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The gameThe besssst!!!!.Version: 21.2.24

This is a cool AppThis is a very cool app because it’s fun,teaches you how to drive and all that cool stuff.Version: 21.2.24

I like this game it is very funI love it aghhhh 🤍🤩.Version: 21.2.24

I love this app!The one thing that I really don’t like about this game is that the ads are kinda annoying but l still give this game five stars because it’s really cool and fun so I think you should download this game right now and make sure that you have fun!.Version: 21.2.24

Needs more challengesI love this game but in the beginning it was really easy and it just needs harder levels in the beginning but beside that the game is perfect.Version: 21.2.24

AmazingAmazing app l love it.Version: 21.2.24

E p i cThat is good like joe MAMA.Version: 21.2.24

BEST GAME EVERLet me first start start in saying I don’t really leave reviews for games because sometimes I play the game for like a week then just delete it but this game it’s so much fun and they’re coming up with different levels and it’s not just like they repeat the same thing it’s like they always have new levels I’ve just been playing this for a couple of hours and it’s so much fun.Version: 21.2.24

5 starsThis game is so fun because it takes no internet to play and one thing I think they should add is Lamborghini trucks and some ramps and make the cars faster.Version: 21.2.24

AmAzInG!! (This review is just for fun)Five Stars, I have a small problem though. So when I get adds they aren’t just any adds, they are adds of apps though, they are adds of apps that I already have..Version: 21.2.24

Amazing first xperienceIt good not many ads and I thing u get the hang of it straight away but there should be a race mode where u can race on maps against players.Version: 21.2.24

I love it!It’s such a fun game thank you! I have no complaints :).Version: 21.4.9

Teaches people how to drive properly so you know how to driveExcellent game.Version: 21.2.24

Real drivingI love this game even though I just got it the fact that I love it is that there is a Lamborghini Huracan.Version: 21.2.24

Amazing! But one little thing...This game is great!!I love how we have three lives and I like how some are challenging and some aren’t I love this game I could not delete it but then it said no ad available when I tried a new car?! But I really do recommend it😊😀.Version: 21.2.24

Good job!Such an addicting game! I love it. It’s fun and engaging. I love the sound effects used in it too!! He sent the commercials in it it’s really fun. Good job!.Version: 21.2.24

The best came everThis is the best driving game because it is actually like you are driving in real life This is my 1st favourite game I love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.Version: 21.2.24

Amazing appThis game is amazing and the way it works is amazing and I love it so definitely download this game and whoever made this app is amazing..Version: 21.4.9

Love🥰I love this game but one thing is one of the games has loads and loads of bumps and you can’t get past because because you lose all your hearts I think it’s the best game ever though but you just come past that level you need to go on the side of the Map to get past it people say there’s loads of ads but there is actually only like one or twoI’m really happy about this game normally deleting games like this..Version: 21.2.24

I recommend this gameOk when I saw it on a add I was like that game looks boring but I kept seeing it on the add so finally I was like I am just going to get this because maybe it will stop showing up that does not work by the way so there’s that but and I played one level and I loved playing it there is not many ads and I just love this game I got it like 2 days ago and I am on level 106 you need to get this game it is so amazing.Version: 21.2.24

I love this game!!!!!!!!!This game is so fun - Michael.Version: 21.4.9

Teaching me how to driveI’m 11 so I need to know how to drive in 5 years so this is good kind of like a practice course but I can advance and be ready to learn to drive. Love this game so much, best driving game I ever discovered❣️👍🏻😍.Version: 21.4.9

READ THIS !I rate 4 out of 5 because every l win or lose , l get ad like IT SOOO ANNOYING 😡 BUT l liked this game so much.Version: 21.2.24

Good game just me and my sister can not play it with bothI still love the game❤️💕💓💗💞💖.Version: 21.2.24

Love this gameI love this game I play it all the time totally recommend.Version: 21.4.9

GreatEasy to use for one hand..Version: 21.4.9

OkOk.Version: 21.2.24

OMGThis app is so amazing if you don’t have this app now the download it it is so amazing.Version: 21.2.24

Fun game !!!!!!!!!😄✅This app is very fun 🤩 it’s the best 🚙 car game I’ve ever played!! But I saw another review and I was reading through it and it said that something was wrong with level 112 and I just passed the level I am on level 120 so don’t blame the game 😛I have only had this game for 3 or4 days I can NOT STOP 🛑 PLAYING who ever made this app 😊 THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH !!!!!.Version: 21.2.24

😡😡Don’t download all your work goes away after a day.Version: 21.2.24

Awesome game!I love this game I think it is so much fun! If you asked me my favorite game I would say this one FOR SURE! But it has a ad after every round! It is kinda annoying. But I still love the game and I would highly recommend it!.Version: 21.4.9

Needs work but very fun...Okay so when I was playing a game I got this add I kept getting I was so annoyed so I downloaded it and said ugh now it will stop but I got the add again so I played it and it was pretty fun I wish it could be like a rp game but that's just me T-T but anyways thx for making the game it's just so addicting and fun I love it have a good night afternoon or morning where ever you are but make sure eyou smile everyday cuz one smile means the world to someone, ❤️.Version: 21.4.9

AmazingI’ve been playing this game for literally 5 mins and found it amazing x.Version: 21.2.24

A game I playedI like this game because I can use this in the future when I need it it helps me lean how to break and how to reverse and how to drive I would rate this a 10/10 I love this game I would like my future kids to have this game.Version: 21.4.9

Super fun!This game is a very fun game. It also teaches for people who need to learn some rules about driving! I think that it’s very cool. But maybe could add a few more updates to make it look super amazing! ❤️.Version: 21.2.24

Great but...This game is great but I think they should teach us how to control the car but other than that it’s perfect!!.Version: 21.4.9

I love itThis honestly is the best game I have ever downloaded in my life I really suggest this game..Version: 21.2.24

Really coolI must have passed my driving test in this game.Version: 21.2.24

HiI love the game but it is a little hard but I will still play because it is fun and can help me when I want to drive a real car😜.Version: 21.2.24

This game is awesome!!!This game is really cool and it has really good graphics. It’s really good to teach younger kids how to do certain things with a car. For example I have 3 kids of my own I let them play this game and they love the game and they learn more about cars and how to drive every day. So if you like 3D car games this is the game for you!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 21.2.24

Great game.This game is brilliant! The ads don’t appear very often, unlike some games, and it is really fun to play. Definitely recommend this game..Version: 21.4.9

ReviewIt’s amazing although they should make the levels a little bit easier.Version: 21.2.24

Your game is the best in the worldI love your game.Version: 21.2.24

It’s amazingIt’s really good but it would be nice if I could reverse and go forwards on my own but other than that it really good..Version: 21.2.24

Why this is a great gameThis is a great game cause I literally JUST started playing and I already like it there are new vehicles 🚗 every once and a while and there are new obstacles courses and there’s just so much fun things about it and I recommend this app for you and i rate it 4 stars!!.Version: 21.2.24

Don’t have so many ads for a vehicle so annoyingPoopoo.Version: 21.2.24

Overall a good gameI downloaded this game it’s pretty fun. Their are a lot of ads though so that could be improved. Pretty much you are just challenged to complete a level that’s kinda hard not really and you are driving a car. Now their isn’t very many cars to choose from but it’s a decent amount. It is pretty fun. It’s not laggy at all. So far their is no like bugs. It doesn’t take up a ton of room in your device. The graphics are really good! And I would recommend this game. It also makes time just fly bye..Version: 21.4.9

Less adds pleaseI was like no more ads please if you guys can fix something in a little bit and try to get it working so you guys can have like nothing in the house that was appreciated.Version: 21.4.9

My choice personally is.People say that there is an overload of ads but there isnt you have a choice to either buy the car in exchange for an ad and there is 1 ad per 1-3 levels and normally apps have 10 ads in those levels so i would recommend it!.Version: 21.1.31

I love this game!!!This game is really fun and really cool game!!! Thank you so much to creating this game..Version: 21.4.9

Best driving gameI really like it because it seams so realistic and teaches you to not crash. It also teaches you how to control..Version: 21.2.24

HiThis game is very nice.Version: 21.2.24

MehIt’s a good game not too many ads but the levels do get very repetitive and very short wish there was more of a challenge within the game.Version: 21.1.31

Car GameHello On this game I’m only 6 so I have no idea how to drive . Thanks.Version: 21.2.24

WhT I thinkGreat,awesome,Perfect for kids and adults really just I don’t know it gives me like seriously is it it’s like really nerve-racking you look super fun and satisfying it just gives my stress away he would probably love it download it now!!.Version: 21.2.24

Good gameI download this game because everybody’s have a good game I download it and then I look at it and I got it in trade it and I Love the game so I toad 20 people now they love it and thank you forever make this fun game thank you so much.Version: 21.4.9

I found a game for buddiesI just downloaded it and I am already at level 200 it’s so fun!!! 😎.Version: 21.4.9

AdsToo many ads.Version: 21.2.24

The best game everThis is the best game I’ve ever played.Version: 21.4.9

GameI like the game but you could make the car a little easier to control..Version: 21.2.24

The best gameI love this game thanks for making it but there is one report can you make it so we can just go straight thanks.Version: 21.2.24

Soo funIt is so fun.Version: 21.2.24

Turn off your cellular data in settingsI like the game like a lot but they need to switch it up. Once you get to a certain level they start to repeat and that’s annoying. Also, I see a lot of people complaining about ads because there’s a lot, but once I got all the cars i wanted I just turned my cellular data off for this game and don’t play on wifi. No more ads..Version: 21.4.9

AmazingGreat game minus the ads that help developer get paid.Version: 21.4.9

FunThis game is fun I like carts and I like driving even though I’m nine and a girl I don’t really care because any gender can like cars right..Version: 21.2.24

Very goodThis game is awesome for kids who want to drive a car but it to young. Awesome.Version: 21.2.24

Just one thingThis game is great Just wish that it was more like a driving experience like on a real road the levels are just a little easy would be great if you could make it real Thanks.Version: 21.2.24

Great games needs adjustmentGreat game honestly! I love it because I love cars! But one problem is that it’s very hard to move forward and backwards because you have to hold the steering wheel and it might go to the side and make you lose a life but other than that it’s awesome! Also pls add a move forward button..Version: 21.4.9

Check it out🤪This game is amazing 🤩 I can’t stop playing it . The models ok 👌🏾 and the cars are amazing I got a yellow massive car on my second round. I’m giving this game a 4 star because you have to hold and move the car with one finger and it’s so annoying but other than that is a great app.Version: 21.2.24

Great game but...I love this game although it has a few flaws. For example when driving the speed is very slow so there could be a button to speed it up, and the levels are extremely short. Overall great game..Version: 21.2.24

Ok...So, I just got this game and it’s really fun. The problem is, is that every single time you complete a level it always tells you a new car is available. Maybe don’t show it so often. Like every 3 levels. Anyway, this is a great game and you should definitely get it..Version: 21.2.24

Real driveThis is a great game because it trained you how to drive and it’s actually hard and you’ll get better and better so then when you actually have to learn how to drive a real car it won’t be completely new.Version: 21.2.24

It’s goodIt is only four star because it is really fast with speed and it’s kind a sensitive with the steering I just like the other stuff that’s what I get for start because two things for each style and I like eight things of it the maps, The bumps, how accurate it is,And other stuff but the last one is The way it’s made and how it’s painted.Version: 21.2.24

Plz look at me I am what you are looking for.Ok first of all it’s free which is one of the most important things to me plus it is kind of hard to steer and you can’t Go without twisting the steering well a teeny bit but it is worth it trust me..Version: 21.2.24

Super funI always love it Super Duper fun.Version: 21.4.9

How goodHis game will improve your driving for kids and it will get you ready for you driving test when you are older.Version: 21.4.9

My apinuinuounI think this is good for children who are learning because they neeed to now their lefts and rights.Version: 21.2.24

Like game but..........I love this app and it is very fun. But would be a little bit more fun if there was more speeds that you could go or if it didn’t have cars that you could get after every round. Overall the game is fun but please fix the things..Version: 21.4.9

AMAZING 🤩This game is so fun and it could kill the time if you are on a long trip because you just just so distracted by this game or at least i do . It HARDLY has any adds so i think you should download this game 😝🥸😎.Version: 21.2.24

So goodThis game is so good I’m young but when I get older I want to be able to take my parents and myself and drive around so this game is really good but here why I gave it for stars it had lots of adds like when you get done with a car and have got your car to the Finnish Linr you get a add.Version: 21.2.24

ImprovementsI while enjoy the game but it’s repetitive and unchallenging I think it would be a really good game if u could adjust the car speed and for maps do challenges and balance beams/obstacle courses add some pizzazz to the game.Version: 21.1.31

NoIt needs to have less ads and not an ad every time I finish a level.Version: 21.2.24

My new gameThis game is really good I just got it and I already I love it. From issac.Version: 21.2.24

Best everI only downloaded it today and I love it more than most my other games it is the best games I have downloaded it a while.Version: 21.4.9

This the bestThis is a very good game I love it you should try it too! I dare you! Anyways I gave this game 5 stars because this is a good game that does not have that many adds and it can actually kind of teach you how to drive! 😉.Version: 21.2.24

GameIt’s a good game and entertaining and totally recommend it.Version: 21.2.24

My reviewThis game is really cool, I’m addicted to it. So much easier than other car games..Version: 21.2.24

I wish for it to be taken off of the App StoreWithin the first 5 minutes of playing I have received 5 30 second un skiable ads..Version: 21.2.24

Cool gameThis game is so so fun but one thing i hate about this game is that it does levels over again say you were on the 7th level at 100 it Repeats that level other then that this game is amazing 😊😌🙂😍😕.Version: 21.2.24

Amazing!You get rewarded a vehicle (if you watch a ad) after each level, All you have to do is drive for a few second son the first levels..Version: 21.4.9

GreatI like it a lot 😄.Version: 21.4.9

NiceLove the game but way too many ads, get one after each turn.Version: 21.4.9

READ PLEASE ( my suggestion)Let us move our camera angles to see what other obstacles we have ahead of to be prepared it would make it easier.Version: 21.2.24

No adsI have trouble with get cars 🚗 and says no ads available could this bug be fix please.Version: 21.2.24

I good at this gamesKeep me posted tomorrow and tomorrow night and tomorrow what night ok.Version: 21.2.24

GreatHey there, If you are thinking about getting this game, STOP and get it! It is awesome! I can’t personally drive a car yet so this is like driving a real one. There is only one problem... there is an ad after every level! But that should not stop you thinking if there are a few ads! You can take a break in that 30 secs; walk around your house, think about something fun/ funny, take time away from the screen. And then you’re back!!.Version: 21.4.9

Writting a reviewThis game is wonderful it relaxes me it can cause stress sometimes but i do recommend it.Version: 21.4.9

IdkYo bro this game is good because that is how you can practice driving.Version: 21.4.9

My reviewQuite hard to control when going over bumps and up ramps but otherwise an amazing game and I love it..Version: 21.2.24

The bestThis is so good and why not start learning how to drive.Version: 21.4.9

Great but...Okay so I download this game for fun because it looks so much fun but I didn’t know how to be this hard to turn and to drive should fix the driving skills make it a little bit easier and make the speed faster because it goes really slow over all it a good game ✌🏼👋🏼.Version: 21.2.24

Why I won’t give 5 stars .So basically, it’s a really good game but the only thing I don’t like is how slow the car moves , so if you would please make it go a little faster , that would be great 😊.Version: 21.2.24

Good but badI am really happy about this game I love it but the one thing about this game that is bad is that all the levels are short I wish we had longer levels in the game but apart from that the most amazing game I have played I my life..Version: 21.1.31

I LOVEE itThis game is very fun I give it 1000/10.Version: 21.4.9

Best game everBest game ever..Version: 21.4.9

Real Drive 3DI like this game because it is challenging and fun but one thing I do not like is the ads it gets annoying.Version: 21.2.24

So fun!So I was playing slam dunk and then I saw this add of your game and I tried it out and it was so fun so I’m so obsessed with this game But the only thing is it needs a few changes can you make it so what type of car you have is faster every time? And can you make races Peaceeeeee❤️.Version: 21.4.9

Amazing game!This game is an amazing game even though I just got it so I shouldn’t talk to much. I like this game so much because it’s like your just driving a new car. Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m trying to past my drivers test lol. Happy driving!.Version: 21.2.24

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