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CardGenie - Sports Cards App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

CardGenie - Sports Cards app received 21 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using CardGenie - Sports Cards? Can you share your negative thoughts about cardgenie - sports cards?

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CardGenie - Sports Cards for Negative User Reviews

Mis leadingThis app has so much potential, but is so far away from where it needs to be to ask people to pay for this app! I really thought I might be able to search cards and find out rough value and previous sales! This is a very low budget app, save your money until they have added a lot more features.Version: 2.0

Not worth moneyApp is impossible to gets cards added to your collection and once you find your card you cannot see the total value of the card unless you buy the premium.. don’t waste your money and I would like a refund please!.Version: 4.8

A lot of promiseI think this all seems amazing except for the manual adding cards process. I'd need a way to say, go to 1980 Topps and check cards off so I can upload my collection of 10k+ cards quickly..Version: 3.3

Better after watching tutorial.After watching the tutorial the app is way easier to understand. I just wish it was easier to find some of the cards to add.Version: 4.8

Awful app very low end not worth the money at all I would like a refund if possibleAwful app very low end not worth the money at all I would like a refund if possible.Version: 4.8

Has flawsHave had the app for two days and the first day it was great. Now the app won’t stay open. I click on the app and it comes up then goes away every time. Has potential to be a five star app if this problem is fixed..Version: 3.0

DisappointedHas like all the link but dosnt actully save me any time. Didn’t find any of the cards, I have a lot of Bowman Prospects and Rookie cards and have to manually type them in honestly would like a refund as I’m not going to use this app. Was hoping their was a one stop app I can type in and find but it just wasn’t that easy have an index but not of my players as you don’t track those stats..Version: 2.6

Very InefficientThis app has many things done correctly, but the required fields and the manner of which cards are added is extremely tedious and could be much more streamlined..Version: 5.0

Keeps CrashingEvery time I click image to get values the app crashes. When you click on completed eBay sales it takes you to eBay’s home page. Might as well save your money and do that from the beginning. This is just an extra step. I love the concept but the execution isn’t great..Version: 5.1

Not worth a monthly feeI paid for the app and then they decided to charge a monthly fee. I will be deleting and just take the loss on the app price. Way better options out there. No thanks!.Version: 4.4

App crashes and doesn’t let me log back inI spent about 4 hours logging cards. I take a 15 minute break, and come back to my phone. All of the things I submitted disappear, and the app doesn’t allow me to log back In. I would really appreciate some help with recovering my account. There is no “forget your password” or any help email..Version: 2.3

Basically just a list you make yourselfI was expecting way for from this paid app. You have to input everything. I was expecting it to have cards linked in and you find and select the ones you have. You have to manually put everything in, take a photo, etc. You might as well use the notepad on your phone..Version: 3.0

Just got app, no data as promisedHello, I really wanted to like this app that is why I just paid the money for it. As I put in my collection details, I did everything required, and at the end when I clicked on my card, it gave me no “genie estimate” or last sold data, rendering this app useless, PLEASE HELP!.Version: 3.5

Great app.Appreciate the video and updates. Have some new takes a long time to enter a card because of so many of the fields being required. Allow the user to put defaults or not have to enter anything. I shouldn’t have to toggle “no” to rookie card or select “ungraded” when the majority of my cards are not rookies or graded. Or perhaps retain the settings from the card last entry at least. I really would like to photo and label the year and brand and move on. Figure out how to speed up that process and it would be so much better. I don’t find the speed finder to be any faster. Sometimes when I select a card from there I just have to redo the information to be like my own and I don’t want the other persons picture. You’re on to something really good. I’d just suggest focusing more on the card entry before developing all the other bells and whistles with links emails and cost analysis. Thanks for hearing my feedback!.Version: 3.4

Don’t pay for lessBig disappointment and waste of money. There are other apps that have an actual card database for free that can help track your collection and value..Version: 5.1

Fantastic app, but lacks some key featuresLove this app for organizing our basketball card collection. Wish it had some additional options when adding, one in particular a line item whether a card is a “refractor” “holo” or “prizm” and or secondary details like Revolution has “astro” “cosmic” “cubic” etc. and Select has “courtside” or “phenomenon” etc. We have been adding these in the comments section within card details. Also, can you please add ability to gesture swipe through “my cards” collection when in detail view (says click picture to view details on ebay) that would be huge! Having to tap “back” each time is not good UX :) Finally, we would love to help redesign the overall design aesthetic of app with you on a future Genie version. Thanks! Glad to support!.Version: 3.4

Great Idea, ProblemI can’t use the search function, as I am left in a never ending loading wheel. It might just be me. I am up to date with the latest IOS..Version: 4.4

Save your $$$Worst app ever... just a search engine that re-directs you to other web sites for information , what a waste of money. Looks like an app my 10yr old could build with a little “google” help on how to build an app for free. Wow... really bad!.Version: 5.1

It’s not terribleIt’s not like this is a bad app. For me it’s just not a great card collecting database. It would be nice to be able to see other people’s cards and add cards to collection via checklist/database created on the app. Having a rather large collection would take a long time to put into the system as you have to go one by one and fill out 8 fields. Having an app like this is trying to build a community in my mind but you aren’t able to see anything or anybody else’s collection so it’s literally just for you and no one else. Which is fine but I want to transition away from Facebook to an app that allows that and this does not accomplish that. At the end of the day, this doesn’t do anything for me that I couldn’t do by myself via google docs/sheets and eBay sold comps..Version: 2.6

Completely disappointedVery let down with this app. I watched the tutorial on YT and understand the ins and outs of the app’s features. It’s incredibly lackluster. Very small library of cards to choose from. Inexplicably bad layout. I’d be disappointed if this was free even. But to pay $3 or $4 on this thing? Not worth it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you..Version: 3.1

WasteThis app here I got it Bc I thought it would scan my cards tell me the price and keep track of what cards are good to sell but no you have to type in everything for the card set a price dosent tell you how much it is just keeps track of what you sell.Version: 4.6

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