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Stages - Live streams for you app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Stages - Live streams for you? Can you share your negative thoughts about stages - live streams for you?

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Bug fixesLove the games especially u-know or whatever it’s called, but the glitching has gotten me to a point where i can’t even handle even playing the game. the game doesn’t load the cards overlap and turn different colors and you have no touch ability where your cards are and if you go out and go back in it makes it worse or doesn’t change. Please just fix the glitching and this will be such an amazing app!!.Version: 0.10.0

Laggy but funGreat games, fun to play, but super laggy. App says not to fun on low power mode but even regular power mode it’s still laggy..Version: 0.4.1

1 starI want to delete my account now and i literally can’t like ....Version: 0.11.0

Glitches.I’ve played solitaire for a number of times and everytime I win against another player it won’t let me exit rhe victory screen, only way is to forfeit even after i’ve won. Ridiculous..Version: 0.11.0

Most stupid app i ever downlaoded in my life.Everytime i try to play a game it says i have to make a stupid account but it doesnt even let me put in my number. if ur gonna make an app atleast learn how to make one first. gosh..Version: 0.11.0

BadI cant even open the game. it loads for one second and then crashes. i even restarted my phone and deleted some apps..Version: 0.10.0

HiYasmin is so pretty.Version: 0.12.0

?? black market…I got this app thinking it was meant for games but in reality I am receiving messages from dr*g dealers and esco*ts… it’s disgusting and a disgrace and should be taken off the apple store… users promote their cash app and how to reach them!.Version: 0.11.0

It's fun but too many bugsIt's a really fun game app but too many bugs where it shuts down. And there's also too many scammers on there; there's sugar mommas and stuff on this app while there's people who are just trying to play on the app. And then there needs to be an age section cause there's too many minors and people saying they a certain age when really they are younger or older. Needs a lot of fixing..Version: 0.11.0

Fix your banned systemIt’s not fair that you get one warning and then you’re permanently banned from private messaging anyone. I feel like there should be a timer or something because we didn’t even get a heads up it’s just one bad word then you’re banned just like that..Version: 0.12.0

Glitchy!!! Fun and slowI just got this game a couple days ago to play with family. It’s fun! You can customize your avatar anyway you like and is very diverse with style, hair color, accessories, etc. games are fun too! More than what GamePigeon has. However, it’s very glitchy and slow… sometimes it won’t let you open a game for minutes, or until you close out of the app and open it back up. This one game especially, Mars Jump, slow and bloctchy! Cute and fun, but slow. Definitely needs to update and fix some bugs. Also, it gives you the feature to play with other people your age across the country which is pretty cool..Version: 0.11.0

IdkSomehow managed to download it and now im deleting it.Version: 0.15.3

Good games, has potentialGames are good and fun to play. Army run has disappeared with no warning or update. Needs more games such as darts. Bring back army run and add similar games like racing etc as they bring unique game play compared to competitors..Version: 0.3.7

I don’t want a picture of myselfPlease remove the photo requirement for profile. I don’t want my kids or me for that matter as my profile picture. I don’t want to give access to my photo library as well. Why can’t I just use an avatar. Also why do you ask for our cell phone number? I shouldn’t have to use my cell number to sign up. Now I’m sure I’ll be getting unwelcome text now. Thank.Version: 0.12.0

It makes my heart sad!I really do enjoy this app when the games don’t crash and die on you. So many of my one on one games just either glitch and it can’t tell who’s turn it actually is or they stop loading and just spin forever. And half the time the games do work they still glitch out where you can’t see what ukno cards you actually have or the mancala board just completely blanks out. I know they’ve indicated there’s some sort of bug with Apple in iMessage directly, but all these issue occur in the actual gamebytes app itself. It leaves my heart super unhappy. 😭💔.Version: 0.10.0

Fix quick!The app is really slow. I can’t play one game then go to the next. I have to completely close the app then open it again to play another game🤦🏽‍♀️.Version: 0.12.0

Glitchy with Sugar mommas lolToo many bugs. I really hate the U-kno glitches where your cards are overlapped/distorted. I’m also tired of trying to play with people just for them to be some type of sugar momma spammer lol. I planned on playing Gamebytes a lot but it really needs to be cleaned up. Honestly if game pigeon had bowling, Gamebytes would be useless..Version: 0.11.0

Don’t bother.This game started off bad and somehow continued to get worse. The game is riddled with scammers posing as sugar mommas and sugar daddies. And the fun part is you can’t check out people’s profiles before you accept a friend request. And even better than that? The block function doesn’t work properly. Then if you do end up finding someone normal to play with, the game glitches and all the points change out of nowhere. Waste of time and not worth the trouble..Version: 0.10.0

Gamebytes coinsEvery game of solitaire I win it says I have to forfeit and lose the coins I should’ve won. Waste of time….Version: 0.11.0

Bad game/bug fixesI recommend to do not play but u can play if you want but this game have glitches and it cheats like one of ty games I was playing I was throwing the ball to the middle and it glitched and went to the middle then in tic tac toe it was making me go places I didn’t want to go and the player that I was playing said the same thing and flappy bird when u start you is right next to the wall and the Mars jump thing when we jumped it said we didn’t and that card game it’s ok but I recommend fixes bc my other player was seeing my cards when u wasn’t supposed to see each other cards and it was making us draw when we had the color and number those are the only games I played but I believe the other games is the same.Version: 0.10.0

Worst app ever!!!!Can’t create a account all I wanted to do was play uno but wouldn’t let me create a account what so ever after many attempts not worth the space on my Home Screen DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!.Version: 0.11.0

Needs Bug FixesWhen you play solitaire in the tournament and win it says you’re forfeiting when you go to leave; I’ve wrongfully lost so many coins over that!!.Version: 0.11.0

Glitches impact resultsThe app is fun, but the app often glitches and if a player tries to exit and get back onto a game it say that they forfeited when in reality the game never let them play in the first place. This is something that really needs to be fixed. It would also be great if people could just play the games by themselves and have personal records people could beat or challenge them for..Version: 0.10.0

Was doesn’t workWhen i initially played these games with my son, all was well. Then the degeneration began. Games got stuck upon opening, over and over. Games got stuck halfway through. Some games never worked. And now, they expire???? Ridiculous! (Ipad pro).Version: 0.8.0

Can’t Verify Phone number in australiaLook at title.Version: 0.10.0

Doesn’t workGlitchy. doesn’t work. pointless..Version: 0.12.0

FunIt’s fun but it keeps legging and making me loose bare coins made me forfeit 100 coin game.Version: 0.10.0

I don’t understand this gameYou have to be 13+ and you play with strangers. Why can’t you be like 10+ and play with people that like the same things as you? Instead, you play with people who are random that probably aren’t the age that it says on their profile. The Creators really need to work on this stuff but without any of those issues, it’s a really fun game!.Version: 0.12.0

Don’tPlease don’t use this app. random people find your number and sometimes they are creeps. please watch out for these apps. it’s very scary..Version: 0.6.2

Needs some improvement. Potential to be a great game.This app needs some TLC. Since the last update, my battles page glitches out and forfeits my match before I can even play. Causing me to lose my coins. And the regular matches with friends. In bowling, I have replayed the same frame 5 times and the game never progresses..Version: 0.11.0

The app won’t openI just got the app and i was so excited to play but every time i go to open it, it shows the logo in front of a white background then it closes. I’ve restarted my phone twice to see if it would fix the issue, but it didnt. I’m thinking the app needs to be updated to work on my phone..Version: 0.11.0

I was banned and don’t understand why I can’t ask for someone to pick a gameI was banned and deleted the app for a bit but installed it again to see if it was a bug but it wasn’t. I checked recently to see if I was able to ask my friend, who can only use this to chat btw, to play a game with me and the app kept saying “you are banned from matchmaking and will not be able to chat anymore if there is any mistake here let us know at (whatever the email was).” If anyone know how to help me because they haven’t responded to my email.Version: 0.12.0

Fix the chatApp was banging till y’all messed up the chat, fix it back yo!!!!!!!!.Version: 0.4.1

Its ok..I really like it but the quality needs to get way better bro.. like literally JUST now i was playing in matches and i used 50 out of the 55 i had.. and i hadnt even gotten to go yet and the other person made the first 2 in and chose to get 2 more balls.. and she made those in too.. and then i swiped and it said i forfit. i literally didnt even get to go. it just said i lost all my coins😐😐😐😐 and also just to warn you all.. this is litterally tinder for younger people.. i had this one guy flirting with me who said he was 27.. im a minor...Version: 0.10.0

Report/banNeed a way to actually report users and blocking them removes them from you incoming/friends list. Getting tired of all these users who don't even use iMessage and just ‘want a sugardaddy/momma’. UPDATE: seeing a-lot of improvement, but would still like to see a block feature that actually works, i block someone and they don't populate on the blocked users list..Version: 0.9.0

Fun and all, but a VERY problematic bug ruins itThe games are fun to play, but when my turn comes out, I go to tap on it, and nothing happens. I have to close the app and reopen it almost every time before it loads in as it should. That gets very annoying after the 10th time of doing so in under 10 minutes. It gets old, fast. Definitely needs to put a rush on that fix..Version: 0.12.0

Buggy and needs more contentThe games on here are surprisingly fun because some of them haven’t been done before (mainly by game pigeon), bowling when you play is extremely fun and quick. However when you skip the replay it may go to a white screen or the game won’t load properly. Skee ball has a weird glitch where the ball almost goes in the hole but will roll back. My last comment on Gamebytes is that they need more games that are diverse, multiplayer and different..Version: 0.4.1

Banned For No reasonI was a big fan of this app and would spend a lot of my time just playing tournaments against people and then I close the app to go do something. I come back to the app and I’m just banned. There was no reason for it at all. I emailed about it months ago and still never got a response. This is my last hope right here..Version: 0.12.0

Can’t play anymore 🥲When I first got it I wasn’t able to create an account because it only asked for a US number and I’m from the UK. However I was able to still play games, and I did for many months. Enjoyed using it especially during the lockdowns and I loved how I was able to speak through it with my friends. Well today I updated the app and now I can no longer play it as it now asks me to create an account which I cannot. Super upset about this as this was my favourite iMessage game app.Version: 0.9.0

Won’t give it a 5 Star Rating Until Minor FixesThis app could literally go 10 times further than game pigeon and you guys literally are putting 0 effort into a app that could blow up and actually earn you guys more money than you ever had… but it’s okay I enjoy the games the character customization but at the end of the day you guys know it’s glitches that’s forces me to forfeit games and that’s just plain unfair...Version: 0.11.0

Cant play without a US phone noHave to have an american phone number even though the app is advertised in the UK app store....Version: 0.6.2

Shame we cannot connect U.K. numberWhen do you reckon people in the U.K. will be able to play this like so many people from England would love to play it. We have been waiting for so long!.Version: 0.8.0

GameI have to keep reloading the game to play.Version: 0.11.0

Buggy, But Passes the TimeWell it’s a great concept. Especially during a never ending pandemic. The app needs work. It’s buggy and tends to freeze up about half the time. After force closing and reopening it seems to work again. Quite a few fake profiles as well. People who want you to add them on Insta, Snapchat, or their pay site like only fans. Other than those concerns it certainly passes the time..Version: 0.11.0

Add/fix these thingsAvatar poses, such as faces our facemoji makes in the profile photo. games played and games won/lost displayed on our profiles. fix the issue where it sometimes freezes and you have to go in and out of the app several times to get it to load. games are sometimes forfeited for no reason, causing us to lose coins. either fix or forfeit with no coin loss. let us play for coins with friends. I think this app has a lot of potential but it needs more work put into it. **most importantly, I’m tired of putting out 20 50 coin games and no one finding them, then I’ve just lost all those coins. Fix it please.**.Version: 0.11.0

Fix BugsI really like the app but it can use some work a lot of glitches going on that’s why I can only rate it 3 stars . During some games it freezes or just exit you out of the game by itself , also the uno game I like how we can talk and communicate but sometimes the connection be breaking up between the players and it makes it hard to understand, please fix these bugs this is really a good game. Also it would be cool if you can continue the uno game as long as possible so it won’t keep interrupting and starting a new game after so many games it makes it confusing to find which game everybody is in.Version: 0.10.0

Some bugsLove the game options. Especially like the ability to see wins vs. losses in the different games. My issue arises when I play in a tournament and the game freezes, causing me to have to forfeit to clear the screen and lose coins. Please fix Edited 2/9: What’s the point of updating the game if you aren’t going to fix the one problem people are telling you about?!?! Not being able to leave one persons game and go to another without closing the app is VERY annoying. Reducing from 4 stars to 2..Version: 0.12.0

Isn’t accessible to people in the UKI’ve seen reviews, many of which are experiencing the same issue as I am. You’ve been promising users in the UK this feature since January. Have there been any developments? Or can you tell us when to expect the update?.Version: 0.8.0

It’s cooThe app is glitchy.. but it has potential. I was bowling and hit a strike and when it came back to be my turn again it said I got a spare… basically took my strike away. Also they put emojis in but some of the hairs arnt popping up. Like my hairstyle is one of the choices but when I click it, it shows me balled 🥲 idk if this is a joke or telling me I’ll be balled soon but please fix the glitches and I can definitely change my rate.Version: 0.10.0

ImprovementI wish I could sing up with email as my iMessage is connect with email not phone number..Version: 0.10.0

Great game and I recommend but…There’s a lot of bugs and it glitches all of the time. You can work around it but it becomes tedious. I’ve had this app for a long while now probably around 2-3 years and before it was actually better. The developer added an avatar and that’s just a glitch fest. The way that you edit the avatar is just annoying and most of the time it doesn’t work so you end up with this ugly character😂 but frfr this is a great app it just needs a lot of work. I really hope that one day it’ll be in a complete working and flawless app but for now, I’m still gonna play it because it’s fun. :).Version: 0.11.0


Love the games but the app glitchesI really need them to update the app because anytime I try to open a new game I have to close the app altogether and reopen it every single time I need to make a move. Its very very annoying. I also wish I could search by opponents who want to play a specific game instead of whatever their favorite is. But I love the variety of games.Version: 0.11.0

Couldn’t even play due to errorThe games seemed fun from what I could see of it being played from my fiancé’s phone. However when I downloaded the app to play with her I wasn’t even able to open a single game. It said error loading every single time… even when I sent her game links. The app wouldn’t even show my avatar as my profile picture or allow me to matchmake with random people… there literally wasn’t a single option in the app that would allow me to play any game at all. I even went through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling the app. HUGE WASTE OF TIME!! Mainly frustrating that I only downloaded per someone else’s recommendation just to be wildly disappointed… at least the app was free although I’ll never get back the time I wasted downloading this app..Version: 0.11.0

It lags but it’s funIMessage is much better but Gamebytes has more games. The quality is a lil old fashion. Can’t play games like cup pong or bowling efficiently as you would on game pigeon but it’s still fun. Improve the quality and i recommend it in a heartbeat 🌱.Version: 0.12.0

Too many bugsApp is great and all but there are too many bugs. First bug being the app randomly closing when u start a game. Sometimes repeatedly closing on you. Then the second bug is games duplicating and then becoming unplayable or requiring u to close the app multiple times for it to work. Lastly there is a bug where u have to close the app after playing a game with somebody in order to start or continue a game u had with another person..Version: 0.11.0

NumberI searched up some games to play on iMessage and this app came up. Looks really cool and all but I’m the from the UK so I can’t put my phone number into the app and it asks constantly which is very annoying..Version: 0.6.2

TerribleIt doesn’t work at all.Version: 0.8.0

☹️I can’t change the background colour on my character and I also can’t change the facial expression.Version: 0.10.0

UnprofessionalY’all banned me for no reason didn’t even give me a reason on why i got banned all you say is i’m banned from matchmaking y’all made a mistake y’all also didn’t even tell me how long i’m going to be banned like is it forever and i can’t even make a new account and this game lags so much, I pick to play basketball and it shows i’m requesting to play hangman. can y’all please contact me back and fix these lags thanks..Version: 0.10.0

Bugged outThe games are great and I will add that they are very creative and fun, however; I’ve never seen so many freezing and glitching in an app before. There is some games that I can’t even get into because when it’s sent it just goes black or white or says loading at 0% and stays there. My messages will freeze and everything. And may I add, it is not my phone nor internet connection..Version: 0.11.0

NiceHello please can you add uk number , thanks.Version: 0.8.0

What a jokeAlthough playing these simple games could be fun, there is no way to filter out creepy people. You know, like people who send messages asking me to be their sugar baby. Although I am confident i would be quite the sugar baby catch, it is rather disappointing that scammers are using a gaming app to prey upon people. Thankfully my children don’t use this app but it seems it is over run with predators just looking to find their next victim. Not sure how the app could improve security but I’d suggest to them to figure out something. I can’t recommend using this game app due to the creepiness of folks using it..Version: 0.10.0

Feels a bit rigged, too controlledThere have been numerous time the game bugs out, I only use this tool to play the U-Kno, I’ve played a lot of it and noticed repetitive hands, there’s clearly an algorithm and lack of “randomness” which kills the buzz 🥲.Version: 0.10.0

Does not loadHorrible ! Have to create an account but it won’t load no matter what. Save your time.Version: 0.12.0

ADD INTERNATIONAL SUPPORTCan u please ADD UK NUMBER SUPPORT . I need more games u lot have a gap in the market and it will be big for u lot ... plss add asap!!!!!!!.Version: 0.8.0

LaggyThis game has good mini games. However, it is extremely hard to just get into a game. There is so much loading going on and popups and it doesn’t feel smooth. When you finally get into a game, it’s not that laggy but man it is sure annoying TRYING to get into a game. First time use feels smooth. After playing multiple games with the same person or transitioning to someone else, this app is bad. Please fix. Also why is this app like tinder now. I downloaded this to play mini games, not to find soulmates. There are so many scammers here too, “just be my boyfriend and I will pay you $5,000 a day.” Yea right, why do you have so many twins with the same or remotely similar names, “sugar mama, sugar mommy, augar mommy, sugar mommmy.” This would’ve been such a successful app if there weren’t a bad community and a laggy interface. Can I get filters for people because I am 17 and the people that I am getting recommended say they are 17 but act like 5 year olds. Screaming racist slurs, spamming, talking disrespectfully. Disgusting..Version: 0.12.0

Good Games, Lots of Bugs!I really like the game selection although some gays just don’t operate right. Like gravity doesn’t have the same effect in certain games, lol. My main issue with the game is its bugs! They just came out with a big update that added battles, tournaments, and more, yet still didn’t fix the bugs that ruin gameplay at least 25% of the time. The mechanics of this app just aren’t solidified yet and it could be a great game once the foundation of it is rock solid..Version: 0.10.0

Poor qualityHealth compared to the game pigeon interface and quality. This is really bad, some of the games wouldn’t even load. Plus since there not really good quality, it not that good to play as it doesn’t have that same feeling. It just feels clunky.Version: 0.11.0

GarbageAbsolutely trasshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh🗑.Version: 0.11.0

BugsNeeds bug fixes like having to completely close app to play another game. Also expect to get asked to be a sugar baby or to send nudes.Version: 0.11.0

Some fixingThis is a fun app! However it needs an update or something because it’s so buggy for me I have to exit the app all the time because if I move to different games I can play one but when I move to the other game it won’t let me play and I have to exit the app and come back in to play the game! So please fix this issue.Version: 0.11.0

Game troubleI just downloaded this app bc I was tired of the same games on Game pigeon. It was fun at first, getting to create an avatar for your account and finding people to play with. After a while tho when I tried to play it only works half the time. When I try to click on the game for my turn it crashes and doesn’t load. I would love to try more games but I can’t..Version: 0.12.0

GlitchyHonestly I was really excited for this but now barely even want to use it. It is so incredibly glitchy it isn’t even funny, if I play games with someone I have to force close the app between each game or it won’t let me open them. When used in iMessage half the time it won’t let me open games on there either and makes it barely worth attempting to play. Was initially really excited to have more iMessage games to play but until the glitches are fixed I don’t know that I’ll be using this much.Version: 0.12.0

The 2 new additionsI like the new games that were added. Well really one new game. Given the you have to have the among us app downloaded and it just takes you to the app and you play on there. But as far as solitaire that was added it’s pretty good…. We’ll when you’re playing with already added friends. If you play it to get more coins that’s where the problem comes in. The way solitaire is set up. It’s pre-determined what a player did and scored per turn. Which it’s player only gets one of with a 5min timer. That part is fine. What’s not fine is when you play someone and that’s has already went and you’re the 2nd player. You’ll know you’re the 1st player if the game says “searching for opponent”. If you’re the 2nd player and you win. When you try and exit the game for any reason after you’ve seen the results. It ALWAYS defaults to you trying to forfeit. Making your way in an instant loss..Version: 0.11.0

Banned from matchmakingWhy am I banned?.Version: 0.10.0

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