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ESPN: Live Sports & Scores Negative Reviews

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ESPN: Live Sports & Scores App Complaints & User Negative Comments

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores app received 176 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about espn: live sports & scores?

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Crashes all the time80% of the time I click on an NBA game to view the Box Score the app crashes..Version: 5.3.1

Crash to Home each time I open. What a waste of time.Used to work but after the last updates will no longer even start up. Straight crash to Home. Used to like it quite a bit. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. No go..Version: 6.1

Now won’t loadWas working but since last update it will not load, just closes as it gets to the start screen..Version: 6.1

Fix the App!It has the hardest time loading anything when opening the app. It just is stuck in suspension trying to look at the Home Screen of the app. You are a huge company and can’t get your app to work where millions of smaller companies figure it out and make it all work..Version: 6.34.1

Hello, Downunder? We play sports too.I was really loking forward to this app but was greatly disappointed. With such a high profile sports name as ESPN I would have thought this would have been a lot more high powered. And no southern hemisphere sports or teams on offer it seems. Whatever happened to the concept of global sports lovers??? It didn't seem to offer very much with what it had on offer anyway. More teams needed. More sports. Just more of everything....hmmm...we'll see..Version: 2.3.1

Terrible updateWhat have you done ESPN. Since the update constantly freezing, blank screens - just terrible. Fix quickly or I will be deleting..Version: 6.34

ESPN +You do not get all the matches for Wimbledon and there are ads! Many thumbs down!!!!!!.Version: 6.0.4

Buggy on my iPhone 11 ProSometimes just a white screen even when connected to wifi. Killing the app only sometimes solves the problem.Version: 6.31.1

Ripped offI purchased a subscription only to find out that I couldn’t use the services in my location. After emailing and attempting to receive a refund I heard nothing in return..Version: 6.9

BugsPlease fix this app, it hasn't been loading properly for months! It freezes or doesn't even load the front page..Version: 6.6.2

Content is great...if you can see itThe amount of choice you have in regards to content makes it a great app. However, I find the video player to be less than desirable...making this an average ho-hum sports app. I try to use the app while I’m at the gym-particularly when doing cardio. I log on to the live version of “PTI” and 30-40% of the time I get error messages. Last night was a “re-authentication error”. So I went to settings and signed out of my cable provider and signed back in. Then I received another type of I rebooted my iPhone X to see if that fixed the problem. It didn’t. So I quit the app and listened to music instead. This happens more than it should from a company owned by Disney. These guys know their tech...but can’t seem to get their player right. So, would I recommend this app? Yes, with the understanding and appreciation that you might not be able to see the content you want..Version: 6.28.1

False subscriptionDownloaded and subscribed monthly so we could watch the US Open tennis, Ladies Singles Final, but nothing I read said that I could not watch the US tennis on the app. However when I tried to access todays live tennis, got a message that not my area, so could not watch. Oh well, cancelled subscription, and did not have any use for the month I’d paid for..Version: 6.53

Quality of ArticlesI use the app for updates on scores mainly. The content in terms of writing, is often old, and without substance that would differentiate from merely the score. Redundancy seems to be the theme with ESPN. Let’s just write and speak the same things over and over regardless of the audience be it on an app or television. I miss Peter Gammons and his writing, but I will compliment Buster Olney for his piece on the Red Sox. ESPN needs more of that, and less of the redundancy. Return to the daily writing of yesteryear! Do some actually research and writing! There’re stories out there, and one of them is the return of “heat, cheese, hard-ball” through a proliferation of hard throwing relievers and starting pitching that has brought baseball back full circle. Spinning is still statistically important, but good old country hardball has returned! Here it is, hit it if you can is what every fan wants to see! Nathan Eavoldi showed the world that, of the many players in today’s game who have had Tommy John Surgery, a return to, and in some cases, new found power pitching is possible. So, country hardball, and Hope should be the theme to talk about in much more depth. Seek out minor leaguers, follow them as well, and shed light on what’s the biggest development in baseball today..Version: 6.3

WHY!!!Scorecenter was a really good app and you ruined it. It's slower with score updates, lags way more, doesn't recognised what the date is and you have to refresh it like 3 times which takes ages. It's pretty rubbish but still provides me with scores and news..Version: 4.0.0

Reecey boyThe app is still broken I can’t watch ufc it keeps blacking out.Version: 6.30

Terrible User InterfaceI completely understand and accept the purpose of advertising in the commercial world we live in and the need for Corporations to generate income to the cover cost of a “free” user platform. However, why am I forced to watch a 30 second Ad after EVERY video clip? The video clips themselves are barely double the length of the advertisement I just watched, and yet again I’m bombarded by another ad. In most cases it’s the EXACT same one I was just forced to watch no more then a minute ago. It’s time to update your app with some improved marketing technology that can recognize how often we are taken away from the content we actually want to view. Until such time your app, specifically the video platform is a huge waste of your users time. It’s easier to find another compatible news source then it is wasting my time here..Version: 6.8.1

Very angryDO NOT TRUST THIS APP!! I received an internal message as I was using this app, it said that I was the lucky winner of a new iPhone as long as I answered 4 questions correctly. I answered them and it then prompted me to enter my private details for delivery (address, email, mobile no.). Because it was an internal app message I stupidly trusted it, however after entering my details many more questions kept popping up. Further I have now received spam on both my mobile and email all day. I'm sure they will claim it is in the fine print of the terms and conditions I agreed to, (not one person in this world has enough time to read all terms and conditions they sign up to) but this is a complete abuse of trust and should not be part of your advertising model. Now I have to try and block and remove all this spam. Know your place ESPN!! It's not in direct marketing..Version: 5.3

App isn’t designed for streamingI recently got ESPN+ mostly to get access to the 30 for 30 collection. I’m happy to be able to watch all of the old and new docs but in terms of streaming content the app leaves MUCH to be desired. There’s no way to pick up a program where you left off or even see what you’ve been watching. I understand that the majority of viewers watch ESPN exclusively for (live) sports but it’s frustrating that I have to spend 5-10 minutes browsing just to find the 30 for 30 library before I can even find the doc I want to watch. The only alternative is to search for the name but that only works once I’ve started and/or know the name of the exact one I want to watch. I’d love the ability to save favorite programs or even better add things to a watch list. If ESPN wants to compete in the streaming space especially for non-live content, I think a major overhaul of the app is in order..Version: 6.38

Videos freezeGood content but videos can freeze.Version: 4.1.2

ESPN+ is a waste of moneyI specifically purchased ESPN+ to watch the US Open tennis matches. All news articles and other sources, including ESPN itself, indicated that I would be able to watch all US Open tennis matches with ESPN+. The days of the women’s and men’s finals arrive and I cannot seem to watch the live match without logging in with a cable provider. After searching DEEP within the FAQs I finally see a notice that says the women’s and men’s final matches won’t be aired on ESPN+. Each time, the notice doesn’t come up until the DAY of the match. What a rip off and a scam. If that was the case, it should have been made clear. I would not have wasted money on ESPN+ and would have found another way to view the matches. Also, because the notice did not come up until the DAY of the match each time, and the first time it happened, the match had already started by the time I realized I couldn’t watch it, there was no way for me to find an alternative bar/friend’s place to watch it and instead I missed it and had to check the score by refreshing google instead..Version: 6.9

Out of control - runaway notificationsI understand ESPN’s desire to draw more people into their content, but the app has simply gone too far. The notifications are reaching the point of unwanted spam. It’s one thing for me to want alerts for NBA News like trades or injuries, but by turning on alerts for league news, ESPN will send you an alert for every big game starting, every halftime take, every LeBron highlight, and every post-game press conference. It’s just too much. I am happy that ESPN is pumping out alerts to keep users informed, but the app should offer an opportunity to control what is being delivered. Divide the types of notifications up: highlights, big game alerts, opinion pieces, press conferences. These are regular items that are distinct from league news like a major free agent signing or a coach firing. This is applicable to every league that ESPN serves notifications for. Users get excellent control over game score alerts (start, quarter, half, final, close game), but absolutely no control over the endless alerts that ESPN lumps into “news”..Version: 6.4.2

A joke of an appWow, I subscribe to multiple things that should allow me to access this app but no, it’s garbage. It plain doesn’t work. Oh what’s that? You’d like to start charging people? You’ve gotta be kidding me. The amount of hubris is off the charts over there. How about you pay $5 a month for something that should be included with your cable package... also, it doesn’t even work. How about no? What was the plan here? I’d love to sit in on a meeting where the idea was “what if we charge people to watch what they’re already paying for!?” Could you be any greedier or more out of touch? Prove me wrong ESPN I dare you, or just complain to big daddy Disney that someone was mean and they’ll send someone to beat me up. I also can’t purchase 30 for 30 anywhere else. I’m willing to throw money at you but no. YOU’RE SHOOTING YOURSELF IN THE FOOT. I WILL FIND ANOTHER MEANS. If you were an ISP would you only be able to long on by telegraph? Remember in 2010 everybody had the “genius idea” to try and create their own social network? That’s what you’re doing right now but you’re too dumb to realize it..Version: 6.0.2

Terrible !Update stinks! Where are the rosters and schedules? C'mon ESPN. You guys should know better. The last version was much better. I'm moving to fox! PS. What about the ad and fat fingering ? Give me a break!.Version: 6.31

Quality is very lowThe favorite/unfavorite feature is broken on iPhone XS. Every version there is something core broken. Otherwise, decent app..Version: 6.36.2

Will not update!New version will not update!.Version: 6.42

Buggiest, Most Infuriating App AvailableI love sports. I love everything about them. The competition, the excitement, the highlights and immortalized moments. I think to myself, “What could ruin this?” “We know,” ESPN answered. And in response, the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” created an app that draws you in with the promise of seeing the latest highlights, breaking news and the latest scores, but then only delivers sponsored ads, the app shutting down after you wait 5 minutes for your page to load, and endless click-bait to ESPN+ articles. How the ads for videos always come through crystal-clear yet my actual video I want to watch makes me feel like Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn before the glasses is beyond me. With all the resources this company has, I’d love if they’d spend the time to make this app work somewhat better than Paul George in the postseason, but for now it’s like going to a DC movie after being told it’s just like a Marvel one. Quit making basic content ESPN+ only, and make the rest of the stuff work like you have trillions of dollars and understand the internet. Do better, ESPN. Do better..Version: 6.40.1

Can't read the articles directly on appWe can't read the articles directly when we click the headline of articles in china. We just open it via safari. Please fix the bug..Version: 6.50

Poor App, difficult to connect/watchI honestly have difficulty deciding which is worse, the ESPN app or the website, as far as being able to view live games. Typically, I have to log in and out 5-10 times and independently log in to my cable provider 5-10 times each time I want to stream live games or replays. It’s quite amazing how many times you can be told that your cable subscription does not cover the live stream only to find out, on the 10th attempt, that it does. Considering it’s listed as one of the supported cable subscriptions, I’m guessing the 10th time is accurate. I have considered the possibility that it’s related to my cable provider, but since I experience the same issues with my ESPN+ subscription without going through my cable provider, I’m guessing it’s not. Of note, ESPN+ won’t be renewed. I remember watching ESPN when I was young and have continued to do so as I approach middle age, but the difficulty in accessing programming with more modern technology is quite frustrating and makes me want to find another avenue to watch my football, baseball, etc. Disney, if you’re reading this, you could really help improve the quality by fixing some of these issues before a mass exodus of subscribers who watch on mobile devices or their computers..Version: 6.13.1

No personalised viewing experienceWhen using the app, the personalised sports are clogged up by other sports which I am not interested in even though I have not followed them..Version: 6.23

Remember when this app was good? I don’t.The confused startup screen. The interruptions with videos. The change of the scoreboard to emphasize teams you like as opposed to the games that are actually on. The scoreboard not updating in real time unless you open GameCentre. The difficulty finding articles and other content from the website. The list goes on and on. They could go back to how this app was 4-5 years ago, and I would be happier for it. Instead, we’ve got this piece of junk. Sigh..Version: 6.9

Slow and disappointingSo far, this app has been great, but there are a few things that make me rate less than a 5 or 4. I primarily use this app for baseball, as football season hasn't started. I just installed this app it to see if it was better that other baseball viewing apps I own. So far, the interface is great and well designed, but the app is SLOW! It takes a long time to start up, and it has a hard time with simple actions in general such as clicking on the details or score of a game. So far, I have had no problem with the live TV viewing aspect of it, but it should be noted that I haven't used it much as I am at home with my TV. The main thing that annoys me the most is that when I click on a player up at bat in the app, it brings me to a glitched version of the app’s website. You are unable to scroll, and have to use a drop down menu to continue on to the stats. Then when you finally get the stats, there is barely anything! In other apps, I can click on the player an instantly get an in-app page of TONS of stats, just like it should be! ESPN, fix this please!.Version: 6.1

Worst AppI wrote a review over a year ago noting that this was the worst app I have ever used. I was hoping since I saw that a tremendous amount of other people were saying the same thing, that ESPN would correct the issues in future updates, but this has largely not been the case. Although there have been several updates, and ESPN has sunk money and effort into watch ESPN and the new ESPN+, their app is STILL the worst one I’ve ever used. It seriously almost never loads on the first try, which is something that numerous other people are also complaining about. Honestly almost every time I use it it doesn’t load and I have to close it out and try again. I am constantly getting ESPN updates that are interesting to me and when I click on the notification to read further, it literally never brings me to the article I clicked on. I just tried it several more times and it didn’t work once. ESPN is a top rate organization with an absolutely horrendous app. I have had it for several years and it was and is the slowest, worst working app that I have..Version: 6.0.2

Slow, Unreliable, ClunkyThis app is a great resource for its overall data and information that it contains. However, there are so many things wrong with it. It is slow and laggy. It takes like ten seconds to load the app, then another five seconds because there’s an unwanted video highlight on the home page. Also, whenever there is a “must see” notification or any kind of notification that plays a video when you open the app, it doesn’t show the video, it shows the home page highlight, and there is no way to find the other video. This app is just so slow and laggy. ESPN parades the app like it’s godsent, but it’s actually horrible, laggy, slow, and clunky. I’d recommend an app I recently started using called Action Sports. It has seamless functionality between pages and instant updating. It’s very user friendly and provides TONS of information, even for bettors. Overall 2/5, just for the WATCH ESPN function and information it contains..Version: 5.12.2

Absolute trashBought ESPN+ expecting to be able to bypass tv service providers, but instead you are locked to tv providers unless you want to watch basketball. They made ESPN+ sound like it was capable of watching all sports on the ESPN network, when it doesn’t work.Version: 6.10.4

Competition Is What’s NeededESPN is the undisputed, unequivocal king of sports broadcasting in all shapes, manners and forms. It can seemingly do no wrong. And that’s the privilege it has earned as it has grown from its modest days as an experimental niche network struggling mightily to find relevant sports programming to broadcast around the clock to the mighty empire that it is today — a mighty empire that determines the very culture of sport. All this is to say that the reign of ESPN has been so dominant for so long that other networks have seemingly conceded the market entirely. As such, ESPN can only compete against itself. And with nothing at stake, there is no drive for innovation. And it’s been showing for years, perhaps in no better example than with this app. With a world of resources and capital at its beck and call any time of day or night, there’s just no excuse to have such a poorly designed, minimally functional app representing your brand in the world of interactive sports media. And therein lies the fundamental problem — the ambivalence of having nothing to lose and nothing to gain..Version: 5.12.2

One annoying thingGreat app. Love it but when viewing the nba results, you can only view the current day. Previous days or future dates show up blank..Version: 4.1.3

Not as good as i thoughtThe app is ok for general sports, great if your an American and into your NBA etc. Downsides are the time lag between the real time scores and when it updates in the app - prob due to ESPN Servers or something. Next is the info ticketer at the bottom, for me all it shows are MLB scores that i'm not interested in! No news or scores about any other sport. Having reported that problem to ESPN, they have yet to tell me what to do, to fix this, poor customer service really. Also an update could be to add different sports..Version: 0

Very sluggish on XS MaxApp slows down phone and drains battery massively. Making the app unusable. Please fix!.Version: 6.10

Not available in Canada?Why would the UFC get behind this crap!? If a espn+ subscription would be joined with TSN and i could get the UFC content there, then i will rate this crappy app better. Or just make your videos available in Canada..Version: 6.10

GarbageESPN called the AFL apart of Rugby at least get your sports right..Version: 6.21

MrWould be great if it covered more sports around the world! Rugby, Cricket, etc. But for the American sports it's great!.Version: 3.1.1

ESPN+ Is SubparI really enjoy the ESPN app. I always like how I can get scores and news from my favorite teams. I wish coverage for Brazil’s Series A league would get more coverage. As far as ESPN+ I really love the idea of it. I like how I can watch MLR and USL soccer and even the replays of a lot of sports. My biggest issue is the navigation. It’s absolutely horrible. It’s similar to taking a handful of rocks and dropping them into a bucket and wherever they land is where they’re at. That’s how I feel with the navigation. It’s very difficult to find certain games when they’re live. It took about 10 minutes to find the Philadelphia Union match this weekend after the game already started. I also noticed a few days where there wasn’t any live games at all on ESPN+. Like I said, I really love the idea of it and I do hope it will improve but right now I can’t justify paying for a subscription for this. Do not raise the subscription price of $4.99/month. That is a good price I think. I hope this is an issue that will be improved..Version: 6.0.2

0 stars if i couldThis is hands down the WORST app i’ve ever had the misery of dealing with right along side with the UFC Fight Pass app. as a fight fan- losing connections risks missing a finish or knock out so i live in constant fear of even looking at the ESPN app once i’ve finally gotten it to connect to literally anything like a smart tv or chromcast and even on playstation. it’s awful. just tonight i’m in the middle of the main event fight when the stream begins to freeze and buff and drop quality for no good apparent reason whatsoever, so of course this means i have to deal with opening the app and reconnecting which is a good 5-10 minute process, no less than 15 seconds later the phone disconnects from the chromecast and begins playing on my phone screen revealing one of the fighters celebrating his victory that i had just missed seconds after the stream froze for no reason. this isn’t even the first time either i’m just finally so sick of it i refuse to stream any fight or sports event through their app or website. it’s no wonder illegal streams are dominating that portion of the industry, everyone’s tired of wasting their money on things that work better for free. 86’d this sh-t from my phone and all other devices. saves storage space..Version: 6.17

User optionsHow do I choose whether I want to see female or male sports stories?.Version: 6.40.1

Excessive advert length30 seconds adverts between videos really?.Version: 6.9

0 if i couldI don’t even know where to start. I will say at least you’re making an effort to bring F1 stateside, and for whatever reason this app is the only place to stream the races in 60 FPS, but the rest of the app is hot garbage. My ESPN+ subscription isn’t enough to get rid of ads when I’m looking at the game cast of anything? And the streaming selection is abysmal at best. You can’t even stream your local sports teams through the app, regardless of if you use your network TV provider to login. And to add on to that even more, the baseball streaming selection is terrible, like there’s only one stream a week and it’s only the Spanish broadcast, but hey thank goodness there’s thirty different tennis and amateur wrestling matches I can watch. And don’t even get me started on the notifications, I tried to get game notifications about some European soccer games but I swear I get notifications about what the players have for lunch everyday, and when I go to turn it off I get a never ending loading screen. So goodbye, cancelling my subscription, and hopefully see ya never again..Version: 6.31

Ads are just overbearingLike someone said earlier, we get it that because this app is free that you need to generate income, but having 30 second ads for vid highlights that are either 15-20 seconds is just unbearable. The way it was formatted before where ads popped up every 2-3 clips in-between was alright..Version: 6.9

Irrelevant sports newsI love ESPN but absolutely do not care about the headlines that are about useless social media information. Things like Lebrun reacts to something or his child is in trouble at home are a waste of space on the website. We can get all this garbage on social media. Thanks.Version: 6.40.1

Confusing Battery KillerThe user interface doesn’t make any logical sense. Content is just kind of randomly scattered everywhere. It’s not clear where to go to watch a game and there’s no central schedule. You can see an individual team’s schedule, the most popular games in a specific league or cup (but not always in chronological order), or the big games in a sport (neither in order nor a complete list). And the order seems to change while you’re using the app! But the worst part is the battery draining while streaming. I wanted to watch a soccer game and started with 50% battery, so I plugged my phone in. By half time—with my phone plugged in and charging—the battery level had *dropped* to 18%! So I put it on low power mode, dropped the screen brightness, closed some background apps, turned off cellular and Bluetooth to use Wi-Fi only, and let it recharge during the fifteen minute break. I was able to watch the end of the match, but the battery had *continued to drain* and was at literally 3% when the final whistle blew. How is that even possible?.Version: 6.6.2

Now running so slowNormally pretty reliable app and my go to sports app. Last app update however has seen app slow down considerably on launch and navigation -slow enough to leave you thinking it is unresponsive/frozen..Version: 5.12.1

Was great now crashing out after secondsNot sure why but now ESPN app crashes out after a few seconds of use every time.Version: 6.2.1

Abysmal app.Sometimes it just not load any content. Fixes/updates never resolve this very simple fault..Version: 6.31.1

Too many adsBetween each video clip there is an advertisement, that is often longer than the sports clip itself. 15 second ad 9 second highlight, 15 second ad 12 second highlight, 15 second ad 18 second highlight... stop already, they’re all the same ad and it’s all gambling..Version: 6.42

This WAS my favorite appUp until a couple of months ago I used this app daily on my iPhone. I loved being able to watch my favorite shows live or on replay at the office. I also enjoyed being able to watch live sporting events when traveling for work. Then one day I couldn’t watch anything on my iPhone anymore. Either I get an error message saying “something went wrong, please try again later” or just a spinning wheel that goes for awhile before timing out. The app for my Roku still works fine but by I have very little free time on weekdays it’s almost pointless. The whole reason I got the app was so I could catch Get Up and a few other shows away from home, so I could “watch from anywhere” like their commercials always say. I had hoped that their recent update would fix the problem but no such luck. Oh, and one last thing, I’ve tried chatting with support twice. The first time nobody ever contacted me like they said they would and the second time they asked a few questions and then just stopped, never to be heard from again. I tried all of the things they asked (power cycling my iPhone, uninstalling the app and then downloading it again, etc. Nothing worked and I am beyond disgusted at this point. I still watch ESPN at home and still love the shows I like, it’s just too bad I don’t get to watch nearly as often as I used too.... It used to be a 5 star rating, now not so much..Version: 6.36.3

HelpI can’t find cogeco and that’s my tv provider Please Help me!.Version: 6.14.1

Not sure where to rate AppleTV versionThe phone version of this app is...adequate. Could definitely be improved by having a ‘don’t show me’ list, because when have I ever wanted notifications on golf or baseball, but it’s mostly fine. The Apple TV version, however, is hot garbage and I don’t understand why. I’m legitimately hoping someone can help me. There’s no favorite teams/sports list, which means I have to dig for what I want to watch every time. Again, no ‘don’t show me’ list (really good idea, please implement), no replays button on the home screen like there used to be so now to watch last nights game I have to dig...a lot, and worst of all every time I use the app. it. keeps. kicking. me. out. and showing me something about AirPlay despite me having meticulously turned off everything AirPlay related on my Apple TV. This doesn’t happen with other apps, only espn. It makes games unwatchable. ESPN actively makes sports unsupportable. All I want to do is watch my basketball game without having to dig thru layers and layers of menus to find it and without the app crashing every 3 minutes. Someone please help me. 3 stars to the phone version, -3 to the appletv version..Version: 6.4.2

Very unhappy and requiring refundI tried everything that I could to cancel this order immediately after I saw t+cs and costs .then find money missing from my bank account????this is not over....Version: 6.3

App blank in Canada?Why app is blank in Canada?.Version: 6.31.1

Used to be greatThis used to be my go to app for all sports but now it constantly crashes and have no choice but to delete the app from my phone..Version: 6.2.2

Only good in USMost of the features dont even work thanks to geoblocking. Garbage. Deleted..Version: 6.8.1

CachingIt always loses my place in the article, and often the article itself (defaulting to home page) every time I leave the app. Good content tho.Version: 6.17

Don't updatePoor, poor update. What was a simple useful app is now fairly awful. And as for creating an espn account to change your settings it's an idiotic idea for an app. Tried a lot of different user names and it repetitively tells me it's taken - even outlandish ones. As fun as it is trying to guess usernames that haven't been taken it gets old quickly. Doesn't even recommend a user name not already taken which I would say was obvious to include as a basic. In short I wouldn't bother downloading until the basic usability is right..Version: 3.0

Good features but alerts are buggyI like this app for a few reasons. I’ve used it for a few years to keep up with mine and my friends teams with the game alerts and to a lesser extent team news. One thing that bothers me if you tap a news alert it doesn’t go to that article, only to the news page and then I sometimes am able to find the article. Sometimes not at all. Also recently I turned off all alerts for my NFL team as I have the online-pass, but news alerts are still coming through and telling me what happened before I get to watch it :(.Version: 5.10.1

Good but maybe broken?I've been using this app for a while and I've liked it for a long time. However, I've recently been having a problem where the app won't let me create new alerts for different teams or different sports, or change the alerts I currently receive. I like the push notifications I get, but I can't add any new ones or streamline the ones I currently get to just scores rather than including team news that I don't care for so much. This is REALLY annoying and is a possible deal breaker if not fixed. When I try to add a new alert, the switch changes to the on position but then immediately reverts to the off position. Every time, every team, every sport. I can still create new favourite sports and favourite teams, but I don't get any alerts for them. Seriously considering changing to a different app!.Version: 5.3

Keeps crashingEver since I updated to iOS 12 the app just keeps crashing ..... help please.Version: 6.2.1

No control for the userI live in the UK, but am a follower of an NFL team and an MLB team, both of which I have registered as favourites. I receive occasional notifications about developments in respect of these teams, but not much. I do receive regular news about Manchester United and their clown of a manager, Jose Mourinho. I don't want this crap, and it is insulting of ESPN to presume that everyone is interested in it. To-day, I received news of the Australian GP, which I had planned to watch on a highlights show later in the day. I didn't want this either, and ESPN have buggered up my enjoyment of this by telling me the result. There is no obvious way of blocking unwanted notifications unless one blocks All notifications. This is what I have done: I'll turn them back on when the MLB season starts. ESPN have a habit of screwing up every app. Read the reviews of their "update" of Cricinfo: universal condemnation of their ruination of a decent app, but no action from ESPN. And now they've changed it again, and ballsed it up even further. Why do "updates" of apps nearly always mean screwups? And do the people responsible for writing the software ever look at what they are thinking of doing from the user's point of view? I doubt it. I have been trying to follow a baseball game on Gamecast. A couple of years ago this was pretty good. Now it is all over the place. Scores go down as well as up: pitch counts jump about all over the place: and batters simply disappear shown neither as having been put out nor reached base. Do they vanish into the Bermuda Triangle perhaps. This app has become shoddy, inaccurate and close to useless. How does a big organisation such as ESPN tolerate such low standards? Answer - they just don't care. The mug advertisers pay them even though users are probably deserting in droves. I am. I note that ESPN is part owned by Disney. Perhaps that's why this app is pure Mickey Mouse..Version: 6.1

Keeps crashingLast two months, the app keeps crashing and I keep having to re-install only for it to crash 1 week later...Version: 6.10

Tired of the politics and ads on the world wide leader in SPORTSI’m so sick of the political news on this app, I want the sports updates, news, and data, I want to see scores and find out where the games are being aired. I honestly do not care to see any players political view from any sport and do not want political opinions from writers or analysts, I only want sport on the sports app, if I wanted news I’d download an unbiased news app, likely not CNN or Fox News. Also, why do I have to sit through ads before any video clip if I am paying for ESPN+? I pay that fee to be able to see more and exclusive sports content, not a 30 second ad. It makes sense for ads to be on the free version of the app but if I’m willing to pay the extra money shouldn’t I get the extra services? ESPN+ is now cancelled and the app has been deleted from my phone but I’d love to come back if revision are made, sadly I do not think that’ll happen though since this company is owned by Disney..Version: 6.36.2

No Reason They Cant Do BetterI read the top review that is two years old and it echos my feelings for the most part. The app is slow, unreliable, and the interface doesn’t seem like it’s changed since I first downloaded it to my phone 8 years ago. I love when I get a notification that I actually have some interest in and tapping it to be take to the app to stare at a black screen for eternity because it NEVER loads. Then when you reopen the app to try and find the article it’s like it never existed. Good luck trying to find any specific article or video you’re looking for. You only get to see what ESPN wants you to see. I don’t watch UFC or MMA so why do they keep sending me notifications for it? The best part is when you watch a video and the 45 second ad plays perfectly then the actual video doesn’t load and you have to reload the app and watch the ad again. Then the video ends and it goes straight into another ad before you can rewind it to watch the 5 second highlight again. Soooo bad and they don’t have to improve because there is no real competition. Super sad they are complacent.Version: 6.37.2

False AdvertisementI have an issue with espn! The end! No but wait, there’s more! My current tv provider doesn’t carry lovely little espn you see.. I happen to wanna watch some college hoops.. but when I look up espn and their little funny gimmick on how I can spend $5 a month to watch espn channels.. I guess that only applies to those that already have the espn channels (with their tv provider) and wanna watch more behind the sense or on demand things from espn! Guess what I’m saying is........ I could already have the channel if only my tv provider did so.. but I’m jus gonna pay to watch it again to see channels I already would have if I only had them... so theoretically I’m either payin to watch the SAME live channels twice with on demand to which I dnt care about like not even a little OR I’m payin to watch NO live channels with on demand to which I dnt care about at all like literally zero! So totally I’m canceling my subscription, like 5min ago! But hey, I jus wanna say thanks! Do please have a wonder time reading this comment too (espn!).Version: 6.3

From flawless to frustratingUsed ESPN 3 to watch rugby and found it worked perfectly. The new ESPN + app required to watch rugby is buggy and frustrating to use. There is no easy way to see a list of sports when searching like ESPN 3 using my iPhone and iPad, games that have already occurred show as upcoming (see reds v Waratahs which starts at 3:30am for the last week), search results for games don’t include all available games / replays for a team and clicking on the calendar of events for replays started the game at the end, giving away the result (again reds v warratahs). Not the experience I expected when moving from free to $50 a year. I’m not baulking at the price it’s that I expected the paid app to be an improvement not a backward step. Hoping that improvements to the navigation and search will come in future updates. The app overall seems too chaotic, trying to cram every possible feature into a single app and unfortunately that doesn’t deliver a great experience (in my opinion)..Version: 6.0.4

GoodieHave had to delete this off my phone as hardly ever opens and when it does it is so slow as to make it unusable - pity as content is good when it decides to work - never have this problem with other apps.Version: 6.7.2

Don’t even botherTerrible after last update..Version: 6.42

Update to iOS 13Always been a big fan off the app, however latest update means I can no longer use the app as I have an “old” iPad that won’t update past iOS12. Surely in this day and age we should use a product till it breaks, rather than have to buy a new unit every few years or so when it works perfectly. Booo to Apple and ESPN.Version: 6.42

No Canadian fans aloudIf you live in Canada your out of luck don’t both downloading.Version: 6.17

Everything Except Streaming is GreatESPN, I have been all ESPN ever since I was old enough to care about sports. The writing and reporting is phenomenal, and I love to be the one in my family to break the biggest sports news. The app is great with notifications on your favorite teams and leagues as well as breaking sports news. The radio streaming and podcasts are great especially my favorites (Lebatard Show, Golic and Wingo, and 30 for 30). I will continue to use this app for all of those reasons. I do however wish you guys had full game highlights online, but I digress. The only bad thing I have to say is how god awful the streaming is. Tried to watch the ECF between cavs and Celtics and it lagged throughout the entire game when casting it to my chrome cast. It did the same just trying to watch on my phone and I have gigabit internet. I don’t know why that has always been an issue for ESPN. It has sucked since the first release of WatchESPN. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! I’m begging you because the wife kicks me out of our tv room when I’m trying to watch the games! Thank you ESPN, and keep up the good work!.Version: 6.0.2

My team lostThis is a really bad app my team lost so rigged.Version: 6.34

Mc Gregor fightCan’t get buying the fight on the app from Friday.Version: 6.47

Can’t get insider in Canada...Without access to insider, ESPN HD little quality unpaid content..Version: 6.40.1

The video audio could be betterThe app in general is good! But I don’t know who is behind of the idea that put the video news with soundtrack music!! God!! We want to listen the action or narrative no one soundtrack video!!.Version: 6.3

Was A TOP appWill not load info since last up date. Please look and fix. TY.Version: 6.31.1

Great Streaming / Content; Horrible UI and customizationIf there’s an event to watch or immediate sports news, the ESPN app is the place to watch and stay up to date. If you don’t want to know everything about the most popular sports and the sports that espn is most actively advertising, this is not the app for you. Especially if you’re paying for ESPN plus - not worth it. They do a great job from a business perspective of holding content captive but, once you’re forced to get a membership in order to watch a UFC PPV, and you think “oh cool, I’ll get some awesome content” - think again. With the lack of customization, it’s utterly disappointing. You get a lot of content but, if you’re a fight fan, the amount of content available is abysmal. Beyond that, it’s a nightmare to search for the content you want or to see specific news and updates unless that happens to coincide with whatever espn is pushing. It’s seemingly impossible to customize your feed and, even tho you pick favorites, there doesn’t seem to be an easily accessible favorites feed. I’m pretty disappointed..Version: 6.6.2

Crashing issuesDeleting the app and going back to Bleacher Report. Usually can’t even open the app without it crashing for probably the last 2 weeks..Version: 6.10

TerribleThis app should be an embarrassment to everyone associated with it at any level. Not due to the content, which is excellent. But, on the technical side it is an absolute disaster. No one responsible for that part of the app should have a job and all should receive a lifetime ban from ever working in this field again. My profile on the app confirms that I selected the U.S. version in English. Nevertheless, half the time the pages are in Spanish. This is particularly true on ESPN Plus, which is the source of most of the app’s shortcomings. I pay for a subscription. Sometimes the app lets me actually watch a program or read an article. Most of the time, I get a message that I must log in with my provider to view the content. I already am logged in. I have to log out and log in again. Sometimes that works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It is maddening, especially if I am trying to watch a live sporting event. It often has the same problem when I am trying to read an article on Plus. I will open the story and receive a message that I must be a subscriber to read the full story. It gives me an option to subscribe or log in. I already am logged in. But I log in again. After being “successfully” logged in, I again try to open the article. Deja Vu. I have had this happen as often as 3 times on one article. I gave up after the third so I don’t know if the 4th time would have been the charm. This will be my final month with that frustration, as I intend to cancel my subscription..Version: 6.42

On demand shows too few of US OpenI have subscribed to watch US open but on demand doesn’t show enough. disappointing and will discontinue soon.Version: 6.9

I’m done with this appThis app keeps getting worse and worse. I’ve had it for years and has always been my go to for scores, but lately it has been painfully slow, crashes constantly and has to restart, takes forever to load each page, etc etc. it takes 30 seconds just to open the app to the main page, then another 20 seconds to be able to start used to only take 2 seconds. It seems like they focus too much on video clips, every page has to load 4+ videos before you can see the score of the game you’re looking for. 15 second clips require you to watch 30 seconds of adds beforehand. And I’ve had it with twitter feeds...I don’t care what Lavar Ball and Lebron James tweeted, if i did, I would follow them on twitter. Maybe they’re trying to do too much and just need to get back to a simple setup. I’m only giving this app 2 stars because it used to be good, recently it should only be one or none..Version: 5.12.2

Not suitable for AU/NZ usersApp still diverts to that piece of garbage & unsupported WatchESPN app if any users wish to view live video with their subscription. I will not bother using this app until AU/NZ users are given more respect by ESPN..Version: 6.5.1

Too political, alienatingESPN has crossed a line recently for me. I know you guys have always slanted pretty far to the left. But when you use your platform to relentlessly attack Drew Brees for stating his moderate opinion in direct response to a question, to me that is irresponsible, divisive, cowardly, pandering, etc... In that same response, Drew Brees also acknowledged racial disparities and expressed his desire to be part of a unified solution going forward, a sentiment most Americans on both sides agree with. Again, all off the top of his head in response to a direct question. Can we please try to focus on making positive changes rather than dragging someone’s name through the mud for expressing an opinion that does not 100% support the left-sided narrative? Maybe balanced and thoughtful content wouldn’t generate enough headlines and clicks, and that is fair. But don’t delude yourself into thinking you guys are doing something good for the world by shouting down Drew Brees and constantly pushing a one-sided narrative. You are dividing people where there is room to unify. You are making things worse. You are part of the problem..Version: 6.23

Incredibly broken, cheap, and annoyingThe programmers on this software must be monkeys. I’ve never left a review on an app but I couldn’t stop myself here due to the years of disappointment. 1. When you click to play a video you are forced to watch an ad that is usually twice as long as the video. I understand advertising but THE VIDEO WONT PLAY AFTER YOU WATCH THE AD! you are forced to close the video and rewatch the ad in hopes of watching a 10 second clip. 2. The “live score” updates are abysmal. Like horrible. You’d think ESPN should have this down, but you’re better off calling the cheerleaders at the game to get information about what’s going on. 3. If this app didn’t already make you sick while using it, it will also plague your existence when you aren’t using it! Videos and ads will randomly play sound through your speakers and will not stop until you delete the app from your background. Disgusting. You’d think ESPN, who focuses on entertainment would have this down, news flash: they don’t. Buy another app..Version: 6.34.1

Links never workEvery time I click on a notification, it never loads. Brutal..Version: 6.10

Slow and crashes a lotThe app will crash continuously and is often very slow. Also the app doesn’t display stats and the espn+ isn’t available in Canada which is extremely unfortunate.Version: 6.5

Crashes too oftenThe app looks great but crashes very often and app resets don’t always work, sometimes takes hours to come online again..Version: 6.40.1

MehGetting really sick of having to change notification preferences.. every time I update the app I have to turn off breaking news... newsflash I have no interest in the sports you keep sending me notifications for, it should be obvious by my favourites in the app given not a single one is basketball but I keep getting basketball “breaking news”.. fix it to save preferences..Version: 6.6.2

Disable notificationsI have turned off notifications so many times now but the setting resets with every app update. You just ruined the Philly-Raptors game I was about to watch on delay....Version: 6.6.2

Too many articles are only for paid subscribersToo many articles are only for paid subscribers. Starting to look for other sources!.Version: 6.3

Video qualityThe app is okay but video quality is very poor. I can load the website and video highlights play just fine but through the app the quality is awful..Version: 4.11

NOT a ‘free’ trialI cancelled within 7 days £4.49 so it was not free..Version: 6.2.2

ESPN+ Is a MessIf you are using this app to get scores and updates, it’s good. However, I use it for ESPN+ and watch ESPN FC on a daily basis. I must say, the organization of both the phone and Apple TV app is awful. Trying to view the latest episode is so hard, especially on Apple TV. First, there is no feature to subscribe to a show. You just have to browse around to find it. Second, once you get to the episode listings they are not listed chronologically from newest to oldest and are not titled the same way each time. Sometimes they have the date in the title, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the newest episode is at the top, sometimes it’s in the middle, and other times it’s literally all the way at the bottom. Additionally, if you watch the broadcast live and then pause it, the stream goes all the way back in time to the pre-roll stuff and you can’t go back to live or where you left off! The service seems half baked right now and I’m not sure I’m going to continue to subscribe at this point and time. It’s a shame they relegated ESPN FC to this service..Version: 6.0.2

Smart tv app is not functionalWell to start I was excited that ufc was going to espn! I’ve primarily used the espn app on my phone and it always have me little to no problems. However, the app for my Samsung smart tv is just pure trash. Why? Well... for starters every time.. and I mean every single time I try to watch a fight, within about 10 mins on average the sound will cut out, then 30 seconds after that I get an error message saying “video playback error: contact customer care if problem persists.” Well I did just that and had to talk to a representative that didn’t know the first thing he was talking about. Offered no help or solutions and when I said I would have to cancel my subscription because it is unwatchable, he told me “well thanks again sir, have a great day” that will lose you customers ESPN. Please just patch the app for this issue, it could be a really simple fix and save you from losing business from an mma fan like myself! Ps. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, set my tv back to factory settings, tried again, never changes.Version: 6.7.2

Good navigation/UI but errors with videoThe user interface and navigation works really well. Only problem I have is when loading video. Takes a while to load and sometimes there are errors loading them. 14NOV17 This problem is still ongoing. Notification arrives on screen, I tap it to load - app opens. Then either I get nothing or spinning wheel..Version: 5.10.3

How?I honestly have no idea how a company with as much money as this has such an awful app. It’s slow, bordering on unresponsive sometimes. My phone is flaming hot after a few minutes of use on the app, although that could just be my phone and not the app. I get a lot of alerts on from ESPN, but when I click on them, it’s about a 50/50 shot of whether or not I get to see what I clicked. Ads freeze all the time, keeping me from getting to a video I click on. Videos also typically start at about 4 pixels on the screen and get marginally better as the video goes on, no matter if I’m connected to my very good WiFi or my cellular data. The amount of content is also a little subpar. When you look at an app like Bleacher Report that produces an insane amount of well-done and free content on an app that actually works, the paywall of ESPN+ is just silly. Streaming from the app is also nearly impossible for me. But the website is just as bad. The content that I actually get to see is usually pretty good stuff, making it a two star rating instead of a one star. Considering the money ESPN and Disney have, they should be embarrassed about the quality of their app and their website..Version: 6.20.1

Love the redesign, hate the re-edits for rightsThe past iteration of this app was a clunky mess. It was difficult to watch shows and check scores of games. Most of these problems were fixed with the new update. Like really, it is a fantastic update. The app is less clunky, the advertisements are less intrusive, and watching shows is much easier. Now here is the problem, I am watching PTI, which is the only show I actually watch on ESPN anymore and I notice that Mike and Tony are commenting on things as if video has just been show of something. However there is no video of said event just still images. The version of the show on mobile has been re-edited with all the highlights removed and replaced by still images. I understand this probably has something to do with ESPN not owning mobile rights to highlights but, come on that's the whole point of ESPN. Watching Tony and Mike comment is entertaining enough but, I want to see the thing they are reacting to. So this reediting makes the app redesign pointless because you are getting worse content. I will not be using this app until this is fixed..Version: 6.0.2

AlertsCant watch any video b/c i live in Canada. Also doesnt let me change what i get alerts for it always reverts back..Version: 6.7.1

Recent changes make this app poorThis app was recently updated and now the homepage always shows MLB which no one cares about. Previously it would show your favourite team or league score which the videos or images. So it’s a delete now. Such a shame..Version: 6.33

Snappy For One UseRecently, Formula 1 is under my Favorites but it doesn’t appear listed where it normally is, so I can’t access F1 News. I find the app acts snappy immediately after downloading an update, then begins to chug shortly afterwards. It’s a shame because I like the app and UI, especially for live play-by-play and news. But the chuggy app is annoying. iPhone 8 256GB iOS 13.6.Version: 6.31.1

Please update so videos are optimized to iPhone X5 stars once this is done.Version: 5.11

Do not purchase PPVPurchased PPV, paid for yearly subscription, once paid for, the app suddenly showed a message stating that ‘it could not stream in my area’. Tried to get a refund, only got refunded the yearly subscription, there was nothing Apple could do with refunding the PPV which I couldn’t even stream even though it was paid for and happened to work long enough to take my money..Version: 6.31

Too many videosIt’s too hard to find the excellent written content from ESPNs many writers Less videos, more stories please.Version: 6.42

RubbishKeeps crashing and slowing my phone down..Version: 6.10

Great update, now it doesn’t work at allApp is blank after latest update..Version: 6.31

An exercise in futilityFirstly: I subscribed because of the UFC partnership so my experience is limited to that aspect. First problem is the interface. Everything is just jumbled it. The site has a million different links even once you select the MMA tab and it is unclear where to go. There are multiple search tabs and as far as I can work out, none of them allow you to search for specific fights. Searching for fights on these (I.E. Dillashaw vs. Cejudo) just seems to give you a mash of news articles, fighter profiles and press clips. Scrolling down to the 'binge fight' sections is not much better. The fights are splayed out in no particular order and the replays are intermingled with highlight versions. No way that I can discern to look for a specific fight. When I finally found Cejudo vs Dillashaw (which aired exclusively on this platform) it said the fight hadn't occurred yet. It was two weeks ago. Customer Service: I decided to try the chat support. The first time I was connected to a rep. When I asked a question, the rep ended the chat. Second attempt I've been waiting for 35 minutes and running. How can the biggest sports network on earth be this terrible..Version: 6.2.2

Crashing ConstantlyDrains phone battery very quickly and recently began crashing every time I use it. Uninstalling since the app has become too buggy..Version: 6.7.2

Videos don’t play. Frustrating to use...Has been extremely frustrating to use due to freezing, videos not playing, annoying ads at every turn. Cannot watch a flow of videos without constant stoppage for ads. Looking at other apps, had enough of this one.....Version: 6.36.2

Potential to be goodHas the potential to be really good if the constant crashes can be fixed..Version: 5.3.1

ESPN subscriptionI’m not paying for a subscription to read sports news.Version: 6.3

Does not work in CanadaThere should be a warning that this app is not available for use in Canada..Version: 6.9

Get your sports news somewhere elseArticles often fail to load and app crashes often. Hard to believe Disney can’t deliver a quality product....Version: 6.7.2

Hardly works. Doesn’t work correctly when it doesI go to open notifications of video clips that sound interesting and it NEVER brings me there. It’ll bring me to some three week old article and I just get frustrated trying to navigate this app trying to find the video it told me about. Watching games is hit or miss. 50% chance you’ll get through more than 10 minutes without the app crashing, playing nonstop ads, or the video cutting out. Not my internet. All other sports streaming apps work fine. Fix it. Plus, as much as I love getting to the second news I’m most cases, IT WILL TELL ME THE FINAL SCORE OF A GAME IM WATCHING ON LIVE TV TWO MINUTES BEFORE ITS OVER. LIVE TV. LIVE. I’ve had countless heart-throbbing experiences ruined by prematurely learning the outcome of the game before the broadcast is even finished. A bit of begging and choosing to say that the scores updates are TOO fast but it’s something that other people have had to have noticed. However, if you are ONLY going to use it to check scores/get updates it’ll be fine..Version: 6.5.1

Great appUpdated scores and highlights come thick and fast..Version: 4.0.2

Constant issuesWhy does this app have constant issues? None of the EPL articles open up for reading..Version: 6.6.2

Trash can’t watch any videos notifications are always for paid content👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽.Version: 6.14.1

BuggyThe ESPN App is a great way to manage all your favourite sports teams and localised times are a huge benefit but the app is very buggy and the layout to shows scores favours advertising and articles too much over the scores and upcoming games. My favourite teams will change and be removed, they won’t update if I try and add more. Notifications are a bit excessive at times but that can be changed. Wish they would fix the bugs and maybe consider redesigning the score interface. The app has some promise..Version: 5.10.1

ShockingThat’s 2 minutes of my life I won’t get back!.Version: 6.4.2

Struggles to workIt’s a great content app but frequently struggles to open. It’s great if you like to watch the spinny thing and have lots of patience to wait for what you are looking for..Version: 6.31.1

App. is S-L-O-W to loadDespite yet another “Bug fix”, this app. is extremely slow to load, and after it loads, it functions S-L-O-W-L-Y. Come on ESPN, get in the game!.Version: 6.31.1

Needs filter options!I love using widget from this app to display football scores but i really wish i had a way of filtering out info about sports such as baseball or american football that i have no interest in. Would make things way less cluttered and easier o navigate to the info you actually want..Version: 6.28.1

Push?Where's the push notification?.Version: 0

Can’t watch in CanadaCan’t watch content in Canada 👎.Version: 6.7.2

To many advertsThis is ridiculous you shouldn't be putting 12 second adverts before your videos. Sort it out espn!!!!.Version: 3.0

Doesn’t really support personalizationI’ve been using it for many years but it refuses to care about my interests, which through my interactions should be very obvious. They always push their own preferred content to the top. For example, I understand there is a PGA championship going on but I NEVER, ever once clicked on a golf story, but that’s what they’re pushing to the top these days. I’m the kind of fan that follow teams, not individual players, but this app is constantly showing a section to recommend I follow individuals, and the “Recommended for You” choices are a million miles away from anything I show interest in - nobody from the teams or sports I follow, rather just the players in pop culture or who have big contracts. Well, what about the teams I do follow, can I just get a quick glance at what they’re doing? Not really, I have to navigate around and scroll until I can finally find the content I really care about. There’s no attempt to really learn my preferences and show what I want. There isn’t even an option to pay for personalized content or to remove ads. This ESPN app really appears to be about promoting content, advertisements and agendas and we sports fans just have to deal with it. Having said this, once you get to the content you want, there really isn’t a better sports app out there - again that’s why I deal with all the other baggage that comes with it. Oh, and it can be pretty laggy with scores and updates..Version: 6.27.1

Constantly cuts outWatching NCAA Football in Australia on iPad and chrome casting to the tv, and every single time it cuts into a commercial break, about a minute later it loses the connection to the stream. I have to completely close the app and re open the stream and re load it and re connect. Extremely annoying..Version: 6.30

Streaming is horribleAs far as espn+ and streaming on this app, it’s so horrible you’d think this is a streaming service owned by a startup. If you quit watching a show in the middle, it literally restarts from the beginning even if you accidentally went back 2 seconds earlier. I’m not sure what they are doing g with the search function. I tried to find a show that I had been watching and typed it in word for word and it didn’t show up..... Which brings me to another issue if they pretty much just show you recommended content for you yet I haven’t been able to determine if there is an area where I can just simply browse EVERYTHING. I guess you get what you pay for at $5 a month but I don’t even think it is worth that. I’m basically just continuing to pay for until the first couple weeks of college football to see what the content is, and if it’s no better than espn3 I’m not paying for this Mickey Mouse app (shout out to their owners who can’t seem to fund a 21st century streaming service)..Version: 6.8.1

Still a terrible appI’ve reviewed the espn app about 5 times now. Every other time has been one star. Finally almost willing to give them 2, but after writing the review I’ve decided they aren't worth it. Still terrible. Before I get into it, I wonder how they have 4.5 out of 5 stars. All the reviews I have seen have been 1-2 stars with the occasional 4-5 star review that sounds more like a participation trophy. Bunch of people trying not to hurt any feelings. Give me a break. Even their playoff standings make no sense. In leagues as basic and as the nfl and nhl the standings are trash. They are simply the conference standings with absolutely nothing else. They tell me nothing about the current wild card standings or who is in “the hunt”. Apparently the writers know nothing about sports? I much prefer the nhl app and the nfl app, but it would be nice for espn to finally figure out how to do their job so I can have all my sports stuff in one place, but I’m about to accept the fact that this will never happen. I used to hate the videos that would always crash. Now they don't crash, but I wish I could easily see my favorite teams scores like I used to. Now I have to scroll through 100 news headlines that I do not care about before I can see them. I guess we all want what we cant have. I will never have a half way decent espn app. Quit trying to make a fancy app and make an app that actually works. Forever and always, One star.Version: 6.3

Bad for the eyesThis app has all the sports info I want. It’s the place to go to find out what my teams did last night — or even how they’re doing now. I have three big issues with ESPN. 1) Too much in grey. For example, in box scores HR is in legible black, but the slugger’s name and data are in weak grey. My eyes are not that great and eye tests are a challenge, but ESPN doesn’t have to be so difficult to read. If two-tone is necessary display headings like HR in grey and data in black. 2) Navigation is slow and difficult. In progress game scores open to the last score displayed & it takes forever to update. So I try to speed things along by touching scores or sports or home, which of course doesn’t help but slows down everything. 3) the Yankees and the Mets are my favorites so their games are listed first. I’m also interested in the Red Sox but I’ll never call them a favorite, so their scores are hidden offscreen way down below. Give me a way to see all AL East and all NL East games in groupings. Summary: lots on info, hard on the eyes, poor navigation..Version: 6.1

Good but one annoying problemIf you are reading this and not sure if you want to download the app, I'd say its good and you definitely should. To anyone developing this app who might read this, the notifications are a bit broken, you can turn on notifications for goals and match start etc but you can't turn on team news notifications and you can't turn on notifications for a league. Please fix this because I don't just want to hear the results for my favourite team, i want all games..Version: 6.24

No box scores?!The latest version seems to have removed box scores from NBA games. Why??!!.Version: 5.12.1

Unwanted notificationsApp does fine however I get notifications for things I don't want. It's March madness. For me, not interested. But do I know how all the games went? Of course! ESPN let me know - whether I wanted to or not. I have tailored the notifications in the settings 20 times - I only want to be notified about my teams / sports. I have breaking news turned off, I have instant awesome off, I have gambling off, I have ESPN+ editors pick off and product updates and offers off. Yet, somehow, I get notifications for things I don't care about. Why is it this way? I like knowing when 1 of the 4 teams I follow play or there's news about those teams, but i don't want anything else. But apparently it's not my choice? I may seek alternatives to this app that don't send me notifications deemed important to the app and not the user. I could turn notifications off entirely but that's not the point. I want what I want and nothing else and that isn't happening..Version: 6.41

Could be great, but won’t save your place!!I recently subscribed because of the Disney bundle and there are a lot of things I really am liking about ESPN +. I love all the old programming like all the archived Indy 500 races and Mohamed Ali fights. I also really like all the ESPN original programming like Payton’s places and being able to access all of the 30 for 30 episodes. That for me is probably one of the best things about the subscription. My frustration comes because a lot of those shows are long and I don’t watch them in one sitting You would think that there would be a ‘continue watching’ feature like every other paid, streaming subscription but there isn’t. I contacted ESPN and was told to just “remember where you were.” That seems so silly and unnecessary. Please ESPN, add a ‘continue watching’ feature and I will be a 5 star happy customer. As it is right now I have to scroll back through programming, find the show I was watching, click on it, and try to remember where I was and start fast forwarding which is a huge pain if your like me and watch different shows depending on the mood you are in..Version: 6.12

Thieves do NOT PAYThey take your money, then you find out you need a tv provider. I don’t have one so the app won’t play. I paid 6.50 just to watch the women’s final us open.... I just threw my money awa.Version: 6.9

No Canadian fansC’mon why are we not aloud.Version: 6.25.1

Bugs with toggleHi, your toggle buttons for getting sports update alerts is not working. I have had this issue for awhile. I recently tried updating my favourite teams ie deselecting them so I had no favourite teams. I deselected about 8 teams. I found the toggle buttons then worked for about 8 games at a time. I have just tried to get updates for one game this morning and the toggle button keeps returning automatically to the off button. You guys have to work on this. It's become quite a gripe with me and has stopped me from being updated on sports while at work. Please fix!.Version: 5.4

OkIt gives you the option to select your favourite sports to see yet still shows you all others sometimes above the sports you’ve selected as favourites.Version: 6.3

ESports section REALLY needs sorting if you want fans to use itI downloaded the app because I’m a huge eSports fan and I came across an ESPN article on EU LCS league teams. So I decided I’d use ESPN as my source for eSports news as Blitz is no more. Oh boy was that a bad idea. There’s simply not enough structure in this app for eSports. Here’s a few friendly pointers to help you get eSports fans to use and enjoy your app: -Famous leagues may be a good idea for the ‘Favourite Leagues’ setup stage eg: EU/NA LCS, FaceIt, DOTA 2 International But feel free to focus on 1 eSport like LoL in their most famous leagues EU & NA LCS, LPL and LCK if you are able to. You seem to have good coverage of this in articles. -Because of the prior point there are no identifiable teams from the teams list on setup. Which is frustrating as a user as I can’t follow the teams I support; Fnatic and TSM in the 2 LCS leagues -The ‘Scores’ section and the home section shoves WAY too much conventional sports I have no interest in down my throat and makes me want to never use it The home section could be more of a hub for what you follow instead of a mess of random content. To tweak this I’d humbly recommend making it focussed on simply these sections, in this order: - Ongoing match at the top as with live football matches but based on your favourited topics (just any big eSports matches currently happening in my case) - Latest News on your favourited sports - Adverts if you need to show them -Then top headlines so they have to go past ads so you can keep ads on and that - Then show them the other sports they didn’t favourite in the first place of you have to push that sort of content This is advice given to help you not as a complaint, use it if you will but I honestly think you’ll gain users who like eSports and sports if you pull it off. Source: Computing Graduate & Big eSports Fan.Version: 6.2

6.1 brokenSince 6.1 release the app won’t open on my iPad. Starts then crashes. Quick fix please?.Version: 6.1

LowlightsEvery time you want to want to watch a video highlights there’s a 30 seconds video that plays. Even after watching that stupid commercial you have to watch the same stupid commercial if you want to watch another video. The good old says are behind. B/R Sports have taken the reign. Such a shame!.Version: 6.9

NoJust deleted. Laggy as hell. Always found it awkward using in UK. Destroys using phone unless you properly close app every time..Version: 6.10

Crashes all the timeOnly last a couple of days then crashes and I have to reinstall. Shame as it’s a good app otherwise.Version: 6.31.2

HeadlinesI really appreciate this app when it comes to scores and game outcomes. But the most frustrating thing about this app is the headlines. Every time a headline pop up appears on my phone, I cannot access the article. I click on it and the app opens, but the article doesn’t come up. It’s the most annoying thing..Version: 6.31.1

AvailabilityShould be worldwide.Version: 6.40.1

FailingA lot of potential but simple updates aren't happening. Eg last years tri nations result is up, but this years still isn't. The app is great. The back room isn't supporting it..Version: 0

Update is terribleSince the latest update rolled out, I have not been able to load nor watch first take or the jump. I usually watch these shows most days..Version: 6.8

OkPlease fix the bug where you can’t add team news to your alerts.Version: 6.29

Can’t switch editionsStuck on US edition. Useless..Version: 5.12.1

Love the data and info, but the vids on iPhone??Love the app, but not sure if it’s just me.. I have an iPhone XR and when I get the notifications for a video when I click on it it just pin wheels forever and never actually loads. It’s really frustrating. I’ve updated my phone and the app. I fee like it should work, but honestly it hasn’t after many updates. Please fix or advise. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem. Would give 5 stars if this was not a problem..Version: 6.10.4

Scores page is blank. Useless updateScores page is blank.Version: 6.1

Revenue takes priority over serviceUnfortunately recent changes had thrown ads all over the place, to a point were you can no longer select some content within the app (as its blocked by advertisers)..Version: 6.14.1

TerribleHorrible app. Every time I press the play button, The live shows won’t load. Now I missed game 5 of 2019! Please fix now..Version: 6.7.1

No ESPN+Why have a ESPN+ section if it’s not available in Canada?.Version: 6.37.3

Keeps crashingApp repeatedly crashes without any information as to why..Version: 6.1

Great that you wrote reviews guysOtherwise, I would have lost time downloading this app and be mad at how bad it works. I specially dislike commercials that repeat and repeatAgain. We read the reviews ESPN. Get better..Version: 6.9

Won’t LoadOpens to blank screen.Version: 6.31.2

The app is somewhat flakyI’m trying to get it to give me game alerts for the final week of the NFL season. Every time I try to add alerts for a game, the app immediately unchecked them. Uninstalled. Looking for a more stable option than ESPN..Version: 6.3

Was great till it stopped being sport relatedI’m over it. I go to check game results. Nothing more than politics from over paid over rated humans thinking their view is actually part of their job. I’ll delete this app till these muppets actually figure out I don’t wanna hear the excuses for not going to work. Done.Version: 6.29

To much USA sport contentThe app shows too much USA sport that I’m not really interested in, but still a great app.Version: 6.49.1

TerribleWhat part of NO NEWS NOTIFICATIONS do you not understand? I only want match notifications and have my preferences set as such yet I continue to receive ridiculous amounts of notifications..Version: 6.15

Freezes when I open it.Despite downloading the update today it still freezes when I open it. Only restarting the phone eventually gets it to load. Sort it out, fix the bug, release a new update..Version: 6.8.1

Absolutely TerribleThis app has easily the worst User Interface of any app I’ve ever seen. It’s clunky, cluttered, and not easy for the user to find what they are looking for. I would be okay with a poor UI if the app wasn’t also lagging. There is no way to hide the crap you don’t care about, so you have to scroll through the useless crap to get to what you want. I have been watching Rugby on the WatchESPN app for years for free and never had any issues. The app was simple, straight forward, and reliable. Now that Rugby has switched to this app, I’ve had nothing but issues (and I have to pay for a product that is vastly inferior to the free product I enjoyed). For the first week, Super Rugby matches wouldn’t show up when you searched for “Rugby”. They do now, but good luck trying to watch a full game without getting an error. This morning, I go to watch the Rebels v Crusaders replay and the broadcast starts when the game is 3/4 over. Now I can’t even find the rest of the games I should be seeing. ESPN+ is a terrible product as it is right now..Version: 6.0.2

Increase number of favouritesThere is limit to add number of favourite teams .Kindly update this.Version: 6.20.1

It has been ruinedThe ESPN app has been my go-to app for sports news, scores, and recaps for a long time. But it has been ruined with the latest updates and redesigns. The app is almost unusable these days. Even when I am at home, on wifi, with nothing else running on my phone, the app is slow and crashes often. Don’t even think about using it at a game or anywhere your connection isn’t perfect. They have overburdened the app with video, ads, and cookies that slow it down to a crawl or even just prohibit you from even being able to open the app at all. Today I finally jumped onto the apps “text support” to see what I could do to improve my experience. Unfortunately the ESPN support rep proceeded to first accuse me of having a bad connection. I pointed out that he was incorrect and the rep then informed me that the app stores a lot of cookies and I should just delete the app and reinstall it. This is an annoying suggestion but I did it anyway. There was no improvement. And the tactless interaction with the rep definitely did not help the situation. The point is, you can do better. Go find another app that works and was designed by a company that still cares about their user base..Version: 5.11

Fine appCould do with dark mode support though.Version: 6.10.4

Constantly crashingLatest couple of updates have done nothing to fix issues with the app constantly crashing or getting stuck loading. Very ordinary app.Version: 6.31.1

Why yall need a update and let people watch live games when they already have a tv providerThis app needs to be updated because you do not let us watch the games live when the games are actually on espn not really witch is dumb. You should let us watch nfl, college, mlb, and nba hilghts so we can see whats actually going on in the game. You should also give us notifcations when we do not chose whatever team we did not pick but as long it is in the league we pick. And also I have on promblem myslef. This should really be on the update list but. My parents got specturm so we can watch thing we like to see. There is a promblem when i try to watch the game it says I can not watch it. I was like are you serious. I really wanted to see the nba game but it just had to say I had to watch it with specturm. So begged my parents to put espn to there specturm account but I no they won't do it anways. Thanks espn and I am being sarcastic. If anyone has those promblems please say something..Version: 6.10.4

The new version is almost uselessWhen it says that it is now "easier to get news and scores of ALL of your favourite teams," they actually mean that they have made it harder to follow the majority of your favourite teams unless they are in the NBA or NFL. The app no longer shows upcoming games for English Premier League or La Liga and news is harder to find. So the app is good for US sports but useless for overseas sports. It does look cool though....Version: 4.0.0

Menu widgets no content for weeksJust get a black screen with no content no matter what i select.Version: 6.31.1

UpdateWon’t open with my new IOS update.Version: 6.10

The worstThis used to be my go to for sports updates new pretty much anything sports! Now they just cover trash! The app runs horribly slow it’s like they don’t put out new stories or half the time they aren’t even covering sports. It’s amazing not only is their App bad the content they put on it is horrible who is running this thing! They clearly fired all the wrong people when they let all those people go at espn! They have some of the absolute worst sports articles or coverage of what went on in games or event that occurred. Plus now all they want to do is follow Lavar ball and his 2 kids they aren’t even in America playing in some nothing league overseas they get more coverage then the oldest brother who actually plays for the lakers it’s pathetic! What are you doing over there at espn your app is terrible and your sports reporting is even worse it’s quite the shame espn used to be the most reliable source for any sports info there was no reason to look anywhere or watch anything else now I’m looking for any app remotely decent to delete the espn app I’m done with espn and their garbage app!.Version: 5.12.1

Why should I report an issue with ESPN: Live Sports & Scores?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of ESPN: Live Sports & Scores to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a ESPN: Live Sports & Scores customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using ESPN: Live Sports & Scores.

Is ESPN: Live Sports & Scores not working?

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact ESPN: Live Sports & Scores.

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