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Affirm: Buy now, pay over time App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Affirm: Buy now, pay over time app received 22 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Affirm: Buy now, pay over time? Can you share your negative thoughts about affirm: buy now, pay over time?

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I don’t like it waste of timeThis app doesn’t allow you to browse all the stores because they’re more high end the crazy part is that you could download those apps go online or go in store and shop it basically tells you that you’re not good enough if they don’t see a big line of credit it’s not like The other apps like buy now pay later and you get sort of a line of credit and if you were over that line of credit they deducted out of your debit card/credit card I tried to buy something using this app it was declined and it was actually not expensive at all and I had enough money in my checking account to cover the whole purchase my personal opinion I don’t recommend it it’s much easier type in any type of store do you want to shop at online because this app does not let you even look at what the stores have and they tell you that’s their final decision on all I have to do is walk in to a high-end retail store and like I said shop directly under app and use my credit card and it still monthly payments.Version: 3.113.3

Payment historyThe app does not allow for one off payment. With you pay in advance, the app (and website) remove the next (a future) payment; which causes the person to have to input another payment before the assigned payment date. The app should list all future payments. It should also allow you to adjust the amount you want to pay for each, on both app and website. when a payment is scheduled in advance, the inserted payment should not remove future payments- if the site were updated to allow automatic payment to be adjusted, there would be no reason to remove future payment automatically. This is one reason I don’t prefer to use autopay. Why do I need a nickname to submit this information. This is a benefit to you which I am not being paid to do. So now I am really fined since I have tried to submit this multiple times. That feature is really ‘bad’. Get other people to test this app, regular people don’t listen to your technical people because they don’t know how people use apps..Version: 3.21.0

Total CrapStarted the app up fine, gave all my data, once I was in there I clicked on “prequalify” and it denied me, saying “you can not be approved for THAT amount” when I never clicked on any amount, all I did was put in my yearly income I didn’t put in an amount I was trying to get approved for..and not it won’t let me use the app for 30 days?? What kind of business is that? Then there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY to get in contact with ANYONE. I went through all the FAQs, help info “contact us” which does NOT give you a way to contact anyone, all it does is gives you generic “issues” to choose from and it just directs you to articles on it. My issue is NOT on the list and there is no way to add it as an issue. So how can they have a FAQ if they don’t allow people to ask questions??!! All I want to do is talk to someone and tell them what happen and see if it was ma error and or get to the bottom of why it did that... I don’t usually write reviews, unless the app is excellent, or it has frustrated me to this level... this app has potential to be awesome, but it’s left a bad taste in my mouth from the beginning. Affirm, if you are listening please chime in, say something contact ME since I can’t contact YOU, and maybe I will chance my rating and review.. Ps supposedly you only need 550 credit to be approved by Affirm, my credit score in in the mid 600s, so they can’t say my credit score is the issue.Version: 3.120.1

Cant create account for meSo seems as I’m not eligible for the account…. 😂 I’ll take my business somewhere else ❤️.Version: 3.160.1

I don’t understand why this app have so many good reviewI been using this app long time ago doing my loans payments using autopay that why I’m doing my payments on time . They always send me an email saying I was doing great . I paid more than $1000 in loans on time . My prequalify amount was up to $650. So I wasn’t happy with that amount but Kept using it because every time a do a loan is for less than amount . Yesterday I decide to do a loan for $200 and they deny it to me only accept a loan for $120 . You are kidding me? How in the world this is happening if I been doing my payments perfectly fine and they a punish me for no reason . I call costumer service and they couldn’t help me they just told me to keep doing my payments to raise my qualification again . Obviously if I continue to pay that will go up but starting on $120 when It should be continuing from $650 I use to have. They don’t give me any reason of why they drop my qualification amount and did nothing to help . So now I can’t use this anymore so I’m going to close my account . They should do this [email protected]&b to people that are not good payables and have a lots of late payments..Version: 3.89.0

HORRIBLE RETURN PROCESSPrior to returning an item I would have given this app a 5 star. It’s easy to use for purchasing however beware if you have to return an item. I returned a $1,000 sofa and only received $500 of my refund. I have spent six weeks between my bank and affirm. Affirm claims the bank is blocking the transaction, though my bank says this is not possible, no bank can block a direct to account refund. Affirm continues to send me the same message claiming the money must have gone to “another account in my name” or that the bank is blocking it, with no way to verify if they ever even sent it. After six weeks of communication affirm is now telling me that I will have to wait 45 days for them to research further. But if it goes past a certain amount of time since the item was purchased they have no obligation to pay it back at all. Weather they are stalling to keep $500 or just extremely unorganized this has been a huge mess with NO way to get direct communication from an Affirm rep. If there’s any chance you will return DO NOT USE THIS APP..Version: 3.32.0

Does anyone even work here?I made at purchase online during Christmas 2020 and registered to make this payment through Affirm. The items were returned to the store in person, following instructions from the Affirm app, where I received my cash back, in full. Affirm had already withdrawn a payment from my account, which I knew would have to be returned. However, Affirm continued to withdrawn following payments, despite my no longer possessing the item. The subsequent payments were cancelled, however, Affirm still owes me the payments withdrawn. I received my money back and they turned around and kept taking it. It is now April 10 and after countless emails and searches of a customer service line, the money stolen from me has yet to be recovered. No line of communication from customer to company exists. Emails are returned with an automated response saying that the email is not monitored, try following the “help center” links - these run you in a circle back to the beginning. No phone number. Do not use this company’s service..Version: 3.119.0

Decent but qualifiers need improvingI do like purchasing things with affirm from time to time if I just do not want to shell out the money immediately. I have made a few purchases with affirm over the past couple years of relatively large value. I have decent credit and they were all approved, paid off early or on time, no missed payments - fine. But, on top of getting ridiculous interest rates, 20%+, I used affirm for a purchase of a couple hundred dollars for something I needed since I did not have a card on me at the time. Now I want to purchase something else, and can not get approved. So despite having over a 750 credit score, having never missed a payment, carrying high balances and all else, having the other affirm loan counts as a high balance apparently. It does not seem to take into account having previous loans with them among other factors, so I will not say I recommend affirm unless really in a pinch. Convenient to use now and again. But makes it not worth it because of the interest rates, approval odds/amount, and the algorithm for how it qualifies people..Version: 3.32.1

Not worth it.I decided to give this a try without realizing if a vendor cancels an item, Affirm will NOT readjust the total that was actually purchased. The terms are not automatically updated on the app. I did not receive an email of updated terms. So far I got an email about a credit for the item that The Vendor canceled, and not myself. Affirm “applied” the credit on the payment tabs schedule but not the actual amount in the terms, ie sales price that = loan amount. Meaning, I’m still paying for the amount of an item I NEVER received AND the interest for that never revived item. A credit in the schedule doesn’t mean anything when the actual terms showing the TRUE total of what’s borrowed was not adjusted. To top it off, I put a down payment based on the original amount borrowed. Meaning, I just got ripped off. I highly recommend you don’t use this app. Read their terms on how even if an item is returned, you’re still going to pay the interest for it. Afterpay and Klarna are SO much better. The terms are laid out front and not dependent of “if then” washy jargon..Version: 3.113.3

My Credit Score was Too Low=>Denied HelpI don’t have a good credit score because I have never had a credit card and I have avoided buying things that I could not afford and reading other reviews I thought that Affirm would still be willing to help me out in a pinch and I would probably pay higher interest for it but I would pay it off asap and that wouldn’t be a problem. So I was quite disappointed to discover that I am apparently not qualified for their help. No available way to change that(maybe you could offer a “if you put a deposit down for a given amount and offset the risk we will help you out” or a “starting out we can only loan you below x amount and over time if you pay back your loans on time and we make money from you we will increase the amount”) but no such offer is available. I would just say that it’s only fair to say that you might not qualify for the app, because as it is there’s no such disclaimer..Version: 3.65.0

Great functionality - hard to manage personal accountThis app is super easy to use and has gotten me in a lot of trouble as it relates to shopping! I love the convenience of Affirm! It is a unique and wonderful alternative to debit or credit, and I don’t feel the pressure of credit scores or income when I need to use this as a medium for purchasing. What I do not appreciate is when I moved, it has been a royal pain in the tail bone to get my address and phone number changed. It is irregular to most companies where you can edit the info yourself; rather, you give them your new phone number and then await a call from them hoping it will come through at a convenient time so they can verify you actually changed the information. God forbid someone else grabbed your phone and changed it for you. I have played phone tag with them for over a year and my billing address/phone number are still incorrect. It’s ridiculous. Aside from my frustration over the despicable account minutiae, I appreciate Affirm and find the concept to be appreciable as well as convenient for daily transactions..Version: 3.39.1

Was great now NOT so much.So I started using Affirm back in 2018. I started with a lower approved credit amount but paid the first one off and I was able to get an increase. This happened time and time again for a total of NINE paid off loans without ever having a late payment. Recently I had a large revolving credit line with not even half being used, the app decided to pre approve me again and I was informed they could not approve me for a loan and the decision was final. There have never been any late payments to this day, NOT ONE. I still have 4 open loans and have paid them on time as well even through this pandemic. I emailed Affirm and the generic robot replies I received clearly indicated they didn’t read or care about what I had to say. One of the deciding factors was my PAYMENT HISTORY or lack there of with the company. They use trans union for credit approval but report to Experian who shows I have 100% payment history with never a late payment. There were more issues but I’d be here all night typing. I was so happy and pleased with Affirm, I bought things I wanted and rebuilt my credit, they made money off me. Was a great win win for both parties. I’m one person with a MILLION behind me to take my place so why would they give a @%$^?.Version: 3.103.0

Just some credit infoThis app came in handy when i needed! BUT please understand each loan you take no matter the size does show up on your EXPERIAN credit report. I was approved for about 2500$ I made purchases at multiple retailers. Thought nothing of it till I seen my credit report. My fico went down for having a consumer installment loan. Not knowing having 9 loans at the time. Also it shows as closed accounts when paid off. So safe to say my score will be going down yet again because I now only have 3 loans left so. I will have 7 closed accounts on my report (originally had 10 from affirm all equaling 2500$ in total) so although you get approved for one lump sum. If you shop at different retailers it will all come up individually on your experian. Also before finding all this out I paid down my loans and attempted to get another for an emergency and was denied twice. First time for supposedly being unable to verify identity smh and second for having two many open loans even though the balance was down to less than 1000$. So if you reallyyyyy need to use this please stick to one loan period. Even when paid off do not use again.Version: 3.101

Not very helpfulI called because I haven’t received merchandise I ordered over 4 weeks ago and honestly have no ideal if I’ve even getting it at all because I’ve had little or no contact with merchant and can’t get a phone number to call them. When I called affirm they gave me a bogus number that no one would answer or option to leave message. I don’t think it’s up to me to certify with this merchant as to whether or not they are gonna supply merchandise. Affirm wants my money it should be up to them to settle the matter, they haven’t given me any money so in my eyes I owe them nothing. I’ve went ahead and paid my payment on time becuase I don’t want my credit messed up but if I haven’t received the merchandise by the time the next payment is due Affirm won’t be getting another payment from me and I will be turning them into the BBB. You can’t charge someone for something they haven’t received and if that said company has already paid the merchant than they should take care of the issue. I have decided that’s why they don’t let you pay with a credit card because they wouldn’t be able to get away with this technique they use..Version: 3.120.1

NonAffirmingI’ve used this app and credit for a while now and with ease. I’m finding that with Covid the company is not willing to help, being that I’m once again in CA and unemployed and the monthly amount is more than what I should be paying as I had a return which is not credited to monthly payments. Furthermore the app has been unavailable to change payment information and even after updating I get a message that my balance is overdue by more days than it actually was. I’ve tried communicating with through the app but the options for real help aren’t offered and the email provided doesn’t work. In this day and age of non human contact the banks are constantly issuing new cards due to possible hacking or fraud then additionally harder to get any credit company to follow through with issues or assistance. It’s like half truths and the just the idea of helping is enough for them to get a big tax credit or break for COVID times without honoring..Version: 3.113.3

VerificationThe verification with pictures doesn’t work and they can’t help you even when calling the customer support.Version: 3.159.0

CAUTIONI had canceled an order because Affirm told me I asked for the exact purchase amount, but apparently you need a “5 dollar buffer” to process a payment. So if your total was 450 for a PlayStation, you need to ask for 455 from affirm. This is where the fun begins lol. Target had “already processed my purchase and therefore Affirm started a loan. Target Customer service denied that because a purchase isn’t fully processed unless you show up at the store and swipe your card. I reached out to affirm to let them know my order was canceled and that I was given a refund. Affirm takes 3-45, yes that’s correct! 45 freaking business days to process a refund! So I’m stuck with a 500 dollar loan until affirm decides to process my refund, which we are now on day 28. Target even cautioned me that affirm could take the full 45 days for them to give me the refund, which is ridiculous. Affirm tried deflecting the blame on target but it stated in their policy that even though you have been give a refund for a purchase, affirm will still take “3-45 business days to be credited” Also, you still have to make payments because it will affect your credit! Yay! This is what is so frustrating about their return policy. They need to make returns faster because I will never service again, and would definitely not recommend this trash to my friends..Version: 3.105.1

Worst customer serviceWhen I try to pay with affirm card the payment do not go through...Literally nobody cared of this issue..It’s been two weeks I have contacted them via Email...each time I get answers and advises which do not have any logical connection to my issue...I do called them several times they told we will solve, we will email you...they email with again general info which I don't need))) and they say if problem is still there call us ...I call they say we will email, and this process looks like endless ....I feel like truly no one cares. And I dropped the idea to use affirm... If their app does not have the store logo for which you wanna apply for card... they will process and give you card but you forget about of using it!!!! It will expire in 24h and you will not be able to activate it coz card will not work and your payment through that card will fail...And yes...they will send you million times email that you have to use it during 24h... despite the fact that you say them million times that you cant use it does not work )))).Version: 3.108.0

Changes to extra paymentsI have been using Affirm over the last few years with much success until recently. Previously, if an extra payment was made, I was given grace in the amount of the extra payment with regards to when the next payment due. This has happened for 6 prior loans with Affirm. On my current loan (no interest), my extra payment in the amount of $1100, only granted me only month grace. The Affirm help center was unhelpful and I had to get a customer service number from a third party site, which is also new and very disappointing. The initial representative, as well as the Supervisor were unhelpful and basically told me this is how we process loans, despite previous patterns. To correct this issue, they have to reverse the extra payments and I have to go back into to the app to make 7 individual minimum payments in order to “push out” my next payment, which is very frustrating. Thankfully, there are more installment loan companies arising, so I can take my business elsewhere since Affirm has changed they way they do business..Version: 3.118.1

Not the sameDon't pay off your loan quickly, or you'll be punished; it has nothing to do with a credit score. Example: Let's say they give you 1k, and that's all based on your credit score. Then you want to buy something threw who they are set-up with. They will approve more, but only 1k if you buy what you want. Plus, not all places take their visa’s. Also, if the company doesn't make their credit card, they hold your credit balance for at least 15 to 20 days. There is a reason you're using them. Tieing up your credit, isn't it. Also, if you barrow, let say 3K, and you pay it off. Next time you might not be approved. They will deny you, but then you wait 30 days to see maybe next time it helps. Here is a secret they will more than likely support you if you buy through their vendors. When they first came on the scene, they were terrific, but it like PayPal bought them and said, let's see if we can screw it up. So they did!.Version: 3.106.1

More towards the company not the appSo I’m starting to see this company is slightly shady. I signed up for affirm to make a large purchase thinking it was similar to Afterpay. Signed up, got approved for up to $2,500. Couple days later I saw there was an app so I downloaded the app and it promptly asked for my phone number which I added. My bank account and everything was already added before, everything seemed to be loaded correctly onto the app. Went to make my purchase and it told me I was not eligible to use affirm. They then sent me a reason why, which promptly lead me to pull up my credit report because of what I saw! It said my credit score was about 75 points lower than what I knew it was and said I lacked credit history and had historically delinquent accounts. Mind you I HAVE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT IN 12 YEARS! And my oldest account is 14 years... so I’m not sure where this came from! But my question is why did they approve me and send me an email AND text stating I was approved for $2,500 only to tell me three days later they can’t approve me for anything?! Stay away from this company!.Version: 3.42.0

NO RESPECT FOR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITYI contacted your establishment nearly 1 week ago regarding fraud charges on behalf of my account to Fashion Nova and EBay. I DID NOT MAKE THESE TRANSACTIONS. I am VERY DISGUSTED AND DISAPPOINTED in the lack of concern your establishment has shown. I received a notification today that affirm found me responsible for the charges of which there has been no documentation or true investigation completed. These purchases were made WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I called immediately after seeing these transactions on my PNC bank statement and asked them to be cancelled. THESE ORDERS WERE IN FACT NOT CANCELLED and I received notification of that yesterday. If these transactions are NOT removed from my account and NOT refunded to me I will be discontinuing ANY AND ALL further activity with you, as well as seeking legal action. This is absolutely ridiculous and not customer service in the least. These transactions were completed with a “virtual card”. How did a virtual card even get linked to my account in the first place? I never received emails about the purchases until yesterday stating that the “loan had been accepted,” AFTER I CALLED AND ASKED IT TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY. It is clear that affirm has no respect for the security of my information, or that of others using your services. If you ACTUALLY INVESTIGATED you would see that these purchases are not even being delivered to my address! TRULY DISGUSTING..Version: 3.118.1

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