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Reports: Followers Tracker app received 104 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about reports: followers tracker?

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Doesn’t work anymoreDownloaded this app, worked amazing 10/10 and some time later it didn’t work anymore and it still doesn’t. When will then update be?.Version: 3.1

🥰It’s perfect ! Thx.Version: 3.1

UsefulI can see my progress - daily, weekly, monthly and even annually. This app is great for anyone serious about growing their Instagram's account to have only good follow.Version: 3.1

Pretty good appA very useful app. I can't be bothered with people who follow simply to get a follow back. I only follow back if their page looks interesting, and it is disappointing to see so many of them unfollowing again almost immediately..Version: 3.1

Is it good?It has helped me unfollow the people on Instagram that don’t follow me back. Very helpful.Version: 3.1

Excellent appJust downloaded the app, and easy interface, easy to use, and free! Of course Premium, offers more but just for the basics, it provides what I wanted to know! Finally a great app and not sketchy. Thank you so much! Just wanted to know who did not follow back. I have no space on my phone so definitely going to reinstall once I can. Again finally! A great simple app, thank you!!!!.Version: 2.1

Works quickIt looks very professional the way I see it, works perfectly fine. I have the free version so I don't know if the profile interactors section is accurate, but the recent unfollowers one is 100% reliable. I really recommend this app!.Version: 3.1

Best report apps for instagramI usually don’t write reviews but I really liked the app. It works just perfect I haven’t had any trouble with it. Thank you, you are doing it right..Version: 2.1

Great workBeautiful UX. Great design, simple to use, many features. I love analytics. Thank you for this..Version: 3.1

GoodGood app!.Version: 3.1

Amazing app does what is writtenI only use the free version but really that all I wanted it for. I just want to know the people that recently unfollowed me and the accounts that don't follow me back and it works absolutely perfect for that. I have never been blocked on Instagram because I don't do anything through the app I look at the app and then go onto Instagram to perform the action o want. It's the perfect app for me!.Version: 3.1

Great appA very good application. You can see who stopped following you, who doesn't follow you back and watching people who have stalked your profile. Meets my expectations..Version: 3.1

So far seems very good!Perfect it's good and amazing telling us how aren't following back is helpful.Version: 3.1

Best Thing is that there is no AdsThis app is soo easy to use and understand , better than the other apps i tried that keep bugging me with ads every second.Version: 3.1

Interactors vs secret admirersThis app is over all really great and works really well tho I do have a question. I understand what a secret admirer is and understand what and interactor is but how much does it take to count as an interactor. For example would I count as in interactor if I viewed someone’s story or what I have to do more than that to make show up. Like if an interactor is someone who views your story and likes a picture and stuff would it take one of the two to count as an interactor or would someone have to do both to make it count. Hope my question makes sense cuz I confused myself typing 😂 great app tho 👍.Version: 3.1

?% I recommend!I usually don’t write reviews but I really liked the app. It works just perfect I haven’t had any trouble with it. Thank you, you are doing it right..Version: 3.1

Works greatAllow you to see who’s blocked, unfollowed, unliked, and other things on IG, It definitely helps with issues of follow or unfollow.Version: 3.1

The best app to see you statistics!!This app is the one to have for unfollowers and everything else you want to know about your account. I really like that I can see my unfollowers and unfollow them back! That really helps me to clear up my Instagram account. I use the app every day so I don't miss out on anything important. I also have a premium subscription that gives access to a very cool feature: viewing profile visitors. The data seems to me like the truth. Don't be afraid to buy the premium as it is really worth it !! I also liked the interface of the application. It is very easy to use and looks cute. Special thanks to user support. They answer quickly and explain everything in detail. LOVE IT! Now I have no questions left)) Really good, informative and surprising to find out the facts about the profile! THANK YOU very much for such a useful tool in insta life!! I highly recommend IT!!.Version: 3.1

It's a good app.After the first time it does not have the possibility to automatically unfollow non followers, but I did it manually and it was very fast. It identified all non followers correctly. It is an ok app and it is free..Version: 3.1

Finally! A safe, useful app!Just downloaded the app, and easy interface, easy to use, and free! Of course Premium, offers more but just for the basics, it provides what I wanted to know! Finally a great app and not sketchy. Thank you so much! Just wanted to know who did not follow back. I have no space on my phone so definitely going to reinstall once I can. Again finally! A great simple app, thank you!!!!.Version: 1.10

It's wonderful appIt's a great tracker app, works well fast & efficient, I can see whos unfollwed me and keeps me up to date, i can also see people who aren't following me and I can also see my followers and clear up my list which is a great feature. 5*.Version: 3.1

ElviraОчень крутое приложение! Спасибо разработчикам.Version: 3.1

GoodReally its a ossm and very very useful app as if it helps to find the unfollowrs flow chart really its and amazing app dowland and enjoy ittt.Version: 3.1

Recommend!I have the free version and I love. I really enjoy that I feel secure on this app & they’re not stealing my passwords or whatever. I rlly wish some of the premium stuff was available for free, like seeing who blocked you, but otherwise, this app is great!! Looks a bit sketchy but among the best..Version: 3.1

Does exactly what it saysGreat app, it does what it says with a slick user interface too. Not often that I download an app like this that works so well so easily. Plain and simple..Version: 2.1

Works well !This app is really helpful to keep an update of your profile. You get to know about the followers and unfollowers on a regular basis which helps you manage your profile accordingly and therefore is always interesting. I really want to thank this app.Version: 3.1

Not bad actuallyI took the time to come back and write a review. Solid design and use of the app. I enjoy the way you refresh every time and it has most of what you are looking for on these apps. Cheers.Version: 3.1

I hope...As of right now, I am giving this app 5 stars. So you guys better not share my password or do anything stupid like that. I'm liking this app so far though..Version: 3.1

Pretty coolI absolutely love this app! Gives you immediate updates on who unfollowed you or who followed you, can also check the statistics on your profile 10/10 would recommend!.Version: 3.1

Good for meThis is a pretty good app to use that helps you unfollow the ghost accounts. The interface is nice to look at. It seems to stay updated pretty well, not really a problem there. I haven't gotten random adds on my phone itself.( getting adds when the app is closed and not in use ) Which is really good. Over all I still use it. I'd recommend using it if you just want to know who followed you for a week then left..Version: 3.1

This app helps me so much thxGreat free app to easily see who you follow but doesn't follow you, and how many followers you've gained or lost, and who they are, plus more functionality with premium. What's not to like?!.Version: 3.1

It’s convenient to useSimple to navigate Look at your viewers from your profile. Install the app. And look again. No more profiles are the same in the list..Version: 3.1

Cool appBest option for unfollowing . This app is awesome. Amazing try it out and knock out those who don't follow you on Instagram.Version: 3.1

Unfollowing PeopleCan you make it so that we can unfollow people from the actual unfollow app instead of directing us to Instagram just to unfollow that person? that would be much better and easier. this is a good app that’s the only issue I have with this..Version: 1.10

GoodGood.Version: 3.1

Amazing!Good app👍🏾.Version: 3.1

QuickT gives you an instant report about your new followers and who liked your posts most, etc..Version: 3.1

Overall satisfiedI downloaded it a month ago and didn’t know the IG rules of daily limit of 200 interactions. So I’ve unfollowed them through this app. Then I got blocked for 24 hours saying suspicious activity and using a third party. After that I deleted the app but downloaded again recently. Now I unfollow them manually from IG ( carefully not more then 200 accounts daily) and I make a screenshot of my unfollowers so I don’t need to analyze it more then once a day and I don’t get confused who’s unfollowed me for over one day.Version: 3.1

😂😂😂Nice program.Version: 3.1

Alexandra LeeGreat app. Very easy to use. Cool interface and many good options. Of course premium account have a more options and better but ordinary also can help.Version: 2.1

JohnGrow your instagram with this definitely! After using this app for a week I was able to pull in an additional 1k using their recommended posts and hashtags and others!.Version: 3.1

Works great!I’ve tried a few of these apps. This one works great and doesn’t take nearly as long as some others. Very pleased!.Version: 3.1

So far i like it but..So far i like this app BUT it gave me a restriction on my analytics? it said i have used the limit? i only used it like three times, that’s honestly ridiculous considering i BOUGHT the package, you’d think they would have everything available at how many times you refresh, so dumb. fix it..Version: 3.1

Great appGreat app, but confused as to what the engagement panel tells you?.Version: 3.1

Secret AdmirersHi what does that one actually really mean? Are those the people who don’t follow you but on your page everyday? Or just frequently. When I check my app the number of people never goes away it says the same people everyday. What is actually the secret admirers?.Version: 3.1

Love itThis a good app so far. You can see who unfollowed your account on Instagram. Works well so far for its intended purpose..Version: 3.1

Amazing appIt's quite fabulous to use this app thank you, hope you could inovate more of this type of apps. It might be helpful to us. To let us know all the dreadful people out there, who thinks their somebody. Dosen't knows how to follow back or simply like photos. I guess social media is about fame. But to me is about being friendly to one and another, as we are gonna use the app day by day. And i don't see a point of following and unfollowing back..Version: 3.1

Helpful appSuch a great app! Allows me to see everything that has place on my Instagram profile. Easy in use, very simple yet effective!.Version: 3.1

ReportsThis app is very helpful especially the owners of the app. They try their best to give you all the information you and they’re service is very helpful. This app shows me everything I want. Huge thanks for the team!!!!!!!.Version: 3.1

The best follower manager app for Instagram!I think its very applicable because through this app we can get to know whoever follows you just to get followed back and soon after they get that they are going to unfollow you back....this is how people Play just to get high number of followers...its helping me to know them by their names n to unfollow back them too... that's the main purpose that i am using this app. Like it.Version: 3.1

You do not need any other app!!!Been using it for a bit no bugs from advertisements and it is so straight forward to use! By the time ads run on other apps you could unfollow double the amount of people! Please don’t add adverts to this app, I am considering paying it is that good!.Version: 3.1

GoodGood app. If you want to see your friends in instagram, it’s most important to install..Version: 1.6

In my heartThere are people on instagram who follow you then unfollow you after following them back. It's crazy why they have to do that. But this app is a big help if you'd like to find that out..Version: 3.1

RecommendAccurate and fast information about the IG account, a reliable app. Excellent... this was my first review now causes a lot of problems with IG..Version: 3.1

Very handyI just started using the application, I hope my account will not be stolen, but seriously it is an application that I can recommend to everyone..Version: 3.1

It works— finallyActually after a long wait it finally works — sleek and without Instagram issues so far..Version: 3.1

True informationThis app is very use full for Instagram user because if someone unfollow you then we can direct see who unfollow. And it also shows who block us .and many more things .I love this app.Version: 3.1

Very nice and usefulI think its very applicable because through this app we can get to know whoever follows you just to get followed back and soon after they get that they are going to unfollow you back....this is how people Play just to get high number of followers...its helping me to know them by their names n to unfollow back them too... that's the main purpose that i am using this app.Version: 3.1

😇Good !.Version: 3.1

Such a magic!Great app, I use it daily to unfollow anybody that stops following me. I have been using this app for over a year. And, I haven't had any problems..Version: 3.1

One oа the bestGreat app, does exactly what it says. Great for finding out who's deleted you, or who you don't follow back etc..Version: 3.1

Difference between interactors and admirers?Great app, but a bit confused on the difference between profile interactors and secret admirers in premium options. Would be nice if there was just small descriptions for each option— even though the majority of the analytics are self explanatory. 😅.Version: 3.1

Safe way to unfollowBasically it just takes you to your Instagram so you can unfollow. I love that. I just wish there was some sort of counter though, so you know the unfollow limit Instagram has..Version: 2.1

Everything at your fingertipsWooow this app is awesome contains no unneccessary ads keep up your standards im really imoressed in 3 minutes i was done.Version: 3.1

Absolutely usefulOkay so at very 1st when I installed this app . I was so disappointed and uninstalled it right then but after some time I realised that it is atleast good than others hehehe. Now its been a year and I am using it. Thankyou for this app..Version: 3.1

Love itThe app is good itself. I just wanted to keep track of those who unfollowed and blocked me because a ton of people would follow then unfollow or worse they can block.Version: 3.1

YetHelped me understand my stats really well, and helped me to track new followers!!.Version: 3.1

Great Add-On for Instagram.This App has changed a lot of stuff about my instagram, but in a good way. I am able to see when people unfollow me, and if people aren’t following me back, to unfollow them in order to keep my following count down. This app also doesn’t bombard you with advertisements like some other ones do, and it runs incredibly smooth and i recommend this app to anyone who wants a deeper inside look of their instagram!.Version: 3.1

Good for meThis app is really great because it let's you know who unfollows you and those who don't follow you back. I've been using this app a pretty long time. A really recommended app!!.Version: 3.1

YeaSuper good!).Version: 3.1

Easy to navigate!! thank you!!This app is sooooo great! This app don't need to pay monthly like other app like this for unfollowers tracker. This app is always that I looking for!.Version: 3.1

App not workingI was having trouble starting my analysis, but I contacted customer support and they got back to me right away with different solutions and now it’s working again. I would give this app 5 starts and it’s excellent work!.Version: 3.1

Superb! Very helpfullSo far, so good. Excellent for keeping track of followers, and then when they unfollow you the moment you follow back After unfollow, I block them. Forever. NO ads. 5 Stars!.Version: 3.1

So far, so goodGreat functionality! I like being able to sift through the analytics and see which accounts may be using the 'follow for follow' method then dropping you from their list etc.. easy interface and definitely worth it.Version: 3.1

QuestionI love this app and paid for the extra features but I’m not sure what profile Interactors mean? I get a new profile interactive quite often and I don’t understand the meaning.Version: 3.1

Love itMakes it easy to unfollow those who don’t follow you, cheers..Version: 3.1

I enjoy the appI think this app is pretty cool, I signed up because I wanted to know who visits my page 😭💀 but then only down fall is knowing when these people viewed your page and how many times they did . I think that should be put into it so I can know but the app is pretty cool other than that.Version: 3.1

FineI think this app is good so far. I can manage my Instagram very well, and I really enjoyed using this app. Thank you in advance😃.Version: 3.1

👍🏻Good things happen with this app if you have an instagram, good app and great new features! There are lots of stats that you will get from them, and what's more, lots of them are for free. Reallyyyyy recommend!!!.Version: 3.1

BestThis is my favorite game!!!!super!.Version: 3.1

Insta trackerThis is such a good rather best app to check how are following you and who are not following you but you do follow them by knowing that thay follow you personally I will recommend you people to download this app to be notified. Hope this helps you people.Version: 3.1

Pretty coolI think this is the best app to see the person who doesn't follow back.Version: 3.1

FINALLY!Thank you!!!!! Of course you have to pay for the app but it’s worth it because it’s not a scam, I’ve been looking for a good one for over a month now and every time I downloaded one it would never work and this one works perfect!.Version: 3.1

FabulousThis app has been working great for for me several months. I've tried a couple other apps, but they had some kinks so I'm staying with this one. There are ads, but they haven't been annoying..Version: 3.1

It's okI'm so happy to discover this app. It allows me to monitor my account and make decisions based on that information. Also, so many free functions! I had several friends asking about it and I did recommend them this app with a confidence that they will find it useful. Most importantly zero adds!!!! My favourite features are : analyse who unfollowed and blocked me..Version: 3.1

VvGood.Version: 3.1

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Great app! clear menu. I will use it! Thanks to the creators!☺️☺️☺️.Version: 3.1

Best unfollow app everI love this app. It didn’t disappoint it’s clear and it’s all I could ask for.Version: 2.1

Best app I’ve found for instragram trackingThis app is FAST and allows you to track every 24 hours. I’ve had no issues with it. Super pleased!.Version: 3.1

Perfect!Just downloaded the app and I must say, it’s good to see there’s still apps out there that do what’s intended. UI is very neat and simple, and subscription service isn’t a necessary thing to use the app. Exactly what I was looking for and feels very safe and welcoming..Version: 2.1

I find it!Happy with the design. I love the graph because it gives a nice visual representation. Don't really care about paid content because it doesn't stop me from using this app to full extent..Version: 3.1

Like a heroI'm using it for my business accounts and I really could see real ghost followers through this application. Quite helpful.Version: 3.1

ДжонThe only app with wich i was completely satisfied...helped me a lot.Version: 1.10

Recommend itVeryyyy nice and excellent ......... Thanks for make this app!! It has no problem that we install the app Beleave me it's a excellent app for instagram users So.. thank you again to app builder.Version: 3.1

This is the best app I had ever seen and its easyA cool app that really analyzes the profile on Instagram and shows who has unsubscribed. There are a lot of cool features for public and commercical accounts. The analysis of a page is very fast and usually takes less than a minute. The interface is easy to use and straightforward, there were no questions. All the most important features on the one screen. The Reports app does not crash, it works stably and without glitches. I have never had a problem. It is possible to see the actions of different profiles on the your page, including those who are not subscribed to your insta. Shows profile visitors (but if you have a private account, this feature is not fully available). Subscription price is acceptable, no ads !! If it is really important for you to know who visits your profile, then feel free to download this application. You will not regret!! Thanks to the developers for the cool and useful app)).Version: 3.1

AdmirersDoes the admirer feature actually work cause I don’t believe some of the people that goes to my profile. By all means they could have viewed my profile but I don’t believe that 18 people went to my profile in 5 days. Hope you can answer my question thank you for your time..Version: 3.1

This app is greatI'm just using the free version and I love it! I'm finding it incredibly useful in cleaning up my IG account and seeing where things are at with my followers. If/when my IG grows, then I'll probably look into upgrading this app. 5 stars I like this app that much! Easy to use and no glitches, so far anyway 😃.Version: 3.1

PerfectBest app ever it really helped me unfollow Instagram followers who wasn’t following me back.Version: 3.1

Finally!!I would definitely give this app a five star, downloaded up to 6 unfollowing apps and they added up trying hack my acc or crash, this is by far the best but the only problem i have is it doesn’t unfollow in the app and it makes it very stressful, i really wish the developers can work on this.Version: 2.1

Excellent appI've been using this App for some time now. It's really good in the sence that I can see new Followers. People who has unfollowed. I haven't experience the other elements of the App yet so I can't comment on them. However I'm really happy with this App & will continue to use it. 100% recommend.Version: 3.1

Great and secure app!I just simply wanted to check who unfollowed me, and this app does the job right! Yes it’s a free app, so its features are limited. But what I really like about it is that IT’S SAFE AND SECURED. You can’t unfollow directly on the app, but I don’t see that as a problem; it’s better that it leads me back to the insta app so I can unfollow there instead. I rlly appreciate the team behind it. Great job guys, especially for the interface as a free app :).Version: 3.0

Estalker?Hello, I love the app very effective indeed. I have a question, can I find out who establishes my profile, that is, who enters to see my publications, information, etc., not who sees my stories or likes, but who enters the profile just to see..Version: 3.1

I have tried all of these appsThis app is by far the best and least glitchy. If the analysis isn’t working you need to wait 24 hours due to instagrams algorithm if you unfollow and follow a lot of people manually and then it will work fine. Super helpful to see who doesn’t follow back so you can remove them if you want. The only thing is that you can’t do it in app it takes you to insta but other than that it’s great..Version: 2.1

PerfectionEverything is great, I just think the addition of [ how many followers you gained per day ] feature should be added in!.Version: 3.1

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