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Watch to 5K-Couch to 5km plan App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Watch to 5K-Couch to 5km plan app received 10 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Watch to 5K-Couch to 5km plan? Can you share your negative thoughts about watch to 5k-couch to 5km plan?

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Great idea, but doesn’t work well.I like the idea of an app that I can use independently of my phone, but this one needs a bit of work before it’s usable, as currently, it’s very unreliable. On my 1st run, using watch 7 and latest gen AirPods, there was no sound. I thought I missed a setting somewhere and used the dodgy haptic feedbacks to try and work out when to run instead. You have to keep checking your watch though, as the tap on your wrist may be a txt, a closed ring notification, or the app alerting you that you’re half way through. Run 2 I had sound, yay! But it’s very quiet. I figured I could use the crown to adjust volume, nope. Maybe the companion app will allow me to adjust sound? Nope. Run 3 was the same as run 2, except I knew the sound would be rubbish as I couldnt find any settings to adjust. I thought I’d be clever and turn the music right up, then pause the music, but that didn’t work either. Run 4 I had no sound again, and I’m now giving up on it and I’ll just use a pod cast instead. I tried to get on with it, but I can’t. I hope once the bugs are ironed out it’s a great app..Version: 3.5.0

Good app could be great with one fix.The design is great. The single purchase is perfect. The big glaring problem with this app is the vibration notifications between run/walk aren’t unique or strong enough to really grab your attention when doing physical activity. It means that I have to keep looking at my watch to not miss the next prompt. I, also, can’t for the life of me to get it to play through the watch speaker or my AirPods when they’re connected..Version: 3.7.0

Good app, some limitations, but it gets the job done efficientlyThe runs are well spaced out, the program is easy to follow and builds up at a good level. The app itself is easy to use on my watch and great for the haptics/sounds it gives. The only thing I really have an issue with is that when it adds to my Apple daily exercise tracker it only adds the predetermined times. E.g if I pause midway through and have a longer walk break, or have a 5 minute warm up walk first, it doesn’t record these. Yesterday we went for a 40 minute exercise outing, including a warm up walk, a cool down walk, and a break in the middle for me to get my breath back, and the app only recorded the 20 minutes of running/walking that it lays out for us as the program..Version: 1.1

App not working since updateThe app on the phone isn’t working since updating earlier this week. Just get a black screen. iphone 13 ios 15.5.Version: 3.0.2

Really not very goodI have used Couch to 5k before … needed to do it again having lapsed and now had an Apple Watch and hated taking my phone with me. But this is far from good, the voice does not encourage me … doesn’t say one run left or give me my pace … and no real warning of the run about to start … how about get ready to run and then 3 bleeps or something. There is a lot of work to do on encouraging good running.Version: 2.7.0

Get an iOS app with watch app insteadIt works and is there on your wrist. It shows you when to run and when to walk. Can’t fault that. Also it gives pulse and distance. It tells you how far you went after the workout. Until you hit done. Then it forgets all record except that you have done it. There’s just no way to find a record for the run in the health app. I have to look in fitbod to see my record of the run. Native watch apps are a cute idea but take a lot of work to be useful. This costs the same as an equivalent phone app that probably includes a watch app gratis. I recommend that..Version: 1.1

BrokenVirtual coach doesn’t work properly if listening to music it’ll only play through my watch which means I can’t actually hear it, virtual coach only works properly if music is turned off.Version: 3.5.0

Very Buggy on Series 5 watchGreat concept and app. Unfortunately I keep having bugs and the app will freeze up midway through a workout and if I restart the app it takes me back to beginning. Not optimal when you’re trying to squeeze in a quick run. Makes it almost useless since it doesn’t prop me when to run a walk and half my workouts are recorded due to the restart ..Version: 3.2.0

Warmup and Cooldown IssuesIt is frustrating that heart rate isn’t shown during the warm up, and especially during the cold down. It would be great to have music controls accessible during these periods too. But overall, this has been a nice motivational app..Version: 2.8.0

It works...I thought this was great to start with, but the voiceover guide isn’t very loud and doesn’t cut in very well if you’re listening to music via Bluetooth headphones - and when the voiceover does cut in, it is missing the first part of the words. Carried out the new update and no complication is available despite the fact that I have the most up to date watch and fully up to date software..Version: 2.3.0

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