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Rovio Classics: Angry Birds app received 102 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about rovio classics: angry birds?

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GrateGreat.Version: 1.0

Phenomenal!. But a bit lackingRovio, you have done something I thought you would never do! You’ve brought back the original angry birds with 2012 graphics and all! All though it’s a bit upsetting that you only kept all episodes from poached eggs to surf and turf. It’s a shame I can’t play Piggy farm, jurassic Pork, bad piggies or even Reds mighty feathers. :( I hope you will add them back into the games in later updates but for now this is a nice remake of the mobile game king! 🐥🐷👑👑👑.Version: 1.0

Great Remake but…I was really excited to hear that the game was coming back and it really lives up to the hype but, something’s could be improved, like how the pigs use the original designs instead of the new/chrome designs now, it isn’t that big of a deal but, there should be and option to toggle between the designs. Also some animations look just a little cheap the star animation especially maybe make it a little more like the original. PS. When we said “Bring Back 2012” we didn’t mean keep the 2012 version lol😂.Version: 1.0

AmazingI was expecting for there to be something off with the game, since we are talking about rovio here, but it is just how i remember it being. The music, level design, and no power-ups is just like how it used to be. The only thing different is the textures are now HD and look super clean. Great job Rovio, can’t wait to see what old ab game you’re going to bring back next..Version: 1.0

NostalgiaI loved playing this game when I was little and when it got taken off I was devastated but now at 14 it being back just makes me feel happy inside d.Version: 1.0

It’s great to see back, but there’s a lot missing!When I heard the original Angry Birds Game was returning, I was very hyped and the end product isn’t disappointing at all. But not all of the levels are available and the power ups are nowhere to be seen. I miss the power ups and other episodes and I hope to see them return in an update. Please don’t make us pay using in-game coins because the gameplay wouldn’t feel nostalgic, I wouldn’t mind paying real money for power ups. Overall, am really enjoying this game. Keep up the great work Rovio. Now I hope to see my favourite AB Games: Seasons and GO!.Version: 1.1

It’s back and the price isn’t a problem.Seriously. People are complaining about it being less than a pound. You get Mighty Eagle, no ads and a classic version of Angry Birds just remastered with a change in font, some menus and sound quality. That’s all I have to say. Thanks Rovio!.Version: 1.0

MilesmedleyGood game.Version: 1.0

Thank You Rovio!Thank you for doing this awesome remake of a amazing game. I love it. But a bigger thank for making it a premium release. OMG! I would love to see a Angry Birds Star Wars remake..Version: 1.0

Okay, I got questions.I had previous rating and review which I still stand by, however I have some questions. Might we ever see the return of red’s mighty feathers (or whatever it’s called) and electric bomb? If not, that’s fine, but if they return… I will be so incredibly ecstatic..Version: 1.0

Very good gameI am surprised that this game is back in the app stores. There are lots of differences between the old and new games and there is also some bugs but they use a new engine so maybe they will be fixed..Version: 1.0

Thank you but…I love this game sooooo much it brings me my child hood back, but there’s a problem I keep playing a level and this ad just pop up and it was stuck on the screen and I couldn’t take it out, I refreshed it and it’s still there. Can you fix this please.Version: 1.0

NOSTALGIA!!!Please try and bring back the rest of the older games like seasons, space, rio, and star wars!.Version: 1.0

NostalgiaThis game is pure nostalgia and I love ever but of it. I’ve already gotten to the 4th world, forgot what it was called sadly. The no-life experience with this is second to none. Top of the line. Let’s just say I have put more hours into this than Elden Ring already (P.S. I have 235 hours in Elden Ring). Thank you developers and anybody involved in the creation and reviving of Angry Birds. Love, Alex.Version: 1.0

A Bang for your Buck (Or Bird)This is a great recreation for fans of the original, and it does a good job of reestablishing the classic. The chrome sprites are back for the pigs, there are no ads or power ups, and mighty eagle comes with the game for free due to the game being a premium title. There are some downsides, however, because this remake only includes levels up to “Surf and Turf” and could use some of the new levels such as Bad Piggies and Red’s Mighty Feathers. Either way,it’s definitely worth it if you want to revisit this classic. Props to Rovio for finally bringing back 2012!.Version: 1.0

A Timeless ClassicFollowing its release in late 2009, Angry Birds launched to the top of the charts and became the household name we all know and love. Ultimately, the game had to be removed from the App Store some ten years later due to compatibility issues with newer devices. Now back and better than ever, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a near 1:1 remake of the original, boasting higher-resolution art, no in-app purchases, and all 390+ levels, just as fun as ever..Version: 1.0

It’s Angry BirdsWhat can I say? It’s the same Angry Birds that we all kept on bugging our parents to let us play on their phone. It has none of the micro transactions that you see in Angry Birds 2, or Angry Birds Classic before it got taken down (from what I recall, I could be wrong). and you don’t have to pay for the Mighty Eagle like you used to, it’s just there. This is one of the things I like about paid games like these, it recognizes that it has the money it wants from the player, and doesn’t need anything like ads or micro transactions to beg the player for said money. One thing I hope for this already great game is that Rovio includes some it’s later updates that I noticed were missing, such as Red’s Mighty Feathers, Bad Piggies, and maybe etc. Though, I have faith that they will since rereleasing this game is one of their best decisions yet..Version: 1.0

YesYes please.Version: 1.0

YessssssI’ve waited for this this was my child hood game.Version: 1.0

Just how i remember itI actually started playing this game before i could read or write so its been and played it well into early school years and it doesnt seem as if anything has changed. the levels all look the same and its just as addicting. the UI is still the same and you could understand it even if you couldnt read. no literacy. only angry bird..Version: 1.0

The greatest mobile of all time returns!Rovno Classics: Angry Birds is a great remake of the 2012 version of the hit 2009 mobile game Angry Birds. You will have the exact same fun you did in 2012 if not more, and if you’re new you’ll have a lot of fun too by slinging birds at green pigs all day & all night. Please try it out!.Version: 1.0

The Childhood has been unleashedI haven't played this in at least 9 years and I missed it so much. Thanks Rovio, just know that your community loves you more than ever!.Version: 1.0

My favorite game in my childhood!I’ve been playing that game when I was a child. And you know, I am so glad that there is no ads in this game. That makes me happy. I’ve been waiting my entire life for it to come back and it did. I saw my brother playing this game and you know I had to check, and there it was. Too bad they didn’t bring back angry birds seasons, angry birds Star Wars 1 and 2, or even angry birds space yet. But overall, this is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life and my childhood is saved and 2022 has finally been saved! FANTASTIC GAME!!!! Thank you Rovio!.Version: 1.0

A classic brought backI fell in love with Angry Birds when I was a small kid, I am so glad that they brought it back and it feels just like the old times, I missed being able to play just the plain old game that made me fall in love with the series. Thank you guys for making the game come back and I will be playing a lot of it..Version: 1.0

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!This is exactly what I wanted. The original Angry Birds without a twist or anything ITS FINALLY BACK! I do think that the 1$ price tag is definitely fair and it makes sense because you guys had to work hard for this reboot and deserve every penny you make from this game. Please reboot Angry Birds Epic and the StarWars franchise of Angry Birds games if you can. Thank you for this game and bye..Version: 1.0

A great return to formThis is the first game I’ve ever reviewed, and let me start by saying that it’s great. A nice nostalgia trip though some of the most iconic levels of classic Angry Birds. I love the nostalgic designs of the menus, and the birds work very well. However, my main issue comes with the content of the game. The idea of bringing back the levels from up to 2012 is cool, but it does sacrifice some of the better episodes from later in the game, like Red’s Mighty Feathers and Birdday Party. If an update brought those back, this is a five star game. That’s really my only complaint. Everything else is spot on. It’s honestly really fun to compare this game to Angry Birds 2 or Journey and see just how far this franchise has come!.Version: 1.0

The birds are back!I’m so happy the original is back but with it comes a few minor issues with incorrect sfx like using the birds saying “happy new year” as a cheer. And in one of the golden egg missions I noticed the stones like to clump together rather then spreading out to hit all the balloon pigs. But minor nitpicks aside my 2 biggest gripes are that your old rovio account data won’t carry over from the original. And that certain level packs are missing now along with power ups. Still an amazing pack but hopefully these issues will be solved..Version: 1.0

Got to give it to RovioWell, you listened to us and for that I thank you. Albeit it should have never been taken off the App Store in the first place. This truly is a faithful “rerelease” of the original Angry Birds. Everything is the same and the fact that I can use Mighty Eagle for free is even better. I was never allowed to buy any when I was back in elementary school! This game meant a lot to me when I was younger and it sure is fun revisiting it..Version: 1.0

Thank you for bringing it backLost one star cause the sounds are a bit off. Can you fix it.Version: 1.0

AMAZINGRovio, this is perfect. All you need to bring back now. Is Stella, space, Star Wars and AB epic.Version: 1.0

The Best Game EverI missed the original angry birds for so long and now it’s back! there is no ads which is awesome because ads are so annoying, it’s exactly how it was before! No remaster just the good old style. It’s only 99 cents for a taste of childhood! If you are reading this I recommend you get this if you are a big fan of the angry birds series! Thank you Rovio for bringing back the original angry birds..Version: 1.0

Awesome!💪Angry birds is back and the same from years ago, highly recommended playing it which it’s an amazing classic..Version: 1.0

Thank You Rovio!I loved this game since I was only 8 years old, back in elementary school. I’ve played through every installment in the series, regardless of criticism and other things. Even after so many years, and quite the life lived thus far, I’ve always thought back about Angry Birds as a piece of my childhood and one of my very favorite games of all time. No one expected it in 2009, no one expected it in 2022! To one of the remakes first downloaders in the world, Robbie.Version: 1.0

Angry Birds ReturningHonestly, been waiting for this day for a long time. remember when the og game was released, and it was so good. This game almost recreates that same feeling! There are just a few things to keep in mind if you haven’t bought this yet but are feeling like it. Number one, there are many, many bugs! None of which are ground breaking or anything, but they can be annoying and/ or make some parts unplayable (specifically some golden eggs). This is all written on the day the game came out, and I’ve read that the Rovio team is trying to fix all these, so maybe they’ll be gone soon. I don’t know. But besides the bugs, this is a great game if you want to go back to Angry Birds’s roots..Version: 1.0

A huge part of my childhood is back.Angry birds has returned i have to say its better then the games rovio is releasing that nobody wanted ( awful clones of popular games.) now all we need is angry birds go!.Version: 1.0

OMG ITS BACKI remember this game when I was a kid. This game was the core element to me loving games. And when it was taken away (alongside angry birds Star Wars 1-2) I felt like a part of me dying, but now it’s back and I am happy. BUT please add the other instalments to the game like the NBA level or the Hawaii tiki level (that one I loved) or more my personal favourite the EMP bomb level now that was pure awesome and lastly that cool one where red became that homing projector when clicking on the screen stopping the pigs from stealing his eggs (that was creative) in conclusion this game is back and I am happy but if they are going to add anything to it please bring back its old levels..Version: 1.1

The exact sameExactly as remembered, no ads every 10 seconds, no pushy in app purchases. Perfect..Version: 1.0

Very Faithful RemakeThis game is a very faithful remake to the original Angry Birds, and I love it! It was a good decision making it paid with no ads or in-app purchases. However, I did notice some of the effects seemed off, such as how the stars pop out weird and the sound effects for the birds cheering seemed a bit lower than the original. I hope these nitpicks will be sorted out soon, and hopefully they add back more of the chapters from the original. Other than that, this game deserves these five stars!.Version: 1.0

The classic is back.I can not tell you how much fun I’m having again, it makes me feel like a small child all over again, thank you rovio for bringing back this classic, there are some minor bugs, like Matilda’s death sprite replacing her normal sprite on the cutsence on how to play her. But I hope you also make new levels, and add new pigs like chef pig. Thank you rovio :).Version: 1.0

It’s Angry BirdsWhile yes some of the content is missing that was once free, its angry birds and looking at it from a fresh start perspective, its absolutly worth buying.Version: 1.0

Weird bugEvery time I open the menu and then exit it the ad that's in there sticks on th screen and I have to exit the app cause of it, other than that I'm so glad the game is back here on the app Store regardless of being paid.Version: 1.0

LETS GOOOOOI needed this game to come back. Very nostalgic 10/10.Version: 1.0

FantasticJust as I remembered it, seriously great rework..Version: 1.0

Amazing classic brought back but a few patches and optimisations would helpI love Rovio for bringing back this awesome game but there are some issues.The sprites are pre-chrome and there are some bugs (mostly visual).I assume this is because they are using an older build, which is somewhat justified.Overall, great bring back(2012)to the golden e-gg-ra.Thanks Rovio.(I was writing a similar review to this which was slightly different but I accidentally exited out on the last sentence.I don’t know which button I pressed so I could have sended it without me knowing.Just wanted to let you know).Version: 1.0

It’s literally Angry BirdsThanks for re-releasing it finally.Version: 1.1

Great remake!This remake is amazing and very entertaining, I am so glad Rovio returned to their roots and made a classic angry birds game 😀 I noticed a few minor bugs but nothing that ruined the experience and I assume they will be fixed in patches anyway, Thank you Rovio!.Version: 1.0

An amazing blast from the past, just needs a bit more tuning.Honestly can’t believe it’s finally back. Angry Birds basically shaped me to what I am today, and seeing it return in its former glory is great. The remake itself is incredibly faithful and I really enjoy it. The one-time payment system for no ads or in app purchases is very refreshing to see in a world where mobile games are basically nothing except that. While the sound effects can feel a bit off at times, that’s really just a nitpick and I honestly don’t mind it. Overall a faithful recreation of a great game. Please make more remakes like these. I am really glad that not only can old fans play the game again, but new generations of kids can experience it too. Keep Slinging!.Version: 1.0

VictoryLadies and gentlemen, we did it. The OG is back. No stupid running out of lives, no stupid pay-to-win, just the fun classic game we all grew up on. Sure, you pay $0.99, but it’s well worth not having ads, and it was never free in the first place. Never spend another second of your life settling for Angry Birds 2 when the vastly superior classic game is available..Version: 1.0

Angry Birds Remake is everything I could have ever dreamed ofThis game is so faithful to the original 2012 version, I didn’t even notice at first that this is a remake. One minor issue is that the pitch of the birds sound effects goes up and down during gameplay, but that can be fixed. That one issue isn’t a dealbreaker by any means. Also, a suggestion: Please change the app icon to the original 2011 app icon. That would be amazing if the app icon was the original 2011 icon. This game is amazing and I highly recommend it..Version: 1.0

Brilliant Recreation Of The GameThe game is as good as I remember.Version: 1.0

Awesome Remake! Could be better.Hey Rovio! This is one of the greatest remakes I have ever played! I have been playing the classic games since 2014! I personally think this could be better though. There is a glitch in the game where if you skip a cutscene after completing a world, the sound stops until you go back to the Episode Selection Screen. For example, when I beat Danger Above part 1, the cutscene showed and I skipped it. When it went back to the level selection, the sound stopped. Could you fix that please? Also, I have a suggestion. In the trailer when it shows Bomb, It has his older design. Can you bring back his older design with the white dot? I also think you should give the birds their real flying sprites except bomb. You should also add power ups. You should also fix Matilda because after I use her egg bomb it switches to the corpse sprite of her after using the bomb. But after I use it and she collided with something, it switches to her regular corpse sprite. Can you fix it please? Sorry for making this very long review but good work as always, Rovio! Thanks for the awesome remake!.Version: 1.0

Good old daysAaah memories.Version: 1.0

10/1010/10 game happy to see one of my favourite childhood games back in the App Store. I would love to see an angry birds space remake and a angry birds star wars remake.Version: 1.0

I LOVE THISThis is 99 cents worth of metaphorical gold. I’ve played for a while and I’ve summed up that this is exactly what the fans asked for. Besides the occasional glitches, the added sound pitches and bird cheers in the background make up for tiny mistakes. Thank you, ROVIO, and I’m looking forward to Seasons. 🙂.Version: 1.0

Angry birds is back babyGreat game but I hate my autistic son.Version: 1.0

Overall GreatThe game is honestly overall great and I’m incredibly thrilled to see the original Angry Birds return after so long. The price is definitely worth it and I’d much rather pay a small one time fee than have to endure endless, annoying ads. The addition of Rovio accounts and being able to save your progress from device to device is another big plus and I’m excited to see it utilized in future Rovio titles (hopefully). While not at all game changing, the audio seemed to be a bit wonky sometimes, a problem I’ve seen in both Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Reloaded, with the audio randomly cutting out and not playing at the right times. Despite that, I definitely recommend you check this game out if you want to have a great time reliving this classic..Version: 1.0

Great game please remake more angry birds gamesGreat but can you please work with Disney to remake and get angry birds rio and star wars 1 and 2 and maybe the tow angry birds movie also will you bring angry bird space back ice bird was my favourite character and space is my favourite game is the franchise.Version: 1.0

Possibly one of the best games everI’ve been gaming a long time. Angry Birds classic ranks up there with Monopoly. It is a truly inspired bit of design that is the exact right amount of challenge. It isn’t for the faster “slot machine” gamers, it’s squarely aimed at the OCD in everyone. I am excited to see it return, it’s a touchstone of mobile gaming. I am also perversely glad to see that I STILL HATE THE LEVEL DESIGNERS AS MUCH AS I USED TO..Version: 1.0

Big fan of angry birds here for a looong timeIm a big fan of the angry birds since the first classic game released a while ago. It’s amazing to see the classic brought back so we can enjoy it once more! P.S. the game has no ads and no microtransactions which makes this 10x better.Version: 1.0

AMAZING!10X BETTER THEN IT ALREADY WAS. Only thing which was kind of a downer was that there is no electric bomb or Reds might feathers:(.Version: 1.0

Worth Every PennyA favourite classic well worth the asking price. No ads or in app purchases, just the fun full-featured game everybody loved..Version: 1.0

It’s about pecking time!I’ll admit that after seeing the news about Rovio putting the original Angry Birds back on the App Store, I was highly skeptical thinking it would be worse then ever before but boy was I wrong! This is a faithful port of the original game that pushed a legacy for mobile games as a whole. I only really gave this game four stars due to the games newer physics engine making some of the levels frustratingly more difficult then the original (golden eggs #1-#7 being best examples) but still doesn’t ruin my enjoyment!.Version: 1.0

Thank you so muchI love this game I played the oringinal when I was 2 and loved angry birds ever since though I have one question will they ever add mighty league back in (only veteran players would remember that) also thanks for making mighty eagle free and unlimited this is my childhood dream come true.Version: 1.0

Best game everThanks for re releasing this classic! but can you re release some more classics! i am willing to buy them! like angry birds epic, go and maybe star wars (it would be cool if we got angry birds star wars 3!).Version: 1.0

THIS GAME IS INCREDIBLEIt’s exactly how i remember it in 2014 but without the in app purchases. I cannot wait to relive my childhood and replay the game again. Thank you Rovio, for making such an incredible game/remaster..Version: 1.0

:)Will there be the rest of the classic collection too? Star Wars, Star Wars 2 and space? All those?.Version: 1.0

AmazingI love this remake, it does everything right and makes things smoother than the original one. But one thing, you need to update more things into this! Anything works just more variety! Still a 30/10 game!.Version: 1.0

Almost PerfectThe game runs identically to the original and looks the same. They’ve even gotten rid of the power-ups they introduced a few years ago. However, there is a bug that is causing some problems when playing. When a level is paused, there is an ad for another Angry Birds game that becomes permanently stuck on the screen until the app is restarted. Other than that, everything works..Version: 1.0

Pure Nostalgia!This is EXACTLY what a faithful remake looks like! It resembles the OG game identically, can’t see any difference from what I remember it to be. All I would like to say is thank you to Rovio for creating this. It’s exactly what we need after a long two years. And of course, the first thing I did was check to see if the Golden Egg is still in the credits. Wasn’t disappointed 👀.Version: 1.0

Thank You RovioI've been waiting for this day ever since I knew what was happening. So I have a few things to say. I've been playing classic Angry Birds since before it was released on mobile. I remember my first time playing Angry Birds. My dad taught me how to launch the birds with the mouse (It's not hard at all, but I was probably like 4 or 5). Ever since the game blew up, it's always been a priority for me when I get a new phone. 😂🤣😂 Long story short, Angry Birds was and still is a part of my childhood. You brought back "THE mobile game of mobile games", and tons of nostalgia. Thank You Rovio.Version: 1.0

Angry Birds Will Be The King of the Mobile GamingThis is the OG port of the original Angry Birds Classic (as fans call it) this port is really well made that doesn’t feel like a modern mobile game (looking at you Homescapes) but this isn’t perfect here are my recommendations to improve it. ADD a restart button without going to the pause screen and add game lift and achievement support! That’s it. If you want to play your favorite childhood game at a reasonable price . Angry Birds will fill that nostalgia..Version: 1.0

Worth a trip down memory laneI love this game so much and played all the games when i was younger and bought telepods i was so devastated to see all of them go off the appstore now that this is out am buzzed and hopefully you add my old favourites: Angry Birds Star Wars 1&2 and Angry Birds Go! because i spent quite a lot of money in telepods and i can’t use them anymore..Version: 1.1

AimGreat remake, but probably could have implemented the aiming mechanic from other angry birds games that lets you see where your shot will actually go, rather than having to just guess.Version: 1.0

Amazing game! although there is an annoying bugI play on iphone XR and every time i restart a level there is an all white pop up that i can’t close out of. the pop up reads “the most addictive angry birds game ever! Blast ballons to free the birds and stop the pigs in this super addictive puzzle game”. i have to restart the game to fix it and and if i restart the actual level this pop up comes back. hopefully you can fix this and i’ll change to 5 star, this game is awesome!.Version: 1.0

Rovio listened to the fans!!!I’m so happy that the Angry Birds we’ve all come to love is back! It’s so hard to Believe that they built this game from the ground up because it’s so similar to the original. There is this one bug with the pause screen when a advertisement comes up and then you unpause and it is stuck on your screen. but besides that it’s a great game and a classic.Version: 1.0

Very goodVery nice to revisit old memories, still some bugs and issues, though. Such as after watching the cutscenes the music on the level select cuts out, no jingle when completing an episode, and Matilda being a bit buggy with her sprites, but overall, a very nice experience.Version: 1.0

Really goodI know I gave it 4 stars but pretend it’s four and a half. I am so happy it’s back and yes it’s payed but it’s only 99 cents and there are no adds or micro transactions and mighty eagle is free. But there are a few problems I’ve encountered, one when I’m not connected. To Wi-Fi and click the pause button there pops up a white box we’re the adds use to be, but the problem is when you go back to the game it stays there and blocks the screen and you have to close and reopen the app for it to go away, now this may be just me but it is very annoying. The second thing is on level 4 12 it is impossible to get 100 percent with mighty eagle the most you can get is 93 I even destroyed every block with mighty eagle and still got 93, hopefully these problems get fixed in a future update but overall the game is great..Version: 1.0

More games and more levelsMore levels: so y’all did updates so you need to add more like the part where bomb is powerful and has electric powers and Jurassic pork bad pigges and bird island also how about pig island and more levels. More games: rip Star Wars and 2 and rio but add seasons and space go but if Disney and blue sky get lisence games back then add those 3 games in.😊.Version: 1.0

谢谢开发商提供的经典版的愤怒的小鸟Hello, developers. First of all, thank you for providing the classic Angry Birds, which reminds me of my childhood. I still have the original angry birds on my iPhone4s. I think the 🌟sound effects of completing each level of the game are not as good as the original version. I hope it can be changed back to the original version. - a player from China thank you.Version: 1.0

They brought the original back!Love being able to replay this game again, would like to see more old titles be added back..Version: 1.0

I’m ConfusedI’m Jason And I’m Really Confused. Is It 2012, Or 2022????????.Version: 1.0

Amazing!Just as good as I remember, if not better! I hope in future some of the later chapters are added though although these are more than enough!.Version: 1.0

2012 is backHonestly, when Rovio announced this remake I was very excited. And boy, I love playing this remake. Thanks to the team who made it. But there are a few bugs that could be fixed. 1. The pitches of bird sounds go up and down a bit. 2. Red doesn’t appear in the corner of the Golden Eggs menu 3. In Bomb’s tutorial, his fuse is blue, but in the game, it’s yellow Other than those minor bugs, there aren’t many major bugs I worry about. I do hope that this remake gets more levels, such as Red’s Mighty Feathers, Short Fuse, Bad Piggies, and all that. This is an amazing remake. That’s all I have to say. Nostalgia inducing, and it’s perfect. Thank you Rovio..Version: 1.0

THANK YOU SO MUCH ROVIO!Angry Birds Was Always My Childhood That Was Until You Announced That The Classic Games Were Removed From The App Stores So I Was Waiting Since June 22 Of 2021 Until Today When I Was On The App Store Looking At The Angry Birds Games Until I Saw ”Rovio Classics Angry Birds“ I Was SO Exited I Got The Game Like 2 Hours Ago And The Gameplay Was AWSOME! So Thank You Rovio For Really Bringing Back 2012!.Version: 1.0

A few minir issues, but overall greatOk, the good first. This is absolutely a faithful recreation of the original, down to sound design, music, animation, physics, and lack of trajectory (unlike its sequel angry birds 2, which makes this more of a challenge). It also, however, lacks that game’s random ads that interrupt gameplay from what I can tell. One other major plus is that the mighty eagle is now free. That said, I do have issues but they are mostly minor nitpicks. Not all content is present in this recreation but updates may add more. Red’s feather levels and shockwave bomb, for example, are gone, as are powerups (which I’d argue is for the best). I did miss those levels though, especially red’s feathers as they offered a challenge that really stood out from the rest of the game. Aside from that, one minor bug I encountered is that the golden egg hints disappeared after viewing them once. Giving this 5 stars since most of my problems are easily fixable.Version: 1.0

Amazing✨✨I have played this game since i was 4 and when i heard Rovio had re-releasded CLASSIC ANGRY BIRDS I knew i had to get it only downside is u have to pay but i guess it has to be fair. Thank you. Now just have to wait for star wars and angry birds go!.Version: 1.0

Pure nostalgic funI haven’t played the original angry birds In around 9-10 years, and wow it’s just as amazing as I remember. Although a few glitches could be fixed, such as the orange bird having his eyes closed while not on the slingshot. This game is perfect, PLEASE release more “rovio classics” such as space and seasons. Outstanding.Version: 1.0

One of the best choices Rovio has ever madeThis is absolutely amazing. This is what we need, the original games in the original style, not the awful new games with the movie designs. It feels so good to play the originals again. This is a huge step in the right direction and can finally save Angry Birds from its decline. I really hope they bring back other old angry birds games especially angry birds seasons, hopefully without having to pay for levels. Overall this is a 10/10 game. Bringing back 2012 and hope for all of the fans..Version: 1.0

Amazing gameI love this game it was so good back in the day and it’s still amazing.Version: 1.0

A Great Remaster that needs some fine tuningI was so glad that Rovio finally gave us what we wanted for so long, and that was to get another chance to play the first game. If there is one mobile game series that peaked my love for mobile gaming back in the day it’s freakin angry birds. That said it might be just me but the physics aren’t exactly one to one the same as the original it’s not a BIG issue, but it’s something that should be looked at this is a precise game after all. At times the music on the menu plays in a inconsistent manor because for some reason I go to the golden eggs section, and it just…doesn't play the music for some reason idk. Other than that this is a HUGE step in the right direction all we need is for angry birds seasons to be remastered with no bird coins in sight, and we are officially in the best timeline. -Evan.Version: 1.0

Not badIt’s good and fun to play and that’s my review of rovio’s new game rovio classic: angry birds-Rj 2022-4-2.Version: 1.0

Right from my childhoodNow let’s cut to the chase I love this game.Is it perfect?No.Is it good?Yes.Do I recommend for angry birds fans especially ogs?.I’d be silly not to!Glad you made this I excitedly await other remakes!.Version: 1.0

Awsome but why is it categorized as entertainment insted of games?I’m happy that this game returned. But there are some problems such as the icon and cutscenes being in the 2013 style despite the 2012 icon being different, the birds being more noisy than the original, some golden eggs are not able to be complete, the physics feel wrong, and the sprites are inconsistent. Other than that it’s a great game!.Version: 1.0

The Return of the KingSo glad the original Angry Birds is back in the App Store. Yeah, it’s paid, but it’s completely worth it. Here’s why. 1. There’s absolutely no ads, and no microtransactions. That wouldn’t be possible without it being paid, they have to profit somehow. 2. The original was also paid, and it was the same price. You aren’t getting a worse deal. 3. Some of you Angry Birds veterans may remember that the Mighty Eagle used to be a $0.99 microtransaction. Now it’s completely free, and has a 1 hour cooldown. 4. By buying it, you’re doing your part to contribute to more classics being remade. Rovio has stated that they’ll only continue remaking classics if the community shows interest in it by getting this. 5. It’s only $0.99. For hundreds of levels and no ads, no microtransactions, and huge nostalgia or an awesome experience if you haven’t yet played it, I’d say that’s more than worth it. Overall, this is definitely, definitely, a good deal. $0.99 for the complete original game with absolutely no ads, no microtransactions(including the now free mighty eagle), and you also support the remaking of other classics from your and my childhoods. Given the nostalgia of playing this again for the first time in years, or maybe experiencing one of the most iconic, beloved games PERIOD for the first time ever, I’d say that this is absolutely, without a doubt, worth it,.Version: 1.0

Amazing!Thus game has always been a must have but the only problem is the paywall but everything else is perfect and its even ad free..Version: 1.0

Just like it used toI started angry birds when j was 3 so many wonderful memories playing this game again.Version: 1.0

NostalgiaI had all of the classics in 2012, (AG original, AG seasons, AG space, etc.) and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the original back on the app store, and it’s just how I remember it. I highly appreciate bringing back the game which made my, along with many other players’, childhoods great..Version: 1.0

5 out of 5, Blast from the past!Wow! What a deal. 83p in the UK for Angry Birds fully remake, no ads and no in-app purchases!.Version: 1.0

AMAZING GAMEAmazzinnnggggg. Best game ever and also very fun.Version: 1.0

Rovio, Thank YouIn 2019, well we all know what happened and to see that Rovio is finally bringing back the good games we all like to play is amazing. The game itself it what you would expect. It is all the nostalgic gameplay I been wanting to see back in the appstore again..Version: 1.0

A bit rushed but…Nice job overall.definitely some noticeable bugs but i know they’ll be fixed..Version: 1.0

Angry BirdsThis game was a cool game, but this isn’t the full original, because the powers and electric bomb are gone and it feels like birds don’t go through stuff as well as they used to, but it’s alright.Version: 1.0

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