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DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino app received 58 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino? Can you share your negative thoughts about draftkings sportsbook & casino?

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DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino for Negative User Reviews

Can’t submit a deposit in OntarioAfter going through hoops to verify my location and identity, DraftKings kept giving me an error message on the deposit page..Version: 3.28.1

SCAM!! JOKE!! RIGGED!!So obviously Draftkings isn’t in the business to give handouts and they obviously have the rules VERY TWISTED in their favor. They even explain that in super small text in their rules and I can still get by that. what I can’t get by is the freaking SCAM of a Cash Out option they have with their bets. So I know that the rules state that Draftkings can pull the cash out option any time they want I understand that. What I have a HUGE PROBLEM with is that when the the cash out option is available you can click on it and it will “load” “load” “load” even with 5 bars of service and then will just just go back to Cash Out. What Draftkings does I have noticed on big bets normally anything over $50 bets it glitches on the Cash Out button so you can never cash out. Now I wanna know why have a Cash Out option if you are not gonna freaking HONOR IT! I have screenshots of my page where I clicked cash out with the time on the top of the screenshot then three or four minutes later say Cashing Out still with another screenshot with the time on it. I then showed this to customer service and they refused to listen to me SCAM!!!.Version: 2.53.0

Worst Sportsbook in OntarioCustomer service is a complete joke here. I sent 100$ etransfer the other day and it was accepted by the third party merchant they use for transactions but never added to my account. I than waited a few days waiting for a refund and never got one. After two days of being told the same generic messages from customer service and no direction to contact the third party, I was left stranded until I was directed by the AGCO that it may be held by a third party. You would think there would be some kind of communication between the two and some knowledge from customer service to direct you to speak to them. What a headache this has been. It has now been 3 days of this and still no refund. Save yourself the headache and try other sites available. Ps. Another note to make is that if you hope for any loyalty program or good promotions forget it, you won’t see any bonuses or decent promotions. Most you get is a 33% boost on parlays sometimes. Not like a bet365 where if you are loyal you get a good 10$ credit at least once a month. Wanted to keep the money in Ontario but I am moving back to that site..Version: 4.15.1

Bring Back UFCI am not enjoying this now that I cannot bet on UFC fights.Version: 4.4.1

Pretty dope sports bookSo far it’s a pretty dope sports book, I really like the whole social aspect integrated into the app where we can post and easily tail other beta people post , my biggest issue is the app stability and that it’s kind of sluggish , also the lack of same game parlay+ , It’s coo you have SGP but It’s missing the ability to build parlays between multiple games. Or at least I haven’t found the option if it exist , also the withdraw and deposit options are kind of limited , it’s 2022 why is check even an option, at the minimum we should have cash withdraw options at a 7-11 or some other store. Lastly the line options are kind of limiting , granted the odds are better then most other sports books ie FanDuel , but that also makes it harder to win. I’m really hoping these few things are working on being implemented , I honestly think DK has the capability to be the best in the game..Version: 3.30.2

Bug bug bugPas capable de finaliser la création de mon compte rendu a choisir 4 numéro et sa bug. Sur pc je suis rendu a mettre la localisation et il est pas capable de me localiser . Dombin compliquer tout ça …..Version: 4.11.0

MehApp has a decent interface, odds are good, and it’s easy to use. However, customer service can be suspect. They can be great at times: but if takes more than a day to resolve the situation the situation never gets re corresponded to or resolved..Version: 4.13.0

Not worth itI’ve lost $1200 to the casino I wish I never found this app.Version: 3.36.1

Only good for pregame actionPromos are good and pregame betting is good. App is super slow. Live betting is awful most of the time because most of the games are locked out. I’ve had games locked for all of halftime and all of a quarter. Once the games start, cashout options are very rarely offered. As another example, I’ve taken bets with something like a -150 and a -800 and the -150 bet gets cancelled then can’t cash out my bet that only has the -800 on it. So I ended up betting like 20 to win like 3 or 4 dollars. I’m not trying to do that. I had a $5 bet that was similar to that where the close odds got cancelled and I could win $1. They finally gave me a cashout option when the game was almost over and the team I picked was up a good amount. To recap, live betting isn’t great, app is slow, hardly get cashout options during live games but it has pretty good daily promos. They just updated the app to help fix its speed but it didn’t do much. Hopefully another patch is coming soon. If they could get those issues fixed, it would be a much better app than FanDuel..Version: 3.36.1

Just shows how much they care about you, I mean your money 😂Hi, I’ve used this app ever since it came out. I’ve probably had over $250k in placed wagers on this site for sports betting. Now Live Dealer blackjack is legal in PA I figured I’d give it a go because of the promotion. Now I hit the “stand button” but the site gave me the “surrender” option. I had a 9 to the dealers 3. Why in the world would I surrender. I kindly asked customer support if they could help. And was told “on our records we see no irregularities” and pretty much told me I selected surrender. Now I say to myself ok maybe I did hit the wrong button.... next hand. Bam. Same thing. Now this is where the customer Support thing gets fun. They tell me to fill out this BS investigation form. But ok, I’m only wagering $40 at this point so I couldn’t care less. But it’s the fact that I know many people out there can only afford to bet $1-$5 hands at a time. Also, if you can’t fix a simple bug and want your players to fill out a form that they will contact you back in 48 hours after it’s reviewed, why run this business. And if they treated me, a long term Sportsbook user that’s wagered over half a mil like a piece of dust under their blackjack table, imagine what you have coming when their site messes up. Hope that helps..Version: 2.45.0

Ontario!?Cant even sign up from Ontario, Canada!.Version: 4.14.0

Terrible. If I could give it a zero, I wouldTL:DR the app constantly logs you out and doesn’t work. Finally got fed up enough to rant into the void that is an App Store review I have never written a review for an app before because, generally, they work as expected. This terrible, infuriating app has forced me to warn others to not use it unless you enjoy being constantly logged out and unable to bet - you know, the entire point of the app. For the last few months the app has been completely unusable (I know I am also not alone in this issue, to varying degrees). I have made sure the app is up to date and deleted and reinstalled it, all to no avail. I cannot bet on the app (and, yes, I’m in a state where gambling is legal). I enjoy live betting, so when the app was working, I’ll admit I would be on it quite a bit to keep up with live pricing. I haven’t lost a significant amount of money nor do I bet in big amounts/a lot, so there should be no reason the app should have excluded me and can only conclude the app is buggy. I have previous experience with legal sports betting having lived in Europe and never had any of these problems. I’m going to switch to Fanduel..Version: 3.29.0

Do Not Play DK BlackjackThere isn’t a single chance the casino is not rigged. Anytime I gain ground the Algorithm kicks in and flatlines Me. I think It’s only a matter of time before their algorithm system gets proven to be illegal. In blackjack you will eventually have a nice run. You’ll bounce up and down for a bit and then the computer will undoubtedly come back to hammer you into oblivion. It will hurt your soul every time because you’ll be left thinking there’s no way that was possible if it truly deals random cards. Sadly you’ll be correct in thinking this. At that moment I hope you go to the AppStore and write a review of your experience with the algorithm system tracking the way you play and using that as a way to decide how to deal cards. If someone could tell me how the casino is truly random and not tracking your play I think a lot of people would love to hear it. However I will say Sports betting is nice, and is my favorite platform. The odds on same game parlays have gone wayyy down from where they used to be though, and that’s frustrating. In my opinion same game parlay odds aren’t even worth betting anymore. The promos and Sportsbook platform are pretty great though..Version: 4.11.0

It doesn’t workI’m sitting in a casino in Las Vegas and the app tells me I’m in a prohibited location and won’t let me bet. I followed the instructions and closed all other apps, disabled my vpn, and turned location on. It just doesn’t work. An incredible waste of time. Update… draft kings responded and apparently Nevada doesn’t allow draft kings to do sports gambling. But in typical fashion, instead of just telling me that in the response, or better yet, having a pop up that tells me it’s illegal in the app, they have an app that just doesn’t work so I spend ten minutes trying to figure out how to make it work when it’s never going to. And instead of just telling me that in their response to my negative review, they make me click 2 links and find it in the print. I played daily fantasy for a few years, and this is about what you can expect from DK. Just a terrible company. Don’t get me wrong, all gambling apps/sites are terrible companies run by terrible people. But I doubt I’ll ever use the DK Sportsbook if gambling becomes legal in California..Version: 3.36.0

Cannot be used in CanadaHi Draftkings, various sources online say your app is available for use in Canada, but I downloaded it and tried to use it but I don’t receive any options to input Canadian information. Things like SIN, Canadian home addresses and Canadian provinces cannot be found upon sign up. So how can I use the app while I’m in Canada?.Version: 4.16.1

Not reliable at all, save yourself the stress and use a different appTheir deposit feature is absolute crap. I’ve had this app for 2 weeks and the deposit feature has broken down on me 4 times. My account is currently locked because money is missing from my bank account but it is not registered on my DraftKings account. This leads to my other complaint, customer service. My account has been locked for a full week, it took customer service 3 full days to respond to my initial inquiry and they have yet to respond to the info I’ve given them. I’ve also had 3 other issues I’ve tried to address to their support system and nothing has been resolved. I’ve even received generic-bot like responses from support that have had 0 relation to the issue I reported. Update: I ended up losing $3,000 dollars and customer support never responded to me. The only time I heard from customer support was 5 months after the issue when the announced my account was unlocked. I will NEVER recommend this app go use Fan Duel..Version: 3.15.0

Thieves!I do not know how these thieves could have 4.8 out of 5 stars. I’m sure these reviews are rigged in the same way the app is. They are good at letting you win a little and then taking 5x what you won. There is no possible way these games are regulated or monitored as closely as they should be. You can literally feel how fake it is when you’re playing slots and you’re betting $4 per spin and get no bonus whatsoever and then all of a sudden you drop the bet down to 20 cents and magically the first spin on minimum bet is a bonus because they just took $500 in $4 bets from you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced these types of things. I also see tons of negative comments about the location services and connectivity of the app and they are 100% accurate and probably part of their scheme to defraud people. If I’m playing a slot for awhile and I feel as though I should be “due” for some kind of bonus or feature it disconnects me and says I’m not in the right geolocation (which resets the game) even though they just verified my geolocation minutes earlier!! Guess what Fraud Kings!? I don’t have a tele-porter. I hope these guys are found out soon and go under just like the whole Pokerstar’s situation years ago..Version: 3.14.0

Horrendous experiencePerhaps all the degenerate gamblers are too money hungry to notice the horrible functionality of this app (hence the good reviews DraftKings is somehow receiving) but I’ve had nothing but trouble. First with depositing issues, Second with opt-in issues for first time players, and now lastly with withdrawal issues. The customer service team is clueless. I requested the withdrawal and I got an email that said it was under review.. 3 days later nothing. No email, no update. So I reached out and they say I need to deposit $5 more to verify my bank account… the money deposits in my account with no issue and I’m still not having the option to withdraw to my bank account. Then they tell me I have a geolocation issue and that’s why my withdrawal was denied. They say it’s because they have to be able to confirm my location due to federal regulations… funny because they have no problem taking my money… so I’m really finding it hard to believe that they can take my money without issue but they can’t give it back. Garbage experience, and besides gambling at your fingertips 24/7 is a dangerous thing. I’m out, thanks for nothing DraftKings degenerate gambler enablers..Version: 3.17.0

Worst Customer ServiceBeen using DK for close to a year now and sports betting across books for nearly 3 years. DK had the best potions and alternative markets. However, by far the worst customer service support team. My account has been locked for over two weeks now and I haven’t been reached by anybody from DraftKings with updates, reasons, or procedures to fix this matter. I can’t access my money, all my betting credits have expired now. I normally use 365, fanduel and draftkings, but draftkings is by far the worst when it comes to customer service. I suggest keeping away from this book until they resolve this poor line of communication. DK if you’re reading this please reach out to me as I’ve tried seven times already..Version: 4.16.1

Draftkings activity defrauds their customersSeveral months ago they removed the ability to create parley bets for games, forcing betters to use their new “same game parley.” You’d expect it to essentially be the same thing, but it’s just a cover for how they rob their betters. When you make a parley, the odds are supposed to be multiplied together, for example if I parley two bets both with 1.5 decimal bets the parley should be 2.25. Nope, the calculators at drafkings apparently don’t work very well because they will never give you the correct odds, and you will always be given less. It may not seem like a big deal but consider they do this to every single better and their parleys, it adds up. They are defrauding millions of people every time they don’t actually pay out the actual amount they are owed. Edit: wow they sure did get mad and write a whole lot of nothing justifying them breaking the law. Make sure you check the numbers folks, they will fraud you on every single penny they can. They love giving you “free 25% profit boosts” on bets, make sure you bring a calculator folks because a 25% boost of a 1.5 bet surely isn’t the 1.6 they’ll show you. I’d recommend using literally any other sportsbook that isn’t actively defrauding their customers every single chance they can..Version: 3.28.0

Complaint filed with the better business bureauFor about 2 years I was loyal draft kings user. This ended about 3 weeks ago when I attempted to withdrawal. My withdrawal was canceled and I received an email the next day saying my withdrawal was canceled and in order to withdrawal I would need to email the company back starting that I would use the same method to withdrawal that I used to deposit and I was also required to provide an explanation of why I cashed out early on a $250 bet on the Cowboys/Steelers game from November 8th, 2020 (that I wound up cashing out after an $85 loss). I emailed back saying I had no problem withdrawing using my original deposit method and also providing an explanation of why I cashed out. To date, I have gotten no response from draft kings despite following up on my emails as well as sending messages to customer service directly on the app. About a week ago I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau. Zero response from this company to a customer trying to do a withdrawal of their own money? Something doesn’t seem right. I’m not sure how this is legal to not allow withdrawals and not respond to your customer. Use another Sportsbook everyone. I know I will..Version: 2.47.0

SupportI truly have enjoyed dragons for a decade now beginning with Fantasy and now with the sports book as a live in Ontario Canada we’re not allowed to use the Fantasy side but I will say customer support could be greatly improved if you were communicating with the same person instead of five different people every time you reply someone different will reply back in my case I would love to deposit Nobody is willing to communicate with me and guide me through manually for some reason I cannot deposit but I would love to.Version: 4.11.0

Horrible ServiceLast summer I had a bet settle as a win and I was given the winnings. The next day I realized DraftKings had gone back and actually taken the money away. I asked them about this and they told me that the bet wasn’t supposed to be up and it was a mistake on their end. This past weekend I meant to put in a prop bet. I usually wager between $10-$30, nothing crazy. Instead of hitting 3 0, I accidentally hit the +100 above the 3, and the 8 instead of the 0. Realizing this wasn’t right I went to delete the number but when I tried hitting the X, it entered the bet anyway. The ticket was for $1,008. I have never come close to betting anything like this and I immediately panicked. I messaged Draftkings through both email and Twitter. Email told me there was nothing they could do and to try and cash out (which was not an option.) Twitter told me to let them know if it ended up losing. Of course it lost, and when I told them this they gave me a “$100 free bet.” I don’t see how $100 in site credit comes even close to $1,008. I think it’s insane that when DrAftKings makes a mistake, they won’t hesitate to go back and take money away from you, however if you ever make a clear mistake, oh well. They have 76 commercials a day about responsible gambling, but when one of their users that has used the app for years makes an honest mistake, they have no problem watching them lose way more than they could afford. A horrible experience that I’ll always remember..Version: 3.24.0

Don’t waste your time and moneySimply put , I’ve been depositing and playing through DraftKings. The minute I win a decent amount and try to withdraw they place restrictions on my account. A month of emailing back and forth they unlocked my account which I then went to withdraw my money and BOOM my accounts restricted again. They emailed me after a week saying they account is unlocked and all red flags are gone so I log in to withdraw and of course the account is still restricted! I have $3000.00 sitting there which I can do nothing with. Customer service is HORRIBLE to say the least. Go through fanduel or OLG DraftKings is horrible and their customer service reps shouldn’t even be allowed to work they don’t know there left to right ..Version: 4.13.1

A pain to deal withI took the new player offer and deposited $25. The offer was to place a bet of $5 and if it hits you win $200 in bonus bets. Well my bet hit and I used a couple of those bonus bets on March madness underdogs and made around $200 dollars of withdraw-able money. Here is where my issues arose. First I had to verify a payment method to withdraw so I used my debit card to withdraw. Well that didn’t work and they told me my card was invalid. Then I deposited money with my pay pal so I could withdraw to that. Well now they want ID verified. So I send a picture of my license and they tell me all good. I go to withdraw again and now they want picture of ID with me holding it next to my face, proof of address. Proof of bank account info, proof that the pay pal account is mine, and an explanation for why I deposited money only to withdraw it without playing( which I did to get my card verified) and they still won’t let me withdraw. They don’t want you to win and take money so they make it near impossible. Just use mgm, I have never had a single issue getting my money out of it..Version: 4.11.0

I am locked out and can’t get back inWhen signing up in Maryland to place bets Monday while the app was doing testing here and before the app went live I signed up for an account, won 2 of 3 bets and was logged out for the night. Went to sign in yesterday and forgot the password I used and was locked out after a few tries. Problem is I can’t get back in. The email I entered was one letter off from the correct email and I realized it and emailed support nearly 10 hours ago with no response. I just figured out I would try a work around which was to sign up for the errant yahoo email account and reset the password only DK hasn’t emailed the reset instructions. Is this a scam way to take my money I deposited or what? For a site that I would think would want me to bet and lose my money I’d think it would work a bit better and would have avoided the errant email by having me enter it twice and maybe have other options for password reset other than wait forever for support to help me. This is frustrating and will definitely be trying other betting apps that hopefully work way better.Version: 4.4.0

Shady businessI have never had issues with betting money. I just recently started this last year and was using DraftKings but you for sure lost a customer today. There was a bet they were offering in which they randomly set my limit for 10 but my buddies all had limits if 25. Now I’m not a large better and I don’t bet every day so it didn’t make any sense why I would have a limit personally set so I decided to reach out and got nothing but the absolute run around from Joseph (their player advocate). My answer from them was well our trading team is who’s does that so sorry I can’t give you any more information. So you don’t have an issue taking my money when I deposit or literally any other time but you decide to draw the line when you have to pay a little back. It’s poor business practices and it’s shady and makes no sense why you couldn’t provide information to make it make sense. You can be sure that if this is how they treat their customers I will do everything I can to reach the people I know on social media and make as many posts as I can online to make people aware of DraftKings shady business practices and atrocious customer service. Feels like if DraftKings is collecting, they want their name out there loud and proud but as soon as something shady happens, they dish it off to the trading team and provide zero information. Pathetic way to do business with people who use your site..Version: 4.3.0

Checks in the MailI have had this account for a while and decided to quit watching sports when they went woke, so recently I finally signed back on to try casino option because I have MGM and Fan Duel apps for casino play already. Almost 2 weeks ago my wife and I played all 3 apps did very well and cashed pretty good money out of all 3 casino apps. Now MGM paid me approx. 30 minutes later the money was put in my bank account and FanDuel put my money in my account approx. 7 minutes later, my point is it’s almost 2 weeks later and still waiting on my check from Draft Kings this is unacceptable and they use the USPS to deliver their checks and we all know how reliable the Post Office is now-a-days(sarcastic) guys it’s 21st century get with the times Draft Kings I opened accounts with these other companies never had to jump through hoops to get my money put in my account it’s pretty much automatic. This will definitely keep me from depositing money in my Draft Kings account also in my opinion you guy should add more slots machines to app especially more of the popular slots. Now I’m sure you guys will have some snarky reply that will try to make it sound like my fault but I have no problems on any other betting app. Thank you for reading…..Version: 4.10.1

Good betting app, a few draw backs.The app itself is relatively slow. The profit boosts are nice and unlike anything I’ve ever seen on any other app or site. So that’s a plus. The lag on placing bets etc is a bit annoying, but it’s understandable. The UI is nice and the social hub is a huge plus and extremely underrated. Here is where my issue with DK lies: There is no withdrawal option besides a paper check. They show PayPal as an option, but it doesn’t work because PayPal doesn’t allow any transactions through any gambling sites. It also doesn’t work on Fan Duel, but Fan Duel has 5 or 6 different withdrawal options including Venmo. DK knows that you don’t want to withdraw those funds as a bettor, because you don’t want to screw up your bankroll god forbid you have a bad day, and then have to wait 5-7 business days to get your check in the mail, deposit it and then deposit the money back into your DK account. Which forces the bettor to keep the funds in the account for a much longer time. I understand the business tactic, but it legitimately drives business away from the site. I can personally survive without worrying about if I take too much out of my account. But I don’t think many people who bet on DK are happy with that..Version: 3.24.0

Horrible customer serviceHorrible customer service numerous issues on site when you reach out to inquire you get no response for weeks at a time if ever they are of little help in fixing the problem very rude and unprofessional overall they have one of the worst customer service teams I have ever seen I’ve had issues on the site that included not receiving proper payment for my winnings missing permotional payouts including most recently mamba permotional which is a 60 dollar free bet I recently won a small pot of a few hundred dollars took a week to get my money and as a result they blocked access on my account to the games I won on really strange and unprofessional I’m currently missing over 200 slot games from my app strange right accept that I’ve checked a few of my friends accounts and none have limited access is it cause I won so now I’m blocked wish I could say unfortunately they won’t respond to explain or fix the issue be very careful when useing this site keep track of all winners screen shot all permotions you opt into and please if you have some of the same issues immediately leave negative feedback which will force them to take the necessary steps to correct the problems and improve not only customer service and how the interact with customer but the many issues overall.Version: 2.40.1

RiggedThat’s right! This thing is rigged! I understand gambling is a risk and you take the chance but they will do nothing to help you even if you’re in the right! Multiple times I had to email about bets that actually happened when they claimed they didn’t to get my winnings, as well as if you bet on a player and they get hurt you lose your money no matter when it happens. There’s even been instances where they “fact check “ a game 4 days later and take winning bets they paid you back!!! That’s their error and should now be allowed to dip into your money! The casino is even more rigged.... 500 hands of blackjack.... 97% of the time the dealer makes 20 or 21 , you have absolutely no chance of winning. Slots never pay and if they do you have to dump $2000 into them to break even. Winnings are predetermined before you spin.... I can guarantee this because my Money would go up or down before the spin even finished dialing in on my screen! Roulette is as rigged as they come. If you want to risk your money take it to a real casino where your odds are unfortunately better. REPEAT don’t waste you money with their “free” ideas you will regret it!.Version: 2.43.0

The REAL scoopI use 5 sportsbook DraftKings is by the worst for betting. Fox, WilliamHill,Fanduel, PointsBet ALL give you way better odds on the underdog and the favorite, as well as prop bets. And it’s not close. The only thing that is solid is there Casino. When it comes to sports betting there lines are by far THE WORST, and the customer service is not what you expect from a sportsbook the advertises themselves like crazy. The promotional/boost bets that DraftKings gives you always has something sneaking(example) Risk free bet all main card fight but then they will make not all main card fights eligible. While other books make things super simple, and give the same exact boost and promotions without the bait and switch. Hopefully this helps those looking to sports bet, in short unless you play at the Casino you are doing your money a HUGE GROSS disservice by using Draftkings to bet sports their lines are super juiced compared to other sports book. Daily fantasy and casino is why they get two stars if it was just a sportsbook rating would be worse.Version: 2.33.0

Money talksBeen using DK since the daily fantasy days and was quick to use them one it was legal in my state. If you spend, they will offer. By spend I mean make sure there is a comma in your bets on a weekly basis. If you don’t have that kind of bankroll don’t expect much from promos aside from $10 max bets. A win is a win but they love to limit those. Another pro tip is to never complain to customer service ever, for anything, at anytime, for any reason, no matter what, not even at all, don’t even think it it your head. I was getting boosts with a max bet of $250 or higher. The early NFL season promo of up by 7 points for an instant winner did me in. Bet the titans moneyline and they went up by 7. The bet didn’t pay as advertised. FIVE DAYS later, after 10+ e-mails, 4 requests for a phone call, and none of the above being answered, I was paid from a live support agent, which they no longer offer. Ever since then my promo offers are $10 max. Asked support how to increase my promo offers and was told “These are factors out of our control that we cannot elaborate on”. TLDR: Decent book but do not expect anything besides sub par/non existent offers/customer service unless you spend LARGE amounts of money..Version: 4.6.1

Horrible customer service and verification processI recently decided after Ohio finally legalized betting, to try out this app. I was partially influenced by the Kevin Hart commercials but quickly learned that none of it was legit. There is a verification process, that validated you to gamble, after that there should be no additional verification, unless you have a garage process (hint). After I won and decided to withdraw my winnings, all of a sudden I needed to prove who I am. I sent a picture of my ID, a picture of my face, a bank statement, IRS form and a letter from the state. All total violations of my privacy. Still, they have my account froze: can’t bet or access my winnings and there’s literally no one to talk to. Just a bunch of dumb emails back and forth where they keep rejecting or collecting my personal information. I’m not sure which at this point. Either way, they have my money I deposited and my winnings & apparently don’t plan on releasing it. Please gamble elsewhere. I have plenty of friends who have no problems on other betting sites. I should’ve listened to them and not Kevin Hart. If you insist on betting, it’s safer in a dark alley among thieves and criminals than here..Version: 4.7.1

Zero chance it has a real ratingSort the reviews by most recent, scroll down, and then you tell me how this has a 4.8 rating. Trust what you’re reading. Live bets are the absolute worst. They consistently lower your odds while the bet is “processing” to give you a worse payout. Or they use the “processing” time to let odds swing further in their favor and they lock you into the old odds to their advantage. But also their policy is once you press submit for a bet, you’re locked in for the bet. If that’s the policy, why don’t they guarantee the odds that were listed when submit was pressed? Or how about if you’re selective about taking bets during the processing time, you allow the user to cancel a bet during that time? Because then they couldn’t scam you and rake every last little drop of money they can get. Their marketing and customer acquisition costs are through the roof and they rip you off to pay for it. Their customer support is a bunch of robots masquerading as humans, and the CEO and founders are bags—read about them. Spend your money with companies that can uphold fair business practices. Across the board, Draftkings is toxic..Version: 3.4.0

Great app but beware.I loved this app. It feels stable so kudos to the developers. Unfortunately as a software engineer myself there are plenty of observable patterns that hints at your profile progressively and noticeably making it nearly impossible for you to have a chance of winning. For the first couple of days you will win a lot. I managed to turn $250 into $5,000. Slots machines and blackjack feel like you have a chance. This is how they get you. Then you you start loosing but not like all the time. Sort of balanced.... but then you can try the slots and hitting 100 times and getting nothing. Then it gets really bad. Bad as in blackjack giving the house 10 and aces 8-10 times in a row while you get 13s-14s and busts as you see all you money bleeding out. Then you start questioning yourself... put more and more money. Remove the app a few times and re-install... because maybe.. just maybe it was you. Down 2-3k later you are here writing a review to help others manage their expectations. Give it a shot; you will see what I mean..Version: 3.3.1

Customer support is terribleThe app itself is great everything you want in a sportsbook and casino app. But the customer support is by far some of the worst I’ve ever experienced as a consumer. If you get a restriction on your account, which by the way I’ve had 3 now, you have to appeal it to customer support, there’s no line to talk on the phone with them either so it’s all through email, and to give you an idea of how long it takes I submitted my appeal to them 28 hours ago and the only thing I got was an email saying they’re working very hard and “fast” to get the restrictions pulled. And it’s still not pulled. They even add a little salt saying “we know restrictions can be frustrating”. The app itself is great but the customer support and their whole restrictions thing is terrible. FanDuel is basically the same and I haven’t had any restrictions yet on their app. I can’t compare customer support experiences cause I haven’t had to talk to FanDuel customer support..Version: 4.8.0

More like Draft Princess (sorry to any princesses out there)If you are someone that will stick with DK for a while and maybe even get into VIP status, do not expect great bonus rewards or any better assistance. They do not care how much $ you spend, overall you’re still just a number. They rope you into big contests like “Legend Series”, but you quickly realize to even win 500 DK dollars you’ll have to spend thousands just to rank in the contest. It would’ve been better if you never put the money in there in the first place. It’s so skewed in their favor that I’d argue they’re almost strictly operating off of new customers right now, because anyone that sticks around for a while sees exactly what their deal is. Trust me, this is coming from someone with experience. You will likely get lucky in the casino or Sportsbook at some point over the course of a year, but it will never outweigh what you put in, and if you have any issues, don’t expect DK to help you out with a VIP bonus that actually matters, not even a little, regardless how much money you put in..Version: 2.53.0

Howdy NeighbourStill waiting for someone from DK and the USA to understand that Canada, an entire country, is made up of more than just Ontario, a province and Toronto, which is one city. Would love to use the app but simply cant because of geography..Version: 4.16.1

🌟Hi! If you wаnt to рlay in bеst sportsbook, enter betus10. com in Google search, bet on sports or cyber sports, instant deposit and withdrawal, I have already withdrawn $ 888 in a week... Draftkings itself is relatively slow. The profit boosts are nice and unlike anything I’ve ever seen on any other app or site. So that’s a plus. The lag on placing bets etc is a bit annoying, but it’s understandable. The UI is nice and the social hub is a huge plus and extremely underrated. Here is where my issue with DK lies: There is no withdrawal option besides a paper check. They show PayPal as an option, but it doesn’t work because PayPal doesn’t allow any transactions through any gambling sites. It also doesn’t work on Fan Duel, but Fan Duel has 5 or 6 different withdrawal options including Venmo. DK knows that you don’t want to withdraw those funds as a bettor, because you don’t want to screw up your bankroll god forbid you have a bad day, and then have to wait 5-7 business days to get your check in the mail, deposit it and then deposit the money back into your DK account. Which forces the bettor to keep the funds in the account for a much longer time. I understand the business tactic, but it legitimately drives business away from the site. I can personally survive without worrying about if I take too much out of my account. But I don’t think many people who bet on DK are happy with that..Version: 4.16.1

ThievesI placed a bet on Kyle Busch to win xfinity race at Charlotte. With the cup race being postponed to the same day he is no longer racing the xfinity race. I contacted dk about getting refunded and they told me after a thorough review it could not be voided and still stands. Are you kidding me? If I bet on Jimmy butler and he doesn’t play the bet is voided. There’s no way you can treat this any differently. Just straight up stealing. And I have a friend who placed a live bet on Larson to win last week. The money came out of his account and reflected in his total in the top right corner. After the race, which Larson won he checks his balance and they did not give him his bet and the money was back in his account as if he never placed the bet. He tried to get this resolved and they told him if he couldn’t prove with a screenshot that he made the bet they wouldn’t refund him. So you have to have to take a screenshot every time you make a bet or they can just say you didn’t place that bet. They are crooks who will take your money and tell you there’s nothing you can do about it..Version: 4.16.1

Stolen moneyIn early 2020 I downloaded the draft kings app and I deposited over $250 , they had some offer about received draft king dollars after depositing a certain amount , once the deposit was complete and I tried to use my money it said my account needed to be verified and that I needed to upload documents . I uploaded my photo ID and never received access to my account . A week later I tired again and uploaded my photo ID and bank statement and still it tells me my account needs to be verified and it won’t let me in my account . I tried contacting customer service they replied weeks later and said to send them my passport and ID and statement. I sent all tat information and they never replied back NOR did they fix the issue ! I wrote to customer service simply asking for my money back since it seems ill never have access to my account, they replied they are working on the issue . It is now September 2021 they have no fixed the issue thier customer service continues to say they are working on it and they have no sent my money back to me ! This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with an app. APPLE should hold Some sort of responsibility that an app on thier App Store is stealing money from customers.Version: 3.14.0

Security is flawedThey restricted my account and asked for documentation. I sent everything they asked for some things twice. Sent them my entire bank statement for the account they requested it from. They rejected my bank statement stating it shows proof of payment from the same exact bank account I sent them which makes no since. Then when I contested the response they said your bank account needs to be submitted in PDF. It was submitted in pdf already contested they said oh we don’t accept your bank because it’s third party. My bank is not third party contested again they stopped responding. Completely fraud. If they don’t want to accept my account they can just say that I sent them more then enough proof that I am the legal owner of this account. Using FanDuel sign up was easy and I actually trust them with my money. My entire office switched to FanDuel after this experience. All I can say is becareful with this app there is something very scammish about their customer service. FanDuel is awesome and legit..Version: 4.14.0

Worst customer service everI had an issue where my new user $200 bonus bets were invisible on my account. I could see them only in the state of RI which is where im from and DK isnt in RI. So when I went to Massachusetts to place my bets it would log me out and then i would have to log back in and my rewards would be gone. So I have $200 in bonus bets sitting in my account that I cannot even use. Tried to email support on 20 different occasions and all the customer service people sent me 1 email saying the bets are in my account. Its almost like they didnt even actually read the emails they sent the same response every single time. I would follow up to try and get them to understand my issue and they just wouldnt answer after sending the first email. I had a much better experience on FanDuel, they offered the same new user bonus and i got it instantly. They also have live support built right into the app and DraftKings you have to contact by email. STAY AWAY FROM DRAFTKINGS AND GO TO FANDUEL, DRAFTKINGS WILL NOT ANSWER YOU WHEN THERES AN ISSUE..Version: 4.11.0

RiggedThis is the wrose casion ever . super rigged . they target players , i play roulette , for example, if you deposit $300 and play roulette out of $300 they will give you like three bats and those are going to be the least amount you placed on a bet just to make believe that they will give you money , also, there were many times I’ve made bets huge on that one single number for a long period of time and as soon as I decide to move from that number next bet this number comes it’s like they’re waiting patiently so k can stop playing on this number. It happens so many times and I know for a fact that it happens to other people all the time this is super rigged casino if you want to lose money this is best app for you. if you want to lose your house play draftking casion , i am 100% you will lose your house . I have all the casinos app and I never write a review in my life . I’m only writing review for this app to save others my humble request to you please dont play this casion it is super rigged . There are many good casinos app out there . all the 5 stat review you see here i am pretty sure they bought it . rigged rigged rigged .. give them 1 star to save others and download orher good casion app , thanks.Version: 4.5.0

Terrible customer service. Switching booksFor the past week every time I make a bet my cash out option goes grey and stays that way until the bet is settled no matter if it’s a single bet or parlay it uses the initial cash out amount (few less dollars than the bet) and the bar stay grey then entire duration of bet no matter how the bet is going so I have reached out MULTIPLE times the past week trying to figure out what’s up. I have deleted and re downloaded the app and it brings up the same grey bar after I log back in after re download. Every time I email all I get back is the terms and conditions for cash out and that they don’t pay any compensation. 1. I never asked for compensation 2. One guy didn’t send me the same automated message and he was basically telling me I was an idiot and didn’t understand how it works. I am a VIP with DraftKings trust me I know how gambling and their app works and something is wrong with mine was just trying to get answers as to why but that is to much to ask for apparently I will be switching books and not returning to DK.Version: 3.9.1

Looks good but technical difficulties galoreTheir apps are increasingly unstable and their offers pay out about half of the time. If there was a better app in PA I would not use DK app. I have to submit 2-3 support tickets a week to get credited and their support wait is several days. It’s easy to forget which support ticket you’re on and forget to follow up. The new live dealer segment is plagued by connection and app issues which is surprising because when I lived in NJ this was not the case. Support for live dealer issues seems to be separate from the main app support. I would not recommend this app for any serious gambling. The live dealer support will tell you that the issues are your fault and your app chooses when to work, when to surrender, when to stay sometimes. It’s a novelty at best to play $1 hands when you’re bored. The best live game is roulette because it’s harder for them to mess it up but these dealers are new so expect the ball to fly off once and not make it 3 times around at least once a session. It’s so south Philly that one time the fire alarm went off and 20 mins later we all lost our bets. It’s comic relief if you’re not betting much. I’m in town on an iPhone 12 with gigabit mesh WiFi..Version: 2.45.0

I get really frustrated!!!I think the app could be greater than it is now. I do have the updated app and the highest speed internet Wi-Fi but this app lags a lot. Also there is a form of deception when betting on tennis. I bet on point by point basis mostly and there are several discrepancies I have like at the beginning of a match there is no option to bet on the the first point. Also if you don’t watch carefully it will do that or put the game that’s being played below the next game. You think you are betting on game 5 but it’s actually game 6. What’s messed up is you are trying to get your bet on so fast because it’s so slow processing the bets that you don’t want to have your bet rejected. I’ve probably had 85% of my winning bets rejected due to how slow this thing works. Sometimes I can log out and log back in to get it to function better. I like being able to bet on the tennis like this because other apps are not fully like this but I just don’t like the deception look and the lagging in bet processing!!! I’ve screenshot a lot of these things and hopefully people will avoid not being deceived….Version: 3.22.1

Horrible customer serviceThis app is good if you plan on never ever reaching customer service or having any issues with the app. However if you ever need to reach customer service there is a huge issue. There is no phone number so you have to email them. Takes 1-5 days for them to answer or they ignore you. Most times they don’t understand or don’t know their own app well enough to answer your questions. If there is a significant issue they have zero idea of what is going on. They offered an nfl parlay insurance promotion. If you lose 1 leg of a 4 leg parlay you will be credited as long it is not a teaser. I made parlay wagers as did my dad using the alternate spreads. We never used teasers and were credited the first 2 times the promotion came out. Then all of a sudden they didn’t credit us and said teasers don’t apply. We didn’t use teasers we were just smart enough to use all their app offers. They have no idea the bet we used and I’ve spent days trying to contact them and explain. Save yourself the hassle and do not use this app. You will eventually get money randomly taken from your account, not get a pay out or some other issue. Then you will spend weeks trying to explain to them their own system to eventually get screwed. Use another sportsbook. Or else you will just regret the hassle..Version: 1.7.0

As soon as you win, they WILL restrict and limit youI’ve been with them since DFS only days. Played a ton. Last year, I won a good amount. Twice, I won a lot on their casino & sportsbook. Which They the proceed to block my account each time. DK also Accuses me of having multiple accounts (I only have 1), playing slots in which was abusive to them (that’s right slots) and I had to upload my ID over & over again. I had a VIP host for a while. Last year and half ago the host and promo offers were great. My new VIP host is a big waste of time. They send all these emails saying I have all amazing offer and promos “at my fingertips.” But when I go to ask the VIP Host, they have nothing. They also are unable to get limit the amount I can wager on sports. They have no answers. There are a ton of other books now, DK only wants new and losing players so I’d definitely play elsewhere. Response: Thats another thing with DraftKings, they just copy and paste answers. I only have 1 account which is why I’m still active. Just heavily limited despite being a VIP that receives emails about all these amazing promos I can get. But I get 0..Version: 4.13.0

Do Not Deposit Here, You Can Not Withdraw!Please do yourself a favor and use reputable sites like Fanduel or Caesars. Not only does draftkings have no phone support, or live support, the email support is absolutely horrendous. If they ever email you back they wom’t even read the email but will give a generic response and leave links to their FAQ. Forget about asking for a call back, its never gonna happen lol. Think their sign on bonus is too good to be true? Thats because it is, “just deposit and bet $5 to win $200 in free bets”, and then once you use the free bets and win any of em, boom account restricted. Want to withdraw? Too bad. Draftkings will ask you to take a selfie with your ID before giving your account back. Simple enough right.. but no, once you submit that info they ask you for propf of address... and on and on and on you get stuck in waiting for responses, having agents asking you for the same information theyve already confirmed of receiving. Not to mention they gave up access to over 60,000 customers personal info, i.e all that personal jnfo theyve been asking for to unrestrict your account, as well as banking info etc. Although their support will tell you “don’t believe third partys” when its literally every news source reporting this. Save youself the headache and use another sportsbook..Version: 4.6.1

Locked out for monthsWorst customer support I have ever experienced. Been trying to unlock account since lastNovember! Cannot get any resolution. No support all kinds of hoops!!.Version: 4.11.0

Very poor functionalityI have never gambled on games or anything so it was all new for me but I was not impressed with the app freezing frequently and a lot of times you place bets on table tennis and all the sudden the game will disappear and shortly after it will say that you have lost so I felt this was unfair because it may just be rigged. They also don’t show live scores on some of the games especially true in table tennis once again. I would not recommend this app to anyone. Be very careful draft kings is not fair with their bets when they make games disappear. They are also very poor with customer service, I emailed them about 4 times before they got back to me and only to tell me we can not help you and asking me to take screenshot of the games that are disappearing I know doesn’t make sense because how can I take a screenshot of something that has disappeared but that is why they are so unfair and very poor customer service. Find other apps to gamble I would never recommend this one to anyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank you, Millet A..Version: 2.43.0

Not working in CanadaIt’s not working in Canada!!.Version: 4.14.0

DK is TRASH, Locked my account for NOTHING.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FANDUEL!!! Draft kings sports book is a horrible app to place bets or gambling online in general, it’s by far the worst stay away from this company, I went through the entire process of creating an account and verifying my Identity, when I originally added 5$ to my draft kings balance with my spouses card i didn’t have an issue trying to update my balance, but two days later, I try to add 5 MORE dollars to my account with the VERY SAME PAYMENT METHOD they locked my da#% account because the name on the card doesn’t match the name on the draft kings account, so they locked and restricted my account and made me send them another selfie along with my ID which is what I did, then after this they proceeded to tell me in my email that I need to submit statements of my spouses payment method with my name and address on it, which I couldn’t provide because the card is not in my name yet this is the payment method I use for online transactions, they wouldn’t unlock my account until I further provided them with SENSITIVE INFORMATION that they have NO BUISNESS SEEING. Worst app ever, HIGHLY recommend FANDUEL, because draft kings also took my 50$ in casino credits that was in my account didn’t reimburse anything to me..Version: 4.14.0

Stay away from this place!!!!!!!They use evolution as their live blackjack dealer, these guys are known for card switching and rigging their decks. Draftkings has completely lost my confidence with nowhere near the RTP the games are supposed to have..Version: 4.5.0

More agitation than satisfactionSigned up for an account online and deposited funds from PayPal. Then I downloaded the App. The App seemed to log me out every time I clicked on something. Then I couldn’t find the funds I transferred from PayPal. I eventually gave up on the App and went to the computer. There, I discovered the funds went to play Fantasy Games and not the sportsbook. Needless to say, it just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort with the App constantly logging me out or freezing. Navigating via the website seemed as futile. Understandably these software tools need to have security controls – but when the software causes more agitation than pleasure, you just need to move on. Thanks for your response, so I can update my review. What I’ve learned is that DraftKings doesn’t want to return my money. If they deposit into the wrong product, they just keep it. I’ve submitted two different withdrawal requests and they just cancel them. No email notification, just cancel. Wait until you try sending an email to customer service – IT DOESN’T EXIST. Robo responses and templated emails that don’t address your inquiry. My advice STAY FAR FAR AWAY. IF DRAFTKINGS WANTS ME TO REVISE MY REVIEW, RETURN MY MONEY!.Version: 4.4.0

Locked out constantly!Due to some weird location application errors, the app cannot locate me and i got locked out twice within 2 months for “account sharing”. Absolute nonsense..Version: 4.10.1

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