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ESPN: Live Sports & Scores Positive Reviews

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ESPN: Live Sports & Scores App User Positive Comments 2022

ESPN: Live Sports & Scores app received 76 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about espn: live sports & scores?

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ESPN: Live Sports & Scores for Positive User Reviews

Great app!Great app! other then a lot of notifications, great for NBA obsessionists! :).Version: 3.1.1

It's great!I don't live in America so it lets me keep up to date with my teams! Can sometimes be difficult to use, but still a great app..Version: 3.1.1

SirBest app by far. I've laughed, I've cried, it has changed my life. Cannot remember my life without it!.Version: 4.1.2

Cricket scores on watchGood for sports scores, but cricket scores need to be able to be be read on the Watch app and on the phone widget....Version: 6.17.1

Very goodBest sporting app around.Version: 4.0.1

Up to date with the sportsLove the UI, I can keep up to date with my favorite sports news on stories, games and points. Best sports app so far. 10/10.Version: 6.6.2

SportsOne of the best sporting apps out there. Love it.Version: 3.1.1

Does what it says on the boxIt’s an ESPN app, it does as you’d think, sports scores and stories. It won’t make you rich or solve world hunger..Version: 6.59

ESPNGreat app , really enjoying it , need more videos.Version: 6.64

Sports center appQuite an exquisite exhibition of sporting recapturation Marvellous Humphrey, MARVELLOUS!!! Many a gratitude I must bestow fellow recommendees !.Version: 4.0.2

AwesomeBest sports news and scores app available. Highly recommend!.Version: 4.1.2

ReviewReally good overall. updates are basically on time with the live game.Version: 6.60.1

Sick sports app, everyone!This app is awesome! The layout is perfect and it’s easy to use!! A++ !!.Version: 6.40.1

I love this, but...Being an American sports fan, as well as an U.K sports fan, this is perfect for keeping in touch with all the news & scores from the USA,and covers most. but it doesn't cover my favourite UK sports, Rugby league or Union and neither Cricket. Especially now the Ashes has just finished, and the Rugby World Cup is about to start. It would make this App near perfect if you could add these fine sports to your list. Most appreciated. 👍.Version: 4.4.2

99.9% Amazing!This app is absolutely fantastic. One thing I would change, is the font in the widget for my favourite team is in black font and against dark mode is hard to view, it would be much better if it was white. Also, my team Bristol City have a new badge and needs updating, get these 2 update and it will be 100% amazing. Thank you.Version: 6.12.1

Awesome appGamecast is an excellent feature for watching NFL on the road..Version: 4.0.2

Will recommend!!Happy and will recommend to all.Version: 5.5

Good but slowAs the title states. Really good content, but slow at reporting all the "latest" sports news..Version: 3.2

ReviewGreat app but what happened to the podcasts? I can’t find them anymore.Version: 6.6.2

CommercialsWait to to many commercials.Version: 6.3

Perfect for all sportsSo easy to navigate through any sport, and the scores are comprehensively up to date, live sports are easy to follow and navigation throughout the application is very easy to learn.Version: 4.2.1

Decent app but alerts still need fixingI have relied on this app for a few years now despite its many shortcoming (heavy battery use, very very slow, unreliable notifications) but recent upgrades have made it even more frustrating. It is now impossible to change the alert settings. Any change to the alerts is erased within a few minutes and the settings automatically revert to the old ones..Version: 4.4.2

Great appThis app is great because I can keep eye on my favourite sports around the world..Version: 6.55

News take long to loadNews take decades to load up, sometimes, it does not even load.Version: 6.28.1

Great appReally easy to use and great to keep up with all the latest news and scores.Version: 3.2

I like itI like this app.Version: 6.3

Won’t work after last updateWas great but after last update, it gets stuck in loading, crashes and exits. Really made me appreciate how much I used it when its not working. Needs a quick fix..Version: 6.1

Doesn’t workUse to be great, now crashes my phone every time I go to the scores (second option along the bottom) .... hasn’t been fixed for at least a couple of weeks now .....Version: 6.1

FeedbackYour app is Informative , does justice in inquisitively covering all major sports , is engaging and interesting!.Version: 6.59

Score centre A+Great to use and can follow all my teams without fuss. Highly recommended..Version: 3.1.1

Great100% recommended to sports fans..Version: 4.0.5

Excellent appVery good. Love the ability to set alerts for specific games.Version: 4.0.1

AmazingNo other words needed!!!.Version: 6.61.2

Was great till it stopped being sport relatedI’m over it. I go to check game results. Nothing more than politics from over paid over rated humans thinking their view is actually part of their job. I’ll delete this app till these muppets actually figure out I don’t wanna hear the excuses for not going to work. Done.Version: 6.29

Great app!Great app! You can look at every sports results from soccer-basketball. Only thing is that it doesn't do rugby:(.Version: 3.1

Well doneAll the games I watch are on que and up to date in real time including stats … I appreciate that..thanks.Version: 6.49.1

Slow & stuck!I like the new UI. A great & friendly interactive with me. But I noticed App is in slow working! When press & change Home to Score & Score to Sports menu, it's in stuck! I don't why this problem in my phone! Sent from iPhone 5..Version: 6.0.1

Great appCurrent scores can be counted on with you. Thanks!.Version: 6.64

Use it everyday to get my NBA fixRecommend it. News stories updated regularly - unlike nba app which is always delayed on news..Version: 3.1.1

Fabulous!Use it many times every day to follow favourite teams. Wouldn't be without it..Version: 4.4.1

Best app out thereNever had an issue.Version: 6.53

Much improvedNew version is a big improvement. Fast and stable. Good job..Version: 4.3.1

ESPN Score CentreAwesome and easy to use, allows me access to any scores, anytime, anywhere..Version: 3.2

I love ESPN.Yes I do love ESPN..Version: 6.53

AwesomeI rlly like it and I been very useful for getting solid info I recommend it over all of the other apps like this💯.Version: 6.64

Should have separate section for videosI could see that you upload lot of videos for all sports... i cant see them unless i go in one news and play one video.. only then i see other video suggestions.. you should have a separate videos section where i can browse and select a video to play.Version: 5.11

Gives correct newsI highly recommend ESPN because I have had it for a long time and it I use full to find news about sports..Version: 6.43.1

CoachmcI wouldn't be without it!.Version: 4.0.2

Has got much betterThe updates are now quicker and much better than the SKY App which doesnt even have push notification My main gripe is that it puts the away team first and the home team second when giving a score. Also I have switched off the descipline details, however I still keep getting updates when a player gets booked or sent off. May have a seperate alert for both card type as most people only really care when its a yellow Would be nice to if you counld set a whole league as a push alert and not have to do each team.Version: 2.2.2

Great appThe latest upgrade for this app is phenomenal, the new look is impressive and easy to navigate. Switching between and viewing articles is a smooth process; the ability to view videos from the news screen is another great addition. Overall I am very happy with this app and would recommend it to any sports fan..Version: 4.0.0

Delay of game.... 5 yd penalty on ESPN+....I would say once you actually get the ESPN+ app installed it works pretty well on Roku and is easy to navigate with the remote......the big problem is it literally takes a PhD and engineering degree to get the app installed on a non QLED TV which many do not have esp if you’ve purchased a tv prior to 2017.....ESPN also failed to offer a heads up on this so if you have an older tv be prepared for a long set up process.....after about 8 hours and a trip to the store to purchase said Roku device we hunkered down to watch Connor v cowboy....sad to say 40 secs was a huge letdown but it looks like the UFC lineup In coming months looks promising....One other note....the sound was on a 10-15 sec delay which was annoying and unacceptable...I’m wondering if anyone else had this issue....I did appreciate the discounted price for the fight so overall some good and some bad on that streaming being in sync and we’ll be back with another review after the next fight....GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.13.1

Best app everEasy to use, fast and reliable and keeps me up to date with my favourite teams. Alerts of live in game scores are awesome.Version: 4.1.3

SCGot to love having scores available any time..Version: 4.0.2

Made it worseEvery update the site goes backwards.Version: 6.3

Now running so slowNormally pretty reliable app and my go to sports app. Last app update however has seen app slow down considerably on launch and navigation -slow enough to leave you thinking it is unresponsive/frozen..Version: 5.12.1

App for WatchOS 3This great app used to be on my Apple Watch and worked just fine. It recently somehow got uninstalled and it can’t or won’t install back. It needs a quick fix..Version: 6.12

BCJTop top top app..Version: 6.3

Love itThe great one all over the world.Version: 6.61.2

Great AppMuch cleaner after redesign, excellent one stop shop for sports..Version: 4.0.0

Great UpdatesGood app with nice options to receive updates on the sports and teams you like. Nice!.Version: 3.2

Great app but seems to cause issues in my phoneHad been great until I upgraded to iPhone 11. No other apps seems to affect the phone but espn seems to lag my whole out out when it’s opened for longer than like 2 mins. Great app but too clogged with ads and junk..Version: 6.14.1

A fantastic app for fans who are typically on the road!This app is brilliant, especially if your used to using the browser to update yourself with scores. Easy to set up sports and it higlights your favorite teams really well, so you don't have to scroll through the fixture list. Only gripe is not being able to sign into myESPN, but that could just be me. Not to important however. Load time is good in 3G coverage..Version: 0

What a appI can see all games at the same times and the highlight reels and I hope to see a update that lets you watch games on the app.Version: 6.53

Crashes too oftenThe app looks great but crashes very often and app resets don’t always work, sometimes takes hours to come online again..Version: 6.40.1

ExcellentReally enjoy it, living outside of usa, keeps me up to date..Version: 3.2

Dont work with Apple WatchThis app don’t work with my Apple Watch.Version: 6.43

Great AppI use a lot of sports apps and they all work pretty similarly. This one has everything the others do all in one. Once you learn how, the app is very easy to navigate. The favorite teams AND SPORTS is helpful to narrow down the news that shows up. The stories is my favorite part especially with the interactive voting. The one request I have for it is this: if there were more stories that I could just scroll through they would be a GREAT time killer. When I'm bored I like to open them up for a minute but there are only five per day if I'm correct. If I was able to scroll through those just a little bit more I would enjoy killing time watching Joe Burrow talk about his real diamonds and watching people dunk on mini basketball hoops. Other than that the articles are well written and my notifications are personalized to where I'm not getting random sports I've never heard of like for other apps. Thanks for reading, I hope it helped.Version: 6.60.1

BrilliantGreat app for US sport in particular but also for a wide variety of sports.Version: 4.1.2

Good App, Slightly GlitchyI’ve been using the ESPN App on my IPhone since 2018. It gives you most of the information you can find on the ESPN website, with the exception of certain specific sections of different sports homepages (for example, you cant access the college football conference standings from the college football page). I also don’t like the only the last names of players are shown in boxscores and stat columns. The website shows you their full names. Beyond that, the main complaint I have is that the app is glitchy in spots. For example, say I’m looking at the boxscore of a football game, and say I minimize the app briefly without actually closing it. When I go back to the ESPN app, it will take me to the game recap and force me to click on the boxscore again. I don’t get why thats necessary. If you’re a sports fan who is used to perusing the ESPN website, and if you’re familiar with the firsr names of the athletes, the app is a useful way to do deep dives and read columns without having to use the website through a desktop or laptop. Recommended, but its frustrating in places..Version: 6.60.1

UFC Streaming iPhone issuesThis is one of the worse apps I have ever had. The buffer times are ridiculous and half of the time You can’t even watch what you want to because it won’t load off of the app on the iPhone and it’s not because of a slow connection or Wi-Fi issue because everything else works you would think that the top leader in sports would have an application that works. This was during the UFC espn+ main card 2nd fight on the main card and happened during the prelims as well. My app and iPhone are both up to date. I tried it on my droid and my computer and it did the same thing, buffer for 10sec then just go back to the page or freeze the app. I hope you address this issue. Dana White this only happened during the UFC fights all other streams worked. I was optimistic about UFC going over to ESPN for this reason..Version: 6.4.1

Update news first.If you’re looking for the latest on any sport…Than turn to ESPN..Version: 6.50

EYESpnLove this app, so many cool exciting features for casual sports fans and for sport nerds also. I personally really like the personalised notifications.Version: 6.49.1

SportsCentre AppGreat app - use it every day to follow baseball & basketball.Version: 3.2

App ReviewWe’ll layed out, imformative over all sports (even hockey) videos are great. Even all the the stats and live score standings are great keep it up boys & girls!!! Pharms 🍅🍑❤️🇨🇦.Version: 6.64

ESPN+Would love to be able to join in on reading this material but unfortunately I live in Australia and can not do so..Version: 6.40.1

Great APPGreat for scores updates, stories, and injuries reports..Version: 6.51

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