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Glimpse 2 app received 16 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about glimpse 2?

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Glimpse 2 for Positive User Reviews

Found it. Used it. Gladly tippedThanks for making an easy to find and use app!.Version: 2.1.1

EXCELLENT AppAWESOME! This is exactly what I needed. I travel a lot and needed a widget to show me various time zones at a “glimpse.” Like some have stated in their reviews, I would like to be able to resize/crop the widget area if possible in a future update. Keep up the great work, I donated and will continue to support your work. 💯.Version: 2.1.1

Widgets are greatThe possibilities are endless. It’s definitely the best widget based app out there. Just pretty great..Version: 2.0.1

Customizable Frame?Hey, Dev this app is definitely a Perfect Job, really appreciate what u’done, But the fixed frame size is kinda annoying since some websites won’t follow your design for their info-flow News, eg. the widget is showing either lots blank with ONE news, or two news but one only show part of itself If it can be customizable, it would have much better experience.Version: 2.0.1

UsefulI love that you can set what part of the screen you want on the widget. Would like to see a smal widget..Version: 2.1.1

Wonderful App - Works greater for webdev projectsThis app is great and I used it in a recent webdev project.Version: 2.5

Fantastic idea and appMy use case was I wanted to display a Google Sheets chart on my iPhone, so I published the sheet to the web and this app displays it perfectly. My only feedback to the dev, is it should update/refresh the page/screenshot when the user taps on the chart. Right now you can only specify a 15 min, 1 hour, etc refresh rate..Version: 2.5

**Update** Take my money!A day after I posted about the rendering the update has been released and now it works with data studio. This app is great. Still be nice to have a 4 icon widget but I’m sure that will come. Sent my donation in as soon as I saw the update worked! One think I noticed is the zoom works in the setup but not on the widget display but that could be due to how data studio adjusts the display size for the browser. I will test more and update. Thank you for the fix! Made all the difference. One more thing should fix your in app email settings so it doesn’t limit you to the mail app. I don’t even have the mail app installed so when I click to send email it does nothing as I use the gmail app..Version: 2.1

Great WidgetsCan u add small widgets.Version: 2.1

ExcellentReally useful, well crafted, enables me to monitor my webpage for changes..Version: 2.1.1

Amazing idea and very good implementationI am currently running into a bug where the application seems to have cached the website I’m linking to and the widget doesn’t ever update. The only thing that seems to update the widget is to change the url of my webpage.Version: 2.1

Keep up the good work!Great app. Needs a little bit of polish but it gets the job done. I’d love to see: - A manual refresh button on the widget-edit page. - Some cleanup around the position of the webpage. Sometimes it’s off and cuts off part of the page I want to show. I think this is usually caused by dynamic web pages with contextual menu bars depending on if you’re scrolling up or down, etc. This is where a refresh button would be helpful. - Some default examples (coronavirus for US on google graph, etc.)..Version: 2.0.1

Pretty Cool WorkaroundNice work! Where there's a will, there's a way..Version: 2.1.1

Very coolThis works very well. Is there an option to immediately tell the widget to refresh?.Version: 2.1

Does exactly what I wantIt displays a preview of a page perfectly for me. The only limitation is apple where they restrict the widget to be certain sizes. Otherwise it’s perfect..Version: 2.5

This is amazing!I saw a developer on Twitter shout this app out so I gave it a try. Within seconds, I had a home screen widget to track PS5 inventory! Highly recommend!.Version: 2.0

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