inventing such a great game!Kind regards,Ines!.Version: V1.10

😁awesome but hard 😐I love the game but I think it’s hard I played on my friends tablet and she was on level 35 level 35 was easier than level 11 and I just don’t think that should be the way it is but I love this game so coming from me I personally think that it’s an awesome 😎 game it’s hard it’s challenging and it’s up in my top three it’s so amazing that when you want something challenging but you don’t want a real like puzzle this is kind of like a really fun game to do with friends and stuff and yeah it’s not as addicting as like let’s say Fortnite but you can stay up till like 10 o’clock in the night and you don’t want to stop playing it so it’s really cool and I like it.Version: 1.13

🥰😍😘😁It’s really fun.Version: 1.32.1

Action gameThe game is OK but I think it should have more action.Version: 1.22

A little annoying ads but...This is a great app! I love it. What I like to do is listen to music and just play the game. The ads are really annoying. I mean every time you finish a round you have to watch an ad. But that is really the only thing that I can think of that needs to be fixed. This game passes time. So when you are bored play this game and you will play the game for hours. One thing that can be added is that you can have different rockets and not just a black one. But that is just my opinion it is not like a gilt he or anything..Version: V1.6

I love it💛This game is really good and is suitable for all ages (have no idea why it’s a 12+ ) anyways, it’s super addictive however the ads are a little bit annoying. Little tip; turn on aeroplane mode and then the ads won’t keep popping up..Version: 1.5.1

Game changesI would first like to state that I have had this game for a very long time. I very much so enjoy playing this game when I have some extra time to spare. On one of the past updates you were able to get bursts when you would shoot a long enough streak, but now it is gone! I found that to be one of my favorite parts of the game. Getting the boosts helped keep the game fun and easier to pass some levels. Please consider adding this feature back into the game..Version: 1.21.1

IM COOL TO BE PROBOOM 😝 I’m pro.Version: 1.24

Favorite gameMy favorite game is this game. There is so much color in the game. You can earn 💎s and get different shooters. Hint: the lightning symbol can brake a block or take a big chunk of the tower off. The green circle is how to indicate how close you are to getting the power up. This game can be very challenging or very easy. The levels come in platforms so the levels with 4 of the platforms are harder than the ones with 2 or 3. There are some adds but, you can buy no adds. There is no way that you have to be 12 to get this app. You could be 8 to play this game..Version: 1.9

TattypussI love this game as it’s a great time filler but after the latest update I can’t play anymore. It was supposed be be a minor bug fix but I don’t think being able to play is a bug 🤪🤣.Version: 1.15

Why fireballs is amazBALLSTo whom this may concern, I have just started to play this very endearing game and I’m on level 5. I am here to tell you why this game is amazing. No.1 it is very easy this is good because there is a lot of competitive people and they normally delete a game if there not good at it so no need because this is an easy game. No.2 it’s just really good so do I really need a second point? Yours faithfully, Unicorn_lover18.Version: V1.7

BooooI'm Michael 9 horrible give me my money back booooooooooooooo So sorry my brother went crazy but please put this on I'm begging I really want too be on the app thing I will promise to never let my brother write a review again but if you don't them I will tell him to send you horrible message and ever one will hate your little bratty game ok 👌 Oh hi people of the world 🌎 hahahaha prank.Version: 1.14

RecommendedIt is a really good game but sometimes I do not like the ads but the ads come on really slow like every level you don’t get an ad like some other games I know it’s really good again I think you should really download it if you like something that’s challenging it’s not that challenging but I have dad only three times right now because I just got it so if you want to get it you go get it I’m not stopping you.Version: V1.6

Used to be goodThe concept of the game is great. It’s very entertaining and helps you pass the time whenever you’re bored. HOWEVER, I haven’t been able to play since I got the last update. When all the new skins were released, I thought it was a great idea but then when I press play it just won’t work. Overall, it used to be a good game until all this bugs appeared and won’t let me play anymore. So, I can conclude that I’m pretty disappointed since the past update..Version: 1.17

Less adsAds pop up when you die,I don’t like that less ads please.Version: 1.4

Shower time camOkay so it was a bra I don’t even know it was small that was told it was you didn’t you I don’t know what it was but it was fat cat and it was right..Version: 1.11

The best gameIt is very entertaining relaxing and they’re very chill full and really hard but a little bit hard at the same time if you get what I mean because some levels are really easy but some levels are like well hard reflected rings so I’m so lucky to have this game because it chills me out why am angry thank you.Version: 1.9

If you are getting the game read this.I think the game is very fun! If you are a very sensitive child or person this would be a good and kinda bad game for you. If you are a enjoy nature person and that this is a very good game for you. It is a really fun game and U think everyone can play it. I am not a bot, I am a person who loves games. This is one of my best games and god bless voodoo for these games. I will say this game is a five star. Please enjoy and this is a good game. (“Voodoo As the good games”) Thank you for reading this. I am not a bot..Version: V1.7

Diamonds?What do we do with the diamonds?.what can we buy?. we can’t buy anything usually I would pass levels for diamonds to get outfits and stuff. but this time I just do it to get higher we should be able to buy stuff with the diamonds! plz change that..Version: 1.5.2

Kid writing a reviewI love this game so much!!i also love how if you touch the tnt next to the line is go’s away!download this app?.Version: 1.18

One of the best games in the worldIt is great I love this game so much it’s challenging but it’s super fun From Zoe Now for some information about me I’m 7 years old my favorite color is purple and I love kittens From Zoe.Version: 1.24

You are awesome😍😍😍😍😍!!!!!Mixed up.Version: 1.16

Busybody 1👍🏽2👍🏽3👍🏽4👍🏽5👍🏽This game keeps me busy 24/7, I’m always determined to win the level + watching the colors is kinda satisfying to me. And for as far as the adds go it doesn’t bother me because there aren’t any, I set the game up so when I click on it it turns off the wifi so no videos can play and once I’m done and click off the game it instantly turns the wifi back on..Version: 1.9

What are the diamonds forI think this is a great game! I love it and I am addicted but what do you use the diamonds for? I am just saying maybe you could make it so that you can choose how your balls look when you shoot them or how the shooter looks by buying designs for them with the gems in the game. Also you could maybe have like level skip passes that you can buy with the gems, but those are just ideas.Version: 1.8

Good gameI enjoy playing this game, but it is a bit boring after a while. I suggest some challenges. And at the end of each challenge you get a rewards like a new skin. Other that that it is a good game nothing much to say other than that..Version: V1.7

BrilliantOnce my sister got this game on her iPad she immediately was on it suddenly her eyes filled with joy . She played until lunchtime And then she was immediately on her iPad again and till bedtime she was on level 19 I obviously was amazed . The next day she was a PRO at it and was teaching clueless me how to play it only.Version: 1.21.1

DisappointingThere’s way way way too many adds on this game. I would really like it if there was less adds because then I could enjoy it more. Also if you buy no adds, you still get adds. It’s really disappointing to be honest. It is addictive but the adds are so irritating. Wouldn’t recommend if you get annoyed easily..Version: V1.6

Fire ball 3 dJust good had it befor on my iPhone 5 I got on level 110 and it’s really good it helps u get lots of gems and dimano and stuff other people play it take in turn and its really good good game no wonder other people play bad other games are the best as well xxxxx.Version: 1.20.1

It is goodThis game is so good. I enjoy it a lot.Version: 1.17

Great GameThis game is very injoyable as you get to a higher level it gets a bit harder I really love this game I think you should definitely get it.Version: V1.10

It’s okI like playing the app but I hate the ads so every time I play the game I just turn off my WiFi and data when using. You get diamonds when you win a level but the diamonds can’t get you anything so I don’t understand why there are there..Version: V1.7

People, people, people...I hate how when people write a review, but they don’t have punctuation and the emojis aren’t behind the period. Why do you people even write reviews? This a review about people who write reviews that are stupid. People, honestly, are stupid enough to write bad reviews without punctuation. If you have a review; then, add good punctuation to show that you mean it. People take you for imbeciles if you have horrible punctuation, bad spelling, and emojis before periods. This is advise. The game is awesome! I personally recommend it! I don’t really see the problem with it. Also, if it is glitching, then you need to update your phone. ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.12

AmazingSo I’ve just started and already love it so much I really recommend this game for 2 reasons 1) the levels are all different and there’s more than 1 games in a level 2) this game barely have any ads so if you get fed up on adds this is the game for you 😊.Version: 1.27.0

AmazingI find this game fantastic. It is very addictive. I’ve had this game for a week and I’m already on level 223. I recommend this app to everyone. It’s very fun. You don’t need to pay unless you want no ads. But, an easy way is just to turn airplane mode. I’ve not used any gems or coins so, they’re not necessary to play the game. I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.9

Thanks 🙏This is a amazing game, very addictive but great 👍. There are quite a few adds but what do you expect(it’s how I found this game😉). Some levels are more difficult than others but it’s still nice to work up to the harder stages. I give this a 5⭐️ rating, I think the developer did a great job “ WELL DONE!!🤝🥳.Version: 1.5.1

Less than my expectationThis is a good app. Well, then you may be wondering why I have it 3 stars and my title is less than my expectation. The reason is that the game cheats. Not trying to give hate and such but seriously. I would stop holding down at the perfect time, but the dang thing always shoots an extra one and makes me start over. It gets really annoying. Especially when your about to finish. Another problem is the adds. There is way too many of them and I always get the same one. If you get mad easily, like me, then I don’t recommend this to you. Developers, please take care of the problems and some how contact me saying you did.Version: V1.6

THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!Hello! If the creator of this game is reading this I just wanted to say thank you Sooo much for creating this game!! I play it all the time and I like how it gets harder every round! I really like this game. And you can totally play it when your bored! And it’s super fun to play when there’s nobody around. I like the sounds when you hit it. It’s super relaxing! Just one small question. Are you going to update this game any time soon? Otherwise I want to keep this a short review so goodbye!! -meep😐.Version: 1.24

Difficult/stressful levelsWhen starting, the levels are really easy and enjoyable. But when they get harder, it is annoying and stressful when you can’t complete it..Version: 1.8

Good gameIt’s a good game and for me it test your patients and you always have to use your brain Like when to go and when to stop because in each Level it gets harder and the more harder it gets the more of the brain you should use☺️☺️.Version: 1.9

WowI love it!! It is soo good. It is so the game to play if you have nothing to do. I have seen that some people have said it is so bad it takes no consideration, but that is good you can play the game and talk so you don't miss out on anything. It is soooooooooooooooooooooo goooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.4

Totally awesome gameI’m not going back because I’m not sure if you want me or you just thinking of going and I can get a little money for a car that you want me and you want me back to the house I don’t know what I can get you guys to do/I love you😍😍😍😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂.Version: 1.23

Fireballs 3DGood game but I have a few questions 1. Why is there a BOSS level when it not much harder? 2.What does the near miss mean in a different game after a few near misses it go’s rainbow and skips the level ? 3.Why does the thing that you fire from explode when you fail the level ? But after all I think it’s a very good game.Version: 1.20.1

Omg. I freaking LOVE this game!!!This game is awesome!!! It’s a great game to play when you want to pass time, or just beat all the levels to see what cool stuff you get! My only problem with it right now is the app sort of “shuts down” or closes me out of it when I try to play. I don’t know if I should delete the app and then re-download it because I might lose my progress! Overall, though, great game!.Version: 1.21.1

GreatThe best game and so entertaining for anyone. You say you’ll only have one game but you end up playing a hundred times. I love it, I definitely love it buy it now it’s free!.Version: 1.11

Has Its FlawsI love this game for many reasons. It is not too hard for little kids so they don’t get upset when they lose. Also it is challenging so you have fun and you don’t do the same thing the whole time. I also think that the different shapes that are stacked up in the rounds are cool and they don’t stay the same between different rounds. The only thing that I hate is the adds. There are too many of them. I know that you have to have adds in a game that’s free but there are just too many so it just ruins the fun. You could win a game and then have to watch an add to play again. You should definitely get this game but take the things that I said into consideration..Version: 1.5.1

Roughly badNot that bad, but all reviews must talk about adds, … There are absolutely nothing to worry about with adds, but 1st of all, the only problem I have with it, is that it doesn’t quite work properly when you have no storage, if I’m wrong don’t come at me. LOL.Version: 1.32.1

SOOOO FUN!!I give this game 5 stars because I love challenges and this game is certainly a challenge! I just wish the game wouldn’t make you restart the entire level whenever you hit a block. I wish that you didn’t have to destroy a tower over and over when you already destroyed it. But other than that I adore this game and hope that they make more like it!! Thank you for your time and reading this review!🙂🙂.Version: 1.9

YayAll voodoo games are amazing. TIP: turn wifi off while playing do you don't have to watch adds! :).Version: 1.4

Game. LockedHi I had a great time with this Game.. However , a Short time after purchasing it the Game locked on me and i can’t play it just says,, AB test and that’s it.. controls are overlapping each other and can’t use them..I need help !! I don’t know how to unlock it , and all efforts have been in vain.. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.. I’d love to continue...Version: 1.15

Good game but challengingVery fun but hard I think this game is entertaining because it’s got shooting in it we’re you can knock down multiple towers.Version: V1.10

How did you think of thisI love this app! How did you think of it? Write how you thought about it here 👌🏽..Version: 1.8

This game is so addictiveI can’t stop playing this game! Some levels are hard to beat but I get tough them, I’m currently on level 27 and I downloaded it yesterday - Id your looking for a good addictive game to play I recommend this one 5/5 👌🏼.Version: V1.6

I LiKe itI like the fact that it entertains people so I would get this app!!!!! Have fun playing this app.Version: 1.22

Too easyI found this game on a ad. On the top of the screen said ‘If you beat level 3 your highly skilled’ or something like that. So I went ahead and tried the game. And yes. I did beat level 3. I have seen other reviews of other people saying that the game was really easy. Please make it more challenging for us. Voodoo, I hope you read this, and will fix it. Sincerely, A player.Version: 1.8

CoolThis game is kind of hard but I like it it’s really really really really fun and it doesn’t have to use Internet I like that because I go outside a lot and I don’t have Internet and if I play this game I don’t need Internet I hope everybody who plays this game in joyed it because I enjoy it so yeah bye!.Version: 1.12

EntertainingI love this game because it always keeps me entertained and not bored. I would recommend this to lots of people. I like the characters you can choose but I would ask for more characters to buy because after it gets a bit boring..Version: 1.20.1

GreatThis is a fun easy game that I would totally recommend it is an easy and addictive game for all ages. The only flaw is that the ad has a noob vs a pro but I found it a lot easier than it claims so I don’t know if that means I’m a noob or pro.Version: V1.10

Not bad but too easyDefinitely needs to be harder if with a couple hours of vague playing I can get to level 100 with a 300,000+ score. The graphics are nice and the actual game play isn’t that bad other than the fact that the levels don’t seem to increase in how hard they are that much. The ads are obviously obnoxious but you’d be lucky to find a game without them these days. Good game if you want to play it while doing something else..Version: V1.7

The best game ever!🤩This game is so addictive and right know I’m playing it without my parents knowing and their sleeping so yeah anyways I love the characters I’m on the seahorse it’s so cool when you press that zap button and then they blast a huge bomb 💭Anyways BYE 👋.Version: V1.10

Awesome gameI think that Fireball 3D is an awesome game but I do have one suggestion my little siblings wanted to play and they have no phone so I let them play it you can not go back on levels so they wee trying to play level 98 and they could not pass it so can you make the game to where you can go back on levels? Other than that your game is awesome and is really relaxing to play😄😁.Version: 1.32.1

What are the gems for?What is the purpose of the gems you get after you complete a level You can’t buy anything with them Other than that it’s a really fun game when your bored.Version: 1.4

MvjgjgkfysXhjznfgfhkx.Version: 1.19

Best game everThis is the most important moment for me because I can get to the next level I love that you and I can get all the diamonds in the game it’s awesome I love it it’s like the new stuff that you can play and It is easy. I love this game.Version: 1.17

Amazing butThis game is amazing but there are just so many adds that you basically can’t play please fix that but otherwise great game and I would definitely recommend it 👌👍😎!!!.Version: 1.11

HiThis is a fun game if u don’t want ads turn off wifi🤗.Version: 1.15

Great, but 1 problemThis is a really fun satisfying app and I have enjoyed playing it so far. But the only issue is the ads 😤. They pop up in the middle of a game. And I find it very annoying that you have to pay for ads to be removed! Great game, but PLS sort out the ads issues!.Version: 1.20.1

Great gameI just got this game and I am very entertained by it I think it is not a fussy game and is a game that everyone can enjoy. As much as I like this game I think it can get a bit boring after a while but I would still definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.Version: 1.5

How much I’m loving this gameThis is probably the best game I’ve ever played in my life.Version: 1.24

This game takes a whole lot of concentrationThis game takes a whole lot of concentration because you have to look very closely to make sure that you don’t hit a moving wall. PS this game has adds and you have to pay money to remove adds witch is kind of a bug. But if you want a game that you have to put a whole lot of concentration I would totally recommend this game thank you so much for reading my review I really appreciated you reading this review bye 👋.Version: 1.11

I love this gameThis game is fun and not to hard its I really like this game it’s ok.Version: 1.23

Game errorThe game doesn’t load. Stuck on level 23. I thought your update would have fixed the problem. Still can’t play level 23..Version: 1.19

Fireballs is really funIt’s really fun. When I was in my way to The Gild coast, all I was doing for about the whole trip was playing fireballs. I was up to level 6 and I had difficulties trying to complete it until I consontrated really hard and finally completed it. It’s a really fun and really good game that will like make kids more confident and yeah. I just love it so much..Version: 1.4

Please remove the ads!!I really enjoy playing this game but when ever it says "are you ready for boss level" I click okay and every time I click that it instantly comes up with an ad! Can you please remove the ads because it's really annoying and I just want to play the game! Anyway that's all I love the game and everything but please remove the ads👌🏻.Version: V1.7

Fun gameThis is a good game to play if you’re stuck waiting for someone who said they’d be ‘just a minute’ in a store but it’s been an hour.Version: 1.3

Game reviewThe game is actually really fun it’s not swarmed with ads so you can actually play and it’s really fun and competitive!!.Version: 1.3

Fire ball 3DI enjoy playing the game, but sometimes it gets boring because there is only one thing to do!!!.Version: 1.13

Love it❤️This game is really fun but the really good thing is they donnot go to hard to quickly which is good for me. I am not really a fan of them giving you a count down when u fail to make your decision though otherwise it is 👍.Version: V1.7

😍😍😍😍😍I like this game because it is a bit of a challenge at first then gets harder as it goes on. At the moment I’m at level two I’ve just started.🤩🤩🤩🙂🙂🙂😻😻😻.Version: V1.10

Love this game!Really enjoy playing this game! Currently on level 94 after just 4 days 😂 Only issue is the adverts! I think they do one advert every 2 games/levels. Too top tho, play on aeroplane mode (literally no adverts and the game still plays fine).Version: V1.6

Fire ball3dI love the game From Sofia.Version: V1.10

Very addictiveI found this game because of my cousin she was like try this game it’s so fun so I downloaded it and since that day I got addicted to it and can’t stop playing it I’m on level 70 what level are you guys on and don’t lie just to be cool💖 but yea I really recommend you to download this game although their is a lot of ads but yea if you lose on one level it gives you a second chance and I think that’s awesome.Version: 1.8

Cool but a lot for nothingIt’s very fun and addictive! But I’m the kinda person who likes there to be prizes. But there’s not or at least not that I know of. There is diamonds 💎 you earn but it’s just a waist because you don’t get anything with the diamonds. Another thing I know people sometimes worry about is ADDS! Not to worry there’s nothing to worry about I mean a few adds here and there but nothing I think you should get annoyed with! Overall I think this is a great game and you might try it out!.Version: V1.6

So awesomeThis app makes the best of the most awesome apps that I’ve ever seen and played you make the best games but the gameplay isn’t that great because it can get laggy and that is so annoying but it is addicting and awesome and fun..Version: V1.6

Best game everIn creamiest your child’s nolige.Version: 1.20.1

To epic gamersYour game sucks, fix it!!.Version: 1.20.1

The best game ever playedSo one day my cousin was playing fire balls 3D and I said what is that game and she was like fire balls 3D so I gave a try to play and I got like 20 levels for her and I downloaded it and I started playing it so here I am writing this review so shout out to voodoo for making these games please make more I love all of them like omg please keep going of making more games like omg thanks again I gave you 5 stars🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😛😛😋😋.Version: 1.9

5 star reviewI think its really fun I love it I would love for you guys to try it but it sometimes gets a little hard.Version: V1.10

Your game is the bestHey my name is Serenity and your game is really fun thank you for making it if you must now I am only 9so can you make some more kids games please because I get really bord and when I play your game it Shows me to not give up.Version: V1.10

Amazing game!I love this game! To those who complain about ads, you need to grow up and face reality, that’s how they make money. Plus, as an app developer myself, I try to minimise the ads as people get annoyed but you have to expect the amount of ads there are because the companies need to make their money back on the time spent making the app..Version: 1.4

ReviewI like this game because when you are mad you can take your anger out and shoot things on the game instead of in real life and it is fun when you win because you get diamonds and you get to move to high levels and you get really excited cause you think you are doing so good but the downfall is that sometimes when you die if you are still angry at another thing and you die you can just get more frustrated:)!!.Version: 1.12

LiAMA oui je peux.Version: 1.32.1

Hoop smash reviewThis game is so fun to play everyday. Because when you lose you are more tempted to continue the level. When you finish the level it gets harder each time. But overall this game is the best!!❤️❤️❤️😁😁👌👌.Version: 1.12

Not as much ads then I thoughtThere is a littler amount of ads on this game then other games do that voodoo published.Version: 1.23

FunFun game.Version: 1.22

👍🏼Downloaded this game to pass time knowing I’d be stuck in hospital for a few hours, it worked, I’m addicted. There are a few things though, I paid for the ‘no ads’ as I can’t stand them, obviously.. but you still have to watch them when you want to revive! boring! ( if you don’t mind not reviving, turn WiFi/data off and all ads will stop) Also, what are the diamonds for exactly? Do they go towards anything....Version: V1.7

Fun but too many adsI recently downloaded this game. It is a very fun and addicting game to play! However, there are a LOT of ads. There is an ad every single time there is a boss level. It’s so annoying, and you see the same ones every time. Usually I do not mind ads, so the fact that I’m complaining about this means there is a significant amount of them. Voodoo please read this!.Version: V1.10

This game is ok I guessI saw the add for this game multiple times and figured, maybe I should download it. When I tried it the first time, it was pretty easy. After a while, it got a lot harder, as most games do. But then adds started popping up again and again. They were showing up just as I was trying to hit the play button. And sometimes when I want to use the power up to break some of the walls, it makes the regular balls come out instead. Then I hit the walls and lose..Version: 1.5.2

Good game but ...When I downloaded this game a few months back it was amazing and everything was fine but now when I click on the app and press play all that shows up is my shooting icon thing and it just jumps and spins about I would like this to be fixed as I love this game and disappointed that it doesn’t work anymore 😭😭💔.Version: 1.16

To much addsThe only thing wrong with this game is they is so much adds so if you could just not put adds in your game and I’m not going to get them games on the adds because I want to play your game.Version: 1.5.2

ADSVery good game but to many Ads. Ads every half a game.Version: 1.20

Amazing 😉 😛I downloaded this game because my friend had it and it was and still is really fun . My opinion personally is that it’s a really good game that everyone should play. It interests me by the way u have to try and not touch the pink or what ever colour it is or u start from the beginning. It’s the only game I play on this phone!!!I wouldn’t be surprised 😱 if everyone starts to play fireballs 3D !!!! It’s satisfying by the way that when u hit the tower paint 🎨 goes on the floor ( like paint 🎨 ball 🎱 . ) U should listen to me, GET the game.Version: V1.10

Amazing awesome and funThis game is amazing so fun to play and kind of satisfying I’m sure anyone will love this game no matter who they are it is also good to help you challenge yourself to see if it’s worth it to risk it for a biscuit fantastic game for me I give it five out of five incredible.Version: 1.9

The best game ever in the worldI love this app it is amazing and l would recommend this one game to anyone and everyone else this will get a 5 star rating if l could choose one app on my iPhone it’s oveesly this app I would download this app I would do it now.Version: 1.9

Good game but if...... (but still good game)This game is very nice and internet free! What I mean by that like that if you have a i pad and you play on a app that causes to run on internet it doesn’t work but I believe this game you can play in the car if you have a i pod I am going somewhere and see if this is internet free but even if you have a no ads to pay for still try please to make this game ad free so you don’t have to pay for no ads and just please make it ad free but this is still a good game.Version: 1.11

??Loving this game!!! However not sure why? But I’ll be in the middle of “shooting” and all of a sudden it’ll take me to an ad!!! Interrupting my game! Very annoying! Other than that love the game! The characters are great and I love the sound effects!.Version: 1.20.1

AwesomeYou should buy this game it’s addicting.Version: 1.24

Great, but some problemsI enjoy this game a lot when there is nothing to do. There are some things I would have done differently: Say if I die at the boss level and I press revive, then it brings you back to the beginning of the level which I find a bit annoying. This app is still great to play on any phone or iPad..Version: 1.13

Update troublesOk so I love this game so much but for some reason with the new update it just isn’t working? I don’t want to delete the app and redownload it incase all that achieves is loosing my progress :/ will this be fixed soon?.Version: 1.16

Easy but good🔛🔝➿🆓🆗😄🤪😜😋After my second attempt at ever playing this game, I almost cleared level 7 with a score of 3860 points and 65 gems. I think this is an awesome but so far simple game, I’m sure it will get more challenging though as I pass the levels. One thing of concern (which is why I only gave it 4 stars) is that there are too many adds. Although you can turn of your wifi and the adds go away, it is quite annying to do, and if you don’t you are blasted with adds every time you get out or otherwise every 5 seconds! Overall it is a very good game. Thanks.Version: V1.7

BrothersThis is my phone but my brothers really love playing but the can’t play it all the time because I need my phone but if they had there own phone they would play on it all day.Version: 1.13

LolThe reason I titled the review lol is because there’s so many things that are just so laughable about this game, I mean, not to mention the fact that if you hit the thingo it will ask you if you want to revive and watch a video or you can start all over again and not watch an ad, yet I still had to watch an ad. But who am I to say that it’s bad? Apart from minor issues it’s a pretty addicting and fun game!.Version: 1.21

The wonderful gameIt’s hard but you can do it you just have to push and hit and it’s all kinds of different colors can shapes like stars circles squares and other stuff. It’s really fun to play there’s a tnt that at helps you and you have to try to Hit it to make it go away. And then you’ll have less stuff to hit. It’s a wonderful team that you can play you just had to try it most people like it it’s called fireballs 3-D.Version: 1.12

GoodThe only reason it is not amazing is because there are adds every two times you die on the game or if you die and then you complete the level you will have adds but sometimes you can skip them straight away or you have to wait..Version: 1.13

Amazing game LOL 😂I recommend you to buy this game if I had to rate this game out of 10 I would do 10/9 because their is always room for improvement however I am addicted to it and have been playing it all night so I got a F for math which I’m normally very good at but it is an amazing game I think you should try it.Version: 1.13

Good but....Hi, I hope you have just a minute to read this review. This game is amazing, it is very addicting and you never get bored of it. On the negative side, there are WAY TOO MANY adverts!!! I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but every time, even in the middle of the game, an advert appears and it’s really annoying. Apart from the adverts, this game is highly recommended by me, hope you all have a lovely day. 👍.Version: 1.26.1

Install it right nowThere is nothing wrong with this game it’s a very interesting and entertaining app. When you shoot the balls it is kind of makes you a little dizzy. This game is not easy or hard and it gives you an opportunity to shoot the ball. I would definitely want to install this game if I were you so install right now and you will love it . Thanks for the creators of this game to make this an awesome app..Version: 1.5.2

Ce jeu est fantastiqueJ’adore ce jeux.Version: 1.20.1

My reviewMaybe I’m not the person to review this because I’ve only had this game for a week but, I still wanted to give some info. Overall this is a really good game! There is just a few things I would fix. First of all, there are diamonds that you get from the levels but, you can’t do anything with them! So there is literally no point in them. Second, the levels can get pretty repetitive and boring, it would be cool if there was more variety in the challenges or even if you could customize things like the ball, shooter etc. Maybe I am wrong and missed some things, this is just my review!.Version: 1.9

PooopI think the game is amazing it has no hacks and it challenges you it will help with going fast in who knows mostly every thing except running 🤘🏻😃😃😃😃💩💩💩💩😘😘😘👙👙👙👉😵.Version: 1.9

EllaHi there I just love this game and it has been great no problems at all and it now is still fun even though its Christmas 🎄 Christmas is so much fun too and it’s still fun even when I play other games but I still like this game.Version: 1.9

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