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Spotify - Music and Podcasts App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Spotify - Music and Podcasts app received 114 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spotify - Music and Podcasts? Can you share your negative thoughts about spotify - music and podcasts?

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Spotify - Music and Podcasts for Negative User Reviews

Flawed, but does the jobIt’s a great app other than two things: 1) If you’re in an area of weak signal or slow wi-fi, the app takes an age to open and go to your album of choice, even when you just want to play something you’ve downloaded and saved to your phone. We’re talking several minutes, even on the latest iPhone. The only way round the problem is to switch to aeroplane mode, go to what you want to hear, them switch off plane mode to switch Bluetooth on to hear the music. I’ve been doing this hack now for years and I don’t think they’ll ever sort it. Annoying. I’ve spoken to support but just get ignored, or mid-understood (they always think I’m trying to stream music). 2) There’s a massive ‘play shuffled’ button on an album’s screen, but no normal ‘play’ button for those of us who want to hear an album with the tracks in the right order. You need to tap on a track to play it, and the next track will follow. BUT! When you do this, the play with shuffle button flips to a big pause button, but if you tap it to unpause, it goes to shuffle mode and immediately changes the track. Terrible GUI design..Version: 8.5.46

Apple music is betterThe app has so many ads and you can only shuffle your songs instead of being able to switch around songs without premium. And you only get 6 skips an hour. It’s like you’re begging for money..Version: 8.4.77

Way too many problems…1: 2 ads in a row instead of 1 2: numbers like “top 5” on artist page have either wrongly positioned songs or songs that are positioned by another number. 3: want to see more of the top songs than just “top 5” 4: add in “number of followers” as well as “monthly listeners” 5: when queuing songs a certain way, queue does not stay in that position when finished with all songs in the queue 6: blue button on notification bell is still there even when clicking on it, and shows up without having any new releases from my favourite artists. 7: bias towards popular songs, best example is with lyrics, less popular songs will have incorrect lyrics, incorrectly timed lyrics, or no lyrics at all, even completely incorrect lyrics, lyrics that are untimed, lyrics where there are no words, etc. this unsurprisingly, never happens with popular songs. Please try to fix these in the next update..Version: 8.7.92

The new Home Screen is terrible on MobileNever written a review for anything but this has prompted me. I’ve been a premium user for a few years now on the mobile app and the Home Screen was as close to perfect as I could have expected . I would use the top half of it 90% of the time and that was good enough because it would offer easy visual access to new music and recommendations. Very little scrolling was required due to the plethora of options that could be viewed at one time without scrolling. Now that everything is larger only 2 listening options are available to be viewed without scrolling. 2 options per scroll is a huge step backwards and it’s completely wasted space on the screen. I’m wasting time browsing through music I don’t care about when I was able to scroll twice in the past and find something interesting. The new format also randomly inserts music I’ve just listened to into the mix to fill space, which is frustrating and pointless. At least make the old format an option in the settings. This new format has made finding new music more difficult than ever and it’s unintuitive. By far the worst update the app has ever had. This isn’t going to bring anyone over from Apple Music or Pandora and I’m not sure who the target audience is for this. Senior citizens maybe?.Version: 8.7.68

Fix this plsSince yesterday my songs randomly stopped playing at around 10 seconds or not at all. it wouldnt let me skip songs or anything. the issue stopped happening after i stopped using the app for a bit but now it’s happened again. i tried redownloading the app but now it wont even let me log in and says theres an issue. it wont let me get into the settings of the app to try and fix the problem either.. please fix this :/.Version: 8.6.78

Can’t even listen to one songI paid for Spotify premium but it keeps shutting down, I can’t even get through one song without it shutting down.Version: 8.5.84

Extreme amount of addsIf your not paying for premium you’ll have to deal with 5 or more adds at times between songs. Also only 6 skips per hour including over 6 ads. Has a good selection but the adds are out of control..Version: 8.6.84

Keeps bugging outFor the past month or so, my Spotify app crashes constantly. Super annoying. Every 30-40 seconds it is crashing and stopping my music. Can’t even get through a full song, it’s embarrassing. Very annoying when I’m driving (can’t go on my phone and go back onto Spotify) and annoying when I’m playing music on the speakers for my friends/family, because it just cuts out every few seconds and it’s super embarrassing and kills the vibe. The updates dont even fix this issue ugh. Also when I’m in the middle of working out, I can’t even get through a set because the music stops and its such a buzzkill. This is killing my gains bro. I’m going to apple music, and y’all should too. What’s the point of PAYING for an app that wont even work?.Version: 8.5.96

Certain issuesI am not sure what this update this app has had, but it seems to me that you have to go to “add a playlist” to add it to likes which is annoying and doesn’t show that you have liked that song with a heart like it used to, but that is not the actual issue when i have liked the songs because i love to organise my playlist so doing this is a struggle already, i have checked that all songs are liked and delete them from the playlist so i can re-add them with the other songs in a certain order but some songs do not show in my likes at all it’s like it’s glitched or something or the update you had made it doesn’t work. They show they are liked when going to like it again but it doesn’t show in the liked playlist. I hope you are able to sort this issue as well as bring the hearts when you had liked a song it was so much more easy and useful to use with it..Version: 8.7.68

Most recent update ruined the entire appNow I can’t listen to all songs I have saved by an artist... or shuffle all the songs I’ve saved... this is a terrible update that has so far ruined Spotify for me. Considering switching to apple music.Version: 8.4.97

Overhaul is awfulThe recent UI change makes Spotify basically unusable. Lost almost everything, can’t find anything anymore, and will have to reorganize my entire library..Version: 8.5.7

It’s now bs and not worth it.If you don’t have premium it’s the worst music app there is. You use to be able to pick a song and actually listen to it. Now you have to shuffle the artist and hope you get the right song. You only get 6 skips an hour?? You guys are sell outs like everyone else. I thought the ads were meant to balance out the free subscriptions but now it’s just a joke and there is still ads.Version: 8.4.48

Please fix thisThis app was amazing, loved it so so much. There are few problems though,1. it is very difficult to turn shuffle play on and off and it is difficult to know when it is on and when it isn’t. It would be great if there was a way to fix this. 2. The new update totally screwed the app up, it isn’t worth it anymore, I’m more motivated not get the premium but rather to just go to another app. The library layout is terrible, very difficult to find what you are looking for. Hate it with a passion, and you put a limit to how many songs you can skip without premium? Another issue: when looking through songs, you can’t just pick a song to play and start the playlist from there, it only plays part of the song. Maybe I’m doing some gin wrong there, but it’s terrible now. The ads I don’t really mind, annoying, but fine whatever, the layout in the library/playlist is terrible, the shuffle button is broke, and you can only skip so many songs. And I cannot play songs without shuffle. Please please fix the library layout, skipping thing, and how I can only play songs on shuffle. I don’t even want to bother with this app anymore. Before this update, I had no complaints what so ever. Other than the issues listed, amazing app!.Version: 8.5.33

If I could give zero stars I would.The fact that this is a popular music streaming app that seems to find a way to make money makes me cry. I have organised my songs very specifically, all of the songs are made to flow into the next. This was made on a tablet, this is why I practically had a mental breakdown when I could not listen to a song that I wanted. I eventually listen to a song that I want to listen to, but they do not play in order! I was skipping to get back to the correct song and then I wasted all of my skips! These were not issues on my tablet so why on my phone! I was crying into my blanket from stress. Added onto this, I get random songs that I have never added to my playlist which I cannot skip. I try to remove it from the playlist, even reporting due to my distressed mood at the time and yet I could not listen to my normal songs. This is most likely the worst music streaming app I have ever been on. You are better off getting a different app and using data than wasting time and/or money on this one..Version: 8.5.79

I love this app but…As I said before I love this app and use it almost all the time while listening to music. The problems are how you can’t move multiple songs into another playlist and how you can’t see the email used for it. I had to get a new device but had to make a new account because of this, I HAD A 14 HOUR PLAYLIST! Boom! Into the trash it went, the other problem is the new update, it’s really annoying me how you can’t actually see the song anymore and how you can’t go back to the song before. Literally you can only skip six songs, AN HOUR! Like what if you want to find and listen to a certain song in your playlist but, oh no! You can’t because of the new update, not allowing you to go back to songs. But other than those problems I would definitely rate it 5/5. GET RID OF THE UPDATE PLEASE! BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION!!!.Version: 8.7.94

3 Simple Fixes to Get Back to 5 Stars1. You need to include an alphabetical quick scroll on the right-hand side of all of your lists, whether it’s your list of playlists, your Artist Library, or inside an actual playlist looking at songs. No one has the time to swipe for 30 seconds to the bottom of their library when they want to listen to The Who. A quick scroll has been a standard on every music app for years now. Get with the times! 2. The artist library page needs a royal update. Or retro-date, rather. I had an older version of the app until yesterday where all artists whose music you had saved into your library displayed on the same library in a neat, clean fashion, regardless of whether or not you Follow them. Now you can only neatly organize those artists whom you Follow, and the rest are left in this awkward, disorganized list of artists with a big “Follow” button next to it. We know what you’re doing guys. If we want to follow an artist, we will. For now, just let us organize our artist library in a straightforward fashion. 3. Another retro-date: put back the option to view your Songs Library. Sometimes you just wanna shuffle your songs. Yeah, the “Liked Songs” playlist is there, and that’s cool and all, but it’s not intuitive when you have “Playlists” and “Artists” listed up top. Put it back..Version: 8.5.7

Not the ad free experience advertisedReally disappointed that there are still ads in the podcasts when you pay for premium, it’s not the “ad free” experience being advertised. The student discount system is also flawed, I was able to get it before but then not the next time I went to renew despite uploading the same document types previously uploaded. Customer service was completely useless, they wouldn’t verify student status despite being provided with every official document requested for an institution that’s on their list. I got charged the full rate because they couldn’t verify after more than a week of back and forth emails with all requested attachments. I’ve cancelled premium as it’s just not worth paying for anymore..Version: 8.8.94

Garbage appGarbage app with garbage right wing disinformation.Version: 8.6.98

Lack of options, randomly censored songsThis app is really annoying in the sense that I can’t organize my music the way I used to. The “Genre” option doesn’t even exist. If you want to organize by artist/album it has to download your artist/album’s songs. It’s just a bunch of ridiculous extra buttons that I shouldn’t ever need to deal with. My least favorite thing about this app is, songs will randomly become censored without warning. That means, I was in a huge Johnny Cash phase, and had listened to “A Boy Named Sue” like a hundred times, then one day, the line goes from “I’m the son of a ***** that named you Sue” to “I’m the [BLEEEEEEEEEEEEP] that named you Sue”. Like WHY. All of my songs are fine, but one day suddenly one will be censored after enjoying it for months. I’m paying for this service, and have no parental settings or anything turned on to make that happen on my end. This should not ever happen. Besides that, it’s decent enough as a music app. Music comes out fine, making playlists is easy, they do have a wide selection of music, and even have personalized playlists that aren’t so bad a lot of the time. I can organize my songs in any order I want to. Sure, if I want songs organized by genre, I have to make an entire separate playlist or just listen to a pre-made playlist with songs that I don’t even care about that I have to constantly skip and skip and skip, but hey, at least it’s somewhat possible..Version: 8.5.86

Please make more intuitive sound scrubberLike the new layout, just please bring back easier access to the queue. Maybe swipe up for lyrics then up again for the queue. 2 taps for one of the most used features is silly. The way to adjust sound in the app is really awkward, you have to tap 'devices' then even when there isn't any other devices available, you're allowed to alter the volume, it may sound like a nitpick but it takes so long just to change it. Can't there just be a button to the side of the sound scrubber to see other devices, like how the Sonos app does it, This is more of a suggestion, but I'd really love the 'Your library' tab to show the playlists more accessibly as the UI for that tab is really unlike the rest of app as there isn't any thumbnails or anything to make navigation easier. I would suggest thumbnails of all playlists at the top of 'Your library' tab and the regular list of songs, albums etc below that, kind of like how Apple Music presents its home tab..Version: 8.4.91

Why I rate it one star.I rate this app one star, because mine is literally different to everyone else’s. All my friends and family who have this, theirs is totally different to mine. The reason it is different, is because if I have a playlist, I can’t choose what songs I want to listen to, but they can. But if I do want to choose a song, I have six chances to choose one, and on that sixth chance, I get an ad. So every six songs, an ad comes. But with my friends and families ones, they only have ads every half an hour. If I do try and choose my own song, it only gives me the preview of the song. Another reason is that when I want to add a song to my playlist, it comes up with the whole album, not just the single. So I then have to add the whole album to my playlist. I’m sorry to say but I’m not very impressed with this app as everyone else is. If anyone else’s app is like this, or you know how to fix it.. please let me know..Version: 8.4.53

AwfulGet apple music..Version: 8.4.97

Some of these reviews are cringe HOWEVERThis app is amazing, and definitely worth a mere 9.99 a month which is basically nothing, 2.25 a week like come on. For infinite music whenever you want, online or offline with zero ads or any forced shuffle or random songs being added to playlists or anything else mentioned in the negative reviews, that is TOTALLY worth it. And as far as i can tell, the negative reviews are from non-premium users. Yes the free version is kinda crap, but thats the point!!!! They want you to pay premium, duh! HOWEVER my app crashes often for some reason recently, i dont think its my phone cos every other app is working the same as ever, so I guess theres been a dodgy update or something? I dont know, it updates automatically. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon, its irritating when it all of a sudden crashes especially just before the bass drop ha. But its a great service well worth the very cheap price..Version: 8.5.78

Désinformation sur la covidDésinformation sur la covid.Version: 8.6.98

Issues with playing musicBefore I start, I wanted to say that I would've rated this app a 4-Star but I just have some issues. First I wanted to state that I have a big issue with making playlists. I hate how I have to literally search up songs to add into my playlist, like why can't I just go into my "Liked" music and add any of those songs into playlists so that it makes my life easier? Because I can't do that, I literally just go onto my liked songs and listen through there but its annoying cause I listen to many genres and sometimes I just sit and skip through songs just to find the right one. It's annoying and I just wish you guys made it easier. I also wanted to bring up that recently, I literally can hardly play my music because it always just stops and cuts off. At first, I thought it was an issue with my car's bluetooth so I just connected my wire to play music through ApplePlay but that didn't stop the issue either. When I tried playing music with my earphones on, it kept doing the same thing. I would literally have to restart the entire app just for it to work but then it would just randomly cut off again. Because of this also, I only rate 3 stars. Please fix all of this, or I will be forced to just switch to Apple Music because I'm honestly just getting tired of all this nonsense. I had backed you guys up a lot and claimed you guys as the most efficient music app but now I'm having other thoughts..Version: 8.6.84

Worse and worseI’ve been a premium subscriber for nearly 10 years now, and I’ve spent the past 6 months searching for alternatives. Every single update now introduces new useless GUI plus bugs that make the app only just tolerable at best and often unbearably frustrating. From the retroactively declared “experiment” of an embarrassing homepage failed rollout to a chorus of disgust, to constant glitches during playback, to downloads disappearing or greyed out when playing offline, to constant full-screen Tik-Tok-esque reel tiles that fill the screen and auto play trash music you have zero interest in (stopping the music you have playing), a support system that tosses you around in a chat room until you give up, zero tech help, a dev team that ignores users, a community page stuffed with angry and disappointed users and condescendingly cheerful moderators ignoring them all, a facade voting system to community suggest new features (that always has the same requests, never implemented), a public history of scalping artists with shamefully little compensation, and an algorithm more inane than the Idiocracy medical exam..Version: 8.8.48

It’s not that goodThe problem is that you are listening to a playlist and then you get these songs that aren’t even on it playing, so then I use all my skips up and I do not LIKE IT. It gets really annoying and then I have to go through the pain of listening to the songs that aren’t even on the playlist playing and I can’t even play my songs that I want to like on iPad I’m just really asking if you can give INFININT skips as many songs as you want and have the put in queue thing and also make it so those songs at the BOTTOM like the recommended stuff GET RID OF THEM.Version: 8.4.88

Spotify sucks!!!It’s a well known fact that your app drains the battery life at a very rapid pace!! No secret about that!! Total garbage!! Waste of money. & yet this is a well known fact Spotify does nothing to fix the problem!! But you’ll gladly take money from people for this garbage service!! You people should be embarrassed by your total lack of respect for the customers that are paying money & lining your pockets with cash!! Absolute trash!! & I’ll let this be known whenever the debate arises whether to pay for Apple Music or the by far inferior garbage that is Spotify!!.Version: 8.4.49

It’s perfect for listening to musicLove this app, it works well for me and it's quite user friendly and I enjoy listening to music often! Tho I would think it could help to have the capability to move groups of songs from one playlist to another at a time (together instead of just clicking on each song individually cuz that can get quite annoying sometimes), and it would nice to see some more editing control over the playlist editing functions, I wish I could just drag each songs to without scrolling to the top to press the little buttons to edit each time I wanna change the order of tracks in a playlist! The design It has a nice streamlined feel and feels quite simple so it's organic to use, and the features are handy as well... (Like the 'Equalizer' under the 'Playback' Setting on the iPhone IOS version) these tools are really handy and I would like see more like this in the future as well! This app is well designed for any musical lover or audiophile and hardly ever glitches or crashes, I hope to keep seeing new cool updates that surprise fans in the future!.Version: 8.8.96

New Update way less functionalHate the filter mechanism for the iOS app that has playlists, artists, albums of your library jumbled together, who would ever want to look at those all at the same time?? On the desktop app if i click on an artist from the artist page in my library, and then click on the arrow to go back a page, it takes me to the top of the page everytime. It used to go back to where i had scrolled down to in the artists page, which is what i'd like it to still do.Version: 8.6.22

Keeps crashingI’ve been having this problem for many months now, but my app keeps crashing! Sometimes it will crash 4 times within 2 minutes, which makes listening to music to de-stress even more stressful than not listening to it. Recently it’s been happening on my computer too, please fix this! This morning I’ve listened to the same song 6 times because it can’t even make it to the end of it without crashing. This is still persisting almost a year later!! I’ve tried SIX (6) times to get through the same song this morning, having to close and reopen the app every twenty-ish seconds. Please fix this! Update: I have now tried to get through a song and I have yet to as it has CRASHED EIGHT (8) TIMES. Not helpful at all since I’m trying to relax on the way to my exam, as it is only causing me more stress and frustration..Version: 8.6.48

Needs moreNeeds more features for premium members as a perk and apart from songs and no ads. I mean I'd love to be able to save a few custom equaliser settings as I listen to various music so I choose bass booster a lot then change the Eq channels on that I just wish I could save it as a custom eq. Maybe add options for different skins or layouts just make you feel like premium is fully worth it. I listen to a lot of hardcore and there's really only playlists on here no official songs wich is a bummer. The app overall is fantastic can't fault it! Needs add all songs to liked songs on playlists to not just albums. So when you search and find an album you can click top left and click add all to liked songs where as in playlists you have to do it one by one. I beta test for a lot of company's and apps . Apple,Microsoft, and many major apps. Have tried joining your beta but can't find one?? I'm also an app developer ..Version: 8.5.28

Losing interest in the appPlease stop making the app more and more complicated, I liked it because it was simple I liked a song and it went in my “liked songs” if I unliked it, it left my liked songs now I have to select I want to remove it from my liked songs even though I’m in said folder. And don’t even get me started on this smart shuffle please add a setting to turn it off so if I want to go from shuffle back to in order it does just that and I don’t have to wait for random songs I just don’t want to listen to to pop onto my playlist just so I can get rid of them. If I want suggestions for music related to the music I like I will use the “radio” feature. I sincerely hope you take this into consideration, I know you want to stay hip but think of the old farts ;).Version: 8.8.46

New update is literal trashI have been a happy user for years. I’m particularly fond of accessing individual artists in my library (although I’ve always found it weird that albums don’t appear in chronological order). The latest update has messed with my chi insurmountably. Now when I select an artist I am greeted by the same page that I would get if I searched the artist with the search function. This page has and always will be an utter mess, especially when I’m trying to listen to my favourite songs not just the five most popular ones. On the other hand, in offline mode, it’s perfect. It has the option to view all the artists songs or displays each album (Still not in chronological order!) When I access artists in my library I want to be greeted by an option to view all saved songs and saved albums in chronological order. Not. The literal garbage that has been thrust upon me. Thanks.Version: 8.5.60

PlateJe trouve l'application pas mal plate parce que de 1- Le Premium vaut la peine mais est vraiment trop cher a la longue!. 2- Quand on a pas premium on peux presque rien faire même pas "skipper" les chansons qu'on aime pas! 3- Sa vous tentait pas de faire sa vrm plus simple? 4- Srx enlevez le mode premium parce que sans lui on peux vraiment rien faire!!!! 5- J'aimerais vraiment pouvoir mettre une chanson mais j'peux pas parce qu'il faut ABSOLUMENT premium qui est en passant 9.99$ par MOIS!?.Version: 8.4.18

No more hold for preview?!?!?Can't press and hold song to listen to a short preview of the song anymore?! Wish I can undo update :c And I want the "card" view that properly used up the horizontal space on an iPad by showing multiple columns..Version: 8.4.18

A few inconvenient things about the lyric appearancesSpotify’s pretty great with the way it makes playlists and suggestions for you and the layout is nice. But you can tell that every song’s lyrics are done by different people because if there’s cuss words some put stars after the first letter, some don’t censor it, some censor the whole thing. and sometimes the lyrics are just incorrect. for example in “lost in the citadel” by lil nas x the correct lyrics are “my god, you’re an angel” but the lyrics say “my guardian angel”. i just wish they would keep everything consistent with lyric writing. just put the whole word for everything, you don’t need to censor words for a song that is already marked explicit. also there should be a feature like apple music where it focuses on one line at a time. and if they wanna be extra fancy they could have different settings for how you want your lyrics to appear. if i’m listening to a song and really like a certain line and wanna screenshot it, i would have to crop it or circle the words which isn’t as cool looking as having one line in focus at a time. but also that should be something users can change. more settings for the way lyrics appear would be cool..Version: 8.7.94

Can Be ImprovedI’m a free user, so I don’t know what it is like for the Premium users. I do, however, know that if I want to listen to an album, I don’t want to be interrupted by other songs. Periodically, sure, I can listen to a suggested song, but when the suggested songs stop letting me listen to the album itself? That annoys me. I also don’t appreciate having to shuffle everything, and not being able to repeat songs, or backspace. I might find a really good bop in that long list of suggested songs, but even if I add it to an album, I have to shuffle so It may take a couple of songs and ads, or the suggested songs will take over and I won’t get to listen. Overall, I think that, yes it’s good, but the experience for free users can be improved. I’m broke. I can’t afford a monthly or a yearly subscription..Version: 8.4.53

My music suddenly stops playing and adsI’ve been having this issue for awhile and it’s getting on my nerves. Sometimes when I’m listening to my music, it just suddenly stops playing and when I go back to play it again, it plays from the beginning. It’ll suddenly stop playing half way through the song and when I go back to press play again, the music starts from the beginning. It’s been doing that for about a few months now and at first I thought it was maybe my headphones, but just today I wasn’t using them and the music stopped again. I’m getting really tired of this happening. Also, when it does stop and goes to the beginning, I just skip to the next song on my playlist, but then again, it does the same thing to the next song. I want this to stop! It’s super annoying and I just want to listen to my music without any problems. Also, when ads pop up, it gives you the option to skip them and go straight to your music. I always skip them because, to be honest, your ads are super annoying. I just close out of the app and go back in it again to play music. However, sometimes when I do skip the ads, it still plays an ad. Like, it SUPER ANNOYING and I’m getting sick of it. It gives you the option and you decide to play it anyway. Not cool. Please get back to me ASAP!.Version: 8.5.86

CommercialsToo many commercials!.Version: 8.4.97

It keeps stoppingA problem I frequently have is that when listening to my music, the songs will randomly stop playing and when I go to hit play again, the app restarts. Sometimes admittedly, it’s just because my app needs updated, but it will also do that completely randomly at times. What is with that? I’ll continue playing my music again, and not only will the song restart, but it also cuts off again but even earlier than it did before. It’s honestly extremely annoying and very difficult to deal with when I’m working either at home or at my job. Nine times out of ten, I’d have to close the app completely, and wait thirty to ninety minutes before my music will play uninterrupted again. It’s incredibly frustrating, especially since all I want is to play some music. Another thing is six skips per hour? Really? That’s so incredibly annoying, and it makes it worse when I’m wasting all my skips on the stupid suggested tracks you give me. I don’t want to listen to that!? If you absolutely HAVE to put something in, play more of the same artist at least. It’s so annoying to only have six skips and waste them all on music that I never wanted to hear in the first place. The worst part is, even if I go to a different playlist and come back, it continues playing the suggested track. I don’t want it! On that note, I also don’t want the extra songs you put in my playlists. I take one track off, another gets added. If I wanted that song in my playlist, I’d put it there..Version: 8.6.12

Music keeps turning off randomlyMy music always turns off randomly when i turn off my phone..Version: 8.5.84

Trouble with the appSo to get started I’ve had this app since 9th grade and not even when I had my iPhone 6 Plus did it give me issues like the app not working for me. Currently I have the iPhone 12 Pro But in the past couple of days I can’t use it at all, meaning I can’t scroll/interact with the app. I can’t choose a playlist, I can’t search for a song, I can’t play a song. I’ve done everything that I’ve seen online, tried logging out well the app doesn’t respond, so I did the best next thing which was uninstalled. I uninstalled the app and proceeded to log in again it work and I was able to play a song, but just 15 seconds of the song before it stopped and the app went unresponsive like it previously was. I turned off my phone I thought that would help, when I turned it back on and tried using the app it was the same thing. I ended up resetting my phone, entering my iCloud and dealing with all of the starting “new” for the app to not work. Please can a developer help me fix the issue or at least advice me on what to do next? I seriously love the app, but if I can’t get it to work I will have to cancel my subscription for it and get Apple Music instead because listening to music is one of the things I do the most. I seriously only use this app for music streaming so I’d be so sad having to give it up just for that. :’(.Version: 8.6.52

Too many issuesI’m satisfied with most of what is on the app but there is way too many issues for it to be actually enjoyable. Firstly I continuously have my music just turn off for no reason and when I go to play it again it starts the song from the very start and also turns off not even a minute later! Secondly the app takes way too long to load and even when it is loaded I have to wait for it to finish buffering whenever I click on my playlist. Thirdly it’s annoying how I can make my own playlist with whatever songs I want and yet the app plays random songs whilst I’m trying to listen to my playlist and it won’t even let me restart the playlist or it will keep playing the songs the app is playing. It’s not even only a couple songs either it’s dozens and I can’t skip past them or else I’ll run out of skips. I shouldn’t have to pay extra just to get rid of that ridiculous feature. And sometimes if the WiFi’s connection is lost it would kick me off of my playlist and refuse to let me listen to it even though I have 4G. Finally I’m fine with having to pay extra to remove ads but I’m getting 3 of the exact same ads after ever single song back to back! I’m extremely disappointed with this app..Version: 8.5.55

Good collection but room for improvementHaving built an extensive collection over the years, I’m finding space an issue. As such, I’m looking for an affordable streaming service which gives me access to my music, selecting good alternatives and something I can listen to on all devices, independent or combined and with share options for the whole family, something I can do with my own collection. It seems you need a premium for all the family to share which doesn’t seem fair when they have access to your own library. £10 a month is competitive but I still don’t consider this cheap when I can have my own music streamed via cloud drives at half the cost. Also, there needs to be an easier way to find a track and add it to your library, and additional folder without having to heart it. A star rating option and smart library option would be a very nice feature. Apple Music takes lead in this instance but Apple don’t like playing nice with others and is the only reason I won’t use there service which does have better features..Version: 8.4.79

Dislike the extra songsIt’s okay and all but I don’t like how it adds extra songs you might like...and I can’t skip or go back to songs I want....Version: 8.4.94

Great, but new update I think ruined itI read the reviews of everyone saying it was changed, but I liked it, then it updated and I realised what they meant. I just downloaded this and I love it, however the new layout I personally find a bit dumb. I’ve noticed rather than listing songs when you click a playlist, it just says them in a row, and you can’t click one you want and it just says “shuffle play”. Also, not sure if it’s like this for others but on all my playlists with just certain songs, it’s added more that I specifically didn’t add. And I personally don’t want to pay for premium, so with only six skips per hour and the layout issue, I basically can’t choose what song I want to listen to at all. There are other problems but I don’t want to sound TOO picky. Honestly despite my complaints, I would definitely recommend this app as it’s a great way to listen to music without paying for every song on Apple Music. Would definitely recommend, but please fix the layout!.Version: 8.5.7

Completely useless system errorsEvery time i try to join a Family Plan invite link, i get a system error message saying “There was a problem, please try again later” There seems to be no helpful solutions online and other online users have complained about same problem 4 years ago.. with no end solution in sight. Premium plan prices for single users are ridiculously over priced, so i will most likely be cancelling my plan. The artists are also getting scammed and receiving maybe $1 for 50,000 streams, this whole platform needs boycotted because its pathetic.Version: 8.9.38

BadWayyyyy too many ads. too expensive.Version: 8.4.97

Worse and worseI've been a premium subscriber for nearly 10 years now, and I've spent the past 6 months searching for alternatives. Every single update now introduces new useless GUI plus bugs that make the app only just tolerable at best and often unbearably frustrating. From the retroactively declared "experiment" of an embarrassing homepage failed rollout to a chorus of disgust, to constant glitches during playback, to downloads disappearing or greyed out when playing offline, to constant full-screen Tik-Tok-esque reel tiles that fill the screen and auto play trash music you have zero interest in (stopping the music you have playing), a support system that tosses you around in a chat room until you give up, zero tech help, a dev team that ignores users, a community page stuffed with angry and disappointed users and condescendingly cheerful moderators ignoring them all, a facade voting system to community suggest new features (that always has the same requests, never implemented), a public history of scalping artists with shamefully little compensation, and an algorithm more inane than the Idiocracy medical exam..Version: 8.8.54

Free experience, I like it but…After using the app for a month I was impressed that I was able to pick the songs that I wanted to listen to as well as the albums and podcasts. However, since I haven’t purchased anything to lose a majority of functions such as picking individual songs that I would love to start listening to instead being treated to something entirely different from the song I picked is frustrating, cause what is the point of liking songs if I am unable to listen to those songs, because I haven’t gotten premium. I don’t mind listen to ads if it gets me to the song I want to listen to or skip a song that I don’t want to listen to then slowly transitions into more songs. This makes the search function obsolete if I search for a song only to get something completely different from the song I wanted. Or look for an album that I want to listen to only to not listen to the whole album. Though picking specific podcast episodes seems to function the way the whole app should. If you want this for free, there are a lot of issues that I found makes it hard to find what you want to listen to or pick out specific songs that you want making liked songs unimportant if you can’t listen to them at a later time. Which is a shame cause the first time I downloaded it, really showed how amazing it is..Version: 8.6.48

Enabling Antivaxxers.Spotify, as a platform, needs to reign in antivax misinformation. Lives are at stake..Version: 8.6.98

Good streaming service; worst player appThe music library is obviously market-leading. BUT this player app is by far the worst I’ve ever seen as far as features and user interface. On top of it the support is cheap and development is lazy. Just a few pearls: - no way to search your own playlists by a song - no way to sort your playlists showing up; only manually - (desktop) can’t even title-filter your playlists - queues are pathetic; can’t shuffle-play them, can’t clear all - can’t add a playlist into another playlist - can’t transfer current-playing queue into a playlists As if this weren’t enough, for *every* single one of this limitations I couldn’t seem to get to get support, talk/email a human, or open a ticket. All you get is “Talk to our Community Forum”—a modern euphemism for we-don’t-have-no-support-bruh... I’m sorry but this is not cool; this is 3rd-world software development and product management. I’m cancelling my whole family premium account. Found an app to transfer all playlists back to Apple Music — oh BTW, FYI I’ve had 0 misses in the transfer: seems Apple have caught up with you. Best wishes.Version: 8.6.30

Update ruined the experienceLatest update doesn’t allow for sorting saved songs by artist. Also artists aren’t alphabetical anymore they are by “recommended” super annoying for anyone who listens to songs by artist..Version: 8.5.7

GlitchyIt used to be a good app but now every time i pause my music and turn off my phone the music starts playing again. it takes forever for the app to load up. it says my music is playing on the lock screen when it’s not, or vice versa. just so glitchy in general. also hate how the songs in your library can’t be organized in any way you want, it’s hella cluttered bothers me. the playlists they make are fire and the colour scheme is nice but that’s really it. they also don’t have a lot of music.Version: 8.5.0

Why?Why was the heart ‘’button’’ removed in the latest update? This was a feature that worked well whilst driving as you could just ‘’press’’ this button to add a song to the liked list of songs. Quick, easy and safe. No you have to try and ‘’add it to a playlist’’ while driving. Not very safe. Yes, you can stop the car and try to remember which song it was that you wanted to add to the “liked” list. All a waste of time if you ask me. Please bring back the “heart”. Don’t fix something that ain’t broken..Version: 8.8.4

Too many adsI hate the huge restrictions the app has, can’t search a single song and play it straight away it’s already recommended songs before the actual one. I get triple ads that take between 45-90 seconds to play the next song. And I can’t tap a single song I want to listen to at the time. How infuriating is that. And when I can tap songs I can play I get ads straight away each time I do it and the songs I can’t see but play I only have a maximum of five skips an hour and expect me to pay 20 dollars a month when there’s hundreds of other apps that compete better now? Just remove the triple ads and allow people to at least play the songs they want….Version: 8.8.34

I get frustrated. A lot.This app is great. It has a lot of great songs, and lyrics are available. But, again, I really don’t like this app. Ads, are one thing, but having two minutes worth of ads after only two songs? That’s ridiculous. There is also one ad that really annoys me; its the juvedurm ad. Its one minute long talking about lip fillers. I cannot tell you how many times I have down thumbed this ad, but I still hear it. Take it off. It’s so annoying to listen to! Also, get new ads. This app plays the same ads over and over again. If I was actually interested, I would tap on the learn more button. But have I done that? No, so stop giving me the same ad. Next, shuffle. Mobile users, I don’t recommend using this app. Your playlists are on shuffle: which means you can’t listen to your music in order. Also, mobile users, this app only gives you six skips a hour. You have to wait a whole hour to get more skips. It’s very annoying and not fun to deal with. Next thing, mobile users, I again do not advise to this app. On your playlists, they have shuffle, six skips, and recommended songs. If I liked those songs, I would put them on my playlist! Then, you end up loosing all your skips on songs you never wanted to listen to in the first place. It’s reallllllllllllly frustrating. If I take a recommended song off, it only adds another. I get really annoyed with this app very quickly. Other than that, its okay. Thanks..Version: 8.8.32

Don’t like the new updateEver since the new update came out there have been since changes that I really don’t like. I can’t view all my songs in an alphabetical list anymore. There are only playlists I’ve created in the songs tab as well as liked songs but that’s not my whole music library. I also cant scroll down alphabetically anymore and if I need to find a song I have to search it up or scroll all the way through hoping it shows up. It was fine before the update but now it’s these little things that have made this app a little less enjoyable.Version: 8.5.7

Misinformation issue with SpotifyStop allowing misinformation, ready to cancel the account.Version: 8.6.98

Should go back to old updateShould go back to old update where we can find are songs though the abc.Version: 8.5.7

I wish there was another optionThe revenue cut for small artists is terrible, especially when it is meant to be a main source of income for a band without a label. Also, off-line listening has changed for the worst over the past few years and used to be if you had something saved and ran out of reception. You could still click that saved song or album and still be able to navigate the menu now you have to go back to the main menu, turn yourself into off-line playback mode and then you are able to navigate a menu to find the music that you have saved for off-line listening..Version: 8.8.0

Bit of a strange updateI loved this app and never considered any other but the most recent update has been annoying. The radio stations are now very hard to use because instead of liking a song to improve the station, it adds it straight to your liked songs which I don’t like at all, just because I’ve enjoyed the song in the context of the radio doesn’t mean I want to add it to my songs. Also, why is liked songs now a playlist? I like that it is now easier to queue songs, and also to access the queue like it was before. The new interface is horrible, everything is too big and in your face and you have to scroll so much to find something you’re looking for, and the order of playlists and artists is all very confusing. However it looks nice when playing a song. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old interface I don’t know why they felt the need to change it. Just the music bit that has gone a bit wrong the explore bit is still very aesthetically pleasing. Also wish you could add entire playlists to a new playlist rather than go through each song and add them individually.Version: 8.5.34

Bug needs to be fixed asap!I've always kept up with payments to enjoy premium for 4 years now ad free and i love it but recently within the last 2 weeks id play a playlist so i wouldnt have to constantly pick a new song and the music only plays 1 minute of said song, pauses and restarts the song, so i thought it was the playlist so i'd select a song from recently played or liked songs or search a song i haven't listened to and the same thing happens not only that the song menu re-shuffles itself from the beginning to the middle of the list, truly starting to become irritating..Version: 8.5.84

Very frustrating at timesThis app is nice, but I’m getting really sick something that’s happening. I’ll leave my phone alone after getting set to a playlist, and halfway through a song it’ll completely stop! When I tap on my phone again and sign in I find that it’s gone out of the app. When I get back into the app the song has gone back to the start! It really annoys me, and since you can’t go forward in a song I have to listen to the song again:( I have tried multiple things to prevent this, none of them have worked. That is my main complaint, but other things like the limited skips and the fact that you can’t listen to a singular song without paying is also very irritating..Version: 8.6.44

Amazing but it needs HEAPS of workThis app is amazing for any music lovers! Every song, right at your fingertips! But, there are lots of flaws in the system. Starting off, ads. Yes, I know you have to pay your music artists and whatnot but why are there so many?! Staying on the note of ads, I once got one of those “30 mins of ad free music after this” ad and after I picked a song, I GOT AN AD!!! Please, please fix this. It’s VERY annoying This is a small one for me or maybe some other people, I’m not sure. But as I’m still quite young and my dad has a family premium thing, he’s paying for me. As from the previous complaint, you can tell, it’s not working. Quit making my dad waste his money and quit giving me ads I’m not supposed to get!.Version: 8.7.56

Liked songs playlist doesnt workWill only shuffle between a few songs, if you click on specific liked songs they wont play, songs are constantly unliked for no reason and you can no longer side scroll easily on liked songs, it takes me 90 seconds to scroll down to Z when sorted alphabetically. daily mixes and radios have lost all variety and artists that arent my style at all are artificially pushed by algorithm. mobile app has gotten steadily worse, slower and buggier since i started using it 3 years ago what gives? i like to shuffle my full library and now i cant.Version: 8.6.52

It’s not worth the priceI had Spotify premium for close to a year and for $10 a month only one person could listen at a time, and several times it wouldn’t let me play my music without internet even though I payed. A couple times it also deleted my whole playlist. I think I’m going to do the switch over to Apple Music..Version: 8.4.97

Suggested songsThe app is great and all except when people like me can’t afford to get premium and we have to listen to ‘suggested songs’. For example I created a playlist with over 20 songs and when I go to shuffle play it plays a song that’s not even on my playlist! Then I run out of skips from trying to get to a song on my playlist. These songs can be consecutive ( like 13 in a row) then it will play ONE song from my playlist then go back to suggested songs. I have searched google for an answer but the suggestions don’t work. If this could change it would be a great help.Version: 8.4.45

New update ruined my libraryNow all the songs in every album I saved are in my library, completely messed up my music now I have to skip all the songs I don't like in albums, this update is the worst, it saves the songs in albums I don’t not want there, I didn’t save to specific songs in my library for a reason! I think I’m going to have to change to Apple Music if they don’t change back.Version: 8.4.98

Deceiving ..They’re only thinking in terms of profit, you can’t listen music without having to pay money really sad.Version: 8.5.86

Stop adding updates!!!This app used to be my favourite but now they have added so much it’s become overwhelming. For starters when you play a song it gets a little ways into it and then it goes to the next song. There must be a glitch but it is incredibly Annoying To be having to stop and switch it back to the song you want. If this continues I will delete this app because now it’s just getting ridiculous. At this point I would rather pay for music than use this any longer. Also it takes every opportunity to make sure you buy premium but ain’t nobody got money to upgrade because the point of view for many is that it’s just starting to get way out of hand. Half of the people I know have gotten rid of the app already and I’m only one person with many friends. Seriously unless improvements are made to the actual problems and not ones you make up nobody is going to want the app. I seriously recommend you looking at other options if you are looking to get this or buy premium. Thank you for your time..Version: 8.8.32

Not functional without payingThe app is completely insufferable without premium, which itself is overpriced (more expensive than streaming services like Netflix!). Wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re wanting to spend $100 a year just to play songs Without it you can’t pick songs, you get 4-5 adverts every other song, even though you’re meant to get 30 minutes free listening after listening to an ad (it never last 30 - when I timed it I was only given 20), you’re limited to 6 skips an hour, you HAVE to listen to playlist on shuffle (and since the “shuffle” is always in the same order you end up never hearing most of the playlist), and overall it’s just frustrating. It’s a joke to make people pay such a high subscription fee just to listen to music without a million interruptions pushing you to hand over your money, especially when the app itself isn’t even that great. Even with the wide variety of songs so many get repeatedly taken down and put up again or are unavailable..Version: 8.8.88

Hate this appI hate how you guys throw in random songs into my playlists. I wouldn’t recommend this app to my worst enemy..Version: 8.4.97

I love this app but am annoyed by a couple thingsSomething that has happened the past couple months is that it will just stop playing. The song will finish and it will show the song, however the time is at 0 and if you skip, either nothing happens or it will play an ad or part of the next song without the information changing before it just drops off. So you have to completely reboot the app. And it can happen 8 times a day. Sometimes it’s after 5 songs, sometimes 15. Have not managed to get through an entire playlist. Thanks to the newest few updates, you can’t look at all the songs on a playlist and you can’t click on them to hear a 10 sec sample. Both are things you used to be able to do. Creating playlists are more difficult thanks to this also. The only chance you have is to add while listening to it or while creating a playlist, you know exactly what you are looking for and search for it by adding it directly. All are super annoying. Also some playlists and music seem not be available in all countries..Version: 8.8.80

No thanks not worth itI think the idea of the app was spot on. I think the execution was terrible. The app is up to date and on top of these songs but it is a pain to work with. An app should always be user friendly and easy to understand but this isn’t it. I don’t like too much music and don’t know that many singers so when it made me choose three that’s a big no, it messed up my recommendations and I’m stuck with sicko mode as a recommendation because I was joking around. The app doesn’t allow you to play just one song, you have to make a playlist and if it’s not big enough it plays “recommended” music which is extremely irritating. Skipping songs only 6 times per hour is ridiculous and only there to make you pay money. Also the fact that you can’t restart your playlist after you’re done and it starts playing other music is uncalled for. I tried everything from looking it up and restarting my phone. Nothing worked. Ik there are hard core fans who know all the ins and outs of this app but that’s not the point, anyone (within reason) should be able to use and app, if they can’t then there is no point to download this app. Lastly I forgot to mention but not being able to add whole albums is also irritating, adding song by song is meticulous..Version: 8.4.92

I guessIt’s ok. it’s BEEN ok for the 3 years ive been using it. would have been better if people could just get premium features for free it doesn’t make any sense why people have to pay. update is wack not sure if ill even be using anymore because it’s way too confusing.Version: 8.4.52

Major problems. Not worth the money.I have premium duo, and it’s alright, but the price should not go up for users that already have it, and premium isn’t that good for the price you pay for it, without premium the app is useless it’s getting even worse each update you do to it, you can’t do anything on it without premium without ads every 3 minutes or a song you dont want to hear comes up which you can’t even skip, but back to premium, it’s alright, but it has a lot of glitches, when you get to an end of a song it just stop it doesn’t play the next it just freezes up and you have to restart the app, also the same for skipping and moving 15 seconds forward or backwards into a song, and also for picking a song in a playlist, for the price you pay it’s ridiculous, and the price should definitely not go up for users that already have it. Get something fixed as I know alot of people moving to sound cloud. And I will be too if it’s not fixed soon..Version: 8.8.76

Even better musicThis is grandma’s to Minecraft server address for kitty cat kitty kitty cat and a new kitty cat cat is cat father and a new kitty kitty fan heaters are you still working for the air con and heat pump pump is working fine and thank for the air pump pump is it not ready to start it yet it was working on yet another thing I have no room for the pump and it was leaking so it got me a little more water now I got it and thank you so much thank for kitty bye thank you for your call and yes please please let me fix your room and I make you thank for the password thank goodness bye love love thank for bye love love thank love you for all the wonderful stuff you thank me love love you thank for man bye thank.Version: 8.6.30

Can’t listen.One star. Spotify is great! Is what I would say if I could use it. IDK if it’s just me but I would like to listen to the whole song. Shuffle doesn’t shuffle. It goes to a random song and goes from there. NOT COOL!.Version: 8.5.68

Update killed itNew update removed any useful artist or album view and made going through my library impossible. Gonna have to cancel Spotify now.Version: 8.5.7

My godI recently switched here from another music app because I had heard how great this app has been apparently. I am mortified because you can’t listen to any song, you can’t skip any song, you can’t select any song to listen to without premium. They need to lighten the restrictions without premium because it holds this apps potential miles and miles back. It’s absolutely ridiculous I’m surprised you can pause songs because you might as well not be able to without premium. Then there is always adds and everywhere there is some sort of banner or something that says but premium! It’s so annoying, you can’t get to where you want to be and you can’t just listen to music. You need premium to do everything. To the developers, you may not realise but it’s holding your apps potential back by miles. Fair enough you can have some restrictions for not buying premium but you can’t do anything without premium. You might as well have to buy premium to pause your music. It’s disgraceful. I would not recommend, I would not waste your time switching all of your music onto this app just to be disappointed and switch it back, unless you want to pay money..Version: 8.6.80

It’s alright but needs a lot of workIt’s got all the songs and it’s a great app, b it some things are just not well thought through at all! For example, you cannot skip songs which is very annoying because I can’t get to the songs that I want to play. It’s also very annoying because there are so many ads, and they are sooo long!! I know that premium is cheap and all to get, but it’s just not worth it! Premium is so complicated to get and is a waste of time because half the time, I still get ads. I think it is so much more worth it to just buy songs on iTunes because then you can do whatever you want with them! I know it’s a good way to earn money, but it would be better to get money by actually making things that people will like. Overall, I think that the app is great, there is a lot of songs and it is very good idea, but there is just so much space for improvement and a lot of work needs to be done to make this app what people actually want..Version: 8.5.60

Disappointed with unethical policies.Great to be able to get so much music online but I don’t think the artists get a fair deal. And even when you have paid for Premium and have downloaded things, after a certain time offline (which is unavoidable for us in a rural situation)…your tunes are removed from your device. Am presuming this is so you are forced to go online to be exposed to advertising. Very poor show when you are already paying a subscription and the artists getting so little anyway. Am personally looking for a more ethically policied music platform and recommending those around me to do the same.Version: 8.9.26

This is a ok app but....Ads. My friend told me that after using the app for like a week it would start giving ads like crazy I said ok but continued listening to music but soon enough I started getting ads thought like maybe one ad per song but no. I just got around 4 ads in between 1 SONG, i started to get really annoyed because I like the app it has lots of great music and all like it's ui but there are tremendous amounts of ads and it's always force feeding you ads of premium. I'd prefer geting other ads of like movie ads or product ads and this is a problem to a lot of other people as well who just wants to listen to good music not ads all the time it's starting to get to the point to where I'm listening to ads more than actual music. Please tone down on the amount of ads your forcing on your app like maybe one or two thanks for reading. If you did that is.Version: 8.6.50

Spreading false information about Covid-19’sHow do I cancel my subscription?.Version: 8.6.98

It glitches out30 seconds into playing my playlist in just glitches out? This has happened many times..Version: 8.6.2

Spotify sucksFirst of all I can’t play any songs I want to it will randomly play some song I can’t skip songs when I press on a song it will only play 15 seconds of it.Version: 8.7.68

Pls improve the queuingIt’s always been pretty annoying that there is no button to clear the whole queue in the mobile app (like there is on the computer version); nor is there a way to move more than one song at a time up or down the queue; nor is there a way to automatically make a song play next (like in Apple Music); and accessing the queue is a little more fiddly than it is in Apple Music. But the new (and admittedly quite cool if a bit gimmicky) feature of the immersive/ moving album art completely removes the ability to access the queue, which is really annoying and bang out of order tbh. Apart from that the app is good , can be a bit annoying when it remains convinced it’s not connected to the internet despite the rest of my phone being connected to the internet (normally when reaching the edge of the WiFi and presumably my phone is switching to 4g or whatever) , but can probably call that a draw since it may well be the WiFi’s fault..Version: 8.4.53

Please read this.This is getting extremely irritating. I have a family share premium, and whatever I do, (before this update it was fine, actually, the new UI screwed it up,) I can’t play the next song in my playlist. I try restarting my phone, PC, anything, and it keeps screwing up. I’ve tried everything. For real, fix your bugs and don’t put the old bugs into a new update, PLEASE. Not to mention, for non premium users, fix the ad problem. There’s definitely great ideas, but they are executed quite poorly. It’s clear that you want people to pay to do anything. And really, you shouldn’t even be plaguing them with ads if premium has just as many. 6 hours for each skip? There are 24 hours in a day. You’re telling me they only get FOUR SKIPS EVERY 24 HOURS? Seriously, that’s just downright disgusting and rude at that point. If you’re going to torment them like that, at least make it so it’s 2 additional skips per every 12 hours they wait, otherwise it’s just repetitive. Anyways, remember that UI says a lot too. And you should also add the shortcuts back. They were quite useful. And once again, fix the bugs before sending out a new update because it’s annoying. That’s all I have to say for now, and I apologize if it’s jumbled. Please at least TRY and take this into consideration..Version: 8.5.7

Not bad music source but could be betterOkay, i have been using this app for a while and have experienced lots of weird things. First i want to talk about the shuffle thing. you can shuffle songs so that it picks random songs in any playlist, but thats where my huge problem is. you cant pick specific songs you just have to listen to the playlist until it plays that song. and if you have shuffle mode on for a little bit then you cant turn it off.. so, shuffle mode has a lot of disadvantages. I cant get rid of shuffle mode so I saw another glitch. Lets say that i decided to make my own playlist, I make it and other songs are added just because of shuffle mode, but you can add songs to get rid of them. Okay, then my playlist “ends” and then RANDOM songs play.. I have to play a different playlist now. and sometimes if i return to the one that i was playing the song is still there, and if i skip it more random songs will start playing, then i have to wait a whole HOUR to get more skips. I feel like non premium users should have more freedom of doing what they want. oh, and with shuffle mode on, you cant pick a song or make it into a loop. and like i said, after a little bit you cant turn shuffle mode off. So yeah, this app could definitely improve more things. Also, please don’t take what i'm saying the wrong way. Thank you for reading, and it would be a pleasure if one of these got fixed! Byee!!❤️.Version: 8.6.16

Spotify downhillThe free app used to be functional. Now a piece of crap. Can't play what I want to hear. Crappy songs added to playlists. I deleted it. All designed to force me to get the pay version. Nope. Not after this..Version: 8.4.98

Not workingI’ve had Spotify premium for a long time now and been a big fan. For whatever reason it just doesn’t work well on iPhone anymore. Regardless of whether it’s streaming or downloaded I get about 5 seconds before a song stops. Doesn’t seem to be a fix. Sad but going to have to cancel and try something else..Version: 8.6.52

New updateI’m really unimpressed with the new update. There’s barely any changes I like - enough to make me consider moving to another app. I personally dislike the new layout and aesthetic, the artists and albums aren’t in alphabetical order so I have a hard time finding something specific, I don’t see the point in having the “you added” feature; you have to click on the playlist, then click on this to get a separate page listing all the songs.. it’s just not as smooth as before. I can no longer hold down a song to open up options such as add to queue, the “saved songs” has changed to “favourite songs” which changes the whole concept so I feel that I have to rearrange this ‘playlist’, the ordering of my playlists has also changed, meaning in one playlist I have to scroll through over 1000 songs to get to the recently added ones, some of the location of buttons has changed which makes the app harder to navigate around at first, playlists can no longer be grouped together in a folder, you can’t see how many songs are in a playlist/how long the playlist is (in hours), the description of a playlist is no longer a feature.... and I’m sure there’s a few more things!! Very disappointed.Version: 8.4.52

Suggestions for classical music especially:I listen to all sorts of music & this app is great for being able to find your way outside the usual “bubble”. But for people who listen to classical works there are a few issues that could probably be easily improved. First is to be able to see who has recorded a particular piece, then choose which soloist/conductor/orchestra/choir etc to download. At the moment there’s little choice, and it’s very difficult to see (at least on my iPhone 6s+ screen) who is featured. Second, when I am listening to something with a lot of movements I want to see quickly which one is playing- but the scrolling info is so slow that the screen goes back to sleep before the movement number goes across - or else it’s something like the Rachmaninov variations on a theme of Paganini, with 24 short sections and the movement is finished before its number reaches the screen. Can I set it to scroll faster? Or touch it to pause & enlarge to see all the info at once? Third thing is lack of important info like recording date & the other things mentioned above, ho was in he band for this recording etc Lastly atm, I haven’t figured out how to just play my playlist and then stop - it goes on to play random stuff and totally spoils the mood. Annoying. But overall a good app, worth the money..Version: 8.4.28

SpotifyAlbums go missing, songs are missing from albums. I’d rather stick to cds..Version: 8.4.97

Keeps shutting offEvery once in a while, this could be 30 seconds after I open the app or a hour in, my music suddenly stops playing (not pausing but fully vanishing). When I go to open the app again, it restarts and stops again if I don’t change the song. This has been happening for maybe a year now and I’ve been hoping the bug will be fixed but it hasn’t, and it’s happened on multiple of my devices. It would be great if the developers could sort this out..Version: 8.6.44

What happened?Okay so, what were you guys thinking?! Why did you remove the ability to check out an album with previews like you can a playlist? WHAT IDIOT HAD THAT IDEA?![Pardon my French] Your app is already going down hill, and to “counteract” that, you remove album previews? Now I have to go through this long ordeal of finding the songs on someone’s public playlist to see if they’re actually worth adding to my playlist, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Don’t get me wrong, I think the app is good and easy to use but, honestly, you’re just screwing yourselves over here guys. Also, I think you tend to be less inclusive of some small bands and songs, there have been multiple instances where I’ve tried to find a song I like but I’ve come up empty handed[Yes I have the right name]. You focus too much on mainstream music, and don’t focus enough on less, in the spotlight bands and songs. Fix it and allow us to listen to album previews again, and add less popular songs and bands, be more inclusive of that kind of stuff and I might begin to favour your app again..Version: 8.5.72

New UpdateWith the new update, it only plays songs that I’ve already heard on a new playlist I’m listening to! There’s like 100 songs on the playlist, but I have to keep listening to the same 15 and it’s really bothering me. It’s just not really shuffling correctly. Also, I think it could really benefit from have a sleep timer, something that you can set the amount of time that you want it on, and then it turns off. To be honest, the more updates it gets, the worse it gets for free users. P.S. Suggested tracks are the worst, why won’t it just play what’s in the playlist??.Version: 8.4.53

New updateThe new update is terrible. No filters, can’t access library by song title, artist, or album. What were they thinking!.Version: 8.5.7

BugsYou guys could do better. I pay for this app expecting that my music will be saved. My downloaded music won’t play it when set to offline. Imagine making a playlist then when out of wifi you can play that playlist because some of the music wasn’t downloaded. Why isn’t there a place where all my music is stored? Why doesn’t all the songs from the album save into liked songs when I like the album? It’s a lot of hassle to save music on this app and when I’m paying $15 a month for you guys to underpay artists I expect a bit better service.Version: 8.5.25

Rating for Apple Watch appFollowing on from original review, main frustration remains that will auto connect with the iphone when back in reach when I am using cellular data on my Apple Watch - I then lose what I was listening to and I have to go back through menus to the eg podcast and fast forward to time I was listening - this doesn’t happen on Apple Music or podcasts - surely simple to give user the choice whether to auto connect to iPhone? This review is for the Apple Watch app specifically, lots of bugs experienced when using cellular data - have to open and close 2 to 3 times to get it to work, also same to connect to airpods, have to chose podcasts/music 2 or 3 times before they start, which means several trips through menus, cannot get playlists to operate in full, cannot access full library/artist lists, does not sync to iPhone app in terms of podcast or song choice or position, will just stop playing, please please please allow me to choose whether I want to use cellular or iPhone (will auto connect to iPhone when in signal reach and you lose where you are in podcast/song etc) - I have unlimited data for the watch and don’t need the iPhone wifi or data - no issues occur using Apple Music or podcast apps.Version: 8.8.78

Wanna love it but......I love the fact that this app has so much in regards to the amount of music and variety that is available. Wayyy better selection than what I have tried so far....but, I find the “suggested” songs to be very annoying. The songs that are played are nothing close to the music that I listen to and even when I click the “hide the song” button, the same songs are played again! If this app is supposed to be so great that it suggests songs based on what I listen to, I would want it to take the songs that I hide into consideration as well. Also, don’t suggest songs that are part of a genre that I obviously do not listen to! If anything, please allow me to hide the artists and genres that I do not want to appear on any of my suggested songs lists. Everyone has preferences on what they listen to and what they would rather not listen to. Even for people who are not paying for the unlimited skips, the least you could do would be to allow us to not be forced to listen to songs that we cannot stand. It just makes the app very unattractive to potential customers. I’m too scared to pay for the subscription because I cannot control how the app suggests songs like this. I want to just listen to the playlists that I have created without worrying about having songs being inserted randomly. Please fix this..Version: 8.6.84

Now is unnecessarily complexThe number one thing I hate about this update is the fact that anytime I pick a song, shuffle turns off. It's literally a joke that I have to turn it on every time I pick a new song. What confuses me is the fact that repeat stays on when shuffle turns off. That needs to be fixed. Another thing is the fact that you can't hide the recommended songs that are at the bottom of each playlist. Which tends to always have the same songs on it. Which is quite annoying. Another thing is that when you search for something on a playlist, you cannot slide to the right to add to queue anymore. Which is a major time consumer now. A guy should be able to add to queue in a lot faster time than having to click song options, scroll down, and add to queue, because if there's multiple songs you'd like to add, it should take 10 seconds to add 10 songs. Not 10 seconds to add just one song. One more topic is that I have to go through multiple screens just to go to queue. Whom ever had that idea is considerably unintelligent. It used to be so simple and easy to use. Now it's like you're playing a intelligence and patience game with every user. With this new update, many things became very unnecessarily complex. My patience with this app is going quickly. I hope you fix these format issues..Version: 8.4.95

Playlists Default to ShuffleYou update this app every week, yet you can’t fix the playlists defaulting to shuffle. If I’m driving I can't mess around with settings. I want my playlists to play in the order I want..Version: 8.5.70

Some of the updates are horribleI used to love this app- yeah the ads were annoying but you could get over it. however now, you can’t change the cover of a playlist you’ve made; a feature i loved before and would appreciate being reinstated into the app, and you also can’t click a song and choose “don’t play in playlist”; i found this feature very useful in the past as some songs on my playlists aren’t appropriate to play in certain situations with certain people but i don’t want to remove the song and go through the hassle of adding it back again in case i forget. i would also much prefer if it were possible to add an entire playlist/album to your own playlist. it would make things a lot easier and improve the process of making a playlist by being much much easier. All that being said, it’s a good app and i haven’t had any performance issues with it- just some frustrating updates that have changed the way i listen and create playlists..Version: 8.6.42

What Are You Doing?Seriously, What are you doing with this app?? Ive had the app for as long as i have had any tablets or iphones and i never really had a problem with it until now... The Adds. The adds are the bane of my existance. I hate the adds. And its not the adds themselves, its what they are advertising. you have adds that advertise your own app. YOUR OWN APP!! You know just because you have high ratings doesnt mean you need a stick stuck up your butts at the same hight! The fact that i cant listen to my favorite songs without an add advertising premium or a new album ruins everything! And there is no nightcore songs!! Some of us like nightcore or specifix songs and it wouldnt hurt to add a bit more flavour to the music catagory. Plus its almost impossible to find something in the search menu! I just want an app that lets me listen to my music! Not advertisement or whoever supports your app!! Thats all the complaints i have for now, so bye!.Version: 8.5.1

Feedback (updated)I already scrolled through enough reviews to where I know I'm not the only one, but yo.. what's up with this new update?? I used to like that when if on the "Your Library" tab you could click on a recently played artist or just an artist from the "Artists" tab and it would take you only to the songs you saved from them, but then if you clicked on them from the "Home" tab it would take you to their main profile page. Now it takes you to their main page even if you click on the artist from the library tab. It's extremely inconvenient, I would like to listen to only the songs I have saved from an artist not all of them. Before the update at least we had the choice. And as dramatic as this sound I have to agree with other people, it really IS enough to make me want to delete the app because of how inconvenient it has actually become to listen to my saved songs. Also the layout is just kinda weird. Well not weird but the one before was definitely better. It had your recently played artists or albums or whatever it is you listen to. And now it's not really like that anymore. Now you gotta go to them from the "Home" tab. I won't lie, it doesn't bother me as much as the first thing I mentioned (PLS CHANGE THAT BACK), but it's for sure something I wouldn't mind if y'all brought back..Version: 8.5.7

Terrible nowLast week this worked great; search an artist and have their latest release at the top and an easy to find list of all their albums. Now, nothing useful. No newest release, no list of albums. Just the top songs and bunch of random things the artist appears on. How is any of that helpful? As someone who likes to find and save whole albums from artists I like you’ve now made this app completely useless..Version: 8.4.97

Can’t upgradeSo, at first this app was great. I could search for any song and it would play it. Now, after a few months it doesn’t do that. There isn’t any clear view of the songs on a playlist and if I search for a specific song it puts it in to a shuffle, with a load of songs I don’t want to listen to. If I make a playlist, it just adds a load of random songs to it so I end up deleting it. I thought ‘hey, no big deal. I’ll upgrade to premium’ I have it downloaded on my iPhone 12 and it said ‘sorry, but you can’t upgrade to premium on the app’ so I am seriously considering deleting it. What use is it if I can’t listen to songs that I like? If you had asked me a few months ago I would have given it 5 stars but because of all this, and the fact that I can only skip 6 songs an hour I am only giving it a 3 because of my great experience at the start..Version: 8.6.16

Hours wastedFor some reason I was playing Def Leppard to get entries into contest. The songs are not playing in order and stop and does not play next one. I’ve lost so many points being frustrated for the last 4 hours playing and still not getting points. What the hell is going on I have great progress till today with tunespeak,..Version: 8.4.49

WhyMy music will just randomly stop playing at sometimes, it’s not the pause it just stops.Version: 8.5.84

It tracked my location…that’s kinda freakyOk so I took a one week vacation to Virginia and about 4 days in I noticed I was getting ads to become a lifeguard at Virginia Beach…I live a good nine hours away from there so that means it tracked my location. I don’t remember ever allowing it to do this. I mean I got ads for my home state before but I never thought anything of it. It took it about 3 days after I got home before the ads switched back to my home state. To be honest I was kind of freaked out about this… Other than that this app was pretty good. I mean there were long ads that occurred frequently and you couldn’t skip them. But other than that I liked it. Wish I would have been made aware that it tracks my location though.. Edit: So ads are now getting ridiculous :/ I don’t use this app as often as I used to so I’ve noticed when I get on I get more ads. I just got 5 one minute ads in a row after just listening to one song. When I first got this app I loved the ad system because it would give you an ad and then give you 30 minutes of ad free listening. Now it gives you multiple ads in a row after pretty much every song. I realize that it has to have ads since it is the free version but this is overkill. I do wish if they were going to give such long ads that there could be an option to skip it..Version: 8.7.64

Before and afterBefore spotify was so great I love it now its complete trash I can't even listen to my playlist because it would put random sont in it.... change it its trash.Version: 8.4.18

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