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Sam's Club App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Sam's Club app received 35 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Sam's Club? Can you share your negative thoughts about sam's club?

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Sam's Club for Negative User Reviews

Doesn't work in CanadaThe map part doesn't find anything in Canada..Version: 1.2

Constant app issues ….The App once you’re in would be fine if you could actually check out and if it would stop kicking me off. I’ve only been a member for about 4 weeks now and within that 4 week period I am now on my 4th time where I cannot checkout online. It keeps saying my payment information is invalid. I can use the exact same card(s) in the store with no issue but online it continues to sporadically say that it’s invalid. I can purchase from any other online company and I can purchase in the store but the app glitches and says the info isn’t valid. I’ve deleted my cookies, I’ve cleared my history, deleted the app and reinstalled, I’ve tried deleting all payment info and putting it in again, I’ve tried using the regular site instead of the app. I’ve shut my phone off after I logged out of my sams account. The first few times after I did some of those trouble shooting attempts above it miraculously worked but the 3rd time I had to wait it out for 2 days. All of a sudden it worked. Today again, payment information not valid. So today I had to call sams who filed a ticket and now I just have to wait and see if they can fix whatever glitch they have. It also kicks me completely off quite often. When it works it’s great, when it doesn’t it REALLY doesn’t …..Version: 22.03.10

Need to be able to access with Canadian address.Can't sign in and use this app like I would like because I live in Canada. Called the help desk and they can not help either. Interesting that in this day and age, you only get the full value of the site or app if you are from the USA, even though you pay the same membership fee. Wake up people, think big picture..Version: 2.5

CrashesThe app crashes a lot but otherwise it’s fine.Version: 19.0.4

No Notification of order not being fulfilledSo I ordered supplies from sams club in Dallas and go to select a pick up time. Seeing as it was 4:00 pm and they stop doing same day pick up after 3 (per app) I select a time when I can pick up my purchase after work the next day . I submit a pick up time for the latest time they have the next day because my job was far and I was anticipating traffic. So Now it’s the next day and still have not received an email stating my order was ready. So I get to sams at 6:55 pm and still no order ready email. So I go in so someone could check and after waiting find out that the items I ordered sold out earlier that day ( scheduled pick up day) I asked why my order was not gathered before hand since they were already holding money from my account. The club member proceeds to blame the system. I asked why I was not notified that my items were not in stock ( would have saved me a trip) again brings up the computer system. I asked why it wasn’t pulled earlier to make sure since I already had paid for it (still blames the system). All this to say that this app is pointless for ordering because it’s not accurate , doesn’t inform you of ordering problems and you still might not get your order even if you order days ahead. So I asked the club member to cancel the order( in which they did), but funny enough received two automated cancellation emails..Version: 20.2.0

Doesn't workI tried several times to enter my membership card and every time it asks me to enter a valid membership number. I was in the store yesterday and my membership was valid but the app doesn't think so!!!!!.Version: 3.0.1

Jdjr2020It was suggested to me that I download the Scan n Go app and bypass the long lines at “the” register or the slow moving, when working, self check lines. So I did. I couldn’t wait to try it! It was heavenly, the first time. The second time was a waste of time. Every time I’d scan an item the app would blink and end up back at home screen. It soon became too much like work so I got in one of the few working self check lanes and back to the way we were. Now I would expect this from a little fledgling operation just trying out some new technology, but this is a multi billion dollar company. All I can conclude is that Sams Club at the highest level just doesn’t give a d*#m. You can’t tell me they do. Spend a few dollars and pay somebody to make sure that the world’s largest retailer has working self check systems. Pay them to tighten up the screw that holds the credit card scanner so I don’t have to hold it in place while inserting my card. I thought self check was going to replace employees. I now see that they too are at work and not working. I believe if Sam Walton we’re alive and he walked into Sams Club on Covington Pike in Memphis and saw 9 self check systems and 3 with “Out of Order” signs on them... I believe he’d raise hell and put a prop under it! Sams, Operating like an under capitalized mom and pop. Sad.... Gonna uninstall app.....Version: 19.10.1

You do not need my precise locationFor the second time since the feature has rolled out, the Sam’s club app has triggered an immediate freeze on a business debit card which contains plenty of money issued by Bank of America. While Sam’s clubs corporate headquarters has repeatedly resisted Apple Pay, I have found the Sam’s app to otherwise be excellent. According to Bank of America, a one dollar authorization followed by a $100 pre-authorization when I put the card in the physical machine after your app failed to authorize my valid card, caused immediate shutdown of my account which required a call directly to the bank. As an app developer myself, I am not unsympathetic to the difficulties of such an interface, but I am certain any app developer who wishes to bypass the established and exceptionally secure methods provided via Apple Pay should at very least figure out how to do so without requiring either precise location information or a connection to Sams Club’s WiFi network. You’ve always been known as the elite within the vast Walmart empire. Kindly reply to this review when the issue has been addressed and I will immediately correct the review..Version: 21.06.10

Bad appThis app keep crashing..... Would love it alot if it would work good ....Version: 3.5.2

App is better than it used to be but still needs some improvements.The app is easier to use now and if you remember to check as you go in the store with it it saves the hassle of loading, unloading to check yourself, reloading, unloading to the car and then unloading when you get home. The main problem I have had since the beginning is that it randomly picks a store to have your order picked up at when you order online for pickup. I always buy at the Plano store on Ohio. The app pays no attention to that. Once it had my pickup in Dallas. This time I thought it was the Plano store on Ohio but no…it just said Plano and nothing else on the page you can see right off but I didn’t realize after shopping the Ohio store for other items and then trying to pick up my order that it sent the order to Coit. Very frustrating! And you can transfer an order. You have to cancel and pick out the items yourself and pay again while you wait for your refund for days on the order or you can make a trip to yet another store. But I have to say that many things have improved on it. I wouldn’t have given it one star some years ago..Version: 22.04.21

Great idea but falls short!This app has some benefits and is nicely laid out. Unfortunately it falls short of a great app. Click n pull has very limited inventory, the app crashes often, and at times freezes. Store maps are inaccurate for some stores. I think this app needs work..Version: 2.1.1

Cannot add membership card to Apple Wallet/Cannot use Bonus Cash after membership number was changedI used to be able to add my membership card to my Apple Wallet. With a recent update, this option was removed. Why?? Please add it back. My membership number was changed in Mar 2023 when my first name was corrected. That started a spiral of frustration for me as I could not use my card at the club and had to get a new one but instead of giving me a new card with my new membership number, I was given a black pre-printed 690 card which does not match my membership account number. Then I had issues with my Bonus Cash account. The credit card that I registered with the Bonus Cash program was linked to my old membership number and now I cannot add the same credit card to my Bonus Cash account. Keeps telling me the credit card is already registered. Contacted customer service and was told they needed a “token” in order to delink my credit card from my old revoked membership account. When I asked what a token was, I was told it will be researched and someone will get in touch with me. That was 27 March 2023. I still have not heard from anyone. Calls and chats with customers went to nowhere. No one at customer service can help me. I cannot use the Bonus Cash program..Version: 23.04.10

Horrible Experience ! Be careful with the products of dog treat!I loved Sam’s club but everything changed until today May 11th,2021! Customer service is very heartless & offensive when I returned a bag of dog treat which I purchased last week and found DISGUSTING MOLD sticking on several pieces treat week later. I purchased this brand second time, trust their product & Sam’s club. First, no body said sorry or cared about did it hurt my dog’s health! ! Their attitude is we got your money refund, what else you expect? No intention to check those products but just to get rid of trouble & that bag of rotten treat! Second, the guy named Josh who wears green vest ( maybe supervisor) first response is to question & blame me by saying “ I can’t make sure this happened before you open the bag or after “! This is really insulting and offensive!!! I purchased several different brand of treat products less than a week and how am I supposed to get one bag meat treat to grow white mold inside the bag, especially myself even shared several slices w/ my dog together during playing. I felt so guilty to my dog since I didn’t smell out this issue at first beginning and worried that those rotten mold treat may hurt his stomach & digestion system, then someone who is really be sorry for it, trying to shame you & point figure to you! I was too upset to talk to this guy and have to leave immediately. So disappointed & hurtful !.Version: 21.04.20

Huh, say what?Going to be a two part review first the fact when doing a pickup order, you can’t order everything in the store. So you still have to go inside to get your groceries. It doesn’t make sense. Secondly, and this is concerning your pharmacy, which I’m not sure the app has anything to do with it, but I can’t seem to find any place to complain about this in another spot. I had a prescription shipped to the house because I was diagnosed with Covid. The box came in, and it look like it was smashed with a sledgehammer. The inside prescriptions the pills were fine, but the bottle was flattened. My Libra lifestyle 2 box was completely flat and damaged. I wanted to make sure everything was fine and that the product was gonna be able to be used and nothing was damaged with the product. I bring it in for the pharmacy to look at it. She tells me yeah it looks fine. She said the next time. Don’t have it shipped and just pick it up and you won’t have that problem. If that is a benefit or perk of being a Sam’s club plus member I don’t understand her comment. Not to mention I was diagnosed with Covid. So do you rather have me come in infected with Covid to pick it up? Your pharmacist was rude. Making me question whether or not I should continue getting my prescriptions at Sam’s pharmacy. If I decide not to, I will be posting this on all social media that I can to show the unprofessional behavior of their pharmacist at the Baton Rouge, LA Sam’s Club..Version: 22.09.21

Cleaned up bugs??????? Bunny maybe not this appWas logged out to start. That never happened before. After login and successfully scanning first item could not get to scan more without jumping to other screens. Oh. It took 5 minutes to get to scan that first item. Checkout didn’t go any better. Had to enter card that had not expired or other info changed twice. Then I get asked if I want receipt emailed which it always did before. I wanted it but really did not want to enter email address again since it couldn’t recall that I logged in with one that I use for Sams Club. So no receipt and no way to get the app to send one with going back inside store possible. Besides the stupid app wanted me to login again between the store and my car. This is the third time. Wish we could go back to when this app was new, covid was new and Trump was in office when the app worked flawlessly enough for me. I have said next time I leave the goods in the cart in the store and shop elsewhere 2 times now. The fourth will happen if the cr App does the same. 1/10 star was not possible so I am being 10 times nicer than this app has been the last 4 months..Version: 22.01.10

App only worked once then never again.I lost my card and went into the store to get it replaced. I was told about the app and wanted thought it would be better than the card. After successfully purchasing that day I thought it was great. Things changed when I needed to buy gas. The app did not work. I did not have a card so I went to the inside desk again and the pleasant agent connected me with the corporate customer service people and after 15 minutes I thought it was finished. I purchased something as I left the store and thought I was ready. Returning to the pumps again I could not get gas yet I had spent over an hour so far. I decided to go back home and get gas the next day using my wife’s card. Gas is not optional! I used over an hour trying to buy gas and gave up frustrated. I returned the next day and purchased gas using the card. I then went into the store for our weekly purchases and took the time to scan and go, knowing that the day before it worked perfectly. This time I got to the checkout part and my card would not work. The attendant called a supervisor and I was told it was something with my credit card. I thought this was interesting since it was the same card I used successfully the day before. Nice concept on the scan and go but it must have been released before testing. So here I am, off to buy gas… using the old card system..Version: 22.06.11

DissatisfactionI place an order for which I mistakenly press my daughter’s address instead of mine even though is only a block away I thought about calling to change the address, since I’m in a wheelchair and sometimes even small tasks like retrieving my order from another address could be a challenge. Anyway I was invited to comunicate in chat to see the changes I was hoping to make, the change of address was not possible so the alternative was to cancel the order and re-order. I figured easy to do right? Then I got news that the funds could take up to 30 days to be returned to my account, depending on my bank, and I say what bank? I used my Sam’s Cash and my Sam’s Credit Card. I view of that I asked if it was possible to simply send my order to the address originally appointed, and no that was not possible. So I will publish a message in my social networks to warn peopke about making mistakes when buying at Sam’s with the “convinience” of home delivery so that my friends won’t make the mistake I made.Version: 22.12.10

What’s happened?I loved this app when it first came out. Easy to use, Scan and Go was fantastic, online ordering was a snap. Lately it’s become almost useless. The last couple of times I’ve been in a store I’ve had trouble with scan and go not letting me check out. So I’m told to go through checkout and scan all my items again. Grrrrr. Now, at home placing an order to be shipped it freezes up at the checkout page after swiping to pay. I switch devices and try again. Same problem. I finally found a customer service phone number by Googling Sam’s Club (because there wasn’t a phone number on the app that I could find). Lo and behold, I’m pretty sure their customer service is now in a foreign country. After being on hold for 10 minutes I get disconnected. I call back and wait. This time the guy has such an accent I couldn’t understand what he was saying except “sign out and sign back in”. He didn’t seem to understand that my iPad had locked up. I COULDN’T just sign out. I just close the app and reopened it, but that doesn’t fix it. I had to hang up because he was wasting my time. Sorry SAM’s. I’ve been a loyal member for 40 years. This is about the worst experience I’ve had. PLEASE FIX THE APP AND YOUR. CUSTOMER SERVICE..Version: 23.03.10

Glitches and Plus Membership Doesn’t Deliver As PromisedThis app will sometimes not let me place an order for no apparent reason. Yesterday when I pushed checkout it gave me an odd incoherent error message. Tried again today and it at least let me order. Not the first time it has had this type of glitch for me, I can only successfully place an order around half of the time and yes it automatically updates to the latest version and is up to date when that happens, I check. My other issue is that we pay extra for the Plus Membership so that we can get free shipping online since we live 30 minutes from the nearest club and sometimes they are out of things we need but they have them online. It seems fewer and fewer items are available for free plus shipping every time I use it, if I’m able to use it because it is actually working that day. This feels a little deceptive to me and in many cases I end up buying fewer items than I had on my list because of this. I end up buying them from a competitor that will give me free shipping on the same item. I guess they just don’t mind losing a lot of my business..Version: 21.03.10

Pro- Convenient! Con- Editing, removing, adding a credit card is almost impossible!Worked wonderfully when I initially started using it however, when it came to removing an expired credit card, no go. When it came to adding a new credit card, no go. When I attempted to edit the card, no go. I also attempted to make the changes through the website on a computer and was able to make them, however, when it came to using the app those edits were nonexistent so I had one lone expired credit card on my app and could no longer use it. With this new update, Sept. 2019, it appears that I can now see the cards I added via the computer, but only when I select OTHER payment method, and BTW, the expired cards that were deleted are still listed with no way within the app to delete them. There is a BUTTON that says “delete card” with the ONE card that was my default, but after deleting the card remains as default and appears with all of the other cards that have been added and REMOVED over time. Seems old/expired/lost cards just cant be removed😟..Version: 19.8.2

Keeps resetting and emptying my cart while I’m using the Scan & GoI love the concept of what this app offers. However, numerous times while I am shopping in store and using the barcode scanner to add the item it will 8/10 times force close and empties everything I already scanned in. There is only one location close enough to me I go to and the reception to use the app is hit and miss depending on what areas of the store you’re standing. I’m all for this feature but ever since it was all integrated into one app it has never been the same since. It’s frustrating especially when at times I’m scanning last item and go to checkout and pay, when I slide the bar to process payment it continuously circles and freezes. When I am able to pull it back up and try again it force closes! After all the work of scanning and maneuvering everything to fit in the shopping cart based on how I will load it in my car, I frustratingly proceed to stand in line... my soul reason for using the app goes right out the window. So frustrating.Version: 20.3.0

Pickup scamI have used this app for sometime to buy groceries for my grandparents out of town. It was very convenient as whichever family member that would be in the area could pick up what was bought and paid for for my grandparents. I’ve also used this when I was recovering from surgery or severely injured for myself. I would just shop in app pay in app and enter the name and phone number of the person that was picking up for myself or my grandparents. They would show their ID, order number, and it was as simple as this. I’m now recovering from a large abdominal surgery and cannot lift anything over 8-10 lbs, nor can I spend a lot of time walking the large store. So, I did my regular ordering and entered the name as usual, BUT apparently it is impossible for someone else to pick up for anyone that isn’t signed on their phone the account that made the purchase. They now want to have your location and you have to ‘check in’ to pick up your purchase. This isn’t convenient in anyway! I’m very unhappy. It’s very embarrassing that I work out a time for someone else to pick up my things and the store refuses to give it to them. Even when they have the receipt in hand..Version: 19.1.4

Canadians don't waste your time. Ii doesn't know we existWaste of a download north of the border. I am only keeping it in the event I go south. But looks like it will fall short. There are amazing dept store apps out there. This one is not it!! John.Version: 2.2.1

Tweeking neededTough to use when searching through the tire part. Searching by size optipn would help..Version: 2.1.2

Love the free shipping for Plus members, but...Love the convenience of shopping from home, in addition to the free shipping for Plus members and the safety factor during this pandemic. Being able to order many of the items we use online means I can get get in and out of the store much quicker when shopping for fresh foods, thereby reducing my risk of being exposed to the virus, though I sincerely miss being able to take my time browsing up and down every aisle in the store. My only complaint with shopping at Sam’s online — and it’s a serious enough matter to have caused me to deduct 3 stars from my rating, is the careless packaging of my orders for shipping. Multiple times when ordering canned goods, the products were shipped in a box that was much too large, with only a small sheet of loosely crumpled paper to “fill” the expansive void, such that the cartons of canned goods get thrown and bounced around inside the box during shipping (likely beginning with these careless workers at Sam’s who probably throw the boxes once they’re packed for shipping, considering the fact that they’ve already shown how little they care about protecting the products inside) resulting in a torn carton with some of the cans spilled out on one occasion, and badly dented cans on several occasions. This is unacceptable and indicative of possibly poor training and little to no supervision, but most likely due an insufficient number of employees to handle the workload..Version: 20.12.10

It is good but not great…I use this app when getting gas, online shopping, and when in store. It is a really good app but has a major issue/flaw for me. I use the list feature and have a shopping list I create to ensure I don’t forget things. The issue is that the list can only display about 10 items on the screen. Anything past that isn’t displayed and there is no way to see them until you delete a currently displayed item. It makes creating a list unproductive and I am not sure how the programmers think a list should work but it isn’t this way. Maybe the item to make the list display everything is item number 11 of their list and until they complete one of the other 10 items they don’t see it. Besides the list issue…it is really the only trouble I have had with the app. I am giving this a 3 instead of 4 stars because it is a really big issue/flaw/bug that should be there after the amount of time this app has been around..Version: 23.07.20

Problems with the scan and go!!!!!!I have to agree with the scan and go app! I have used it many times and loved it!!! But the last time I was in the store and use the scan and go app, it was horrible!!!!! I was doing the same thing I always do and when I payed and was goof out the girl who checked my receipt found a hand full of items that hadn’t got on the receipt. I have never had that problem before, but the people who went through my cart to check what didn’t ring up made me feel like I was a thief. They went through my cart and and transferred all of my stuff to a different cart. The things that had gotten on the receipt the first time was set aside and they watched me to make sure it paided for on a separate receipt. I had no problem making sure that it all was paid, but I was still treated like a criminal. Then being as I’m disabled I asked if someone would help me unloaded the cart for me They said yes, but no one came to help. She just stood in the front of the store watching me. So I m not sure if I m going to come back anymore. I afraid that they would watch me to make sure I didn’t do it again. I have never stolen anything in my life and don’t think that I would start now. SO I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO. MAYBE JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE TO DO MY SHOPPING. Sincerely Denette Eagle Plus member for over 10 years.Version: 20.09.10

FrustratingWe live in a very rural area and Sam’s is an hour away, we do a months worth of shopping here. Ordering through the app and doing curbside pickup has been awful. The first time (3 months ago) the app was incredibly slow, cart wouldn’t update and got kicked out 3 times before I could actually place my order. Last month for whatever reason it kept telling me that all the fresh produce I put in my cart wasn’t available for curbside and I’d have to go into the club to purchase it, then they forgot to give me 15 items but that’s not the apps fault. I just got back from picking up my order today and realized that the app took things out of my cart without telling me when I went to check out, locally the stores don’t sell the things that were removed from the cart so running to the store and grabbing it isn’t an option. I’ve honestly never had such a hard time using ordering curbside pickup through an app, we’re honestly thinking about driving the extra 30 min and switching back to CostCo..Version: 20.09.10

Great app but room for improvementI would like to see the ability to buy all store stock from the app at the same price..Version: 20.12.10

Voiceover accessibility issues with this appI am a visually impaired person who relies on voiceover to navigate my screen on the iPhone. While I really love Sams club, I do not like this app at all. It is very frustrating due to all of the scrolling advertisements, carousel promotions and so forth on the app as well as the website. This makes it very difficult for voiceover users when the screen is constantly changing. Thus, one is thrown back to the top of the screen in the middle of their browser. Also, it appears to be rather resource intensive as every time I attempt to use this app and then browsing the various categories unsuccessfully, the phone becomes rather warm which indicates to me that this app is quite heavy on the resources. I suspect this is due to the constant scrolling screen Which is automatically refreshing. The only way to really be able to use this app for us is to know what item it is we want by searching for it. However, it would be nice to be able to browse the categories successfully. Hoping that the developers will do something about this as there are a lot of visually impaired people who shop and rely on the apps such as these to get their groceries and merchandise delivered to their homes. This is an excusable considering there is plenty of resources out there for app developers on making their products accessible and making their app all inclusive to everyone. Again, the accessibility issue is with the app as well as the website..Version: 23.02.20

Order not showing in app for pickup / Forced to use location “always” and notificationsUpdating previous review to include problems with seeing order in app. Twice now I’ve went to pickup my order curb side and opened the app to notify store that I had arrived to pickup my order and the app showed no order - very frustrating since it had shown the order ready for picky a few hours earlier. Makes the app rather useless to me and I have to use phone to call customer service to relay that I am there to pickup my order. I had previously used the app and was able to only make my location known when using the app and was also able to decline notifications, but now when I try to use the app to notify the store I am there for my curbside pickup, I am forced to have location on always and also forced to receive notifications through the app. Otherwise, the app won’t let me proceed in alerting the store I am there for my pickup. Obviously, I will either have to reset these settings each time, since I refuse to have app developers force me into setting settings I don’t want or I will just call the store customer service each time. This also frustrates me to the point of being less likely to ever use the app at all. Who designs these functional flaws and then gets it approved? If it’s unintentional, it’s disappointingly terrible quality control..Version: 19.0.3

UpdateBecause I have an older iPad, the new app won’t work and although it says it’ll download the version that will work, nothing happens. Very disappointing..Version: 22.03.20

After three years of reporting it, still makes my phone too hot to run it for long.With all of the problems surrounding the iPhone 15 Pro and promax overheating, I can only imagine how bad it's going to be when running this app. We use it for scan and go, so we leave it running so that we can scan things when we're in the store, but even when we aren't there, this app makes my phone so hot that it actually has to shut down. It's not just this phone, but two previous phones as well. My iPhone X and 12 Pro did it, and I had to replace the 12 Pro and it still does it. It's unfortunate, because when I'm in the middle of doing shopping for delivery, if I don't sit in a freezing room, this app overheats the phone every single time. I've started over with a fresh install of iOS, and I've used my back up, and it's still a problem. please take a look at this app and fix it, because until Apple fixes they already reported problems with iPhone 15 Pro and promax overheating, this is going to be catastrophic! I should be getting mine this week, and I don't wanna have to not shop at Sam’s Club because of the overheating issue with this app and my new phone as well..Version: 23.09.21

Love Sam’s Club, HATE the app and websiteI am taking the time to write this review, something that I normally don’t do, to express my disappointment and extreme frustration that I experience nearly every single time I use the Sam’s Club app as well as the Sam’s Club website. The app constantly slows down, allows me to put items that are out of stock in my cart without me knowing that they are out of stock, that is until I get to check out. When I get to check out, the screen keeps saying that there’s an error and flagging me because I have to take the time to remove the items that are not in stock. Seems like no big deal, however when you have to do each item individually and there’s half a dozen or so of them it does take some time especially because the app as well as the website, runs extremely slow. I’ve had several situations as well with the things that I’ve been shopping for that I’ve placed in my cart completely disappear the page refreshes, but it doesn’t happen every time only when the app wants to. It’s completely bogus. I’ve wasted countless hours redoing my entire cart, probably more often then not when I use the app. Needs major fixing..Version: 21.03.10

Great idea, extremely poorly doneI’ve used the app for some time and there have always been varying issues. When Instant Savings come out I always attempt to check them out through the app. There are ALWAYS simple mistakes as if no one actually checks what is input. Some items will say “no image available” which normally wouldn’t be a big deal but there is no item description either. So you have to click on each entry to see if it’s something you may be interested in. There are 19 of those right now. Some of the items will have a completely different item that what is described in the list. Some will have “$20 off ... or ...” so when you click on one you’re interested there is 3 different colors of the item you don’t want and no description of what you do want. It’s as if whoever updates the Instant Savings page only has a certain amount of time to get it done and no changes are allowed even if there are mistakes reported. And I have reported many mistakes many times. Every time I have reported an error the case is marked as resolved and most I haven’t gotten a single response. If you want an app for convenience and saving time, this one isn’t it..Version: 18.2

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