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Miracle Morning App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Miracle Morning app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Miracle Morning? Can you share your negative thoughts about miracle morning?

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Miracle Morning for Negative User Reviews

Standard Morning RoutineIt would be great that user would be allowed to personalize his/her own morning routine based on personal interests and needs. The user only has access to the standard morning routine created by the developer and this can’t be modified at the moment. Also, there are not features available to design an evening/night time routine. Not intuitive. Not very user friendly..Version: 1.2

Contact supportEach morning I log my savers however when I return the next morning I’m greeted with a message that I missed a day - gives me 2 options 1) I missed the day ( which I didn’t ) 2) I forgot to log (which I didn’t) - kind of discouraging bc I got this app to keep my progress. Additionally when I tried to click contact support it takes me to the main App not to support . It Basically just opens the app . I’m hoping these bugs are fixed bc I’m very much enjoying the process of miracle morning but the app itself could use bug fixes ..Version: 1.4

Needs a lot more DevelopmentI love HAL and his books however this app that he says was years in the making is just a simple checklist with links to his website. The videos are nice touch and good motivation but a lot more attention needs to be given to each of the SAVERS. There needs to be detailed written / audio explanations of the SAVERS morning routine that should be built into the App.It would also be a nice touch to have the ability to do guided meditations and other routines built into the app.Right now we just have Hal making impromptu videos briefly explaining each of the concepts. I think you can use the free version of the Fabulous app and get everything that this app does and a lot more..Version: 1.2

Cannot Restart ChallengeI missed many days, and am given the option to restart the challenge. However, the slide at the bottom doesn’t allow me to continue. Highly disappointed because I really wanted to get back on track and do the 30-day challenge..Version: 1.18

Horrible downgrade from old free versionI had the previous version that had way more useful features like customizing my day. That one is gone and the new one is a simple checklist with videos thrown in. I am so disappointed I have to make up a solution on my own. For the first time I am going to ask apple for my money back.Version: 1.10

DisappointedThe previous app that is no longer available was more user friendly..Version: 1.2

Has potential to be fab but needs bugs fixedGreat app for the challenge, with really informative videos and inspiring you on. It also allows you to track your mornings which I loved but once you have done the 30 day challenge on either the beginner or advance mode (tried both) it does another day or so and then resets which is really disappointing and discouraging. I have tried numerous times to also not start a challenge and just track the habits but that varies between daily resets (like today) or let’s you get a few days in and then resets. I have reported a couple of times but nothing has changed. I bought app just when it was launched as think it has potential to be a great app but just needs to be sorted with these glitches and then would be 5star app..Version: 1.10

AppThe alarm doesn’t work in the app neither do you get notifications?.Version: 1.12

Great app, needs improvementThis is a great app. Hal Elrod is literally changing peoples lives for the better and this app is great for that. However it has an undeniable flaw which really needs correcting. I completed the 30 day challenge on beginner and went straight to the advanced mode. But it reset me to day 1 instead giving the option out naturally continuing from where I left off. This I find is really demotivating. I have since completed the advanced mode and opted to continue with the count but it seems to have lost another day. I am on day 62. I have another tracker app and also write the day in my journal everyday. This app however tells me I’m on day 31 and that I feel makes this app pointless after the first 30 day challenge you complete. It is demotivating but despite that. For the first 30 day challenge, the app is brilliant. It just doesn’t work beyond that which is against the intention they’ve made..Version: 1.20

Can’t loginPart way through my miracle morning. It wouldn’t update my savers, showed the message something went wrong. I quite the app and went to login, using Apple, it doesn’t work..Version: 1.18

Very limitedI love Hal, I listed to the pod cast, I’ve read the books, i love the link to the pod cast but I’m I little disappointed by the app, it’s just a check off list. I wish I could set timers on the SAVERS butttons and maybe even add a feature were I could record my affirmations so when it’s time to complete that one I could listen to my own recorded affirmations. My biggest problem has been finding an app that has all I need to complete my savers under one app instead of jumping between my meditation app, my journaling app, ect. I look forward to future upgrades.Version: 1.3

Hopeful but still disappointedI was extremely hopeful with the latest update that the kinks had been officially ironed out. Unfortunately after setting up a new 30 day challenge, the reminder didn’t work and the annoying *pop* sound still exists when checking off SAVERS. Love my Miracle Morning but the app…not yet..Version: 1.12

Please add Dark ModeThe app is very bright to look at, I will gladly pay $5 for dark theme.Version: 1.1

Love MM, app is a waste of $Miracle morning and the routine it creates is fantastic and often times life-changing. This app is expensive and a waste of money. It's a checklist and videos with a link to the website. I was hoping there would be a one place app for all things you needed such as entering your affirmations, journaling space, etc. There is no flexibility or really even helpfulness. It is literally a checklist. Which IS a great place to start. Unfortunately that's where it ends. And it's expensive..Version: 1.8

DisappointedHow’s book mentions downloading the app for access to morning meditations. The app is just a checklist and there are no morning meditations as mentioned in his book. Not worth the $4.99.Version: 1.14

Glorified checklistThere was a miracle morning app not created by Hal. When I got my new phone this year it wouldnt upload and is no longer available. It was free, you could type your affirmations into the app and it would read them for you to repeat plus set a timer for how long. You could add photos under visualizations to actually look and visualize and set the timer, it had guided meditation and a timer, etc. It was awesome. All-in-one This one, is just a check list with a bunch of links that go to Hal’s website. That’s it. I can make a checklist in my notes app on my phone and then use all the different apps and papers for my life SAVERS. Super disappointed.Version: 1.1

Definitely needs some tweaksI only been using the app for a few days, so maybe I’m missing some of the features, but right away disappointed that you can’t go back and record your Savers if you didn’t do it that day. I would also like to be able to take notes about the Savers, like what I did for exercise or what book I read. I’m a huge fan of Hal, and having been doing the Miracle Morning for a couple of years, but this app is lacking in user friendliness. I’m actually not a huge fan of the videos either..Version: 1.3

No flexibility or options. Condescending tone.While I really like the miracle morning routine, this app is a frustrating waste of money. Find a friend for accountability. This app is not your friend. If you miss tracking one day you have two options - start completely over (with an atta-boy for your honesty as the belief is that you didn’t do it) or accepting an admonishment to never miss it again. If you do not complete ALL 6 of the ‘savers’ everyday, there is no partial credit. Not practical, and unless you are perfect, this app is not encouraging at all. Frankly, I hate this app..Version: 1.4

GlitchesI cannot get past the choose your challenge screen..Version: 1.2

Awesome book and good start of the app!What a great book!! This has changed my thinking and my life habits for the better. And now that’s there is an app, wonderful!! However, I would suggest being able to add additional items. For instance, I would like to add Bible study, and practicing a language. There also needs to be an at-a-glance and detail version showing all the things completed..Version: 1.2

Edit: App started workingWhen I first downloaded the miracle morning it would crash every time I opened it, despite trying to reboot and redownload the app. Randomly, it recently started working which I’m happy about. It looks like a useful app and I will revisit this review once I have completed the 30-day challenge. Also, I downloaded another app unrelated to the miracle morning and it is now pulling the same nonsense this app was doing at first. It sounds like it is on my end but I don’t know what the deal is..Version: 1.18

UnderwhelmingI appreciate Hal and what he’s done for the community, this rating however is for the app itself. It’s basically an electronic checklist of the 6 SAVERS. Something you can easily do from your notebook. You’re scribing each morning anyways, I don’t see why you need to pay $5 just to check a box saying you did something for the day. Disappointed in this app, wish I didn’t purchase it but I’m hopeful that he will update it in a way that the $5 becomes justifiable..Version: 1.8

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