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Triple Match 3D App User Positive Comments 2023

Triple Match 3D app received 57 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about triple match 3d?

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Triple Match 3D for Positive User Reviews

FunI love this game. I just wish there was a way to earn more rewards, by watching ads or something. It would be fun to continue playing more continuously..Version: 91.01

Triple 3DMatchGraphics, 3D Extraordinaire , Brilliance in colours, Captivating and Enhancement game for us oldies. A+++High Distinction for the fantastic graphics too.Version: 85.01

Very fun!Frustrating at times but overall a very fun game!.Version: 94.01

Needs an option to earn rewards by watching ads!I would easily give 5 stars because this game is so addictive and great fun! But the only way to get rewards is by completing levels. So if you get stuck on a level- like one of those extra hard ones- there’s nothing you can do to help yourself (other than spending your own money- which I don’t plan to do too often). I can’t think of a single other game I play that doesn’t allow watching ads to earn needed rewards!.Version: 90.02

Awesome gameI love the game, very addictive, it would be good if you had an option to watch an ad on the really bad level to keep going..Version: 90.02

FaydeeWhat a great game.Version: 94.01

Great gameIt makes think good for me with slight dementure.Version: 91.01

AdsLess ads Maybe only when you lose a round I will look for a different game without ads They are out there.Version: 94.01

Great gameEnjoy.Version: 93.01

SuggestionsGreat game, but I have 2 suggestions that would make it even better. 1. Add a colourblind mode. When there are multiple items that are identical except for the colour, please make sure the items are colourblind friendly. A plane with orange wings and one with green wings looks the same. I’ve seen similar block match games where users can select the colour palette in settings. Currently, I have to pass the game to my wife when there are problematic colours. 2. Reduce the amount of time to get new lives for people that have paid to remove ads. If you’re on a difficult level, you don’t have the option to watch an ad for a few more seconds game time. Maybe cut the wait time in half for people that can’t extend time by watching an ad..Version: 91.01

Great gameI love this game, I have only been playing a few months and I’m obsessed! I did eventually pay for no adds and it’s worth it but would have preferred to have paid £1.99-£2.99. The reason I marked it down one star is because when you choose a booster at the start of the level you have to unselect it before the next level or it just stays on meaning I’m using all my boosters one after another when I don’t want to because I’ve normally forgotten I used it in the first place. I wanted to use extra time on one level and ended up loosing all 5 I had accumulated because it just kept using them without me noticing. It’s the most frustrating feature and I’ve never seen it on any other game I’ve played, you have to click the booster at the start of each level without unselecting it..Version: 94.01

Challenging game’Very challenging, but addicting! Really enjoy playing it. I just wish there were other ways to play more games than just a few at a time and then have to wait..Version: 90.02

FavoriteI like this game cause it’s fun and the music is very relaxing.Version: 85.01

Triple matchC’est amusant et pratique l’observation 🥰.Version: 93.01

WOWThis game is so much fun! It is extremely addictive and you will find yourself reaching for you phone to play several times a day and then you will lose all track of time. This one is definitely a WINNER!.Version: 93.01

BelleThe time limit could be splitter longerBelle03.Version: 91.01

Fun but challengingThe higher levels over 350 are for young ppl with good eyes! But the lower levels are fun. Thankfully there’s not a ton of ads and the bonuses to purchase are affordable.Version: 93.01

Very relaxingJust started playing but it’s relaxing.Version: 94.01

MeGreat game.Version: 94.01

:)Fab game.Version: 90.02

Triple Match 3DI have just found this game and think it is good fun. Very relaxing, you have to keep your eyes peeled and concentrate on what you are looking for but it is very enjoyable. Coffee Choc 14.Version: 94.01

GamesEnjoy playing Thanks..Version: 93.01

Addictive!I love this game. I always find myself promising to play “just one more time” before quitting! That “one more time” usually ends up being four to five more times!!!!.Version: 85.01

To much funThe best.Version: 91.01

Fun and not bombarded with adsSo far enjoying this game. Visually stimulating. So far no pop up ads which determines whether I keep the game or not. Thanks!.Version: 93.01

Great gameGreat game and very addictive. A great way to take your mind off the stresses of life. Only downside is waiting for your lives to regenerate..Version: 94.01

Mrs lambertGreat game.Version: 94.01

Keeps you entertained for hoursI really need to keep my mind going and this game work for me.Version: 93.01

Very addictiveOnce hooked you will keep coming back.Version: 93.01

Awesome GameI got this game through an ad on happy color. This is a great game with no ads for 10 levels. It tests your memory and times it as well. I would recommend this game to anyone. It’s that great of a game..Version: 85.01

Super funI love it..Version: 93.01

Fun!Colorful, challenging and fun! I love that the boards are different. Keeps it engaging. Glad I found this!.Version: 93.01

Box something I forgotI’m crazy about this game I play every chance I can it’s challenging fast and addictive.Version: 93.01

Love this gameI only played this game once a day. But now I’m hooked and can’t stop!!!.Version: 91.01

FunThis game is expensive but still fun to play..Version: 93.01

Great fun and keeps you focussedI am enjoying this game very much. Gradually you can work out your strategy for ensuring you can find all objects you want within the given time. Great fun! Good luck!.Version: 93.01

AddictiveLove triple match! It really gives your brain a good wee workout. I have been playing every day for a while now..Version: 94.01

Fun, addictiveI downloaded this game 16 days ago and I’m on level 671. I really should be sleeping, but I get such a sense of accomplishment, especially from the hard levels. I was so surprised that the gameplay is just like the ads. Definitely recommend..Version: 94.01

Thank youLove most of your games especially this one.Version: 85.01

Great gameGreat game, entirely too many ads though. Definitely worth it to pay for ad-free..Version: 91.01

Please add unlimited modeI love this game very fun, but I would love to be able to match all the objects even ones not needed without the time running out as I find it satisfying clearing the whole board. 🙏😁.Version: 94.01

Triple match.I have been playing this game for ages. I have just had the screen go blank and the game deleted itself. Please help I have lost all the levels I had worked hard to achieve. I don’t know the level number but it was the level with the deerstalker hat. I cannot get your website to load for help only to download. This I did and it started off like a new download from the start level..Version: 94.01

3D addict!Too Addictive!!.Version: 90.02

Basically zero ads so farGame is simple & fun. I don’t think I’ve had to watch a single ad yet. Good relaxing game.Version: 93.01

Could use workI love this game but I agree with another review that other objects are constantly being selected causing the boxes to fill up and cost a life. Unless you purchase a package you don’t get much of an opportunity to get rewards. It takes me days to pass some levels. I’m almost ready to stop playing this game. I like the difficulty of this compared to similar games and prefer this one over those but the rewards or lack of is making me look to other games instead of this..Version: 94.01

BeautifulThis is a awesome game I played for so long, and not a single ad showed up✨🥹.Version: 91.01

Great but ExpensiveI love this game; so addictive. But you’re given piddly little rewards and the cost to continue is so high that I end up spending a fortune to get anywhere in this game. A bit of a money pit but fun if you can afford it..Version: 93.01

Great fun!Fast, clear and colorful, this game is very sensitive to your touch when patterns overlap keeping it fast moving and fun..Version: 93.01

Great gameTotally addictive. Not too many ads. I’m an older person and I think this is a great way to keep your eyes and brain alert!.Version: 93.01

Triple matchHello from Texas. Love this game! This game is addictive but in a fun way. Keep em’ coming guys. Thank you for your creativity..Version: 83.03

Can’t get enough!I love this game! Very challenging and addictive but have one complaint. I wish you could earn games by watching ads or something rather than purchasing or waiting it out. Thanks!.Version: 85.01

The gameHave 3 copies of it 2 on my tablet one on my phone so I don’t have to wait if i want to play so relaxing.Version: 93.01

EllenThoroughly enjoy playing this game, very enjoyable as a pensioner Thanks Ellen.Version: 93.01

Tip topGreat!.Version: 85.01

I’m obsessed!I am obsessed with this game! One of the best games I’ve ever played. The levels are short and sweet (great for NSFW 😏),boosters galore, and it’s all in a joy to play!.Version: 93.01

AddictingI love this game . The only bad thing is having to wait so long to get extra lives. I wish you would make it so we can watch an ad to get more lives or something!.Version: 91.01

RewardsMy favorite game, but there are WAY too few rewards given. One game can wipe out all of your rewards!.Version: 91.01

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