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Amazing game!!!!!Its a really fun game to play with your siblings and learn songs but there are no tutorials on songs so i recommend if you wsnt a tutorial use tiktok or youtube.Version: 4.3

This app is perfectI’ve always wanted to learn now to play a kalimba but I’ve never had the money too. This app is perfect and not I can play a kalimba for free and it’s has the perfect crisp sound and no ads too with makes it even better for my playing. I can now play in a band/ or group of people and not be left out . This app is amazing. I would recommend getting this app or even downloading it for other who want to play. This app is super cool.Version: 4.3

Amazing!Could not convince my parents to buy me a Kalimba so I searched one up on the app store and this app quickly caught my attention. I have learned how to play many songs and would definitely recommend downloading this especially if you’re a beginner!.Version: 6.2

Good! but i want to recommend a few things.Its a nice, simple app. you can play songs on it and it sounds nice, but there’s two things I would like to suggest. 1) the option to make custom colours on each note, we have a wide range of designs but i feel like certain people might not want those colours on those orders, so customisation would be nice, maybe a hex-code or rgb system to get exact colours? 2) people who played instruments other than piano as somebody who is used to the setup of a piano rather than a kalimba, i find this app sort of hard to use because it goes in a left right order instead of forward, but its really cute and i don’t feel like ditching it so easily. so if there was an option to change the setup then that would be nice! thank you for making this app :) it looks extremely cute and simple and is fun for everyone.Version: 6.4

I love it!This app is amazing and I love how many songs you can play. I am looking forward to purchasing stuff from this app. What I think could be helpful for this app is an album to save the songs you have played. On the other hand I have no complaints. :).Version: 6.4

Very fun and lovely!I’m big on playing music but do not have the funds to own an instrument at the moment, but Keylimba does a great job of helping me scratch the creative itch! From truly soothing sounds to great customization options, Keylimba is a wonderful app to have on hand and whip out when you find yourself getting bored! Another plus— my cat loves the gentle sounds as well. ☺️.Version: 5.5

Should you get this app? (Beginner kalimba player)99% YES!!!! I love how it’s very customizable I this app is from color, how many tines you want displayed, to labels and markings. I also love the idea of the tuning slider although I would for the apps dev to make a way to slide threw the notes/tines sort of like the piano app. I love the “release to play note” option, it gives it a sensation of real life sorta. But overall this is a highly customizable Kalimba app!.Version: 3.2

I really love this but..I love this game so much but one thing that I don’t know is how do you put any songs that I like do you need to pay? I don’t know how to do that but I really love this app so much I downloaded it yesterday and it’s very fun I played songs to my family and they really like the app so all my family download it and then they all played it and I really love this app and it made me learn so much..Version: 6.0

1000% recommendI absolutely love this but just don’t know how to record! I press the button but it just will not work. If you could respond that would be great but 100% recommend.Version: 4.3

I absolutely love this game!!!!I’ll try not to write a long review. I’ve learned to play several songs and i have 3-4 hours on this game. It’s really a good game, something that I think you should add to it is a place to keep the notes you have, or have a way to write down notes so that you don’t have to look back in forth irl to see what notes you have are. That’s just a suggestion! If you’re wondering to download the game I think you should it’s amazing!.Version: 6.2

Cutest app ever I recommend it :)This is the cutest app that I’ve ever had. It’s teaching me to play and it’s so much fun! It’s also really easy and there’s no ads. this is the perfect app to just relax and take a moment to breath and play some nice relaxing music! the quality is great and there’s no bugs or glitches. I recommend this game and it’s absolutely worth your time. it’s also a way to kill time! I recommend it so much :D.Version: 4.5

Great app! But I have one questionThis app is amazing, it helps me when tuning my Kalimba. But I have one question, is there a 17 key setting. Because I have a 17 key Kalimba and a 13 key which is what I use for this app. I would love a response incase you could make a update with that or if there already is that setting, Thank you!.Version: 3.1

It is greatI love it totally recommend.Version: 3.2

AMAZINGGGGGI tested this app to see how accurate it would be (keeping in mind I have a Kalimba) and it’s so cool! I love how you can customise it to your likings and it’s awesome!!.Version: 5.1

So calmingI saw someone on TikTok use this app and it sounded so calming, so I downloaded it and just playing around with the sound before bed helped me so much to get to sleep from how calming it was. Totally recommend.Version: 6.3

Amazing, though just one addition I’d want to see!I got this app so I wouldn’t worry over a real kalimba/thumb piano like spending big sums of money, worrying about breaking it, and worrying about my fingernails! I can actually practice the kalimba and have fun with it! there is one thing I’d like to see added though: being able to tune individual tines instead of multiple. maybe an ‘advanced tuning’ tab somewhere? i really love how I’m able to play sheets with this app but im a bit limited to what I can play without special tuning 😅.Version: 6.2

In love!This is such a wonderful app! i love how you can customize the colors and switch the settings of the sound of the kalimba. the clean design is pleasing to look at, and the ability switch up the labels and markings for better playing was great too! to ive been wanting a kalimba for a while but was disappointed when i couldnt get one, but this app makes me so much happier! thank you for this wonderful app! i was playing it during my classes and it released a lot of pent up stress from school. thank you! i highly recommend this app :D.Version: 6.2

Amazing.I’ve been trying to learn how to play the kalimba and see if it’s worth getting one (a 20-50$ instrument). I’ve never learned how to play anything before and this app is so amazing!! It’s perfect to get the first taste of the beautiful sound of kalimba, although it doesn’t sound exactly the same but since it’s not the physical instrument in front of you, this makes sense. This is perfect for beginners, people who wanna play/practice on the go and people on the fence about getting into it or starting a new hobby such as this. This can also be used to introduce children to the instrument, which is always fun. My first kalimba will be here next week and I’m very excited! It’s on the cheaper end, as it’s my first but 100% this app helped me decide to get it at all..Version: 3.2

No nonsense!Very playable, customizable, simple, low latency, realistic sound and feel with no ads! Well done!.Version: 4.5

Amazing!It calms me so much!!.Version: 4.5

10/10 !This app is so calming and simplistic it’s very cute and there’s so many options you can also choose how many keys there is and what colours it’s very cute and sounds so realistic this is great for practicing if you want to learn before you get an actual Keylimba 10/10 I love this <3333.Version: 6.5

Its calmingI love this app it helps me calm down and fall asleep. Its noce to have so many settings and a recording button. Would recommend 10/10.Version: 6.3

Love this game!!My friend showed me this app, its AMAZING!! I don’t regret downloading it! Now that I got this app, I could get my own kalimba to play on. I definitely recommend this if you love music 🎶 I thank you for making this app! Love it 😍.Version: 6.0

Recommended to appI love this app and I recommend you download this app but it would be nice if you can play more than one instrument just in case if the people who do not have any money on there phone there for it would be nice if one or two were free of the instruments in that case this is just my opinion and there for I still recommend this app.🤗🎼.Version: 5.1

Turn of Silent Mode!Hey i just got this app. Its honestly so cute and the sound is clean. You can change the background too so it can fit your mood. I bought a real Kalimba and it gets here tomorrow. I am using this to get the feel for it and maybe learn a little tune. Thanks for making this entertaining and useful app..Version: 3.0

AmazingI play his theme on this though but I’m a bit slow so when I replay it it’s pretty slow so maybe u can add a slow or fast feature?.Version: 5.5

Love it.Absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t change anything about this app. It gives everyone without a Kalimba a chance to try it without forcing you to pay right as you open the app. It doesn’t have ads, and there is tons of features you can use without the paid version, and if you want the paid version it’s only $4.99.. such a great offer. I would really recommend getting this app if you’re looking to buy a Kalimba or if you want to make music for fun..Version: 6.2

:)I absolutely love this game. It makes me very calm. :D.Version: 4.5

Cute Game!This is a very cute game and I like it. Also another thing I like about it is that the little black dot blushes when it sings.Version: 6.2

LoveI’m absolutely in love with this app, it’s so easy and works really well. Just downloaded it today and I just realised how fast 3 hours can go. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.Version: 6.4

✨✨✨I LOVE IT ITS SO GOOD I’m learning to play songs I’m gonna be getting a Kalimba soon.Version: 3.2

Good appIt would be nice to have a in-app feature to display images so that I can look at my tabs while playing!.Version: 5.1

Best instrument appI have downloaded this app for what 1 hour and I already learned a song !I learned play date by Melanie Martinez it’s so easy to use !you can tap on the circle on your left to record something on loop so you can play over that melody you just played !you tap on the three little bars to tune and to switch from number labels to letter labels and add more tines you can also chose a color to costumize over all 10/10 love it !.Version: 3.2

I love it!It is amazing, i am using this as i wait for my actual kalimba to come in, and i will still use it even when it comes in.Version: 6.2

AmazingThis game is so much fun I love it.Version: 6.2

It’s amazing 😄It’s very good but if I go into other apps it sort of glitches and doesn’t make a sound but I just restart the game but other than that it’s absolutely amazing :).Version: 6.3

BEST/CUTEST MUSIC APP!!!🎶🥰🥰Such a simple yet compelling app. you can customise the colour and it is super easy to use!! also you can easily adjust settings without PAYMENT!! would 100% recommend because it is really relaxing and sounds practically identical to a real keylimba. i genuinely urge everyone to try this app..Version: 6.2

Great for Practicing!I’m going to get a Kalimba soon and this app is great for practicing! It give options to tune, and how many keys you can have. I also like how the app looks simplistic. :).Version: 3.2

Really stress relievingI really enjoy this game,I’ve recommended it to friends to relieve stress,it’s so cute how you can add your pride flag aswell,I think it’s well made and I haven’t had any problems with the app so far,I highly recommend it to those with anxiety or ones who are struggling :).Version: 6.4

Perfect for practiceI love this because in the middle of the night when I’m wide awake and wanting to practice I can just plug my headphones in and not have to worry about waking anyone up 10/10.Version: 6.2

I recommend it!I’ve been playing this for a while and have enjoyed it so far! I’ve been wanting to get my own Kalimba lately but haven’t had enough for one, so instead I tried this and it works quite well! Even though a real one would probably sound much smoother and obviously realistic, Keylimba does enough of a good to entertain you in learning the ways of the Kalimba. I highly recommend it..Version: 5.5

Adorable and amazing :)I’m usually pretty wary when it comes to kalimba apps but I was having some kalimba withdrawal when I don’t have my physical kalimba with me. It’s super cute and the sound is so clear, I love the little face for the hole of the “keylimba”. Thank you so much for fixing my kalimba withdrawal and making this app ❤️💕.Version: 3.3

I absolutely love itI can’t get a kalimba so I had to do it on my phone and this is app is perfect there is no adds no pay an hourly subscription to really be able to use the whole app it is really fun and simple even if you aren’t interested in getting a kalimba you should still get it.Version: 3.2

Very recommended!!I got this game quite recently and it’s already one of my favourite apps-it’s easy to use and you don’t get frustrated by it,you can play short bits of songs with some practice which i find extremely therapeutic and enjoyable, it also has some pride themes which i love, and it has no ad’s so you can play again, without frustration! i really recommend getting this game and i literally have no requests,it’s that perfect!.Version: 6.3

AMAZINGYou mist download this app its really good like it can also come with other instruments as such all for 3..50 well around but if u just wanna okay kalimba its free and perfets entirely customisable and really good to practice on.Version: 6.5

Old.YOUR MOM..Version: 6.3

Fantastic!!The app is wonderful, no ads, it runs smoothly and is great quality!! I’ll definitely be recommending this to my friends.Version: 3.2

Great app!This app is so good! Though you might have to search up how to play a few songs but other than that it’s a five star rating!.Version: 6.4

AMAZING!!!I’m this so so amazing and chill. This helps me when I’m mad. I love that you can customize the Keylimba it’s so cool , and it the people reading this you should download this app I give it a 5 star rating.Version: 6.2

Love it, but...I love the keylimba app very much. It gives me a way to play the kalimba and see if I like it without spending any money, and it’s pretty easy to learn songs since I can switch from numbers to letters and change the amount of tines whenever I want. But there’s one thing: I prefer the super simple style of the keylimba before the update. It was a very minor update, I know, but it just bugs me because the little face looks like an oval now. Maybe you could give us the option to use the “3D” graphics or the normal ones? Other than that little problem, I totally recommend it! (Honestly I can just pay no attention to what the face looks like if I want to, it’s just something that bugs me so I wanted to suggest a change).Version: 6.2

^_^Really pretty and cute, i would totally recommend getting it. you dont have to buy a real one and waste ur money THIS IS THE APP!!.Version: 3.2

AMAZINGI honestly LOVE LOVE LOVE this app so much! I find it super easy to use and love the many settings of it at that! please don’t change anything! Well... the only thing I would like to see if being able to change the colore of the background to our own choice. So not having to pick from the small amount of colors. I mean ofc the colore are bootiful UWU but being able to pick a colore for your self would also be nice ^^.Version: 5.1

AmazingWorks perfectly and helps me calm down when im stressed, i hope this review helps supports the developers in some way! So thankyou for blessing us with this amazing app.Version: 4.5

Amazing👏This is such a good app! It sounds almost exactly like the real thing and I can play so many melodies on this in my free time! Would definitely recommend!.Version: 3.3

CalmingThis app is amazing u can use it anywhere it calms u down and there are many different tunes u can do I definitely recommend this app to everyone.Version: 4.5

AmazingThis app is calming with sound choices and your free to play any song anytime without having levels or tutorials on how to do it and create your own sound.Version: 6.3

Thanks for keeping it simple (so rare these days)!!Tried several kalimba apps, most of them are made to be like a video game and IMO loses the relaxing spirit of this simple and beautiful instrument... But this one is JUST RIGHT. Love the clean interface. What’s more, the sound is really good and the playing experience is pretty realistic. Since this app has the feel of a real instrument, I’d really like to have some additional ting configurations that are less common, such as the 21-note kalimba (I’ve often wanted to reach just a few notes lower than C4 to play certain songs), or the “lotus” tuning which I’m also curious about..Version: 3.2

Gud for calmingYou can learn some songs, like One Summers Day, or Up! This cured my depression and anxiety! Thank you for making this wonderful app!.Version: 6.2

Prefer the old characterDon’t like the new 3D affect to the character. I preferred the 2D sketchiness of the old one, it just made me feel much calmer. Great app though, thoroughly enjoy playing it..Version: 6.0

This app is super cute!I just downloaded this and I’m obsessed!!!! So cuteeee. But I kinda wish there where more colour options for the notes. But apart from that I love this app SO MUCH!! 100% reccomend.Version: 6.2

Its amazing and here is why but somthing could be addedI love it its so cute 🥰 it can be tuned it has only freeplay its so amazing although they could add tutorials that would be great but if not its still amazing 🤩.Version: 6.2

WonderfulIt’s really nice to look at, it’s calming, there’s no ads and different colours schemes and overall just really lovely love the little thing it makes me really happy 10/10 would highly recommend..Version: 6.2

I love it!This app makes me feel so calm, I can just record a simple song using it and listen to it on repeat, and I can cover some of my favourite songs on here! ❤️❤️.Version: 5.1

Perfect Music AppI love this app and it’s perfect for people who can’t afford a kalimba like myself and it was very easy to get used to the notes and my favorite thing to play on it is definitely “avatar’s love” its just very chill and a nice instrument. It’s just very nice to listen to and if I have a bad day I’ll just play this app and it’s just a very smooth noise. 10/10 would recommend.😄.Version: 6.2

TiktokI saw this app on tiktok it looked really cool so i tried this.. AND IT WAS awesome !!! ✨✨.Version: 4.5

I have many questionsHOW IS THIS APP SO AMAZINGG <3 It has great keys and you can even customise the colour!? Why does it make me so happy❤️ I love the sounds the keys make it just sounds so good, and i can play many songs on it which is 10/10 and plus HOW IS THIS APP FREE ? ITS TOO GOOD TO BE FREE AND IT NEEDS MORE BETTER RATINGS ❤️.Version: 6.2

Amazing!It is so cute, and calming. It helped me calm down! Great work, also super relaxing when your stressed, and it's super easy to learn..Version: 5.1

I really like this app :)It’s incredibly calming, and fun to fool around with. I like to use this app when I feel sad or anxious. I recommend this app for anyone who likes music but can’t find an instrument to play :].Version: 6.2

Recommended!Loved this game! I love to learn how to play more songs, and I also love the fact you can make it my colour! And sometimes I like to make tunes with my sister who is 8 years old and loves this game almost as much as I do! I highly recommend it!.Version: 6.3

Simple, cute, almost perfect!I never write app reviews but had to this time... thanks for making this app!! Especially free and no ads. I recently bought a kalimba and would love to use this app as a way to practice without annoying my fellow residents too much and to preserve my thumbs! One thing that would make it perfect for me — I’d like to third the suggestion of having the ability to tune individual tines up or down as this would be more accurate to a real kalimba than tuning all the tines to a certain key 🙂 Otherwise, I can see this app as being an excellent motivator for me to practice my kalimba! Update: the new addition of individual tine tuning works great for me! Thanks for the revision!!.Version: 3.3

.I love this sm. I like to play freaks: ).Version: 6.2

Amazing appThe design is so simple but works very well. So many choices on tuning and the amount of notes shown. Made it super easy to learn songs on it. Definitely get this if you want to learn for a real kalimba or fill in some time.Version: 6.3

Free and easy to use!The app is very simple and easy to use! The sounds are beautifully clear. It’s great for beginners just starting to get familiar with the placement of Kalimba keys (turn phone horizontally). It’s also great for practicing when you don’t have your Kalimba with you. I used this app while waiting for my Kalimba to arrive in the mail..Version: 3.2

Learning kalimbaThis game is amazing. I got this game and started to play some songs to see if i should get a kalimba and see how it sounds. I really like how it sounds, if your learning kalimba or if your trying to see if you want one i recommend this app/game to you it would be really helpful.Version: 4.5

WOWProbably the best I have ever discovered literally love this app the music and the tunes and stuff are so calming me please make more games like this this is the best game I have ever or should I say the BEST music game ever thank you so much for making this in the world just from music I think you should get a raise thank you :o.Version: 6.2

SO CUTEEEIf you don’t have this, you’re missing out big time.Version: 6.2

Amazing…butIts a nice simple game, but most of the things you can buy cost money, i think you should start with two keyboard sounds or something to make it better. But overall a great, fun keyboard game 🌼☺️.Version: 6.5

Soo CuteeThis app is SO ADORABLE! I’m glad that there’s these types of apps In the App Store, because you can get CRAZY addicted to playing an instrument with a cute character! I wish that there was a way for the bonus part (more instruments) free, but we have to hand it to you. You gave us a free app with NO ads, you gotta earn money somehow. I’ll probably buy the more instruments option anyway. Thanks for this amazing app developer!.Version: 6.2

Great app but cannot change amount of tinesThis is a great app and I really enjoy using it. However I can't change the amount of tines anymore. It used to work but now the number in the settings reads 10 tines and there are 17 tines on the screen when you play..Version: 4.1

Amazing and simple kalimba app! But...This is an AMAZING kalimba app and I love it so much with its quality sound and clear interface. The only thing I would absolutely love to do is to be able to tune each key to a flat or sharp. I haven’t been able to play some of my songs because of this and since the sounds are already in the app because of the tuning feature, I think that being able to tune each key would be absolutely lovely!.Version: 3.2

My cousin made me ADDICTED to this app omg xDSo i was just a normal liTtle girl then i went to my cousins house and we were playing whatever (btw i was 6 and my cousin was 7) the next time i went to her house was when it was her birthday and her parents got her a new phone and the 2nd (or 3rd👀) app/game however you wanna call it was named Keylimba so i downloaded too and......i’m now addicted but anyways TY FOR MAKING THIS A GAME SOO YEA AND IM NOW 12.Version: 6.2

Lovely!This game is very soothing and would recommend you getting it! I just have a personal question, i'm asking if maybe you could maybe change the price to be able to access all the instruments? I mean.. this game isnt really a place to spend that much money on, because.. someone might buy it for the £5, but they could get bored of the game eventually, and regret spending £5 on it, so maybe lower it to a manageable price? Other than that, this game is amazing!.Version: 6.0

Love the app ^_^I got to make some Music with it.Version: 4.5

ThanksI don’t know who you are but thanks for making this, it’s so fun that I know for sure I’m upgrading, thank you.Version: 6.2

Nice game ✨It’s a very cool game and I like to play it when I’m bored.Version: 4.3

Amazing app!I love this app, there’s honestly nothing wrong with it and i definitely recommend it to everyone that’s interested :).Version: 3.3

Review :)I’ve only had this app for 2minutes but I’m loving it! I recommend this so good, I’m considering buying a real one of these instruments.Version: 6.2

Imagination241 241 243 4343431.Version: 6.2

So much fun!I downloaded this app out of boredom & it did not disappoint! It’s very simple to use. It’s also very easy to learn songs! I learned 2 songs in 2 days but you could definitely learn more than that. (I only practiced for about 5-10 minutes per day) Probably a great app for someone who isn’t sure if they want to get a Kalimba for a sort of test round? Overall amazing app, great quality, loads of fun..Version: 3.2

I Barely Write Reviews But...When I was looking for a Kalimba app, I searched for a while through the reviews and looks etc. I downloaded this one and I am not the least bit disappointed. I hardly ever write reviews, but this app deserves it. The look and sound is beautiful, it is customizable, it is very easy to use, and there is a lot you can do with it. I love this app. It has helped me learn how to play several songs etc for the Kalimba and this is by far my favorite Kalimba app yet. There is a $4.99 purchase for extra features including different instruments and they sounds great as well! It is worth it. I love everything about this app. This is definitely the best Kalimba app I have played with and it won’t be deleted anytime soon..Version: 6.2

Just amazing!I love this app as it’s so calming and helps me if I’m ever sad, it’s beautiful, you have a verity of songs you can play/make and you can customise the colours of the background and keys!.Version: 6.5

𝙲𝚞𝚝𝚎 𝙰𝚙𝚙! 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚎𝚌𝚝 𝙼𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚌 𝙰𝚎𝚜𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚝𝚒𝚌!𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚎𝚌𝚝! 𝙸 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚌𝚞𝚜𝚝𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚜𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚍, 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚗𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝚘𝚏 𝚑𝚘𝚠 𝚖𝚊𝚗𝚢 𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚎𝚔 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚎!.Version: 5.1

CalmingI always just wanted some apps that have very calm music. And this app just has a lot of detail put into it and my dad and I love the tunes and notes you can make with this. I’ve made some small music notes that I usually play when i go into Keylimba. I love this in total, I’m glad that someone made something like this. I hope to see new features and updates soon!.Version: 5.1

I love it!I watched a video of someone playing playdate and i wanted to get one ever since and i started to watch more video of people playing until i stumbled across a video of someone playing using this app last year? i guess you could say im a supporter if this app from the start kinda but i totally recommend this app if you arent sure you wanna get the physical one. i like it a lot and its easy to figure out how everything works! and if you cant im certain there are things out there that can help you. i totally suggest this app :) -Zoe.Version: 6.2

Love it but...I really enjoyed the app and it does really help so I would recommend this to anyone but there is a glitch where sometimes I can’t play it without headphones and I don’t own headphones 😭 so if you could fix the glitch that would be awesome but I love he app.Version: 3.2

Really calmingThe app is a really nice way to calm yourself down, when your frustrated..Version: 6.5

Cute face too -0-So cute and As I was waiting for real one I used this app to practice love it so much.Version: 5.1

:DThis app is so cute and simple. No adds, not cramped and lots of fun! Having a real Kalimba would be good but ngl I feel like is is better *-*.Version: 4.5

I love itI love this app and it’s really really helpful, I actually have a kalimba but it’s often out of tune so when I want to play something but can’t , I do it here! It has a really nice sound and I love the color options I highly recommend this to anyone who’s interested in getting a kalimba. I’d really like it if the creator/developer added an option to save your little recordings but beyond that this little app is adorable and perfect.Version: 3.3

Thank you!! 💫This really helps me practice when I dont have my Kalimba around! 😋 Its Perfect! ✨.Version: 2.6

StunningThe graphics of this app are beautiful! I love the sound quality as well as the visual customization settings!! I have a couple suggestions though, the app doesn’t seem to work without headphones and I think it would be great if it could!! The other thing, maybe give it a setting or a space where you can have multiple tracks that you recorded? Great app though, not planning on deleting it any time soon!.Version: 2.4


Absolutely BeautifulThis app has the beautiful quality of just creating happiness. The lil’ face smiling and singing at you when you play. It’s so relaxing and everything is done in such a welcoming and calming way, even down to the little menu sounds. Only had it for a few minutes and I’m already in love..Version: 6.2

5 stars!This game is SO AMAZING! It is so cute!! Very fun and calming. Your work is amazing..Version: 5.1

Great App!I’ve only had this app for about an hour and I’ve already learned my first song (a short version of Bubblegum KK). I downloaded it because I’m trying to see if I’m ready to buy a real kalimba. I’ve never played one but I’ve been wanting to learn and this app has definitely been already helping! I do wish I didn’t have to turn my ringer on to play but that’s just me being picky. Overall, I’m very happy!.Version: 3.2

S W A GThis is the swaggiest game I’ve played in a while. I’ve only been playing for a few minutes but I already know so much and I LOVE IT.Version: 6.2

Amazing but maybe....This app is amazing and I have already played the first half of haggstrom really easily but maybe make a feature where you can select a song and it will track you the notes and how to play? That would be amazing but other than that the game is already amazing..Version: 6.0

Cute and perfectWow, I wasn’t expecting a game with no ads and was just like shown! Thank you!.Version: 3.2

Absolutely amazing!Keylimba is a simple app, and it’s amazing!.Version: 6.4

Love itI love this app it helped calme me down.Version: 6.2

Easy to use and fun!I got kilimba 1 month ago and it’s a good option if you want the experience before you get the actual instrument. You get to learn how to read and play with it. My only problem isn’t a really major thing it’s just the icon that sings and now it looks like a round ball and honestly I wish they had an option to switch it back to being just 2d but overall the app is very usefull..Version: 6.0

I love it! ❤️It’s amazing, I love playing Ba Sing Se the song that was sang by Uncle Iroh in ATLA! 😊.Version: 3.2

I love itI really like this.Version: 4.5

AmazingThis app is so good. Now I can play and practice the kalimba on the device. I like how you can put how many tabs you want. I also like how there is a black dot that makes an impression of how high and how low the tab is. This app is great 👍. I recommend you should get it if you haven’t yet. Thank you.Version: 4.5

NoooThis app is absolutely amazing! And, for awhile, it was free and easy. Constantly getting upgrades, and just overall a great app. Well, now there’s in-app purchases, you don’t need them, and the app works perfectly fine without them, but now this app isn’t the wholesome completely free kalimba it used to be.... Just a bit disappointed. P.S. PLEASE don’t put ads. That is the worst thing you could do.Version: 5.1

Very soothingDoes what it says, It is a digital Keylimba. The sounds are very relaxing and easy to play, there is also a record option to save your songs to files. It would be a lot better if there were free sounds though..Version: 6.2

Love it!I honestly love this app. It’s almost like a real Kalimba..Version: 6.2

Loved the experience <3I really like this game its honestly fun to me and it could calm others and release stress/Anxiety but also just wondering whats the record button for? Im not really sure what it is but, mind telling me?.Version: 4.3

Too cuteThe little singing guy just does it for me..Version: 2.1

I really like itAaaaaaaa! I love this so muchhhh!! It really calms me down and I have been glued to it. I’ve taken my device with me everywhere to play it just so I don’t get anxious about anything!! Its also friendly to all ages and even has pride flag colours for the tines! Love it!! 5/5.Version: 6.3

Will never leave my phone because of this appIt is super cute, very good sounds, a possibility to record a “title” and listen to it. However, send takes a long time, which is the perfect opposite of the time it takes to download the game. Very cute, very simple!.Version: 6.2

I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH!This app is amazing! I 10/10 recommend getting it!!! The sound is so clean. The design is cute and it’s very simple and easy to customize. You can change the key, you can change the background color, you can change the key labels, you can really customize everything! It’s soooo great!.Version: 3.2

Love itSO FUN!.Version: 5.5

Amazing App! ☆☆☆☆☆I LOVE this app, I recommend it as a practice if your are getting a real one! I love how you can customise it and the customising is great! There’s also BARLEY any in-app purchases, I JUST LOVE THIS APP!!!!.Version: 6.2

PerfectKeylimba has made me a lot less stresses out and helps me calm down. I’ve only had it for a day and it’s already helping me a lot..Version: 6.2

Super cute and beautiful sound qualityIt would be great to have the option to display the key letters in settings... I kinda go by the letters on my Kalimba so switching because the actual instrument and the app is kinda hard :/ still an amazing app though! (Edit: thank you dev there is a way the app is perfect 😌✋🏼).Version: 2.6

Would 100% recommendIf you love creating/ listening to music then this is the game for you! This helps with my anxiety and I can’t explain how much it helps me!.Version: 6.4

This is the best!!!Every time I get really mad or something I use this app to calm myself down and create my own melody’s I’ve been playing some aesthetic sounds!.Version: 4.5

Best app definitely a 5 star rated gameI love this so much its my favourite app ever!!! Also kid friendly, and for all ages!.Version: 6.2

Easy to useAnd fun to play.Version: 3.2

This app is amazing!This app is really great I love all the features and you get to change stuff in the settings. I rate this 5 stars ⭐️ I love this app soooooo much!.Version: 6.2

I love this app so much <3It’s perfect for people who want to learn Kalimba, 10/10.Version: 5.5

Simple, yet AMAZINGI usually never write reviews but I just felt that this app deserved it. I have been trying to learn Kalimba for some time now and this app just came to me in a surprise. This app has a simple layout making it easy to use for all ages and also it has perfect sound making it sound like a real kalimba. Thanks for making this app!.Version: 3.2

WOWSo I haved this app for a while now and i still love it. I recommend this. (For the people have trouble hearing the app don't put it in Silent mode that's the problem put it to ringer. When you put it in Silent mode you won't here anything.) Hope this helps✨💕.Version: 3.3

TThankyou.Version: 3.3

WOah 😳Ever since the lgbtqai flags came out I was amazed!I bet you lost a few players…but you gain more on the way as well..!I’m quite glad you added the most known flags because some others don’t seem legated. 10/5 100% worth it!!! :D.Version: 6.4

GreatHi you group is the only thing that I love, and brown is not the one I want it for you lol bc it’s my ph lol bc I am not playing this song for the song and I am not playing this with the songs that you are playing for this a song and I am a fan of this song song I am a fan fan ooo I am not a google voice chat.Version: 6.3

Love it ❤️This is such a cool app ! but a little request its not q big thing or a must and doesnt diminish the app by not having it, but could we have the feature of coloring the markings? i wanted to make a bee themed kalimba and i wanted to color the keys white and black or just brown with a yellow backround which you already have this is only a request it doesnt effect the game its just for customization you should really focus on the key things but this is only a thing i thought would be cool its fine if yu dont implement it just a thought anyways great app i love it and have a nice day!.Version: 5.5

Amazing! Just one thing...This app is amazing and I love the fact that you can change the key, how many tines, and so much more! The only thing is that I would like a setting to turn off the little smiley face on the bottom because it can be kind of distracting. That’s it though. Overall an amazing app..Version: 5.1

Great App!This app is amazing if you haven't got a kalimba with you. The audio is amazing and easy to use. I would like to see a customisable option where you can change the tab colors and maybe add more customisable colors! It's an amazing app and I would definitely recommend it to beginners!.Version: 6.2

YES.The app is the best! I makes even the loud songs relaxing I totally recommend for young people to explore creativity but it’s fun for everyone!.Version: 6.3

21 Kalimba and tuning issues.I love the app but when using it to play 21 key Kalimba songs, I noticed the notes go 4 notes higher from the 17 key Kalimbas instead of giving the Kalimba 4 lower extra bass notes. Also, there are songs I want to play with custom tunings and custom tuning in the app is great but full capability to customize each note on individual tunes would make this app a great substitute for when I don’t have my real kalimba. Other than that the app is great! I’ve used it to play, practice and even tuned my kalimba with it..Version: 6.2

Pro tip: Switch your phone off silentI was going insane because I couldn’t hear the music I was supposedly creating, but 100% user error — I just had to physically switch my phone off silent! This app is beautifully designed and I am looking forward to playing around and maybe actually learning a song. It’s already helped with my anxiety and fidgeting. My only suggestion would be to make it rotate so I could play it while holding the phone naturally, instead of landscape only..Version: 2.6

AMAZING! ButThis app is the best app I have probably downloaded there are no purchases until you want to change the instrument. But honestly apart from that it’s really good and I do understand that the company needs to probably earn some money off their app but that sort of annoys me. The only reason I’m giving it 5 stars it because it’s great. (Now this is not something that needs to change desperately).Version: 6.4

CoolEEEEEEEEE.Version: 6.2

It was greatLoved it it’s really easy to use and i really enjoyed playing songs with it.Version: 6.2

I love this appThis app cured my anxiety.Version: 4.5

The best I have ever seen!I have a actual Kalimba at home I decided to try this out it sounds almost, no exactly like my *real* Kalimba if you wanna start practicing this is the best way to start and it does not hurt your fingers it has ways to customize wich i thing is a really cool thing (it s kinda hard to do irl) but I would give this a 5/5 completely!.Version: 6.2

Everything is beautiful! 💫I love, LOVE the design of this! It's so simple yet elegant. The fact that the colors, the tines, the labels are all customizable is such a big plus! I've used this to practice some songs when I'm away from my physical kalimba and its such a big help. The smiley face is my favorite and everything just comes together for a relaxing and amazing app to use. The recording feature is so cool but I have yet to figure out when to use it myself. Thank you so much for this :) 💛.Version: 3.2

Amazing, but..there’s a problemNormally you can change the amount of keys on the kalimba, but now I can’t change them at all! Please fix this! I already re-installed this app multiple times and the keys never change. Also, forces landscape mode doesn’t work for anyone. Thank you!.Version: 4.1

Wow!This app is amazing and so calming, I love the little smiley face when you are playing and it is so easy to record, the sounds are very smooth with absolutely no glitching and over all this app is super and I recommend this 100% I also love how you can customise it which is a cute touch..Version: 6.2

I love it butI love keylimba, it’s really fun to play but, this is not that important but, could you add more pride options for the keyboard? I’m omni and I really wanna customise my keylimba that way. I hope I’m not asking for too much but this would be really great! 🏳️‍🌈❤️.Version: 6.3

Such a cool appI’ve had Keylimba for over a month now and I never get bored of it! It’s such an amazing app. What I like the most is the new feature that lets you save your sounds, very cool app 100% would recommend for people who want to play the kalimba.Version: 5.5

Three words: best app ever♥︎ ( read this pls )Its so simple you download it and u dont have to do stupid login stuff you can immediately play it :3 this is my first day and i already learned how to play something :>... well kinda. (warning if u use headphones dont turn volume to max.. i did this ;-;) also I have a suggestion, what if you could lower or raise the volume for the loop or recording thing on the corner maybe? 11/10 recommend this app to music lovers :D.Version: 6.0

Such a cute app!I love this app so much!! the ui is so cute and the little smiley is such a wonderful touch. the sound quality is also really good. suggestion: maybe in the future update (hopefully), we can tune individual keys? i can’t quite get my show yourself cover right in one go. but this is just a convenience thing! 💗.Version: 2.4

AMAZINGAmazing app honestly I love learning how to play songs on my phone and then showing my family I’ve learnt freaks which is my fave on this app.Version: 6.2

Best game ever!🌸It’s soooo cute I have just started playing it for only 5 minutes and I love it already.😙amazing app I recommend it!😁.Version: 6.5

Amazing ♡´・ᴗ・`♡This is a great app for people who just want to play some nice music without having to learn an instrument and if you buy the extension thingy(idk) you can get even more instruments to play. It’s a very good app for relieving stress in my opinion because you can just relax and play music and you are in control of what you play, you don’t have to do specific notes or anything and that’s pretty great. Overall 5 stars I loved it. ♡´・ᴗ・`♡.Version: 5.1

Love thisActually this is my first time writing a review this app is so gooooood I am gonna buy a real Kalimba real soon.Version: 6.2

CUTESuch a pretty and minimalistic design! (*≧ω≦) would be cooler if it can guide u to play songs in-game! props to the developer for making this ad-free! so much to love about this app.Version: 3.0

:DI really liked this app, very calming and simple looking! and thank you for adding the colour feature!!.Version: 3.2

Seriously the greatest app I’ve had the pleasure to stumble acrossThat’s it, that is all you need to know.Version: 5.1

It’s helped me a lotI got this app and all my stress just disappeared.. It’s nice and relaxing and you can get so creative! I highly recommend if you have anxiety or high stress levels. ♥️.Version: 5.1

..I honestly like this game but here’s some things I recommend1: please can we put photos as our backgrounds? Not inappropriate though 2: can we add songs into the game that we can try to copy with the keys? 3: can we make the black circle a different color to? This is a lovely game but there is some things I do want in here thats why I give it a 4 🖤.Version: 6.4

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