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FL Studio Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments

FL Studio Mobile app received 93 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about fl studio mobile?

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App is glitched.I downloaded it because i wanted to make a song and my friend who has been using it to make music for over a few months now has had no problems but when I downloaded it everything I go to click is to the right so if I try to click on something where it says I’m clicking is to the right so I have to click to the left. It makes it impossible to navigate and I can’t even start a new song. And it’s not my phone cause everything else is perfectly normal it’s just this 1 app. If there could be some way to fix the calibration that would be great I tried closing it and even deleting and re-downloading it a nothing works. If there is a way to recalibrate the touch or if that could be added that would be fantastic others wise I want my money back..Version: 3.5.0

Very badThere are WAY too many glitches and bugs in this app most of them being problems with audio not playing, AUDIO NOT PLAYING. Also, this app is like a maze. It’s very hard to get around and can be really tricky to get used to. It’s also very expensive for what it can do and in my opinion isn’t worth buying. I can’t understand why the developers didn’t just allow the “actually good” Fl studio to be on mobile instead of this Fl stupidio joke. Also, judging by what I’ve seen, the developers of this app haven’t even looked at all the reviews from this Fl studio imposter. I expected a lot more than this..Version: 3.2.79

No sound?I bought this yesterday and it worked fine, I was very pleased. Now today, no sound... What gives? This not good enough. Before the program gets to the App Store it should work properly. Very very very VERY annoyed. Fix this!.Version: 2.3

GarageBand is better!!!Did you guys even tested this app?! It’s way too complicated and it doesn’t have the benefits that GarageBand has. It’s a shame that I can’t use GarageBand at the moment because apparently it won’t be available until it reaches a certain software update which I still have yet to get!!! GOD DO I HATE APPLE FOR THAT!!! Now I just wasted twenty dollars just so I can afford this awful app and I can’t get my money back! Thanks a lot, thieves!!!.Version: 3.2.61

Bugs and laggingI’ve been a long time user of FL Studio Mobile, this just started happening recently but when I open the audio clip to upload it into the channel the app freezes. I’ve closed the app and tried again multiple times and it still doesn’t work. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still freezes when I try to upload an audio clip into the channel. Another problem comes when I save an audio file into the samples folder, some of the audio files are not showing up in the samples folder. Developers could do a better job by trying to make it possible to copy and paste an audio files directly into the channel without having to save it in the samples folder. I’ve done it with other apps, I’m sure it could be possible with FL Mobile too. Ironic that the app recently updated to fix bugs and that’s the very issue we are struggling with. Until this issue is fixed I’m not going to be satisfied with this app..Version: 3.3.2

Not working on iOS 11.2 updateI did the update today and the program constantly freezes and crashes. Deleted all my songs too. Tried reinstalling but no luck. Really disappointed..Version: 3.1.83

Core midiCore midi is actually terrible on this app. You will find yourself wanting to throw something really badly. A few shaky interface problems also. Not as happy as I felt I would although hopefully they will fix the freezing up on the core midi. This Is a main reason I purchased the app..Version: 1.0

AlrightThe app is very good and I have made a living off the app. I love the way you can import samples and you can share the actual stems of a beat to another device for free. The one thing I really want in the app is a pitcher. I would like to change the pitch of a audio clip without speeding up the sample or slowing it down. Please do keep the slowing down and speeding up stuff but I would like a pitcher to go with it too. Thank you..Version: 3.1.73

Sort out shopGood studio to make your own music but need to sort out the shop, every time i want to buy more vocal fx it says my internet is to slow or download the latest version. My internet speed is more then fast and i do have the latest version so please sort it out cos i do want to buy more.Version: 2.4.2

Not workingIt keeps crashing, I can’t even open the app now.Version: 3.1.937

In app purchases reset?!?!I have had in app purchases since I got the program went to use it after a couple of months of no use and all my purchases are no longer there.. it’s telling me I have to pay for them again?.Version: 3.2.56

Doesn’t workAfter purchasing the app I quickly realized that it is very bad. It is always very laggy and crashes often. It doesn’t let me do anything. I can’t create anything. I am very disappointed and I would like to have a refund. i don’t want this app anymore i want a refund please..Version: 3.1.89

Audio clippingThis app takes time to learn but there's an audio error with a lot of the different sounds and instruments. Some sounds cut out in a matter of seconds and some drag out for long periods of time I don't know if there's a bug or a failed to port over but it needs to be fixed.Version: 3.1.32

Hate this versionApologies if any developers of the app read this but I'm finding this new version awful to use! I loved the old version, was so easy to use and enjoyable which is the complete opposite to this version. I'm sure you've added new features in version 3 but you've also taken away what made version 2 so good. Feel like I've wasted £10 on this and I'm now looking at other studio apps more user friendly..Version: 3.1.13

Touch tap problemeI cant tap anything look like the app is not compatible with my iphone 8plus... did reload it and still... the touch control are in the wrong place.Version: 3.5.0

Another ToyIf you put all the ipad music apps together you could get a decent workstation. Don't know if I'll use this one. Apple should make all contributors write apps in an evaluation form so you can see if it's useful. As it stands buying an app is a gamble. And on this one I think I lost..Version: 1.0

Crashes when using AudiobusIPhone XS Max 1. I can’t get anything going with audiobus/IAA Synthesizers. No sound from the other apps. I tried Model 15, Reason compact, Elastic drums - FL Studio just crashes. 2. I resent having to use the forum inside the app for support because I need to type in my username and password every time there is an update and the thread UI is awful. Why can’t app support be here? 3. Audible clicks/latency even when using the stock synths. If these 3 issues were resolved I would happily give a five star review..Version: 3.2.2

FrustratedHi, I bought FL studio to make some music, and i did make some epic music. I bought GMSynth and used that. But now for some reason it says ‘GmSynth will only save after you have purchased. It is so frustrating!.Version: 3.2.42

Refund pleaseRefund please, the app would have been good if itdidn’t glitch. I have a new iphone and updates so i dont know why this isn’t working. Most of the time the headphone sound just drops out for no reason, and a lot of the time I’ll find what i like with the presets and then the app won’t record anything when i press record. It says it saves presets but when i open my project its back to what it was before, i keep having to change the autotune key every time i open my project.Disappointed because i do like the layout and seems really easy to use but it keeps screwing up..Version: 3.5.4

ScamI was charged without my permission a month after I get this.Version: 3.2.85

Its ok but ...I thought it was very good because lot of music producers used it so i bought it but i didn't know you had to pay for so many things. I tried to make a beat but if i tried to use a instrument it would say u have to pay ... for this thing.Version: 3.2.42

Good, could be betterFl studio HD has some great sounds and it's fairly easy to arrange your song once you get the hang of it. Unfortunately in the step sequencer there are no smart tap and drag or adjust options, instead FL requires you to tap on the tool you want before you edit any of your notes. So if you want to move five notes to different places you have to select each note then hit the move tool, then move the note instead of a simple tap and drag. This is also the same for scrolling and zooming out. The makers of this program have deemed scrubbing more important than navigating. A simple tap and pinch to zoom or slide to scroll on the bar count would have made this program much more user friendly..Version: 2.1

Don't like itThis is now the worse most hard to use app on my iPad and iPhone would never have bought it if I knew it would morph into what it is now. Was so much better before. Thinking of deleting it and saving space on my devices would have done straight away had I not payed for it. I have many music production apps and they are so much better..Version: 3.1.13

Please Make iPhone Notch ImprovementsThe devs just made the screen bigger with adjusting for the notch in anyway so you have to keep rotating your phone 180 degrees to get to the UI elements hiding under the notch. Otherwise it seems pretty good I just can’t stand how the notch hides things on my iPhone. On my iPad it looks perfectly fine and is of course more user friendly due to the larger screen but it would almost make more sense to shorten the width of the UI and place a stereo sound level indicator on the top and bottom or something. Similar to the sound level indicator they have on the desktop app. Please do something to fix this. UPDATE: After playing around I am getting used to the notch hiding the on screen buttons and using it with my iPad I am extremely impressed so I was a bit harsh above. I still think using the top and bottom sides of the notch for UV Level indicators would be really cool. Just seems cheap the way the devs increased the size of the app but didn’t consider the notch. They also didn’t even consider the rounded corners because the icons get cut off there too. Either way if you are getting this for an iPad it is very very powerfu and I am having more fun using Fl Mobile compared to using FL Studio on. Y desktop. If you have an Apple Pencil it is feels tangible and more similar to using an analog device with real faders. When using a mouse you really loose that touch but here they retain that hands on feeling. I think they should enable haptic when rotating the knobs or moving the faders to add another layer of interaction. I am playing with this and my OP-1 together and they are a nice little pair. The lack of an arpeggiator from what I can tell sucks but I have been trying to find another app that can send midi signals to FL for that feature. It’s played well with a few apps with Midi such as DRC and I can even play the DRC synth and the FL Synth at the same time to add sound layers. Really fun I am sure my concerns will be addressed in the future. I am looking forwarding to using this on a newer iPad Pro soon so I hope they have updated the app for those newer screen sizes by that time..Version: 3.2.04

Not impressed..There’s anyway to get my money back...?.Version: 3.1.82

CrashJust bought the app and I can’t get in it keeps crashing.Version: 3.2.83

Great Production App, Absurd BugsThere are, although some, very big bugs that are ridiculously bad, one is where I am just producing, was just playing the song to see how it sounds, and it sounded very good, then out of nowhere, the volume and all effects are so loud (and no, it's not user error, I know how to use this app no problem and very well), that it sounded like my headphones were screaming, it sounded super glitchy as well, there was no way to make it stop as well, the entire app wouldn't respond. Checked to see if it was my headphones, and it wasn't after testing. Edit: Went to the song to continue making it, the app had a demo song open instead so I just lost hours of work, fantastic, I'm keeping my review the same though even though it's tempting because I'm very pleased with this app when it works right, but when it doesn't, it's very bad..Version: 3.5.1

Update issueI have fl studio installed. But when I search i cannot find it on the store to be able to update it for ghost notes. In my purchased apps I can find the app but shows no available update. On google I get the link for App Store but when clicking the link I get notification on screen “app currently unavailable in you country or region” please help!!!.Version: 3.4.5

Great appThis app looks and feels amazing, as a long time fl studio user im STOKED to see that this has come about, to the guy with the issue with difficulty with the technicalities of the app; this is for people with at least a basic knowledge of how a DAW works, in particular fl studio. Its not supposed to be easy right off the bat, its a proper technical app with real life practicality, im so stoked that you guys at image line have made this happen, MASSIVE props!.Version: 1.4.1

Really DisappointedI am completely blind and loads of my sighted friends have been telling me about this software and how much they have enjoyed it so I decided to download it and give it a try. This app is so unusable for me as a blind person and it makes me sad that my lack of site has prevented me from using something that other people have found really useful and enjoyable..Version: 3.5.4

Good, but has been better.I enjoy making songs and such, but now I can't export them because AudioCopy only supports 16-bit audio. I have previously exported tracks to AudioCopy but now when I try to it just reads "AudioCopy only supports 16-bit audio" and I have to restart FL. Please fix this!!!.Version: 3.1.21

Used to be greatVersion 2 had an incredible amount of precision. Whilst subsequent updates have added many features the user interface has been scaled back in direct proportion. As features increase, control decreases. The latest patch allows you to place multiple samples on a single audio track, which might be useful to some but comes with the removal of the option to select a single sample for the entire audio track. So if you have 3 minute track with a hi-hat audio track and think maybe a different sample might be better you have to go through the entire track and change each sample one by one manually! No more can you creat a four beat drum loop and trial different samples, now you have to delete and replace each sample by hand each time. This change enormously reduces the usefulness of the app and is enough to put me if using it altogether. They had a great app and ruined it..Version: 3.2.05

Not very goodNot a professional DAW compared to Auria or even NanoStudio. Also, the plugin names are deceptive as they have nothing in common with the desktop plugins with same names..Version: 3.1.3

Needs a lot of work for 20 dollar appLooked better in FL 2, this thing sadly a lot seems not to work. I had high hopes for this after buying just now. No midi copy paste or import. Damn thing doesnt even support open in. Also audiocopy and audioshare are not supported. The interface is not usable at all with windows that cannot be closed. Pro midi i paid 3 dollars and does more for a 2015 app than this sad stuff.Version: 3.1.36

Not good enoughIf you're looking for a good music composer just use the trial version on windows/mac. It's a lot easier and I personally recommend it x30 more than this..Version: 3.6.6

Not amazing...yet.It's decent, I suppose, for sketching ideas down quickly. Especially if you only use synths and stuff. But if you're a sample based producer it ain't all that. It's got promise, so I'm hoping Image Line are gonna be expanding on this to bring a bit more functionality. Also, having only one effects track is just mental..Version: 1.4.1

Why no audiobus ?I found this app easy to use, everything fairly intuative, it does however sometimes close itself down on my ipad4, i will have to buy another Daw app though as this does not have audiobus which i consider a serious omission..Version: 2.0

Good, but could be far better than it actually isId lean more toward one star because I’m unable to finish a track with it, but it’s got good aspects to it. Good to get ideas out, but finishing a track is a migraine waiting to happen. I am a dubstep producer and am disappointed gms has no phase reset/lfo reset. Can’t get lfos to fall into place. You can make great sounds with it, but I can’t do what I want with them. Fl mobile has a good concept but it needs more. It’s 2020, computers are dinosaurs. If I was capable of being your competitor and had knowledge in app creation, I’d do it and go way over your heads. Get with the program. Laptops are the past. Phones are the present. 1. Allow third parties to incorporate plugins to your daw. 2. Have more plugins like serum, sytrus or massive or at least improve upon the ones already there. Stop making me feel like I am using a stripped down skeleton of fl studio. You can do it. Caustic did it. 3. Still sidechaining using volume automation, you need to integrate that into a compressor. 4. Put in a multiband compressor. 5. Think beyond what you have accomplished, it’s pathetic how it’s been around for this long and there is barely anything to it. If we need to pay for add ons, so be it. Makes us happier, more money in your pockets..Version: 3.2.85

Very limited and not getting any better with updates.It's worth knowing that you can't build your own sounds in this app. They need to be made in Fruity Loops on the desktop, then exported over. Personally I think this is short sighted, mean, and greedy. If this is how they are going to develop this app then it's not going to get any better for non PC FL owners. That said, it works OK (no crashes for me on iPad 1), and if you're a PC Fruity Loops user, then this is maybe for you. However, having lived with this app for a while now, core issues are not being addressed so I wouldn't recommend it..Version: 1.1

DisappointingI dont want to be another person that complains and wants something for nothing, but, when I compare this against other apps around the same price for example Beatmaker2, this is really disappointing. I have been using Fruity Loops or FL Studio since 1998. One of the defining aspects of FL Studio is the incredible ease of use and the ability to get a great sound real quick. In my judgment this is App is a very very 'lite' version of what the full desktop application has provided for years. I find the FX setup whilst promising, it is very limited in that effectively you are limited to 1 effects send across all of your instruments. The instrument pool that Imageline has provided is lame, and has no editing capacity/ sound manipulation beyond ADSR, Volume and Panning. The pros: step sequencing and recording piano roll instruments and looping is easy. Where I think this app is really let down is the poor FX bus, zero instrument editing, and a dull mix of bundled instruments. In short an elementary app. For the same money, try Beatmaker2, an incredible app. Or for a $5 the mighty Xenon Groove Synthesiser!!.Version: 1.2


By far the worst music making app I’ve ever downloadedSeriously, even dragging and copying midi is a chore. Say I wanted to drag some midi from a drum track to match it with the bass...can’t do that. Say I wanted to change my synth sound after setting it, oops that’s also too much to ask. How about preserving white space? No? Okay. But maybe just maybe when I copy and paste, the pasted loop could actually go to the start of the bar right? Wrong. Everything is behind hard to find menus and I mean seriously I don’t ever write reviews but this thing needs these little features. Literally iMPC gives you better control seeing as somehow it’s piano roll is so much better than this one. I’ve never dealt with a worse piano roll in my life and I’ve used reason/Cubase, this is worse. Oh also moving a selection of notes is also apparently impossible..Version: 3.2.15

Waste of moneySuch a waste of money in its way to complicated to understand and so hard to put your music pieces in the right place.Version: 3.2.42

If they could just sort that piano roll...Having used FL Studio for a number of years, I was excited by the prospect of a ipad version. I'm often getting little tunes and ideas pop into my head and I thought this would be great for starting on a track when I can't get onto the desktop version. After a little while, I realised this wouldn't be the case. My biggest woe is with the piano roll. It's needlessly complicated. Rather than the intuitive touch interface you'd expect and pasting notes where you touch, you get a much slower "paste and move" thing going on. You have to press a button to draw a note on the piano roll, then move the note where you want, then draw another one, move it etc. If there is another way of doing this, then I'm happy to be corrected, but at the moment I find it a bit long winded. I think this has the potential to be great, but I use the desktop version as its simpler and more intuitive than other DAWs I've used, but this ipad version isn't..Version: 2.1

Hopefully be improvedReally poor update ATM. The thing that made the original good was how intuitive it was. Hopefully in time it will get better, but this was a complete rewrite that i don't think needed. Still lots of things missing and not enough tutorials about yet to get around how different it is. This is a bit more like the PC version. Hopefully they will continue to build on that. 3 stars, but a whole lot of potential for 5 stars when they add more stuff and sort a few of the bugs. Btw it's crashed a few times losing my unsaved stuff which is annoying if you don't want to be saving every 5 minutes 😡.Version: 3.0

Why is mobile so complicated?You would think Fl mobile would be a condensed user friendly version of Fl , it’s not! It’s just another version of Fl studio or a mini vst. Y’all get 3 stars because I’ve recorded a full project in the app with the intention of transferring to pc for editing. Doesn’t work. I’ve tried saving and opening the flv file (mobile save, open on pc). Doesn’t work. I would track the project out in mobile but god that’s a lot of work. Maybe you guys can create a track out button for the future? Also why can’t I cut my recordings, like separate the sample/ recording at a specific point? Maybe y’all could let us control trim from the front and back end of the recording/ sample. That would definitely help me. I’m ready to this project full of 🔥. Please 🙏🏾help.Version: 3.2.20

Y U NO MAKE 4 Mac?Hi, I once used fl before and I really enjoy using it to make dubstep. The only problem is I don't understand why you don't make the software for MacBook Pro. This is very confusing and I hope you can fix this..Version: 2.1

Nice but..All almost good but one of big disadvantage I found in MIDI implementation. Cannot setting midi in channels for control included instruments and I not find MIDI master clock synchronisation in/out and no transport control. Midi out also is no good. Poor setting section. Why??? these functionality is the most important in DAW software. Is any chance in the future that it’s will be available??.Version: 3.4.9

HorriblePlease release an update, taking us back to FL Studio Mobile 2. This new layout & navigation is BOGUS!.Version: 3.1.21

Poor app if you want to make songsIf you want to make “beats” or sample someone else’s work then this app might be for you but if you actually want to make your own music then I’d recommend Music Studio by Xeton. It has a lot more instruments to choose from (strings, brass, woodwind, percussion, electronic, guitars and so on). It’s like having the wrecking crew at your finger tips. It’s also a lot easier to use and I had a great understanding of the app in no time. Oh, and Music Studio is also cheaper. I believe FL Studio is more suited to people who want to make electronic music. The choice of non electronic instruments is shocking..Version: 3.1.941

I just can’t.This is just not user friendly NOBODY CAN USE IT 😭.Version: 3.4.9

OK but FX assignment needs improving & expandingIt's not bad, the touch implementation is good, but what I find frustrating is the lack of effects assignability. There is only one effects bus or you can apply and effect to all tracks. The problem is you can't set the FX level per track if you do this. The other issue which is more of a problem is that you can only assign on FX type to the single bus, so you can't, for instance, have reverb on the drums, delay on the lead and then use the filter on the pad. It really needs to have at least 2, preferably more busses and for you to be able to set the level of FX per track. Do that and it would improve the whole package enormously.Version: 2.1

So NOT user friendly for beginnersThis is my biggest buyers remorse ever in the App Store! It is NOT user friendly for beginners and I have even followed along in YouTube videos. Be sure you have a really good understanding of music theory prior to throwing away $20..Version: 3.5.4

BuggedI’ve spent a lot of time making beats for fun but now when I open fl it’s completely unresponsive. I’ve deleted and lost everything and re-downloaded still nothing..Version: 3.5.0

Just overly complicatedI bought this a while back and it was really good because i was able to create music and cool beats nice and simply with its old layout. But now it is just too complicated and i dont even know where to start when i wanna create new beats which is so frustrating. Please update the app and return it to its original form and i think it will be appreciated by many other users..Version: 3.1.50

Big let downI was hoping by now the limitations of this app would be remedied but apparently not. If you've tried GarageBand Mobile you'll sorely miss the arpeggiator, scales and natural instruments. The interface is also very clunky in comparison and isn't especially intuitive for touch. The piano roll editor is difficult to use and requires the use of too many buttons where gestures or more intelligent design should have been employed. The synth collection is nice but completely sample based and so the desktop integration, while convenient, is therefore limited. I think Imageline needs to go back to the drawing board if they intend to justify the high price tag. As for the latest update the new sound packs offer a much wider array of sounds but the trade off for me seems to be a glitch that has disabled saving and tells me that I have pirated the software despite my registration and receipt..Version: 1.4

My reviewThis is a scam I’m just a little kid tryna make a name for myself and I spent 20 dollars of my hard earned money just to realize that most of the sound packs cost money this ain’t cool I literally paid for the app it should give me the full version.Version: 3.2.85

New update too difficultI'm disappointed with the new update fl studio has had recently, it is too hard to make a simple drumbeat and I can't even find where the Kim's and claps are..Version: 3.1.62

/:Since the new update came out yesterday the buttons on my screen have not been working properly. I touch play, it presses the button to the left. I press on settings it presses something else. Atm currently unusable. I thought it was my phone at first but by using an older version of the app I could press all the buttons fine. Pls fix!.Version: 3.5.0

Need to update ASAP - crashes every time music importedNeed to fix import function. Pre update worked great -now completely useless.Version: 2.2

CrashIt was great, but currently unusable since the recent update as it crashes upon opening..Version: 3.1.937

Major bugs.Whenever I go to playback the tracks I've made with a minisynth pad. It freezes, no sound comes and it is virtually unusable... Please fix this soon. I'm on IPod 4.Version: 2.3

Important message reviewHi my name is Brandon also known as Knowlegin I'm a hip hop songwriter/prod My reason for this review is to get in contact with you your app opened a door for me in a broke tight financial situation for years I've been trying to find a way to record my music i did research on iOS devices androids and tablets finally I found a way your original fl studio mobile app changed my life I found a way to record music I saved and saved and paid for a iPod touch 6 gen just to get your fl studio app because of its quality. Built a career making music off of it gained fans over 12,000 and you guys did an update that destroyed it all please I need not want need that original fl studio mobile app without it I will lose what I have gained please contact me help me my dream of becoming great are at its lowest now I've tried your website I can't contact you this is all that's left please reply back.Version: 3.0

NO TIME STRETCHING = BADPleas include time stretching cus it would be usfull eg an out of bar or out of beat audio (1 out 5 audio tracks doesnt fit in with the rest of the audio tracks (timeing) eg rest are 4 bars while 5th is 5 bars u could time stretch it down to 4 bars so it fits with the other tracks).Version: 2.4.2

Don’t get this appDoesn’t work no sound for certain instruments not easy to use and laggy over priced..Version: 3.1.893

AnnoyingKeeps pressing random stuff by itself.Version: 3.5.0

It's not what I expectedThe app had a lot of hype and was well taken from most in the general production community but it as its downfalls. In some ways I have no one to blame but my self for misinterpreting what this app can really do. Image Line promotes it as something that you can get ideas out on but by no means is this a full fledged mobile daw. It has all the same functionality as regular fl but In a watered down fashion. Almost like comparing color richness to that of acrylic and watercolor. I am a sample artist and one of the biggest issues I had was that the drum pads did not have a trigger or choke function. This meant I had to hold ever pad to cue a sample and let it go right I hit another. Needless to say this completely changed my workflow and took seem naturalness away from using the app. This is just one thing I found to be a bit annoying and reason enough to pass for anyone who uses samples. All and all it's not a bad app if you can get past some of its downfalls and the support is has for external hardware may trump some of these issues. All except for the playlist workflow, but for the price of this app I would pass. The best thing about it though is the ability to export to fl so if working in a flawed but well put together enviro net is worth twenty smacks to you the by all means get this app. Ask for me I will be sticking with externals like the Oregon keyboard and the mpc fly..Version: 1.4.1

Missing Basic Functions and AUv3This app wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it weren’t for the fact that this app doesn’t allow a free splitting feature that GarageBand offers, but rather a cutting feature that only works if you add multiple loops. This is ridiculous considering how often I have to fix complex patterns in audio/midi sequences. It’s more than time consuming to have to duplicate and then trim track after track. Also not to mention how you can’t properly change the pitch and tempo separately. There’re more things I can rant on about, but those primarily are the reasons why this app is so lacking from the very start you open this app. Unfortunately, despite such great tools of virtual instruments and probably one of the most helpful effects I've found in an iPad fixed DAW, the basic audio editing features are less than user-friendly. Because of this, I have to resort to neglecting most of FLSM’s potentially fantastic and integral features for GarageBand’s simple editing components. Simple yes, but undoubtedly important for a digital audio workstation. Please, I beg of you to change my opinion for this beautiful looking app..Version: 3.2.61

Good, but...I'm Gradually getting used to FLM3, however a lot of my old songs are different now, even since the latest fix. Some instruments are now on a different octave. Others have the riff written down but no sample. And when I drop the instrument back to its original octave it refuses to save the change. So next time I load it, it's back to where it was, usually one octave too high. I don't know what to do....Version: 3.1.13

Major problemsI usually rely on FL Studio for the many options I can utilize, but this app lacks proper functionality and is very unstable. First, you cannot register on the support forums because the Captcha is missing. Further, you go and try to save your work regularly yet the program failed to save it so you have to rework on what you lost. Then RANDOMLY the app will dramatically increase PITCH and TEMPO (yet the BPM is still the same) virtually destroying your work and forcing you to start over from scratch. I am about to request my money back if these are issues that cannot be fixed quickly. If Image Line can correct these issues quickly, I will change my rating, however for now it is unusable and I am not happy. Using iPad 5th Gen.Version: 3.1.893

FIX THE CRASHING RIGHT NOWI love fl and I payed $25 for it so maybe I should be able to use it WITHOUT IT CRASHING..Version: 2.3

Unfortunately DisappointingI got FL Studio for mobile hoping to be able to further my interest in music, and maybe even produce something. I got FL Studio in particular for it’s good reputation, and everyone was recommending it to me. I went into this hoping for it to be really easy to use, and to quickly make and produce music. Instead, what I found is that the system is not user-friendly in the slightest, the sounds you’re able to use are quite limited, and half of the buttons don’t properly work. This is really disappointing considering how much this was recommended to me, and how much this costed. In my opinion, it isn’t worth it..Version: 3.2.42

Gettn thereHas potential ....buggy....update needed.Version: 1.4.1

Ok, but can be tricky to use on a iphoneUpdate on the new version Terrible 1.5/5, all my old projects created in the older version either don't work or sound completely different and terrible. Don't like the layout even after a couple of hours trying to get used to it. One thing that is 2x as good is the piano roll and it works brilliantly and not as annoying as the older version DO NOT UPDATE YET, when things are ironed out it may fix all the issues but at the moment it is terrible Old review of older version I use an iPhone 6, it works ok. It's got a good few features from the full version like piano roll, step sequencer etc etc but can all be very tricky to use If I have an idea I need to be able to copy it down Asap so I don't forget but it is hard due to the complexity of doing simple tasks and takes a while to work out how to do stuff, even like drawing notes into piano roll is hard Also I have tryed this on an iPhone 4 and 5 and when playing your loops the sound seems to skip a little making it sound off beat on older devices but works sound on an iPhone 6 onwards Overall 6/10 at the moment because of its issues and doesn't feel like a full unbugged release, but is still fun to use and you can still use it to throw down a quick idea.Version: 3.1.13

GarbageThis is by far the worst update I have had on any device possible. Now I can't even re-load FL studio 2 even though I paid for it. I liked the older version than this new or version that is made for 13 year-old monkeys. I am sure you have let so many people down need I say more. Absolutely do not buy this app!!! And believe me this gets no stars but it made me give one star just post this so screw you..Version: 3.1.21

IAA does not work. At all!I bought this as some reviews say it has good sounds and is very usable. Also because they have just released a new desktop version and this version seems to be updated regularly. But it is very buggy. I have an IPad 2018, so there should not be any issues there but IAA crashes with every instrument I try to load. The keyboard misses notes all the time and the whole thing is not very intuitive. By far the best DAWs are Cubasis and NanoStudio 2. They are just worlds apart. Don’t waste your money, I wish I had not wasted mine. Having used it some more it gets worse. It has Midi import but that does not work. Even saving the track Midi then trying to reload it fails. Trying to record to Audiobus does not work. The track stops when you enable record so nothing happens. Trying to get it int Cubasis does not work, however the transport control starts Cubasis but does not play the track. Trying to onboard record and share, comes up with no device found. I am getting my money back. This is a bad toy and a joke. The developers should not be allowed to upload the software in this state..Version: 3.2.42

Not the Fruity Loops you know and loveThis app claims to be the fastest way from your brain to your ears.. More like the fastest way to get frustrated and start a migraine. You can't design your own sounds.. Okay, this is a limitation I could live with if the sounds weren't completely over produced with tonnes of delay and generally uninspired. But what I can't live with is the utterly idiotic piano roll. What makes FL Studio so great on the pc is the fantastically simple and intuitive piano roll. This has been reworked for the mobile version and is absolutely awful. A UX nightmare. For me this is a showstopper and renders this app useless and a waste of money. Bummer, because I've used FL Studio on the pc for many years and love it and was looking forward to an ipad version. Do yourself a favour and don't waste your money on this lemon..Version: 2.4.2

Turn for the worseI really appreciate this update. The improved performance makes it feel smoother and it crashes less. However after this update all as in ALL my songs that have an Amplifier and a Filter (a lot of my songs) started to sound distorted. The bass and drums had changed drastically and it doesn't really sound nice. I have tried fixing the reverb, feedback echo and even the equalizer but it still sounds distorted. This was a problem inside the update because all of my songs sounded normal before I updated. Please Image line fix this, this is my primary software for composing music (I will transfer to fl 10 later this year) and I already have about 13 different types of songs composed. I would want to keep using this app so please.. Fix this! D: UPDATE: New update yet still no fix for this, all my songs are still distorted and muffled, very disappointed imageline..Version: 2.3

It won't work with audiobusDon't ask questions on the support forums; they don't like it. "Hope" will be resolved soon. Update: How? Let me ask on the forum how to contact them so I can be redirected to the forum. I have a problem, can you help me? -no How can I solve it? -next update Do you have any idea when...? -no, next update. We don't give dates, it serves no purpose. When found the contact form... Please don't email us again-use the forums. Booooiiiiiiinnnggg....!!!.Version: 3.1.50

A little disappointed but looks promisingI just bought this app for my birthday and I’m very excited but I’ve run into a few bugs that have stopped me from using it. I can’t figure out how to get a hold of support or how to create an image line account either so I came here. The main problem is I can’t select the instruments icon even if I flip the screen. My touch screen works perfectly fine outside the app too so idk what to do. When I randomly click it, and it works, and I put in notes, it plays random melodies that’s not what I’m clicking. When I went to buy sound packs it freezes and or spams me with messages when I click the buy icon. Besides these few things this app looks amazing. I’ve been using GarageBand and this is easier to use and looks like I can do way more. I don’t have a computer either so I can only produce music on my phone. Help would be greatly appreciated.Version: 3.2.61

Stick with garageband for iOS recording.I love FL studio on my pc, i really do, but I do most of my recording on my ipad these days since it’s basically a laptop which means i can work on music anywhere as long as i have headphones, but considering I love FL studio on my pc, particularly the effects and virtual instruments available, I thought it would be the same on iPad. It’s similar... except for the part where you pay an unusually high amount for an app only to find out you just paid for what would be included in the free trial of any other app. Only the absolute basics, and you’re expected to pay more to get any effects or instruments other than the basics. Most ad supported free music apps are better than this, and garageband blows it away. Just don’t make the same mistake i did and actually spend money on what is essentially a “free trial”.Version: 3.2.20

New Version is AwfulThe new version is impossible to work with. So confusing and editing the track records is a pain. The old version was easy to work with and natural. New version is a trash..Version: 3.1.17

CrashesSince the new update it seems to lag and the sound cuts off , then it will crash and return to the home screen . Can you please do a fix please as it's not like the app is 2-4 pound it's an expensive and shouldn't be having issues like this for that sort of money.Version: 2.2

LacklustreWhile it is an easy and fun to use program, FL mobile just doesn't cut the mustard. Very limited in every aspect of music production. Very few sounds, poor drums, and a waste of $20. FL can do much better 😢..Version: 3.1.73

Good but expected betterI bourght this thinking that it could help me make my rhythms faster but it doesnt even have piano roll. waste of $20, the computer version it much better. And i would suggest you buy that..Version: 2.0

Changed a little too muchI lovee the old FL STUDIO MOBILE. Since this new update 3 all of my music has chnaged. My 'violins' dont do anything and it sounds terrible. I spent years making music and theyre now all terrible sounding! Im coming from FL studio 2 and this update wrecked my hobby..Version: 3.0

What the hell?Most of my samples have disappeared with this update. When I go to import them again it doesn't work. They either play nothing or are a totally different sound. WTH? Edit: thank you for the reply but I am already on 3.1.59 and that was the update that caused the issue. All of my external samples became completely silenced. Either that or they become extremely distorted or high pitched. I love this program but until this is fixed I won't be able to make any music..Version: 3.1.59

Needs improvementI purchased this app on the impression that you can upload music from iTunes to remix etc. This cannot be done, even after spending a lot of time researching if it can be done, the answer thus far is no! Instead it leads you to have to purchase the pc/Mac version at a far higher price which even still may not allow you to upload music..Version: 3.2.20

Doesn't separate itself from the pack.There are currently only 3 serious daws for the iPad this, beat maker 2 and nano studio. This is a descent daw but if you have used fl studio before on the pc this might feel it a bit constraining. On an iPad 1 this app runs great definitely better then beat maker 2 (which frequently crashes) it has better sound samples out of the box then beat maker 2 (by light years ahead) but I always go back to nano studio( their sound samples are provided by loop masters). This app is not as fluid as nano mainly because it's not as intuitive and can be almost clumsy at times . I'm also not sure of the best way to get my own samples onto this app quickly nano has a program that sends it instantly I wish this had something similar. The drum step sequencer is superior to nano and beat maker 2. But editing sound samples is vastly superior in nano. I got this app the day it came out on the store and hoped that it would be improved on in many ways but it doesn't look like fl wants to upgrade it too much from the launch version. With this app You are getting a daw that is portable on an iPad I was disappointed that I have to buy it again for my phone while beatmaker 2 and nano are universal..Version: 1.4.1

Don't buy itPlease don't waste your money on this poor app. I know your thinking ohhh but it's Fruity Loops, NO!!. I thought this would be good because of the name and dev. But no it so limited and with such terrible sound quality. I'm running on the ipad2 but yet it crashes. The piano roll is a joke so pointlessly complex. You can only draw 1 note at a time and press the draw button every time to make sure it actually stays. Makes no sense. Sounds are limited. Yea you can add new ones but that requires you to plus iPad to the computer. And if your gonna do that then what's the point. Might as-well be on the computer version. You can't import sounds from synths like sunrizer's synth. You can only export. What's the point. Until this app is given a few major changing updates I'm afraid 1 star is all it deserves for the price charging. Steer clear and save your money..Version: 1.1

Great update, but there’s a couple issues.After updating to the most recent version, the Audio Clips don’t have the reverse setting anymore. I tried checking if it was moved or replaced but couldn’t find anything. All my Audio clip tracks that were reversed either don’t have sound anymore or are unreversed, which messed up a lot of my projects. My only other nitpick would be that drum sequencers still don’t allow notes to be placed on 1/8 beat marks. A setting to swap between 1/4 & 1/8 drum sequencers would be extremely useful and much appreciated. Aside from that, this update is great and I love the new UI changes that were made. Still by far the best DAW on the App Store..Version: 3.2.2

Drum sequencerCan't seem to record kick in drum sequencer?.Version: 3.1.50

WONT RECORD WITH EARPHONES INHey guys I was wondering if anyone can help me with this issue, I’m trying to record audio with the beat playing in my earphones like I’ve seen people do with this app on iPhone, it says it’s recording but is not picking up any audio unless the earphones are unplugged( which is useless to me) I know it’s not my earphones or phone because it works on GarageBand..Version: 3.2.48

Why should I report an issue with FL Studio Mobile?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of FL Studio Mobile to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a FL Studio Mobile customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using FL Studio Mobile.

Is FL Studio Mobile not working?

FL Studio Mobile works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact FL Studio Mobile.

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