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Peloton: Fitness & Workouts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Peloton: Fitness & Workouts app received 53 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Peloton: Fitness & Workouts? Can you share your negative thoughts about peloton: fitness & workouts?

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Peloton: Fitness & Workouts for Negative User Reviews

BoringWas bored after one hour. Not as good as The Sufferfest.Version: 2.0

Support With App SUCKS!!I love, love, love my peloton App. In fact I love it so much I have shared my digital app subscription with 2 friends. However... my one friend doesn’t use it. Such a waste. So, now I want to share my app and experience with my sister and cannot remove a person from my subscription. I call peloton who says it’s nothing to do with us, sorry about your luck, it’s third party Apple.. call them. So I do (and I feel this strange) Apple confirms that I have to call developer of app which is... peloton. How stupid is this? Frustrating and 2hrs into this... yet again. I see the subscription and ‘sharing with 2’ but no ability to mange..Version: 14.7.0

UX is frustratingNot taking anything away from the amazing classes run on here, but the user interface is extremely frustrating, confusing and unintuitive. For example.. if I add an on demand workout to my schedule, then select it, i cannot move it in my calendar without having to go back and find the workout in the endless scrolling. All the workouts are almost identically, so how do you pick? Needs a search facility. This morning I’ve been trying to find a run warmup. Stuck with scrolling for about 3 mins then gave up. Where do the bookmarked classes go? One would assume it was linked to my profile, but there’s nothing there to find them again. Anyone responsible for designing this app, please take a look at Nike Training Club app; it’s a great example of an intuitive workout interface. The only reason I’d stop using Peloton is out of frustration using this app. It’s not premium nor well designed, but it should be given the price of the memberships. App is unresponsive on my iPhone 12 Pro on the Workout Complete rate screen..Version: 14.10.2

Why i can’t use my account on my two bikes?I purchased two bikes one for home and one for my office and i can’t use the same account on both bikes and need each time to logout and login and the other option is to purchase another membership.. that is so stupid! Why you don’t let people that purchase two bikes with some credit card and account to use their account on both bikes?!.Version: 15.45.1

Audio running is not updated as frequentlyI love the app, the instructors and the selection of music and class offerings for any level. The class I use most is the “Audio Running,” which I tune into during my lunch while at work. Unfortunately it seems -unlike the other classes- it is not updated that often and does not offer a huge selection of levels, class times or range of music compared to the other classes on the treadmill, bike, yoga, etc. I have had to repeat classes, which has become monotonous. I emailed customer service and received a prompt response that the audio classes are updated bi-weekly but the service rep was unable to tell me exactly when I could expect new classes. The last time the “Audio Running” was updated was February 28, 2019 for a 45 min class. It’s now mid-March. For me, so far I am not receiving my money’s worth since this is the primary class I take. Hopefully Peloton will add more “Audio Running” classes every week instead of only twice a month...The other classes are updated on a daily from what I can tell..Version: 10.4.1

Keeps bufferingVery disruptive! My free trial was great, so I signed up for a subscription. First class of subscription, and the instructor is blurry, and the ride keeps buffering! Please get back to me! If this keeps up, I’m interested in a refund please!.Version: 12.2.1

Peloton vs bow flexLove the app. Only thing is I can only see cadence not resistance. I have to be paying attention to hear or read to see what we should be at. Other than that it fantastic.Version: 14.9.0

Apple Watch integration very flakyWas very excited to see the addition of Apple Watch integration for seeing my heart rate on screen during workouts, but so far it has worked very poorly. The Peloton app loses connectivity after only a few seconds, even though I see the Watch app still displaying my HR. Hopefully this will get better with subsequent releases, but right now a big disappointment..Version: 12.0.0

More focus needed on fitness training- cut the chatter!!Most aspects of the App are good however wish some of the instructors focused more on fitness instruction rather then chatting about their personal lives. I feel like the instructors are trying to be celebrity personalities rather then fitness instructors, which becomes more than annoying at times. In one of Matty’s 20 minute Upper Body Strength Training class, you’ll get like 10-11 min minutes of actual working out- where the other 9-10 minutes is spend on chatter, instruction and breaks....causing it hard to keep your heart rate up and get a good workout in. Peloton offers musically themed classes, which are great if you could actually here the music rather then Becs talking about her family and missing England or Rebecca talking about serving drinks to Busta Rhymes- makes it hard to enjoy those classes. Sometimes I workout to classes a from a few years ago as I find them for fitness focused plus it’s before they all started putting fillers in their faces and looked authentic. Just wish instructors were more focused on fitness training...it would be a much better service!!.Version: 14.9.0

Worst customer service EVERI wish there was a no stars rating…..I signed up through the App Store and received 30 days trial, only to see it one hour later offered by Peloton directly for 60 Days. After 20 mins plus…..and mostly on hold they say there is nothing they can do to extend my free trial or even cancel the first one…….brutal..Version: 15.45.1

Time didnt workIt is a good app but none of the class works for Aussie users. 1am for a jog and 11pm for an hiit? Nah...Version: 15.12.1

Double chargingJust found out that Peloton has been double charging me for the bike membership for 2 years; $55/month and the app $12.99/month. The app is suppose to be included. Can the developer contact me? No way to find it online..Version: 15.36.0

Duplicate Subscription fraudBOO on Peloton!!! Warning - If you get this app to use while you are waiting for delivery of your bike/tread, beware to cancel your trial subscription when you start your full subscription at delivery/installation time. Even though my family members linked their App to our bike membership before the end of the trial period, Peloton continued to collect money from us for multiple individual subscriptions. This is managed through the Apple or Google pay systems - search for “How to Cancel a Peloton digital membership” on Peloton support site. Peloton denies all responsibility for the duplicate subscription and forces you to talk with Apple/Google to resolve this. They do not care about your satisfaction or inconvenience even though they develop the Apps and so control the membership behaviors, and must receive a significant fraction of the collected funds. I spoke with several Peloton support people and while pleasant, they showed zero flexibility to help a customer and were very firm in just stonewalling people who have paid a lot of $$ for their equipment and content. I am much less satisfied as a customer because of this small glitch - entirely because Peloton is handling this so callously. I am sure that some class action lawyers will make solid $ from bringing suit to correct this lousy App behavior and Peloton’s abandonment of their customers..Version: 14.4.2

Live Class IssuesI love Peloton app. It’s my go-to mostly for all around workout(strength/hiit/yoga/meditation/stretching)& my 100% go to for cycling/boxing/bootcamps in all their forms. My issue and why I am taking off stars is bc as of recently(maybe past couple months it seems?)the live classes are buggier than ever. The app tells me I don’t have a subscription when I go to join from my homepage. I have to then click in from my scheduled classes to access the class. Once I’m in, my HR is not displayed and it’s typically cutting out portions of the classes(more than a typical amount)since this bug started. The most RECENT issue is the calories from live classes will show something like 0 or 3(like today.. I rode the hardest 20 min live class to date and it showed 0 cals). Not the biggest thing but I expect the classes to load to my watch rings.. it doesn’t count those cals anymore. Thennnn today I went to log in again(around the time of the Kendrick live Bike Bootcamp)the app is COMPLETELY down. Can’t sign in. Come on Peloton- upgrade your servers. I know it’s expensive but you have so many members paying good money.. it’s the name of the game. We want metrics/we want to see the live classes and we want them to count towards our rings and goals. Should be easy peasy. I’ll update my review once the issues are resolved. Thanks..Version: 15.41.0

Way too much unnecessary commentary!!I’m new to this app this week, mostly using it for the spin classes. The classes are so overshadowed by instructor chatter that it’s distracting and at times unintelligible from the workout instructions! I for one am not interested to hear about the latest billboard chart ratings & music history, motivational hype, or any other personal quips. If I could turn down the volume on their voices and turn up the music and just watch for visual cues that would be one fix. Alternatively would it be possible for instructors to simply lead a selection of classes without the excess chatter & with clear & concise workout instructions?.Version: 12.4.0

Great content, terrible applicationThe core product, the classes, are brilliant. Love the music and the instructors. The app itself is absolutely awful though. So many basic things haven’t been implemented. For example, there are lots of decade specific workouts, but you can’t search for 90s using the app. You can’t search for chest workouts despite these existing, you have to choose “upper body” and then keep scrolling. You can’t search for a particular artist or song either, you have to use clunky third party websites for this. Apple watch integration sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, no rhyme or reason as to why. The stacking feature sometimes crashes and loses your stack. The latest bug is chromecast integration, which suddenly just stopped working. I have no idea what this multi billion dollar bike company posing as a tech company’s dev team do all day, wait for their stock to vest so they can get out? Sadly it seems like the best hope to get a decent app to showcase this great content is a buyout by an actual tech company, fingers crossed..Version: 15.23.0

Together we can’t got farApp continually crashes on outdoor runs. Peloton support crew said that I use a different device, ie my Laptop. Can’t run with a Laptop unfortunately. They keep trying to fob me off and close my query. If outdoor runs stopped crashing, app would get 5 stars. *Update* The advice to contact the support crew is unusual, as support’s suggestion (per the original review above) is to turn my device on and off again, contact Apple or run with a different device, ie Laptop and allege that since no one else is having the same problem they’re is nothing they can do. The support crew frankly seem stumped and simply appear that they can’t be bothered trying to address my problem. Other members of the Peloton community have expressed a similar problem on the Facebook community page. An update is required to address the problems as currently it is not fit for purpose..Version: 15.23.0

No Apple TV app?You want me to follow along with a yoga routine on my phone????? Make an Apple TV app! Otherwise this is way less useful..Version: 12.0.0

Poor Apple Watch connectionI love this app except for the Apple Watch connection. It is super finicky. Sometimes it works great sometimes it will say poor connection watch is not close enough while the watch and phone are side-by-side. I will change my review once this issue is fixed..Version: 14.10.1

ANeeds an app for AppleTV..Version: 12.5.2

The instructors need to clean up their explicit languageI typically use the less mills app and those instructors never swear. The peloton app is a different story. While I appreciate that they warn you if the video is explicit it doesn’t help when they’re almost ALL explicit with no way to filter out the bad language. I’d like the instructors to buy a thesaurus and use cleaner language. Never heard so much swearing by instructors in any fitness app I’ve tried. It’s the only reason I probably won’t be purchasing after free trial ends. The video editors could bleep out some of the bad words but don’t seem to care. If you have kids then les mills tv app is superior. They too offer cycling workout videos. The peloton workouts are good but I have to watch them on silent with subtitles when my young child is awake and play my own music. The frequent swearing ruins this otherwise great app. My other gripe is the lack of a pause button. Les mills has it so why not add it to peloton videos? All our kids are home due to the pandemic and not being able to pause it when they enter the room is a huge problem. These are not family friendly workouts which is too bad since son no longer gets PE in school. If you’d remove all the swearing kids could use them for home PE purposes with us. I haven’t tried the live classes in app yet but am assuming they have swearing too..Version: 12.5.2

Mostly works but MAJOR bugOne big warning for users. If you are a metric user (I didn’t try this for imperial settings) and change your height and weight on the app it will mess up your bike settings for those items. Vice versa if you change them on the bike it will mess up these items on your app. HUGE problem as weight and probably height would be used to calculate stuff like calorie burn. This is pretty fundamental and not what you would expect from a premium platform. Also on the Bike + (nothing to do with app but an advisory to users) the sleep timer doesn’t work. When you change the time setting it doesn’t appear to save it as when you go back into the sleep setting page no time is selected..Version: 15.15.0

Disappointing functionality, great classesI’ve loved all the peloton classes but I’m very disappointed that the Apple Watch app, which integrates heart rate sensing in the peloton app, only integrates with the phone app, not if you’re using an iPad. I don’t know why it’s set up like this but it’s disappointing and frustrating. Classes are wonderful and cover a wide range of abilities, with lots of different class lengths and music options.Version: 14.7.1

Good but needs improvementIt’s a good app with lots of classes, both live and recorded, two major issues has lost it points though: 1. You cannot filter by equipment type. I have limited equipment at home and you have to go through each workout to find one that matches what equipment you have, this should be able to be filtered. 2. When you finally find a workout many state you need to find a 5 minute warmup to do first, which takes you back in to searching. Can the recording that require a warmup not recommend one and link it in to the playlist? Otherwise, yo warmup then by the time you find your workout again you’ve cooled down. A great app if they could make it easier to use and find things, it took over 5 minutes yesterday to find a suitable workout and I also got to the point of “sod it, I’m going for a run”..Version: 14.0.1

HERO to ZERO.I have been using Peloton since the beginning. I travel extensively and Peloton has been such an incredible tool. My wife feel like we KNEW the instructors. However, there was no support in South Africa. The App USED to work in SA but then stopped, saying my trial has expired and prompting me to renew my subscription with a Rand (ZAR) value. I was able to renew the subscription, which DEBITED by account BUT, I was not given any access; I was met with the same issue. It was then a massive pain to try get my money back for the excess debit orders. Guys. Get it together. Barry McCarthy, Get it together. How many subscribers around the world who have been incredibly valuable and loyal to the app have now fallen off? Didn’t Peloton just release a comeback strategy after the big fall off?? This makes it so much worse that the software isn’t supporting PAYING customers. Please GIVE support to SOUTH AFRICA. I have contacted Peloton numerous times to assist with this problem in SA. Surprise me. Escalate this issue and lets help Peloton Grow in SOUTH AFRICA..Version: 15.37.0

Why no text search? Peloton bike has itOn my peloton bike, I can search for terms to find a workout “80s”, but this is missing from the iOS app. The API must exist, so please expose it in the iOs UI..Version: 15.25.0

Outdoor tracking is awfulI don’t know if something changed recently but I went from getting mileage within a quarter of a mile of my garmin mileage to barely getting a half mile on a 45 minute walk. It tracks based on pace it appears, and everyone keeps saying it’s my service, but even when my class doesn’t cut out or anything it doesn’t track and see my path. It skips all around and connects all the dots to show my path in total, but doesn’t add all that up for total mileage. It only includes what it decides to say it “saw” on my walk or run. What does it think I am doing between the dots?? Flying? Teleporting? And it’s class specific. The newer outdoor classes and just run/just walk features are HORRIBLE and never keep up with me. Older classes do just fine for tracking mileage. I walk/run the same paths around my house and neighborhood every time and one class will track the full path, another literally seems to think I’m teleporting every few yards or have the best long jump record in the world. It’s gotten out of hand how bad the tracking is on the new stuff and just walk/run. Very frustrating. Thankfully I don’t rely on the peloton app for mileage but it’s so disappointing to know I walked 3.5 miles but it only shows up .5 on peloton..Version: 15.39.0

Classes completed don’t show up anymorePlease fix!! The classes I have taken on the app are no longer check marked, please fix!!!!.Version: 15.37.0

Wasted potential, not worth subscriptionI had heard about Peloton for a while now and figured I’d check out that app after just using YouTube video classes for the past year. The classes are literally just a video of someone cycling indoors. No on screen information such as what your current cadence or work rate should be. Useless. I can’t believe anyone would subscribe to this when there are hundreds of videos available on YouTube for free that have much more detailed information. Clearly their end goal is to get you to buy one of their overpriced bikes once you realize how useless this app is..Version: 8.5.0

Offline please!I know it’s 2018, almost 2019 but my gym doesn’t have free WiFi. If I’m paying a monthly fee, PLEASE allow me to download a class so I can watch it without using all my data! Love the classes!!!.Version: 10.1.0

Good on the bike, not for outdoor runningNot enough accuracy to be used as an outdoor running tracker. The guided runs are nice, but I’ll stick to Strava for running..Version: 14.0.1

Just not greatIt’s an app you want to love, but the UX is just constantly frustrating. It seems like every time they launch something new it’s like 90% done. Always a catch. Want to try a strength program? You can’t stack the classes- even the recommended ones, without finishing one first. In the middle of a strength program? It’s not even your recommended class even though you’re on the recommended day. The stacks? Easy to add… so frustrating to move to the next one. Outdoor run with Apple Watch? Not unless you bring your phone. Appletv airplay? It works, but your metrics don’t make it to the screen. Offline a class that doesn’t finish downloading? Goodbye storage. They never actually delete themselves and there’s no UI for removing half downloaded classes. New strive score? Only heart rate based. Doesn’t actually use stength training. New strength training body muscle use chart? Doesn’t work with older clases. It’s just 90% everywhere. Death by 1000 cuts. It’s like they test new products live with the users rather than before releasing. App is treated like a cheap tool to be just Intentionally bad enough to make you want to buy something. It’s Netflix for fitness. Not an actual piece of useful exercise technology..Version: 15.32.0

Not paying $17/ monthThey sell a bike for thousands of dollars. I was expecting this app comes free but it’s not. Penny wise pound foolish. Look at their stock price is at the abyss for a reason..Version: 15.45.1

Great content but some glitchesI’m in my 30 day free trial, and so far I love the content, the music is great. However there have been some problems when casting classes from my iphone to the TV using Airplay, videos just not working so had to switch back to my small phone screen. This doesn’t happen with my other fitness app that I was using before. Also after a workout it sometimes won’t go back to the main screen without having to close and reopen the app. Some longer hiit classes over 20 mins would be a great addition too..Version: 14.3.3

Be carefulIf you aren’t sure if you’re going forward in using this app, be careful how much personal information you put in the profile. Peloton does not have option to delete your account and customer service is not sure as to why they don’t. So all your data stays with them, unless you go in and change it before you logout. Not sure I like a company that isn’t transparent about that then..Version: 12.5.2

Like the workouts, don’t love the appI really like the workouts but the app definitely could be better: 1. Stretching classes register as a rolling workout in my activity app. 2. Workouts are not recorded in my activity app and does not connect on my apple watch if I use the apple tv app (apple tv runs on the same apple Id account), it only does when on the iphone app. 3. There should be more filters when looking for workouts, such as equipment needed 4. Not all workouts are indicated as to which difficulty level they are (would be appreciated on workouts such as yoga and pilates).Version: 14.8.0

No Native Apple TV App?!?!?Impossible to use with streaming from iPhoneX. Every phone call resets the workout to the very beginning. So frustrating. I’m switching to Beach Body because they have a native Apple TV app for my 4th gen Appletv..Version: 10.9.0

Apple Watch connection unstableI love Peloton and I love the app but the Apple Watch connection is extremely unstable, as well as connection to a chrome cast device. I’ll usually cast my workout to my tv using chrome cast and then connect with my Apple Watch and sometimes it works fine but other times the workout will sort of freeze and act like I never even started it yet it plays on the tv and I’m “connected”( even though no data is being collected apparently) to my Apple Watch. I then go into the app after the workout is done only to find that no stats were collected from my watch even thought it was supposedly connected. It’s frustrating because I want to see my progress during workouts and this is just an entire day lost at this point and it constantly happens. You shouldn’t allow the Watch to connect to the app unless I explicitly tell it to because that is the problem I believe, that the app is open on the Watch and connects automatically while also sending me a notification to connect. I think this throws off the connection..Version: 15.31.1

One star. Bad user UX bad UIIn order to get to your saved rides or stared rides it takes like 4 clicks and is not easy to find. By luck I stumbled across it under filters. Fix this and I’ll change my one star rating. Your saved rides should way easier to get to..Version: 12.1.0

The worst customer service.I am posting my experience with Peloton in Canada. I ordered the peloton original bike in July and it shipped in mid August. I really liked the bike. When peloton released the bike + I just made the 30 day cut off to return my bike and get the bike +. When I called peloton they told me I have to buy the new bike and return the old bike. My payment was processed. My bike return got postponed 2x (no courtesy calls). My new bike delivery got changed 3x (again no courtesy call). My original bike was picked up on Sep 23rd, and I have still not received a refund. Every time I call in the employees either shut the phone on me or blame it on billing and refuse to transfer me to a manager. I’ve also tried the email method 6x where I get a response 50% of the time just blaming it on the billing department. I finally had it and cancelled my Bike+ order thinking this might pressure peloton to get me my refund. Peloton’s customer service is a complete joke. Their BBB rating is a D-. Buyer beware..Version: 14.4.4

Download doesn’t workIssue ongoing for many months.Version: 15.43.0

Overpriced for service provided.This app is a good substitute to purchasing a peloton bike but comes up short on value for its subscription cost: 1. Classes that are saved and played after the fact should clearly show the cadence/resistance/output target prescribed by instructor. At times, it’s very confusing to follow what is going on. 2. You should be able to mute the music but keep the voice. I have yet to find a class where the music preference actually continually motivates me. Or even better closed caption the instructor. 3. You should be able remove the progress board and replace with something useful..Version: 11.4.0

Not as good as Apple Fitness for strengthI assumed it would be similar to Apple Fitness so I cancelled my Apple Fitness to try Peloton’s free trial. The quality of their videos and instruction for strength exercise is much lower in comparison. It seems that the major difference between Peloton and Apple Fitness for strength is that Peloton offers live videos while Apple is all prerecorded. My personal opinion is that I’d rather have a Apple’s quality prerecorded video than a rougher live video with more confusing instruction. Though I do see how some people may find the instructors calling out their names motivating. I like the heart rate stats that Peloton gives you after your workout and the ability to easily see which muscles you have worked. I have not used the other categories of classes so it is possible that they are better in other areas such as cycling which they are known for..Version: 15.40.0

No Apple TV AppWhy!?!? I would not hesitate to continue if there was an app for Apple TV..Version: 11.0.1

App is good... please fix Apple Watch Heart rateI have been using the app for about 8 months... it has been good so far. I got an Apple Watch last fall and the HR does not work regularly with the app. My wife has an Apple Watch too and has the same issue. All SW is up to date and the integration just does not work. A simple Bluetooth HR monitor works fine but then I have to turn the Watch integration off. 🙁 Update 5/9/21 - The Apple Watch HR integration just does not work regularly. The watch and phone are running the latest versions as of this date. My watch constantly says it lost connection to my iPhone when they are 1 ft apart. This always happens on my second workout when I am stacking. As soon as I dismiss that message the HR monitor starts working again. Then, once my watch screen turns off the connection is lost again. I have discovered closing the app and restarting it seems to resolve the issue until I get to the second workout with the app open. Update - 8/7/21 Integration with my Apple watch is broken again. Peleton says it cannot find my watch when my watch is clearly paired with my phone and other app work fine. It is apparent that Peleton does not do proper testing to verify functions or they just do not care about devices other than their own..Version: 15.11.0

Heart rate drop outs constantlyThe app has stopped working on the last 4-6 weeks dropping my Apple Watch 7 heart rate from the screen. It is frustrating and I have done all recommended potential fixes. I paired watch, reinstalled app., all the settings reviewed. In particular with cycle. My watch works with cross rope app perfectly (skipping) and Apple fitness cycle and HIIT. My green sensors are on. It’s not the watch. Have sent formal complaint to support. No feedback yet. Sadly I will need to cancel my subscription if it doesn’t work in the coming weeks as I cannot justify paying for an app that doesn’t do what it says it should. Would appreciate if someone debugged and found the issue. If anyone else in the community is having same issue please support me with your feedback. Thanks.Version: 15.29.0

IO 16 download still not working!Really, how can it take months to fix a bug that the developers at Peloton created. I saw a response from Peloton that said it was fixed. It has NOT been fixed and it has been months. Developers at the company I work for would not be employed if they can’t fix a once functional app, Peloton get your act together here..Version: 15.44.0

Great content - app is miles behindAbsolutely love the peloton classs, their content, hardware etc etc. Feels like there is basic functionality that’s missing from the app that would be quick fixes and immediate provide value to the end user. The main one for me is the ability to filter your workouts. I should be able to group workouts by type, instructor, time etc. where as at the moment, I have 500+ list of past workouts. There are other apps out there that are using peloton data for tracking things like power zone rides. It’s obvious there is a big appeal for this in terms of users and yet peloton don’t offer any similar features. Would suggest the UX and product team take a good look at pzpack, mzone, Pelotrak etc. that functionality will keep users engaged with the app and have no reason to deviate.Version: 15.28.0

PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!! PRE-LOAD BROKEN FOR 2 MONTHSI would love to write a glowing review, but the fact that “pre-loading” (or downloading for offline use) all video workouts has been broken since mid-September has seriously hurt the value of this app when you are somewhere without a decent Wi-Fi coverage. A developer response to another critical review posted last month says the issue has been fixed, but I can categorically say it hasn’t, and we’re now 60 days into iOS16… I’m hoping this review will inspire a response and timescale for an update to fix this known problem… i promise to replace the review with a far more positive one… but please fix it soon otherwise you’ll lose more subscribers to Apple Finess+!.Version: 15.43.0

Update no longer CastsI love the app, but since the most recent update, it no longer cast to my chromecast. It says it is and then simply stop casting. Very frustrating..Version: 15.45.0

So inaccessibleThere is nothing that makes me feel more disheartened then when a trainer says, during a BEGINNER run “this is a pace you could run for thirty minutes”. Excuse me??? I can barely run for two minute at a slow pace. You guys need to get your s$$$ together, I seriously broke down in my “beginner” run today. I’ve been trying to improve my running with you for months now and this was the last straw, I can’t stand hearing it anymore. That is not the mark of a good training philosophy. This is the way to make your customers feel like totally incapable..Version: 15.23.0

Love my bike but HATE the Apple TV appI’ve had my Peloton bike for a little over a month now and it’s definitely changed my relationship with working out and it’s something I genuinely look forward to using. Plus the Peloton platform has tons of different types of workouts (strength, yoga, boot camp, walking/running, etc) you can follow to get some variety into your exercise routine. The iPhone and iPad apps make it easy to take advantage to the huge library of workout content available on the platform both live and on demand. The Apple TV app on the other hand is lacking some significant features that make it much, much less useful. First off you cannot join live classes on the Apple TV app not can you even see the schedule, second you cannot see any of the collections or recommended programs they’ve curated which are numerous and very well through out, and finally you can’t see anything having to do with your profile and workout history. It’s lacking a good 40+% of the functions the other apps include. You can basically only see the on demand classes for each category and filter from there. I hope a significant update is planned to bring it in line as it’s easier now to just AirPlay from your iPhone or iPad. Get it together Peloton!!.Version: 14.2.1

Too much focus on musicI downloaded this through Vitality for fitness workouts. Good app but I’ve wasted too much time starting a workout only to find that it’s really just yoga or I don’t like or cant do some of the exercises or it’s just not the format I was looking for. They list the full playlist but not the exercises in the workouts. The exercises are key. I don’t care about the music . For me this has meant I haven’t used it much. I’d rather other apps where you know what you are letting yourself in for before you start. I get that it works for spinning but not for the rest of the app..Version: 14.1.0

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