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Rovio Classics: AB app received 169 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about rovio classics: ab?

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Finally the original is back!Haven’t played it yet, but based on other reviews, it looks like it truly is the original. I see some reviews saying it’s “too hard” or they want the newer features in this game, but if you think that, then play Angry Birds 2. The challenge of the classic version is what makes it fun. Update: played it for about an hour, it is the original game and runs smoothly with no hiccups. Thank you Rovio.Version: 1.1.1451

I feel the come true before me in my soul😃.Version: 1.1.1451

FantasticJust as I remembered it, seriously great rework..Version: 1.0

THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLEIt’s exactly how i remember it in 2014 but without the in app purchases. I cannot wait to relive my childhood and replay the game again. Thank you Rovio, for making such an incredible game/remaster..Version: 1.0

My Childhood Has Returned 😃Back in 2019, we fans didn’t know why Rovio removed the Angry Birds games, but this year, WE FINALLY GOT THE CLASSIC BACK! Thanks Rovio for bringing back the classic Angry Birds! :) I hope to see Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Space come back again..Version: 1.1.1447

Other VersionsPlease bring brag Angry Birds space and Angry Birds Rio.Version: 1.1.1451

Finally mobile gaming how it should bePay up front for the game and play the game with no adverts and no predatory micro transactions or full gambling mechanics . I no longer play mobile games because of these issues from the greedy predatory companies , so it’s lovely and refreshing to be able to actually buy a game upfront and just play it..Version: 1.2

Worth Every PennyA favourite classic well worth the asking price. No ads or in app purchases, just the fun full-featured game everybody loved..Version: 1.0

NiceAbsolute classic do think you should re-add the line to see where your aiming.Version: 1.1.1451

Thank You RovioI've been waiting for this day ever since I knew what was happening. So I have a few things to say. I've been playing classic Angry Birds since before it was released on mobile. I remember my first time playing Angry Birds. My dad taught me how to launch the birds with the mouse (It's not hard at all, but I was probably like 4 or 5). Ever since the game blew up, it's always been a priority for me when I get a new phone. 😂🤣😂 Long story short, Angry Birds was and still is a part of my childhood. You brought back "THE mobile game of mobile games", and tons of nostalgia. Thank You Rovio.Version: 1.0

JoeJoe mama ㅈㅃㄴ👄👄👄.Version: 1.1.1447

A huge part of my childhood is back.Angry birds has returned i have to say its better then the games rovio is releasing that nobody wanted ( awful clones of popular games.) now all we need is angry birds go!.Version: 1.0

Great but…This game is amazing! Just like how it used to be without micro transactions but I’d want angry birds Star wars, GO, space and season to come back too.Version: 1.1

THIS IS AN AMAZING REVIVAL!!!!I’ve never seen a revival this good. I was so excited I even got Angry Birds: Reloaded (Which was a mistake) and Angry Birds 2! I was so sad that the original was taken off the App Store. I was wondering when it would come back. Now I can finally experience the original game (and nostalgia) again!!! I’m a big Angry Birds fan and I was so excited that it was on the App Store again!! All the bugs have been fixed and, well… everything about this game is amazing!!!!! This is a must-download for every Angry Birds fan. And, anyone in general!!!.Version: 1.2

Worth itThis is worth it. It’s just like how I remember it and I feel great having it again! THANK YOU ROVIO.Version: 1.1.1447

Can we get the other levels back?I think a lot of people are also wanting them to come back as well and thats all i have to really say.Version: 1.1.1447

Really goodI know I gave it 4 stars but pretend it’s four and a half. I am so happy it’s back and yes it’s payed but it’s only 99 cents and there are no adds or micro transactions and mighty eagle is free. But there are a few problems I’ve encountered, one when I’m not connected. To Wi-Fi and click the pause button there pops up a white box we’re the adds use to be, but the problem is when you go back to the game it stays there and blocks the screen and you have to close and reopen the app for it to go away, now this may be just me but it is very annoying. The second thing is on level 4 12 it is impossible to get 100 percent with mighty eagle the most you can get is 93 I even destroyed every block with mighty eagle and still got 93, hopefully these problems get fixed in a future update but overall the game is great..Version: 1.0

AwesomeSuch a great game. Used to play it when I was younger and so glad it’s back..Version: 1.1.1451

Nerf minerThis game is nostalgic and is a fat W.Version: 1.1.1447

The nostalgia hits differentThis was my favourite game growing up and I can’t be happier that it’s back. Please bring back Angry Birds Go and Angry Birds Epic please Rovio!.Version: 1.2

This game was a greatI’m happy to see this game back in the App Store but I go a problem about one level level 2.15 can notBeat I’m so mad but the game is good.Version: 1.1

Has problems with cloud savingI have this game on my ipad and iphone, i mainly play on my ipad and my progress was normal but today it asked me to choose between the cloud save (which had more stars) and the local save so i chose the cloud save simce it had more stars but then it loaded up a very old save and all my recent progress was gone but thankfully i ran the game from my iphone lately so the new progress is still on it but not on my ipad, also when i open the game from my iphone it asks me the same thing but i chose the local save this time because i was afraid the same thing would happen, so after that i thought what if i load it up from my ipad now maybe it backed up the new save, so i chose the cloud save and its the same problem, idk what is causing the problem but i hope it gets resolved soon.Version: 1.1.1447

Love it!This game for me is so nostalgic. It was one of the first games I played a s a child. I tried playing angry birds 2 but the ads were too annoying, so I’m glad this one has no ads. Love the game. Hope there will be more classics to come!.Version: 1.1.1447

AmazingMany people have written basically on how it’s amazing, no ads or micro transactions, mighty eagle is free and it’s worth the price, which all of that is true it’s just been said a lot, i only really have one suggestion which is to take away the “Rovio Classics” text from in the game. when i see that on the main menu it really takes away from the “being in 2012” experience. also it’d be awesome if angry birds seasons was back too but that’s been said WAY too much.Version: 1.1.1447

It’s back and the price isn’t a problem.Seriously. People are complaining about it being less than a pound. You get Mighty Eagle, no ads and a classic version of Angry Birds just remastered with a change in font, some menus and sound quality. That’s all I have to say. Thanks Rovio!.Version: 1.0

Thank you!!!Thank you for bringing back this game so many good memories of my and my friends and I were playing this when we were 8. Thank you..Version: 1.2

Original bugsI love having the game back but the birds struggle with breaking glass blocks. Level 2-2 shows just how difficult it is. After many attempts I can kill all the pigs but just can’t get a high enough score for 3 stars. Like I said the game is amazing and brings back many memories but that might need to be fixed..Version: 1.1.1451

Been my lifeSo when the game came out that was the same year I was born and out of no where I started to play angrybirds when I was 2 or 3 and so on and so on more angrybirds games comes out and I enjoy and when I heard apple deleting the original I was kinda bit heart broken and then when I went though Gmail I seen that the app was back in action so I said hey if it is real then we can get it and then here I am happy back on the game.Version: 1.1.1447

BACK INTO CLASSIC!Wow, this feels like we went back in time to the AB era, Back when everything was peaceful. It was an amazing comeback to play this game. Although, there is a bit of one issue. Remember those winnable objects you get after beating a episode? Well, I kinda did miss those and I was hoping to see those again. But sadly when I beaten an episode, they were on the menu. I understand if you don’t want to Rovio, but I would love to see those winnable objects on the menu. Overall, that didn’t get me to give a 4 star! Love this game, a lot. 🦅🥚🐽.Version: 1.1.1447

This game is every thing you remember for only 0.99 centsThere’s nothing to complain about it is exactly what I wanted It’s the original version of angry birds so no annoying arena no power ups except for the eagle but it has an hour recharge and when you do use it it wont get you any stars and also the game has no micro transactions you can’t buy anything so none of that annoying bird coin stuff. Since there are no power ups all of the extra levels that were added that were new are not hear but I don’t mind I like the original levels better. Well that’s all I have to say about this game it’s very cheap obviously there are no ads. It’s exactly how angry birds used to be. Love it.Version: 1.2

The Return of the KingSo glad the original Angry Birds is back in the App Store. Yeah, it’s paid, but it’s completely worth it. Here’s why. 1. There’s absolutely no ads, and no microtransactions. That wouldn’t be possible without it being paid, they have to profit somehow. 2. The original was also paid, and it was the same price. You aren’t getting a worse deal. 3. Some of you Angry Birds veterans may remember that the Mighty Eagle used to be a $0.99 microtransaction. Now it’s completely free, and has a 1 hour cooldown. 4. By buying it, you’re doing your part to contribute to more classics being remade. Rovio has stated that they’ll only continue remaking classics if the community shows interest in it by getting this. 5. It’s only $0.99. For hundreds of levels and no ads, no microtransactions, and huge nostalgia or an awesome experience if you haven’t yet played it, I’d say that’s more than worth it. Overall, this is definitely, definitely, a good deal. $0.99 for the complete original game with absolutely no ads, no microtransactions(including the now free mighty eagle), and you also support the remaking of other classics from your and my childhoods. Given the nostalgia of playing this again for the first time in years, or maybe experiencing one of the most iconic, beloved games PERIOD for the first time ever, I’d say that this is absolutely, without a doubt, worth it,.Version: 1.0

A Great Remaster that needs some fine tuningI was so glad that Rovio finally gave us what we wanted for so long, and that was to get another chance to play the first game. If there is one mobile game series that peaked my love for mobile gaming back in the day it’s freakin angry birds. That said it might be just me but the physics aren’t exactly one to one the same as the original it’s not a BIG issue, but it’s something that should be looked at this is a precise game after all. At times the music on the menu plays in a inconsistent manor because for some reason I go to the golden eggs section, and it just…doesn't play the music for some reason idk. Other than that this is a HUGE step in the right direction all we need is for angry birds seasons to be remastered with no bird coins in sight, and we are officially in the best timeline. -Evan.Version: 1.0

Need all the classic AB games backNeed all the classics back.Version: 1.2

A Classic is Back!Now days with boring and repetitive gimmicks mobile games on the App Store, it is great to see a classic like angry birds return to the App Store. With over 390 levels, free mighty eagle, all of the golden eggs, and No adds, for ONLY 99 cents is Amazing. I would honestly say that This game is The best game ever made for mobile. Now let’s see if we can bring back the other angry birds games. After 390 levels, the fans would expect more… how about angry birds seasons? Angry birds space? Maybe even Star Wars 1 and 2? In the end, This is TOTALY worth the 99 cents. no regret in this amazing game..Version: 1.1.1451

Angry Birds is cool!This app is cool because they brought angry birds classic back but I don’t really care beachside I already had almost all the old angry bird apps, but good app! And I don’t know why there isn’t the mighty league, daily challenges, power ups, the maps Jurassic Pork, Fan Favorites, Red’s mighty feathers, Short Fuse, and Bag Piggies. This is still cool though because a old version of angry birds is back. I noticed that this is probably an old version of the old Angry Birds, for example it’s not the same as the AB classic app (Angry Birds Classic), what I mean is stuff in the Angry Birds app before it was deleted is not here in this app. Good game though!.Version: 1.1.1447

Oh my goodness what a timeMy god The game is back When it left a part of my childhood was gone forever so I thought. Thank the lord that this has arrived back. WHAT A MASTERPIECE.Version: 1.1.1451

Developer ResponseThanks for bringing back a great game! Best game in the app store in my opinion. For the future, could you guys bring back Angry Birds Space or Star Wars? That would be awesome!.Version: 1.2

Pure Nostalgia!This is EXACTLY what a faithful remake looks like! It resembles the OG game identically, can’t see any difference from what I remember it to be. All I would like to say is thank you to Rovio for creating this. It’s exactly what we need after a long two years. And of course, the first thing I did was check to see if the Golden Egg is still in the credits. Wasn’t disappointed 👀.Version: 1.0

Ive been waitingIve been waiting so long for this! thank you rovio 😎.Version: 1.2

A great way to play the original angry birds but some minor issuesIt’s great to see the original angry birds app being released again. I think my issues with the game are some bugs. With some objects sometimes clipping into the ground or the physics being weird. The golden egg - 5 level is completely impossible with the physics of the tnt crates not exploding on impact, making it completely unfair. It’s genuinely annoying and I hope this games get patches in the future. But overall for a dollar you basically get the original angry birds experience with no ads. I am satisfied with my purchase and I hope to see if this game gets more patches to fix the minor bugs. Here’s hope the other og angry birds games gets a rerelease as well..Version: 1.1

Want moreReally impressed with how this game was remastered. I’m hoping that rovio adds the other levels back to this game and also brings back other games..Version: 1.1.1447

The original and the best!This is a practically perfect rebuild of Angry Birds as it was in its halcyon days. Of course I bought this, because I loved the original and was disappointed when it changed into a festival of ads and microtransactions. This version has no power-ups or other mechanics designed to drain your wallet: it’s a simple game that you buy once and enjoy. Exactly what I like to see! It’s a shame that some of the original levels are missing, such as Red’s Mighty Feathers. Sadly, I don’t expect them to be added to this remake in the future, although I would appreciate an aiming system like in the old AB Space. Despite its shortcomings, the classic Angry Birds is definitely a worthy buy. It was great fun to get addicted to an old favourite again. Would Rovio please consider releasing similar remakes of AB Seasons, AB Space, AB Rio, and Bad Piggies? I have no doubt they’d find plenty of eager customers!.Version: 1.1.1451

Not just a gameAngry birds classic is arguably the greatest game ever made. Not just greatest app. Not just greatest computer game. Just greatest game period. In fact, it rivals chess. Words can’t describe the sheer joy. If you’re suicidal I would recommend throwing out the meds and simply playing this game from beginning to end. If you already have it all and have never played it, prepare to have that one thing your life has always been missing. Saying god himself made this game would be an understatement. Grab a slingshot and join the cause!.Version: 1.1.1447

This is god’s true creationNo man has ever not played angry birds and hated it. think about it, if you never played angry birds are you really alive? Are you truly living? No, your not, you are but a shell of a true human. The gameplay is something you’ll never see the same again. Once you first see the game you might be thinking “wow this looks simple” but you soon become a part of the gameplay, living the world you see, almost able to smell the fresh angry bird air that rovio so graciously let us experience. As you pull back that slingshot for the first time, you unlock the true meaning of life. The voice acting is outstanding and jaw dropping. For example; when red bird first said “AAAAAAAAHEAYHA” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. It was like hearing your moms voice after being at war for 7 years, bringing tears to your eyes and comfort in your wounded body Angry birds is truly humanities greatest achievement and will always be so.🥰🥰🥰.Version: 1.1.1451

GoodIt’s amazing the one problem is u have to pay for it.Version: 1.1.1447

It is backYou got the good ending! This unity recreation of the original angry birds is almost identical! The only interesting addition is the animated rovio logo when you boot up the game..Version: 1.2

Well thanks for bringing back the originalsThanks.Version: 1.1.1451

Good RemasterEverything is as it should be with no intrusive ads or pay to win powerups. Would be great if Angry Birds Space was given this treatment as well..Version: 1.1.1451

Bring back Angry Birds Star WarsPlease 🙏.Version: 1.1.1447

Amazing!Thus game has always been a must have but the only problem is the paywall but everything else is perfect and its even ad free..Version: 1.0

Been a fan since 2010I have loved angry birds for many years. Have been their when they started rising and have not left or got burned out on the games(except for the games like blast and dream blast) When the old games disappeared, I was sad. Now that it’s back. I am so happy. The game is just how I remembered it from all those years ago. There are no in app purchases and zero ads, even though you have to buy it for $1. It was worth it. If you haven’t played the original games, What are you waiting for. Thank you Rovio. And thank you for my childhood. Ps. I even have almost every angry birds plush..Version: 1.1.1451

Be back levelPlease can you bring back shockwave level and the level with red with a tornado.Version: 1.1.1451

Great game, just one thingI really love how you have gone back to your roots, but I have just one suggestion. I know you had to rebuild this with the new engine, but could you please add on the other additions like short fuse and the other levels. Other than that amazing to see this again.Version: 1.1

Thank you rovioBest thing to ever come out it’s just how I remember it so much better than angry birds 2.Version: 1.1.1451

Great Remake but…I was really excited to hear that the game was coming back and it really lives up to the hype but, something’s could be improved, like how the pigs use the original designs instead of the new/chrome designs now, it isn’t that big of a deal but, there should be and option to toggle between the designs. Also some animations look just a little cheap the star animation especially maybe make it a little more like the original. PS. When we said “Bring Back 2012” we didn’t mean keep the 2012 version lol😂.Version: 1.0

It brings back memoriesI am a really huge angry birds fan so for Rovio to finally bring back one of the games makes my young self come out. I remember me & my brother would play a plush game we made up called “The Angry Birds Game” where we would play with plush toys from Angry Birds, Sonic The Hedgehog, Super Mario, Plants Vs Zombies, etc. we stopped doing it at the middle of quarantine because he got too old to play it with me. And it brings back when I was in 1st or 2nd grade playing Angry Birds Stella which idk why that one got so much hate. And the Bert porter / angry birds plush vids I would watch when I was in kindergarten. Now with only 2 or 3 months left of middle school I feel so old but I won’t & will not stop playing Angry Birds til the day I die. Thank you so much Rovio I also can’t wait for the re-release of the next angry birds game 😊.Version: 1.1

Amazing✨✨I have played this game since i was 4 and when i heard Rovio had re-releasded CLASSIC ANGRY BIRDS I knew i had to get it only downside is u have to pay but i guess it has to be fair. Thank you. Now just have to wait for star wars and angry birds go!.Version: 1.0

Great! Awesome rush of memories.I remember years ago when I first was playing Angry Birds, and it was awesome! I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and enjoyment. It still holds up, even if there are a few visual bugs like the effects and scores persisting after hitting restart. I have only about two gripes with it: First, the fact that the completion items (such as the Frying Pan received after clearing Poached Eggs, the Cardboard Cutout received from clearing The Mighty Hoax, the Hard Hat received from clearing The Big Setup, etc.) aren’t seen being flung across the title screen. Second is the lack of achievements. Aside from that, this is a lovely recreation. I really hope other games like Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Epic get remade too!.Version: 1.1.1447

My favorite game in my childhood!I’ve been playing that game when I was a child. And you know, I am so glad that there is no ads in this game. That makes me happy. I’ve been waiting my entire life for it to come back and it did. I saw my brother playing this game and you know I had to check, and there it was. Too bad they didn’t bring back angry birds seasons, angry birds Star Wars 1 and 2, or even angry birds space yet. But overall, this is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life and my childhood is saved and 2022 has finally been saved! FANTASTIC GAME!!!! Thank you Rovio!.Version: 1.0

The birds are back!I’m so happy the original is back but with it comes a few minor issues with incorrect sfx like using the birds saying “happy new year” as a cheer. And in one of the golden egg missions I noticed the stones like to clump together rather then spreading out to hit all the balloon pigs. But minor nitpicks aside my 2 biggest gripes are that your old rovio account data won’t carry over from the original. And that certain level packs are missing now along with power ups. Still an amazing pack but hopefully these issues will be solved..Version: 1.0

So glad the original is backI have longed for the happy childhood days of playing the classic angry birds. The classic art style, mechanics, and familiar yet exciting levels brings me back and keep me entertained. I had abandoned all hope for the franchise when all the old games were taken off the App Store, but I am happy to see their return. To the editors reading this, thank you for bringing this gem back, and I can assure you that bringing the other classic games such as angry birds Star Wars back will be meet with the same enthusiasm from the community..Version: 1.1.1447

Average joeClassic awesome game.Version: 1.2

:)Will there be the rest of the classic collection too? Star Wars, Star Wars 2 and space? All those?.Version: 1.0

A few minir issues, but overall greatOk, the good first. This is absolutely a faithful recreation of the original, down to sound design, music, animation, physics, and lack of trajectory (unlike its sequel angry birds 2, which makes this more of a challenge). It also, however, lacks that game’s random ads that interrupt gameplay from what I can tell. One other major plus is that the mighty eagle is now free. That said, I do have issues but they are mostly minor nitpicks. Not all content is present in this recreation but updates may add more. Red’s feather levels and shockwave bomb, for example, are gone, as are powerups (which I’d argue is for the best). I did miss those levels though, especially red’s feathers as they offered a challenge that really stood out from the rest of the game. Aside from that, one minor bug I encountered is that the golden egg hints disappeared after viewing them once. Giving this 5 stars since most of my problems are easily fixable.Version: 1.0

The legend returnsThis is a pretty unpopular opinion, but I feel like angry birds is the best mobile game ever. It’s probably the best selling mobile game, along with subway surfers and Minecraft, and it probably has the most play time. This game is completely worth it and you should definitely play it. Also just a question for Rovio, do you guys plan on remaking the other angry birds games too? I would love to see angry birds star wars 1/2 and angry birds space to come back! Edit: The mighty eagle feather on level 4-12 is broken. I broke everything and it gave me a 94% and it happened consistently.Version: 1.1

Great game please remake more angry birds gamesGreat but can you please work with Disney to remake and get angry birds rio and star wars 1 and 2 and maybe the tow angry birds movie also will you bring angry bird space back ice bird was my favourite character and space is my favourite game is the franchise.Version: 1.0

SO THANKFUL! (please read)I am absolutely astonished and proud that they added the original angry birds back which is my personal favorite and it brings back massive nostalgia! I do have one thing I'd like to say.. I really loved Angry Birds Star Wars, Space, Rio, and Seasons. As I said before I am so happy they added the original back but it would be a dream to get at least one other old angry bird game. If the developers could read this and take in consideration of adding those that would be great, thank you. But besides all that this game is as good as I remembered it and I have no negative comments about it..Version: 1.1

Amazing butThis game is super fun and nostalgic for me because I remember playing it 10 years ago but 17-4 is literally impossible to 3 star I swear it’s bugged.Version: 1.1.1447

One of the best choices Rovio has ever madeThis is absolutely amazing. This is what we need, the original games in the original style, not the awful new games with the movie designs. It feels so good to play the originals again. This is a huge step in the right direction and can finally save Angry Birds from its decline. I really hope they bring back other old angry birds games especially angry birds seasons, hopefully without having to pay for levels. Overall this is a 10/10 game. Bringing back 2012 and hope for all of the fans..Version: 1.0

My childhood returnedThe other week I was playing the original game on my old phone, and to see you brought it back rovio makes me so happy, it’s perfect, my childhood is back…thank you for listening to your fans and please do this with Rio and space! Thanks from a fan from the beginning.Version: 1.1

OMG ITS BACKI remember this game when I was a kid. This game was the core element to me loving games. And when it was taken away (alongside angry birds Star Wars 1-2) I felt like a part of me dying, but now it’s back and I am happy. BUT please add the other instalments to the game like the NBA level or the Hawaii tiki level (that one I loved) or more my personal favourite the EMP bomb level now that was pure awesome and lastly that cool one where red became that homing projector when clicking on the screen stopping the pigs from stealing his eggs (that was creative) in conclusion this game is back and I am happy but if they are going to add anything to it please bring back its old levels..Version: 1.1

I’m proud, RovioI’m so glad you are listening to your fans and bringing back the old games, and I know it must have been a lot of hard work to build this from the ground up but you did an amazing job! I can’t wait to see the return of AB Space, AB Go and more!.Version: 1.1

Love this!It’s just like the original but somehow better. Please Rovio bring back the other Angry Birds such as Space & Seasons..Version: 1.1.1447

Bring back angry birds go plsPls send back angry go please i made a video in real life.Version: 1.1.1451

Client FeedbackThe game is absolutely phenomenal overall! I love all the old sounds in which they added which they removed from their previous version of angry birds from the little details, e.g. the pigs smiling when no birds are left, to the bigger details, e.g. getting the models of the pigs right as well. There’s probably a bunch of other things I could list as well; the review would be too long. However: the three blue little birds, when they split, they make the same noise as the white bird would usually do, and the white bird now makes a ‘click’ noise when pressed. Is this deliberate? The birds sometimes awkwardly fit into the slingshot which can look weird at times. Other than these two minor issues, I think this game is great and definitely is worth buying if you want the ultimate nostalgia experience!.Version: 1.1

TYSM! mostlyHey Rovio, THANK YOU for re releasing my childhood memory game. Please consider re releasing Space and Rio and those classics too, I know I am not the only one who would like to see this happen..Version: 1.1.1451

BestThis app is amazing and I would recommend it to everybody it has very easy features and a screenshot I can give you hours of fun and when a level is too difficult you can simply just use the mighty eagle different levels have different elements of fun to them I would personally recommend it to anyone who has spare time on their hands and want something fun to do.Version: 1.1.1451

Love that we have to work for those three stars!Also love the fact that you get extra points for unused birds.Version: 1.1.1451

It’s backAd free, gimmick free and just enjoyable again. Well done Rovio for realising that what made you famous is this, not power ups and in game purchases. Simple addictive game play. Paying a small fee for it is worth it, spending never ending amounts within a game is not..Version: 1.2

SlayAhh.Version: 1.2

The OG (and more…?)Obviously this is the best Angry Birds game it launched a whole multi-media franchise that I for the most part adore. The reason why I bought this game however is for the hope that someone see’s this and decides to re-release my favorite game in the series ‘Angry Birds: Stella’ I have an obsession with this game and actually bought the pop things to go with the game. Please release ‘Stella’ again and let me once again feel happiness. And if you loved the original or have nostalgia for a simpler time make sure to buy this. Cheaper than Starbucks! (I hate that phrase).Version: 1.1

Best original mobile come backI love this game the cartoonist look the flashy era of our time and gameplay. Never seen to like a game at first because I don’t care but it seem I start enjoy the game at because of the simple gameplay. I wish they would more original game that would be back on AppStore maybe old iOS on apple classic and maybe GameClub still that I want see, anyway love this game thank much team rovio.Version: 1.1.1447

Great game but pleasePlease, I beg of you Rovio, Please bring back original angry birds star wars.Version: 1.1.1447

Angry birds goBring back angry birds go please.Version: 1.1.1451

AngrybirdsI am sad that this is not the game I expected. I thought I would there more levels and the ability to play each level as it was in the beginning. I am annoyed that I allowed myself to pay 69 p to join the game. S Brightman.Version: 1.1.1451

Really good gameI have been playing for 1 and a half hours straight.Version: 1.1.1451

Great game!I love this game, playing it makes me feel so much nostalgia. I hope that Rovio can bring back other loved classics like tiny thief, angry birds go, angry birds star wars, and angry birds rio. I really miss those..Version: 1.2

PogThis is pog.Version: 1.1.1447

Original gameOne of my favourite I phone games!!!.Version: 1.1.1451

Awesome!💪Angry birds is back and the same from years ago, highly recommended playing it which it’s an amazing classic..Version: 1.0

Just as Great as it use to be!Brilliant remake of a childhood game!.Version: 1.2

Yay!Just as before!! Great to have it back. AB Space and AB Seasons would be perfect next thanks 🙏 PS great price.Version: 1.1.1447

Amazing game! although there is an annoying bugI play on iphone XR and every time i restart a level there is an all white pop up that i can’t close out of. the pop up reads “the most addictive angry birds game ever! Blast ballons to free the birds and stop the pigs in this super addictive puzzle game”. i have to restart the game to fix it and and if i restart the actual level this pop up comes back. hopefully you can fix this and i’ll change to 5 star, this game is awesome!.Version: 1.0

AmazingThe nostalgia is the best part about the game, although not the only good part. The mechanics are simple and easy to use. (To prove I’m a real person, peepee poopoo).Version: 1.1.1447

Well doneSee…….you do what folks want , 5 star reviews come rolling in. That didn’t hurt now did it 🤗🙄.Version: 1.1.1451

Great Recreation!Angry Birds Classic is a very faithful recreation of Angry Birds! However, it is missing levels that were added after 2012, but I’m sure that it was on purpose..Version: 1.1

Amazing!Just as good as I remember, if not better! I hope in future some of the later chapters are added though although these are more than enough!.Version: 1.0

More like this pleaseDoes what it says on the tin and the No iAP policy is something I wish we could get back. Other developers take note please..Version: 1.1.1447

Best game in App StoreClassic gaming for losers like you!.Version: 1.2

Angry BirdsThis game was a cool game, but this isn’t the full original, because the powers and electric bomb are gone and it feels like birds don’t go through stuff as well as they used to, but it’s alright.Version: 1.0

Awesome Remake! Could be better.Hey Rovio! This is one of the greatest remakes I have ever played! I have been playing the classic games since 2014! I personally think this could be better though. There is a glitch in the game where if you skip a cutscene after completing a world, the sound stops until you go back to the Episode Selection Screen. For example, when I beat Danger Above part 1, the cutscene showed and I skipped it. When it went back to the level selection, the sound stopped. Could you fix that please? Also, I have a suggestion. In the trailer when it shows Bomb, It has his older design. Can you bring back his older design with the white dot? I also think you should give the birds their real flying sprites except bomb. You should also add power ups. You should also fix Matilda because after I use her egg bomb it switches to the corpse sprite of her after using the bomb. But after I use it and she collided with something, it switches to her regular corpse sprite. Can you fix it please? Sorry for making this very long review but good work as always, Rovio! Thanks for the awesome remake!.Version: 1.0

Everything you lost, you have it back.Thank you. You want a beautiful game that floods you with Nostalgia? This is all you need. No pop up ads, and great gameplay. Only thing, is I wouldn’t mind if each different level scene was locked til you completed that full scene. Definitely not worth giving a 4 star for though. It’s a perfect game still. 5/5 - - NOW ROVIO BRING BACK AB SPACE!! We all want it back aswell! Once again thank you for bringing this dear game back.Version: 1.2

Nice to see it backEnjoy playing this again and happy to pay for a enjoyable game with no ads or micro transactions! Initial issue resolved after reported to support and support replied to confirm it what release it should be fixed in. Good service which again I’m happy to pay for..Version: 1.1.1447

Love the game, but.Bring back angry birds go, was best angry birds game by far.Version: 1.2

Angry Birds Remake is everything I could have ever dreamed ofThis game is so faithful to the original 2012 version, I didn’t even notice at first that this is a remake. One minor issue is that the pitch of the birds sound effects goes up and down during gameplay, but that can be fixed. That one issue isn’t a dealbreaker by any means. Also, a suggestion: Please change the app icon to the original 2011 app icon. That would be amazing if the app icon was the original 2011 icon. This game is amazing and I highly recommend it..Version: 1.0

Super nostalgicThis is one of the first mobile games I remember playing on my old iPod touch. The only minor nitpick I have is that I miss the old victory jingle you used to hear when you find a golden egg or win a level. But maybe it’s just that I was a really early player.Version: 1.1.1451

An amazing blast from the past, just needs a bit more tuning.Honestly can’t believe it’s finally back. Angry Birds basically shaped me to what I am today, and seeing it return in its former glory is great. The remake itself is incredibly faithful and I really enjoy it. The one-time payment system for no ads or in app purchases is very refreshing to see in a world where mobile games are basically nothing except that. While the sound effects can feel a bit off at times, that’s really just a nitpick and I honestly don’t mind it. Overall a faithful recreation of a great game. Please make more remakes like these. I am really glad that not only can old fans play the game again, but new generations of kids can experience it too. Keep Slinging!.Version: 1.0

Great come backIf this is what they do when bugged enough then maybe they should also do the same with angry birds space starwars and Rio and last and certainly not least is season’s.Version: 1.1.1447

Best game everBrings back childhood memories.Version: 1.1.1447

IT’S BACK!!!!Cant believe it’s back and it’s pretty much just how I remember it! And for 89p it’s not exactly a bank beaker ever. It really makes you wonder “should I but a small chocolate bar or original angry birds on my phone” Lol It’s so cool to see it back finely!.Version: 1.1

NostalgiaI loved playing this game when I was little and when it got taken off I was devastated but now at 14 it being back just makes me feel happy inside d.Version: 1.0

Thank You Rovio!I loved this game since I was only 8 years old, back in elementary school. I’ve played through every installment in the series, regardless of criticism and other things. Even after so many years, and quite the life lived thus far, I’ve always thought back about Angry Birds as a piece of my childhood and one of my very favorite games of all time. No one expected it in 2009, no one expected it in 2022! To one of the remakes first downloaders in the world, Robbie.Version: 1.0

A Bang for your Buck (Or Bird)This is a great recreation for fans of the original, and it does a good job of reestablishing the classic. The chrome sprites are back for the pigs, there are no ads or power ups, and mighty eagle comes with the game for free due to the game being a premium title. There are some downsides, however, because this remake only includes levels up to “Surf and Turf” and could use some of the new levels such as Bad Piggies and Red’s Mighty Feathers. Either way,it’s definitely worth it if you want to revisit this classic. Props to Rovio for finally bringing back 2012!.Version: 1.0

A great return to formThis is the first game I’ve ever reviewed, and let me start by saying that it’s great. A nice nostalgia trip though some of the most iconic levels of classic Angry Birds. I love the nostalgic designs of the menus, and the birds work very well. However, my main issue comes with the content of the game. The idea of bringing back the levels from up to 2012 is cool, but it does sacrifice some of the better episodes from later in the game, like Red’s Mighty Feathers and Birdday Party. If an update brought those back, this is a five star game. That’s really my only complaint. Everything else is spot on. It’s honestly really fun to compare this game to Angry Birds 2 or Journey and see just how far this franchise has come!.Version: 1.1.1451

My story with angry birdsI once was lost, but now I am found. 10 years ago I was very depressed due to my severe alcohol and gambling addiction, I lost first my money, then my house, then my wife and kids. It was a dark time. I was living in my mother’s basement when I found a game on the APP store, this game had a something to it that just mesmerized me. I soon found myself downloading the game and playing with it. I never hadn’t had that much fun since my first year of college. A couple of weeks later I met a girl of whom a month later I would propose to an then six months later marry. During my first year of marriage I bought a lottery ticket ( just for fun 😉) little did I know then but that lottery ticket won 100 million dollars! Later I invested 85 million in bitcoin. I am a multi billionaire with six kids and a hot twenty-two year old wife, and I attribute all of this to Angry Birds..Version: 1.2

Angry Birds SpaceCan you guys bring back Angry Birds Space?.Version: 1.1.1447

Angry BirdsI absolutely love this game! This is one of my childhood mobile games when touchscreen phones were first introduced to me and I hope that Rovio will bring back more of the old Angry Birds games in the future!.Version: 1.1.1451

Okay, I got questions.I had previous rating and review which I still stand by, however I have some questions. Might we ever see the return of red’s mighty feathers (or whatever it’s called) and electric bomb? If not, that’s fine, but if they return… I will be so incredibly ecstatic..Version: 1.0

Life changingMy wife came back after I told her I had the original angry birds on my phone :).Version: 1.1.1447

One problem but amazingThis is amazing my childhood is alive again but I have one problem i remember there was a level zone called reds mighty feathers please add it back Thanks.Version: 1.1.1451

FINALLY! WHAT A REVIVAL!I absolutely loved the original angry birds when I was a kid. I literally beat the game. I went on to play angry birds rio, angry birds space, and the angry birds Star Wars games. Those were the days 🥲. Me and my cousins would play the games and talk about our strategies and whatever. As I got older I lost interest in the games. Then coming back a few years later I realized that there were no angry birds games at all! I found out what had happened and why. I played angry birds two but while it was fun it just didn’t have the same feel to it as the original angry birds. Shopping one day a few weeks ago I came across a guy in a angry birds shirt. I smiled as I thought of angry birds but wondered about the shirt. After I got home I checked the App Store and found the new revival of the classic game! I also found angry birds reloaded. I just got the game again but I’m already past the first 5 chapters and I’m loving it! WAY TO GO ROVIO WE NEEDED THIS! This has made me so happy and this game deserves a perfect 5 stars. The only thing I wish is to bring back some other angry bird games like space, Star Wars, and other classics. I hope there is more to come! Thanks a million ROVIO!.Version: 1.2

2012 is officially back! 😄I must be dreaming! This is a dream come true! Not only the original game is back, but you also used the old sprites for the pigs and the birds, making this more nostalgic! I was completely overjoyed when I downloaded it. Only cost me less a dollar, and no ads nor in-game payments! Just pure fun! Plus you fixed some bugs in the game. I’m just wondering if we’re going to have the other classic Angry Birds, like Seasons, Space, Rio, etc. Nonetheless, thank you for bringing back a classic! 😄.Version: 1.1.1447

IT’S BACK!The original angry birds is back! I have been playing the originals for…I don’t even know how long..and the revival of the FIRST GAME I EVER PLAYED is just amazing. The music, graphics, etc are still so charming, and there are no micro-transactions, and basically no ads! I love it! The only complaints I have are that there are extra levels like short fuse, or bad piggy’s, and I remember some cool levels with lots of contraptions and what not but I don’t remember the name. If you were to add any of those, it would be Short Fuse as those are my favorite levels. I hope to see the other classics like Angry Birds Star Wars (specifically 1) and I’d like feedback on this review, but thanks for the original Angry Birds!.Version: 1.1.1447

At Last The Classic Game is Back (Well Not Fully but meh)Thank you Rovio, you finally listened to us to bring the classic angry birds back, Money isn’t always the mind of company os about caring for fans. Plus when we mean by bring back 2012 we literally didn’t mean just 2012 angry birds episodes but IDC but maybe someday you can at least bring back bad piggies, red’s mighty feathers, short fuse and flock favorites because despite not being in 2012 they are still memorable episodes of the game so at least bring them at least for new updates of the game but overall this game is great 10/10 Rovio and also think about bringing back angry birds seasons, angry birds space and so on in the future but for now I love this game. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 😡 🦢 😃😄😁.Version: 1.1.1447

Rovio classic’s angry birdsOmg I love angry birds it’s so cool and now it’s back thank you rovio I love you.Version: 1.1.1451

ONG i have been waiting since I was a child for this to come back out😂😂😇😍🥰😍😍😍😍.Version: 1.2

BEST GAME EVER!!!You will not find a better game.Version: 1.1.1447

AwesomeSick.Version: 1.1

Still the best mobile gameThis might be a matter of opinion, but to this day, I believe that Angry Birds still holds a place as the best mobile game ever created, and I’m very glad it’s back. For the most part, nothing has changed. It’s just $1 to play the entire game (remember when we paid for games and there were lite versions). The original levels up to Surf and Turf are there. The mighty eagle is now free. There’s none of the stupid powerups; actually no microtransactions for that matter since it’s a pay to play game, but again, it’s only $1. More games need to do this again honestly. And the best part: no pop up ads, again like the old days. For all the people complaining about them lying and ads still being there, it’s literally just rovio ads that have always been a thing, and they’re just in menus and don’t hinder gameplay at all. Not sure what more these people want since there isn’t an ad popping up every 10 seconds, which is the worst part of games these days. Anyways, thank you very much for bringing it back Rovio, and for keeping it basically the same in all aspects from back in the day..Version: 1.2

Welcome BackGreat game, the perfect remake of the classic!.Version: 1.1.1451

RovioLack of episodes is sad I bought this thinking it would be all of them but I still have the old game on my phone so I’m not fussed only 89 p good bank for your buck.Version: 1.1.1451

Bring back angry birds Star WarsThis game is great and I’m so glad they brought it back, but it would be even better is they bring back angry birds Star Wars.Version: 1.1.1447

谢谢开发商提供的经典版的愤怒的小鸟Hello, developers. First of all, thank you for providing the classic Angry Birds, which reminds me of my childhood. I still have the original angry birds on my iPhone4s. I think the 🌟sound effects of completing each level of the game are not as good as the original version. I hope it can be changed back to the original version. - a player from China thank you.Version: 1.0

It’s literally Angry BirdsThanks for re-releasing it finally.Version: 1.1

Brings ne back 🥹It’s perfect.Version: 1.2

Good ReviewIs fun.Version: 1.2

Just like the old daysWhen I was young I always played this game and I was devastated when it got deleted from the App Store but now it’s back and it’s just like I remember not a single difference. I just hope they bring back more OG angry birds games like the Star Wars version thank you Rovio for bringing back my childhood..Version: 1.1.1447

It’s about pecking time!I’ll admit that after seeing the news about Rovio putting the original Angry Birds back on the App Store, I was highly skeptical thinking it would be worse then ever before but boy was I wrong! This is a faithful port of the original game that pushed a legacy for mobile games as a whole. I only really gave this game four stars due to the games newer physics engine making some of the levels frustratingly more difficult then the original (golden eggs #1-#7 being best examples) but still doesn’t ruin my enjoyment!.Version: 1.0

AmazingThank you Rovio! This is amazing! Awesome fan service! I hope this “rovio classics” title appears more often. I would love to see other games return like Amazing Alex, Bad piggies, and Angry birds Star Wars!.Version: 1.1.1451

Great start now more plz!!!!!!!!Great to see this game come back now can we gear a few of the other titles back like Angry birds Go plz because that was an amazing game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2

Restored my faith in rovioEver since Rovio delisted the majority of the Angry Birds games from the App Store (including the original Angry Birds), I was full convinced that Rovio had lost their way, and become just another mobile developer that would shove their games full of micro transactions and ads. Fully remaking this game has shown me otherwise, and that Rovio still can pull off some of that energy they once had from the early 2010’s. This is fully faithful, no micro transactions or ads. If this is the beginning of Rovio’s rise once again, I’m happy to see it..Version: 1.1.1447

Overjoyed by its return! 😁 (Any of the others returning?)Really enjoyed it! I feel like a kid again, I was overjoyed when you announced that the game was returning I only just wanna know if the other games are coming back (Seasons, Space, Star Wars, Rio, etc) Because their the missing pieces of this year since we all wanna #bringback2012 I just wanna know about the others is all. Anyway the game was good I LOVED it. Keep up the good work 👍🏻.Version: 1.2

Great remake!This remake is amazing and very entertaining, I am so glad Rovio returned to their roots and made a classic angry birds game 😀 I noticed a few minor bugs but nothing that ruined the experience and I assume they will be fixed in patches anyway, Thank you Rovio!.Version: 1.0

AimGreat remake, but probably could have implemented the aiming mechanic from other angry birds games that lets you see where your shot will actually go, rather than having to just guess.Version: 1.0

When it was needed, rovio deliveredLiterally when the world needed them most, rovio came through and clutched with a god send gift.Version: 1.1.1447

Phenomenal!. But a bit lackingRovio, you have done something I thought you would never do! You’ve brought back the original angry birds with 2012 graphics and all! All though it’s a bit upsetting that you only kept all episodes from poached eggs to surf and turf. It’s a shame I can’t play Piggy farm, jurassic Pork, bad piggies or even Reds mighty feathers. :( I hope you will add them back into the games in later updates but for now this is a nice remake of the mobile game king! 🐥🐷👑👑👑.Version: 1.0

Thank You Rovio!Thank you for doing this awesome remake of a amazing game. I love it. But a bigger thank for making it a premium release. OMG! I would love to see a Angry Birds Star Wars remake..Version: 1.0

It’s Angry BirdsWhat can I say? It’s the same Angry Birds that we all kept on bugging our parents to let us play on their phone. It has none of the micro transactions that you see in Angry Birds 2, or Angry Birds Classic before it got taken down (from what I recall, I could be wrong). and you don’t have to pay for the Mighty Eagle like you used to, it’s just there. This is one of the things I like about paid games like these, it recognizes that it has the money it wants from the player, and doesn’t need anything like ads or micro transactions to beg the player for said money. One thing I hope for this already great game is that Rovio includes some it’s later updates that I noticed were missing, such as Red’s Mighty Feathers, Bad Piggies, and maybe etc. Though, I have faith that they will since rereleasing this game is one of their best decisions yet..Version: 1.0

Not everything is backI love this game and all the levels are how I remember them but there isn’t exactly everything in the game that tho wee was in the old one. There’s no bomb level where he becomes electrified, and I remember so many other levels that were dedicated to the birds and those were the ones that I loved. If you could please add them it would be such a nostalgic time for me and everyone I’m sure. Also CAN YOU PLEASE BRING BACK ANGRY BIRDS SPACE? Best angry birds game!!.Version: 1.1.1447

Best game everThanks for re releasing this classic! but can you re release some more classics! i am willing to buy them! like angry birds epic, go and maybe star wars (it would be cool if we got angry birds star wars 3!).Version: 1.0

Angry Birds: The World’s Nostalgic Kids’ Game EverI still like Angry Birds, the classic, original, first game. It’s still nostalgic to me. I still play it, too. But, I wish that the Golden Egg levels have the Mighty Eagle button to summon to make you win easily, because little bit of them make you only slingshot one bird to get all of the green pigs popped in one shot, but then, there’s still little bit of them left, making the Golden Egg levels hard to beat. Anyway, I also wish that the other Angry Birds games that were deleted came back, like Angry Birds: Rio, Star Wars, etc. I know that Angry Birds: Transformers is still here. I even play that one, everyday, playing the events by playing as characters to get enough points to get the event coins to have enough to buy upgrades for the characters, and also buy accessories for them, too. One more thing, I wish that this original Angry Birds game has the other levels, for two examples, with Bomb having the electricity ability, and Red having the Mighty Eagle’s leftover feathers, flying all over his round, red body, making him have the ability to go up, hitting something with his head..Version: 1.1.1451

Good remake, has some glitchesAll in all this is a good remake of the game, although it is slightly buggy. I am fairly certain these will be addressed and fixed in the coming months, however.Version: 1.1

Nostalgic.Rovio have faithfully recreated the original Angry Birds game from the ground up on a new engine, and us Angry Birds fans all over the world are more than happy now that the OG game is back! Can’t wait to see what they do with the other games!.Version: 1.1

Love itThis game is brilliant definitely worth your $1.49 and pls bring back the other og games Love Rio.Version: 1.1.1447

They brought the original back!Love being able to replay this game again, would like to see more old titles be added back..Version: 1.0

This is what you SHOULD be doing!Angry Birds was a phenomenal game back in the day! Sadly, you shifted away from just charging 69p upfront and started relying on in-app purchases! That is a terrible way to do business! When you started adding in-app purchases to the original Angry Birds, I deleted it off my iPhone and bought myself a copy of Angry Birds Trilogy for my Nintendo 3DS! Fortunately, you seem to have come to your senses and have blessed us with this IAP-free rerelease of the original Angry Birds! Please make some new games sold this way, and please also give the Rovio Classics treatment to Amazing Alex and Angry Birds Space! Why not also make a Nintendo Switch version of Angry Birds Trilogy? (But with Space replacing Rio).Version: 1.1.1447

Need to add!!!!!!!The red’s mighty feathers.Version: 1.2

ExcellentReally please to have the original Angry Birds back. It’s perfect as it is. I felt the power ups spoilt the original; part of the fun/skill was finding that perfect angle or exact moment to use a special ability to win the level. I am a little surprised I’m paying for it again, but in total, including the original purchase, it’s still a good price for hours of enjoyment..Version: 1.1

Worth a trip down memory laneI love this game so much and played all the games when i was younger and bought telepods i was so devastated to see all of them go off the appstore now that this is out am buzzed and hopefully you add my old favourites: Angry Birds Star Wars 1&2 and Angry Birds Go! because i spent quite a lot of money in telepods and i can’t use them anymore..Version: 1.1

AmazingThe nostalgia is real, I am happy as can be. Thank you.Version: 1.2

Love this gameI am glad they have brought this game back, it reminds me of when I was younger it brings back the good old days..Version: 1.1

Bring them ALL backThis was the best recent decision that rovio has made, I feel after the removal of all these games it’s just gotten so annoying to play angry birds. 2 has all those idiotic micro transactions and is basically the same reason I don’t play pvz2. Now the main point is that if rovio brings back those classic games they would THRIVE. I understand maybe not bringing back the Star Wars and rio games because they may not have the license to use those names/characters but they should bring the others back at least. Also please bring back angry birds epic that was one of my favorite games back in the day!!.Version: 1.1.1451

Needs some work but amazingI’ve been a angry birds fan since the version 1.4.1 and when this game out I was so happy but there are some problems, such as how the bomb bird does not have the white dot on his head and Hal’s sound is the new one instead of the old one and chucks animation is not what it used to me. This is not a problem this is just a request back in the old versions of the game I always liked how the episode were squares so if u could do that that would be cool and I know surf and turf was never a square but if u could make one for that it would be cool. Also please bring back a old version of angry birds seasons with the square episodes and the themed play buttons..Version: 1.1.1451

Save progressI’m loss my save progress today just play his game this morning then I’m load it up later all my save progress are gone. Please fix this.Version: 1.1.1451

Finally, the angry birds game that everyone was wanting backI remember playing this game and other angry birds similar to this game such as angry birds Star Wars and angry birds seasons. Honestly this brings back all of the nostalgia from when I used to play it and seeing it finally come back makes me and the rest of the fan-base happy since it not only had less ads that cover the screen but it also didn’t bug you so much about in-game currencies that people dislike from the angry birds franchise..Version: 1.2

It’s great to see back, but there’s a lot missing!When I heard the original Angry Birds Game was returning, I was very hyped and the end product isn’t disappointing at all. But not all of the levels are available and the power ups are nowhere to be seen. I miss the power ups and other episodes and I hope to see them return in an update. Please don’t make us pay using in-game coins because the gameplay wouldn’t feel nostalgic, I wouldn’t mind paying real money for power ups. Overall, am really enjoying this game. Keep up the great work Rovio. Now I hope to see my favourite AB Games: Seasons and GO!.Version: 1.1

I miss the gameI play this about a 7 years and I very liked it I don’t know what happened I’m so happy the game is now on I gave you a 5 stars for you 🥲🥹.Version: 1.1.1451

AmazingI’m so glad Angry Birds is back, I missed playing that game.Version: 1.1.1447

I would like other gamesDon’t get me wrong I do love this game but I would have preferred other angry birds games first as this game is more bare bones 10/10 tho.Version: 1.2

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