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Intrinsic Value Calculator OE App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Intrinsic Value Calculator OE app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Intrinsic Value Calculator OE? Can you share your negative thoughts about intrinsic value calculator oe?

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Intrinsic Value Calculator OE for Negative User Reviews

Can’t input decimal points in market price??It’s a good and useful app otherwise. But unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t allow you to enter decimal points in most of the fields, including the market price field. That’s pretty absurd. Maybe it’s just my phone??.Version: 5.0

Cannot move or navigateI just bought this thinking it would be easy to move or navigate. It has taken me 100 attempts and I still cannot calculate anything. Cheap and worthless..Version: 7.3

Hard to read charactersJust downloaded the app, is hard to read white text on yellow background, how this be changed to different color?.Version: 7.2

Tough to read!The app is useful, though the white text is really tough to read on the background. I’m colorblind. If there’s a way to change the text, I couldn’t find it. There appear to be no settings to adjust..Version: 7.2

Can’t Read your Own EntryWhat a genius app. Excited to use it but both the text and background of the text box are in black. This makes it impossible to read the entry. I’ll update my star rate once I can use it..Version: 7.3

Intrinsic calculatorIt is too hard to find the necessary information from the company 10-K. Since company 10-K information is arranged differently it is like looking for a needle in haystack to find the correct information to input in the calculator. You must be able to find the needed information from the 10-K for the calculator to be of any use. Very hard and time-consuming..Version: 4.0

Data loadIt is unfortunate that the app does not load the data automatically . User wastes too much time to find the data and load into the app. Also i would suggest to ease data input like 12 b rather than 12,000,000,000 . The current price also would be simple to grab automatically from various available sources. It is a killer app if that suggestions are implemented. Thanks.Version: 7.2

Figures do not show up !!!Purchased the calculator and I cannot see any of the digits, can anyone help. I am using Apple IPad..Version: 7.3

I already bought it onceI have never had a prob with the app but I already paid for it once. I won’t be paying for a subscription to something that I have already bought the right to use. This is very disappointing and in my opinion the previous purchase should be refunded since so can no longer use what I purchased..Version: 9.1

Hard to readThe white text on a yellow background is basically impossible to read. Please update the test to a dark color or black!!!!!.Version: 7.2

Bad calcBad, very difficult to use. You better of using the intrinsic value calc on Buffett’s book website..Version: 5.0

Blacked Out where you fill in the InformationJust bought it and cannot use it. Need to clear up the spaces where you put the information. Unable to read what is being typed in those spots. Other than that the video makes it look good. Please fix it..Version: 7.3

Who color coordinated this app???On the calculator page all the text is barely visible, I’d really appreciate if someone could change either the background or the text color. So it’s legible.... like, good concept of an app, lazily done.Version: 7.2

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