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Cash App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Cash App app received 73 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cash App? Can you share your negative thoughts about cash app?

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Cash App for Negative User Reviews

ScamA total scam. They say they will pay you £10 to refer friends but when you do, Cashapp don’t pay the money. Instead, support just copy and paste responses about how the person you referred needs to follow the steps (inc: not already have had an account, link bank, send first £5) my friend did this but Cashapp still didn’t pay out the referral money. Total scam to get more sign ups. Support won’t tell me why I haven’t been paid this. They just reply like robots and won’t give me a personalised response. EDIT: I’ve had a reply from the developer as you can seems they’ve told me to constant support..Which I have again. And guess what? they’ve just copied and pasted replies like robots and refuse to listen to the fast my friend followed the steps needed to claim the bonus… they literally refuse to listen and give me a human answer 😂 Usless..Version: 3.63.2

Stealing MoneyI’d leave a 1-Star if I could. Y’all really need to get rid of these “temporary holds” on gas pump transactions. What if I only had $40, spent $10 on gas, & was depending on that $30 to get a bit of groceries or medicine or something else that’s crucial to my sustenance? Come to find out that when I paid for gas at the pump, the entire amount that I had on my card was taken off & being held as “pending” until further notice? What happened to just taking $1 first, then taking the rest of the amount later on? Or, consider this, ONLY taking the necessary $10 that was spent to begin with & leaving it on hold until it finalizes? What is the purpose of taking every last cent to my name for a single transaction that’s less than half of what I had in the first place? That’s stealing, in my opinion. Now I don’t have any money to get other things that I needed until I get paid again in 2 weeks, thanks to this steaming pile of crap that you advertise as a useful, efficient app. If you don’t trust that a customer will have the money later, just take the entirety of WHAT THEY SPENT immediately. If I spent $10 in gas, then take the $10 in gas. There’s literally no reason to take the entirety of a customer’s money for a small pending transaction just to keep it on hold for a week. If this issue is not resolved & my money is not returned to my account, I will not be using CashApp anymore & I will make sure that all of my friends stop using it, too..Version: 3.64

Absolutely disappointing customer serviceSo I made a payment to someone on Cash app which happened to be fraud so I reported the user and contacted customer service about it. Even though it was my wrong decision to make a payment to someone who I didn’t know, the two staff who got back to me for the support were absolutely helpless only sending me the exact same text which were probably copy/pasted from their textbook wtv. All I was asking to them was if there was any way to cancel the payment, (which I only wanted to double check if there’s a way) but fair there’s nothing they can do.., but ALSO to ban this user who scammed me since I didn’t want anyone else to be scammed by this user. They did NOT write back anything for banning this user, which is utterly ridiculous and such a disappointment considering how many users they seem to have whilst they did not care for users safety. I would not recommend this app if you consider trust and security to be your priority when sending your money..Version: 3.30

Don’t useAbsolutely ridiculous! They have changed their terms without prior notification. You can now only received £100 per month or send £100 per month. Also now unable to send or receive funds from anyone in the U.S so there is limited purpose to Cashapp! What I find really astonishing is that they have now decide that you can only withdraw £200 of your own money from your account a month! This is appalling, especially as prior notification was not given to allow people to prepare for all these changes! Also please don’t try to get any help from customer services either- you will receive the same redundant response that they can’t provide you with further help. STAY AWAY! I can see cashapp good bust and people literally having trouble getting their money!.Version: 3.99

Never worksSo… you want to create an account… well you can’t, you try by number and emails both give you codes, and both error out and starts from the start… If you do manage to sign up, it’s easy to link cards but impossible to make payments… cashapp always flags up as a scam so is blocked by the bank, if you get past that, it then just says there’s an error with the payment anyways… want to seach someone up who definitely has an account, nope can’t do that, it’s easier google searching and manually changing the weblink to get to their account then the search option in app. It’s a mess and such a bad app….Version: 3.99

JokeMy one star is based on the fact that with this app there are no fail safe for their users. They had an outage or some malfunction going on with the app and instead of making that clear as soon as you open the app like many other apps do so the users are aware of what’s going on. I used the app earlier in the day no issues, person got the money I sent right away. Later that same day I was doing a transaction for goods with an individual, I sent the funds and the person didn’t receive it nor was it taken from my account, I thought maybe I didn’t click something or my Face ID didn’t pickup so I tried a last time and same nothing. We both refreshed our devices multiple times and still nothing. Needless to say I told the person never mind cancelled the deal because it seemed like the app might not be working after multiple tries. Later that very night 3hrs later the funds were disbursed to that person and the product I was trying to pay for I didn’t have and the individual have position of my funds and went ghost on me and I don’t have the goods I was trying to purchase. Like seriously cashapp should have at least notified me to see if I still wanted to issue those funds out after 3hrs later when that’s not how the app is suppose to work. Called support and the generic respond was use it only with friends and family as if friends and family can’t do wrongs. This app is for scammers..Version: 3.63.1

The worst support I’ve ever seen.I used to be able to send money but it asked me to provide identity verification. Fine right? Nope. The verification failed multiple times and then locked me out saying I had too many failed attempts. I cant send money now because it just wont let me. I contacted support and they are utterly useless they keep telling me the same thing to go to security and privacy then “identity and verification” which is NOT AN OPTION VISIBLY THERE ON THE APP. I’ve i’ve tried telling about this but they’ve sent me over 20 and I’m not joking over 20 emails, telling me the same steps over and over which are not possible because the option is not there on the app. i’ve been emailing them back and forth trying to tell them and they are not listening. They are not reading my emails. I’ve contacted the support through the app and which has also been useless. And they keep telling me to submit pictures of my passport, which I already have done on the link that they sent me when the verification through the app failed. not to mention that they tell me that I have to be 16+ to use Cash App but and all other places on the app it says 18+. The number isn’t available to ring in the UK. I’ve tried ringing it it doesn’t work. I never really write reviews about stuff, but the support I received on Cash App was that bad that I had to leave a review..Version: 4.32

Do Not Use !!!At first was very happy with the app so much so tht i set one up for my daughters fundraising for a sporting event aswell so it was kept separate and she could see it increase. my accounts have been suspended for breech of Ts & Cs .. they won’t say what?? .. and i’m unable to withdraw my daughters fundraising. i’ve messaged and emailed multiple times and i get .. “we are unable to provide any more information we will let you know when your account status changes” same default responses with no explanation and no time frame as to when i can withdraw the money. ive filed a complaint with the ombudsman and will keep hounding them until it’s rectified DO NOT USE THIS APP ITS BEYOND HORRENDOUS !.Version: 4.0

Don’t get excited about this App!I really thought CashApp would be easier than Monzo for small amounts & quick transactions. It is, until you have any sort of problem with making or receiving a payment. The customer service team are all robots with stock answers which are not specific to your enquiry. If you complain they will suspend your account for an indefinite period & hold your money while refusing to say how long this will last or answer any questions. Totally autocratic & not user friendly at all. Avoid this app at all costs. They only got one star so I could write the review. CashApp deserves no stars at all..Version: 3.99

Instant Vs FreeWhen I first started using the app, I loved the convenience of it. However, I’ve noticed that nowadays, if I get money sent to me, the amount of time before I can get the money for free - no matter what amount - is days later than it was when I first started using the app. My sister sent me a mere $48 on a Wednesday, and I was given the free option for receiving it on Friday, or in this instance, pay a .78 fee for instant deposit. Even before this particular transaction, there have been other ‘days later’ options for receiving money or I’d have to pay the fee to get the money instantly, and it’s starting to bother me. It just makes no sense. If it was a huge amount, I could understand, but why charge an instant fee for such a small amount? And why not just offer the next business day? I think there should be a required minimum amount of money before charging for instant access, or at least offer the next business day just like other apps do, and not 2 or more days later. Maybe there’s a rhyme or reason as to how you all decide what amount gets charged a fee or not, or how long before money can be deposited, but I can’t figure it out. Before using your app, I had been using Zelle and POP Money, but I thought this was better and switched over. Maybe I made a mistake - I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. I can only imagine the instant fees getting higher and the wait time getting longer over time..Version: 2.32

Don’t use. Not safe.Please do not use this app. There is zero security. And they offer an option to report for scamming etc but decline with no explanation. I hope this app gets shutdown. Shocking service. Terrible, awful service. Edit: responding to the response the dev gave me. Explain to me the purpose of requesting a refund for reason of being scammed? I was given the explanation it isn’t possible to get a refund through cashapp when I did this option. So explain to me the reason for this process to report a transaction as a scam if it is literally useless. This app should be banned. Please no one use this app. It’s awful. Do not link me to articles etc please. I don’t like that as a response. Thanks..Version: 3.68

A literal jokeMoving out of your home country is stressful enough, but add onto that the inability to use YOUR OWN MONEY bc cash app has decided to bar any and all uk/us transactions (maybe more for all i know) is absolutely insane. i’ve had to jump through hoops to be able to just send myself my own money now even though cash app worked completely fine for upwards of 9months. there has to be a literally single called organism working their “support/chat” service bc ohmygod it’s the worst system ever. if i see “i don’t have any more information at this time” again i may actually scream. you have no information on the changes YOU made??? ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ i don’t think sooooooo ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ switched to wise and it’s so much nicer 🫶🫶 cash app can cease to exist and the world would be a better place.Version: 3.98

Don’t download.I hate this app. Honestly just download venmo, it’s much easier. To be honest, I only downloaded it for the $5 reward but that didn’t even work out. My friend and I sent money to each other so they would give me the reward. It had no trouble taking the money out of my checking account (since my cashapp balance was zero, having never used it) and it says that I got the reward. But it says my balance is only $5. This doesn’t add up since I’m -5 in my checking and +5 on the app. It should be +10 if it really rewarded me. I’m trying not to be frustrated over $5 but it’s so difficult to transfer to my bank account, so if anyone wants to give me cash I’ll transfer the $5 to your cashapp so I can delete mine and be done with it. Basically took $5 from my account since I can’t actually use the money on my app unless I want to pay someone through it, which I don’t since almost all my friends use venmo (for good reason). In response to the developer commenting on my review, I did do it through the link that my friend sent and followed ALL of the steps. The app even says in my notifications that both my friend and cashapp supposedly paid me, but one or the other is missing from my bank account. I did not miss a step. The fact that they acknowledged my review but didn’t acknowledge or try to figure out what happened on my account also goes to show that this app clearly doesn’t care about its consumers and would rather just put the blame on them. Deleted..Version: 2.30

Unhelpful customer serviceI was scammed out of £40 and tried contacting cash app support, I’m from the uk firstly they don’t even have a support like here so I paid the premium for a call to the states just to be told there live phone support isn’t “generally available”. I tried going through there given channels to of requesting the funds back but funnily enough the person blocked me so I couldn’t do that either. Absolutely disappointed with the customer service from a business which has the small job of only handling real life money! Would not recommend, if you need something to transfer your money you’re better and safer off using actual cash or even better your own bank..Version: 3.25

Frustrated!!! I just want my money back!!!Initially I would say that the purpose behind this app were on point but now after a couple years of using it, it is really not all that good. The money sending process is good up until you type the wrong name and don’t have an option to retrieve your funds back after noticing your mistake. And let’s not talk about the customer service or the lack there is. To know that I don’t have the option to speak with a over the phone but via email, is ridiculous and even with that there is a 24hr wait in response. I just found out that there are several cash app accounts (2) using my name that are not me and people had been sending me money but I haven’t been getting because of these accounts and customer support said just send a request to the receivers requesting the funds back, and if you have done that and had a good outcome behind it, you are that 1 in a million. I once thought this app was good & deserved 5 stars until my money ended up in the BIG BLACK HOLE/someone else’s hand and now feel that it really is not worthy of a star. I now we’ll be deleting my account (if that’s an option) & using zelle. A better process needs to be designed for this app. The first being giving the users the option to speak with a person over the phone and not just email; The ability for senders to CANCEL transactions when they noticed a mistake has been made; And a better way to retrieve old accounts..Version: 3.4

Customer Service is TrashI needed access to an account I made over 5 years ago due to someone accidentally sending it there instead of my new account. I called, and was told the only way to get support was through email, and the line disconnected right afterwards. I sent three emails before getting a responds over a week. Finally, someone takes my case and over FOUR DAYS, five different people sent me the same email asking to verify my identity, which I did and send screenshots to prove I did every time, and still continued to receive them. It’s been almost two weeks, and I have no access to the account. I finally was able to call on the phone after a week of trying, and the guy on the phone told me he was going to ‘try and transfer the funds from the old account to the new account’ and that ‘it failed’ so I simply have to wait two weeks to have the person send the money to my other account, wouldn’t let me talk to a supervisor, and refused to help me any further. Venmo customer service is nicer and far superior, and well as them being able to give access to your account after you verify your identity doesn’t just fail, and you can have access to the old account if you ask. I’m deleting this app as soon as I get this money and sticking with Venmo, because this is the stupidest thing I have ever had to deal with IN MY LIFE. I pushed a child out of my body, and it was easier than dealing with cash app..Version: 3.62.2

Download At Own Risk Of Loosing Your Money!Once you forget your cash pin and you loose your bank card stored on to cash app, you won’t be able to gain access to your account. I lost my money my friend had sent me on this app. No one was able to help me. If you also change your phone it’s complicated re gaining access. The first time I did use it, it was very quick and easy to withdraw instantly. It’s useful if you want people to send you money discreetly as well. This is why I say download at your own risk as once I forgot login information it’s difficult to contact cash app. The system is robotic and I lost my money lucky it was only £20 and not any large amount, as I would be gutted. They also refused to refund my friend back her money she had sent me. I wouldn’t use this app again! Rather receive money and withdraw through my bank directly. I only signed up so that me and my friend got paid the free signing up bonus payment. Overall disappointed how quick you can get locked out of your account and loose money..Version: 3.92.1

Stick to PayPal insteadI downloaded Cash App as I saw there were no fees to send money to people. However, every transaction I have tried to send and have tried to receive in the last week I have used this app, they have all come back with “Payment Failed” then “more info has been provided” when in fact there is no decent explanation at all whatsoever as to why. I have contacted support and waited over 3 days for a reply and even then they also gave no explanation explaining why. Just some generic response that looks like has been copied and pasted. Save yourself the hassle and stick to PayPal. I’ve deleted this app. A complete waste of space..Version: 3.17

Terrible serviceA friend sent me some money for my birthday and the app refused to let me access the money without verification, even if it was £20. I decided to put in the verification details and then waited for up to 3 days and it still said that the verification was still in progress. Then I wake up today to be told that the payment has expired and that the money has been refunded to my friend. There is no customer support to call, so I have to wait 48 hours for my email to be responded to and with the quality of service so far, I don’t even know if they will. This is literally the worst service I’ve ever gotten on any app and I’m happy I didn’t recommend it to my friends. This app has just been one disappointment to another, nothing good has come from it so far. I have never been this disappointed by an app before. I honestly can’t express how disgusted and angry I am right now..Version: 3.14

Good app, but still some issues.I’ve been using cashapp about as long as I’ve had a debit card. Same debit card used every time. But, after my experience the last night or two, I’ve decided to move onto Zelle or Venmo. I got off work late last night and wanted something to eat, and after having some issues with my card I decided to attempt to add the funds to my cashapp to purchase said food. Well, that kept failing and declining. Now, it’s the next morning, my debit card is fine now but still unable to add cash to my cashapp card. Deleted the card and decided to readd it, only to be told 3 times it was incorrect number even THOUGH i’m staring at my card right next to me as I’m typing the numbers in; nothing is wrong. The app is updated, but now, I’m no longer able to use cashapp to send/receive money because ‘ThErEs SoMeTHiNg WrOnG wItH mY bAnK’ when I know good and well there isn’t. And all they’ve been telling me is to contact my bank, despite my actual debit card is working perfectly fine and able to process transactions. I’ve had other issues with sending money in the past, with despite having money in my account on my card, they never processed or was able to be sent. Whatever is going on with cashapp - it’s NOT with my bank as every other app has been working perfectly fine, and as i said, so is my debit card. Definitely my last time using cashapp..Version: 3.85

No “delete account” buttonI created account to send money to a family member due to having to pay very high fees for regular bank transfer between countries, easy to set up, right? Wrong! After helping family member to set theirs up I couldn’t send anything to them even after account verification as it said “beware account associated with scam”. I’m very disappointed and would like to delete my account, but apparently can’t as there is no option for this. Sent a message to support to have chatbot answer that “they will find someone to deal with my request” I’m still waiting! Could you please remove my account so I can delete this app!.Version: 3.71.1

DO NOT GET!! USE BREAD APP!This is the absolute worst app to use for dealing with funds and crypto currency. The app itself is set up nice and easy to use, but the customer support is so terrible. I would give negative stars if I could!! I have watched my balance of bitcoin fall from a little over a $1,000 to just over $300 because I can’t withdraw it, I can’t sell it, I can’t move it to another app that will actually work. I have been dealing with this for going on 5-6 months now! I have emailed cash support so many times it’s unreal, with 1 response. 1 freaking response to probably about 20 different emails! A guy named Linz said he would look, get it fixed, it was probably a glitch in the system and he would get back with me in 24 hours. This was 2 weeks ago. With no response. I have emailed him back Atleast 5 times now with no response. I have literally watched my balance fall and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. You can find s way better app to trust your money with! This is not the one!! P.S. Developers, I have every email, all the evidence. I would be more than happy to show you. If this is how you want to run a company and how you want your customers get treated. I’m sorry for you. Making millions of dollars while your customers are over here losing money at your gain because your team is not doing there jobs! Like I said, I have all the proof, all the email. I’ve been trying to reach out for so long! I just want my money!!!.Version: 2.53.1

Why do they have customer serviceWhen you call in or when you go onto the app and you send a message to support and you tell them you're not able to buy bitcoin because it tells you unable to purchase it this time or you try to add money and it tells you that it's not able to dang you message them and you tell them and they have no read they don't want they don't have no answers on why you are not able to buy bitcoin or add money to your account they just tell you that there's security parameters sometimes if I see something it doesn't like it doesn't let you purchase you're pulling from your own bank account so there shouldn't be any issues it's your money but yet somebody used my bitcoin or my bank account on their cash app and pulled over $1600 and they did nothing about that I don't know how she got my information nobody helps you with this app that used to be the best app to buy bitcoin to send bitcoin because of the price but ever since 2020 this is become the worst app to deal with they might as well fire fire all the customer support because they don't have no information for you when you messaging because they rely more on the computer to take care of the app then people which is stupid that's the problem holidays people are too lazy they want everything for free what's wrong with society it's build up of a bunch of sheep they don't want to work for nothing they have no opinion they just get in their little bubbles and follow everyone else.Version: 3.69

Auto Cash Out Has Periodic ErrorsWhile I appreciate that this app allows for the transfer of money freely between people, bank accounts, debit cards, etc., it’s very frustrating that every 60-90 days, the auto cash out feature stops working and then I have to go through Plaid to input the user credentials for my linked bank account. Cash app doesn’t ever acknowledge that the system has glitches. I keep advising Support over and over again that a linked bank account should not delink itself and the Support person or bot becomes confused like I am speaking a different language. I have no idea why it is so difficult for creators and technical support for applications and programs to be honest, transparent, and helpful. A Support person will send a user through the same process that the user completed 3-4 months ago and that was successful at that time and then have the user do the same thing again without admitting or advising that there must be an issue. If you’re asking me to do the same thing that I did when I set up my account and I haven’t changed anything, then that means something is wrong. My bank tells me that this isn’t a problem on its end. So, I’m extremely annoyed that the simplest of features have become so unreliable and cumbersome through Cash app. Please fix the Auto Cash Out feature so that the user’s initial settings and linkage to a bank account are preserved!.Version: 3.84

Cashapp changes for the worst for the UK.Cashapp used to be a good app to send money to friends; over the last few years especially helpful if some of your mates are in the US you could send money too and was the perfect alternative to PayPal (which imo is the worst) but they’re turning like PayPal and even worse. They’ve put a £100 spend and receive limit a MONTH. Yes you heard that correctly, you can only send and receive a maximum of £100 per month. You can only cash out £200 per MONTH. I feel sorry for all the people who use it and have a lot of money in their savings that are now being held hostage over such a company that’s fallen from grace. There was no warnings of these changes, no notifications that it was being implemented. You also now can’t send money abroad too. I talked to support and it is the worst support experience I’ve ever experienced from a company. The same copy and pasted lines, the same response the same “I can’t help you with that”, “we can’t provide further info”. Actual disgrace of a company. So I advise people to NOT use this app at ALL, it pains me to say this but PayPal is now a better service than CA..Version: 3.98

DisappointedThe app was working well. No issues with sending and receiving payment but then I was asked to verify during a transaction. Transaction failed so couldn’t receive my money. Tried to verify and messaged customer support but received emails asking me to verify after I’ve tried to verify so many times. I asked what I was doing wrong but staff couldn’t answer even though I was told “I didn’t give all the information for verifying” so if that’s the case…TELL ME WHAT I DID WRONG. I did everything right and tried over 7 or more times. Customer support is appalling. Staff can’t answer basic questions or provide support. It’s like you’re messaging a robot. Please make verification easier. The app has so much potential..Version: 3.72.1

Scammed and didn’t helpSo, someone bought a pair of trainers from me and received an email by someone claiming to be them (cash app) and so I sent out the product and tracking number etc, I then emailed them to say I haven’t received an email back and then later on went into the app and went onto support, sent them a message along with the email I was sent with the money and name of person. Hear nothing about it for 2 days, message them on Instagram and get a response saying that’s NOT them and so this is were I’m at now. DO NOT RECOMMEND as they barley get back to you and I’m going to have to sort this out myself in person with the buyer.Version: 3.67

Crap app not cash appCash app was a good money transfer platform I used to send my family money in usa Now they money amounts have changed and I got a error message when I tried to send them money so I deleted my account , just to rejoin thinking it might fix it. NO I cannot reopen my account it won’t let me open account . So I cannot get back on cash app . Apparently no new users are being accepted so if you have cash app never close your account if you want it because you cannot re join or reopen . So they need to tell people no new users are being accepted. It also does not refer a friend now either. Crap app not cash app.Version: 4.26

DO NOT USE THIS APPThis app used to be great for receiving money. I have money in there and I have just tried to withdraw it and it won’t let me until my “status changes”. So I spoke to someone on chat who seemed more like a robot with their copy and paste responses who was not helpful at all. They could not tell me when my status would change or how long I would have to wait for it to change. How can my status change when the app is specifically used to send or receive money!?!?!? Looks like they have become scammers and are using every excuse in the book not to give me my money. Had I have known this I would have withdrawn the funds immediately. DO NOT USE!!.Version: 4.38

It’s a scam! Please readI’ve been doing research into this app as after I downloaded this my PayPal was hacked as well as dodgy scam links sent via text. I trialled this on my work phone and as soon as I entered the number and downloaded the app there I got the same scam link text of someone pretending they had broken their phone and needed money (no one has my work number as it’s for outbound calls) . After speaking to numerous other people they have too realised they have had scam attempted on their banks, PayPal and social media sites. Everyone needs to delete this app now. I’m hoping to take this a lot further as it’s against the law what they are doing and getting away with..Version: 3.90

Referral money not coming inI downloaded this because one of my friends told me I can get £5 from doing this. Done it with him and it worked, we both got £5. But when I done it with 2 of my other friends even they I sent them the referral link and they used that link to download the app, I still didn’t get the referral bonus even though we both then sent each other £5 so that we can both get £5. Please reply to this to tell me what went wrong because both of them done the required steps to get the money.Version: 3.78

Nonexistent customer serviceThe app is good but it doesn’t make up for the lack of customer service. I was a victim of a phishing attempt that resulted in my account being hacked. I changed my info as they suggest and contacted them. They simply sent me a computer generated message on how to change my pin which I already did. Fast forward a couple weeks and I get notifications of somebody else logging into my cash app. I opened my app and removed my personal bank info in an attempt to protect its security. While I was on the app I literally watched helplessly while the other person sold all the money I had in stocks. They then requested the money from another cash app account and approved it while logged into my account. So I once again contacted cash support. I almost thought I got somewhere when they told me they’d open an investigation and asked for more info. I gave them everything they needed and was told if I had any questions feel free to reach out. I continued to ask questions because I was concerned with the security of my accounts and if my money could be returned. I never heard any response from them from there out. I even attempted to reach out to them again in hopes to maybe get them to “investigate” it all again. I literally got almost the exact same messages all leading up to no response or any real help at all. I’m surprised for being the #1 finance app they have such lack of real customer service..Version: 3.28

Zero stars if possibleHonestly this is more for the customer service than the actual app. I don’t Believe I’ve ever written a review before, but this was impossible to ignore. When I received my cash app card my last name was missing, well most of it, the first two letters were there. I reached out to see how it could be corrected and was first informed it couldn’t be. When I asked how I was supposed to use a card without my name on it they explained that since it was a debit card I had to put money on it to use (apparently assuming I didn’t know how to use it). I replied that since businesses often ask for ID even with debit cards it would useless to which there was no response. A few days later another rep emailed and explained how I could change my name in the app for display on my profile, and finally included details on how to request a corrected card. I responded AND asked if they could confirm my name would fit properly just so I could know if I could include my middle initials on the card. Two days later I got the same email from a NEW rep, with all of the same instructions, and no response to my questions. I replied with the exact same response I had previously, and immediately received a do not reply to this email bounce back. Thé service has been horrible at best. **update in response to their attempt to mute my frustration. I STILL have not gotten a response to my last attempt at contact so I doubt you would actually “love to help.”.Version: 3.8

No more international sendingI hate this new update. I use this app to send money back and forth between me and my partner who lives in America and they have just changed their limits. Now I can only send and receive payments from the UK. I can only cash out £200 a month and I can only send and receive £100 a month. I wanted to close my account but I have already withdrawn £200 this month so now I have to wait an imaginary 30-days from some imaginary day which they won’t specify. Customer service is trash. Just automated responses. I do not recommend this app at all. Will now be looking into PayPal..Version: 3.98

ZERO Stars, this app is the WORSTI downloaded this app from a link my landlady sent me in order to pay my rent to her easily. We were each supposed to get a $5 credit. Nothing about that even shows up anywhere in the app, and I’ve emailed support about it and they didn’t even read the email or address it at all. But it gets worse. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever used this app, and I tried to send a small amount to my daughter. Immediately, I got an email from them saying they refunded it for safety reasons? And after that, got an email saying I made a payment to my daughter. So I email support about it as well as the credit issue, and they email me back this generic response that doesn’t help me with anything. I wait a day, the refund goes back into my account, and I try it again. SAME thing. Immediate refund! But this time, they email me saying my money won’t be back into my account until Monday! (It’s Thursday. If you did the same thing yesterday and refunded it in 24 hours, WHY the f are you holding my money this time for 5 days??? I’ll be DAMNED if I am going to try to send a large amount of money over this piece of crap app, if they can’t even accomplish a small payment one time, from my first time even trying it. EVERY bad review about this app is true. I should’ve never tried it. And developer, don’t you dare comment on this review and tell me to reach out to support! I already did that twice and you did nothing to help me. I’m DONE..Version: 3.5

Can’t send money to husband in US anymoreI’ve been a regular user since November 2021 - used to have no problems, fairly simply to use with a good interface. Money didn’t take long to enter bank account. Now, from out of the left field, they’ve not only imposed a £100 limit, but also stopped international payments? Pray tell, how am I suppose to help pay off my husbands credit card, so we can start the visa process, when I can’t send international payments? It was the only reason we used this app; for anyone national, we would just use our respective banking apps. Now it’ll be removed because I’ve got no use for it - sending international was its only purpose. We’re already testing out Remitly because PayPal fees are too high. Also, please sort out your statements feature. All these websites keep telling me where to find it/how to access, but I can’t find it anywhere and it’s only letting me download an Excel sheet from both the app and desktop version. I need something better than this. Very disappointed and I’m assuming that CashApp are going to lose a lot of customers due to this..Version: 3.99

UnhelpfulI’ve used CashApp for a few years without any issues. I have friends in the us and we used this to send each other money but now they not longer allow payments between the UK and US. When I asked their customer service team as to why and what had changed I received ‘let me explain to you, payments are not accepted between the UK and Us’. Ok but why? No explanation as to why this had changed just a fact that was stated. I asked why multiple times to receive the same copy & paste message over again. I would not recommend this app if you’re trying to send to friends who live in a different county 👎🏼.Version: 4.22

Terrible customer supportI’m not someone who leaves bad reviews on anything, in fact if I ordered a steak and got chicken nuggets I’d just eat the nuggets and get done with, but the customer support for this app is terrible. I haven’t had any experience with actually using it for transferring money and such (I heard that is a smooth process) but if you are planning on contacting customer service, save your time and figure out your problem yourself. Emails are unable to be sent to their support, and I have been trying to get customer service to help me through the app with the simplest of issues for the past 3 DAYS and to no prevail. You would not BELIEVE you are talking to human beings. They asked for my details almost 10 times, take hours to reply, and reply at 1am. It taken me until 4am to FINALLY have somebody understand a very simple issue and they never bothered to get back to me since. It is not almost 13 hours later. It’s worth sticking to Pay Pal, trust me. At least they can sort peoples problems out..Version: 3.76

Birthday Problem(Before I saw anything else, I’m gonna acknowledge that this is mostly my fault. I made a mistake, I just really wish I got actual help) Let’s just say if you accidentally put in the wrong birthday, you might as well just get a new phone. I accidentally switched the numbers on my birthday, they ended up being backwards and I didn’t realize until much much later. Whenever I tried to do anything, it would tell me something went wrong, but it would never tell me what.(which is another thing I find quite annoying) I thought it was my name, or maybe my SNN and it took me forever to realize that I put in the wrong birthday while making my account. I thought I could go to support to get it fixed but nope. They can’t even change it, not even with id or anything like that to prove that it’s you and that you made a mistake. Copy and pasted responses it feels like. Literally all I need to do is change my birthday and I’ll be able to use the app, but since they don’t offer that, I’m stuck with an account that I can’t use, I can’t make anymore accounts cause I’d have to use this phone number, but I can’t close my account cause I have money on it, and I need to identify that it’s me, but since the birthday is wrong I’m pretty sure that won’t work. I’m stuck with an account I can’t use now. I will either have to somehow change my phone number, or get a whole new phone. So yeah, this has been annoying. Sorry.Version: 4.5

UnhappySo when I first encountered Cashapp I thought it was the way of the future. I could transfer funds easily amongst family members and pay bills. I even had my job direct deposit my check into the account. Then my first hiccup. Seems the system shut down for the weekend and funds could not be used even if they were present. I thought let me find out what’s going on with the card. So I searched for a number to reach customer service. Found out there isn’t one. All correspondence is being done through email or text. Okay strange but maybe it was because they are a way of the future. The problem with that future is that text can often be misread or in certain cases the terminology used by email sounds robotic. So I let it pass. Just recently I was out trying to use my card when nothing would go through again. I’m checking app which is showing me there is a balance but nothing moving. Figured it was a glitch like before and I would wait. I check the app again and now it shows a new bank card number and has informed me(again by email) that my account has been closed. I still have a balance in the account but can’t retrieve it because 1 the account has been closed without warning 2 I can’t contact a customer service rep to talk about the situation. Smh. Looked up Sutton bank phone number. Nothing. Square inc phone number. Nothing. Needless to say I’m done. Moving everything over to Chime where at least I can speak to someone. Bypass CashApp and download Chime.Version: 2.43

Hopeless loopHaving purchased a new iPhone, I had to reinstall Cash app, but as soon as the phone number was entered, it said that this number was already associated with an account so the only option I had was to speak to customer support. I have spent all day on the phone to a very nice chap who kept asking for my previous cash app details and my current cash app details. I told this chap that I only had the one account but need to access it with it being a new phone but his system was obviously telling him I needed to enter two account details. Having spent three hours going backwards and forwards and getting nowhere, by his own admission in our last communication, he said that you can only have one account on any phone number, so how the hell could I have set up two accounts? This beggars belief and has wasted so much of my time and sent me crazy so I have installed Paypal..Version: 3.77

No securityI love to have cash app it very convenient for all kind of stuff I been looking for except one thing, and it just happens to me around 2 weeks ago. Someone have been come to my cash app probably because I lost my cash app debit card. I had been report it to Cashapp agents. But all I got is “let me take a look at your account “ “ what is the best email we can’t send information to” or “ours specialist will reach out to you “ that’s all been over 6,7 agencies being said at the same thing but no email had been send. And the theft still out there doing his same old job stealing people money. I mean this Cashapp didn’t have a security or protection for their customers at all. All the answer I got just try to run away from me or something. Remember if y’all love cash app and in the future have some problem just like me please don’t bother to ask for their help. Cause if you do all you got just frustrated and can’t do nothing about it. Sit back relax and wait for those answer just pop up as much as different agent come and leave the same message and disappear just like nothing happen. I never seen any kind of customer service like this before. Yotta even they couldn’t help you return a full amount of your lost but they are deeply try to help you until the problem will be solve and return to you haft of the lost. But this one doesn’t. I really disappointed Cashapp. Thought it will be the best app I ever use. But I was wrong!!!!.Version: 3.65

Lost money, poor service, nice layout, and cool card.Pros: very easy to use, navigate, and the card is super cool. Only thing I miss is the card. Deals upon deals if you sign up to get the card and it was always convenient to get 5$ off bills occasionally lol. Cons: this happened about a year ago but I was trying to pay for something when I thought the person had a business account and they stole my money. Cash app kept saying they don’t do business but yet the button to change an account to business is right there..... so maybe back then they should of educated us more rather than expecting us to know. They refused to work with my bank for the dispute and I lost 50$ and the person is still using the app stealing people’s money. Their customer service is nothing but horrible (at least it was around August so maybe it has changed but my review for some reason won’t show... let’s see if this one does...) they depended off TWITTER for customer care which is the most immature and unprofessional way to handle customer service I have ever seen. They refused to elaborate and help me other than the usual responses of “it sorry-“ no, fix a problem that happened on your platform that wasn’t very well taught to the users. Other than that, I liked the app when I had it and if I could trust them slightly I would definitely give it another shot. just the service given to customers has hopefully improved and until I see that my rating will still remain as is..Version: 3.33.1

Be aware comes with no porotection!!I was scammed by the 3rd party recipient during this transaction. I thought using this app would help protect me but it was wrong of me to assume that. I made the Cashapp team aware of missing goods within 2 hours of transaction. Now without going into to much detail, I have raised a dispute with them and despite them promising to look into this I have had to chase on multiple times and STILL wait for an outcome, forget the outcome Ibhavent even had a response. So beware if you do not know the recipient then DO NOT use this app as there is no protection they are simply a money transferring company. Edit Been contacted to report this, like what do they think I did. Customer service is terrible no contact number only chat windows which felt very much like automated responses. Once they send the money they can’t get it back, but you cannot report a scam until you don’t receive the goods (common sense). At this pint they inform you the third party has taken the money and there is nothing they can do. All they do is transfer cash from one account to the other, they offer NO OTHER PROTECTION FOR YOUR MONEY. Please use other trusted methods as a quick look at reviews confirms there are serious issues with this app..Version: 3.67

Horrible app to useI never usually leave reviews for apps but this one has definitely made an exception. Point. Blank. Period. This app is horrible in ever way. I would give it a corner of a star if I could. In every comment it’s the same and it’s true the customer service is horrible, money goes missing, they don’t answer you when you email them back or anything. When I first started using it everything was fine my first problem was when someone sent me $40 and it never came through my acct at all it showed in my transactions in the other persons transactions but never hit my back acct so I removed my bank card and stopped using the app. Then when I downloaded it and used it again I was literally going to place like the gas station and McDonalds then all of a sudden nothing is going through. Money can’t be sent received nothing and when I contact them they basically accuse me of fraud and say they shut down my acct won’t give me a reason why and won’t let me get my funds I had left off the acct. I have worked in customer service just about all my life and this........THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER BEEN DEALT. I would rather walk in a store and stare at the cashier for 5 mins waiting for them to notice I’m there while they txt their boyfriend back than to deal with these people over email!!! Apple should literally shut this scheming app down because I guarantee every dollar that keeps going missing out of people’s acct is definitely going to somebody!.Version: 2.49.1

ReviewThe app is ok if your using it to just store money. The support you get within the app is terrible, it feels more like your talking to a ai that only picks out specific parts of the conversation. I have tried speaking to the support many times about issues and I have never been able to get the support I need for the issues I’ve had at hand. If your also looking to cashapp to expand a business that to is not a good idea, I’ve lost a lot of money in terms of business due to them cancelling payments and refusing to let me make them also, meaning I’ve had to keep fully refunding clients..Version: 3.85

Zero customer service after suddenly closing my account for no reasonI have used Cashapp for years to send and receive money, make purchases with my Cashapp card, as well as to invest thousands of dollars. Both of my children also had accounts linked to my own with cards that were used on a regular basis. None of us used our accounts for anything or in any way that ever would have violated their terms. However, I suddenly receive a message one day while attempting to receive money, that said my account was closed for that very reason. After contacting customer support, they were unable to give me any details whatsoever regarding why this happened or what was supposedly done by any of us to violate their terms and they refused to reinstate my account. They offered me the option to have someone contact me through email to try to resolve the issue, however it is months later and I have still never received any contact from anyone at Cashapp. I tried to make a new account with an alternate email address and it allowed me to, only to immediate close my account again as soon as I tried to use it. Every chance I have, I let everyone possible know how much I hate Cashapp and advise them to not rely on any of their services, as they may randomly prevent you from continuing to use them at any point for absolutely no reason, with no explanation and without any opportunity to resolve the nonexistent issue..Version: 3.80

DisgracefulAbsolute disgrace for an app they are always constantly failing all of my payments coming In and failing all my payments I try to send out their customer so called service is not any better if you like talking to robots then you will like their customer service they are so unhelpful they cannot answer questions they have no clue to why it’s happening that I cannot send or receive anything so their reply was useless like them I was depending on this app to pay my wages well not any more not wasting my time UPDATE still not got any help at all people cannot send me money and I cannot transfer money to friends total waste of time talking to there robots it’s just an automatic response they all say the same.Version: 3.74

Awful companyI was scammed out of £230. I emailed Cashapp and my bank, bank said it’s cashapp I need to contact, so I did... 5 TIMES! Everytime I was brushed off and told it was the bank I need to contact, when it really was only Cashapp I could try get the money back. There’s no protection if you buy something, absolutely nothing. Once a seller receives that money there’s no way you can get it back, no way at all. This person got my money, and didn’t send my product and cash app done nothing about it. This scammer is scamming gods knows how many people out of £230 or more, and cashapp is ENABLING IT. Cashapp enables scammers, for example, today there was a news report stating that this year there was 335% rise in scams through cash app, and I was one of those who were scammed .You can search this up if you don’t believe me. Even more so, there’s nothing in the app to say you should only send to family or friends, absolutely nothing, so that when you go to them and say you’ve been scammed they pretty much shrug their shoulders. Cashapp support is notorious, as it pretty much doesn’t exist. They are so unhelpful and dismissive. My advice to everyone, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU VALUE SECURITY WHEN SENDING MONEY..Version: 3.35

Disgusting App, Disgusting Customer SupportOkay so, I've been trying to sign up to CashApp for a week now, but everytime I try the app says "Sorry, you cannot sign up at this time. Please try again later." This has happened so many times I've lost count. I needed this app to recieve money for some very important personal things but nooo I can't even do that now. I contacted customer support, and all they said was "Sorry, we can't assist in helping someone sign up and we aren't allowed to discuss personal matters." Basically just a middle finger to me. So, I found a work around and askee my friend if I could use his account to recieve the money, he said yes. So, the person I was recieving the money off sent it over. I waited. And I waited. I waited a whole WEEK and the money never went into my friends account. Cash App just basically scammed the person out of money. My friend contacted support and they said "Contact your bank. We can't do anything about it." He checked his bank FIRST and they told him to contact Cash App. Don't use this app if you want to protect your money and not have a mental breakdown. Customer service and app are both horrible..Version: 4.14

Unacceptable support and staying away using cashapp!I’ve been trying to contact support through the app and d’ming on their twitter because my £100 transaction has been hold to the sender. The sender account got suspended for unknown reason and cannot access his account to send my money. I’ve been trying to contact support everytime with long delays and it’s always auto bot message that contacts me back with no actual person for support and auto bot doesn’t understand the sender account is banned!! Lost my money and I will tell everyone to Stay away from this app!.Version: 3.78

Cashapp Team Please Respond and ExplainWe all know the massive changes that CashApp has made for the UK, so I’ll spare the long explanation as to what these changes are. Instead I’ll list 4 brief bullet points. 1) Dramatically lowered limits for verified UK users (500 max balance|200 max send or receive or cashout -> per month) 2) Unverified users have 0 for all limits 3) Stopped transfers between UK to US (it’s most beneficial feature) 4) New UK users can not make an account ———> The next part is for the CashApp Team I understand that this is your business and you have a right to run it the way you please, but these funds belong to MANY different people. Who deserve a explanation at the very minimum. At the moment your website states NOTHING about these changes, and your customer service is so bad I’m pretty sure it’s A.I. You could have atleast issued a warning to your users, so individuals who have a lot of funds in their account have time to deposit them to their bank accounts. Many of your users have savings/funds trapped on their cashapp. Forced to deposit only £200/month. Please, at the very least explain: Why do you need to take such drastic actions? Why make these changes so fast? Is it temporary or permanent? What is the reason behind the changes? Can your users do anything to help return CA to is previous state? I look forward to your reply. Sincerely, UK CashApp User.Version: 4.7.1

Beware! Horrible Customer Service!If only I could rate this app 0 stars! Beware of this app! Everything seems fine, until you have an issue with your funds and find out that there is no live person to talk to; then they send you a generic email about the issue but in no way attempt to solve it! So a friend sent me funds in which I then returned within the hr, but apparently the funds were not received, although the money was already removed from my bank acct. My friend then put in a dispute with the bank, in which, rather than the app doing their due diligence and trying to find out where the funds were sent to, immediately took the money out of my acct again. When I tried to figure out what way going on, where the funds went and how to resolve the situation. I then find out that I cannot talk to someone over the phone for a quick resolution but instead via email. So I send an email notifying them of my complaint and receive a very general email in no way addressing my concerns, but notifying me that because its a bank dispute that have no further details on the issue but that they are typically solve within 90days and that cashapp has the right to withdraw the amount of the disputed transaction. So they are not even going to attempt to resolve the dispute or find out what happened. So I have filed a dispute with my bank too, and soon as this is resolved this app is going right in the trash. I will definitely just stick to zelle and working directly with the bank..Version: 3.0.1

Appalling customer serviceAgents don’t read your question, just copy and paste the same crap and then end the chat without saying anything. If your account gets restricted, they won’t tell you why, they won’t tell you what you need to do next, they don’t give you any kind of timeframe (it has been over a month so I guess I just assume I can’t ever use cashapp again?) I used cashapp minimally as it was, but once they stopped intentional payments it became redundant. I hadn’t used it in a while and then when I went to, I had a notification telling me my account is restricted. That is the extent of the info I get. For an app linked with my banking I think that is beyond abysmal, at the very least they should be able to tell you WHY your account is restricted. The in app customer service are so low effort they come across like bots because all they all do is copy and paste redundant, vapid, unhelpful paragraphs. Too lazy to even read a question..Version: 4.5

Can’t restart the app to enter my login info after wrong email entryI got a new phone and needed to log in again. All fine and dandy. Just trying to pay my boss back for lunch. I though I used a particular email or maybe my phone number for cash app (as I didn’t have my old phone on me at the time), so I tried to use that one. I got to the next screen and realized It was the wrong one but I literally can’t go back and enter my ACTUAL cash app email because there is no cancel or back button. I’ve even deleted the app from my phone, erased the data in settings, and restarted my phone (while using a VPN the second time and it STILL won’t let me get back to that original login screen). I do not want to have to get super technical to reset this app. That’s OBSURD. Now I’m faced with creating a new (absolutely unnecessary) account on an email I admittedly don’t want attached to payment apps or I could just not use this app anymore. Leaning more towards the latter option. Why can’t I just go back to the start screen where it asks me for my login? That’s super ridiculous, sketchy, and makes me very uncomfortable using this app in the future. You should not force users to make a new account using credentials they mistakenly provided, if that’s what this is. Are y’all trying to inflate your user count or is this just a bug?? Frustrated is an understatement..Version: 3.51.1

Poor experience - Use PayPal instead. Or anything else. Just not this.Every payment I attempted to make got refunded. Made a support claim and a staff member called Shul looked into it. He gave me almost 0 insight into the issue and kept giving vague general answers rather than answering my specific questions. I kept asking why I cannot make any payment and he kept saying ‘We can’t provide any more information’. Eventually they just closed the claim on me. I’m sure others may have a positive experience with this app and will be able to send and recieve money, but I did not. The support staff are some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. Edit to Response: Every single payment was failing - different quantities and to different people. I kept trying again and it kept failing. Seems like once again the support staff have just copy-pasted a generic reply rather than actually reading what was said. I won’t be getting in touch after my terrible experience with Shul. Your support is cancerous and shameful. I would give 0 stars if I could..Version: 3.71.2

Great app low reachCash App really does have potential however its international reach is non existent, I've also heard US cashapp users can buy and trade bitcoin. The UK cash app really isn't any better than paypal or paysend or even our regular banking app, there are no features that are unique to it that will allow anyone in the UK to use it regularly. Remember that in terms of tech in banking UK and Europe are far more advanced than the US. We had faster payments and cashless ATM withdrawals before they knew that some cash machines where chargeable, so bringing cashapp to the US as a means of sending and receiving money will never be the same if you brought it to the UK. You need a niche feature or at-least something unique that we can not get from the other send/receive apps out here. Hope this helps as it is an honest review..Version: 3.16

DownhillUsed this app for a long while been an absolute joy up until few months back all of a sudden can’t find my account when I try log in try finding by cash tag no account under that so I contacted support through instagram they suggested I create a new account ha as if it’s that easy I’ve been trying for weeks now constantly getting the error you cannot sign up try again later same thing every time my friends in America and I have used the app for support as when I’m struggling for cash when they can they will send some money to help me but now can’t I’m devastated as it’s been a godsend app for me in the past.Version: 4.8

SCAM!! Money takerI had Cash App for 2 days and I was scammed. I uploaded $5 and then used it to invest in Bitcoins. Two days later my Facebook was hacked and then two days after that my Instagram was hacked. I then noticed I had money missing from my bank account. I looked into my transactions and seen I had multiple transactions from Cash App taken out. Once I got to looking into Cash App, I noticed they transferred my money from my linked account into Cash App then to bitcoins. They then proceeded to send the bitcoins to themselves. In return they sent me a smiley face like “thank you for your money.” I contacted Cash App and they asked me all these questions for an investigation. They said they could not do anything about this since it came from a known phone. Yes the phone was known since the hacker used Cash App to take money out of my linked account multiple times; my phone was used one time for a transaction. I later found out Cash App was hacked recently and I have had several friends have fishy transactions on their accounts in which Cash App did nothing about. I have found the email that was used to hack my accounts and the person is from New York. I am now waiting on my bank to dispute these transactions and try to get my money back. DO NOT DOWNLOAD CASH APP!!! I do not want another person to be a victim of a hacker and scammer through Cash App. In return they will not do anything about this. You will be out of money and stressed out..Version: 3.56.3

Send money to win money!!! Fake, fake, fakeWhy do you always send messages every Friday stating that if we send money to our friends we will get entered to win money!!! First off all you have never once entered me or can even show me where in the country people have been entered and or where which country people have won. This is some fake trash to get people to recruit to use your services. Why don’t you do your own advertising also why don’t you employ people to take calls???? Your AI’s are not programmed to understand the basics like why the app looks totally different in the UK to the USA version. Your app needs updating. Last update was done over 3 months ago. Smh.Version: 3.70

DONT USE THIS APPI used cashapp for years and years, especially for my overseas friends sending to me. In may 2023 I had my account blocked, still to this day nov 2023 I haven’t got ONE answer. I’ve emailed, contacted on Facebook, twitter and the in app support to get the same automated response. I get told to send my email so the cashapp team can contact me but shock horror they NEVER do. I’ve got £730 which I use the money in there for monthly bills etc. I’ve got a baby under a year old and as you can imagine when this got blocked I STRUGGLED that month. I’m absolutely ashamed at the creators and developers for letting this happen. Don’t download this app, instead use wishtender. They’ve still not given me a timeline as to when and if I’ll get MY money back..Version: 4.19

This app is the absolute worstThis app is such a waste of time and data. I downloaded the app through a friend’s link, filled out all the things needed and submitted my international passport and brp as ID. They rejected both and asked for a British driver’s license on British passport. What crap?!!! All my explanations that I am an immigrant fell on deaf ears. They made sure my friend and I didn’t get the £5 and what do you know? 2 months later, suddenly my ID is good enough and I am verified. But for what? Friends and family in the USA can’t send money to me. The ones in the UK already have my account details if they want to send money so this app is a bloody waste of time. Deleting asap.Version: 4.4.1

It Won’t let you send internationalThis part needs to be beneficial to customers to send money from UK to International I hope Cash app are able to let users from Europe or UK to send across the globe places like USA and Others in the next weeks or months as this will definitely bring more customers to join in with this app. I’m telling you this has more potential than PayPal if you allow us to to send funds from UK to US and other countries that will be a game changer as it make no sense to say “you can send money to anyone but UK users aren’t able to send to US etc”..Version: 2.48

Stay AWAY from CashApp at all costs!I have to warn everyone here, just because CashApp is a popular name, doesn’t mean they are trustworthy. They rejected my sign up, for me to be told “we are not accepting new customers.” Because of this, I am out of pocket and also now in debt because I could not pay someone as a loyal customer of 3 years, all because of the STUPID way this app has been designed. Also let’s elaborate on how POOR their customer service is. You are basically barred from contacting their team UNLESS you have an account. So if you can’t access yours, God help you. I had to make a fake account just to connect to their support team (which by the way is just an automated bot, not an actual human like you’d expect in the real world). So stay away from CrapApp, I advise everyone to stick with PayPal. No restrictions and no stupidity either. I’d say it’d be far easier to bomb the Houses of Parliament than sign up with CrapApp!.Version: 4.14.1

Gone downhill and will no longer be usingI used Cashapp for many years and it was great. The most user friendly and straightforward app for transfers. HOWEVER, recently they’ve placed ridiculous limits on our accounts. We can now only send, receive and cash out £200 PER MONTH!!!!! WHEWWWW THANK GOD I WITHDREW ALL MY MONEY A COUPLE WEEKS AGO BECAUSE THAT IS CRAZY!!! The worst part is that they gave no notice of these nonsense changes and when you ask Support for advice or any sort of explanation, they have none. They pretty much just say “yeah soz it is what it is and I’m not gonna tell you why because I don’t know. Stop asking me because I won’t tell you. Bye” (not word for word but you get the gist. Wild. Anyway. Bun this app. Went from 10/10 to 0/10..Version: 4.4.1

They don’t careAll i have to say is i mainly use paypal because of their amazing service and is also the reason why i am uninstalling this crappy app i like it when a security team works and actually does their job and why am i saying cashapp is bad well i got scammed of $200 and went straight to support after it happened and made the scam report and waited a month to be declined my funds back so all i have to say is one very pointless to put an actual scam report option if your going to wait a whole month and the security team deny you your money back when they can look into whenever and take care of it whenever they choose as i felt like i am not cared about but paypal i feel safe because if anything were to happen they take care of it never had an issue please do not download cashapp and be safe with your money go download paypal you will thank me later for saving you from future headaches if they would have refunded the money that i was scammed of in a quick manner i would have rated 5 stars but i gave more than enough evidence that i was scammed and i feel like they didn’t even look i to it but just went meh its just $200 but i am struggling in life and $200 is a lot to me so it made me feel like they just don’t care so with that said you get the rating you deserve now if i was to say get my $200 back i could change my review but i will still never use your app because i no longer trust it.Version: 3.67

AppallingI used to use this app to receive my wages as I work for a company in the US and I’m UK based. They’re a small company so it was only £70 a week. Money I need to support my family neither the less! Then out of nowhere they limit accounts to £100 a month and no overseas transfers so now I’ve had to scramble onto different apps trying to get my wages. The customer service may as well not exist with their “we can’t provide any more details on this matter” or “we cannot comment but this is now how we proceed” nonsense - absolutely disgusting and reading through the reviews of people loosing their money or struggling because of these “all of a sudden changes” with no notifications or emails of the changes. You should be ashamed of yourself cashapp - especially during a cost of living crisis!.Version: 4.2

I’m deleting this stupid appThis app is so annoying I have never received or sent any money on this app and the second I get sent money from a family member they cancel it and claim they it ‘failed for my protection’ and I cant do anything about it. I don’t like how they ask for all this information just to get you to verify your account like ID picture and actual picture of your face when you already have my card details and email and phone number AND address. I’m very upset right now and I definitely will be deleting my account and moving to another application. I should give 0 stars because this app did absolutely nothing for me..Version: 3.19

Cash card failureI’ve been trying to get the cashapp card in the mail since November of 2022. It’s now January 2023 and still haven’t gotten my card. The first time I ordered the card nov 22, 2022 After 16 days the app came up with a notification that there was an issue with my address EVEN though I had my address typed in CORRECTLY. I re-entered (even tho it was entered correctly) my address and waited again after 10 days yet again the app pops off with my address was undeliverable. So I can’t acted the joke of their customer support to inquire as to WHY my address is undeliverable & was told to delete and reinstall the app. I did that and the requested a new card yet again and after 7 days the app pops off with the SAME ERROR about my address being faulty. So yet again I contacted customer support who tells me that the card take 7-14 days to arrive, which I already knew but the app said my card was could NOT be delivered to my address. Then the support team says they cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes even though o don’t have a P.O. Box I own my home & have NEVER had an issue getting my mail except with trying to receive my cashapp card. So now I have changed the address to my brother in laws address in hopes it will arrive there, after this whole fiasco I’m not hopeful that it will even arrive there. The customer support is a dang joke and cannot comprehend what I’m even telling them and they keep telling me the same thing EVERY TIME! I DO NOT RECCOMEND.Version: 3.80.2

Disgusting, customer serviceI’ve been using the app for awhile to be honest and suddenly they asked me to verify myself which I’m happy to do. I haven’t got a problem. I’ve got a UK bank which I’ve had for several years which is linked to. I try to validate myself four times I mean how hard is it to send your post your passport and take a picture of yourself with your passport still not validated this is something definitely going on with this app and cash app so I’m just gonna delete it I’m not dealing with stupid people like that. There’s no customer service number no one to speak to. They don’t tell you where you’ve gone wrong when you’ve sent your details in to get verified feels like they just getting your information from you! i’m just gonna stick to PayPal, it’s a lot safer. somebody needs to report these to the UK government get it close.Version: 3.92

ScamThis app is a scam the fact that I give my details to my mate and he sent me some money then I get a email from cash app saying verification of tracking number and then I talk to cash app the next day and they tell me that the verification tracking number .is not there email so how in the space of 2mins hav they managed to fake ur email address an send me a confirmation if you know this happening shut down ur app an sort it out coz you have made me lost over £100 and I blame ur app the fact u haven’t put no security or naink on ur app coz if there was and it was encrypted then scammer wouldn’t be able to get in or out firewalls up I wonder how many others have lost there money threw this app.Version: 3.71.2

Worst Refund Process & Customer ServiceWorst customer service I’ve ever experienced from any company. I paid $900 to a friend and since they don’t use CashApp they immediately returned the payment. I wanted to make sure this return went directly back into the bank account from which it was taken so I asked support exactly what I needed to do to make sure this was done. They told me it would refunded to the (last 4 digits account) that it came from in 2-5 business day’s. After a week the money had not been refunded but, still showed just sitting in my CashApp account. Once again I messaged support and they once again said it would be returned in 2-5 business days. When I said that’s what you told me last time they told me that it was my bank who had not done their part. I called my bank who then had to walk me through the process of getting my money refunded (cash out, find your bank, and then place it back into your account). Now it should be back in my account on Tuesday. When I told support through CashApp this they told me they wanted all correspondences to come from my bank about this transaction. Thank God, for customer service at my bank because I would have never be able to get my money back from the useless information CashApp was giving me. Prior I had never had any issues but, I also never had money returned. I won’t be using this app anymore and I definitely won’t be recommending it to anyone..Version: 3.58

Won’t let me send nor receive my fundsI just downloaded cashapp this morning and instantly after putting all my personal information into this app they said i was not allowed to receive/spend any of my funds. i’ve put a request into there help line and niether one of them told me an estimated time or the true reason as to why i can’t use this app, i’ve filled in everything to do with profile/account, yet still they can’t help me at all and have no reason as to why this is. DONT install this app unless you want to waist your time, it’s been 10 hours so far and i’ve still hear nothing..Version: 4.7

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