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Starlink Watch Positive Reviews

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Starlink Watch App User Positive Comments 2023

Starlink Watch app received 7 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about starlink watch?

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Starlink Watch for Positive User Reviews

Amazing!I love being able to see where the Starlink satellites are located at any given time, relative to our house. It gives me far more understanding as to why speeds are slower or faster at any given time. Adding my home location to the settings was a nice addition, since it adds lines showing which satellites you’re likely connecting to. I just completed my fastest speed test to date using the data from this app, timing it to when a satellite was flying right over us. Thank you to the developers!.Version: 1.0.5

Just like the website!If you used the desktop site for satellitemap, it’s just like it! Currently using it in hopes to get Starlink coverage in my area..Version: 1.0

Fun Got Sky Watchers!I’ve used the website for a while now. Just figured out how to mark my location to track passes. Once I figured that out I HAD to have the app. Great to calculate a Starlink “train” pass at night..Version: 1.0.5

Great App, Great FeaturesI use the website all the time and using the app makes the process even easier, I really like using the AR mode but it will no longer show satellites anywhere within the viewer. It worked fine before but now it won’t work no matter what I try. Edit: It started working again, but I don’t know the cause or why it works now..Version: 1.0.3

Fabulous Information Just Not Scaled for iPhoneAppears to be a web app of the website so it doesn’t present on the phone any better than the website. But the is fantastic! Hopefully someday they’ll set it up better for the iPhone..Version: 1.0.5

Awesome insights!It’s really amazing to see the location and active coverage of the Starlink network - and the visualisation is very well executed - thanks very much for making such a cool app :).Version: 1.0

Awesome app!Really fun to play with and not buggy at all on the newest versions! totally worth the 3 dollar price tag.Version: 1.0.5

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