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IMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

IMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using IMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition? Can you share your negative thoughts about imuscle 2 - iphone edition?

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IMuscle 2 - iPhone Edition for Negative User Reviews

Almost there....The app could of been brilliant, but some of the exercises associated with some muscles are completely wrong, missing or tagged on the wrong muscle. Also the app doesn't seem to know about some rather important muscles. I thought this app was just what I was looking for, a complete, accurate 3D diagram of the human anatomy, with all the appropriate training exercises tagged for each muscle. They got the 3D diagram done pretty well but what a shame about the more important features. The makers of the app seem to be more concerned with aesthetics than the fundamentals of a true fitness app. This app could easily be the best fitness app available with a few tweaks, but until then it's remaining 1 star..Version: 1.2

UnstableConstantly crashes and not optimised for iPhone 12.Version: 3.9.15

Just bells and whistlesGood presentation of exercises (though ‘declines’ missing) but A VERY SAD tracker. No ability to review, revise and track past exercises...so what’s the point. Once you ‘see’ the exercise, ‘tracking’ is paramount. This App is good for a couple of days—until you learn the movement. After that you ‘ll need to dump it and look elsewhere for a proper tracker..Version: 3.9.14

Waste of timeInstead of building a useful training app with solid reporting and functional use, they've opted for a 3d model that's cup intensive and crashes constantly. Not good for athletes or serious trainers way to unstable and crashes all the time. Don't waste your time..Version: 3.7

I keep loosing my saved workoutsI’ve used iMuscle for years and always got on with it but the last couple of months I keep loosing all my saved workouts, this is obviously very frustrating !! I will start to look for alternative apps.Version: 3.9.14

Display issuesIsn’t fixed for display 6.5” I have a iphone 11 pro max, unfortunately doesn’t work well and isn’t enjoyable. Ui look like ios 3 I didn’t suggest for buy it.Version: 3.9.13

No iphone 6 or 6plus loveThe app itself is great but theres is not yet support for bigger screens. Update and i will give perfect stars.Version: 3.9.6

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing on iPhone.Version: 3.9.15

Always crashesApp continuously crashes. Should not be allowed on the app store..Version: 3.9.15

Powerful but ArchaicIMuscle is packed full of features giving you the ability to create, monitor & modify workouts but sadly is too archaic. Modifying your workout on the fly leads to previous sets & weights reset meaning you have to mark them as completed. The interface is a little slow & worst of all, I've found that it forgets your rep/weights resetting them to whatever values it wants. I also found that when you bluetooth from iPad to iPhone, it'll retain the workout but change reps & weights in this instance too. Lastly, adding something into your routine is done by choosing from a list of exercises. Whilst that might work for regular trainers who know a great number of routines, the less knowledgable clients are left wondering what is what without those great diagrams. The ability to select & focus on muscle groups is great, iMuscle has really got that down pat but I think an update is in order to make it faster & more user-updatable friendly..Version: 2.3.1

Not so goodI don't understand why Apple promote such low quality app. Maybe their reviewers don't know their job. This is a fake 3d app. Good thing is this app is an accurate muscle diagram app. First most icons are not designed for retina screen, poor graphics design. Poor navigation, not intuitive at all, they should easily do much better. I thought everything is in opengl 3D rendering, but they are just animation, so you cannot rotate and zoom in at all. The app size is 163m because the large size of video. This kind of app is good two years ago, but now the quality is just average in current App Store..Version: 1.2

Does not work in iOS 13Warning this app does not work in iOS 13!.Version: 3.9.11

Fantastic but showing its ageThis app is fantastic in so many ways. Picking a muscle from a 3D model and seeing its exercises and stretches is a great way to build a workout. The exercise animations are far more realistic than in other apps, and I like the way the interface is laid out and designed. However, you can’t add an extra set during a workout (in fact you can’t even edit a set after marking it as done) which is suuuuper annoying, there’s no integration with Apple health, no Apple Watch app, and the app crashes intermittently. Unfortunately, I am forced to use a different app to actually track my workouts, and I use this one for reference. What we really need is iMuscle 3, which uses the same 3D model and animations, but has an updated interface and takes advantage of modern iOS features, and adds a watch app. I’d happily pay a pricey subscription fee for that..Version: 3.9.15

Good app but needs cloud sync and better customizationsGood app. But needs to work with Apple Watch to capture hr per workout.Version: 3.9.6

Crashy AppI truly love the app but it crashes very very frequently when in use even for short periods of time. It is a truly wonderful app but difficult to use all the amazing features it has when it crashes every thirty seconds. I still get some use out of it but not nearly as much as I can because of the crashes. Very frustrating. Can the developers please work on tweaking this application?? A lot of people would benefit from it. Thanks..Version: 3.9.15

Just keeps crashing :(Loved it before ! Please fix.Version: 3.9.15

GoodIt's got great exercises and is mostly intuitive. The repeated requests for a review lose a star as does the major need for a visual refresh - it does look like an app from 5 years ago.Version: 3.9.8

CrashingI have only opened this App once and now it keeps crashing..Version: 3.9.7

Out of dateApp is out dated no newer screens and size iPhone X. Small buttons to work with.Version: 3.9.11

CrashesIt keeps crashing on my iphone 8, it opens for about 30 seconds then closes itself. I cant use it anymore..Version: 3.9.11

Refusing to upgradePaid for this app but now it won’t upgrade. Not good.Version: 3.9.15

Good app, however resolution is outdatedPlease improve the resolution for the latest iPhones..Version: 3.9.15

Keeps crashingKeeps crashing. Paid £4 and I can’t use the app. I’m running the latest OS on an 11 pro max. Please fix.Version: 3.9.14

I lost my workoutsI created my user account and also created 3 different workouts. Today i went to the gym and opened the app and no workouts there. It logged me out and no way to log back in without creating a new user name and all those workouts again. I paid for this app, why is this happening!!!.Version: 3.9.15

I love this app but I just put it on my new phone and it keeps crashing.I love this app but I just put it on my new phone and it keeps crashing..Version: 3.9.7

3 stars because of glitches1st Pectoralis (chest area) gives you a workout for your hamstring! 2nd virtually impossible to click on the "chest" area to start! even via the "quick nav" you move the box directly over the chest area and it takes you to either, shoulders, neck or abs! 3rd! That video instruction is completely pointless! Especially for 2 mins long when you can't even see what your clicking on in the demonstration! A bit pointless in my opinion! Great work otherwise! Sorry to leave negativity on what seems to be an awesome app! Mick.Version: 1.2

It is nice but there is an annoying usability issueI like that it has the muscles and exercises for each muscle, but the selection of removing overlaying muscles is a pain. This is because the developers pre-determined what muscles they would stop showing for each click of the remove option. An example of how this is annoying is I wanted to look at where the gluteus maximus tied to the femur. The particular spot is under the LT band so I click on the LT band to remove it from view. What happens is that it doesn’t remove the LT band and removes the gluteus Maximus, ending in the exact opposite of what I want. Again this is because the developers decided what you would want to look at and did not think you might want to examine something different..Version: 3.9.10

Why no full screen support for newer iPhones?It’s been 3+ years since iPhone X came out but still no full screen support? It should be pretty easy to modify that. Having black bars top and bottom and not utilizing the whole display? Never bought it if I knew..Version: 3.9.14

Great thing. Update from 5 stars to 1Great app. Use it in the gym all the time —— Still doesnt support the full screen resolution on iphone xr. Come on guys... Feeling like using an iphone app on the ipad.Version: 3.9.14

Good but good be better!Great App but it constantly crashes!.Version: 3.9.15

No longer worksMessaged them, no response. Doesn’t work on ios13 onwards. Used to rely on it. Poorly managed..Version: 3.9.11

No Head and neck muscles availableThe app doesn’t allow you to click in the head and neck muscles.Version: 3.9.14

App just crashes - useless !!This app no longer opens ... please update !.Version: 3.9.14

IOS 13 / 11 pro issuesNo longer shows muscles on iPhone 11 pro / iOS 13.Version: 3.9.11

The app has completely changed purpose!This used to be a app where you could strip away layers or muscle and soft tissue and refer to the medical terms for parts of the body. Now it has become a fitness app, it has lost its original purpose. Why the change? This isn’t what I paid for, it no longer serves my purpose!!.Version: 3.9.15

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