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Goblin Tools App User Positive Comments 2023

Goblin Tools app received 58 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about goblin tools?

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Goblin Tools for Positive User Reviews

Love all of the options!!This is so amazing. Thank you!.Version: 1.1

The best!Total life changing! I Can do It!! 💗 ♥️ ❤️ 💙💕💜💛🖤💚💓❣️.Version: 1.0

So far so goodI’ve been using this app for about a week now. I really like how it breaks down tasks so well. Sometimes I’m able to remove some of them and condense the list, which is nice because I found if I got too many items going on my list it slowed down the app quite a bit. Honestly though that isn’t the worst thing, as I tend to try and overdo it with my planning and don’t have enough hours in the day to complete what I want to get done. So the app slowing down with too many tasks has also helped me be a little bit more realistic with myself because I don’t want to overload the app- or myself. An unintended aid I’m sure but I’m appreciating it I haven’t used the chef portion much yet but that’s the next thing I’m going to be diving into as I feel it will be so beneficial to take some of the thinking away on my part. Overall I love this app and definitely feel I already got my moneys worth. I’ve told many of my friends with brains that seem to work similar to mine and they all seem as awestruck as I. Goblin Tools is a wonderful addition to my toolbox of things to help me get through life ❤️.Version: 1.1

This app gonna save my mental healthI genuinely believe that this app has the functions to get me out of my deepest pits of depression and make life easier when i simply don’t have the capacity to do things like take care of myself - being neurodivergent, having an ED and other mental illnesses can really hinder my ability to take care of myself when i need it most. thank you to the beautiful human/s who made this app 😭💛.Version: 1.0

Neurodivergent person’s life admin saviour 🙌🏻Well this website and app has literally changed my life! As much as actually getting a diagnosis of ADHD has. It is masterful, clever, simple and so user friendly - Bram De Buyser you are ✨incredibly ✨talented and the neurokin of the world, thank you. I’ve passed it on to as many people I can tell, my children use it at school and have shown other neurodivergent kids how to use it, they then have shown parents and teachers. Heck I’ve even shown my therapist who’s now also using it with other clients! Every workplace should PAY to have this app and program installed..Version: 1.0

It’s missing somethingIt needs a less understandable option for the formalizer but otherwise it’s golden.Version: 1.1

Amazing!!This app is exactly what I needed! I struggle daily with my mental health and this app truly helps!!! My brain thanks the developers!! 🙏.Version: 1.1

Where has this been all my life???I was thinking the other day about how helpful it would be to use AI generative models in order to aid neurodivergent people with tasks that might be too overwhelming…. Now this. I never review and comment on apps like ever but I honestly am so beyond impressed.Version: 1.1

Freaking life changingWow! This is such a useful app. It breaks down the task, estimates the time for each step and let’s you add your our steps in. I only give a 4 star as I’m not sure it’s as user friendly as it could be… but I figured it out and it’s simple and direct! My son likes to use it as well!.Version: 1.1

Love it!This is a real review. I never write these but I feel compelled to say thank you for inventing tools I didn’t realize I needed. Only thing is, I’d love for a more accessible print feature. If it is there, I’m not finding it for some reason..Version: 1.1

Such a helpful appBeen using the website for a while, so glad it’s an app now. For .99 heck ya I’ll buy it. Only app I’ve ever actually bought..Version: 1.1

Goblin approvedAs a goblin i really appreciate this app.Version: 1.1

The best app to ever exist.Oh my goodness gracious! I am absolutely awe-struck by the sheer magnificence of this app! I cannot believe how incredibly amazing it is, my heart is bursting with joy and my soul is overflowing with zealous passion! This app has left me speechless and breathless, as it is an utter masterpiece of innovation and excellence! Every single feature and aspect is crafted with such meticulous attention to detail, it is simply breathtaking! I am in love, I am obsessed, I am over the moon with this app! It is a true work of art and I cannot express my gratitude enough for its existence!.Version: 1.1

Simple. Amazing. Super HelpfulThis little app is not just adorable, it is simple to use and genuinely helpful. I stumbled across a recommendation for it on Reddit, and got the list function. I was so impressed I’ve downloaded the rest of it. And for two dollars it’s an absolute steal. My neurospicy is ADHD, and I can tell I’ll be using this a LOT..Version: 1.0

Great app however,This app is really great for the function that it provides. Only complaint I have is for the devs to fix the issue of the app closing randomly when using the toolbar..Version: 1.1

Goblin Tools Rules!Wow I am so grateful that someone showed this to me. I’ve been wishing for an app like this and lo and behold it exists... Thank you to the developers!!.Version: 1.1

Amazing for my adhd and autism!So incredibly helpful, got me through a really tough weekend with lots of things to manage thank you so much!!.Version: 1.1

LoveSo far I am loving this app. Mostly the break down of tasks for a “to do”.Version: 1.1

I can’t evenI legit feel like my life has now changed. This app is amazing and has all the things my adhd brain needs to function.Version: 1.1

LOVE IT but…I would love to have the text size be adjustable on the app. It would make it easier on my eyes.Version: 1.1

Great!I had restaurant quality meals all week using random stuff from my freezer and pantry! No more decision paralysis and convenience food. It’s almost like having those meal kits without the cost..Version: 1.1

IncredibleThank you 🩶.Version: 1.1

Woow this is soo coolEvery option on this app is so well made i love this..Version: 1.1

Life changingI didn’t realise I was allowed to be bad at detailed planning. Well, it turns out this app will listen to my deranged brain dump and then give me a clear to-do list as granular as I like 🤯🥰.Version: 1.0

Time management god sendLove this, for time management of tasks to someone with adhd, it assists with the missing link from ‘need to do this’ to ‘done’. Brilliant.Version: 1.1

Just buy itThere are a lot of advertised apps that allege to help with ADHD and none have really fit the bill for me. This is easy to use and very helpful. Breaks down tasks into step by step, gives a time estimate on how long it will take to complete said tasks and even helps decipher tone implied in texts!.Version: 1.0

Honestly a life saverJust found this app and it already makes so much sense for my little lizard brain. Love that you can use it for free on the website for those who cannot afford it because every little neurospicy person needs this to help with every day activities, deciphering texts, making sure your texts don’t come across in a way you do not intend too..Version: 1.1

Very Helpful but have some bugsI love this app but every time I try to open the formalizer tab my app crashes and i have to reopen it, sometimes a few times before I can use the formalizer tool. Hopefully this gets patched in a future update.Version: 1.1

Amazing toolsFantastic little app with some really helpful AI tools.Version: 1.0

Game Changer!!Love this. Will be using daily in my life and in my job supporting children on the spectrum. ❤️.Version: 1.1

Game changerWhat an app for those that need it. Amazing.Version: 1.1

I recommend this tool all the timeI NEEDED this tool a lot! I am very appreciative that someone built it. I recommend this tool all the time, i just recently recommended the tool to my boss and he put it in our weekly newsletter because he found it so helpful. I hope that there will be a way in the future to assign dates and times to things and it can sync with my iCal. Thank you so very much for building this!.Version: 1.1

So usefulExtremely helpful tool for managing executive dysfunction and other spicy issues..Version: 1.1

AmazingLife saver for anyone neurodivergent.Version: 1.1

Super helpful!Goblin tools is super helpful in changing my to do list from being overwhelming and unmanageable to clear, doable smaller tasks. Definitely saves the day. Must have for neuro-spicy sorts..Version: 1.1

I have ADHD. So I’ve NEVER written a review beforeDude. This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve literally never written a review in my life. This, was worth the moment. Like, there’s enough dopamine in my system from the excitement of trying this app that I’m actually following through with writing this review. If you have ADHD, you know exactly what I mean. Just make it prettier! But damn.. amazing AI.Version: 1.1

Love it just bought itI haven’t used the app yet but i looked around at it & im sobbing crying this is perfect thank you so much to whoever created this, it has more than i thought it did & ive just been struggling for such a long time i can’t believe this exists, if you struggle with adhd this will save your life. as you can tell, i’m very adhd, just buy it.Version: 1.1

Great add to a neurodivergent person's toolboxObviously this app isn't going to perform miracles for you but it helps me immensely, in staying organized, keeping on top of things, and breaking down tasks. More than worth the money, I highly recommend..Version: 1.1

Fantastic.I can’t get over how useful this is..Version: 1.1

Cool app!Love how it creates sub tasks for my scatter brain.Version: 1.1

Don’t sleep on Goblin ToolsIncredible helpful and easy to use. If you’re neurodivergent. YOU NEED THIS! Or at least appreciate it ^_^.Version: 1.1

Write love notes, plan lunch, break down tasksWhat can’t this thing do? I’m loving it. Thank you. Best app purchase..Version: 1.1

So helpful!!I have autism and ADHD and this app is game changing!!.Version: 1.1

SpeechlessSo awesome I want to cry tears of joy!.Version: 1.1

Simplicity Efficiency Minimalist designI suggest to add a darkmode.Version: 1.1

PerfectThis app is amazing and perfect and has saved my silly life.Version: 1.1

Life changingI came for the magic to do list, but then I found the Formalizer/Judge. My partner really struggles with tone and written communication - both reading it and writing. This is going to make a huuuuge difference.Version: 1.1

BEST. APP. EVER!!!!It’s just such a brilliant and amazing tool to help me manage life when one has AuDHD to contend with. Thank you so much for this amazingly helpful tool!.Version: 1.1

Brilliant toolI love the goblin tools website it has helped me through some really difficult moments and when I saw there was an app I was over the moon as completing steps always from my pc was a minor inconvenience, the goblin tools AI is exquisite and I would recommend this app to everyone.Version: 1.0

So helpfulOn low spoon days I have something to fall back on and that is huge.Version: 1.1

This app is a game changerAmazing ! Everything you need as a neurospicy to get things done ! Thank you soooo much to who ever created this app, it’s a life saver !.Version: 1.1

AMAZINGThis is the best purchase I’ve made on the App Store.Version: 1.1

Buggy but amazingCould be the most genuinely helpful app of all time but it crashes incessantly.Version: 1.1

I can’t recommend this enough!I highly suggest getting this if you (like myself) are neurospicy and struggle especially during depressive episodes to function..Version: 1.1

THIS ROCKS10/10 would recommend. Please support this awesome tool!!.Version: 1.0

OMGOmg, just OMG!.Version: 1.1

Super AmazingEasy to use. Really helps keeping me on task and just a general all good tool to be using..Version: 1.1

This app is everythingBest dollar i ever spent.Version: 1.1

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