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Making Beats SimpleLoving this app, made 3 beats in a day and recorded vocals the next now it's mastered on my iMac. The user interface is very gd and quick to pick up. I've been us Fl on the PC so I'm familiar with the layout, however without the experience a user can pick it up within mins. Unfortunately I can't add my own samples plus the instruments and synths are limited, once these issues are integrated I'm sure it will be in the top spot (no, I don't work for Imageline I just love making beats on the go and fast, simple)..Version: 1.0

We. Need. More. Sounds.It would be terrific if you could add more sounds, whether they be for free, or as an in-app purchase. You could possibly add things like VSTs such as; Nexus, Omnisphere, etc. We also need more drum sounds, especially trap drums. One last thing; 808s. We need more 808 sounds. If we could get a whole lot of new sounds, that would be amazing!! I hope to see some add-ons to the sound library in the next update..Version: 3.2.23

FL Studio Awesome! (Beats recording myself beat boxing my bass lines)I started using FL desktop program for awhile although, I'm now an Apple fan and was annoyed to learn no OSX program was created (unless I wanted to piggy back boot camp, but I heard the output quality is so so).. Anyway, I've ALWAYS recorded myself beat boxing my rhythms and especially my bass lines! So I can remember and apply it to Logic. So anyone who says that FL studio "could be better", is off their heads! My only dislike wand unfortunately it's stopped me from writing as much as i used to, is layout in its entirety. it's just so confusing. And also, restoring instrument sample packages that i purchased on the first app platform in 2014. I don't like to moan but when you've spent over $50+ on packages it's a tad frustrating..Version: 3.2.23

AwesomeThis is great! Only thing I would like is for the ui to be customizable but that is just me. Great app!.Version: 3.2.23

The app is greatThe app is pretty awesome for some stuff all though the app could use some more presets like synths, maybe some more pianos..Version: 3.5.4

Quite an updateThis is how you do an update. Hear the users and less then month later,everything we asked for is included. We get copy to Sonoma clipboard to export out the audio without having to use any Internet connection or file share. User added samples means that anything you want to add to your tracks can now be added very easy. Just get some sounds,put them in a zip folder,add it in the file share window. This make FL mobile a true player now. If all we ever got to use was stock sounds then everybody's songs will sound the same. This new feature make every song your own. Thanks for such a speedy update. I only wish that other developers could update with such huge features so quickly. Awesome..Version: 1.1

Great music studio!I really wanted to start using FL Studio 11, but since it costs 70 pounds I bought this for only 15 pounds. And it was worth it. I am still a beginner with creating music ,but this application makes it very easy to make your own music! I recommend it to beginners who have just started creating their own music..Version: 2.4.2

Great BUT!Can u make making music easier? 👍.Version: 3.2.05

As promised, updates are in progressThis is a great app, that takes a bit of time to get the best from it. It has been updated frequently since it's release (when some features were not quite there) and I'm confident it will improve over time. As it is, it's very well featured, as I see it..Version: 3.1.13

Great and powerful, Lots of potential, needs few fixesFl studio mobile is an excellent app. Overall I am pleased with my purchase, but desperately need Tempo Automation added. For my use of the app, which may be different than most of fl studio users, is to import audio tracks, mainly guitar, and adding drums to a song. Often times my songs have tempo changes and without tempo automation the only way to complete drums to my track is to do it in several different projects, then stitch them together later on my computer. also I am experiencing a bug on my IPad 2 where I can't tap the note I want, and the only fix when it happens is to close the app and restart. With these two fixes it is an easy 5 star application.Version: 2.3

Great, but hard to troubleshootThe 'Add Automation' option wasn't greyed out. Then, it was disabled for all projects. Can't for the life of me figure out how to get the option back or how I disabled and I can't find anything online! Stumped..Version: 3.2.48

UpdateReally good so far except with the latest update it won't allow me to upload music from my library without crashing. It would also be good to be able to assign the effects to certain channels and not just a an overal effect as I would like to use different filters for different tracks.Version: 2.2

My favourite app ever!!I have been using this for quite a while, and still love the music Ive made on it. Though at times it presents some editing challenges (if you're overly picky like me.) But I’ve often found ways to make it work, though patience is optimal in such times. However, on the bright side, it often leads to better more interesting sounds in the long run. That said, this app does not deserve its low rating. Some people just have no patience. Consider this: the average band will release an album with 10 songs once every 1 to 2 years. Thats not what anyone would call a rush. Thus, the result of such dedication, is great music..Version: 3.2.42

AWESOME!It’s a great app especially for starters.Version: 3.1.78

So powerful. But watch all the videos. A bit clumsy UI.Very powerful. Kudos! My main gripes are with the quirky but cool UI. You have to read the manual and, more importantly, watch the videos or you will miss a lot of things that aren't very discoverable: How to preview presets at different pitches. How to resize the keyboard height and width of the keys. How to get triplets going for a drum track instead of being locked to 16ths. Also the app may work well for the devs in a simulator, using a mouse to interact. But with actual thumbtips and fingertips it's somewhat clumsy to use. Too much of a desktop feel to the interactions. Good job in instrument settings for the dedicated, blank scroll margins. Although it's not needed on both sides? I don't like the slow animations for select menus- or the menus themselves. I also don't like the fact there are up and down arrows for some settings, but they don't work- I have to wait for a select widget and it's animation. I am using an iPhone 6 Plus. Anyhow with more tweaks this will be really rocking. Just at least for one thing make the animations for menus optional..Version: 3.1.13

Best Music Producing App Out There!First of all I’m impressed by how much FL Studio offers as a mobile app, I was pretty satisfied when I seen all the features it had, so the 15$ was worth it. I haven’t had any problems tbh, just that sometimes when I get a call or I go to another app, FL Studio freezes or I press play but it doesn’t respond, but it doesn’t really bother me that much. When I got started getting into making beats I only had a iPhone and most producers use FL studio but on the computer so I was kinda disappointed but I searched up FL Studio on the App Store and I’m that they had FL on iPhone too, I’ve been making beats, whenever I don’t have anything else to do and the thing is that it’s easy to go straight to the studio wich I like alot and all in my hands. I have one suggestion tho, it would be dope if you guys added the effects that the computer version has like the gross beat, and more sound or effects or features added to the mobile version from the computer version..Version: 3.2.04

This app is polished and so much funI've bought many music apps to test out the Line6 MIDI Mobilizer and this app is definitely the best I've purchased to date. Even without an external MIDI controller, the interface is a credit to the developers- everything you need and only at the time you need it. The sounds are good, the effects are very good. I would like a super easy way to expand the sound sets with my own multisamples and maybe have more than 1 FX bus. I would also like to be able to use my MIDI keyboard controller buttons to operate the play/record/rewind, but I'm very satisfied. Price is high for an app but it is significantly higher quality than any of the other apps I tried. Overall this is a high performance music workstation that doesn't feel like work at all!.Version: 2.0

Very easy to useExcellent app very east to use but can be improved with zoom option being available with finger pinch on the go idea tab ;).Version: 2.2


No appigator.Need to go in a round about way to create appigeos..Version: 3.2.61

Needs sample importEasy to use but having difficulty finding wav files when exporting them, a bit limited on sounds but Still worth the asking price..Version: 1.2

Version 2 is amazingErr Hello, download version 2, use it and shut up whinging. The new audio recording features in v2.0 takes this app to another level. So many tracks guys! So easy to record, edit, sequence. Great sounds and FX and great export features. I use and love ipad G'band & Nanostudio, both amazing and incredible apps with their own great features but for me, FL Studio Mobile HD v2.0 is the no.1 ipad DAW available now..Version: 2.0

Drag and drop samples to the main page for future updateI know it’s possible Thank you for your time and consideration.Version: 3.4.5

Amazing DAW, but it ain’t perfectI’ve been using this app for months now, and all I can say is that those some good $18 I’ve spent! Now, I do want to point out that I feel that this app definitely needs an auv3 extension option that would definitely open up many possibilities for music production on mobile. I would also love to see at least one more synthesizer like sytrus or harmor or even harmless, obviously adapted and optimized for performance on mobile, just like the GMS. Even if this meant an extra 3 bucks, but I would be willing to spend it to have a sytrus on mobile per sè..Version: 3.2.61

Well worth it$20 seems almost dirt cheap once you get to know this app. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, while at the same time extremely loaded with features. This version does lack some nitty-gritty elements of the desktop version, but it looks so nice and functions so great on the iPad that it brings something completely new to the table. Highly recommended over any other music production app. I've worked with both music studio and isequence hd and have to say that this app takes those two mobile production studios to the next level..Version: 1.0

Reccomend to all fruity loopersTakes a bit of getting used to but after that it's very handy and a great creative tool. I would like to be able to draw new notes easily onto the piano roll instead of having to input via recording on the keyboard. It can be done but just one note a t a time and is time consuming for what I'm used to compared to doing in FL10. That's my only gripe but don't let it put you off..Version: 1.3.2

Its aightAight imma head out.Version: 3.2.61

AwsomeBest house music app.Version: 2.0

Works great on iPad mini 4This app was super before it updated. Thankfully, I have own the older version on my iPod 4 and I fell this tiny device can make super tracks than on my giant home PC. Now, I own iPad mini and download it. It provides the latest version. The UI is great. Friendly to use. However, I noticed that the sound quality distorted a lot. I did modify the sitting and now it reduced the sound distortion. And the app crashed a lot. I don't know if developers didn't test it on iPad mini. I feel my improved device with this app is like running its PC version on Intel pentium 2 Update: I bought IPad mini 4 and use fruit loops mobile again. It works like a dream. I hope any further latest updates will not made me to buy another IPad.Version: 3.2.05

Great app, mis understoodThis app is amazing. Anyone downloading this app and doesn't know how to use a music production software or how to write music I feel would not give this app 5 stars because they wouldn't know how to use it and complain about features. This app is obviously isn't going to create high quality music, they want u to use it in association with their computer production software so u can make songs on the go and then remaster them with the program. Neither the less u don't need any of the above things to acchualy enjoy it, the app is great for making music..Version: 2.0

Still great even after two years!I still love using this app, after seeing Deadmau5 ((Deadmouse)) and a few other great artists I've deiced I wanted to try do beats and such. And after doing little searching Ive stumbled upon FL studio, expensive as heck to get all upgrades and such but totally worth it 👍 And not to mention its a lot less buggy then back then, different looking but still amazing!.Version: 3.1.36

BrilliantThe first version that Image Line have created is brilliant. I downloaded this app (and yes it's a bit expensive) but there is so much flexibility to get the creative juices flowing. I would recommend this app for those that want to get a few ideas down whilst on the train, at home or in a cafe away from their music DAW. The opportunity to share the ideas from iPad to PC has great potential and hopefully it will become easier with wireless connections with the new iOS later this year. I am looking forward to future updates. Well done Image Line..Version: 1.0

These people don't get it....I think everyone's missing the point of this app here. This app is designed to be used with the desktop FL Studio, not as a full DAW. You are meant to use it to quickly jot down ideas when they come to you. For example a new melody might come to mind, so you quickly get out your ipad, note down the melody, find a sound preset you like, and add some drums. Then, when you access FL on your desktop, send the track to it, and finish everything up there :D It's simple. Once again, this is not a fully-featured DAW, it is used to jot down ideas for you to transfer to the desktop FL, and finish off. Hopefully you guys'll get it now and stop complaining. Well, THANK YOU IL FOR THIS AMAZING PRODUCT. For me it's very useful, I dunno about you guys, but previously I would hum melodies that came to mind into a sound recorder. Now I can just jot them down on this! Thank youuuuuuuu! ;D.Version: 1.3.2

Update!They should do an update on this, making the pitch bend more easier to work with. And having the app more like the original fl studio on the computer. But overall I think this app is great!👌.Version: 2.1

Great App but not quote perfectThis app is awesome. It's fast and intuitive, great capabilities and it has everything. Well, almost everything. It's missing a few fundamental capabilities. It should be able to import other formats other then MIDI, and maybe even record live, like Garage Band. For remixing it would be awesome for direct iPod library imports. Second, it should be able to export files as mp3. It's true that the demo desktop version compensates for that, but it's kind of a pain to have to depend from it. Other then a few missing features the app is great and it lives up to the price, but it needs to be updated and completed..Version: 1.0

Pro keysFun app. Some features that I believe would enhance the experience are; support for iPad Pro Smart Keyboard, scales function for keyboard, discount to buy all in app features at once. Thanks.Version: 3.1.13

App issuesI´ve been using the app since 2013 and it is great. I updated my iPad Pro to the newest iOS and now all my projects play at a different bpm even though the bpm is set to the one I chose, please fix it asap!!.Version: 3.2.2

Just one thingI’ve added a lot of midi files and they are coming up on my songs\projects folder can you fix this so they stay in the my MIDI folder as it’s hard to locate my projects among all the midi files thank you that is the only flaw I’ve experienced so far other than that everything is perfect thank you keep up the good work guys..Version: 3.2.04

Brilliant Application, finally on the iPad.The interface is very responsive and easy to use. It's low latency by all means, though a bit more functionality wouldn't hurt. As a suggestion, I would love being able to export and import songs (or specific tracks) through and between FL and Garage Band (or just sounds/backtracks in general - from wherever) on the iPad itself - for some unification, like I may compose a song on FL, but a friend prefers to tweak it with some ideas he had on GarageBand (or other apps), and viceversa. That would be amazing (to my perspective at least). Feedback on the price is that it could be lower, but I bet it will pay off with great updates along the way..Version: 1.0

Lost everythingThe app is good and I spent a decent amount of time writing some songs on it. I’ve been busy for a a couple months and hadn’t used the app. Went back to use it today and it wouldn’t open. Would literally crash seconds after clicking on the app. I checked for update and nothing. I figured the only thing I could do would be uninstall and reinstall. However, all my work is gone. I figured it’d save as files but I don’t see them in my files on my phone and they aren’t in the app anymore. I know there’s a google drive backup but I never got to use it. I just wish the app didn’t bug out and I didn’t lose the files..Version: 3.2.79

Look forward to the future.If your all ready a fruity user you will love this. Sold my studio a while back and miss it a lot so i got this, it's not the real thing but a very good substitute if your lacking a studio. It's perfect for midi work, you can do it all in this without using a studio. Perfect for traveling djs to get your ideas down. Looking forward to the future very much, can't wait to see what will be out over the next 10 years for music production..Version: 1.4.1

FL Studio Mobile, Finally!It's finally out and it is worth all of the excitement. I would expect nothing less from the people who brought me my choice of DAW for over 10 years running. It's simple enough for beginners to learn, yet advanced enough for seasoned artists to quickly sketch out whatever comes to mind and later transfer to their PC. My favorite feature so far would have to be the quantization toggle. Turn it on to keep a more traditional structure, or turn it off for more complex polyrhythms. I also love the fact that it works with my Korg nano key, and supports velocity input along with pitch bend. I look forward to many great things form Image Line through this app and FL Studio..Version: 1.0

Great but also greatI really like this app, my only problem is how many buttons you need to press to get to a new menu.Version: 3.2.61

:)Love this app, being able to start a beat when I'm on a break at work or where ever then having the ability to export it to my FL Studio desktop version and finish the track later. Brilliant Would highly recommend this app to anyone running FL Studio as there main DAW, Very helpful Cheers image line, been waiting for this one.Version: 1.0

Excellent sequencer, solid sounds, some limitations.This is a more in-depth review with comparisons to other sequencing applications for the iPad. I've read that this app is a co-development between Image Line and the developer of Music Studio. You can definitely see the similarities, but there are some useful additions such as the step-sequencer,drum pads, and more. The user-interface is very well designed and I didn't even need to scratch the manual to start writing with this. One thing that isn't mentioned in the description is that the sequencer can be set to different time codes, including 3/4, 5/4, and 7/4. Switching this around and using the step-sequencer its quick to create polyrhythms. The sequencer can allow for 99 tracks which makes it easier to manipulate your compositions. That you can export MIDI tracks means you can polish up these sounds later in a more powerful desktop app. It seems like right now every music app on the app store has it's strengths and weaknesses and FL Studio Mobile is no exception. It's strongest abilities lie in its notation. It is not a synthesizer, however, with practically no ability to tweak or modify the preset sounds. The instruments consist of multi samples and are quite clear and punchy. They are suitable for arrangement and the drums are good enough to be used in production or with some post-processing. It has no ability to import samples, though I read this will be in an upgrade and if that is so it will greatly improve the application. The effects are mediocre and the routing is very limited. I recently purchased iSequence HD which I found too limited with the number of tracks (only 8), time signatures, and odd implementation of polyphonic ability (only one note per track). It does have better FX routing ability. Plus it also allows you to create your own samples and resample. It also has some basic instrument sounds and no true synthesizers. Song creation is basic compared to FL. GarageBand has some of the best sounds and playability, but sadly no piano roll or note editing. For the price, it is incredible, and useful as an audio recorder/mixer. Very basic sampling and only 8 tracks. The other app I've used is Nanostudio, which has a very good sequencer, almost as good as FL Studio. It also is limited in the amount of tracks. However, it totally kicks every other app with it's FX and virtual analog synthesis. It also allows you to import your own samples. In both these respect it's much better than FL Studio. An iPad update is coming for Nanostudio. Currently, FL Studio Mobile is easily one of the best music composition apps available. This is mostly because of its sequencer and high track count. If they can add a synthesizer, a sampler, and audio tracks and it will be bliss. Other apps worth checking out, iMS-20, Electribe, Rebirth, Musix (really cool app for learning and playing chords and scales)..Version: 1.0

Good, but needs improvementI'm using FLStudio science 4th version, I love it, and i can't believe I have FLS icon on my iPhone and ipad, I'm very happy, the program is good, but definitely needs improvement, one of the main things is piano roll, fruity loops has been known for it's the best piano roll, no other DAW has this kind of beautiful piano roll, but here on mobile version it's not the same, why? The keys are silent on it, and it's not as easy to use as on desktop version, please Image-Line Make normal piano roll!!! Similar to desktop, And I'll give you 5 stars, and please make normal automation clip function, so we can edit them like in original desktop version, I hope to see those features in the next updates, this are the main features we need, but there is much more things to improve, I'm sure Image-Line will do this in the updates, other than that, interface is beautiful, easy to use,FL Studio will be the best here on mobile market, just like the PC version! Good luck Image-Line! Hope to see updates soon!!!.Version: 1.0

Please read and fixFirst off, I love this app. Even the mobile version of FL Studio is the very definition of professionalism. I am working on an album that will be released later this year. But lately I’ve been discovering some problems that prevent me from producing my music properly. A little while back, the audio somehow converted to mono, and I checked the 32 bit and normalize option. The issue resolved after 20 minutes of refreshing the app over and over again. And; as of May 19th, 2018, I tried to open FL Studio again to work on my latest creation, but the sound and visuals were slowed down by what I approximate to be 30%. Other than the minor glitches and lag, this app is perfect. Please fix the issues in the next update, so I may continue producing music for my (five, apathetic) followers. Thanks..Version: 3.1.893

Good just fix this bugWhenever I want to use a sample from a another song and put it in my files in does not let me load them in.Version: 3.4.9

Love itBought this a few weeks ago and have had no problems, definitely recommend it.Version: 2.3

AwesomeAwesome app, but do you think you could allow us to remove demo songs? They seem to take up a lot of space.Version: 3.2.23

Everything is great! But it doesn’t seem to be compatible with AUv3s!Everything works well, and is pretty straightforward, without sacrificing control. My only issue is it seems to not work so well with AUv3s. There are some pretty cool instrument apps that I would like to add into my sessions through Audiobus, but things seem to not-work-as-they-should during session. I emailed the devs of those apps and they claimed it was because of incompatibility with fl studio, the best music making apps work perfectly fine with said instrument apps in the aforementioned scenario so I think fl studio should definitely take a step forward in that direction..Version: 3.2.05

It's simple but could be way betterI have purchased and used all kinds of FL Studio professional software for my PC and Mac. I was expecting more from this mobile app since I paid $21 plus another $30 in effects. Channels should be easy to maneuver up and down to categorize and you should be able to add an FX channel wherever you want without having to resort to the manual. Should be just as convenient as the PC software.Version: 3.1.36

Hands down 110 x better than garage bandFor pros and beginners this is an amazing app !! :!:! Plz help with a recent issue I’ve been having and cans find answers know where. When I record vocals it only comes thru one side I don’t even know how this happened I must have accidentally changed a setting. This is just as good as fl studio for pc if not better because it has the convenience of the built-in keyboard available on the smart phone and or tablet. I literally recorded and composed an entire cd using nothing but fruit loops studio mobile. highly recommended app. I have the paid version. Mind u it does not have all inatruments and sample packs, witch would be cool but , it comes with more than enough to be PRODUCTIVE !!! Thanks fl studio !!! Dont listen when ppls say that garage band is better, bahahaha , they are either lazy and willing to settle for basement(garage)recordings over some sold-out commercial beat, or simply haters..Version: 3.2.56

Great app for making musicI really like the potential for this app, once you learn it it’s really easy to start writing music. The only thing I would add is some more presets. I’m not always looking to write synth patches while on the move and some more presets would really help..Version: 3.2.85

Great appThis is definitely my most used app on my ipad. There are lots of fun things to do for you to make some awesome tracks. Although this is a great app, it would be good if there were some dubstep synths available in the shop. This would make the app so much better..Version: 1.4.1

FL Studio Mobile AppNope. Turns out AudioCopy was more important then MP3 export, you should have gave us a heads up about that instead. Anyway back to topic. Really amazing upgrade and functions so well considering the UI has changed by 100%. It just needs AudioCopy and then I give it six or seven stars..Version: 3.1.17

Music recordingWhen I record music I can hear when I hold down a note but it doesn't record the way I hear. When I record pressing down on a note and replay that recording all I hear is a quick tap. All the musical instruments are the same so for example If I pick a violin that I wanted to record a long violin sound to help make a song all I would hear is a quick tap of that instrument. I can still hear the instrument but nothing of any length. If This feature was fixed I could record many wonderful songs:).Version: 2.4.2

Not what I expectedHiya, I hope the devs read this, because its about some of the biggest flaws with FL Mobile. I own FL 12, (my computer couldn't handle an upgrade to FL20, so I'm stuck with 12.) and it has complete plugin support, a soundfobt player, and can load FLPs, I am very dissapointed in FL mobile not being able to load FLPs because FL mobile is about composing on the go, don't you think transfering your work would be important? And another thing, where all of the good plugins!? Wheres the hardcore mixer, fruity soundfont player, VST player, sytrus and many others. Someone sent me a DWP of the Ultimate Guitar Kit 2, and I couldn't amp it because of FL mobiles limitations, and not to mention, anything I create on FL mobile I can't use on FL Pc because it can't read FLM, so maybe a cross platform plugin can be used? Thanks..Version: 3.2.83

Well worth the money!Ok so I struggled with this purchase because of the $20 price tag but let me just say that it was worth every penny! The app feels very similar to fl studio maybe not quite as much you can do with it but if your on the go and you wanna play around with melodies and beats this is your app. The keyboard is solid as well as the drum pads not as old as the real thing but the touchscreen feature is pretty excellent, they even have a tilt activated pitch bend of which the sensitivity can be adjusted to your liking. Tap tempo a few assignable effects with an xy pad is pretty nifty and if your worried about the sounds it comes with don't be. This app comes with a pretty good assortment of loops, fx, synths etc. as well as 2 free packs (the other 3 you have to purchase with the most expensive being 5.99) but I'm pretty sure you can use your own sounds I haven't quite figured that out though. I'm running an iPad 4 and I've not experienced any lag whatsoever, however I do recommend turning off gestures in your options otherwise when your playing the keyboard you might swipe up at the bottom of the screen and cause the quick bar to pop up which will stutter the App and stop the recorder but this is hardly an inconvenience. Give it a go, Dj Kid Chameleon Don't expect.Version: 2.0

Top Notch DAW AppFirst of all consider the obvious. This is a fricken Mobil app so it's not going to be more powerful the computer version. That being said, I've been using FL Studio since 2.7 when it was called Fruity Loops. It's my #1 tool for music production. But when I'm away from the computer I'm going to lose a lit of song ideas. So finally having a mobile FL Studio tool those ideas can be laid down anywhere at any time. And then later I can export my work to seriously do it up on my desktop pc. Not to mention the ability to import your own wav samples to create instruments and kits (iOS version only). This alone make it 100% awesome for A.D.D. Beat makers like myself. I had low expectations for this app, but high hopes. Now that I've got a good handle on how it work I can honestly say it is THE BEST mobile DAW app out there. The people at Image-Line are genius. The people who say otherwise either had unrealistic expectations or don't have enough experience to know any better. I am absolutely satisfied..Version: 2.1

Nice appGood app iPhone 5 update would be good.Version: 2.0

Please do a bug fix updateI love using this app it’s amazing but ever since the new update it’s become a pain to use you have to tap to the left and sometimes directly above the button you want press and it’s unbearable please can you fix this app I want to get back to making beats with this otherwise awesome app.Version: 3.5.0

VERY EFFICIENT AND USEFUL. BUG ALERT!!!!I love the app, it has all the things to give me a certain range of ideas and to put them down in tracks, I could say they should add more instruments, always useful since not all of us have the privilege to upload WAV. Files. BUG ALERT!! This terrible bug has been ruining my experience with this app, and it's almost hurting my ears to physical impairment. Every time I have a project open and I'll get a notification, sometimes I'll go to that notification and it will make this LOUD terrible feedback screech that litterally makes me rip off the headphones. It has happened almost every time I switch apps from FL studios. please fix or else this could end in a law suit if I go deaf because of it..Version: 2.1

Worth the moneyReally good all round app offers a lot for the money. My only ask is that after making a few tracks it would be nice to have a few more synth and drum samples maybe add on packs or some sort of share with the likes of animoog? I really like the way it's set out so easy to use and intuitive just needs a a little tweaking thanks.Version: 1.2

Still on the top 🏆I have this app for a while and still is one my top music app..Version: 3.1.893

Good... But could be greatThis is one of my favorite iOS music apps to use. This could be so much better though. Very simple interface and is much easier to use then GarageBand or beatmaker. Though some features that are lacking are needed! Drawing in automation data is needed. Side chain compression is also needed. MIDI effects like scales and keys would be very helpful. Being able to load midi data in an individual track would be nice so I could load multiple midi into one song. Also having synths like sytrus and morphine would be nice. You only have one custom synth and would be nice to have more. All of these samples and my sample get a little boring after a while. Some updates for the audio effects would be good too. Saturation. More options on reverb. Eq 8. I would pay like 50 dollars for these things and this would instantly be the best iOS music making app on the market. Please don't change the interface though, as is very easy and efficient to use. Hopefully these will be added soon because then this is the only app I would be using!.Version: 2.5.4

It’s really good but I wish they could give us some usable pluginsI really like this app, I’ve been using it for about 9 months now and I’ve been making some banger beats but we need usable plugins, not like omnisphere, just little extra plugins we could purchase or upload from 3rd party websites, I can understand some plugins wouldn’t be able to run without the app crashing but even little basic ones like sausage fattener for instance, it’s a really nice bass booster and it’s super basic but it does a lot, we need things like that on this app, I can’t use base plugins forever..Version: 3.5.1

Best softwareThis is the best software, on the planet and planets beyond, to create music anywhere any time, this is the future..Version: 2.4.2

PerfectionI’ve been using this app on and off for around 6+ years since the original release. Version 3 is simply perfection and provides everything you need to create great quality music when you’re away from your home/studio. 10/10 for the updated UI, instruments and effects. As an Ableton user this app doesn’t have a steep learning curve and is both intuitive and easy to navigate. One very happy customer here, thank you!.Version: 3.2.2

Audio unitsOne thing that bothers me is not being able to easily communicate with the developers of software that I buy. I just want to ask a simple but important question. One of the most important things for an app like fo studio mobile is support for Audio Units. I can't find anything on it. I searched the Image-Line web site for audio unit and AUV3 and found nothing. I think the app is pretty good but without audio units and not being able to contact them about anything is a deal breaker for me. It's a shame because I really like the app and the cross platform capabilities. I am open to knowing more..Version: 3.2.48

Getting better every updateGood for quick ideas.Version: 3.2.85

Brilliant appBefore purchasing this I tried different music making apps as the reviews on this weren’t great....I tried Music Studio, which wasn’t bad, but the quality of instruments sounds wasn’t very good, I didn’t like the work flow of the BeatMakers either. This has been amazing for me so far....I like the fact you can add your own instruments into the app. The only two things I’d like to see would be to know how long the song is that you’re making, and to be able to change the instrument once you’ve already input notes into the song section as changing the instrument in the fx menu part doesn’t change the name of the instrument in the playlist part..Version: 3.2.23

It’s great! But...The FL Studio Mobile folder is gone, like, just gone. When I go to “On My Ipad,” it doesn’t show the folder. When I try search “FL Studio Mobile,” it comes up with the folder, but when I tap it, nothing is inside it. I don’t know if this is a problem for my iPad I am using, or if it’s the latest update, but it’s kind of annoying, not being able to upload files to FL Studio Mobile. So could you please fix this? Thanks, Aaron.Version: 3.2.61

Thank you for fixing the bug.I have returned my rating to a 5 star.Version: 3.5.1

Only One Concerning IssueI’ve been using the app for a while and it’s been great. I enjoy making music on the app occasionally. I’ve had very few issues, but the biggest one I’ve come across recently is a bug. The speed and pitch will shift either slightly upwards or downwards, no matter the tempo. It depends on if I open the app with headphones on or off. If I have headphones plugged in, the phone speaker audio will be shifted in some way and vice versa. At first, I thought it was a problem with my phone, but the problem is only on this app, no other apps have the issues. However, if I save a project as an audio file, it’ll be completely fine. It would be great if this were fixed..Version: 3.1.89

Love it but more instrumentsHey I use this app as my main outlet for music composition at the moment and I love it completely! I reckon you us should keep churning the instrument add ons to this product for purchase!!!.Version: 2.1

Damn, it’s so niceReally awesome, can I get a discount on fl studio producer edition for my broke a**.Version: 3.3.1

#1 music making app.Only app you could use to make good music..Version: 3.2.56

FantasticBeen using this fl studio mobile app for 2 years it’s Fantastic, each time I use it I learn something new and create some great sounds. 10/10.Version: 3.2.04

GrouseGrouse.Version: 2.5.4

AwesomeBut needs work on the menus , it’s not user friendly you end up searching a lot.Version: 3.1.893

It’s okieIt won’t let me record my voice what do I have to do???.Version: 3.2.79

PC vs MOBILEReally good on PC and mobile, started off not knowing what to do until I studied music and fl studio now I know what to use and do if I make a mistake. Haven't made music before I found fl studio and this update is great. 5 star rating from me..Version: 2.4

GoodI love this.Version: 3.2.61

Absolutely a must-get DAW software! 🎵As someone who is a hobbyist and not a self-claimed professional, I will say the price is still definitely worth it and is a very good investment for anyone who loves music production. I will say however the one downside of this is the steep learning curve. The idea of getting any piece of software is to learn the tools provided and to use it as productive as you can. I love this app’s ability to integrate professional tools with a clean and easy DAW experience. I never felt like going out of my way to make time to learn FL studio was too challenging. Everything from the ground up feels well-developed and worth learning. I love GarageBand and how many features they pack in a free app, and FL studio proves that there are still way more features to be utilized. If you love making music and want to take your EDM music to the next level of professionalism, getting this app is a no-brainer..Version: 3.5.1

Good app, small issue in the samplerOverall, I think this is the best DAW you can get while still keeping it cheap. Still easy to pick up if you’re new to electronic music production too. The synth tools and effects have very simple tools and more complex as you learn sound design. However, the sampler, when you add your own sampler, it gets faster when you pitch it up and slower as you pitch it down, this isn’t a problem if you only need to play a few, close notes. But anything more and it starts to become an issue, and your note progression just doesn’t sound right. I rarely, if ever, use my own samples despite the fact I have some ideas i’ve been really wanting to use with them..Version: 3.2.05

Easy transition from PCBeen using FL Studio for over 10 years, mostly for hip hop with heavy sampling, was really hesitant about paying for the iPad app. (PROS) Everything is pretty familiar, lets you customize literally every instrument just like on PC. Even lets you sample directly from your iPad into a live project, let’s you cut and edit it just the way you want. Pre loaded drum kits are pretty good, big selection, synthesizers are basic, nothing special but sound really good as far as clarity. Mixing and mastering is super intuitive, I was surprised how easy it was considering I’m used to only using mouse and keyboard with physical drum pads. Tried a bunch other apps with better reviews only to find out you’re not really making your own music, everything was pre chopped pre mixed pre mastered and let’s you hit some drum pads with pre recorded samples meaning there’s gonna be thousand different beats with the exact same drums and loops. There was other apps more like FL that are similar but if you been using FL for years I highly recommend this. (CONS) Cant think of any of top of my head..Version: 3.2.19

Hmm.FL Studio Mobile.. Interesting 'Buy.'.Version: 2.2

Pitch makes the whole audio screw upSo i noticed that when I change the pitch, when I want to go to a specific part of the song it’s either delayed or it’s playing something that’s further up ahead. It basically just screws with the timeline of the song. The only way I can make sure the notes are correct where I place them, I have to restart the whole song and play it from there. Hopefully this is read and addressed, also I’m new to this so I don’t know if this is implemented already but I want to change the length of a sample, without changing the pitch. Just stretching it. Maybe a lock option so I can stretch without adding more to the sample or less vise versa. The lock option would be very helpful and would be a great feature. Again, I’m new and couldn’t find it so I don’t know if it’s already there, thanks for reading! Love the app..Version: 3.2.05

Good JobKeep the updates coming loving the individual track effects. Would love a panning recorder in there to. Other wise good so far. Still has lag for vocals 3mins plus. 4/5.Version: 2.4

Brilliant 5/5This really is a great DAW. It’s geared up for creativity. It’s a joy to use with its clean design and intuitive interface - and as I delve deeper into the individual instruments the sound possibilities seem endless! 🙌👏👏👏.Version: 3.5.11

Great app but limited!!!I bought the app about a half year ago and loved it, but immediately found it very limited, with the thing keeping on verifying my account ImageLine account for the special instruments. Compared to other iOS apps such as GarageBand and launchpad and such, it is great, but compared to Ableton live or fl studio in computer, I find it limited. Great for beginners or those wanting to learn a daw. Thanks and keep up the good work..Version: 3.1.73

Very good appThis app is very enjoyable and easy to work (once you grasp the basics) if you have fruit loops on your desktop you'll find this very easy to work with. Only giving it a four stars because of the price other than that it's a very impressive app and give all other music making apps a run for their money..Version: 1.0

Great appI love this app and I use it heaps but idk how to make more then one songs and I can't get the only instrument packs I want for some reason but otherwise it's a great app and I recommend it.Version: 2.4.2

This app is NOT garbage!My god these reviews are pretty ruthless. I didn't think there was or is a thing wrong with this app. I love it. I learned it on my own and it's a great tool for the beginner producer. That being said there are two complaints I have. The most frustrating is one that involves no sound coming from my instruments when I add them to my drum sequencer. I will get audio from the first two slots i.e. my kicks, and then nothing else after. If I load a Nother track the audio comes back but when I go back to the track I’m editing this problem persists. The second complaint I have is one during live recordings, when I am switching back-and-forth between wave types and when I am switching oscillation times. If I switch to 1/4 from 1/2 it will live record it as 3/8 or 3/4 if I’m going a full beat . I don’t know how to fix this even after the recording is finished. If anyone has any tips on whether or not I’m just dumb or how to actually fix this let me know.Version: 3.4.8

Absolutely Excellent!A must buy for any music enthusiast/producer. Worth of at least $100 for desktop program for only $25. Well done imageline!.Version: 2.3

Good software to use but...I liked the software for FL Studio Mobile version. However, I paid $14 just to learn that I have to buy more sounds! I just paid 14 fricking dollars! And this is what I get in return? Although this was a problem, I also felt that the software was very simple to use, but very large similar to GarageBand. The starter tutorial was very nice to see, as it helped me learn all the components of the software. The loops were almost the same as GarageBand but they were easier to manage, and FL Studio is definitely more precise than it. Overall, this is a good software, but be sure to be willing to pay for it! :).Version: 3.1.83

Very good appWhen I saw this app, I was rather sceptical as to whether it would be any good or not, but I am now glad I have downloaded it. It is pretty simple to use yet powerful enough to make an alright sounding track (of course it will never be comparable to the desktop version.) I have had a lot of fun playing with this app, although my only true issue is the piano roll. As many people have said, it’s kind of clunky and tedious to use, but with some patience you can get it to work as you would like it to. I would recommend this app to anyone new to music production, or someone who would like to put down their ideas on the go..Version: 3.2.83

GreatI Love this app !! But can you make it like the Pc version so it will be more easier to use?.Version: 2.2

Fix the stabilityYou guys should really fix the stability because I hear a lot of popping when I play my beats and I don’t like it.Version: 3.4.9

Great DAW, needs .sf2 supportOne of the best mobile DAWs out there, and its probably the only one powerful enough to make actually well-produced music. The app itself is very user friendly, but powerful at the same time, something a lot of mobile DAWs have trouble balancing (GarageBand was always hard to navigate to me for some reason). The sample library is very large and the ability to add new ones is fantastic. The only gripes I have with the app in its current form are pretty minor: - Earlier versions are unstable and crash often, although they has been mostly fixed now. - Midis sometimes have trouble loading, although not as common as you’d think. - Sometimes the app is very laggy. Aside from that, this app is really, really good. The only other thing I want is support for .sf2 files. Most of the music I make uses Soundfonts in some capacity, and other mobile daws like Audio Revolution now support them. If that were possible, I would appreciate it being in FL Mobile, especially since .sf2s are used very frequently on the PC version. Thank you!.Version: 3.4.5

Exactly what is so bad about it?I say, this app is worth every buck. I find it extremely useful, especially since I’m “on the run” a lot. I really don’t have hours upon hours of available time that could be spent on a much better suited program on my laptop or computer. Some people say that this app is confusing as heck, and in the beginning I have to agree with that. For me, that’s just how any app shifting from PC to mobile may seem. For some people it could be a downgrade because a smartphone will never compare to a gigantic CPU, but this app really isn’t all that bad, and for only $15 , I believe? Moral of the story, if you like anything mobile and you want to start making some beats, this app is perfect. If PC is more your thing, just use it on PC!.Version: 3.2.23

Excellent and getting betterThis app is not a copy of Music Studio as someone claims below. It's being developed by the same team. Music studio doesn't have... * Stepsequencer (awesome!) * Drum pads * Ability to load your own instruments (coming in the 1.1 update). Image-Line said this is just the beginning. Excellent app for making music on the do quickly. Definitely worth the money and you will also be getting plenty of free updates and goodies according to Image-Line. I wish people would check the FL Studio Mobile forums before posting :(.Version: 1.0

EtdtbhBvuyinb dt.Version: 3.1.69

Getting ThereI have used the desktop version of FL Studio for over a decade. It has a mad scientist vibe that has always inspired creativity. I was disappointed with the original IOS mobile update and promptly deleted it from my devices. This last update has changed my mind by finally adding some of the features found in the desktop version to make this a quality music app in the year 2017. I have actually started to enjoy using the IOS mobile app because the sound sculpting tools included are beginning to model what can be done on the desktop version. I hope the developers continue to improve this app as it has the potential to be one of the best on IOS. Sound is great but still missing too many features (e.g., IAA) to receive five stars..Version: 3.1.50

This will help you learn to produce.I first bought this app when my laptop broke because I didn’t want to stop producing and lose my groove at it so to speak, I wasn't optimistic at first but after delving into the software because it lacked a large amount of samples for the 15$ purchase although I realized that there was essentially all the tools you need to make a quality song... if you know how. Using this limited version of fl helps you get back to the basics of the music and really helps you get creative with your patterns and effects. I would say this is an excellent practice tool that people should try..Version: 3.1.941

The best music app in the App Store by far!A long time ago, I used a program called Fruity Loops to make music. It was the best program I had ever used and I longed to find a replacement. Fruity Loops has now become FL Studio and is now available in the App Store. The functionality is incredible, the user interface is intuitive and seamless and it is just overall incredible. For anyone who wants to make music on an iPad, I strongly recommend this. Worth every cent!.Version: 2.4.2

Latest version is amazingJust tried this for the first time in a couple of years and it’s amazing. So simple to sketch an idea out when away from the computer..Version: 3.1.934

One HUGE IssueAfter fiddling around with the app for a while, I had a nice little track ready to upload to soundcloud. Unfortunately, when I press the 'connect to Facebook' button, the app directs me to safari and brings me back to the sign in screen without ever signing me in. I can't upload using this app in its current state because the Facebook connect feature is faulty. PLEASE FIX!!!!! The app is very easy to use and I found that I was able to create things with ease. There is always room for improvement but it is a good app. Also, $20 is kinda steep but I'd gladly support the FL Studio software..Version: 2.0

Good game but one problemThis is a really good game it has lots of synths and instruments to choose from but I have one problem my songs keep deleting themselves for no reason it’s done this 3 times I’ve saved them but they keep deleting can you please fix this?.Version: 3.2.23

Best composition app I’ve ever seenThe only flaw I would say that this version has is when the play button is under the FL icon at the top left, the play button has priority control opposed to the FL icon that lets you see previous projects. When I went to tap on the FL icon to see previous projects, the play button was hiding right behind it and instead of taking me to my previous projects it would play the current composition. Nothing to big I just moved the time marker to the first bar and was easily on my way! Thank you for the app image line!!!.Version: 3.1.941

This is itI have most of the top music apps on my ipad2 and have a couple of top line DAW's for my PC to fall back on but this app from Image Line is really the one that i keep coming back to. i love the way the learning curve was so easy and i love the way everything seems to fall into place naturally, it really opens up the intuitive juices to lay down tracks and ideas so quickly, and the range of sounds is wonderful,...things on my wish list for this app has to be a stand alone mixer and i hope the developers can squeeze one in soon. This really is the best app for me and i urge all music makers to move forward and give this app a huge hug, it really is the best you can get your hands on......5 stars.Version: 1.4.1

BEST. APP. EVER!!!!!!!!!!I personally have never tried the desktop version of fl studio, but for me, this is the right app. You can manipulate all aspects of EVERYTHING and it makes the app so AMAZING! If you find the right tutorials, you can make solid beats with this app. And if you go into the files app, you can put custom sounds in the "my files" folder, making this app even better!!!! The only complaint I have is that if I disconnect and reconnect my airpods to my phone, the hi hats sound muffled and sometimes the music doesn't even play. Other than that small complaint, this app is AMAZING!!!!!!!.Version: 3.2.61

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