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Updated: Finally a long-standing app issue appears fixedWorking pretty well now. No major app problems to speak of. Also I have not encountered any dispensers that can’t find my account number from an NFC tap as of late. This used to be a problem. Background: I noticed that a long-standing issue where my settings and favorites were deleted whenever the app was fully closed, or after a short period of inactivity was fixed. Going to watch but this was a major point of annoyance and it is good to see they finally addressed it. Update: Nearly a week of use and the app is indeed fixed. Favorites are saved and are persistent when the app is stopped or is pushed out of memory..Version: 5.16.0

You may be able to use this as a CanadianFor the zip code use this format: “###00” where the numbers are the numbers in your postal code..Version: 6.15.4

Easy and fastHad trouble charging and with the app the first few times but after some good advice from support I realized some tricks and haven’t had an issue since. If I plugged in first (which is what the kiosks tell you to do)the app would show that the station was unavailable that I was plugged into and I couldn’t charge unless went back and forth with imitating charging and u plugged etc. I kept getting errors and charging would stop. Support asked me to try intimating on the app first, then plug in and for me it’s the only way charging works for me. Now charging is a breeze and I have not had an issue since. I can get to 80% in about 20 minutes now..Version: 6.14.6

Easy to use!Not only is this app easy to use, but I live in King County in Washington State and these @&)#% charging stations are EVERYWHERE even when you venture out of the county in any direction. They charge fast, this app helps you find them notifies you of charging updates. One thing I’m not sure of is if the charging stations are keeping track of our license plates because the other day I pulled up to one and it told me that my session would be free and sure enough the session fee was zero after charging for 45 minutes!.Version: 6.14.1

I have had zero issuesWow…a lot of these reviews are harsh. But since I know you read every review I just wanted you to know that some people such as myself have never had a single issue with the app itself. The network itself has some flaws here and there but the app has always worked flawlessly for me and I thank the devs for that. I.Version: 5.17.5

Tested with multiple vehiclesI’m a car journalist and use EA on a daily with EV vehicles and many will run into issues I’m writing this to let future users know that chargers aren’t the issue it comes down to the manufacture. I’ve driven the Kona EV with every charge didn’t run into any issues but well testing the EV6 I ran into many issues that I couldn’t charge. The Mach-E had some issues months ago but on the latest updates they vehicle didn’t run into any issues. Each vehicle will be a unique experience. The EA team has been helpful in the past when giving feedback on vehicles..Version: 6.13.2

ChargingI have a Kia niro ev and I have been to these chargers every now and then during the month a few times and love how fast they r and not to bad in price but could be a little cheaper but when traveling I think it’s great they r about 100 miles or so in between each other on the highways so there won’t be a reason to run out of electric on your battery thank god for these I hope they get more with more and more people getting electric cars.Version: 6.14.6

Just says Loading and doesn’t show stationsI don’t have a compatible vehicle but wanted to use this app to see where the charging stations are in my area, to see if they might work for me in the future. I launch the app, skip sign on, and am staring at a map with no charging stations and a Loading indicator that lasts for minutes. Sometimes a few stations appear eventually, but if I pan or zoom the map they disappear again. I have really solid internet so that’s not the problem..Version: 6.13.1

Simply Your EV Charging ExperienceWe drive a Hyundai Kona Electric. We have recently started using our EV for long road-trips. Electrify America has easily become the most reliable and well-spaced/placed high powered (150kw+) charging stations for us. We quickly learned by experience that you should get the Electrify America app and set up an account (no charge) to make paying easy as the card readers are very finicky/unreliable. Once you plug-in simply swipe the selected station number within the app to pay and start your session. Just get the app, save yourself the frustration and make charging a breeze..Version: 6.14.6

Great customer serviceI just bought a VW Id.4 and I have used Electrify America twice. First time worked perfectly with no problems. Charged from 20% to 80% in about 25 minutes. The second time I parked on the wrong side, read the wrong pump number and then I couldn’t remove the plug from my car. I thought something was broken and called customer service. The woman on the phone politely worked me through all my mistakes and guided me through how to correctly charge it. Great customer service. Super quick. Free for VW owners for three years! I haven’t paid for any charges yet!.Version: 5.19.2

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