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Affirm: Buy now, pay over time App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Affirm: Buy now, pay over time app received 57 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Affirm: Buy now, pay over time? Can you share your negative thoughts about affirm: buy now, pay over time?

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Lack of consistencyIn the beginning the app worked great. I was approved for various credit limits ranging from 2-3k depending on the merchant. That alone was strange to be. I mean, if a company is going to approve me then why is there a lack on consistency regarding the amounts I’m approved for. Anyway, I made some purchases and everything worked perfect. My payments were either made on time or in advance in an attempt to payoff my balances sooner. Then out of nowhere the app spontaneously stopped approving me. The pre approval amounts disappeared. There is now an option to request preapproval for certain merchants but I’m denied each time. The email they send, explaining the denial blames it on my credit score. Sure my credit has fluctuated a little since opening this account just because of another credit card that had been opened a few months back but nothing major. I just find it odd that a company and approve you, theb randomly decide not to. I’ll be paying off my outstanding purchases and closing my account. My only concern now is whether or not this will reflect as a closed account on my credit..Version: 3.137.2

I’m doneDon’t get me wrong affirm is pretty cool and it’s nice to be able to make small monthly payments on bigger purchases, however the interest rate is really high and the virtual card and customer service is a mess which is why they get 1 star. They do however offer interest free options on certain items at certain stores. They give you the option to pay in store using a one time use virtual card, however, what they don’t tell you is making a return if need be is near impossible. After you use the card and depending on the store you can’t get a refund, so you be stuck paying for items you don’t want. Also, customer service is a headache. No shade to the workers, however, there is a language barrier which makes getting concerned resolved difficult and to top it all off they don’t even know how they own products work!!! It’s just a mess. So if you do plan on using this service still to online use because it’s less of a headache and you can get a refund if need be. After I pay off my purchase I’m dont plan of using affirm ever again. I would say stick to klarna, afterpay or one of those options, interest free and less of a headache!.Version: 3.139.1

Horrible serviceI followed through with downloading the app to find out if I could be financed for an electric E bike after completing all the steps taking a picture of myself, my ID, front and back and my face next to my ID. I received an email stating they cannot verify, I am who I say, I am, even though you can clearly see my face on my ID. You can clearly make out the numbers, front and back and you can clearly see I am who I say I am, still I received an email stating they could not help so I proceeded to call customer service and ask if they could help me finish the process and find out how I can continue and their response was to write a letter now how writing a letter is going to prove that my ID, and in fact, picture of myself, and my ID proves, I am who I say I am without me, sending possibly a picture of myself and my ID with the letter through the mail I don’t see how that’s going to help at all. They had no idea how to help me other than write a letter which is utterly useless shop in short this app is garbage. Their customer service is garbage. Do not proceed with their app because if you run into issues, they will not have any way to help you. That would be my personal experience..Version: 3.174.1

Spending limitI’ve been using Affirm I would over a year I believe, I like it don’t get me wrong but it’s very confusing in some parts. For one when ever I click to prequalify when the prequalify option appears on on the app it always says that I’m rejected and that I have less than 6 months of history. That has me confused since I’ve seen my purchased history, one was over $200 but okay. The other is that it ways says “check how much you can spend what’s your spending living “ there’s absolutely no way for me to even check what that is. I’ve tried on the app and on the web. If there something I want I buy with affirm I wing and if I get denied then I come up with my own answer about how much I’m able to spend. At one point I was doubting if my account was even active when I went to my bank checked Fico score and affirmed appeared as closed. But then again I was like wait I have active payment so “it’s not closed?” Well that’s my take on the app / affirm if it keeps advertising to see how much I can spend, then why isn’t it showing me ? That’s so confusing. Which is why I’m giving it a one star..Version: 3.172.0

Application discriminatoireVotre application est de nature discriminatoire, j’ai essayé de me créer un compte et j’ai soumis photos de visage et photos de passeport mais ça dit que les documents d’identité qui ne sont pas émis par le gouvernement Canadien ne sont pas acceptés. Pff 😤 je déconseille fortement cette appli à ceux qui ne sont pas Canadiens 👎🏾 essayez plutôt after pay, klarna ou encore paybright..Version: 3.175.0

NO RESPECT FOR FRAUDULENT ACTIVITYI contacted your establishment nearly 1 week ago regarding fraud charges on behalf of my account to Fashion Nova and EBay. I DID NOT MAKE THESE TRANSACTIONS. I am VERY DISGUSTED AND DISAPPOINTED in the lack of concern your establishment has shown. I received a notification today that affirm found me responsible for the charges of which there has been no documentation or true investigation completed. These purchases were made WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I called immediately after seeing these transactions on my PNC bank statement and asked them to be cancelled. THESE ORDERS WERE IN FACT NOT CANCELLED and I received notification of that yesterday. If these transactions are NOT removed from my account and NOT refunded to me I will be discontinuing ANY AND ALL further activity with you, as well as seeking legal action. This is absolutely ridiculous and not customer service in the least. These transactions were completed with a “virtual card”. How did a virtual card even get linked to my account in the first place? I never received emails about the purchases until yesterday stating that the “loan had been accepted,” AFTER I CALLED AND ASKED IT TO BE CANCELLED DUE TO FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY. It is clear that affirm has no respect for the security of my information, or that of others using your services. If you ACTUALLY INVESTIGATED you would see that these purchases are not even being delivered to my address! TRULY DISGUSTING..Version: 3.118.1

Issue with Paying 59 CentsI hate to write this kind of review. But for the last mont there was a .58 cent charge that I can’t pay. When trying the payment needs to be $2.00 or more. So I can’t clear this debt. I have talked to customer service several times with them telling me this will be escalated and wiped in 5-7 business days. Only to still have it there. Now .59 cents with interest. I want to apply for a loan but this charge is keeping me from doing that. Why is this taking such an effort on my part to get this cleared? Other than this I have loved your service. Please fix my account..Version: 3.187.0

Affirm and Carla are disgusting and unprofessional partnersAvoid payment Carla by affirm very disgusting, unprofessional, robbing and looting community. We do not have minus rating if we could have I would definitely give fraudulent Carla and it’s financial partner affirm the lowest rental car rating, very disgusting, unprofessional, use different ways to loot and rob their customers. I rent car for my long trips this was an emergency trip so I immediately rent through disgusting CARLA rental, when I got there to pick up the car store was already closed, contacted them hey this pick up location is close, I didn’t get any car, so we exchange lots of emails, at the end disgusting Carla rental rejected to refund me on top of not getting any service from Carla rental now I have to pay affirm hundreds of dollars, I don’t know how many other people faced such disgusting and unprofessional behavior from FRAUDULENT CARLA and affirm, let’s work together to stop these two fraudulent companies from looting and robbing others. Be safe and stay away from Carla and affirm. I can’t spit in the face of company owner if I could I would definitely do it the way they rob and loot customers. Avoid any kind of payment to affirm..Version: 3.170.0

Changes to extra paymentsI have been using Affirm over the last few years with much success until recently. Previously, if an extra payment was made, I was given grace in the amount of the extra payment with regards to when the next payment due. This has happened for 6 prior loans with Affirm. On my current loan (no interest), my extra payment in the amount of $1100, only granted me only month grace. The Affirm help center was unhelpful and I had to get a customer service number from a third party site, which is also new and very disappointing. The initial representative, as well as the Supervisor were unhelpful and basically told me this is how we process loans, despite previous patterns. To correct this issue, they have to reverse the extra payments and I have to go back into to the app to make 7 individual minimum payments in order to “push out” my next payment, which is very frustrating. Thankfully, there are more installment loan companies arising, so I can take my business elsewhere since Affirm has changed they way they do business..Version: 3.118.1

Customer serviceI have been trying for weeks to get ahold of someone at affirm. None of the emails listed works. It always comes back and says we are not monitoring this box at this time. It even did it when they sent me an email and it said to reply to this email. Same thing happened. We are not monitoring this box. It also declined me on a buy now pay later 4 payment option and kept saying I was applying for a 6 month loan and my credit score wasn’t high enough. They are not suppose to even run your credit so I don’t know how that even played a part in it. I have had many buy now pay later plans with different companies and I have never had this problem and have always been given a credit limit which affirm does not do. I was on a site for hours then got turned down for credit I didn’t even apply for. It never even gave me the option it just went straight to the monthly payment plan and yes this site did accept affirm on the biweekly option. It had already told me what my payment would be. I’m going to contact the BBB if my credit was run cause it shouldn’t have been and I’ve paid every payment with this company and have no reason to be turned down. Worst customer service and buy now pay later program out there!! By far..Version: 3.136.0

$$$$$Would be nice to be able to talk to a representative.Version: 3.172.0

Does not workI’ve tried over and over to register and it keeps saying it can’t confirm my address and to start over and put in the proper address. It is the right address.Version: 3.166.1

Pas assez de créditJ’ai pu faire un achat à crédit de 240$ mais pas un autre de 123$ domage..Version: 3.182.0

PaymentPayment method is very confusing. Still can’t make a proper payment because it saying I’m using a MasterCard and I’m not it is a debit card try changing it. It still won’t let me..Version: 3.183.0

Terrible customer relationsI used an Affirm loan to buy 2 computers, but I I had to return 1 and exchange it for another. Apple refunded the price of the computer to Affirm, and I used some of my remaining balance to get another computer. Affirm created a second loan, and when got the refund, it applied it to end of the first loan. I now had 2 loans totaling the amount of the first loan, but the first loan did not decrease, nor did the payments. So, I went from having a $173 monthly payment for 2 computers to having 2 loans totaling $260. But, I still had only 2 computers. There was no number listed to call, so I did the online form. Affirm refused to help me get back to the original payments of $173 a month, but they gave me a number to call. The person was in a call center, and all they would do is read a script over and over and refuse to help me. I told them I could not afford the payments - that the new arrangement was half again as much as the original payments, but I only had the same number of computers. Finally, in frustration, I took out a personal loan to pay off the Affirm loan. The least I could do is keep them from stealing more of my money with their shady business practices..Version: 3.136.0

Was great now NOT so much.So I started using Affirm back in 2018. I started with a lower approved credit amount but paid the first one off and I was able to get an increase. This happened time and time again for a total of NINE paid off loans without ever having a late payment. Recently I had a large revolving credit line with not even half being used, the app decided to pre approve me again and I was informed they could not approve me for a loan and the decision was final. There have never been any late payments to this day, NOT ONE. I still have 4 open loans and have paid them on time as well even through this pandemic. I emailed Affirm and the generic robot replies I received clearly indicated they didn’t read or care about what I had to say. One of the deciding factors was my PAYMENT HISTORY or lack there of with the company. They use trans union for credit approval but report to Experian who shows I have 100% payment history with never a late payment. There were more issues but I’d be here all night typing. I was so happy and pleased with Affirm, I bought things I wanted and rebuilt my credit, they made money off me. Was a great win win for both parties. I’m one person with a MILLION behind me to take my place so why would they give a @%$^?.Version: 3.103.0

Create account didn’t wordTried to create account, Didn’t work..Version: 3.189.0

CAUTIONI had canceled an order because Affirm told me I asked for the exact purchase amount, but apparently you need a “5 dollar buffer” to process a payment. So if your total was 450 for a PlayStation, you need to ask for 455 from affirm. This is where the fun begins lol. Target had “already processed my purchase and therefore Affirm started a loan. Target Customer service denied that because a purchase isn’t fully processed unless you show up at the store and swipe your card. I reached out to affirm to let them know my order was canceled and that I was given a refund. Affirm takes 3-45, yes that’s correct! 45 freaking business days to process a refund! So I’m stuck with a 500 dollar loan until affirm decides to process my refund, which we are now on day 28. Target even cautioned me that affirm could take the full 45 days for them to give me the refund, which is ridiculous. Affirm tried deflecting the blame on target but it stated in their policy that even though you have been give a refund for a purchase, affirm will still take “3-45 business days to be credited” Also, you still have to make payments because it will affect your credit! Yay! This is what is so frustrating about their return policy. They need to make returns faster because I will never service again, and would definitely not recommend this trash to my friends..Version: 3.105.1

STAY AWAY FROM AFFIRMs BANKING TOOLSI opened an affirm account a long time ago when I had a different phone number, so I had to update it to login. Right away I was able to do this. I logged in and even though I provided 4 or 5 payment methods and two banks I was still denied. That’s fine my credit score is in the fair range. Before I was denied, I started putting money in am affirm savings account. After realizing now their service was useless to me I asked for the account to be closed and was told the balance had to be zero before I closed it. I explained that was the point. After this conversation I was locked out of my account by the old phone number I had just changed to be able to regain access to my account. Somehow I was able to login, put 250 in savings and search the site but after I want my savings account closed, I suddenly am unable to login to my account. This website clearly has a system that prevents you from regaining money or getting out of its grips, which outside of savings accounts I would fear for any purchase. Anyways I am hoping this will get some attention since their customer service which has told me a number of things is a joke..Version: 3.146.1

AnnoyedI have used Affirm for several large purchases over last few years. I have recently had an issue with purchases from an online company. When I attempt to use affirm I am asked to confirm my information. When I enter my information I receive a message stating my identity can not be confirmed and that I can pay in full. Every time I have used affirm for big ticket items, $1200+, I have paid the loan off well before the term of the loan. Affirm customer service seems non-existant. I was asked if I would like to update my review. Here is the update Affirm help features are not helpful. I want to know why a particular online retailer, with whom I have used affirm in the past, is being problematic. I ysed affirm for online purchases in the last 12 months and 4 months with two different companies with out issue. However when I go to check iut with this particular retailer the affirm option asks me to verify my identity and when I provide my information I receive a message stating my identity can not be verified. I have been contacyed by Apple to tell me affirm has reached out to assist. The only assistance provided are links to articles none of which are helpful. If I could rate negative or at least zero stars I would..Version: 3.173.0

FraudulentI would give this app 0 star if possible I was hacked using this app and my card and bank information was given to hackers who used my account to purchase credit for a track phone I immediately called affirm to let them know what happened and for them to cancel the card they assured me they will handle it after the charges cleared only for them to do nothing to help me. I kept calling them to know the status of my case and everytime I kept getting dismissive people who didn’t really care to help me. I was asked to wait for them to investigate not knowing they only wanted the charges to process so I will be responsible for the payment. How can I be hacked by this app and asked to pay the charges. These people are all Freuds the money was used to purchase credit on a track phone that alone is suspicious they claim they are helping me to investigate meanwhile all they were doing was waiting for the charges to process so they can take their money and I would be responsible for a payment that was not made by me . Everyone be carful this app is not what it used to be hackers have access to all you information and affirm does not do anything to help you when your information has been hacked!!!.Version: 3.155.1

NoNever using again.Version: 3.181.0

Misleading dataAfter speaking with more than a few service representatives as too why misleading information is given I’ve come to the conclusion that this service is just terrible. Pre approved for a limit of $900USD however if any transaction is attempted even in an amount of less than $10 it will be denied when pressed as to this conundrum they simply parrot the email will explain the email will explain etc something about FICO score however any credit reporting site (credit karma, etc) not only shows an increase in overall score mid 600’s but they continually act as though you’ve never used their platform before (which I had for more than a few purchases easily equaling into the xxxx’s) but multiple other platform with access to the same exact information are more than willing to take the very same loans even from places such as PayPal which is notorious for being picky. So what I’m saying this is a service aimed for the upper lower class and middle classes that actually won’t work with any of said people if they have something like a loss of income from a world wide pandemic and are forced to miss 1-2 payments on a car note because housing is more important. Yeah fk this company..Version: 3.142.0

Registraion ISSUECannot sign nor create// whenever i tap create and sign in it goes directly to create account. What’s the point??.Version: 3.166.1

Terribly managed loaning serviceWorked fine at first then all of a sudden they stopped approving me, even with on time payments. Contacted their support whom, as per usual, seemed like a bunch of incompetent people over seas. Ill stick to lines of credit from my bank, at least I know its regulated..Version: 3.171.0

Not worth it.Hard to use app. If you pay off before due date interest is still the same..Version: 3.180.0

PaymentNo credit card option for payment in 21st Century. Worst service ever.Version: 3.171.0

Absolutely great, favorite loan app - unless…I have used Affirm for years now. I think since early on in it’s inception. I have bought many expensive pieces clothing which made it much easier spreading out my payment over a year. In all that time and having bought almost countless pieces, I never missed a payment and frequently payed loans off early to avoid some interest. However, this past year brought some financial difficulties. During this time though, I had at least 3 loans out through affirm. I never missed a payment. Sadly, however, my credit score had gone down. Now, because of that, I can no longer get a loan. So much for a track record with a financial institution and being loyal to them. I would’ve thought with my track record that even a lowered credit score would have allowed me to continue to use affirm. But, nope! I’m very disappointed and once my score rises I will write them off as they have written me off. Shame on u affirm. Again, my loyalty, track record, and frequent usage means nothing to you. Oh well. I’ll use Klarna from now on. I will miss the good old days tho of using affirm b.Version: 3.138.1

UI needs workThe field names overlap with field values and need to be corrected to allow users to see what they have entered.Version: 3.182.0

Always sends you to the web. What’s the point?Every single thing I do in this app sends me to the website so.. what’s the point of the app other than to gain info?.Version: 3.189.0

Michael buddEverything was fine until you screwed up autopay. Pain to change method of may meant.Version: 3.176.0

Great functionality - hard to manage personal accountThis app is super easy to use and has gotten me in a lot of trouble as it relates to shopping! I love the convenience of Affirm! It is a unique and wonderful alternative to debit or credit, and I don’t feel the pressure of credit scores or income when I need to use this as a medium for purchasing. What I do not appreciate is when I moved, it has been a royal pain in the tail bone to get my address and phone number changed. It is irregular to most companies where you can edit the info yourself; rather, you give them your new phone number and then await a call from them hoping it will come through at a convenient time so they can verify you actually changed the information. God forbid someone else grabbed your phone and changed it for you. I have played phone tag with them for over a year and my billing address/phone number are still incorrect. It’s ridiculous. Aside from my frustration over the despicable account minutiae, I appreciate Affirm and find the concept to be appreciable as well as convenient for daily transactions..Version: 3.39.1

Create accountI can’t create account so I try many time and still I can’t create account… what happens?.Version: 3.173.0

Can't pay credit card. Won't use next timeCan't pay by credit card. Not safety. Won't use again.Version: 3.167.0

Cannot even sign upGiving 1 star because 0 star is not an option! Avoid wasting your time to sign up!!! You cannot even sign up on this app even after uploading the photos of your face and ID card! Seems they’re collecting photos and IDs for no reason, and after, it gets stuck in a loop to “Update Phone Number” while I gave the same phone number. This issue happened for me and my wife as well. We uploaded everything they asked, and after uploading we’re jot able to sign in or continue the account creation. The poor support team also is not able to resolve the issue after almost 3 months of communication by Email and calling!! Every time I follow up They just refer to a later day and by saying “We’re Working on your issue”. I don’t understand what exactly they’ve been working on for 3 MONTHS?!! You can write the whole application code in 3 months!! I also asked them to Delete my information from their system, so I can try re-creating my account but they refused to do. I Do Not recommend this app. Will update the review in case anything changes..Version: 3.166.1

AffirmThe app was being difficult trying to set up. it kept sending back to get a passcode. i signed in about 3 -4 times on the fifth one success !..Version: 3.175.0

DisappointedI am disappointed in a firm because I have made my payments every two weeks been months ahead on each loan FaceTime I used a virtual credit card but all of a sudden it made where I could not have a virtual card that I wasn’t denied and I got the balance total paid down it’s acting as if I have not made good on my payments which I have extraordinarily over and I know I’m like do you in like September or late August like when I was like made payments early. So I don’t recommend this at all it doesn’t do as it cleans especially not for your credit like if anything and hold it against you even though you’re making good with them you know mine is due from a horrible husband and divorce so I’m just on top of everything else I don’t know if I review if I misspelled words because I can’t even see what I’m typing which is weird trying to clear up what he destroyed for me and try and get my life back and everything and yeah I thought this would help but really it’s not I don’t know it’s just very disappointing because like I said I’ve made good with them but they like acting as if I haven’t I don’t know if this is the app or the actual company but yeah I don’t know I don’t recommend it.Version: 3.130.0

Dishonest companyThe reason this company doesn't ask for your banking information when you sign up is because people don't want to provide this information. They force it upon you 30 days after you pay and its too late to back out. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.Version: 3.178.0

Not very helpfulI called because I haven’t received merchandise I ordered over 4 weeks ago and honestly have no ideal if I’ve even getting it at all because I’ve had little or no contact with merchant and can’t get a phone number to call them. When I called affirm they gave me a bogus number that no one would answer or option to leave message. I don’t think it’s up to me to certify with this merchant as to whether or not they are gonna supply merchandise. Affirm wants my money it should be up to them to settle the matter, they haven’t given me any money so in my eyes I owe them nothing. I’ve went ahead and paid my payment on time becuase I don’t want my credit messed up but if I haven’t received the merchandise by the time the next payment is due Affirm won’t be getting another payment from me and I will be turning them into the BBB. You can’t charge someone for something they haven’t received and if that said company has already paid the merchant than they should take care of the issue. I have decided that’s why they don’t let you pay with a credit card because they wouldn’t be able to get away with this technique they use..Version: 3.120.1

Payment make a troubleEvery time when I try to make a payment the app is fail it's put me in trouble to make a payment to much thing going on the app you better make the app better.Version: 3.182.0

Not able to sign inHi, I used affirm services from my amazon account and currently my payments are deducting on time but I can’t login on affirm app or even through affirm web. It keep saying we can’t create an account for you just yet. It’s so frustrating to see this message when I am clearly using their services..Version: 3.175.1

Customer Service has been 0 help. Scam.I was scammed on Google by a fake ticket master website. I thought it was ticket master but it was not. I went to purchase 2 tickets using affirm and found out halfway into the process this was a scam site. I tried to contact affirm support about the issue and they told me to contact the site. Which, if it’s a scam they are obviously not going to help. I contacted the site and they said we do not do refunds but I can sell my tickets and told me to click on a link to sell and that it was ready for sale. How could I sell tickets I DIDNT EVEN OWN YET? I told this to support and they did nothing and did not look into it. They claim I owe them $1,000 when I never got my tickets (because they also said I would get my tickets THE DAY BEFORE the event so that’s how I knew they were fake). The concert was 3 months ago and I got them through ticket master. All I’ve been getting go is emails from affirm that I owe them $ for something I never received. Customer service has been no help and now they claim I am going to bill collectors when it is not even on a credit because I didn’t even FINISH THE CHECKOUT. This is my FINAL attempt to get ahold of someone who can ACTUALLY cancel this. HELP!.Version: 3.160.3

BlehThis app is crap..Version: 3.183.0

ScamI reported this business as a scam to the BBB and you should too if you’ve been victimized by their false advertising and intentionally deceptive practices that say you can get a purchase fully financed at 0% when they actually sign you up for a bank loan at 28%. Your loans are also the kind that count against your credit score, which they don’t tell you either. Full and total scam..Version: 3.189.0

Interesting but so far disappointingEver wonder how they make money with possible no interest charges? Don’t get me wrong, affirm (use to be Pay Bright) is a good company and I’ve had a excellent experience with customer service. My first purchase was indeed no interest buy on my second time, the customer interest was noticeably high. No big deal, can payout anytime. My credit is good to excellent. After I install the app I only managed to view my account few time, enough to put it on auto pay. But sadly, they were unable to withdraw for some unknown reason. They did withdraw funds once during the past three months, so it’s not my bank and my account has more then enough to cover always. There were infinite amounts of overdue notices and try’s to withdraw. I kept calling to ask how to pay haha.Version: 3.175.1

Over ratedBought a pricey Christmas present where I found affirm to be convenient for partial payments however all convenience was squashed when I tried signing up for affirm. The sign-up process was a lengthy, jumpy, and extremely annoying. I had to ask the store to give me a discount because they don’t do partial payments over the amount of $600. This might be because of the new tax law in place so it’s not technically affirms fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that the process was not a fun one with little to none support. Also I set up auto payments three times and I’m still getting text messages that my payments are overdue. Why is this happening? Also, Affirm on safari browser is broken. The three lined menu next to shop is broken, the size of the mobile version is not scaled to fit which it’s hard to navigate because every time you try to scroll It just moves the screen around. I work for another software company so I am quite tech savvy but affirm really rubbed me the wrong way. Just downloaded the mobile app to see it changes my mind. Hopefully I don’t waste another hour of my time.Version: 3.142.0

Just some credit infoThis app came in handy when i needed! BUT please understand each loan you take no matter the size does show up on your EXPERIAN credit report. I was approved for about 2500$ I made purchases at multiple retailers. Thought nothing of it till I seen my credit report. My fico went down for having a consumer installment loan. Not knowing having 9 loans at the time. Also it shows as closed accounts when paid off. So safe to say my score will be going down yet again because I now only have 3 loans left so. I will have 7 closed accounts on my report (originally had 10 from affirm all equaling 2500$ in total) so although you get approved for one lump sum. If you shop at different retailers it will all come up individually on your experian. Also before finding all this out I paid down my loans and attempted to get another for an emergency and was denied twice. First time for supposedly being unable to verify identity smh and second for having two many open loans even though the balance was down to less than 1000$. So if you reallyyyyy need to use this please stick to one loan period. Even when paid off do not use again.Version: 3.101

DisappointedAffirm I believe is a good app. It helps you get where you need to get, buy what you need to buy without having to wait or pay the whole amount at once. But I’m so disappointed because I tried to purchase a package hotel+flight and the app Long me out. Out of nowhere. I tried again and to my surprise there was no money in my account. Then send me a email saying that “ the purchase got canceled, and I would get my money back 3-10 business days. Now I have to wait who knows if the whole 10 days to buy my flight when my trip is in 3 weeks. I don’t got the money in my account so I can’t even buy what I need from another place since they took all my money. I tried calling them and the answer I got was “It was probably a glitch but there’s nothing we can do for you but wait” I asked them if I could get it as credit cause I couldn’t wait more then a week cause the prices would go up and they said no. I asked if they could pay for the prices difference and they said no. I tried calling again because maybe the lady I was speaking to was new or maybe she didn’t feel like helping me and when the guy answered I got the same answered. I just don’t understand how I gotta pay extra money for something that is not my fault for a glitch that the app had at the moment. I don’t understand how a they would take all my money if the purchase never even went through..Version: 3.157.1

Decent but qualifiers need improvingI do like purchasing things with affirm from time to time if I just do not want to shell out the money immediately. I have made a few purchases with affirm over the past couple years of relatively large value. I have decent credit and they were all approved, paid off early or on time, no missed payments - fine. But, on top of getting ridiculous interest rates, 20%+, I used affirm for a purchase of a couple hundred dollars for something I needed since I did not have a card on me at the time. Now I want to purchase something else, and can not get approved. So despite having over a 750 credit score, having never missed a payment, carrying high balances and all else, having the other affirm loan counts as a high balance apparently. It does not seem to take into account having previous loans with them among other factors, so I will not say I recommend affirm unless really in a pinch. Convenient to use now and again. But makes it not worth it because of the interest rates, approval odds/amount, and the algorithm for how it qualifies people..Version: 3.32.1

Mode de paiement J’aurais aimé voir payer avec une carte de créditJ’aurais aimé voir payer avec une carte de crédit.Version: 3.164.0

Payment overdueMy due date was on March 13. And there was enough money in my account, but now I received a message that says my payment is overdue !!! It ruins my credit score !!!.Version: 3.176.0

Worst companyHave had the WORST experience with Affirm. Tried to make a payment multiple times and there was an error. Checked with my bank more than once to assure no issue on my debit card/account. Called affirm and they opened a case for me and said they would reply in 3-5 business days. A month later, no response at all and now receiving late payment notices saying this will affect my credit score. I call Affirm back to let them know the issue is still happening and to make sure it doesn’t affect my credit since the issue is on their end. I am transferred back and forth and then speak to a supervisor which basically tells me there is nothing they can do and that my credit will be affected. Gives me zero options of other ways to get payment - I offered over the phone etc and tells me they can’t accept payment over the phone. Get transferred again and a representative tries to add my information to the account and that won’t even work so they say this is definitely an IT issue with the website. I tell them that affecting a customers credit when the error/issue is on them is not acceptable, they agree but say there is NOTHING they can do to pause the loan etc to avoid credit being affected. Honestly insulting and insane that no one can help when the company is at fault. Will never use this company again. And will take legal action if I am affected on my credit.Version: 3.138.1

Fraud!!!!!They are horrible at processing refunds. I bought a few Christmas items from Walmart with Affirm. I decided to return an item and get a refund. I sent the product back Nov. 28th. Walmart sent me a text message and email letting me know they processed the refund on Dec. 5th. I’m still waiting for a Affirm to process it over a month later. I have spoken with costumer service twice. The first time I was told it would take up to 45 days to process, and today I was told 60 days. Their site says it takes 3-10 days to process. Also, the representative I spoke to today said it shouldn’t have taken this long and she couldn’t tell me why. She suggested that I submit a “DISPUTE” and they would investigate it. Which is what I thought I was currently asking her to do. I was told to hang up with and go online to submit this “DISPUTE”. I still don’t understand why she couldn’t initiate this during our call. This is an inconvenience when already having the company on the phone with my account pulled up. Meanwhile, since my refund isn’t showing on my account I will have to continue to pay the entire amount due or they will report negatively on my credit report. I’m pretty sure that once I pay this account off it will close out and they will be even less inclined to refund my money. This is my first and last time using this service. Be careful!!!.Version: 3.167.0

Don’t use this app on Hudson’s bay’s appI’m still waiting for my refund !! Disappointed at the customer service . Like it’s been a month already no email , no refunds ! The worst app ..Version: 3.186.0

Use if you must but make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller.Affirm is actually Celtic bank, according to the FDIC. You will find out the hard way, if you make a return or if you get ripped off, Affirm will not have your back and you will end up paying on a product you didn't receive or that you returned. Even if you do get a refund, it will be minus the interest and fees, which are significant. We purchased an airline ticket from Justfly (never use that company either), and cancelled it. Justfly charged me $75 to cancel the flight, so one would assume it was cancelled. NOT. They took the cancellation money, then they went ahead and processed the Affirm "loan" several days later. We have proof it was cancelled prior to the loan being finalized, we have proof they took a cancellation fee. Affirm literally processed a loan for a cancelled reservation, which is probably illegal, and refuses to reverse it. Of course, these criminals own the politicians that keep them out of jail, where they clearly belong. I have uploaded their response to the proof I sent them. Also, keep in mind that arbitration agreements do not prevent you from suing them in small claims court, where I will also get my court costs reimbursed..Version: 3.146.1

AffirmA word of caution to those wanting to use affirm. Please do your research before deciding to use affirm. Incredibly hard to get refunded or loans cancelled. Customer service is incredibly unhelpful, there is no management. Even if you have the confirmation from merchants regarding the order not going through. Affirm will give you the run around and tell you they’re escalating it while a month later no progress is being made. Credit score is so incredibly important. The lack of care for their customers, the lack of providing solutions has made this entire experience a nightmare. Once again please do your research before you decide to use affirm. I would give them zero stars to be honest..Version: 3.186.0

NOPE,Not uploading my ID on an online appNo reason to ask for a photo AND an ID even tho i provide all the info they needed to verify.Version: 3.166.1

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