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Confusing InterfaceMy wife and I check this App occasionally To see when our baby is going through leaps, but I find the app overly complicated and the interface is not user friendly or intuitive. I also find that the wording is very confusing - for example the wording of the checklists for each leap. I don’t particularly understand why each one starts with “you”. “You are bad tempered, you cry more” - I get that it’s directed at baby but personally it would more sense if it was directed at the baby in third persons. The last item on the checklist is “I’ve noticed that you”, and that’s it - no further explanation on the checklist. I imagine your suppose to edit it and write your own comments but I personally find there is a better way of doing it. Overall I would say that the information is good, and might help put parents at ease, but I wouldn’t recommend it purely on the fact that it’s UI is terrible. I’m much more likely to check google..Version: 9.2.2

DisappointingIt wasn't the cheapest iTunes purchase only to find vague information and many of the videos don't work..Version: 6.0.1

Update disappointmentThe new app update is riddled with punctuation errors, mistakes and sentences that don’t make sense in the new checklist feature. Considering we pay to get the app this seems like a lazy oversight which I find disappointing. Also frustrating that we have to pay to access all the extra features at once I don’t need/want them all. Should have the option to just pay extra for the extra milestones only..Version: 9.0.0

Very poor upgradeI purchased this app when my first baby was two months old and really enjoyed using it as we navigated through all the sleeping progressions/regressions. It was extremely helpful. Then the app went through a complete change of format and now it is absolutely useless to me. Compared to the old version, the newer version is a complete waste of time. I am disappointed as I had a second baby that I am not using this app for. Hopefully the company reads all the feedback and goes back to what works..Version: 10.4

Based on unproven science from controversial academic. Don’t buy.Personally I didn’t find that my baby’s development followed the leaps described in the app. It’s interesting to tick off the milestones such as when your baby makes consonant sounds etc but there is no scientific basis for the claims that all babies go through these leaps at the same time. Extract from a 2018 guardian article by Oliver Burkeman: The Wonder Weeks, a popular book by the Dutch husband-and-wife child development experts Frans Plooij and Hetty van de Rijt, insists upon the existence of 10 predictable “magic leaps forward” in your baby’s neurological development, heralded in each case by bouts of fussiness, raising the prospect that you might be able to tick them off like milestones in a home-renovation project. For example: at 46 weeks old, the authors declare, you can expect your baby to start to understand sequences, such as the steps involved in fitting one object into another. (Typically for the genre, The Wonder Weeks tries to reassure readers these stages will unfold naturally, while strongly hinting there are specific things parents must do to make them go well.) But it’s not wholly astonishing to learn, from Dutch press reports, that when one of Plooij’s PhD students sought experimental evidence for these leaps, she found none, and Plooij tried to block the publication of her results, triggering a controversy that saw him dismissed from his university post..Version: 10.3

Old VS NewI absolutely LOVED this app and have been using this since August when my little one arrive. However there has been a recent update in which when I am using white noise (heavy rain) it is no longer a continuous and uninterrupted. There is a clear pause when it loops back which is incredibly annoying since it never did it before. I also used to have to ability to scroll through the Wonder Week app itself and still have the white noise playing, but now it stops. As I said loved the app and if these things were to be rectified and put back to the way they were I would LOVE it again and would give it 5 stars no problem..Version: 10.2

New version is rubbish, don’t botherThe app used to be an easy way to check the key dates and milestones in the ‘leaps’. Now the leap information seems to be a copy and paste job for every leap, it’s really difficult to work out if we’re in a leap or not, and in general the ui is unpleasant and clunky. It’s now centered around making notes and checking boxes about stuff your baby’s done, which i’m not bothered about as I don’t think I’ll still be using this app long-term and would rather write in a real baby book. And it’s trying to shoehorn in extra functionality like white noise in a subscription model which is just greedy. Don’t bother with the app, either get the book second hand or find a pdf of the leaps and dates..Version: 9.0.3

Good for anyone believes in horoscopesThis app wasn’t useful for me. It’s just vague enough in the descriptions of “leaps” so that anyone can interpret it as their baby, but there’s no real useful information . Example: some babies might sleep more with this leap, some might sleep less. Some babies might eat more, but some might eat less... are you kidding me? I guess it might ease people’s minds that what their baby is or isn’t doing is “normal,” but this app really offers nothing you can’t get for free elsewhere. As a first time parent, the best advice I think I can give to anyone from my (limited!) 5 months of experience, read as much as you want (like frantic 3 AM googling... I did enough of that), take it all with a grain of salt, try different methods and find what works for your baby, and what works for your family. But all of this said, if having this app helps you ease your anxiety, then it’s money well spent. Just don’t expect it to tell you much. I also thought the design of the app was fairly sub-par..Version: 9.1

UselessThis information contained in this app is not at all applicable to my child and is ridiculous.Version: 9.1

MsComplete waste of time and money. There is very little information given and it is all very general and vague. There are lots of websites around which give better information..Version: 4.3.2

Terrible and FalseThis app is ridiculous. It preys on new mothers who are wondering why their baby is particularly fussy, or good, or tired, or whatever. No baby will do the exact same thing at the exact same time. Regardless of due date and brain development. It is an absolute SCAM do not waste your money. This is the worst app I have ever purchased. Every doctor I have talked to about it just laughs. I cannot stress enough what a waste this is. It’s even terrible visually, like what a poor old 1990’s app would look like. I wish I could get my money back and throw it in the garbage, because that would be more useful than this app..Version: 9.0.3

Can I get my money back?I paid $7 for them to tell me that he will go through something at this age. Yeah, I know. ThTs why I downloaded the app. I’m looking for answers, this does NOT give you answers. Simply tells you when they might go through a “leap”..Version: 10.0

Good Info, Not User FriendlyThis is app is confusing to use. The leap chart is difficult to decipher. The information, once you figure out where your baby is on their chart is great! Tons of info and it’s very helpful. They recently overhauled the whole layout and design, and I’m afraid to say it didn’t improve much. The developer needs to dumb it down a bit for us in the back..Version: 10.3

Good until Leap 4From Leap 5 onwards the predictions are completely ridiculous and unrealistic. I’m a Speech and Language Therapist and in no way would I expect a 5 month old to understand prepositional concepts like in/on/under and to start saying protowords such as ‘ah choo’ for sneezing etc. Leap 5 also indicates that my little one is likely to be emptying cupboard and looking under rugs and in just a few weeks time in leap 6 asking for a song to be sung and entertaining a smaller baby! My baby is on track in her development and is only now starting to learn sitting up. What a load of.... Why not just continue with the realistic expectations?? Quite poor for a paid app having a lifespan of 4 months until rendered useless..Version: 10.4

New update terribleI was using this app almost daily and recording milestones and diary entries which I can look back on fondly. With this new update, the filters don’t even work for any entries made prior to the update. It is clunky and when scrolling down through previous entries the screen “jumps”. Impossible to use now. I have given up. Please revert to old version, and bring back option to export information. When I paid for this app mid last year I was happy with it. Since then it has progressively gotten worse with each update..Version: 10.4

Unhappy CustomerAfter paying for app, you don’t expect to be asked to pay for a subscription to see all of the content. Originally, this was a great app. I would have said 5 stars, but then they updated it and took away content. They say the subscription has “more” content, but I felt like I could see way more before they made it a subscription service. I’m very disappointed with the recent updates that they have made. It seems to me the app makers just want to make more money at the expense of the people who have already paid their share. On top of this, the app isn’t as user friendly as it once was. All in all, I was fooled once into giving my money to this app. I will not be stupid enough to do it again through a subscription service. No thank you!.Version: 9.0.3

DisappointedUnlike others, I do like the recent update. However it’s a bit disappointing that although I have already purchased the app as well as the book, I now have to subscribe in order to receive all of the features of the app. To me that makes sense for features like white noise and video monitor, but not for content. Before the update the app only included a hint of the content from the book in terms of milestones and characteristics so I was grateful that the update would include more, but it really does not make sense that we have to subscribe in order to receive that information on top of our already paid for purchases..Version: 9.0.1

Keeps crashingWas great but since the last update it keeps crashing, please fix!!.Version: 6.1.1

AnticlimacticI downloaded this app on the recommendation of a friend and at first glance- it was awesome! It literally validated all the things I was already thinking about why my baby was screaming at me. Beyond that, there’s literally no further information than each leap and the diary. Tbh it was a waste of money and I don’t know what else to do with it. I’ve even reviewed the app FAQ to show me how to use it incase I’m missing something..Version: 10.2

Waste of moneyI’ve heard people rave about this app, so I bought it and am totally disappointed. Spelling and grammatical errors everywhere, totally not user friendly, and on top of paying for the app they want you to subscribe to have access to the rest of the features? Colossal waste of money. Deleting the app and wish I could get my money back..Version: 9.0.2

Old chart much clearerWhilst the newer app is pretty, I find the layout cumbersome and the leap chart hard to find. I used the app for my first two children (7 & 4 yr old). Whilst the soft tones are calming, the high contrast old look was better for sleep deprived memory retention - I always feel lost in the new layout. Old layout was easier to find info on what to play with child each leap - new layout has too much wordy science (and I have a science orientated brain)..Version: 9.1

Not worth it!This app was strongly recommended by other moms and honestly, I don't understand why. It's a waste of time and money. Not once has my baby's pattern actually matched the information on the app (cloudy and sunny weeks). Not user friendly either. I got it hoping it would help me understand his moods but sadly, there's no such thing. No two babies are exactly alike..Version: 9.0.3

Need just a checklist not another baby journalHonestly the app was excellent before. As a new parent it was comforting to know “ok is this new behaviour something to expect” by looking at the signs in the app for guidance. Now it takes 3-4 steps to create some journal entry for a particular day to get a list. This redesign is just confusing and tries to be too much. Maybe to improve engagement with the app. Why does this have to be a milestone journal it’s just too much. If I want to simply look up a list of signs I have to go through 6 steps which are extremely confusing. I have to “add a topic” (what does that even mean) with a type set to skills. I hope you’d streamline the UI a bit so we get to the info we’d like to see..Version: 10.3

Maybe needs an update?Most times the paragraphs telling you what’s going on with baby is cut off at the bottom and I can’t scroll down to read it. Defeats the purpose of the app. And his leaps add up when I use his birthday, not due date..and even then they are still slightly off..Version: 9.1

Not worth downloadingIt tells you what the leaps are but doesn’t give you tips for how you can manage them and the signs are also extremely vague. They are always the same signs for every leap pretty much. It’s not worth downloading in my opinion..Version: 10.4

Customer service awful and left feeling ripped offI had paid for this app and after a 30 second click through, I realised very quickly that it wasn’t what I expected and very US orientated. It didn’t suit my needs to I immediately got in touch to seek help and kindly requested a refund. I eventually got a reply saying that it wasn’t to do with them and basically tough luck, it is what it is. I’ve tried to get in touch multiple times to resolve. It’s been very unfortunate and left me feeling ripped off as a customer from a money grabbing app. Still no response after several requests for support and a refund..Version: 9.1

What’s so great? Why $4?I downloaded this bc of the high ratings and hearing other moms talk about it. I feel like I’ve paid $4 just so that the app could tell me my kid is in a leap. There’s not much else that’s unique to the app that you couldn’t get from the Internet, and I’m not finding it to be very user-intuitive. The sleep diary function is buggy. I’m logging sleeps but it’s displaying them on the wrong day in the chart view. I’ll “check off” signs that she is displaying in the leap, but it doesn’t save them - so why even have the ability to check things off? Overall, I’d say if getting the peace of mind that your kid is just going through a phase is worth $4, then you should download. For me personally, that’s maybe worth $1 or could just be a free version of the app, and make people pay for the note taking and diary keeping functionality, which like I said is kind of buggy and confusing anyway. I’d like a refund..Version: 9.0.3

Interesting, but not sure it’s worth itI love the idea of this app, and if it were properly implemented I’d probably be happier with having paid for it. However at it’s quite buggy / got quite a few errors so far and we’re only at 13 weeks. For example, the checklists for the first two leaps are linked (tick an item on one and the item on the other list is magically ticked as well) and I don’t think they’re meant to be (the others aren’t). I’m at 13 weeks about to go into leap 4 and on the homepage it’s telling me what I'm likely to be noticing at 10 weeks. The whole thing needs a big proofread and check through. Sadly not worth paying for in my opinion until they do..Version: 9.2.1

Confusing & Hard to useI find this app really hard to navigate! Everything is hidden away in 20 different places. It gave me no new information for over 30 days. At this point I haven’t been able to use the app for over 2 weeks because it’s been the same information and I read it when it came up originally. I even got in touch with the developers because I thought it was broken. Would have minded so much if it was free but for 4 quid, bounty is a much better and free app that gives you little bits of information every day. As well as the book my baby week by week which was for more helpful!.Version: 9.0.3

Fairy pointless app for meMaybe it’s because I did not download it as soon as my baby was born so I missed the first 4 leaps, but since I’ve had this app I find it fairly pointless and generally it does not correspond to my child’s moods/behaviours so it is not even reassuring... Every leap appears to have the same signs and skills and no insight whatsoever in what may be going on in between leaps. I would be disappointed if it had been for free. I’ll keep it and continue to check it in the hope it may improve but thus far a waste of money (albeit a small amount). If I’m not using this right, I’d be happy to stand corrected as many mums rave about it....Version: 10.4

DisappointedI’m honestly disappointed in this app, I expected it to be more informative and she’d light on my growing son, but it’s proving to be a waste of VM my money. The jargon it uses is too technical and there is an emphasis on explaining the past “leaps”. When discussing current leaps there is a lack of explanation. Please work on making this App so that I feel I spent my money on something that will help me!.Version: 9.0.3

Confirmation biasLots of people recommend this so you can explain why your baby is unsettled... but really, it’s because you’ve seen they might be, so that’s how you rationalise it. I purposefully only check it when my baby is particularly unsettled and it never aligns. The fact they say things like “your baby may sleep more OR less” (duh) and “your baby may feed more OR less”. I mean please. 2 stars rather than 1 because some of the info is interesting (but doesn’t align with my baby, who does some stuff WEEKS before they mention it).Version: 10.4

Not usefulYou can find everything this app provides for free on google. Don’t waste your money..Version: 9.1

A bit confusing.I put my daughters due date into the app, so it knew she was 5 months old, but some of the things it says do not match her age. For example it said something like ‘talk to your baby. Ask if she wants a sandwich while you’re setting her place at the table’ and ‘play with your baby on the floor, letting them crawl back and forth to you’. She’s 5 months old! Not crawling around eating a sanga just yet. Now I’m not sure which parts to trust..Version: 7.2.1

ZERO!!!! Didn’t find it useful at allIF I COULD GIVE A ZERO RATING I WOULD........I didn’t find this app useful at all for a first time parent. I’m disappointed I spent money on this app. The symptoms/signs to look for at each developmental “leap” are exactly the same and i feel they describe a baby, that is tired, hungry or overstimulated. I don’t feel it describes anything close to what to prepare yourself for or how to comfort your baby that is obviously unhappy. Each section that describes the “leap” your baby is transitioning to doesn’t tell you anything specific about what new skills or sensations your baby will/ should be developing. I do feel each section describing a leap provides you with very vague signs/symptoms of fussiness or being a baby in general. I’m sorry I purchased this. UPDATE....developer reply was LESS THAN HELPFUL. They didn’t offer to help or fix anything. Developer reply doesn’t even attempt clear up any information about “leaps”. CONTINUES TO BE COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS APP. Very sorry money was wasted on what the developer claims is book and scientific research worthy, it’s not worth any of my time. VAGUE SIGNS ANS SYMPTOMS ARE NOT HELPFUL OR INFORMATIVE AND CERTAINLY NOT WORTH ANY MONEY; google is more informative..Version: 9.0.5

Don’t pay for itFirst time parent and I was told by so many moms that this was the best thing to know when your child will be going through changes, sleep regressions, ideas on how to keep their development going. But it just tells you things he’ll do EVENTUALLY. Its asking if my 5 month old can lift up the rug, untie his shoe laces, sleeping poorly, quieter than usual. It’s just pointless. It doesn’t tell me how to keep him entertained while doing things that help his development, it doesn’t let you know what they might be learning during a certain period. It’s stupid. It’s easier to just look up a milestone chart and keep up with your babies development that way, look up sleep regressions and write down when he’s being cranky. At least that way it’s free. Beyond disappointed with a pointless $2 app..Version: 10.3

I like it but...I’ve been using this app and have found it helpful, but since the last update there’s no way (I can see) to add extra skills or events like you used to. My baby is saying lots of consonants and sticking out her tongue but there’s no way to actually log these things in the app, unless I make a story. Maybe they’re not part of leaps but it would be great to be able to add when these things start happening.Version: 10.3

So sadI am extremely disappointed not only at the way Wonder Weeks App is blatantly ripping off customers, but also the developer’s responses to PAYING customers that USED to love the app. I got and PAYED for the app a little after having my baby and used to love all the information and resources it brought (hence the reason I was happy to PURCHASE) I went and checked it this week to find out that the update is pretty much an ad to get you to pay a subscription, umm I don’t think so. And NO, stop telling people that if you had the app previous to the latest update, you have all the same information as before; that is absolutely false and you know it. It seems to me that if I payed for something PRIOR to any update I should be given the option to mantain what I originally was told I would get and not tell me that it is the same thing..Version: 9.0.1

Disappointing and frustratingThis app used to be great! I found it so helpful that I even purchased the book in-app. However, since going back after their update I am now prompted to pay a subscription fee to view something I have already paid for outright. Have tried multiple times to contact the support team, they offered me a 6 month free subscription but no indication of when I can have full access back to what I have already purchased and just stopped replying..Version: 10.3

Wonder Week NotesAs a new mum, I have really enjoyed checking back in to the app over the last ten months. The info and bits of what to expect and to look out for are a great help! After my phone updated, I have lost all my wonder week notes... when opening the app today, I had to start from scratch entering all my babies details again. I am pretty disappointed, as I had written down a bunch of his milestones. Is there any way to get these back?.Version: 9.0.3

HorribleSad to say, but really disappointed in this app - especially since I paid for it! I find the UI really bad. The content is overly wordy and poorly written (plus spelling and grammatical errors!). The “leap” structure and timing is hard to follow and inaccurate. There are a number of “dead ends” I the new ovation of the app and it’s sections. This app honestly reminds me of a high schooler’s project that got thrown together at the last minute. Some good intentions and general Ideas, but at the end of the day never got finished properly and never reached its potential. Would not recommend!.Version: 9.2.2

Horrible to use nowWas a good app until you updated it this week now it’s just total rubbish, have the info has gone like the day counter for how many days left in each leap to how long to the next. Was worth buying but not after the updates. A lot of users are far from happy about the rubbish update..Version: 10.1

Utter nonsenseSomeone recommended this app to me and in my sleepy 3am breastfeeding state I bought it. It’s utter garbage. No scientific fact, just random weeks they call leaps. My baby didn’t follow these leaps at all, and whatmore it doesn’t tell you anything useful such as things to look out for or what to do- it just lets you document your babies behaviour at various times and tells you when your baby might have a “difficult week” and when they could be the “sunshine of the house”. I can’t believe I paid £3.99 for this, the creators must be sat laughing at what saps we all are buying this when so sleep deprived. Shame on them..Version: 10.3

Terrible upgradeThe new update is awful, why ruin a good thing? The last version was brilliant, disappointed to say the least.Version: 5

Used to be great before update...I have followed the wonder weeks with both of my kids. I was excited that the app provided a list of skills that you could see after a leap. However, they updated the app and completely changed the information. There is now an extensive list of signs your baby is going thru a leap (almost every behavior known to man is listed) but the list of skills learned after the leap is subpar at best. I guess they want you to pay for the ebook. Also the information is the same leap after leap. I wish I could have a refund as this app is now useless. I also read some of the developers responses to 1 star reviews, and I want to say that the information previously provided IS NOT still available in the app. The information available is mediocre and does not provide detail as it did before. Please change it back, or include the previously provided detailed information again..Version: 9.0.4

I don’t understand itOn top of things you gotta pay for extra things on the app. it’s not user friendly at all.Version: 10.3

Terrible updateThe new update to this app is horrible. It is so confusing and not user friendly AT ALL! The app used to tell me how many days left in this leap and how many days until the next leap and I was able to fill out a checklist style of milestones. It also gave a checklist of what to expect during each leap. Now I’m SO confused. I have no idea where anything is, it completely changed and there was no new tutorial on how to navigate the new update. I’m glad I had been using it for a while to get my money’s worth because I would never pay for this version or recommend it to anyone..Version: 10.3

Worst app everThe most difficult app To navigate that I have!!! Why is it so difficult to read the leap diary? What’s the point in having it if I can’t figure what on earth it means??? I entered my babies birthday instead of the due date so all my dates are wrong anyway and I don’t know how on earth you change it... no buttons in settings to alter. Totally pointless me having this app! Also, some of the information is repeated during each leap so basically... every couple of weeks, your baby gets a little fussier and then better. That’s all you need to know no point in getting the app!!!.Version: 9.1

Used to love it - now?! Not so muchThe information is great, but the format is trash. I used this app 3 years ago with my first baby and it was very user friendly and easy to follow. This one has you clicking on things to try and find info and then BAM you’re making some useless journal entry when all you wanna know is ARE WE IN A LEAP? No offense to this app but I’m not opening this app when my baby is sunshine and rainbows and trying to make a cutesy mood journal. NO , I’m opening this app to find the light at the end of whining, wailing tunnel of despair. I want my calendar option quick, my typical signs and tips all just one simple page. Kinda like before?! Also, It would be really helpful if the app would tell you how many weeks your baby is. It’s not that I don’t know ... I generally go by months old. For a $5 app this should be cleaner and easier :).Version: 10.3

General information presented in a convoluted wayNot sure why this is such a highly rated app but something must have changed drastically since then. The app reads like an essay on general brain development steps that happen from birth and on. The only personalization it does is use your baby’s gender pronouns and to make some random chart about when your baby will be fussy based on his/her due date. I say it random because it was not accurate for me and seemed to be randomly created. The information is laid out like reading an article published in a scientific journal and information for a current milestone is split between different obscure sections— not what I want from an app. If I’m reading about today’s leap, why do I have to scroll (all the way) back to the top, click the “more” link, then click the second tab under that to read more on the associated milestone for today?? Put all of the info for today’s milestone on the same page! I want quick reads presented in a super coherent and attractive manner. But their content is so blah and general. I get the same salient points in a more straightforward fashion from my pediatrician and from the pregnancy tracker apps. I hate it. It hasn’t helped me at all. I wish I could get my money back. And I hope no one else wastes their money..Version: 9.0.3

DisappointedI paid for this very average app , upgraded my iPhone and it’s the only thing that just will not upload from my iCloud back up Also it’s obviously saying things happen at the absolute latest possible time because my twins born early and my niece born right on time are all so far ahead of this app it’s pointless looking at anyway. Honestly just want it to download on my new phone out of principle!.Version: 8.0.1

No white noise or music!I already have the book and decided to get the app because the book said that there are scientifically proven white noise tracks and music on the app. But it turns out you have to pay a hefty monthly fee to get and maintain access to these. The app description simply lists these features as 'extras', with no indication that you have to pay a subscription for them. So I really don't need the app because it offers nothing more than the book (except a diary to fill in for sleep, milestones tracking etc which other apps are much better for due to better UI etc). It turns out that I have to buy the separate 'Wonder Weeks Sleep' app for the white noise and music library - but I've already bought this one and feel cheated to be honest! Especially since I already paid for the book. Developers, please be more transparent in your description and don't waste people's (aka sleep-deprived parents') time and money!.Version: 9.0.5

Terrible UpdateUsed this app for my first child and loved it so am using it again for my second who’s now 8 months old. The new user face is terrible, difficult to navigate and takes away from the overall point of the app. Why change what was working? Most importantly please add the counter back to the main screen where it’s easy to see at first glance; as can be seen on previous comments this is a popular feature that people are missing with the new updates - listen to your users and please make the app more user friendly..Version: 10.3

Not helpfulI have three kids and I’m always hearing people talk about leaps. With this recent third baby I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Total waste of $2.99. I wouldn’t be so annoyed if it were free, like frankly most apps are. It’s just extremely vague about what the leap entails... “baby may eat more... or less! May sleep more... or less! May be cranky... or smiley!”... okay, so basically baby will act like a baby in some way. Got it. <eye roll> It offers very little as far as developmental information or advice - there are literally just a few sentences for every leap which occur roughly once a month. In my experience, none of these leaps have lined up with my baby’s behavior changing. None of the information is really in any way unique, nor does it help with what everyone actually wants to know (ie, what do? Feed and sleep routines, etc) What to Expect or Babycenter are much better, and both are free. Both offer tons of information, FAQ, forums, helpful short articles, etc. I also highly recommend buying the Babywise book. This app? Save your three bucks..Version: 10.2

For the price, should have moreThis app isn't cheap. It gives basic information & summary of whats to come. *To then charge add ons for chapters inc sleep chapters or audio version (which penalises people with vision issues) etc is very cheeky. Just charge one higher price to give access to everything! *No real ability to log anything except via a notes page which doesn't help at all. It should have an add to calendar note system on the thundercloud days (touch the date on timeline to add a note) To remind you of how they were at that moment. Not sift through separate notes. *No community option to ask a question to Ww parents. Missing a trick. Look at Ovia pregnancy & parenting app for knowing how its done. *I personally found a used book from ebay for £2.50 and glad i did because otherwise id have been very annoyed with this app & the price it charges you for nothing more than its brand name. *If i could of requested a refund, i would of by now as there are free parenting apps that are more comprehensive than this..Version: 8.0.2

Wonder weeksUpon purchasing this app recommended by a friend, I thought brilliant, I can track their developments (I say their because I have twins!, although I have to take the Info based on twin1 as there is no option for twins). I find the info on the leaps and developments worth a read but there is an awful lot of it to take in, also the app is claiming my babies should be doing things or showing signs of doing things that they aren’t. When it comes to predicting difficult or calm times I find it highly inaccurate! Not sure it’s worth the price I paid.Version: 8.0.1

Don’t waste your moneyThis app is not user friendly and it’s completely inaccurate. It’s a complete waste of money. Don’t waste your time purchasing, and then trying to figure it out..Version: 9.2.2

Not particularly usefulI find the app weird and glitchy - some videos are just a blank screen when I press play I.e 2 of the 3 videos in leap 3 “smooth transitions” wouldn’t play. Some of the videos and explanations don’t seem to be helpful or easy to understand analogies ie. leap 4 “Events” uses the analogy that adults understand that when a ball is dropped it may bounce again and again. Huh? Are you referring to cause and effect? Child development involves some really complex concepts and I don’t think the app explains them particularly well. I certainly don’t think the app is worth the cost..Version: 7.1

Terrible update!The language used in this app was already dense, and now it’s even worse. It flips between first person and second person perspective all within the same paragraph, so you are never quite sure whether they are talking about the baby or asking you to think about yourself!! The way they have displayed the text makes it harder to read, and the redesign of the chart is awful - it was so much easier to understand when everything was bigger..Version: 9.0.3

Not accurate for usI have heard many people say this app/the book are amazing and an incredible predictor of their baby’s mood and skills, but we saw basically 0 correlation between the predicted “leaps” and our baby’s mood, sleep, or skills. Sometimes we would get to a leap and he was already doing some of the skills, sometimes the skills seem impossible and way outside of the appropriate milestones (eg at 9 months: “asks you to sing a song”... how can a baby who cannot speak articulate something so abstract? Am I crazy? How could they be possible?). Aside from making me feel like my baby was failing to live up to some of these ridiculous “skills”, I saw no correlation between his behavior and the predicted leaps. Currently, we are having a really hard few days- lots of crying, super clingy, poor sleep— well the app claims he is in a “sunshine” part of his development, so he’s supposed to be happy and doing well right now. I just don’t get it at all. For us, it seems complete garbage..Version: 10.4

Not helpfulHeard a lot of people talking about the wonder weeks and was even recommended it by my midwife, so I bought it to help better understand my babies development. Unfortunately my baby just didn’t follow the leaps at all! I’m guessing because every baby is different some won’t follow the leaps but I just don’t think it’s worth the money at all. It’s hard to navigate and understand what’s happening, the signals are very vague and apply to every leap. I don’t know why there is charge for this app?? There isn’t any advice offered on how to cope with different milestones etc It was interesting to understand what she could be learning but since my baby didn’t follow to leaps it didn’t apply to us. Hopefully it works for other people..Version: 10.4

Nothing you can't read on googleI wouldn't bother buying this, doesn't have much info and its all pretty generic stuff..Version: 3.0.2

Upgrade failThe new upgrade won't open on my iPod at all. Think I need a refund thanks.Version: 5

Don’t waste your moneyNone of the leaps have happened to my baby in the timeframe the app says. The information is spotty at best and they push you to buy chapters from the book. Borrow the book from the library, don’t get this app..Version: 9.0.3

Can’t change due dateI accidentally wrote birth date instead of due date but I can’t find anywhere to change it..Version: 7.1

Family Sharing not availableEven though it is stated that Family sharing is able to be done when enabled. It is clearly stated through The Wonder Weeks support that they can not support it as the app is no longer log-in based. Very disappointed by this as I do not want to re-purchase the app to have it available on our family iPad using my husband as the main log-in..Version: 10.4

So ConfusingThis app is super confusing and has the worst UX/UI experience I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t explain when your baby is in a leap or what leap they’re in. The calendar has zero explanation and there is no help menu to explain the app. It’s honestly the least intuitive app I’ve ever used..Version: 9.2.2

Very poor designSo confusing, can’t see what the last leap was or when it ended, how long it went for. Waste of money, I just deleted it within a day. Not much info and not user friendly THanks for your response. The chart doesn’t say where the leaps are or what leap it is. You need to go back and forth between the different screens and work it all out your self. It would be so easy if it just said ‘leap 2’ above the leap on the chart, and then even better if you could click on that and go to info about the leap, instead you need to work out where the leaps are your self, then go back to a different screen to read about. Waste of money.Version: 7.0.1

Poorly designedThis app has GREAT info but is poorly designed and difficult to navigate. Leap information is hidden under separate areas, areas that can be accessed by multiple ports. Just put ALL the info in one place, instead of sprinkling it several places. There is also conflicting information that leads to heavy confusion: the front page specifies when the next leap will arrive, and doesn’t change when in that leap. So halfway through leap 4 it still says “Baby does not make the 4th developmental leap just yet”. Why doesn’t the information update as time passes? Seems like an easy fix that would greatly improve user satisfaction. BUT it does have great info and good tips for managing leaps and encouraging mental development, 3 stars..Version: 9.1

App is too complicated and redundantNot worth paying for this. There are so many options and every time I log into the app it seems like I am asked to do a homework assignment! Not concise and they give basically every option under the sun — your child may do this or this or the other thing, basically just equivocating, and in the end you just end up telling the app what your baby is doing and not the other way around (what your baby should be doing). I understand different babies develop differently, but honestly nothing insightful from this app. My advice is just enjoy your child and you don’t need this app. **Updated to 1 star from 2 star for the poor response from developer which do not acknowledge the flaws in the app, rather trying to defend it. App may have allegedly helped thousands of parents. Just didn’t help me (and may not help you) hence my honest objective review based on my personal experience. That’s how reviews work, the stars average out based on everyone’s personal experience. See other low star independent reviews that express the same sentiment as I have. Honestly only after leaving my review did I see others like mine and was perhaps not surprised they describe the same frustrations with the app. The UX leaves much to be desired. My advice is just check in with your pediatrician about your child’s development as we did (and as you should) rather than waste time/money on this app..Version: 10.1

UselessThis app just wants you to spend more money and isn’t helpful at all. It’s not user friendly and is difficult to navigate. I’m completely disappointed. I want my money back!!.Version: 9.1

Wonderweeks should be called WondermonthsThe information is wonderful and I’ve found it really interesting in predicting difficult periods with my 3 month old. However, I purchased the app a month ago and the information hasn’t changed. I understand that the leaps last some time but I really think the app would benefit from daily insights. I have another app which I didn’t pay for that offers useful tips tailored to your pregnancy and parenting styles. I find it disappointing that a paid-for app doesn’t offer a little more..Version: 7.3.2

Easier to navigate nowUpdated recently so easier to follow and jump around now, however the sleep section where you can record naps seems to get confused with dates and puts records out of order..Version: 10.3

Dommage....Pour commencer, la traduction en français est une vraie catastrophe. C’est limite illisible. Quand on paye ce prix, on s’attend à une traduction efficace... ou ne proposez tout simplement pas l’option en français. La navigation est très peu fluide. Difficile de s’y retrouver.... On a également la sensation que les semaines se ressemblent toutes. Les signes qui montrent qu’on est dans un nouveau bon sont quasi-identiques. Dommage car le livre est bon, il y a avait matière à faire quelque chose de génial. Mais la cible est manquée... Je ne recommande pas.... écoutez plutôt votre cœur de parents et regardez votre enfant au lieu de lire une app ;).Version: 9.1

Ruined by the updateThis app was lovely to use and ran smoothly. But then they updated it... now everything is behind tabs that are hard to navigate and it says things like ‘check the milestones tab’ - which is 4/5 clicks away which are mostly guessing. And ‘to understand this better buy the book’. I paid for this app. And to now have other aspects behind a paywall too is ridiculous. This app used to be a lifesaver. Now it’s just a frustrating waste of money. If you just want people to buy the book remove the app entirely. Don’t just update it to make it unusable..Version: 9.0.3

Good Resource, Poorly RedesignedFirst off, I love the wonder weeks for helping explain baby’s behaviors as they grow and go through mental leaps. I love that it tells you what behaviors to typically look for and skills after each leap they master. I used the app with my first baby in 2018 and loved both the information provided as well as the layout of the app. It used to make it very easy to follow along with each leap. I was excited to use it with my second baby now but the new app format is not as user friendly as their old version. It makes it a little harder to follow along and the change in the flow of how the new version is written makes it confusing to keep up. It almost looks like the text was copy-pasted without being formatted. I still like that the calendar is there but miss the old format that was a lot more user friendly..Version: 10.3

Update ruined the appWhen I first purchased this app it was wonderful. Very insightful and I even paid extra to purchase the book. I was excited that the upgrade added ideas for activities with your child and more features. I was underwhelmed. It was hard to navigate and the descriptions of the leaps and the developmental phases were lacking. The content was downgraded and the features useless. I still find the leap chart to be useful and we have used the monitor feature. Sadly we will not be continuing the subscription as we can get these features for free with other apps. I am bummed I will be missing out on the book. Hopefully it is still there once the subscription is over as I purchased it before the update..Version: 9.0.3

Not worth the moneyWas recommended this app by a friend and honestly it is not worth the money I paid for it. Sure it gives some insights (the same ones for the duration of a leap which can be over a month), but so far it has not yet been right once about stormy or sunny days in the 6 months of my baby’s life. Every baby is different, I’m well aware, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. I was also under the false impression some chapters from the book would be included which they are for an additional fee. With the limited amount of information given for the initial cost of the app, confusing interface, lack of ability to chat with other parents also using the app (in lockdown this would be a game changer for some of us) I wish I would have given this a miss. It’s £3.99 misspent..Version: 9.2.2

Not accurate for us at all!My daughter was born on her due date and this app hasn’t been accurate for her at all. I was recommended it and the other reviews are good but I’m really disappointed that I spent the money on it. It’s good to see what order things to develop in (although I can get that on other apps) and the calendar feature is nice as a glance for her age with dates. However the tracking appears to be totally out for her so any ‘cranky’ days don’t correlate and they can be her happier ones and vice versa. She’s also been weeks ahead in some of the leaps so I’m getting information after it’s happened. I understand every baby is different and so nothing can be 100% accurate so am annoyed at myself that I bought into this one!.Version: 8.0.2

Doesn't open!The new update doesn't seem to load/open on my phone. Please fix.Version: 4

Waste of time & moneyThis app blows - don’t bother buying it! The « leaps » don’t really make any sense, and the app keeps contradicting itself about when the leap actually is. My baby at 15 weeks is starting leap 4, but the app also tells me there’s 25 days left in the leap, elsewhere says she’ll start the leap in 46 days, but also says that leap 4 starts at week 19.... what?!? Not user friendly. No explanations about how to use. For example, the calendar has little clouds over some weeks - I would love to know what that’s supposed to mean, but it isn’t explained anywhere. I literally can’t use this app (and I have a Masters degree 🤣). Completely useless!.Version: 9.1

Confusing, repetitive, difficult to followThe information is interesting and useful to know, however whoever developed this app needs to start again, with a simple layout which makes sense. I cannot get my head around where to find current information for my baby. Such a strangely laid out app. Please update it and change to a simple layout which defaults depending on my babies age. Interesting to read then responses to reviews by Marco - ignoring the feedback and simply justifying what you’ve done vs taking in feedback to influence product design..Version: 9.0.3

Super annoyedI got this for a little knowledge (even though it’s all google-able) but also for the added white noise. But once you pay the $5.50 for the app they then want you to pay $17.00 to have the “more” page for 6 months..Version: 9.1

Update is disappointingI purchased this app shortly after my son was born almost 8 months ago. I loved the app and even followed a group on FB with other mothers with babies in the same leap as my son. I was extremely disappointed to find the most recent update to the app restricted previously available content and is now available for additional fees and subscriptions. I read in another review that the app developers claim the update is merely an extension to the original app and no previous content was restricted. This was not true for the updated version of my app. Not sure if it is because I have iOS, but still extremely disappointing. I used to recommend this app to every mom I knew, but won’t be anymore. I’m sincerely bummed because it really was a great app!.Version: 9.0.0

Waste of moneyThere are better resources out there. This app is nothing special and I can’t believe I wasted $5 on it..Version: 10.4

Paid for app and app is not openingI paid for this app and not long after the app is not working anymore. I sent an email for support and am not getting an answer this is super frustrating, what a waste of money..Version: 9.1

Used to be greatThis app was incredible when I first downloaded it. However, recent updates have clearly stripped out useful information in hopes that you will spend more to upgrade the app to access what is now clearly missing. We are on leap 9 and the basic info is so badly edited it makes absolutely no sense, refers to things that have been deleted and mostly addresses the previous leap without providing the basic background to the current one. The developers should learn that the only way to get people to spend more money on a product is to make it better, not worse. This is incredibly frustrating as until now I had found this a very useful parenting aid to better understand my little one’s development. What a shame..Version: 9.0.3

Not real science!!I recommend reading the Wiki about the Wonder Weeks before purchasing. I had not, used the app with our son for a few months. I was surprised by how little correlation there seemed to be between what the app said we should be experiencing with him and what was happening in real life. Once seeing the Wiki page, this made sense since it turns out the ‘science’ behind this is bogus. The researcher’s findings were not able to be replicated by future researchers and, to make matters even better, the researcher apparently attempted to stop other scientists from publishing their actually legit findings, because they contradicted his. And it sounds like he was a womanizer so three strikes. Unfortunately, anyone who finds correlation between the app or book and their baby is working off of a placebo effect. You read it and then you see it because the app says it’s happening. It’s unfortunate because it may define how some parents approach their babies needs, all of which is based off of nothing..Version: 8.0.2

Interesting concept, but not linked to realityThe app is interesting to read, but in no way linked to the reality of our situation. My friends swore by it, but it just wasn’t even close to what we experienced. But if it makes you feel better to have a working theory as to what’s going on, give it a shot and try to make it fit... for us things just fell apart at random for random lengths of time. I don’t even think we fluked a single alignment with this app’s anticipated leaps etc 😂.Version: 8.0.2

Old versionThe older version of this app was much easier to read and understand. Do not like the new version..Version: 10.4

Preferred the old versionI really enjoyed the old version of the app. I find the new version is more complicated and harder to understand. I find the new version not helpful at all..Version: 10.4

NOT user-friendlyThis app is a mess. The information might be good... if you can even find it. It’s such a pain to navigate. I wish so badly they would redesign because when I do randomly stumble on relevant information, it’s interesting and I enjoy it. Especially tips for what baby might enjoy that week. But then I can’t even remember how to get there and it’s way too much work. They need to streamline and make things much more simple and clear. Right now there are several ways to access the (almost) exact same info spread across the app. PLEASE consolidate. I’m looking for another app in the meantime. When I exit out of this review I’m going to download the Sparks or whatever one I saw advertised when I searched Wonder Weeks to review..Version: 9.0.4

A hot mess of an appWhat am I even looking at? Nothing is placed in a way that’s easy to comprehend. More confused than anything else? Pls make more user friendly.Version: 9.1

Why did it change to subscription?This app was great, I BOUGHT the app when my baby was born 6 months ago and it was soo helpful with info on what was happening in her little brain and how to help in the fussy stages. I honestly went to this app almost every week. Today I open it and to my surprise, the app which had already been paid for once, now became a subscription. I am very disappointed in this update decision, everything was already there, seeing as how I was able to read on future leaps, what’s the sub for now? It’s not like the leaps changed they are all still the same. Shame. At least have the decency to warn the app purchasers that there was going to be an update and that it would change the app to a monthly subscription, give us the choice whether to update and join the sub plan or stay on the old version which had already been paid for anyways..Version: 9.0.0

Content is good UI/UX is badContent is good UI/UX is bad..Version: 9.1

Confusing and dates don’t matchThis app is not user friendly at all. It’s very confusing to navigate. The dates have never matched. For example, it’ll say a certain leap starts around 12 weeks after due date but then on another page of the app will tell me this very same leap is due to start about 13.5 weeks after due date. So completely conflicting information. Has been the same problem for every single leap. I emailed them about it and all they said was to try putting in a different due date. But why should I have to put in a random (wrong) due date! Completely ridiculous app and a total waste of money. Can’t use it as it makes no sense..Version: 9.0.4

Interesting info, hard to navigateThe UX of this app sucks, I recommend buying the book instead..Version: 9.1

Keeps crashingEvery time I go to open the app it keeps crashing! Very frustrating!.Version: 6.1.1

Hate the new updateI absolutely loved this app so it is hard to rate because I hate it now. I recommend to everyone. It was perfect! I liked how it told me what things my baby might be going through and why he was going through it as well as the new things your baby might be doing now. Now it is more of a diary where you tell the app what is going on. It still gives tips on activities you can do to help with the new development but overall we hate the new update. Luckily we have an iPad where the update didn’t happen and we use that to see what’s going on. Luckily he only has a few leaps left. I would Not recommend this new updated version. Especially having to pay for the app. If you want a journal that documents when your baby cries more often then this is for you..Version: 10.3

I ALREADY BOUGHT THE APP!I purchased this app earlier this year and have found it helpful but since the latest update I can no longer see everything I could before because they want me to pay a subscription fee on top of having purchased the app in the first place. This is a really poor way to treat customers. When I bought the app it wasn’t with the understanding I would eventually have to subscribe monthly to maintain full access. If you want to charge new customers to subscribe - fine, but people who bought the app before the subscription should not be stripped of existing access unless they pay more. They should be grandfathered in. Shame on you wonder weeks. Not only will I not be subscribing I will not recommend the app, book or website to any new mom again. Not ok. I will be requesting a refund from Apple for this purchase..Version: 9.0.0

Limited content on this paid appAlthough this is a paid app, it only lists examples of behaviour to look out for and refers the user to buy the book for the full list. So despite having paid for the app, I need to make further purchases to actually get a good understanding of my baby’s behaviour during a “leap”. If I’d known this before purchasing the app, I would not have bothered buying the app. The developer has responded to my above criticism that this app was advertised as a “summary”. I’ve reread the description of the app and do not believe that this was clearly advertised. The key features even say, “learn ALL about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases of your baby” and “Read the bestselling Wonder Weeks book here in this app”. The description does not advertise the app as being merely a summary if further payments are not made..Version: 9.0.5

Completely useless and waste of moneyNo sure why this costs $5, really useless.Version: 10.4

Not user friendlyDespite the recent changes to try and make the app more user friendly, it’s simply not. The information is generally good, but the way it’s formatted is not helpful. I know a lot of moms like me who have the app but rarely use it..Version: 10.3

New update is a scamI wrote a 1 star review just over a week ago after the new update (it seems to have disappointed or has been removed). I’ve checked back and while you have responded to the negative reviews by unlocking the rest of the ‘checklist’ feature. It’s still not good enough. People have already purchased the full app prior to the update that had heaps of videos and content included. Now these videos have been removed and I believe a lot of the other content too. I don’t think it has been an improvement at all - rather a way to scam more money out of those who have already paid. I won’t be recommending this app to my friends or family anymore..Version: 9.0.1

Please consider changing backI loved this app with my first, now attempting to use it is difficult. I dont like having to make a diary entry to find things out, the calendar with dates is hard to read now (used to be much easier). You should still provide a list of what to look for. This app has always been one of my top recommendations for new moms and moms struggling and I’m not sure I’ll be able to recommend it currently. Update: please fix the app calendar so im actually able to tell when the leaps are supposed to start. Also we just got through the first leap and there is no countdown to the next leap like there was when I used this a couple years ago or like there was with the first..Version: 10.3

The content is great, if you can find itThe content of the app is absolutely great and incredibly valuable. However, it’s a pain to navigate in the app to find it. The ladies in/put while you are on the milestone app are confusing, you have a scrolling screen, why not put all content there if it’s the same topic? Then you have calendar that you can’t zoom in/out. Then there is MOrE section that has some very useful info, but who would ever go there? Then there are statements like, “check out more about blah blah on ABC of leaps page” where is this page? We absolutely love this app for its content, but you can do a better job at organizing the UI..Version: 9.1

Helpful appSuper helpful, accurate app however I find it quite hard to navigate..Version: 7.3.3

Nothing specialI don’t really find any use for this app, the leaps never coincide with anything and I don’t even bother checking the app anymore.Version: 10.3

Good app, update threw me offThe leap schedule alone is def worth the $4, the sanity it gives is priceless. Knowing that the stormy period will come to an end and your baby will go back to the sweet angel they once were is such a relief! I found that to be the most helpful and useful part of the ap. Leap 4 was awful but it ended exactly on the day it said it would. We were both about to loose our minds. Im a first time parent and the ap updated just before leap 5, i like the new look and format but not the the interactive parts. Like other reviewers the diary part is not useful, I really don't have time for that. Much preferred the previous way clicking off each task when accomplished. Im often interrupted and like being able to pick up where left off. Developer, please can you double check the skills? Leap 6 says baby will ASK someone to sing a song & understand the names of animals.. baby is not close to being that verbal.. im wondering if something glitched. Also I tried to use the nap tracker and its more trouble than its worth. Have to be able to pick up where i left off, not enter start and end at once.. or all naps. I tried to do it as the day went and it didnt add the total time together. i can barely remember how many time i fed baby last night. Please make things as simple as possible, my brain capacity is limited to most crucial items or not at all..Version: 10.4

Please fixComplete waste of money. Paid for and downloaded, yet the app is nowhere to be found and won't open....Version: 4.0.4

Awesome content, navigation design is trickyWhile the content is fantastic, I find this app very difficult to navigate. It be more intuitive. I can never seem to find where my daughter is up to. While I‘m aware this app is all about the "wonder WEEKS", my daughter is 9 months now, and I stopped counting her age in weeks months ago, so calculating her milestones is tricky! I'd love a timeline graphic, where I could easily see where my child is currently positioned and where she is headed..Version: 10.3

Informative but poorly designedThis app is just extremely poorly constructed compared to others. Not a fan of the layout and looks quite old in terms of designing. On the main page at the bottom it says “you do this” and “you do that” but its talking about your baby and not yourself, almost like a child wrote it. Also when your hovering over the leaps page, it shows where your child is but does not say what leap it is and wont let you click on the leaps to bring it up. Also on the child activities it only has 1 thing to do! Honestly a waste of my money. All that I have read on this app I already have read online for free. Other reviews are fake. Rubbish app do not waste your money..Version: 9.0.4

UnreliableI barely use this app. I used to think the leaps might correspond with my son’s development but the more he’s progressed the less clear that is to me. Also - functionality... has something changed? I used to understand when he was meant to be in a leap. Now I’m just not sure... one page tells me he’s not. Another says he’s in the ‘magical leap’. But on the list of leaps there is no such thing... and no leap listed for his his age. Clarity over whether you’re in a leap or not seems like a basic requirement for this app. Altogether not a great user experience and not very useful.Version: 10.3

UselessAll babies are different, and I should have known better than to buy an app that supposedly applies to all babies. The leaps might be skills that all babies learn, but there is no way of knowing WHEN your specific baby will develop those abilities, let alone when your baby will be fussy or go through a “stormy” period. It’s pretty absurd that the book and the app claim to give these predictive abilities to parents with a calendar. The “leaps” didn’t coincide at all with my baby. I followed the rules and went by my child’s due date, instead of birthdate, but still the calendar/chart was SO off base. My baby would have fussy growth spurts, and sleep regressions, during projected “happy” periods. And my child would master skills months sooner or later than was stated. This app is useless. I shouldn’t have wasted my money..Version: 7.2.1

Good, but....A great guide, but disappointing to have to now pay extra for more information on each stage after already purchasing..Version: 5.1.2

Old fashioned interface and hard to useHeard quite a bit about this app from my fellow NCT Mums and downloaded it. Had to double check it was the correct app because even the screen grabs of it in the App Store show it to look really dated and old fashioned in terms of design. I purchased it nevertheless and have to say that unfortunately I am not impressed. It’s really difficult to navigate and for something that should be really simple and intuitive (ie a calendar feature that then links through to information about what your baby should be experiencing at that time plus data on how long it is til the next leap) it just didn’t deliver on this. Also the content itself is not written very well (whose decision was it to write it in the baby’s first person rather than he/she’ ?! It’s not as if the baby would be reading this!) The calendar feature isn’t clickable and doesn’t tell you what the icons mean or click through to the corresponding info page. I can’t really see how this app is very useful to be honest and in an age with some many brilliantly designed and well-tested apps I think this needs a completely redesign and a lot of user feedback taken into consideration. Take heed app designers......Version: 9.1

Upset with new UpdateSo with the new update, this app because less ‘about you & your baby’ and more ‘about us as a company.’ What was once a; pay one fee and get all the app’s benefits, has become a; pay one fee to download, but then just kidding, we’re going to keep features from you until you SUBSCRIBE to a monthly plan. Parenting is already so expensive, so adding all these monthly subscription costs are ridiculous. Do companies not realize that we as consumers are adding them up? I get it, developing and updating apps is difficult, and a time consuming process, but the way this one changed and then didn’t address the previously paid users is super frustrating. I will be deleting and relying more on my TinyBeans app, which has always been more straightforward with their marketing strategy. We’re parents, not cash cows..Version: 9.0.1

App update is a messThe previous version of this app wasn’t exactly perfect but somehow you’ve managed to make this one even worse! Since the update I’m unable to click on milestones, the app glitches and gives less information than it used to. I no longer even use it. Maybe next update will be better and I can use it again then. Meantime I’m going to just google it or ask my friends..Version: 9.0.2

New layoutThe new layout is less straight forward. I rather just have lists of things to look for.Version: 10.3

Great app but experiencing problems since the updateI’ve loved using this app - it’s been invaluable for my husband and I to be able to predict and therefore attend more consciously to our sons leaps. It’s been pretty spot on for us in terms of when certain behaviour is predicated. I used to find it very easy to use. Since the recent update however the layout has changed, it asks me for language choice every time I open it, there’s new list features- which I don’t find particularly useful and there seems to be problems now with the app- the calendar view isn’t accurate (the dates/week don’t align properly), the videos do not load and the information and usability isn’t as clear. I’ve tried deleting the app and re downloading but the same problems persist. I’ve tried to find a way of contacting someone to help but can’t find a way to do that. Anyone else having such issues?.Version: 9.0.2

Not a fan of the updateI really liked knowing how many days until the end of the leap. That was taken away and now I find the app relatively useless. Don’t really like the diary feature either. It’s confusing..Version: 10.4

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  4. If you are a The Wonder Weeks customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using The Wonder Weeks.

Is The Wonder Weeks not working?

The Wonder Weeks works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact The Wonder Weeks.

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