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Copper - Kids & Teen Banking App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Copper - Kids & Teen Banking app received 23 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Copper - Kids & Teen Banking? Can you share your negative thoughts about copper - kids & teen banking?

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Copper - Kids & Teen Banking for Negative User Reviews

Do not get this app they will screw you overI’ve been using copper a little over a year and haven’t had too many problems with it until a transaction came through for 94$ and it put my account in negative , I’ve tried contacting copper and no response. It said it was taken from Apple Cash but my Apple Cash is shut down and can’t send or receive money. Apple Pay support said they saw no transactions and that my bank had to fix it . Copper just keeps ignoring me and doesn’t even have a actual support number. Save yourself the trouble and use your local bank ..Version: 3.17.0

Everything was fine until …Everything was fine until card was lost for the first time and 3 months later still no replacement card. I contacted customer support on numerous occasions and they keep regenerating a new number in hopes of a replacement card finally showing up in the mail. They have no phone support so everything is via email. That is the main reason people sign up for this app in the first place, a card for their child. Whoever is reading this, if you think your child will not lose their card think again. When that happens if you need a replacement card, I truly wish you the best of luck..Version: 4.0.0

Please don’t use this banking systemWhen I first got copper I was so excited! But as time went on I realized one of two things, this card keeps failing almost every time I try to pay for things. And the register person will say that it failed, then the money will still be taken from my account and it will say pending for a while. And eventually transaction failed. But my money is still gone and it has only once come back to my account. Or I pay for something online and it says pending, then it will say transaction failed and somtime so sufficient funds if at the moment( when I first orders the thing) I had enough money, but now I don’t. And I never get the money back, I have wasted hundreds of dollars from using this card. So please don’t get it..Version: 3.17.0

ScamI set up the account and it wanted me to transfer some money, I did. I never received the card. The email not just keeps asking if I still need assistance even though I have replied several times. Then I get an email that my account was closed due to violation of terms and conditions, which I was trying to close the account and get my refund anyway. But the account is closed, I have no response about my refund and there’s no actual person to speak with to resolve this. And the only response I will get here “please contact us at this email”. Oh, you mean the one that won’t respond to me responses. Ok, will do. Awesome job on worst customer service ever and scamming people..Version: 4.3.0

Do not let your teen use thisM sons card was compromised and was charged 4 times for an amount over $200. No direct customer service number until you rrrach the highest escalation. After finding out they are backed by another bank (Synapse) they looked through the charges and deemed them not fraudulent so he won’t get any of the money back. Almost $1000 and that means a ton to him. I have never seen such terrible service or lack of communication in the banking space. Garbage at a minimum. Seriously do not waste your time or your teens time..Version: 4.0.0

Almost perfectThis app is perfect for what I need it for - a bank like card for my teen that I can easily send money through with no extra charges or hidden fees. The problem is I have three teens I’d like to sign up and unlike the stereotype Copper believes must exist for teens I do not have a cell number for each one. So make a note that you must have a DIFFERENT cell phone number for every teen/child you add. So no iPad or iPhones on WiFi are going to work unless you have a number for it. Big bummer or it would be a five star for me!.Version: 3.12.0

HORRIBLE READ BEFORE STARTING!!Recently it was my birthday & my mom signed me up for copper so I can start a little savings just because I turned 15 & soon I’ll be able to have a actual savings account ! My mom deposited 30$ In my account so I bought bath & body works dor pick up right? HERE IS THE WEIRD THING the copper thing kept my order on hold that has never happened with any other of my cards so I couldn’t get my items ! I couldn’t buy anything now my card is “info unavailable” & I can’t see my card info this whole app is a scam!! If I could rate it 0 stars I would ! The support team is trash YOU CANT EVEN CALL ANYONE YOU HAVE TO LITERALLY JUST EMAIL & THEY TAKE FOREVER???.Version: 3.16.0

Do not recommendThis banking system is terrible they constantly need fixing they don’t even have a proper number for support. And if you need a new card. You only get 2 in a 3 month period you can’t even buy a new one there is no option. So if you have adhd and lose your card often well your out of luck. Definitely not inclusive I wish I could give this bank zero stars. So If your a teen and need banking cash app is a way better option..Version: 3.17.0

Probably a scam?I used the app And while making my account they asked somewhat small personal questions about where I attend to school? And it’s also very buggy, and I was just stuck on some white screen for about 1 minute. Don’t really know if this is a scam but for now I wouldn’t recommend it until I get real info about how the app works.Version: 4.4.1

Terrible experienceMy kids school recommended this app and even said my kids get $15 if I follow their link and activate an account for them. I did and added my two other children. I tried several times to add my bank account and cc’s but was unsuccessful. Out of no where I get an email saying I violated their policy and they immediately closed my account. I have been back and forth with customer service they can’t tell me what I did to violate their policy but they did state I can never open an account with them again. They have also not given any clarity on releasing my kids money. This is a total and complete scam and their are so many options other than copper that are so much better..Version: 4.2.0

Terrible customer serviceTried to set up for my daughter. We are currently using Greenlight and was introduced to the app in her class. I downloaded the app and tried to set it up with the intent to switch from Greenlight to Copper. Apparently there was a problem verifying my data 😧and they were unable to set up the account. So I tried to get some assistance. All correspondence is done via email and bot responses. So I can not find out what is missing and fix it. Btw I have excellent credit, multiple bank accounts, my daughter is on my credit cards, I am a US citizen, submitted a photo of my drivers license. I have never had a problem being verified for a bank account. So obviously there is a simple mistake on the app. But again. There is no one to call to resolve. Only bot email and chat..Version: 4.1.0

Zero customer service. Don’t bother with this serviceI got copper months and months ago. Since then I have been trying to get my two kids their cards. They never arrived. Good luck trying to get customer service to contact you. They have a dysfunctional AI that asks you a ton of questions and tricks you into thinking someone will contact you. Then they say you will get an email within 12 hours. Never happened. Don’t bother with this app. A great disappointment.Version: 4.3.0

Terrible appFirstly the app, it is a very basic app with the bare minimum of features and options to do anything. Secondly, my daughter lost her phone so lost access. We tried to get back into the account, but were unable to do so. Sent a message to the company to get it restored and they didn’t even respond! So now I have a useless card with money on it and an account she can’t get into! Very upset with this company!.Version: 3.15.2

Please just go with a regular bank, one with in person branches!I really hate copper, like it was really, really great in the beginning, but I had to move my money into a Chase account because their app got really buggy. First it was the taking forever to get allowance, then sending allowance several times in a day, now allowing charges to take the account into the negatives when it previously did not allow it to do that My recommendation? Go to an actual bank, with real branches that you can go in person to to deposit and withdraw money. Banks like Chase and Truist (Merger between SunTrust and BB&T) will always have someone waiting in line and have 24/7 phone customer service just in case something goes wrong..Version: 3.17.0

Unsettling experienceI had an unsettling issue with my account and when I tried to get in touch with customer service, they wouldn’t answer my questions about my account and so I’m not sure if someone hacked into it and now I’m very nervous about the information I entered. I can’t get anyone to reply and there’s definitely no number to call. So I guess this app is fine unless you have any concerns about entering all of your valuable information into one place but never being able to get any answers about a potential breach..Version: 3.16.0

My issue is with linking accountsI used this app because my daughter was going out of town and she could have some kind of an account without having a wad of cash. Ok so I link to my credit union on May 25. I understand Memorial Day weekend was coming up but the funds are still in transfer from my credit union. There were two full business days before the weekend, don’t get me started about Saturday not being a business day but as of today the funds are still in transfer. But no problem transferring from my debit card that includes a fee, that is instantaneous! I understand the app needs to make money but come on man!.Version: 3.16.0

Giant headache and garbage appYou cannot transfer money out of this account at any time, for any reason, only in. You cannot call customer service, no phone number exists. Trying to resolve issues via email is useless and ineffective. As soon as I figure out how to regain access to this account (it’s been a week and multiple emails back and forth with zero progress) I’ll be closing it. Absolutely terrible. After reading other reviews it’s pretty obvious most of the 5 stars are not real reviews..Version: 3.17.0

Incompetent Support**Updated to add that after not being able to fund my account and zero assistance from customer service, I received an email stating I had violated their Terms of Service and my account was closed and would not be reopened. Unable to add funds to my account so I can transfer to my teen. Transaction continues to mark as failed. Support is unable to assist. They tell me to remove banking information and add manually. Tried it. No difference. Then they suggest hard closing the app - tried it and no difference. It’s continuous back and forth with no progress made..Version: 4.1.0

Copper Card for teens is a scam.Copper cards are meant to safe and convenient for teens but they are completely the opposite. They have multiple issues that need fixing and are also very very limiting. This card company does not give a proper phone number in order to get in contact with the higher ups when you have an issue. The support within the copper app that is supposed to help you can only understand so much. Concerning one transaction that was made while I wasn’t aware, I was never given any information about the money that was taken out. They never explained how the transaction was made while my card was turned off and they didn't give any details on what the transaction was spent on or what location this transaction was made. They only gave me the exact time of the transaction and how much was taken. I wasn’t able to click on this transaction like the rest of them that were previously made and the support was unable to help me look any further into what happened. I would think twice about signing up for a Copper Card because they are no help when it comes to fraudulent activity and are very questionable..Version: 3.15.2

If I could give it a zero I wouldThis app is horrible I got scam because somehow my credit card information that leaked so I cancel it delete it nothing to use anymore get a new one and as soon as I activate it someone already has my new information someone already tried to take money out it is stupid you cannot move your money into a bank account unless you’re over 18 and you cannot move money into your copper account unless you’re over 18 and you can’t withdraw any unless you were over 18 which makes no sense because it’s banking app for teenagers do you know people below 18.Version: 3.11.0

Poor Customer SupportThey say they work with PayPal and Venmo, but it has been nothing but problems trying to get Copper and those two banks connected. When I asked for help via email, the same, unhelpful response was repeated back to me over and over again. When my daughter tried the SMS support option, whoever it was on the other end didn’t bother naming themselves, and then just went radio silent after the initial response. There is no phone number to speak to a live person. There’s a good amount of teen banking competition out there now, Copper. Try harder..Version: 3.0.0

This bank is horribleMy son tried to buy something the card denied it 2 times and could not purchase the items because copper denied them. Than he had no money on his account because the transaction are no pending. The worst part is trying to talk to someone at the bank the only response you can get is through email and says pending transaction will take up to 7 days to fall off so now I’ve either got to pay more fees to instantly transfer money to his account or let him have no money for 7 days of which I’m sure they are making interest in there account...Version: 3.17.0

Won’t explain why….Set my 15yr old daughter up an account it took extra long for her card to come in with her name on it ( she was super excited about that ) When the card did finally arrive we activated it and I transferred her a little bit of money. The next day I checked to see if she has used said money only to find out that the account has been permanently closed citing that we violated the terms of service and if we felt like it was an error to message support. I messaged support to get the same generic closed due to violation of terms. When I advised all we did was open/activate/fund the account how is that a violation??? I was told they do not know it was decided by their compliance team….. so why tell me to message support of support can’t help….. apparently there’s no way to get in touch with compliance to see why either and to top it all off she never got to use the card and my money is still gone/on it!!!!!!.Version: 4.1.0

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