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Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH Negative Reviews

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Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH? Can you share your negative thoughts about buy bitcoin & eth?

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Binance.US: Buy Bitcoin & ETH for Negative User Reviews

This website is the most worst and terrible customer service , i deposit bitcoin into Binance walletFrom another wallet account then why they have the right hold my money and not allow me do any trading or withdraw my own money , there is no phone line to contact directly to them , the only thing i can do right night just log in my account and watching my money losing day by day , sent so many email to them but over week over days already they never reply a word explain or tell me the reason why ? I am very very frustrated and so worry about my bitcoi I have in walket account with them will be gone all my money i been saving and work hard f, i am begging any one in charge please realease my account and let me have all my money withdrawn , this is illigal what are you doing to me now tottally wrong and against the law , it likes rob and run away , anyone thinking about have a wallet account with them please do not trust this website Bianance , dont be their next victim.Version: 1.2.2

No support, constant double chargesI pride myself on never leaving reviews for companies unless they’re good and someone earned it.... but this app AND their mobile website are just crap at this point. They input my name wrong on the verification process which has caused nothing but issues. They said to reach out to customer service to get it fixed but that was the first week of January, 2021. Still not response. It’s caused a headache with buying and multiple double charges. There’s never anything to show for it on the binance account either. To my understanding, they’ll liquidate your stuff sometimes too. My bank knows why I’m calling at this point but to have to sit here and go through claims just to get my money back because binance won’t ever bother to help? I swear no one is actually working in customer service. I’ve genuinely never met any type of financial institution with this much lack of care and support... 0 stars if possible. Meanwhile the CEO won’t even address a single issue. Everything’s all fine and dandy on their end..Version: 2.3.1

Poorly designed, no supportThe UI and how everything works is very annoying. You cannot view charts or data from the wallet portion of the app, and you cannot see or add anything to your watch list from the wallet view. As far as support goes, I submitted my ID, a picture of myself, and my most recent bank statement containing my name and address for verification of my ID. It has been over a month, and their support has not gotten back to me after I wrote in wondering if they needed more info. So far, I’ve been trading my crypto by converting from one crypto to Tether, then from Tether to another. It is an absolute mess, and I’m not the only person with this problem. If they fixed the UI, and got on top of their customer support (bonus points if they had a call in number), this would probably be one of the better apps to use as an exchange..Version: 2.4.4

Works for basicsThis app the the basics like placing market, limit, and stop limit orders. It also allows you to use a few indicators but nothing more. You cannot edit the indicators or add multiple types. This is a pain since you cannot edit what moving averages one might use or how many, you are limited to three specific ones. You cannot even draw lines. I also noticed that there is no OCO order option available like there is on the website. For Binance being what it is, you wouldn’t think they would have such a basic app for advanced users. Give us more features like the desktop version (the TradingView version). I shouldn’t have to form a new trading strategy based on limited features because I am using the mobile app instead of the website. Oh yeah, it is also slow when trying to navigate through the app. Now I rate this app as a one star. I bought KNC with USDT and it ran up 10% in a few minutes but my account didn’t move much. This is because my money was USD not USDT. After I noticed this, I bought it in USD and sold my USDT. A few minutes later after it ran up more I checked my account and it was down. I looked at the orders and noticed that it all sold as USDT. What the heck Binance??? If it is USD sell it as freaking USD. If I can’t buy with both combined, I shouldn’t be able to sell them either. Nothing like paying fees for an order you never created. Shameful!.Version: 2.8.7

Needs workThis app has a lot of almost great features. The charts are nice, but why no portfolio tracking charts (at all)? And why no current held asset performance charting (at all)? Also, I notice that the homepage portfolio value performance indicator is always wrong. It will say I’m down in the last 24 hours when I’m actually up. Also, the performance values on each of the coins in the favorites list also always seem to be wrong. They don’t explicitly say they represent the last 24 hours, but if not, then what? They are always off as well, so I can’t count on literally any of this app’s performance reporting and I have to manually check the charts for each coin. Based on other reviews, I’m not expecting much Improvement....Version: 2.3.4

One huge, glaring flaw!I trade in this app daily, as well as trade stocks and cryptos with five other brokers, and there is a huge flaw for me in the app which renders it almost useless. When a currency is purchased there is no easy way to keep track of your AVERAGE COST other than going back, adding up all of your previous orders and dividing appropriately. Averaging down is often part of my strategy when I don’t get it exactly right, and this makes trying to do that in an informed manner almost impossible. The website version also has this flaw. It is such an easy feature to include that I feel that its omission is probably intentional, and not for a reason that benefits the trader. I always feel blind or perturbed when trying to trade using this app, and if it is not remedied soon I will migrate to another service. Absolutely unacceptable!.Version: 2.7.0

NO tangible Customer Service - AVOIDI was looking into buying and investing crypto. A good friend recommended this app, however, it has been an absolute nightmare trying to get customer support regarding address verification. After jumping through more hoops than a circus performer as well as providing ALL of the documentation they requested and required. This has been nearly 3 months since I initially downloaded and began working with this app. Other than their robot responses, which ask the same structured questions, I have yet to speak with or, for that matter, chat with a human being. I’m very discouraged and am extremely sorry that I have put all of my personal information out there on their site for some unscrupulous person to take advantage of. I really had high hopes for this app…….no longer..Version: 2.9.2

TerribleTrying to get started and Binance US is just terrible. You cannot talk to anyone directly to solve your issues, you can only email and it’s a robot that answers (or I should say doesn’t answer at all). You cannot buy with only basic verification as they claim and so you have to do advanced and I’m a week in and my account is still pending!!!.Version: 2.4.1

They won’t verify you so don’t even bother tryingNot only did they screw over my brother by selling off his cryptocurrency when he put his money into dogecoin causing him to loose thousands of dollars they also locked my account and won’t verify me, do not use this app unless you enjoy having a huge headache and unnecessary stress that will cause your hair to fall out early, Verification takes an eon to go through and that’s not even guaranteed that you will even get accepted, if they decide the information you send them isn’t sufficient then you will have to go through it again and keep in mind sometimes the waiting process to get verified takes months and they use a third party source to verify you so you don’t know who sees your sensitive information that you provide them such as your social security. Honestly I’m not even surprised that they have 11 major lawsuits currently going on and I honestly recommend you try a different exchange such as KuCoin or bittrex or even kraken because this exchange is the worst and I highly recommend you stay off it unless you like getting screwed over. P.S. the only way to reach support is through email and when you send an email don’t be expecting to get a response back from their support team, I sent an email a few months ago and still haven’t heard back from them..Version: 2.4.1

New Account registrationAfter setting up a new account and being notified that it was properly registered, I attempted to deposit Bitcoin from my Coinbase account as instructed. I was able to login and get the address for Binance account and then proceeded to try to make the transfer. Upon returning to my new Binance account, I got an error message that my email or password was incorrect. I have spent several hours attempt to solve this problem by submitting tickets to support but have not received any answer for two days and resubmitting my request, I then reregistered the account and received the same error message. I have attempted to reset the password x3 now with no success! Very frustrating for a new user! Very time consuming! And no response from “support” after two days even though my request was received according to text message after submitting ! Frustrated new user!.Version: 1.2.2

Pick Another ExchangeI’ve been a customer of Binance US for over a year and a half. Truly a shady / dodgy exchange. Not only did they delist a coin multiple thousands of people asked them not to do, they also betrayed the trust of the majority of those people. For context an airdrop was given to those coin holders, Binance US originally had us self custody the tokens on a different app which was confusing but made them ours. The last month proceeding to this airdrop they claimed the instructions to claim were too hard and they’d take the steps to have them be transferred to our account. Exactly a month later another airdrop was announced for those coins we claimed earlier. Upon that announcement Binance told their customers they won’t distribute the second coin nor list the coin. What was originally going to be sent to me because I completed the correct steps (and later deemed by Binance that they should do it on my behalf), will never see my wallet. Please find a different exchange, as Binance acts in what they* think your best interest is. Not a very good customer model if you ask me..Version: 2.8.3

Disappointed...So, I signed up for the service, go through the steps and get to the verification process. They ask for valid ID. Cool. Verifying that was super quick, but then they ask for additional info like proof of address. It states it would be faster to upload a PDF of a bank statement with the same address as what was entered during initial setup. I try that, but it never uploaded. A glitch. The next possible document would be a utility, so I take a pic of that to upload manually, since their PDF uploader wasn’t working correctly. It has now been 3 days without any updates. Try to put in a ticket and you get an automated message. I looked up comments from others with the same issue and some were saying it’s been 30 days without any answer. Just days pending. Devs, if you’re reading this: SPEED UP YOUR VERIFICATION PROCESS..Version: 2.4.1

Low fees but poooooor costumer service and deposit helpI see not just myself, but many people complaining about costumer service! It is poor, horrible, I think the worse costumer service I’ve ever had. Take ages to reply, when it is replied! It took more than one month to be able to open my account because the verification, I sent all documents needed and it took so long. In addition, my last complaining is about the deposit, ALWAYS FAILING FOR NO REASON. I use the same way to buy in other crypto exchanges or brokers and it always works. I’ve tried all the ask on the site and nothing happens. I miss so many but opportunities because this poor service. FRUSTRATION IS THE NAME FOR THIS EXCHANGE..Version: 2.5.0

Horrible experienceThere are too many other exchange options out there for this company to treat its customers the way it does. Do your research on this company. My experience is 2 months waiting on verification because their systems don’t recognize my address. Not too mention the verification process in itself is painfully drawn out. I sent them an email asking to have my account deleted because I could not find a way to delete it and a employee emailed me back the following week asking me to stay and that they would manually verify me. Fast for another month or so and not only no verification but they are no longer replying to my support emails. They may be the largest exchange but just like every other company that gets too big, they quit caring about their customers..Version: 2.8.7

Just another RobinhoodI’ve been using Binance with zero problems for several months now. The only thing I’ve invested in in Dogecoin. Suddenly Dogecoin starts to skyrocket, and now I can’t do anything. Can’t deposit, can’t withdrawal, can’t buy, can’t sell. For the last two days, I’ve tried numerous times and have submitted tickets. The first email told me that it was a problem on my end, and that my bank was reporting insufficient funds. I called my bank, and they said that Binance was the one rejecting my deposits. The next email said that I needed to delete and re-enter my banking info. I did that, and nothing was resolved. Then I get an email telling me that I need to submit a new ticket with a pdf of my most recent bank statement, and a video selfie of myself holding my ID and reading a portion of the email out loud on the video. I tried to do that, and the video was too large. They said upload it to Dropbox first and everything should work. Did that. Still too large to upload. Made a new video with the lowest possible resolution. Tried uploading that. Still too large to upload. Everyone was complaining about Robinhood being shady when the GameStop thing was taking off, and Binance is no different. Doge took off, and they’re just as shady..Version: 2.4.1

Not user friendly, lack of information.For being the largest crypto exchange in the US, one would think they would at least give you general information as to how certain cryptos are doing. Example. Clicks the past week option when looking at EGLD. The percentage increase/decrease does not change because it only shows the past 24 hours. Also, the app doesn’t tell you if you have lost or gained money in a crypto. It only tells you if the crypto itself is up or down for the past 24 hours. You have to dig through your purchase history and do your own math to figure your average cost per coin. EACH time you want to know how your funds are doing. Its a bit inconvenient and ridiculous. If I buy and sell a coin on several occasions, I don’t want to spend 10 minutes doing math to see if I’ve gained or lost money overall throughout these transactions..Version: 2.3.2

Can’t redraw my money back to my accountThis is one of the worst exchange I ever used, after I sold my cryptocurrency into USDT and I’m trying to make a deposit to my bank account, this exchange told me you exceeded your withdrawals limit which highly confuse me, because after I sold my cryptocurrency this was my first time I was selling my coins on to this exchange, I never make any redraw transaction into my bank account so I don’t understand how I exceeded my limit. So technically they’re not allowed on me to deposit my money back into my bank account, they say I won’t be able to redraw my money after 10 days after the deposit date 🤯 like what is that, 🤦🏾‍♂️ and when tried to contacted the helping center they send me an auto email message, so it wasn’t even a actual person who try to read my email and help me. I learn my lesson after this after i get my money back I will never again use this exchange....Version: 2.4.5

Nothing this hard is worth it, it’s a natural barrierSuccess has a lot to do with following the path of least, or at most efficient resistance. When something is near impossible to complete for no good reason, just take it as a sign of a flawed system and move on. I just need to make sure I can delete the plethora of personal information they collect on you. I can’t tell if it’s because of lacking understanding in US addresses, or something opposite of the privacy of crypto, I’ve submitted 3 pieces of Mail, along with a driver’s license and passport. I’ve had my account verification rejected repeatedly, the service replies are ask automated. I was getting responses for a moment on Reddit, but that stopped. They said there’s a high volume, but my roommate was verified same day. Their system is messed up and they don’t seem interested in changing it any time soon. Here we are 1-2 months later, still haven’t completed a single transaction. Pretty absurd..Version: 2.3.4

TerribleA lot of people seem to like this company, and if you’re lucky enough to have it work, then great. But like many others, I’ve been trapped unable to verify my identity for a month now. I’ve submitted multiple high resolution pics of my passport, selfie of me holding my passport, property tax statement, water bill, drivers license… and yet they still can’t verify my address. I’ve lived at the same house for over 10 years. It’s absurd. I’ve downloaded multiple other crypto apps, and they’re able to do KYC verification instantly. How is it possible that the largest exchange out there has the slowest and worst possible service? I’ve also submitted multiple help tickets. No response. No telephone number. Absolutely terrible customer service. There are better options out there with fees just as low, better rewards and MUCH better service. I deleted this awful app and won’t waste any more of my time with it. Good riddance..Version: 2.9.1

Complete and utter garbage…Wouldn’t have given a single star had it have been an option. The ONE time I try to use this app and I end up not being able to make my investment in time on something that I could have made substantial gains with. I deposited my funds USD, used said funds to buy BNB, now here I am three days later and STILL can’t withdrawal it to my wallet. First BNB withdrawals were suspended without notice, which I found out today (day 3) after submitting a customer service ticket which was then resolved by the time of a response, go to withdrawal again just to have a different error message saying that my funds are froze and to check my lock date in my deposit receipt which does not have one and says completed. I went against my better judgement after reading in forums of NUMEROUS people having all the same type of issues, no wonder your lousy establishment is being reviewed by the government bunch of crooks..Version: 2.8.4

Do not use binance us!!I download binance us since December 2020 and they already still processing verification issues. I provide everything to them, and they accepted all but had took them a lot of time to accepted it. There answer is that they are experience a high traffic of messages. And that’s is not my problems they need to be prepared for everything, they need to hire more people, now I am unable to buy, sell, deposit or withdraw money from my account cause identity verification. A lot of email I have been sent but same answer. You can loose a big opportunity to buy something if you use binance us. If your are good and have no rush to buy something then you can use this app. But believe me , if you use it, you will loose any important buy or sell opportunity at whatever time. I have money in my account and I’m unable to use it. If someone form binance representative read this I can show you all emails regarding this..Version: 2.4.3

TrashThis platform is the equivalent of Robin Hood after its entire brokerage has crashed. The verification process is absolutely insane and asks you for more than any other wallet. Aside from that the customer service department is nonexistent so if there is an issue you have on app or with any transaction good luck with that. I’ve literally been waiting for 3 months on my information “ Pending Approval” after getting denied on a daily basis while submitting my mail information and I’m sick of waiting at this point. I filed two “ customer service requests” after my first one went 2 months with no response and I finally got a follow up email just letting me know to not file another request because it just moved me to the back of the line. Absolute waste of data on your phone I’d highly recommend Coinbase..Version: 2.4.4

Customer support ruins the productThey made a change so I can no longer receive emails for verification when doing a crypto withdrawal. I think it has something to do with private domains but not sure what it could be. After I started having the issue I added their domains to Apache spam assassin which is the standard tool on private domains but still no emails. Also when the problem first arose I was using SiteGround then after I switched to HostGator. Nothing I can do and their support won’t help me after many tickets and emails. They keep just saying they are backed up on support. It’s been 2 months since I have been able to withdrawal crypto or add an API to get my tax records. BTW, I used 11 different exchanges over the last year to test them all and get all the coins I wanted to. Binance US is the ONLY one I wouldn’t recommend. Well, Coinbase too since it crashed when Bitcoin drops but Coinbase pro is OK..Version: 2.3.2

Useless appMy husband is trying to open the account going trough the advanced verification and we don’t know why he doesn’t pass it! Any idea how to sort this issue out?.Version: 2.3.2

Will not verify and let me withdraw my USDI signed up on the 29th of January and still have not been verified. Other friends of mine are being verified the same day. Even on Coinbase I was verified right away. What really pushed me to leave a bad review instead of just deleting the app is that I deposited some coin which I traded and then sold for USD. But since I am not verified I cannot withdraw my funds, or even use them to buy a coin. Just gotta sit and wait until they decide to verify me. Oh and normally I would complain about something like this to their support staff but apparently if you do so, you may risk further delaying your verification process. It would make sense if there was high traffic but when I’m hearing people who signed up after me are getting approved same day and I cannot send a support ticket I have no choice but to leave such a sickening review..Version: 2.3.2

Worst customer service!!I am now two months into attempting to get verified by Binance! I have sent them over 20 emails with my information to verify and submitted countless tickets to let them know my issue! No call center, just the same email every time. How do you expect people to use your app when you aren’t willing to help them even be able to use it! Never have I had to deal with something like this it is ridiculous if I could give 0 stars I would. No one should have to wait this long to be helped by a company of this size. Get a f**ing call center so someone can actually solve this problem at this point I think Binance is incapable of getting anything of substance done they can’t even let someone who is trying to be their customer deposit money into THEIR app!😹 pathetic how unhelpful and lazy their team is, idk if you can call it a team because it’s just the same automated email they send to you anytime you have a problem and that’s all you’ll get with no help from that point.Version: 2.3.5

Customer NonSupportI’ve found customer support to be very unhelpful. I signed up for ACH thru Plaid and Biance in its own publication said daily limit for deposits by ACH when signing up through Plaid was $5000. I did it correctly but Biance would only let me deposit $1000 per day. CS initially responded for me to delete the ACH and manually redo it, which I did not because manually doing it does limit to $1000. After about 20 hours of back in forth with CS they finally told me that I was limited to $1000 by Plaid because my Biance account used legal first name, middle initial and last name and my bank account name is first initial, middle name, and last name. There is no problem for $1000 transfers. My gosh they have a copy of my drivers license, a face selfie to match with the DL picture, my social security number, my bank Id and password to my mobile account. You would think they should be able to do something about this, but they have no interest or suggestions except to use wire transfers which of course my bank charges for. They of course do not phone contact for real communication when their CS people just can’t understand what u are talking about. Otherwise I found the entire interface easy and intuitive. Opening my account with my iPhone was so simple and easy and took very little time even going thru the three verification levels..Version: 1.3.0

Stay away from this appThis app seems to always have issues and it takes multiple days for their customer service to get back to you it’s now going on six days with no customer support. They’ve got my fiat money in my account. I try to use a fraction of the money of that money crypto coins and it comes up as insufficient funds. As an addendum to this review. This company steals from its customers! Songbird tokens were issued to this company to be given to the rightful owners of their customers that own specific coins. They have chosen not to forward them to the rightful owners and keep the coins and profits for themselves! This company is pure slime and should be put out of business! Whatever you do please understand if you do business with this company you will end up not being a happy camper. So beyond bummed I signed up with this company. I am absolutely convinced that anyone that gave us a five star review didn’t not understand the star system!.Version: 2.8.4

Binance US app is the worstI’ve used many crypto apps in accessing trading exchanges. Binance US is by far the worst to access the ability to load funds to you account. I’ve waited nearly three weeks for obtaining access by providing all necessary documentation. What’s my result? Still waiting for review! No feedback on when it will be approved or if I have submitted something incorrectly. Their customer service is the worst with only automated replies that provide no assistance and say customers shouldn’t expect status. In fact, customers that ask for status are told their inquiries and processing will be pushed to the back of the line. Does CZ (the owner of Binance ) know this is happening?? It’s a ridiculous way to treat once loyal customers. I would give this service -10 stars if there was option. Get your act together !!!!.Version: 2.3.2

Avoid Binance US at all costs. WARNINGBinance US is a joke as compared to the original, low volume, missing like 90% of the features you get on the real Binance app and the verification is frustratingly slow (even if you follow their guidelines to the tee). Good luck filing your taxes as US Binance will report each and every single trade, so may the odds be in your favor come tax time. ****TL;DR: Avoid this US version at all costs. The verification process is unusually slow and sketchy (and Deceptive in its marketing, as it will take days if not the more realistic -> WEEKS to complete the full verification as compared to any other exchange I’ve utilized to date. Gemini, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, or the ORIGINAL BInance (restricted to US) all beat this app, it’s not even close. I’d even use RobinHood over this, at this point. Please replicate the ORIGINAL Binance app and optimize it for US and kindly implement all of the amazing features missing from the the original, Outstanding app you all have cultivated previously; and thereafter I may consider returning and editing my review to reflect. Happy hunting friends, may financial prosperity be yours! Stole large sum of ETH from me and then locked my account*. Trash, never use..Version: 2.8.0

Customer Service is nonexistentYou can never get a hold of someone when there is a problem. For some reason my deposit have suddenly stopped working and they fail as soon as I try to deposit. I have made multiple support requests and have been waiting weeks for a reply. I did what the suggested in their FAQ but now I can’t even relink my bank out. As soon as I figure out how to get my bank account hooked up and am able to withdraw I’m going to a better exchange. This has been my worst experiences with any exchange. Also whenever the market is down you can never deposit money. Only when the market is in the green and is up a lot in the day so bank transfers go through. When the markets are low it says failed to deposit because there are not enough fund in my account to cover the transfer but there is enough to cover the transfer 50x over..Version: 2.4.5

Don’t give your info!If you read these things you’ll find SO MANY people have the same problem and the good reviews seem generic. From what I’ve gathered this is just a scam for you to give up your personal info and once they get all they want (required photo of drivers license, photos of mail, etc) you’re left waiting to get verified. From what I’m reading I don’t think anyone gets verifie, yet all seem get to the same point before we get stuck. And that’s right after supposed “verification” process that requires your personal info. Honestly, I was very excited about this app and I am letdown. And now worried my info is floating around being sold to big tech, probably was anyways. Tho I might be wrong! And if proven wrong I’ll denounce everything I said cuz the idea of this app is incredible! But I don’t think I saw one review In which customer service responded. And everyone having same problem at same point? Seems very fishy. As it stands you’d be better off going to companies with credibility like Coinbase and the like..Version: 2.2.1

SLOW....BAD INTERFACEUpdate....I still have not been ‘verified’. I cannot withdraw the BTC I put in nor invest nor exchange it. They a Fn crooks that hold peoples fund’s interest free. DO NOT PUT MONEY IN THIS EXCHANGE!!!!!! I have used several apps in the last few months and this is by far the worse. I have been waiting for ‘verification’ for a week. I transferred BTC in believing I could exchange for ADA and other crypto not sold on Coinbase. Not only can I not withdraw but also cannot convert crypto to other crypto. I thought I would convert to fiat and purchase different crypto....not that either. Had I known they take 2 weeks to review a document I would have never started. Sitting duck in a hot market. The user interface is confusing at best. Poor client service. Not satisfied at all. As soon as I can take my funds out I will find a better platform. Very disappointed..Version: 2.3.2

Verification process takes 15 daysMy current address doesn’t match my ID because it’s a temporary address, so Binance asked for my bank statements. That’s fine (not really), but when I go to upload them they made me change my password twice then made me use my original password—why? When I was finally able to log on and find where it said I needed proof of address there was no place to upload anything. Instead it told me it could take 15 days for them to look at two images and to not contact them because it would make it take longer. So now they have my SSN, address, credit card info, and bill statements, all for MY protection. I can’t believe I was lured in by the .1% fee advertisement, which I won’t be able to see if it’s legit because I’m deleting the app. Just avoid it and go with a decentralized way of buying crypto. Eth was $2,000 when I opened this account and now it’s $3,300... waste of time..Version: 2.4.3

Do your own DDI have used many brokers/exchanges in my years of trading. I thought Robinhood was the worst but this is much worse. Literally no customer service, no phone numbers, no one to help. At first Everything seemed fine, deposited some Bitcoin, bought some VET, everything was good. Then submitted more info and that’s where the problems started. Address verification was denied. No reason why, no way to fix it, just denied. Resubmitted, denied. Again and again and again. Can I talk to an actual person? No!! Just an email saying denied type your response above which of course just gets another email etc etc etc. Over and over and over again. It’s been 2 months now and I still have no verification. I have done everything asked of me at least 10 times. Hopefully this is fixed soon so I can move my money to another exchange. Please save yourself the hassle and use another exchange..Version: 2.4.3

No Customer Support!Be careful… I deposited $5000 to buy some HBAR. It took a week for Binance to remove those funds from my bank (I thought it wouldn’t take more than 24-48 hours). Meanwhile, my mortgage and some other bills come out of my checking account and the balance dips below $5000. I get threatening emails from Binance saying they will liquidate my crypto. I try desperately to deposit more funds, only to get error messages within the Binance system. I send emails to support, no reply. I get another email threatening that this is my “final reminder”. I have the funds, I want to deposit them, the transfer does not work, no one is helping me. And meanwhile, my crypto is locked up from any transactions or withdrawals. I am a willing customer trying to use your platform. This is very poor customer service. Please, Binance, help a customer out..Version: 2.8.1

3 Months No Response. BEWARE THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOUThe company is fundamentally a theft ring. They are foreigners with no regard for US law and have the worst support imaginable. By worst support I mean they don't have support. Imagine spending three months trying to access your crypto because you changed your number and had 2FA enabled. Every other place I had that number for 2FA unlocked it in maybe ten minutes. They are asking for absurd requests like "Attach the ID and the same photo you used to submit for verification". Me knowing which photo I used to verify my ID at some knockoff Chinese theft ring is like asking me what I ate for breakfast six years ago. They stonewall customers. I'm not the only one. They get sued all the time for their recklessness. Be VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL PUTTING FUNDS INSIDE THESE ACCOUNTS. If you lose access for even the smallest thing, they will go out of their way to make sure you don't regain ownership over the funds. This is my first review ever. Just thought people needed to know since it's now lawsuit time for me. And for something as stupid as them not having money to pay people to answer phones for them. Coincidence? I think not. Theyre doing it on purpose. Someone needs to report them to the SEC or FBI or FinCEN..Version: 2.9.0

Verification takes years, other reviews are BIG red flagsHow could it possibly take so long to verify my address? This app isn’t supported in a way that should inspire any confidence in it’s user base. After reading other reviews here I am glad that the verification process took so long because otherwise I wouldn’t have known how terrible and sketchy the US version is. Should be banned. Do some research. The way this exchange is run will get them thrown in jail at some point and likely loose all your money. The articles and reviews are out there, don’t just take my word for it, do your own research and you will see. Not that it really matters anyway, after you download the app and give them all your personal info they will just restrict you from doing anything for months because of “verification” - I am suspicious that they may be selling user information. If they can’t verify new users in a couple of weeks than what makes me think they can protect the information I sent to them in the first place? I hope an AG in the US takes on these sketchy people. Also, Binance is a stupid name. Byeeee.Version: 2.4.1

If you want liquid money, never put it here.There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re trying to get your money out transferring it back and forth getting blocked and locked at every turn and BEING FEE’d TO DEATH THE WHOLE TIME.... That’s exactly what this app will do to you. I have paid around $100 in fees trying to transfer to different coins to fiat etc.. My funds have been locked in this horrible vault since december 29, and it’s January 16th right now and they’re still locked. The customer service is so slow good luck getting anything out of them. I finally received an email a week after I submitted a ticket and all they said was “we’re sorry, if your funds are still locked please reply to this email and we will prioritize your ticket” Well I replied and got a weird email back from them with the same exact message and it’s been 3 more days since then. DONT PUT YOUR MONEY IN THIS APP. USE ANYTHING ELSE..Version: 2.2.1

DiscriminatoryWell Binance is apparently not available in Texas. I don’t think that is okay, and I would be upset if I lived in Texas or was actually in Texas. The company will not allow me to create an account because my mailing address for all my financials are based there. I shouldn’t be penalized for that. College students, diplomatic service personnel, and active duty military, just to name a few, all over the world are also unable to sign up for an account if they lived in or banked in Texas in the past. Binance is the only major exchange that does not do business with anyone “associated” with the state. Whatever regulation and/or legal hurdles they may have, it’s not good business conducting any type of discrimination. As a business, they can do pretty much what they want, except deny service to a class of people with only a mailing address or even a state identification card as evidence. In solidarity, I say everyone should petition for criminal suit to be filed in addition to pending civil rights suit for the gross violation of the rights of college students, military, government employees, traveling doctors & nurses, etc..Version: 2.9.2

Worthless Except for the GraphsImpossible to even trade for weeks because of KYC verification ( and on very straightforward and unequivocally clear documents ). Graphs are really quite lovely, but of limited use and because of the extraordinarily protracted customer verification process, well, fairly worthless as far anything trading related goes, at least for the first few months apparently..Version: 1.3.0

Horrible Customer ServiceI tried to sign up and their auto verifying system refused to verify me even though I’ve had other auto verify systems in other trading places accept my verification right away and fully verify me in less than an hour. It told me to contact customer support so I got an auto email telling me to send more verification stuff to get verified. I sent all the stuff and it had been over a week and have heard nothing. After a couple of days I even sent an email asking why it was taking so long and it has been 6 days since I sent that email and got no reply. I would stay very far away from Binance. If they can’t even do something as simple as a verification or replying back to an email, I would not trust them with your money if you plan on doing big trades. Stay far away from Binance. I have another place to trade but only wanted to try Binance because they offer a crypto that the place I currently trade doesn’t. I don’t have to trade that 1 crypto so I’ll stick to where I am trading and continue to make money there..Version: 2.4.4

Almost Non existent customer service. UpdateTurns out I was mislead by someone else that I could use this but my state isn’t but the one star comes from not being able to delete my account what gives (Update) customer service is not very helpful rather than help me to terminate my account I got one email about terms of service dodging my request all together then sent me an email asking me how well they handled my problem. (Update part1) i was once again emailed the exact same automated response as the first time. This is a service that does not seem to care about it’s users so if you don’t know what your doing or you’re having any trouble Binance will not help you. (Final update) after spending almost a month trying to get help with issue I actually got a live text chat with customer service who was able to have a conversation with me rather than have several different people email me back at sporadic intervals. This agent was very helpful. That being said the overall customer service is still mostly garbage especially when considering that when using this time is money and the only one getting screw is use the user..Version: 2.7.0

Very bad App! DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!They are so bad! 0 customers service. You can email them all you want, they will never reply you. They only care about you downloading their app so they can get your money and coins. To transfer your coins out because you can’t even withdraw them willingly is 100% impossible. They asked me to submit my ID, I did then they asked me to submit my Electricity Bill and I did then they said my address on my ID does not correlate with my address on my bill. Am I supposed to continue living in the same place forever? Of course I moved to a different place that’s why my new address is not the same with my ID that was issued 4 years ago but they wouldn’t still approve my verification. Then they asked me to submit my bank statement and I did which shows my new address as the same thing with my utility bill but still they wouldn’t approve my verification. I’ve been emailing them to please let me close my account and transfer my coins out of their App since it’s impossible to do anything on it but they have ignored all my several emails now for over 3 months. Don’t ever download their app! You will regret it!!!.Version: 2.4.0

Don’t BotherI was really hopeful, but don’t bother and waste your time. Been over 2 weeks waiting on verification. Submitted support ticket and was told it would be another 5 days. That was 7 days ago. Apparently they have maybe 1 person doing support tickets and verification? The worst part is it’s verification of a picture of my bank statement. It’s not even hard to look at and see my name and address. Also, this is the only app that has made me put that info in. You can’t do anything until you’re account is verified. Just a big waste of time. Update: I have been denied twice for validation. They apparently want full bank account numbers in the verification documentation that you have to send. They are fishing for data they DO NOT need and data that other reputable apps have not required to validate an address. Documentation I sent clearly shows my address, and date of the document. This is a scam to collect financial information from users. Beware!.Version: 2.2.1

Garbage app, garbage company. Here’s why:I downloaded the app, and attempted to take a picture of my driver’s license and a copy of a bill to my address. The only problem? The app keeps saying the “picture is too large in size (5mb)” and to take another one. Even when you enable the app to take pictures itself, it rejects the photo it takes. The only way I was able to submit it was to use a document scanner and use that. Fix your app. So after I submitted my documents I waited for a few days, and they’re still “pending.” Well then the copy of my driver’s license “expired” in their system and I had to resubmit. I guess of they don’t get to it in time it just gets deleted. Well I’ve been waiting over a week, and the driver’s license photo “expired” a second time. And the copy of a bill from my address is still pending. Instead I went with kraken and was good to go in 3 days. This app and the company that runs it is a time waster. Avoid..Version: 2.3.0

Criminally ineptThey rejected a deposit of mine and then a day later was in my pending transactions to my bank under a different company name. I cancelled it since after my deposit was rejected I used it elsewhere. I had about $8000 in crypto in that account already however, and they deactivated my ability to access those funds. I started 5 support tickets without getting a response. Finally through their Twitter account someone got in touch with me, but they still will not reactivate my account claiming I owe them 1000 which I do not. Regardless now I’m trying to deposit the 1000 so I can access the 8000, and I no longer have that ability either. If I am ever able to access my funds I will not use them ever again and would not recommend anyone else does either. Also no phone support. No way the positive reviews are on here are real as all recent reviews have same type of issues as mine..Version: 2.3.2

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