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Triple Match 3D app received 103 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about triple match 3d?

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Triple Match 3D for Positive User Reviews

MeGreat game.Version: 94.01

Fun, Addictive, and Challenging Game!Not sure how many levels this game has, but I’m on level 1040! (and still going) I use strategy on the more difficult levels, like eliminate larger bulky items first to be able to see needed items, while working with speed and keeping an eye space on the bar. I bank all the “help” to use on extra hard levels. Then when all fails, I call it being put in “time-out” because I have not spent one dime to buy coins or anything else (even though I’ve been tempted). I just sit it out, then go at it again when my time-out is up. Sometimes it takes a day or two to get through a really hard level. I’m really enjoying this game! I love the fact that it’s not too easy but a true challenging game..Version: 127.01

Great GameLove this game. So addictive..Version: 94.01

Excellent GameExcellent game but the games they promote through adverts often portray cruelty to humans and animals. Thank you for the developer response. I fully understand that the ads keep the games free. However, it is the cruel nature of some of the games you promote that I object you. How about promoting different games?.Version: 103.01

Love this gameThis game is very addictive. It is also frustrating! You’re racing against the clock all the time and you just spot the final item to collect as the time runs out. I enjoy playing it but it does nothing for my blood pressure..Version: 108.01

Fun to Frustrating 😖It’s a good game. I like it. As others have noted, in the beginning the game is fun. As the levels progress the game becomes very challenging and not as much fun. Here are some of the issues: 1. You only get 5 lives at a time. If I’m on a difficult level, it takes more than 5 lives to get through it. Heck, sometimes more than 25 lives! 2. It takes hours for the lives to build up again. 3. A good thing is that sometimes you get free lives. The problem is the limit on the lives you can accumulate (limit is 10). If you get a gift of 5 free lives when have 10 lives in the bank, you lose the gift. You don’t get the option to replace the gift for something else useful in the game (I.e. fan or magnet). As previously mentioned when on a difficult level, extra lives are needed. Lives are the ONLY thing limited. 4. When time runs out, you can accidentally purchase more time because the pop up will appear right where your next move was. There should be a confirmation. Suggestion: Take a page from Sudoku and add difficulty levels (I.e. easy, moderate, hard, extra hard, expert). This way the player has some control and can play at a level that is challenging for them. And can play against other players near their level when the boat races are offered. This would definitely open up the game to a wider range of players..Version: 122.02

Progress lostI just come on to play the game and I have lost all levels and it’s taken me back to the very beginning Level 1 I was well over level 2000 - not happy.Version: 118.05

Sent back to the start, what a jokeWas absolutely addicted to this game until I open it for a play tonight to discover its updated and I have gone back to level 1 when I was on level 1648. Not happy. I want my levels back and without ads. Cannot find how to contact developer. Keep getting error 404 s. ………...Version: 123.02

Loving the challenge of this gamesWoop woop.Version: 94.01

Love itOver the year I have played a few games but this is just ace. Love it so much. Only thing is I've weirdly now started getting ads for other games literally after every round. Never had any before. Anything I can do. So frustrating and I'm getting fed up of it now. I'm on level 240.Version: 110.01

This Game needs CalibrationI thought it was just my fat fingers touching the wrong things, but my daughter used apple pencil as she is pretty accurate usually, she touched dead on an object and the object next to it registered. I am sure this is just an oversight, as I think developers aren’t allowed to do things to force us spend real money by deception, without consequences?.Version: 107.01

Great gameThis game is so addictive, but I love it. Only issue is that it keeps me up so late at night, I just can’t put it down, until I’ve run out of lives..Version: 122.03

Highly Addictive!I’m really enjoying this game!.Version: 94.01

Revised reviewI had a technical issue but Danielle resolved it with easy to follow instructions. Thank you very much. This game is fantastic and I think anyone would enjoy it..Version: 102.02

Engaging gameThis is one of my favourite games. Both relaxing and tense. Lots of exciting contests, team engagement and fun. Highly recommended.Version: 117.03

Brilliant, addictive gameUpdate: after my issue was quickly solved by the game developers I’ve become addicted to this game. It’s brilliant fun, addictive & the groups/clans are friendly. Only thing missing is a way to link it to my Apple Gamecenter account so I can play across multiple devices, then it would be perfect 🤩 Been playing this game for a week now & was totally hooked. Played it earlier today then when I went back to it my progress had been reset to level 1 & I’ve lost the group I was in 😭 Developers helped reset my progress & I’m happily playing again 🙂.Version: 102.02

Triple MatchWhat an addictive game!! I love it!! Very easy but hard to play and not enough “lives” lol Graphics are easy and clear enough to recognise. Thank you very much for this game!.Version: 120.01

Match 3D QuandryGreat addictive game - but! Really irritating that lives run out so soon, why not give an extra life if we completely clear the screen, despite not needing to?? Lots of money needed for little reward - not fair to customer that maker controls the levels of games at random, forcing customer to pay out in order to continue game. Show a little more generosity & customer may stay longer!.Version: 108.01

Triple Match 3DVery very addicting , but in a good way…….kind of.Version: 102.02

Great game too many adsI love this game however, there is a 10 second ad between every game, this I don’t mind as such as it’s very quick, but the longer I play the more I get 30 second ads which then quickly annoys me. The only way to remove ads is to pay money. I think the more I play the less ads I should get, but I guess that’s how they make their money. Bare in mind if you hate ads you will hate this game. Other than that I really enjoy it..Version: 113.01

FunThis game is fun.Version: 109.01

You can do it !It’s a challenge, it’s great, it has easier levels then Hard, and Very Hard, they will take you a while, but,,,, you CAN do it ! When on the harder levels, I haven’t spent any money at all. I just log in every day and collect rewards, I ask friends for free lives, if you save up over a 100 coins you get extra time, and build up to having enough tools to get me through the hard levels. Just keep, keep trying. It’s very satisfying when you beat the level. I am now over level 1700 And still addicted..Version: 119.02

Game is Awesome-Ads are a PainThis game is addictive! It’s great fun! I’ve told everyone about it and they have downloaded it too! I don’t mind ads…what I do mind is these ads are loud!!! I have the game settings on mute, but when the ads play, I have to click mute. Then I have to click skip, then I click and X, then I have to wait 5 sec to click another X. I play many games where the ads don’t make a sound and you only have to close the ad once. Developers…PLEASE fix this! UPDATE IN RESPONSE TO DEVELOPERS: I know I could pay for the app, I am very aware of this. You cannot close the ads quickly. And they are not QUIET! That is the main issue I have with the ads, that they make noise even though I have my sound turned off. Also, there is not one click, but four before you can close the ad. You have to click to stop the sound, then close the first part of the ad, then click done on the second part of the same and, then you must wait 5 seconds before yo can close the last part of the same ad. I am simply asking for you to remove the sound since my settings for the game are quiet. Thank you.Version: 102.02

My new obsession!I love this game! It’s fun and varied enough to hold your attention. I don’t agree that it’s about greed as I haven’t spent any money and am still enjoying it. Yes, you can get stuck on a hard level for a while, but you can collect power ups and ask ‘friends’ for lives. The only odd thing that annoys me is that now I’ve got past level 300 all of a sudden I’m getting adverts which didn’t happen before. But all in all a great game and a cut above normal match three games..Version: 119.02

AddictiveWon’t lie, this game has got me. I’m on level 2350, and I’m not sick of it yet. I wish there was a more controlled way to flick items around (this happens randomly sometimes but I don’t know why sometimes they flick and sometimes it picks things up). I like that if you struggle on a level there is clearly an algorithm that makes it easier for future attempts..Version: 110.01

I love this gameI love this game so much bc I all ways have a comp with my fam ( like who can get to 200 first).Version: 116.01

Glad that the game won’t let me pass 100Up to level 100, there would be levels where you would be stuck for some days if you didn’t buy coins. As a Jobseeker no extra money. But then suddenly you could easily move to the next level, until level 100. Been here for ages. But I actually enjoy it. Because I know I only have 5 lives and so it doesn’t become all time consuming anymore, and the short time it takes to lose 5 lives, looking for the objects in the jumble keeps my eyes trained to focus..Version: 129.01

Triple matchI really love playing this game! One of my favorites ! After playing it for a very long time, (months and months,) I had gotten to level 1100 when suddenly my whole game disappeared and I was back on the first level. Freaking out I contacted support which finally got back to me, (I understand that they have few people answering many problems) They returned me to the level I had been at but all my tools and coins were gone,(I had so many!)and I was told I would have been able to recover them had I sent a screenshot of my progress so I am writing to alert others that this can happen and that you should take screenshots of your games in case it happens to you. I only gave 4 stars because it’s very hard to learn what all those tools can be used for and being a senior citizen I can use all the help I can get! Definitely download this game but don’t blame me when you get addicted like I did!! LoL Just remember to backup your games and take screenshots!.Version: 123.02

Absolutely addictive game but…Could have been 5 stars but WOW the ads are relentless. Ads after every single try win or lose and the settings to silence the ads don’t work either so you have to remember to silence your phone before you play otherwise you get the shock of your life when they bare out at you. Such a shame, obviously there is a no ads version but pretty sure I read that a user still got ads so haven’t bothered to do that. Love the game but not sure how long I can put up with the constant interruptions☹️.Version: 102.02

Very funnyGood.Version: 107.01

Fun, addictive gameWas loving this game but suddenly the section you can request extra lives and also help others disappeared. I have tried all different ways to fix this, reloading, trying on wifi, off wifi, rebooting phone etc. it’s just after 6 in the morning and I have accidentally deleted the whole app. Lost all my progress. Absolutely gutted. This game is definitely one of my favourites but looks like I’m gonna have to start over. My fault not the app, hence the 5* rating..Version: 94.01

Fun but also frustratingI have become addicted to this game, which I have had only for a couple of months. I do have two complaints, though: 1) that it is ridiculously easy to accidentally tap an item you didn’t mean to, which I can understand when I’m on my iPhone using my finger, but I would think that using an Apple pencil on an iPad would make for more delicate, specific touches; and 2) I have a tendency to forget to keep track of the available spaces below, and often find myself out of space, which I know is my own fault; BUT having said that, there are many times when I was sure I had two available spaces left, but after touching the items needed to complete a match, I find the game ended with the notification that I’m out of space. The problem is that I can’t see where I went wrong (if I did) because that space is not only grayed out but entirely blocked by an ad. Can’t you run the ad separately so the players can at least see what mistakes they made?.Version: 125.01

Loving this game - it’s so addictive.I’m up to level 1306 but I must admit I’ve been stuck on the same game for nearly a week 😩. I love the game but I find the most frustrating thing is losing all your lives and having to wait for half an hour to get more lives. Still my favourite game though. 😁.Version: 111.01

A lot of bugs since last update!Love this game but since last update this game always jam…very ennoying!!!.Version: 108.01

Fun gameI really enjoy this game. I wish there was a no timer option. Sometimes I want to play stress free.Version: 108.01

Number 1 gameThis is by far the most addictive game, I love it. Have stopped playing all other games as this takes all the time from me, lol. It's so great getting free coins , added bonuses, and lives throughout the game. Will be a favourite for a long time to come for me, I think..Version: 118.05

Match 3Enjoying the game very much.Version: 112.01

Ruined my iPad, Doesn’t RotateSo I got so into this game that my 3yoiPad had to be charged while I was playing. Unlike other games, this one wouldn’t rotate/flip so that the cable would be at the top. So I was playing for weeks with cable against my stomach and…..charging port got damaged to where I had to adjust it juuust right to get it to charge. Other games just like this one will rotate….but I like the way this game flows and it must have some game play adjustment to where if I lose 10x in a row, it slowly begins to reduce the number of total items that one must sift through to *find* the right items. On every Extra Hard one, I have to start doing screen captures to finish, because it’s otherwise impossible. For some reason, I get many Extra Hard ones. Maybe I should play it less. I payed for ad-free finally. Other peeve: people who no longer play the game but joined a team and didn’t leave the team before quitting playing the game again…..CLOG the teams up with useless non-participants. Please set this game up to rotate so my charging cable comes out the top, and automatically REMOVE players from Teams that haven’t played the game in over 3 months..Version: 116.01

Great gameFirst thought it was really hard but realised it wasn’t that bad! I ended up playing this game every day. I’m definitely recommend this game.Version: 128.01

BummerI just gave a 5 star review but after I updated the game it wiped all my levels. I think I was up to 6192 and now have to start again. Wishing I hadn’t given 5 stars..Version: 118.04

Great gameI love this game, I have only been playing a few months and I’m obsessed! I did eventually pay for no adds and it’s worth it but would have preferred to have paid £1.99-£2.99. The reason I marked it down one star is because when you choose a booster at the start of the level you have to unselect it before the next level or it just stays on meaning I’m using all my boosters one after another when I don’t want to because I’ve normally forgotten I used it in the first place. I wanted to use extra time on one level and ended up loosing all 5 I had accumulated because it just kept using them without me noticing. It’s the most frustrating feature and I’ve never seen it on any other game I’ve played, you have to click the booster at the start of each level without unselecting it..Version: 94.01

Triple MatchAfter an update all the levels i had passed disappeared and i had to restart at level 1 I tried leaving a message but have not had any response Goombie.Version: 119.01

GoodSimple and fast. I have now found that the game freezes after you have played a few rounds and haven’t bought anything. Happened 2 times now, third time I'm hitting the delete button! This problem has not happened again and I now think the problem was not related to the game itself. Working well now, great fun..Version: 108.01

Love playing BUT credits are too expensive!I really love playing the game & look forward to the time when I can sit idle, chill out n’ escape reality while I play….BUT the cost of buying game credits is ridiculously expensive for what you get imo 😏.Version: 101.02

Awesome gameAddicting!.Version: 109.01

Love the gameLove the game. Very addictive. Didn’t give 5 stars because it’s annoying when you run out of lives and have to wait 20-30 minutes to refill or buy coins. Secondly, I play the game on two different devices which are both signed up to the one apple account..unfortunately progress is not transferred between device which is annoying meaning I’m playing at two completely different levels. However it means I can switch devices and continue to play while waiting for the other device to refill..Version: 94.01

Gets too hard unless you payI LOVE THIS GAME. I’ve played it most everyday since downloading it over a year ago. I took away a star because it’s just like all the rest—money grubbing. I will always pay an app to get rid of ads and I figure that $5 is my part to the developers. I wish I could download a photo. I’ve been on the same level for a week +. It gives me six items I must find. And I have to find 9 of each of them—in 2 minutes. There is no way to win unless you buy stuff. In order for me to “earn” anything it takes many hours of play and many more of winning the levels before they will give an extra minute. And on top of that they started stacking all the cute items about 5 deep. Even though I had to find 9 of each item they were all hidden. So I had to make sure I found all three before I chose what to get rid of. Even though there was 9 of each one! I had to get rid of a bunch of things that didn’t count first, so that takes a lot of time also. I’m really sad to have deleted the game. I suppose making a game for pure enjoyment is out of the question. These developers are taking it in..Version: 120.01

ProblemsThe game will not let me play on for 100 and only offers to buy points. The graphics are very good. Must there really be an ad after every attempt at a level?.Version: 102.02

What happened yesterday?Hi, I love this game. I used to play on my phone and I was over 1000 levels in. In April I bought a new iPad and started again on it, yesterday I was over 800 levels in. Went to have a play and it had reset back to zero. I’ve had to start all over again and pay again to be add free. What happened? Thanks for reading..Version: 118.05

Triple Match 3D - latestWas really enjoying this - got to Level 465 then after game freezing few times - went to Level 3. Have requested level to be reinstated, but hasn’t happened - due to backlog of requests (have waited 2 weeks). Disappointed. Now all nicknames taken apparently..Version: 118.05

Best free game EVERI really enjoy playing this game. It’s free and no pressure to buy anything!!!.Version: 104.02

Love it!I love this game as a way to relax. I wish I didn’t pay to get rid of ads though, because it also takes away the option of watching an ad to get additional time on a round. There’s no alternative option to get this advantage. Should have stuck with my home ad blocker and not given my money..Version: 131.02

Good but could be betterThis game takes way to long to refill “lives” and it does not have enough rewards to allow a person to gain more lives without waiting 25 minutes to refill. Cookie Jam does a much better of job of providing ways a player can continue playing the game without having to wait an exorbitant amount of time. While this game is fun, it could be better at giving players more ways to continue playing, once out of lives, rather than pushing the player into making a purchase to do so. Additionally, if you don’t purchase this game upfront, you will be blasted with ads. I noticed these same complaints comes up very often in the Reviews. At what point do the developers start to take this into account? Again, Cookie Jam has done a great job of giving players options for more lives, of course once you exhaust them then there is a wait time to refill but it is not 25 minutes or more!.Version: 108.01

This game really is a lot of fun, but…I really do enjoy this game. I do get a bit frustrated though when I FINALLY get through a “super hard” level, only for the next level to also be a “super hard” one. When that happens, I usually feel very defeated and stop playing for a bit. The only technical complaint I have about the game is the green pencils! I understand that it adds to the challenge when there is only a slight difference between objects (different color stems on apples, for example), but there are three shades of green pencils, and I honestly can’t tell two of them apart! I actually screenshot a picture of them and I literally cannot see a difference, so I have lost a number of games as the result of my just “hoping” I pick a match and picking the wrong one! (A couple of the flies I can’t tell apart either.) Other than that, it really is a fun game! (Thanks for listening to me complain!).Version: 128.01

Love itSome hard levels so I suppose it keeps you interested. Running out of lives makes me stop playing because I’m trying not to ask for lives but it’s good that you can ask team members for lives and giving lives has no impact on your own lives. Would like more rewards as some levels are hard and you need the rewards to complete them. Support through the app now works and is responded to quickly..Version: 112.01

Triple match.I have been playing this game for ages. I have just had the screen go blank and the game deleted itself. Please help I have lost all the levels I had worked hard to achieve. I don’t know the level number but it was the level with the deerstalker hat. I cannot get your website to load for help only to download. This I did and it started off like a new download from the start level..Version: 94.01

Fun gamePaid to remove ads. Inset pencil to play and still things are picked that I didn’t touch. Would like to know what level you have to get to reach the advertised levels. Would like to see lives restored at a faster rate.Version: 108.01

RelaxingThe interspersing with hard and very hard games with those more easily solved rather than progressively becoming harder then unsolvable keeps me returning as my major distraction during difficult times..Version: 94.01

Challenging, addictive, and not overrun with adsFirst off, let me say I’m on level 99 and the game looks nothing like it did in the ads; instead, it’s just piles of objects, many the same color, and you have to find 3-4 sets of 3-4 objects in a set time period. Starts out easy and gets harder with each win, then after you win an extra hard game, it starts over with a new group of objects. I often have to try to beat the extra hard game 6-8 times before I finally win, which is what makes it so addictive. You can buy extra chances or minutes to make it easier, but where is the fun in that??? And while most games show you an ad between EVERY SINGLE GAME, this one doesn’t. That’s what makes this my very favorite game..Version: 120.01

Free of StressI love this game, as not only <as I said in the title> that makes stress feel like it’s coming off your chest, it also really helps by just getting away from the things that me as a person get stressed out or when others get stressed. I think this helps tons! I would also like to see more of these games and many people deal with many different problems and I believe games like these definitely help when wanting to try and stop stress as one of the many problems that happen in today’s society..Version: 116.01

Great game but I’m stuckI love this game, they’ve struck the balance just right between hard levels and easier ones. I don’t love the ads but totally understand the need for them in order to pay the Developers. My problem is this. I’ve got to level 306 and I’m stuck. 4 times over the last week or so I’ve paid for extra coins/lives etc and 4 times the payment left my bank but I have not had the purchased items. I’ve had to request the refunds through Apple and have had the money returned to me but I can’t progress. I don’t want to risk another failed purchase (no fault of mine or my bank therefore has to be Apple or the developer). So what do I do now? I’m going to have to delete the game and walk away. Shame, I am enjoying it. Developers… any ideas?.Version: 118.05

Totally addictiveLove this game! Said I was stopping at level 400, I just passed level 1600. You don’t need to join a team to play this, also you don’t need to spend money. Each day you are given boosters. One thing I have noticed recently is the game freezes every so often and I loose the life. My version is current to the most recent upgrade but several times a week it just gets stuck..Version: 112.01

Not seen thatI’m on level 1733 and never seen a yellow lightbulb as shown above. Also haven’t seen what gets advertised on Facebook where it appears as a tower. Small disappointing things but still my go to game when I need to forget the world.Version: 112.01

Triple matchAbsolutely love this game. So very addictive and such great fun..Version: 94.01

Great game and I have spent NO money!Love this game and play it nearly every day. With persistence I get through the levels but do have to wait for the helps sometimes for the very hard levels. I don’t spend money on games and have been able to past level 1000 without doing so. I have been stuck on a lvel sometimes for a few weeks but I just keep trying till I pass..Version: 119.01

Fun but expensiveI’ve been overloaded in life this past year. As a person who doesn’t play games,I can’t explain why I thought playing a game would be helpful, but it has been a great change of pace. However, despite doing well, the rewards are very small while game continuation requires much more than you can earn. I’m to the point where I need to stop playing because you can’t move on without spending money to progress beyond some levels. Without the extra spend, it actually becomes unfun. I’ve only spent about $12 so far, but I’m only on level 257. I can see that as the difficulty increases, so will the spend. After 257 levels, I would have expected the board to change, but it’s exactly the same. The only thing that changes are the items you are searching for on each board. I wonder how many levels you need to reach for the game to change..Version: 127.01

Great game- butI have been enjoying this game but as there are so many updates and I don’t have wifi, it becomes a real problem as it uses so much data on our cellular plan. Is there anyway around this?.Version: 123.02

Wonderful game and got trouble after updating IOSThe game is fun and easy, I play it everyday. But I got trouble after updating the IOS to 16.6.1. The phone will get overheat when playing the game in 10 minutes, also the game’s speed becomes very slow. I needed to stop the game immediately to let the phone cool down. Just to let the developer know about it and check with Apple..Version: 119.02

Great gameThis game is unlike others as the adverts are minimised and you can get out of them quickly. As it hasn't led to me feeling annoyed or frustrated I'm now on level 600 and have downloaded many others advertised through it..Version: 108.01

Good funDifferent to the advertisement but It’s good fun. Not so much fun on the Hard and Very Hard categories. Takes a long while to build up coins if you are playing for free. Better than a lot of other games, anyway. Go for it..Version: 133.02

Triple treat is fun and easy at the start but . . .This game gets you in. Forget about everything else that is happening around you. Find 3 of a kind to win points and find items along the way for bonus points. I’m hooked. Lol😂.Version: 112.01

Great gameI really enjoy the challenge of these games. Unfortunately they are geared for you to buy coins if you don’t it can take over 100 times before you beat a level..Version: 102.02

Well Done on this Brilliant Game.I have been enjoying this little gem of this game for a few months. I had a problem with this game and got in touch with the support team yesterday for help. Well I’m very pleased with the outcome. The response was quick and helpful. Thank you for the help. I can enjoy playing this nice game agin. If anyone is reading this review I would recommend you download this game. You will not regret it..Version: 108.01

Awesome gameThis game is awesome. They have got the balance just right of difficult games then much easier ones that are a pleasure to do. You will find the really hard ones take quite a few goes to do but once you do it, you then have some easier ones to relax with. This game doesn’t increase the difficulty as it goes on. You have a mix of easy and hard games. I love the endless sale, and I don’t mind making the odd purchase when I need extra help! It’s my favourite go to game that I never tire of because they keep it interesting with different collections like gems or pearls which can earn you helpful items. I’m on level 2014 and going strong! I highly recommend this game 🙂.Version: 117.03

Good game but FrustratingWhile fast playing the game, it will “pick” a similar item to your last pick. Almost difficult to change to a different item if a similar item is on the board. This is awesome and can allow you to snatch an item from deep below others. These rules go away when you only have one space left. With one space left you are often required to hold the item to be sure you have the correct one and it may switch when you let go - game over. This is not a lack of skill this is a feature written into the program. Notice how if you have only two of the same item and nothing else when you try to pick an alternate you often have to pick it twice. That doesn’t happen with only one space left. Often the game will chose an item that isn’t even paired with anything on the board. Just be careful with your last picks and try to run with more than one empty space. Good luck..Version: 105.01

Love love loveI really love this game and am playing everyday. Graphics are excellent and you have different levels of difficulty to try and beat. Ads are not intrusive, they play after each level and you have to click a couple of times to get through them. Some of these match 3’s ads play in the middle of a level, so I have to give kudos to the developers for thinking about their players and not spoiling the game. I’ve not had to pay to play (other than time when a 30 sec ad plays) and I find that I’m getting boosters just by playing every day. You can join a team and give each other extra lives. I play using Apple Pencil as I find I have slightly more control than my fat fingers 🤣 It’s definitely worth a download.Version: 116.01

Good privacy policyThis game has a much better privacy policy than other similar games (less personal data collected). I didn’t get ads in the early levels, which was also an improvement over other games..Version: 99.02

Triple match 3DI was very happy playing this game then 2days ago I had to update but it takes you right back to the start very disappointed so for someone in later years it keeps our brain ticking over and moving our fingers quickly but I have now stopped playing.Version: 118.05

AdsYour ads go forever! And no not paying to get rid of but would like to stop them when I’ve had enough of watching. Otherwise love the game.Version: 127.01

Awesome GameI got this game through an ad on happy color. This is a great game with no ads for 10 levels. It tests your memory and times it as well. I would recommend this game to anyone. It’s that great of a game..Version: 85.01

Really Fun, but Eventually Gets Too Hard to Play without Buying LivesI got hooked on this game really fast to the point where it was taking up hours of my time. However, it has managed to wean me from it quite a bit simply by getting to a point where it takes me as many as 15-20 lives to get through one level. Since I refuse to buy lives and don't want to be the one constantly begging for lives from teammates, I just quit playing until I'm up to the full complement of five lives again (a few hours) and get on with my real life -- a much better expenditure of my time. One other criticism is that the harder it gets, the less receptive it is to taps on items. I've also tapped multiples of an item and only one ends up going onto my bar while the other simply disappears. Many items also get too small not only to tap but to be distinguished from other items. It got a lot less fun from Level 1000 on..Version: 110.01

Great gameThis is a fun and very challenging game at times. Some levels are nearly impossible to pass, but I’ve figured out strategies that work to get past them by using the accumulated tools that I earn by passing other levels. I am on level 2,381, and I have not spent a single dollar in order to pass any of the levels and do not intend to. It is possible to play this hour after hour, for free, especially if you belong to a team with 4-5 actively playing members. My one and only complaint is that the game freezes unpredictably from time to time. It takes turning my iPhone off and back on to unfreeze it. Maybe it’s our wifi or maybe the game doesn’t run well on unlimited data. Dunno. But it happens infrequently, so if that doesn’t bother you, and you like match games, this might just be the game for you..Version: 110.01

Great for cognitive functionOkay. I am a game player for sure and this game is by far my new favorite; with that said, I am a little disappointed at the amount of rewards you get when completing every 10 levels and get the gift box. I just got to level 1000 and thought yay maybe it finally give me more than 10 coins…depressing to only see 10 coins when the box opened. I’ll keep playing, I’m just hoping that the game makers will make it easier to get more coins. It takes 100 coins to keep going if you run out of time and 100 coins to empty the boxes if you accidentally fill them up, but then only get 10 coins here and there so it takes a blink of the eye to use them and several days to regain enough to use again and then your out again. Other than the coin issue…I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!.Version: 116.01

Best Game EverThis is the best most addictive game ever. I love it. I usually sit down to play to during morning tea on the weekends or before dinner at night. I’m up to level 816, yes this is the first game I did pay for to get rid of the adds, also a hint for those having difficulty with the higher levels. Print screen, pause is your friend. Gives you a chance to find the missing items without stress. That is the only way I have passed the extra hard levels. But I actually find this game relaxing. I recommend this to everyone, and joining a team is a must, you get extra lives plus coins for giving lives..Version: 110.01

Great gamePlease don’t change anything about this game. I can’t say how refreshing it is to play a game that isn’t overloaded with ads. You can actually enjoy the game, get free lives from teammates. Some levels are difficult but I love the challenge..Version: 112.01

Fun while it lastedI enjoyed it for a few months but as you progress, the levels become impossible to complete without paying..Version: 108.01

All my progress is goneI’ve been a long time player of this game and out of no where the game crashed and restarted at level one. I can’t find the group I made and everything is gone WTF.Version: 117.03

Great except needs more livesI would’ve given 5 stars but some of the levels are too hard with a timer and only 5 lives. Even with asking for more lives I run out too quickly. Too many extreme levels with not enough time. Get rid of the timer please..Version: 129.01

Triple matchLoving this game!!.Version: 104.02

FrustrationNot for people who lose their cool! Can be very frustrating. Elation when you overcome a level which seems to go on for days! 30 minutes is too long for replenishing lives..Version: 94.01

Love this gameI always sit down to play a level or 2 however usually ends up 10 plus. Love this game even in the really hard levels eventually you can get them KW.Version: 133.02

I think purchases are too expensive and not good value as they do not last longAs above I have spent money for playing extra time and the money goes too quickly. A money grab..Version: 94.01

Great gameI really love this game! It’s my wind-down time and great to keep your mind active. I recommend giving it a go..Version: 105.01

RelaxingI love this game! It does frustrate me sometimes but you can’t win all the time!.Version: 105.01

Glitch in Christmas saleSince this started showing between levels yesterday, the screen locks up and nothing to do except exit game for at least an hour before it goes back to opening screen Boom Box 😫 please fix asap! Thanks.Version: 101.02

AnnoyedI’ve gone to game700 just went to have a game it’s reset back to game 1 what the hell all my bonuses gone everything I’m not a happy person i was enjoying the game I’ve tried reinstalling game but that didn’t work i absolutely loved playing this game every day I’m devastated I’ve deleted the app and installed another game.Version: 118.05

My daily brain activating gameI love this game! I’m a busy mom of lots of kids and I often feel like my brain is mush halfway through the day. I truly feel like playing this a few times a day has helped my brain wake back up and get focused again. I also have bad vision, and this is making me feel like I’m keeping my hand eye coordination up a bit, as you have to tap quickly and accurately for the whole game. I’ve had this game for just a few weeks now and I did purchase the no-ads version so I wouldn’t have to wait for ads to complete. I haven’t purchased anything else though, and I don’t think it’s necessary to - I’ve found that if there’s a level that is really challenging, maybe I’ve lost on it repeatedly for a few days straight, eventually the layout becomes slightly easier (like all the hard to find pieces you’re supposed to find will be on the top layer instead of the bottom layer) almost as if the game feels bad for me that I’m so terrible at it. 😂 I also like how satisfying it is to empty the board completely, or get all of one item, then all of another item. Definitely recommend this game - I convinced two of my kids to play it, too!.Version: 115.02

Best game ever!!!Love love love this game!!.Version: 112.01

Tooooo Many AdsThis game is fantastic but having to watch an ad every time you play is pathetic! It zaps my battery and makes me rethink if it’s worth my time. I give it 1 star for how it is set up but 5 stars for the actual game itself. Not happy at all 😔.Version: 120.01

Good gameFun to play worth it.Version: 102.02

Best Game EverI love this game so much, I’m up to level 416. You get 5 lives but if you join a team you can ask for more lives. After 15 minutes you get 1 life so I just sit and wait until I have a life to play again. Very oddly satisfying. I highly rate the satisfaction that I get from each idiosyncratic challenge. The app is so smart that it adapts to your skill level and learns what objects you like. It’s hard for me to pick a favourite but rn I’m going to say logs. This game also makes me hungry, so I eat the items whilst I’m playing like doughnuts and cheesecakes sometimes crepes. A real winner 😃.Version: 110.01

Not sure why this is so addicting!I’m over level 2000 and thought it was time to write a review. I love everything about this game. There’s lots of ways to get lives, you can build up your bonus items easily, and the levels are the perfect difficulty. Some are easy some hard and some are really hard. The extra hard ones are still playable without purchasing anything, though it may take several tries depending on the level. None are impossible but you do have to be quick with your fingers which I have mastered pretty well. If you are not quick at clicking or visually identifying things, you may struggle with some levels more…but just know they are doable. I purchased the ad removal a long time ago and let me tell you: it is worth it!!! I don’t mind making purchases for this game from time to time because it’s not unfair or loaded with ads like other games. Download this, get the ad removal, and be prepared for hours of relaxing entertainment..Version: 113.01

ADDICTIVE GAMEI’m 53 and I absolutely love this game .The challenges are fun BUT the extra hard games definitely live up to it ,meaning they can be frustrating to the amount of items you have to find ,but overall the bonuses comes in handy .The only annoying thing is the adds but apart from that the game designers should be proud of this one .👍🏻.Version: 133.02

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