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TikTok Shop Seller Center App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

TikTok Shop Seller Center app received 68 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TikTok Shop Seller Center? Can you share your negative thoughts about tiktok shop seller center?

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TikTok Shop Seller Center for Negative User Reviews

Product violationI'm concerned about how violations are handled on your app. Recently, two of my product listings, which have been on TikTok Shop for two months and one of them has even made a sale, were suddenly removed without any prior warning. This abrupt action is perplexing. If proper oversight had been in place when I initially joined TikTok Shop, such issues could have been prevented, as my shop should not have been approved in the first place. Instead of addressing the issue with a clear email notification, you chose to remove my product abruptly. This approach is counterproductive. It would have been far more helpful to receive an email warning about the violations and an opportunity to resolve them within a specific timeframe. Rather, I received violation points and had my products removed without any prior notice or clear communication. Issuing violations with more detailed information would benefit both sellers and the platform by allowing for prompt resolution. The current lack of clarity forces sellers into a guessing game regarding the nature of the violation. I'm disappointed and frustrated with the customer service within TikTok Shop for sellers, as it appears to be poorly managed. I strongly urge you to improve your handling of violations and enhance communication with sellers. This situation demands swift attention..Version: 4.5.2

Shop has been deactivated in errorMy shop was integrated with Printful. I sent an item to my first affiliate and it was not shipped in 24 hours. For that reason my shop has been deactivated. While I chose Printful’s 3-5 dat shipping as per TikTok’s policy. I spend so much time adding the products and the shop has been suspended for that unreasonable error. Why are you giving integration to POD if you are deactivating shops if they are not shipping in 24 hours. This is very unfair and stressful. Try another platforms. You will be deactivated without any warning..Version: 4.9.0

Awesome initiativeThis seems brilliant but it would be good to have a few more prompts on the best way to sell collectible tcg cards.Version: 5.1.0

Removed my productThey removed my eyelash extension product claiming it is prohibited and stated that it goes against tiktok policy, but all over tik tok it sells lash strips. I got denied my appeal as well. I reread the policy and my Lash strips don’t fall under the prohibited category. I believe this app is set to bring you back instead of help you because why would you removed a product that’s prohibited and you don’t explain exactly what is prohibited about it. You don’t explain what exactly was violating. It does not make sense to have a review process when you approve it and all of a sudden after a week of your product being up and running now it’s violating policy? How does that make sense when you clearly approved my product because it wasn’t against policy. I do not recommend this app or anything. They clearly do not support You unless you live outside the US. Or the item must be made in CHINA. If you are a small business owner with handmade items this is not the place for you..Version: 5.2.1

Coming out of TikTok product adding resets your whole workDoes lag a bit here - if I want to move information I will lose information on the TikTok seller App..Version: 3.1.0

Terrible design, zero transparencySeems like every single backend mechanism in this app is either broken or nonfunctional. How much money did I actually get from this sale? I’ll never know, because the numbers are different everywhere, showing coupon amounts, discount amounts, and god knows what else…meanwhile I’m left wondering if tiktok pays the coupon difference, or if I just screwed myself over. How about tiktok shop mailing? Who pays for that? Initially I just had to print a label, now I have to “click to purchase” a label. Sorry, wasn’t the buyer supposed to pay for that? If you’re charging me, you should say so, so I can adjust my shop pricing accordingly. If not, JUST MAKE THAT CLEAR. How hard is it to just show me what money I actually made?? P.S. - that’s not to say anything about the fact that it’s impossible to withdraw funds LOL. This shop has created more problems than it solved. I see I made a sale and my reaction is “ugh.”.Version: 4.9.0

Shipping & payments.Shipping takes far longer than what the standard usps typically takes. I’m not sure why but it takes a week or two for the item to be shipped. Then the payments don’t come right in either I believe I shipped something almost a month ago and still haven’t received that payment either. However I do enjoy using the store front it’s nice and easy. Thank you..Version: 5.3.4

Communist ScamI registered through the app which was a simple 2 minute process. Immediately my application for a business TikTok shop was approved automatically, no human ever reviewed it, ever. Then at the same time they sent me an email saying my accounts activity has a violation and that any and all of my “funds” are frozen. Then asked/ or demanded that I give them all of my proprietary and confidential business documents and submit an appeal. Stuff that is none of their business and with a false, fake, automated claim from a robot. This company is a scam and obviously a Chinese communist system. I will definitely not even attempt to appeal any of their false and fake allegations or play their game to try and get my Information. Just stick to better companies and let theirs sink..Version: 5.3.1

Manipulate you after 1 monthSo at first the seller central program is great. lots of people in the lives and the algorithm is working well and sales are good. after one month the app starts to send you less traffic which results in less sales and they direct you to paying for promoted ads instead of helping your businesses like the first month for free. Its a trick for tiktok to make more money off you. I really had high hopes for the platform but it turns out i was wrong as it was too good to be true and only lasted a month of success..Version: 4.8.0

AllythepuppyHard to sell on here, You receive violations for ridiculous reasons, you are singled out as a new seller. Others who list the same way aren't getting violations when new sellers are. Not a fair listing policy, they need more exact categories.. it's confusing trying to figure what category your items fit into when there is no actual category for example "gemstone crystals spheres" are listed under "jewelry derivatives " doesn't make sense at all. No category for CRYSTALS so you guess and then get handed a violation. Unfair ... You need to guess with some things and then comes the dreaded violation. The training and help doesn't explain or help you understand what category to put your item so they expect you to figure which one is allowed. It's a bad set up and sets sellers up for failure. I removed most of my items because after a few violations your banned forever. Hoping they either add categories or change things so will lay low until then. They need to help you understand what category some items should be in yet they are no help at all when it comes to asking which category an item should be listed in. Quick to give those violations though. Think twice before selling on this platform..Version: 4.8.0

Don’t waste your time.They make it real hard to sell on here. Your better off selling on eBay, Marci, facebook market place etc. They make you upload certificates that’s impossible to get for an item you want to sell. Also you can list something simple like necklace and they say you selected the wrong category when I went through them all. Also support don’t know what they are talking about. Different reps told me different reasons why..Version: 4.9.0

Rules differ for someIn my opinion I think I have been treated very unfairly by TikTok shop, and I’ve had violation after violation for no apparent reason. They tell me that products cannot contain swear words (offensive items according to rules) yet there are stationary bundle items all over my FYP that are full of swear words and all are available on the TikTok shop, that seller has no issues. One rule for one and another for someone else. Completely unfair. I have pointed this out to TikTok but they just ignore me. I have seen some businesses have issues with customers cancelling an order but they do not get notification of this and are out of pocket due to this. Also, TikTok will side with customer if they say they get wrong product even if they don’t p, I do have proof of this. You are unable to set up your own dispatch times which makes it hard for businesses selling handmade items. I have had violations for sending traffic elsewhere in a product video when I did not do this, again penalties for doing nothing wrong. I also get multiple violations when live even when promoting products apparently for not promoting products. It takes a long time to get paid, sometimes as long as 5 weeks. I would not recommend tiktok shop at this time as they provide little to none assistance for small businesses like mine. My recommendation is to avoid..Version: 3.9.0

Automated responsesI truly enjoy TikTok… However, the TikTok shop has been very under user friendly… As I am an educated registered nurse, and I find that these violations for uploading to the wrong category for a simple pen is outrageous… My heart drops whenever I do something incorrectly… And when I reach out for clarification, I get an automated response… The artificial intelligence is under scored.Version: 4.6.0

App logo not showingI’m unable to see the app logo, so shortcut login, to seller centre. I have to log into the main TikTok app then click open to get into seller centre. Can you advise? It’s taken so long to get a response I’ve given up. Also note that discounts on my products are applied by TikTok randomly and without notice. Very glitchy, not particularly user friendly. I won’t be selling on TikTok in the foreseeable..Version: 5.3.1

Not the best.Should let you use the food and beverages category anyway..Version: 3.0.0

Unable to Link Account to official Tik Tok accountI have worked to get 1000 followers so that I can start going live with my shop linked to my tik tok account. It has taken nearly a month but I finally got there and was almost finished with setting everything up when I hit a wall. The tik tok verification needed an ID, which I was gladly ready to submit but for some reason I keep getting upload error. It is a bug that has not yet been fixed and I have seen multiple other people having the same issue. It really is not pleasant and is making me feel very helpless when no ticket I write nor email I send gets a response..Version: 5.2.1

Please help me!This TikTok SellerCenter app seems like a great app to make money, but.. I downloaded this app two weeks ago. I’ve tried everything to complete the identity verification. I gave my personal info, tried contacting TikTok Officials but their not much help. And the worst part about it all is that I can’t get support through the SellerCenter app because I haven’t verified my identity. I’m stuck in a loophole of being unable to complete the verification process, after multiple new attempts, and not getting any feedback on how to fix this. Please reach out to me. My TikTok handle is currently johnslyricsss. If I can get some sort of feedback from Officials, I would appreciate this very much. I would even change my review if so. Thank you. Best regards, Sergio..Version: 5.2.1

Terrible for sellers - Scamming appTerrible service. No security for sellers. A customer blatantly lied about not receiving the product and despite providing all the proofs that it was delivered, they settled the dispute in customer’s favour..Version: 4.5.2

ViolationsViolations and help center are a total joke. I literally had my product approved and up for one day, next day my product was suspended and got a violation! This is so bad for a business! You lose so much customers when you’re practically doing everything right. I have no idea who makes this decisions behind but I’ve known a lot of small business that have decided to stop using tiktok shop because of how much stress they put you on. Would not recommend!! 0 star.Version: 4.6.0

Unclear guidelines and strikes for no reasons.The appeal process is awful and my items get removed but my Ads are always approved. They can take my money but can’t let me make money. I also don’t like how they make it very clear that the tiktok shop customers are not your customers they are tiktoks customers. I’ve had multiple scams attempted by buyers as well and I reported them and nothing happened. They claimed I sent them a broken device and I asked them to send me pictures so I could file a insurance claim and he wouldn’t send me pictures. He said his camera was broken. And then I look at his account and he’s live-streaming and he posted a video talking badly about my item and in the video he was hitting it with a baseball bat. I reported all of this and nothing happened. This was in Aug 2023!!.Version: 4.6.0

Unclear policiesThe app itself is okay. It’s the policy’s put in place that’s crazy! I was really excited to open my shop, but after having my shop for only 24hours and listing a couple of items my shop was permanently closed. & I have no idea what I policy violated because it wasn’t made clear in the email I was sent. Nor did I receive any warning so I could attempt to correct whatever the issue was prior to my shop being closed. I didn’t even get the opportunity to utilize it. No sell, no views, nothing! I’m waiting on a response for a appeal but after reading the reviews, I’m not sure much will come of it. & At this point, even if i am lucky enough to get my shop back i honestly don’t even think I want to bother with it.Version: 4.6.0

Terrible appThe app is horrible. It’s no reason to have an app when it does the exact same thing as the browser. Besides that, my tik tok shop has been having an issue where I have been approved for Tik tok shop and even shipped orders off. However my tik tok shop does not show up on my page although it’s link so no one who is in my page is able to view my showcase. It’s been one month and customer service still hasn’t resolved my issue. They escalated it but the representatives keep asking you to do the same things. My issue is still current and no one at customer service has fixed it..Version: 4.5.2

Automation is an issueToo many violations generated due to the automated process and lack of flexibility. Despite raising numerous tickets we are seriously considering going elsewhere. We have spent an inappropriate amount of time on trying to sort these simple issues out..Version: 2.7.0

Really not good!The app don’t work, all the time asking for passport details. After upload crashed.Version: 5.1.0

Stay away from tiktok shopFirst, I strongly recommend avoiding TikTok Shop altogether. If you give it a try, they might suspend your shop without any valid reason, cancel orders that have already been shipped, and issue refunds, resulting in significant financial losses. They will denied your appeal even you provided the requested documents. I learned this the hard way, and it's an extremely frustrating experience. Secondly, TikTok appears to show a bias towards Chinese sellers compared to those from the US. They do not disclose that items are shipped from China but instead label them as being shipped overseas. They only allow Chinese and Us citizens selling on Us Tiktok market. Additionally, they lack options for buyers to choose or filter products which ship from Us. Moreover, they may suspend your listing for price spam, even if your pricing is justified due to higher US labor costs compared to China. Their customer support is unhelpful, providing robotic responses with the same templates and suggesting you restart your computer every time..Version: 4.7.0

Getting paidApp is pretty easy to use just not happy about how long it takes to get paid out..Version: 5.1.0

TerribleTikTok shop is by far the worst place I’ve ever sold on. They hand over violations like crazy without a warning or anything. Some of these violations are absurd like they’ll say you’ve put a product on the wrong category when it’s actually correct?? They’ll approve your products to but even after a few days out of nowhere they’ll give you a violation. After a few violations, they permanently deactivate your shop account. The help center is just robot replies that don’t help at all or reply with a response that has nothing to do with the situation. When you appeal a violation they state to respond within 48 hours but never reply to the important appeals. They rarely even approve of them. Tiktok shop also tends to cancel or refund orders that are already on the way to the customer without your approval. For small businesses, I’d suggest to stay away from this website. They’ll have you thinking it’s the best app when you first start but then that’s when your downfall starts and end up losing sales or have your account permanently shut down. You could be selling the same items as another bigger successful small business and you’ll be the one having all these violations going to you..Version: 4.9.0

Product reviewMy products have been reviewing for a month what a great customer service wowwwww😂😂😂.Version: 2.8.0

Horrible Resolution to IssuesIn theory this shopping app should be great but they give a lot of violations for computer automated issues on seller accounts that are not real. Their customer support is the worst when you try to resolve issues- chat support is never able to help- they always create an escalation team - they never resolve the issue bc a robot replies with a solution that is not related to your actual problem and they close the ticket. So you get to start all over again. And no resolution to anything. WORST Seller app TIkTok - do better !!!!.Version: 4.7.0

UnsatisfactoryCustomer Service lack knowledge of anything and can be extremely rude. On the other hand the training center doesn’t gives much detail for information and then once you’ve listed items you might be able to sell a few then comes the violation and removal of the said product due to it being prohibited which makes no absolute sense. If you are a drop shipper then you have a whole other issue..Version: 4.9.0

Can’t openShop.Hi I keep getting messaged saying iv reached my limit and company not recognised in the process. Emailed lots of times no answer so confusing and no one answers back and you get asked for nickname that's been taken after 30 attempts.Version: 5.1.0

Pathetically horrible terrible appI’ve tried to Verify my account over 20 times. It keeps going in circles. Ads don’t work. I can’t setup ads. Orders appear without any notification or any emails. It’s just a bunch of screens with a hodge podge of features that look fancy but nothing really works. Perhaps they just hired a bunch of designers and crappy programmers that have no idea how to build a proper app based software. Only a bunch of few China based sellers are selling their products here. It’s just the Wild West. I’ve sent many emails to TikTok support but no one has ever responded..Version: 5.3.4

AVOIDI opened a TikTok shop on the 1st October. I’ve sold over £1000 worth of products and my payment info has been under review since the 1st October. I cannot add my bank card to get my money settled. As it’s “under review” I’ve opened multiple tickets about this issue and nobody has helped me. It’s been back and forth. Same automated replies the customer service is nonexistent. No contact number or email to contact for support just a live chat. AVOID SELLING ON TIKTOK SHOP. They have my money and are not doing anything to help me get it. It’s been over 4weeks now still no help. Worst platform I have ever used! Would give 0 stars if I could.Version: 4.7.0

Saying my shop name contains underscores even tho it doesn’tDon’t use.Version: 2.5.3

Good appI don’t get notifications when I get an order despite all my preferences being on.Version: 4.7.0

Taking down items that I own!This is a joke! You keep taking down items I own!! I purchased these images separately and you keep adding my shop health and removing them! It’s a joke!.Version: 3.1.0

I’d give 0 if I couldI’d give 5 stars if I loved giving away free products and losing money instead of making it. The seller is NOT protected what so ever. Anyone can get a refund for any given reason on tik tok shop. I deleted my shop the other day due to this and sooooo many others have too because they are losing money more than they are making due to not being protected by tiktok. Watch videos on tiktok and you’ll see what I am talking about. Such a waste of my time and material due to 100’s of refunds for no reason. Sad. Do better , tik tok.Version: 5.2.1

Can't even register an account.Firstly, I want to take advantage of the tiktok seller program badly. I have been trying to set up an account for about a week. The chat option in the seller app does not work, so when trying to reach tiktok I have to do it through the normal app. And they just do automated responses, tell me their escalating the situation & I should receive an email with 1-2 days. It's been a week and still nothing. I can't get past verifying my license . Everything I have entered is correct. I've tried over 10 times + I even changed my image to JPG to see if it would help and still nothing. Tik tok had yet to reach out to me. I reported it as a problem as well and still haven't heard back from there. I wish this could be an enjoyable easy going feature, but they have A LOT of bugs to figure out..Version: 4.7.0

Problems with help featureIf you try and open a ticket now it always comes up with an order that’s been placed but I need to create tickets for other things not always orders so still some tweaking required..Version: 3.1.0

BEWARE! Random closures + will freeze fundsI have been running my handmade business online for 14+ years (so I know what I’m doing, my business is legit, nothing is copyright infringement). Linked Shopify to TikTok shop to try it out and fulfilled a handful of orders w/o issue. Two months later, I got RANDOMLY hit with 48 violation points for “Shop Compliance, Unusual Order Activity- Permanent Closure.” This is random, unwarranted, and best of all: they’ve frozen all my funds until they “decide what penalties to assess.” BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE; I have NEVER experienced anything as unpredictable and unacceptable as this in 14 yrs working with e-commerce. Google it; this is happening very frequently (and seemingly randomly).Version: 5.1.0

SMALL BUSINESSES BEWARETikTok Shop will give you insane violations for next to nothing, freeze your sales money (including gifts from livestreams), ban your shop and sometimes not pay you at all, and give you the runaround when you try to get help from customer service. They’ll allow you to appeal these violations twice each and will reject your appeal both times..just don’t do it. They won’t even tell you what you’ve done wrong sometimes. I simply mentioned my website in a livestream and they froze my entire store and banned me from selling permanently, including doing giveaways or tagging my products in lives or videos at all. They also claim they’ll reimburse you for shipping (they offer customers insane deals on your shop’s behalf without notifying you) such as free shipping or items for a penny, and they claim they’ll reimburse the shipping, but they don’t. I made several $15 sales and received less than $9 after the shipping they didn’t repay & their own fees. You also don’t get paid for your orders for 15-18 days after the customer confirmed it received. If the customer decide they want to use half of the item, destroy it and return it, you’re also responsible for paying for that. Constant issues with payouts. Unclear, overwhelming information constantly. They are VERY dishonest. I’d avoid them at all costs..Version: 4.8.0

Not goodI didn’t want to start a business on there and just shop and it wouldn’t let me shop without making a business don’t download this is waste of time and waste of storage.Version: 5.0.0

Awful can’t beat your websiteTikTok shop is dreadful. It’s nothing but a dictatorship. You can’t say website if you have a shop. They violate you saying your sending traffic of their site. Mean while your site traffic massively drops on your website if you have TikTok shop. As more people CBA to click on the link. They also make the load time slow so it puts buyers off. Same as others we also got violations for stupid things like 100 natural rubber can be used. Even if the product is. We felt we could hardly add any info on our products. Or add new products as they would removed them. Payments take weeks all the time they are sending emails saying you need to restock while they owe hundreds. Say you took £500 a week it then takes a month or more to pay it out. I’ve not spoke to one person who has passed their silly probation period. To make quicker payout times. I’m not seeing any one saying they have achieved this. TikTok shop is going broke like they did in the USA apprently they pulled out as the USA hated it. Customer can now cancel even when the order has been sent out. This is a stupid policy many sellers are against. It means scammers can order them cancel. They get a product of yours and their money back. You also need 50 orders a day to get better privileges..Version: 3.9.0

GlamneticaIs very difficult to find a winner price for products because there is many people selling cheap staff from China . Also it will be much better for sellers if the can ship globally..Version: 4.7.0

A PAIN to type anythingThis app is ok but I find the typing to just all over the place. It predicts words and automatically changes it to that and jumps down to the end of the description. I also had handmade sterling silver jewelry to add but you “have to be invited” to use those materials and no way to apply for an invitation. Frustrating and probably better for common drop shippers, not small handmade businesses..Version: 5.3.4

Too many issues that should not be issuesThere are too many products being denied for unexplained reasons. The app also creates violations that negatively affect your shop health with vague descriptions as to why you received a violation. Nor do they provide details on how to support your appeal of said violation. Although we ship extremely fast we sell perishable items which we prefer to ship on Mon-Wednesday/Thursday depending on package destination to avoid shipping delays and to ensure freshness, however the site makes you ship in 24 hours or you receive a violation..Version: 4.3.1

Not Seller FriendlyTikTok Shop is not seller friendly, I started using this because it was a lot cheaper than me using my own website that I closed down a few months ago. However the fact that you’ll be waiting for a month to get paid is ridiculous, people don’t read product descriptions then write negative reviews which causes unnecessary stress. You have to wait for a product to be approved, which I’ve never had to do since I run my own site. People put in incorrect addresses, which causes problems for the seller. I mean the list goes on, and it’s not far to us because we work so hard. The processing time should also be longer, but like previous reviews nothing will be done. After this month I’ll be moving back over to my own website..Version: 4.3.0

Not as good as my other platformsUnable to contact sellers or see names so organising large quantities of orders is difficult, accidentally cancelled an order even though it was sent (with another order from the same customer). Not a lot of seller options, eg I’m unable to refund the postage for a duplicate order, but it was already posted so I had no option but to refund or the order would sit there ‘unsent’. Integration to other platforms doesn’t work either.Version: 4.6.0

Not ideal for small personalised businessesI run a personalised drinkware business. They only give you 4 days to post, which only gives me 3 days to make the item. I then have to wait up to 4 weeks for payment. I had a massive influx of orders, which was great, but for 4 weeks this left me in debt waiting for my money. There is no one to talk to if there is an issue - just raising a ticket. Dedicated account managers where we can email issues to would be helpful and shortened settlement periods without having to jump through so many loops..Version: 4.2.0

By far one of the worst apps I’ve ever ever usedSo I tried using this app and link it to my TikTok account but because I got a community guidelines violation for something utterly ridiculous because TikTok is so anti-marijuana because they’re communist Chinese app they wouldn’t let me link my TikTok account to it to sell things on TikTok shopping. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m getting really fed up with the way they use TikTok and they are community guidelines as a joke and I’m tired of how I make comments on specific videos and things and I get in trouble all the time I literally saw a woman with gigantic knockers breast-feeding her daughter, and it was very sexual the way she was making faces. They allowed that with all these likes and everything but God forbid I talk about a new story about gun violence, and they immediately take it down make it make sense! maybe if your country would allow marijuana, you guys wouldn’t be jerks..Version: 4.8.0

Don’t waste your timeI was selling my songs on a flash drive that I would mail to people. Tiktok deactivated my listing and will not let me appeal and will not give me an exact reason why they shut it down… We sold on Tiktok for my acoustics company too. About half the customers would claim not to receive the items. Despite us having delivery confirmation with pictures Tiktok always sides with the customer and never gave us the money. They would also deactivate our products and give us violations frequently for no reason and with no explanation except “this is against our policy”. My advice is to not sell anything on TikTok or buy anything on Tiktok. I’ve been selling online full time since 2016 and Tiktok is by far the worst platform I’ve ever seen..Version: 4.9.0

Needs improvementEvery time there is either a violation or a customer return tiktok shop does absolutely never take the sellers side. I placed a dispute on a violation with FULL evidence with over 9 screenshots long of an issue that was fully a system fail on titkoks side where they gave us a violation over a function that was not working on their app but this they care? Nope. Neither did they help to fix it. Another thing , customer return products that are not even the ones given to them and they still accept their full return and refund while other times giving refunds without sellers approval . It’s like they have no care for the seller.Version: 5.3.4

Not worth it…Being a seller for clothing on tik tok isn’t worth it. You don’t get paid on time, tik tok approves returns without customer sending the item back to you (this impacts a small business massively), there are a lot of issues with tik tok which doesn’t get dealt with!.Version: 4.2.0

Fix your app mateI am trying to login with my tiktok and it says that the user does not exist when it does and it is annoying me ! Please fix this issue quickly thanks!.Version: 4.9.0

CriminalsHow can small businesses signup to sell on your platform to make ends meet and grow their businesses and you violently take their money, close their shops with no valid explanation. There is no one to help you as the chat support is full of bots and even when you create a ticket it is automatically declined by the system. It clearly shows that they do not value their sellers to just wake up and issue a vendor 48 points of violation, no warning or even a chance to understand what’s happening, shops permanently closed? Funds seized?. Do you know how much money and time people invest in their businesses? Closing shops is already saddening not to talk about withholding funds. This is illegal practice and it is disheartening. About 496$ in my reserve was withheld, think about sellers who had thousand of dollars, this is wrong..Version: 5.0.0

Logging in doesn’t workI’ve continued to make multiple attempts at logging in and it keeps saying the password I’ve re-entered and reset NUMEROUSLY is “wrong” and kept saying I only had a few attempts. I have checked my spelling and even had screen shots of my password to make sure there was no spelling issues. This is a waste of time and needs to be fixed. I don’t appreciate that your team rushed this app cause it has too many flaws. I’m also having an issue where it says I’m logged in than it keeps sending me to the page where I need to “become a creator”. And even when I try that it keeps saying my ID number has been used before and I can’t attempt to verify another account. I’m not even trying to verify another account..Version: 5.3.1

Connection issue hardJust it easy connecting.Version: 4.1.0

The worst experience ever.I signed up in late July worked tirelessly to get all my product up in my shop followed all of their guidelines step-by-step. All is well started making some really good sales building my following and then boom October 23 I received 23 violations in two days, half of which were incorrect product category. how can this be when you list the costumes jewelry necklace in the costume jewelry? Necklace section I think that’s pretty clear especially when you cannot find another category that is a better fit thought and try to appeal these lost them all. The other half of my violations were spam pricing, how can I be spam pricing against other costume jewelry when mine is all my own original designs and work and made here in the USA not comparable to anything else I have seen on TikTok this is a scam. I have tried to appeal all of these but since the appeal page has been broken since about 25 October, appealing is impossible, this is fraud in my book. How can you violate me for something if I do not have the right to defend myself and explain. I feel tikTok should remove all the violations and restrictions until they get the platform fixed the trouble tickets don’t work either you get the same exact word salad no matter what your trouble ticket is about, I’ve done everything that they’ve asked me to do and issues are not on my end. They are within tikTok..Version: 4.8.0

App isn’t working like it was beforeSo the app was working fine then since update it’s stuck on registration screen and keeps asking to complete set up even though I did this months ago now I can’t get access to daily overview, finance, product reviews, etc I can’t see any of it on the Home Screen which is so frustrating as it worked fine before and I always used it. Trying to get help as been a nightmare I’ve raised countless tickets from all different areas throughout TikTok and just get automated responses which aren’t relevant to the help I’m asking for. Please fix this so I can use the app again..Version: 4.8.0

Too complicatedAs a seller i find tiktok be unnecessary complicated, they make it hard to search for orders You have to enter an entire order number with about 15 numbers, instead of just having an order number or 4 numbers, it will make it so simple. Also there is no need at all to encrypt the buyers address, i am the seller i need to see their name & address, encrypting it makes it harder to find or look for orders, i can also see it when i print the label so i find that silly & unnecessary. Also if tiktok cancels an order from a buyer for not paying, leave that in a separate folder or dont display it at all 😂 that causes for confusion. (Today i was printing my orders & my printer jammed & it printed all of them except 1, so i had to enter the entire 15 number order to figure out which one it was, when it would be so easy if it was just a 4 digit order number, & i cant search by name because titktok thinks is a good idea to encrypt the buyers name & address 🤦🏻 Hopefully they change that. Also dont make returns mandatory, we should be able to have a no Return policy if we want.Version: 5.3.4

TikTok shop not working for sellerI’m very in shock being in 2024 I was hoping for this to go smoothly here we go I made the decision to sign up to TikTok shop yesterday and woke up to it not working I tried logging in and does not allow me to get into shop not through TikTok or through this app I then made a whole new email ,number and made a new TikTok account and when I put in my information for drivers license and my social and everything it says account already registered I go on chrome and try and it says not account is associated like what is going on mane I want to sell I received all the confirmation emails reassuring me I was accepted sucessful also what’s with the auto fill on the drivers license talking about expo something this that and it also auto fills your last name not ok man help us out your running a service but have no way to contact anyone I already made 3 tickets about this I have heard nothing !!!.Version: 5.1.0

Frustrating Verification Process and Flawed SystemMy experience with Tik Tok Shop has been exceedingly frustrating so far. The entire process seems to be handled by an automated system fraught with flaws, offering no option for personalized assistance or to speak with an actual representative. I have attempted to upload my U.S. driver's license over 20 times, but the system simply fails to verify me. It's discouraging and exhausting. I submitted three different inquiries, and all were closed with the same generic suggestion to "re-upload my ID". Following this advice has not remedied the issue. Moreover, I tried addressing the matter via email, but the response was equally unsatisfactory, advising me once more to "upload the ID again". It's ludicrous that, with all the technology available today, one can't receive real and effective help to resolve such basic issues. In conclusion, the lack of personalized assistance and a deficient verification system have turned my experience with Tik Tok Shop into a true ordeal. They urgently need to address and rectify these system flaws and enhance their customer service to provide real and effective solutions..Version: 4.5.2

Misleading and unprofessional.I was approved to open my TikTok shop for my Crystal business. Then a few month later I was plagued with violation after violation for incorrect category. Even though they were placed in the right category. Then they said it’s because I’m not apart of the invite-only restricted group. But they won’t assist me by simply just inviting me to this elite special group for crystal sellers. So I’ve jumped through hoops and yet 5months later to still be experiencing the same issue. I’ve been told that they were “onboarding certain people to be able to actually sell my items without being in that special group of invite-only restricted category” So they still reviewed/approved items but rejected them later. How does that help a small businesses especially business of color. I don’t advise anyone use the TikTok shop if your just starting out and don’t have your own brand..Version: 5.1.0

About sellingI’m trying to sale something but keep receiving one item not right and I don’t know wich one I need to know what is wrong.Version: 4.6.0

Shop appNo point doesn’t let me put my actual postcode is it just keeps saying I’m wrong even know I live there waste of time..Version: 2.4.1

Time consumingYou have to keep on editing for it to approve posts which it should approve in the first place.Version: 3.1.0

Complete jokeI literally signed up to Cell was approved and then immediately got a violation. They sent me a thing saying I needed to send a copy of my business to my state whatever and I don’t have a business. My sister has a business and it’s just registered at the same address. She’s a graphic designer and it literally has nothing to do with me, so why would she give me her business information to submit an appeal on something that has nothing to do with her business.Version: 5.2.1

Removes Listing for No ReasonI was selling a scarf on Tiktok and spent a lot of money on ads and all of a sudden I received an email that my product is violating their policies in the UK!.Version: 4.9.0

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TikTok Shop Seller Center works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TikTok Shop Seller Center.

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