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Loving this appI am loving this app!! So much fun in this app and great ideas to come with the app.Version: 5.2

My honest OpinionLike many other anonymous apps people give their honest opinion whilst hiding behind a screen , but i love this app bc it helps me find out people’s honest opinion on me and other things. Also i like the background and color options they give you. My favorite is the one with the XXXTENTATION album look to it. Thank you so much for making an app like this! XOXO, L.o.N.d.Y.n🥶💗🆑.Version: 4.3

Missing one featureIt's great but I wish there was a way to reveal who someone was if they were harassing you. I understand it's anonymous but bullies should be held responsible to their actions. Maybe you could have a "bullying?" section where you could apply to reveal someone? The app has been great for me so far..Version: 3.9

I can’t even use itFor some reason logged me out of Snapchat and won’t let me sign in. I restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled, nothing worked..Version: 4.0

AmazingggAmazing!.Version: 7.6

Love itIt’s so far my favorite thing to use for snapchat. i get to know how people feel and i get to play truth or dare or never have i ever and i am getting to know so many people and making more friends very time i use it. HIGHLY recommend.Version: 3.1

#1This app is the best it lets you Choi’s whatever you want and it lets you give it ideas to make it even better with is really hard to do because it is already so great.Version: 3.1

JdjsHaha.Version: 5.2

AwesomeThis is so cool! Sooo much better than yolo!!.Version: 5.2

AightSo I love this app it’s great for entertainment. Although recently what been happening I got a certain # of notifications and then when I get into the app it only shows half that #. For example: I get 6 notifications and only 3 pop up when I get in the app. Plz fix this for me. Don’t wanna have to have hate towards this app.Version: 5.2

SenditThis is Better than YOLO if you don’t know what YOLO is your missing out big time I mean like big time if you don’t know download both apps it’s a lot of fun but if you been around and know what I mean then I think you would agree with me. 😀.Version: 3.1

Love itIt’s literally so much better than YOLO and I love it a lot!!! I haven’t come across any glitches or anything strange and you don’t need to verify your phone number/ email or put in your account log in info. Plus, sendits are so much to make and design, and I really like their little mail system that they have. Sendit is like those really underrated apps that literally everyone that has it, LOVES it. I really recommend it!!! Sendit probably doesn’t even NEED any updates because there’s no bugs or glitches and there’s a huge variety of designs and the fonts are all easy-to-read. It’s a must-have app for ANY Snapchat user!!! Lastly, my friends have no problem with sending messages. None of them came across any sort of glitches either, so ditch Yolo and GET THIS APP!! ❤️.Version: 6.4

Good app but...My friends are sending me msgs but they r not snowing up ?.Version: 6.3

AhhIt’s awesome.Version: 5.2

Love it but change the ageI’ve used this app for a while and I love it! But they’ve recently changed the age from 14+ to 17+. Could you change it back so it isn’t restricted on my phone anymore? Thanks!.Version: 5.1

ReviewThis app is amazing it helped me to get me a girlfriend.Version: 5.9

Good but there is one problemThis app is really good but recently I can’t send messages to people because when I tap the sendit button no mater how far away I am to the make your own button it still takes me to the App Store this only is happening to me I think it’s because of the size of the screen because I have an iPhone 7 but on my friends phone it works for me. This has been going on for over a week please fix this it used to work normally.Version: 5.8

Yes!!!!I love this app it’s so amazing! I love how you can add different background and you can get badges!💗.Version: 7.8

Some bugs?I’ve always used this app for anonymous messages! it’s my favorite! but lately i get 3 notifications for one message. and it’ll say i haven’t replied to it but i’ve already posted it. and one more thing it that not all messages are going through, i know because i had my friend send a message and i never got it. other than those few problems the app is great! i love how you can change the background, and the font! all i ask is maybe try to fix these little things, thank you!.Version: 5.2

One of the games isn’t working for meThe game who do you ship me with? Isn’t working for me whenever I try to use it it always says oh no something went wrong try again later how do I fix it?.Version: 14.9

Sendit appI wanna download sendit but everytime i open the app store and search up “sendit” it comes up but instead of it saying “install” it says “open” but the app isn’t on my homescreen. and so i tried deleting the app from settings so i can try downloading it again so it can say install instead of open but it doesn’t even show on settings! it doesn’t show that i have this app installed on my phone. please try fixing it asap it’s been like this for weeks now ;( thanks.Version: 6.3

SenditThis is literally the best app I’ve used that’s linked to Snapchat it’s amazing and I like the effects of it it’s amazing and pretty simple to use the other ones are so complicated this is soo easy and flexible and amazing 🙏💙.Version: 6.3

It’s okI mean it takes FOR EVER to download but it’s pretty cool I guess but it would be the first ever app I’ll recommend.Version: 4.3

YoyoLove it.Version: 5.2

Great appThis is a five because it’s not like yolo when u have to have the app to say stuff but this is a great app and I don’t see why u guys shouldn’t download it.Version: 5.1

Great appMy fav.Version: 7.8

Amazing appI love this you can send your friends what they think of you when you do something or say something I think this can make people see how your actions are and when you ask questions.Version: 5.3

MehI got the latest update and i tried to do the new poll thing and used the “what was your first impression of me” but i cant click on the notification thing because then the app crashes, fix that please, my app worked and didnt crash until i got the latest update for it..Version: 3.6

Seems good!Just got it and it seems too work pretty well. Bravo! 👏.Version: 3.5

CHANGE AGE RATING PLEASEEOtherwise AWESOME APP. change it back to 12+ i can’t use it when it’s 17+ because of restrictions. it was the only anonymous one that i could use, and that’s why it’s way better than yolo. i’m 16 pls.Version: 6.4

Great app for snap!¡This is a great I Anonymous messaging app for snap best one I’ve found yet! And I personally love the option that I can chose what I want to ask unlike others I’ve got🙃🙂.Version: 3.1

EpicThis app is great! 🙂.Version: 7.8

AmazingIt’s kind of like yolo but even better because you can take polls but also send Anonymous question.Version: 3.5

So COOLIt’s so cool bc you can do anything.Version: 4.9

HiyaLove it.Version: 3.5

Great App!!I was using other anonymous messaging apps for a while on snap, but this is by far the best out of all of them. It has creative prompts, fun backgrounds, and a nice variety of fonts. Plus, the creator is really all about making it the most enjoyable experience possible. It seems that they’re always open to feedback and ideas for prompts and backgrounds. I can honestly say that it’s a great app!!.Version: 5.9

DisappointedSendit randomly stopped working on my phone. Whenever I press “play” to view a responce, it will not open the prompt, leaving me unknowing of what was said. Wish you guys could fix this. If you did fix it, it would be a 5 star..Version: 7.0

ReviewSendit is a very amazing app that lets you have fun and explore different things with people and they don’t have to show their name if they aren’t comfortable with it.Version: 3.2

IssuesI love this app it’s my favorite Buh when I tried opening it today to use it on snap it wouldn’t work it kept saying try again later.Version: 5.2

New IdeaIt is very fun to receive and answer sendits, but it is very annoying for others seeing the posts. If there was a new feature that allowed someone to anonymously message you, and you could answer to just them, then this would solve this problem. I very much enjoyed using this app, so thank you..Version: 5.2

ReviewMines not letting me open the messages, anyone know why.Version: 3.1

WowzersGreat app for your friends to secretly tell you hat they hate you and for people to ask if you’re gay!.Version: 3.5

Overall great!I really like the app. It’s fun to get peoples opinions! I wish I could make the prompts longer to get my full story in. Overall however I would recommend it!.Version: 3.1

AmazingThis app is like u don’t know who sent u a text through this app it’s so amazing like lord would I give it 10 stars if I could.Version: 4.0

WHAT A GREAT APP‼️‼️This app is great I get to answer questions and sometimes I know who they are and I love the color and how it comes with questions ready for you to have.Version: 3.5

Good AppYou should definitely try this... I 100% respect that there is a Jahseh/XXXTENTACION background for questions/the app it self. #LLJ . But this is a great app to use for polls, rates, and just random questions/statements you want answers to ..Version: 3.6

BorderI’m kinda just doing this for the border but if you want genuine feedback I’d rate this a 3.5 ish cause it’s good and all but sometimes I get notifications saying I’ve gotten message and it doesn’t appear in my inbox so idk if I’m getting messages and it’s not loading in or something or if it’s just random notifications saying I’ve gotten a message but really it’s nothing..Version: 3.1

Pretty goodWay better than yolo. All of the messages send through, there are more decoration options and better bug fixes.Version: 5.1

GoodGood app.Version: 4.9

GoodGood.Version: 4.9

WoahSksksk *dies inside*.Version: 4.9

SenditSo i cant use this app anymore because it says i have my restrictions on? And that i cant use the app until i turn them off for the app and i dont know how to turn them off!:(.Version: 5.2

SenditReally good besides hate🖤.Version: 5.2

HiSo good lots of fun.Version: 7.8

BadDon’t buy premium gives you useless hints.Version: 14.9

Great! but...Hi! I actually started using this app because other related apps weren’t working. or were running slow. but what I really feel like should be done is a ban on bullying. nothing negative has ever happened to me using this app, but I’ve been seeing friends or friends of friends get hated on for stupid reasons. sometimes, for NO reason at all. I really like how Sendit allows you to block a user. but I feel like the app should automatically detect negative words, & block the user immediately. you guys should also not even let the negative texts come through to the user — just auto-block them for the user, & then not even let the user see the message..Version: 6.4

NiceEw.Version: 4.9

I don’t recommendIt won’t open.Version: 3.1

Good so far….Only just got and so good so far :).Version: 14.8.1

Very goodIt’s very good.Version: 7.8

AmazingThis is a really enjoyable app.Version: 3.1

ReviewSo I think this is awesome because u never know if ur crush is talking to u or if ur bsf/s are surprising you for your birthday or any special occasion and someone could ask you to prom over all it’s cool and I really like it a lot.Version: 3.1

Getting on my nerves👏🏽Okayyyyy so I’m trying to log back in and it won’t let me I’ve uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and nothing’s working 😒☹️.Version: 4.0

☀︎This app is quite fun to use actually, having people anonymously answer you questions or vote. Then you get to try and guess who wrote it, or just leave it and be happy with what they wrote! Issa good app..Version: 5.2

HiI love itt.Version: 5.1

Yes.Honestly, this app is amazing. It has literally everything and it definitely beats Yolo, Lipsi, LMK, and all those other anonymous apps out there. This app is up to date with everything trending and I love that. When I saw the Peppa easter egg, I was like "You know what? FIVE STARS!" ❤️.Version: 4.3

RateAmazing.Version: 7.5

MoveItTo frequently when I want to check the inbox, the app leaves me stuck on a page with button labeled “let’s go” at the bottom. When I click the button, it sends me to snapchat, and back to the same page with the same button. It would be nice if the developers can fix this..Version: 3.1

FunQuite fun.Version: 7.8

SenditI think it works just fine I really like the idea of asking people things when you bored or you have nothing else to do you can just use this app it’s very easy and simple and fun to play around with.Version: 3.5

Fun app!It’s a very fun app if you want to find out something but you don’t have to ask the person directly. Or if you want to admit something you can admit it and nobody will ever know who it was!.Version: 4.9

BitmojiIt’s a great app!! I really do love it. But I won’t let me update my bitmoji to what it currently looks like. I’ve tried logging out and then back it and it kinda worked? But when I post my sendit’s on my story it goes right back to my old bitmoji. If it’s not to much trouble please could you possibly add an ‘update bitmoji’ option? Thanks so much 💖.Version: 6.4

Umm...Why is this 17+? it doesn’t seem that bad at all,and i’ve had this app for a while... other than that,a good app. i do recommend if you’re bored and don’t know what to put on your story..Version: 8.6

It is wonderful!One of the best anonymous sites out there! I love it, and obviously many other people do too since I see people on my snapchat using it everyday. I love it and I couldn’t say or ask for anything different. <3.Version: 3.4

Watch out!!!At first I thought it was a great app to find out honest messages from your friends but then I found a problem with the app. The problem was my one of my friends from Snapchat sent something rude so I blocked the person. But I went into my settings on Snapchat to find that I hadn’t blocked anyone. I don’t know if someone hacked the app but it seemed really weird. I recommend this app but be careful and don’t say I didn’t warn you.Version: 3.9

DopeIt works nice.Version: 7.5

This is awesomeThis has been great. I like this one more then other ones I’ve tried. Just being able to change everything has been awesome.Version: 4.3

I love the new update 😭💔I love how they made a sticker for x 😖 and let you change the icon to him and when you push the sticker of him you hear revenge by him on it 😭💔🕊.Version: 3.6

Best appLove it.Version: 7.8

NotificationsI think there is a problem with the notifications. I’ll get more notifications than the messages shown in the app. Say for example someone sends 4 messages and I get the 4 notifications but when I open the app I only see one message..Version: 5.0

WowAmazing.Version: 4.2

Won’t openMines won’t open the messages any help ?.Version: 3.1

Sendit!I love this app probably more than yolo. There is much customization than other apps. You can do truth or dares, trivia, asking questions and more. I really enjoy this app so I’d recommend you get it! :).Version: 7.5

BobbyGood app.Version: 7.8

Great appJust like lipsi and yolo, but even better. You can customize your text, font, color, and border. Getting anonymous messages really shows how people perceive you & it’s good to have that in your mind all day. Anyway i’d recommend this app (and no i’m not a bot lmaoo).Version: 3.1

My favoriteThis is the best anonymous app ever!!! It allows you to ask questions and interact with people. Unlike lispi and yolo you can ask questions and people will respond with out being scared..Version: 3.1

GoodI like how you can keep them running for weeks on end, as with yolos after 24 hours you can’t get any.Version: 6.3

Great App! Just one QuestionI love this app a lot! But when someone sends 1 message, I get 2 notifications, I’m okay with it but I’m just wondering if this is going to be fixed soon. But again, GREAT APP!.Version: 5.0

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