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No mid-run savingPlease add the ability to save mid-run. I don’t always have a solid 20 minutes or even 10 to play. But sometimes I have some really great builds going and by the time I get back to the run, the game restarts..Version: 2.0.40

Well doneIt was released before the reservation time.😋.Version: 2.0.17

Enjoying it so farBut this is the full version right? I think there’s some things that say unavailable because it’s not the full version. Edit: thanks for the response! I’m looking forward to the next update.Version: 2.0.30

CrossbowSucks that you can’t charge the crossbow also some text bugs.Version: 2.0.40

Great mob killer game!I have this game on desktop and was very excited to find that it was on the app store as well. While the controls are a little funky, I still find this game very enjoyable. The halloween update is adorable! I am very excited to see what else will get added to this game..Version: 2.1.209

Great game butIf you pause the game and something else. When it refreshes you can’t continue the same run and need to start over but overall a really fun roguelike.Version: 2.0.17

Awesome.Great game, well thought out & put together. 👍.Version: 2.1.400

Great so far, one suggestion/requestReally enjoying the game so far, the different characters lend themselves to a variety of builds. Is it possible to temporarily save the state of the game while the app is minimised - I don’t want it to save when I fully kill the app but if I have to minimise to go do something I don’t want to have to start a new run after 5 minutes. I hope there will be new characters and pickups/builds in the near future. Worth the money so far 👍.Version: 2.0.30

Please add controller supportPlease add controller support.Version: 2.0.30

GreatIt’s a really fun game that I like to play to pass the time and I’m really happy that they continue to update it the characters have good abilities and the gameplay is good along with changeable weapons that makes it where you can play however you like.Version: 2.8.602

Must have reverse bullet hellThis is by far the best reverse bullet hell on AppStore. It’s also NOT a clone of vampire survivors unlike all the other ios reverse bullet hells like survivor.io and wizard hero. It’s has lots of builds with different characters and starting weapons as well as a permanent upgrades system with options to pick from to tailoring the game to your play style. Very distinctive gameplay. The game would benefit from more game modes or maps though. And maybe more different enemies, as it only has 4 bosses, two types of elite mobs and 2 types of normal mobs..Version: 2.0.30

I like it butIt’s good but would like to see them add the infinite mode so I can mess around with the upgrades and stuff.Version: 2.5.424

Good Fun!Tons of fun to be had here. Great twin stick rouge like game. Performance is great on my 12 Pro Max. Touch controls are great too! The progression is well paced, tons of combinations possible for wonderful replay ability. Highly recommend if you like Dead Cells, Vampire Survivors, or other rouge-style games..Version: 2.0.17

Amazing time killerThis game is the best to kill some time. I recently got a backbone for my phone, and it just makes it way better! Definitely recommend this game..Version: 2.1.209

Great game, limited contentReally nice gameplay, character choices and weapon choices. However after playing the game for a couple of hours you can unlock everything + complete all 15 difficulty levels, so replayability drops off a cliff if you’re the kind of player who plays for unlocks and improving talents/features (which I am). I really hope new content gets added soon. Also, summoner perks/builds and the bat gun is woefully underpowered compared to all other weapons and builds. Have to applaud that this game has no pay to win mechanics or ads..Version: 2.0.30

GoodGood.Version: 2.1.400

Great Pc game but bad Mobile portThe pc version is awesome but it doesn’t copy over to a phone. -Needs controller support. -Needs to improve colors so monsters are easier to see on small phones -auto-aim needs improvement, maybe replace it with auto shoot (less fingers blocking the screen the better) -rounded corners -maybe slow monsters? Maybe zoom out screen? Bosses are hard to dodge when my fingers block them.Version: 2.0.17

So much fun to synergize!This game is like if you distilled all of the best roguelikes from the last decade into their most fun synergies and crammed them into the same space. It feels buttery smooth. Also, I love that the game automatically aims for you if you just hold down fire. I find aiming to be a very boring mechanic, and I'm glad this game gives me the option to ignore it. You can still aim manually, though, for those who enjoy it..Version: 2.5.424

Tonnes of fun… Fix the backgrounding.Wonderful game. Challenging. Nice that you get the full game and can play as intended straight from the get go. Only issue is that the backgrounding is awful. Quite often I’ll be doing rather well in the middle of a run and have to do something … come back and the game resets. No rewards. No reason. Quite irritating. So don’t play unless you have the time to complete the run :) Still 5*..Version: 2.0.30

Great GameLove this game. I have it on Pc, and I got it on my phone too because it is just so much fun. The music, action, and upgrade system are all interesting. I know a few characters from Pc haven’t been ported over here yet, and I’m looking forward to them. Well worth your money when you’ve got some time to kill..Version: 2.1.209

Amazing title and gameplayJust spectacular and a great use of my time…. Until the 100th play through haha.Version: 2.1.209

Great game and no in game pay wallsSeriously though. There needs to be more games like this. No pay walls to progress. As soon as I run into them I uninstall, so this is a breath of fresh air. The developers even keep up with events like jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Thank you!.Version: 2.1.209

Good without a controller, fantastic with oneController support really makes this game for me. It is a bit clunky in places, mostly the rune upgrade page and skill select, but that’s just a nitpick. Played the free version for a while, thought I’d show my support and toss out the 3$..Version: 2.1.400

Don’t leave reviews oftenFor the two quid I picked it up for, this game game is one of the best on my phone. Addictive gameplay loop, good meta progression and just the right time balance to make you want to start another round (even though 20 minutes has already past).Version: 2.1.209

Amazing gameI saw sinvicta playing on the computer and I was so stoked to see it coming to iOS this game is more than worth the 2.99.Version: 2.1.209

Awesome!What an awesome surprise …wasn’t expecting this until January 2023! Great touch controls, awesome smooth gameplay ,weapons and power ups are always changing the gameplay. Absolutely epic. Please just add controller support for iPad users🙏🏼 When using a ps4 controller if I hit X on main menu it brings me into the options but it doesn’t work on any screen or in game🙁.Version: 2.0.17

Amazing, but could use tweaksI am going to start off by saying I love this game. Turning from a weakling to a god of destruction in 20 minutes is the great thrill. However there are some interface issues. It is extremely difficult to change the darkness levels. You have to have almost pixel perfect finger presses for it to register you pressed the arrow. If it were not for that, how frustrating it is to change darkness levels, then this would be a perfect 5 stars..Version: 2.1.209

Great game, really funNot so bad once you get the right upgrades to get further into the game, even the harder guns to master become overpowered with the right class. It’s not so bad. It all seems pretty balanced..Version: 2.1.209

Funny GameThe Game I first play,it’s very funny for me!Love these type of endless/ endurance games, it provides the player enough upgrades to progressively play better, I highly recommend this game for those who are willing o take on a challenge or play for fun.Version: 2.0.30

Sick game!Good game for the replay value. Not pay to win like everything else today. Update the costume for players without paying for the costume 😤.Version: 2.1.209

This is great, few buts thoBack when 10 minutes till dawn was on steam I loved playing it and bought 20 minutes till dawn as soon as it came out, and also preordered 20 minutes till dawn for iOS, however I find it difficult to find time for the full 20 minutes or even 10 minutes, and I find the touch controls to be a bit fiddly. I have also recently started to use an iPad with a keyboard and I would love to see keyboard and mouse controls, adding this would make it perfect..Version: 2.0.40

Nice gameBeat the 10 min mode on my second run hope there’s more to it :).Version: 2.1.209

Excellent game but Please update!I downloaded the free one but had to buy this to support the devs..Version: 2.1.338

Needs 2 things1. A resume option from where you left off 2. Being able to play on both sides of your phone.Version: 2.0.40

Great game!One of my favorite games this year! I really hope endless becomes part of this version as well though, it would be great to have it in the same app instead of two different ones. Amazing job though!.Version: 2.0.30

SmoothVisually simple , game play is also simple but done expertly , after hours of play without even a hiccup once and challenging not watered down dungeon experience , I can with confidence say this is a really amazing game that you need to play.Version: 2.1.209

Please more updates or DLCsGreat game I just wish there would be even more perks , items ,weapons and characters..Version: 2.1.209

Just awesone!Good stuff! Worth every penny!.Version: 2.1.338

This is great work in progressThere are rough edges all around the interface of this game on iOS at the moment, such as character traits that require “right clicking” or controller support that does not work in menus. But! The core game itself is great. Absolutely worth the time. To the developers: Keep up the good work, I am excited to see this continue to take shape.Version: 2.0.40

Well worth it!Absolutely great game for any rougelike fan! 10 outta 10.Version: 2.1.209

Gun, shoot, die, repeatAbsolutely love the game, I love always trying to unlock new skills, and the concept is a blast! But it’s slowly slipping from my top five games, because the levels become the same. Playing this game as many times as I have, becomes repetitive. You know the order of progression as each new creature tries to kill you. Also if there were descent stories for each character and a campaign mode with a story worth repeating to see it’s conclusion. Or just make a part 2! Thanks.Version: 2.1.209

Fantastic top down rogue likeVery much worth the price. Was updated multiple times with new content after purchase. An endless mode would be nice, I ran out of content after getting all achievements..Version: 2.8.602

Thank you DevsYou updated this and it’s awesome. I still got to ask what’s the deal with one character and weapon still saying “?” With 0 hp. Come on. You can give me a hint 😅.Version: 2.0.40

AmazingDon’t know why people are complaining about controls. I think this game is effortless to play and wildly satisfying when you go on a tear. Gotten to about 5 minutes left but I’ll beat standard soon lol.Version: 2.0.30

Good game but it’s missing somethingSo I really enjoy this game in pc and on my phone, but the reason I give a 4 & not a 5 star rating is because I feel like I should be able to turn off auto aim, it causes me to miss a lot of the shots I would like to take and eventually lose a life from it. That’s it.Version: 2.0.40

Thank You! Thank You! Fantastic survival gameThank You! Thank You! By removing the internet connection requirement you have just made 20 Minutes Till Dawn my new go to favorite survival game. I really like the art style. This game, for the asking price is a steal. There is a lot of character content, tons of crazy power-ups and so, so much more. Since the recent update, I have been unable to put down my iPad..Version: 2.0.40

So close to perfect!Game play. Top notch. Surprises. Awesome. Variability/replayability. Tons. Why 4 stars? CLOUD SAVE! I’d love to be able to continue progress from iPad… iPhone….Version: 2.6.438

Really good port!Of course it will be better on pc with how the game plays/is built, but i think yall did a great job with making it as playable as possible! looking forward to whatever else come out!.Version: 2.1.209

My new favourite gameGreat.Version: 2.1.209

My run reset, a save option or something like that would be coolLeft my app to check a message my app reset now I have to start over. Another part of this is the auto aim for some weapons is a little annoying like the shotgun shooting an enemy behind you and making you take damage so hopefully the auto aim could be turned off and on, but overall very good game.Version: 2.0.17

Simple Perfection.What seems to be the most simplest of games, it is actually one of the most strategic games I have ever played in my entire life. I have never seen a game like this, and yet I have been able to fall in love with it. I am constantly playing game and refuse to go three hours without playing this amazing game. I’ve always been wondering if this game will be updated again, and it just was. If you are seeing this review, and wondering if you should get the game. Get the game. Simple Perfection..Version: 2.8.602

So smooth!The game play is so smooth, this was my first game of this kind and I find it much smoother than the other ones I’ve been trying. Fun game, love pixel graphics!.Version: 2.4.417

Great game but flawed controlsEDIT: They fixed it! The game is perfect now The game itself is very good, but the controls could be improved. Having the joysticks centre around where you place your finger instead of being in a fixed position would make the game more playable..Version: 2.0.40

FantasticClever game. Highly recommend..Version: 2.9.633

Just amazingI love how the game has more added than when I started some months ago, it gives me more to do. I’m looking forward to future updates if there is any!.Version: 2.1.338

Please update!Please update the app with the instalments currently on PC. I’m excited to play the new characters, weapons and maps! When will the updates be coming?.Version: 2.0.40

Great game, but when does it sync?Great rogue like, but I’m confused when the syncs happen on iOS. I play on both iPad and iPhone, and for the first few days I thought progress wasn’t shared and was bummed. But then randomly a few days later I got on my iPhone and all my farther progress from the iPad was there. But it doesn’t happen after every run. I’ve tried to do a run; restart the app on both devices, sign out sign in and I can’t get it triggered manually. Any advice from the devs?.Version: 2.0.40

Love the Game but I think I found a bugThe game is a lot of fun and I love the progression system. However I think the potential free upgrade at the beginning of a run is not working, as sometimes it flashes up for a second then disappears starting the round..Version: 2.1.400

Finally a legit vampire survivors like gameThis game is pretty awesome! Finally a game that is just like vampire survivors on iOS. I have played the mobile knock offs and beat one of them but they just don’t feel the same. This game scratches that VS itch I have. Thank you for releasing this on iOS! One request I have is to fix some of the character/power selection options that get cut off on the iPhone 14 pro max. It’s because of the dynamic island. Hopefully this can be patched!.Version: 2.0.40

ConfusionThis game is amazing, I play it almost every day. I love “shmup” type games, their is one thing I’m kinda confused tho when it comes this game. If I’m not mistaken, there is another game, that is the same as this one, but I don’t see much of a difference between these two, other than the tittle. The tittle to this game is “20 minutes til dawn(Full)”, I assume it just means the Full game, but there’s another that’s the same tittle except, instead of (Full), it says (Endless), I have to guess that it means that there may not be a time limit with your fights, just to see how long you can last, or maybe I’m just overthinking it (probably am). Anyway still great game, love it, keep making great games..Version: 2.1.209

Great game - new app titleAwesome game, absolutely love it. This is phone videogames. For the love of god, change the app name to 20MTD for home screens. The “…” diminishes (only slightly) the stylistic essence that is this game..Version: 2.0.17

So Close To AmazingI love simple games like this that are easy to play and get in to. This one is great and runs pretty flawlessly in my experience so far. I really wanna see controller support asap as well as maybe a “idle” mode of sorts where the game handles the shooting for you. A idle mode would just be cool for when your out and about and can’t completely commit both hands to the game I would even be ok with it blocking off achievements and/or it had its own progress from the main part of the game. Controller support would make this game a 5/5. Idle mode would be the cherry on top..Version: 2.0.30

Super addicting - works great on mobileI don’t know what those other reviews are talking about with the controls not working on mobile or their fingers getting in the way. The controls feel just the same as other decent twin stick shooters and I never have issues with my fingers blocking enemies (and I have games where that can be an annoyance), even when I max out my speed it was barely a noticeable issue. It’s so fun trying out different perk combinations for different runs and trying to see how OP you can become. For how much fun I’ve had in just the few days I’ve owned the game it has been 100% worth the price I paid for it. Definitely worth checking out..Version: 2.0.40

MmmyeaGood game would recommend also it supports controller.Version: 2.6.438

Very niceI hope to see more content added and possibly more game-modes because i’d like to try a round with my friend or multiple people, I'm very pleased with the art style and the animations excited to see more updates and features added. And lastly i thank you for creating this game..Version: 2.1.400

Amazing gameHave been looking for a premium vampire survival experience for a while, this one takes the cake with deep upgrade options and no pay to win mechanics. This paid version is the same as the free version, only with micro transaction turned off. After playing the heck out of the free version, I had to buy this one to show support. I guess the paid version allows you to get more achievements, since closing the ad window on the free version will make you shoot, which disables some achievements. If you are struggling with the control, just remember pressing and hold right side will auto-aim the nearest enemy. Maybe the dev shouldve made that more clear. To dev: My only complain is the game can get too easy after you make a couple of successful runs. I don't have level 15 difficulty unlocked yet, but so far I feel I can't lose. Maybe skip a few difficulties in the middle or ramp the difficulty up faster. I hope there are more contents coming to this game. Keep up the good work..Version: 2.1.400

Great game - Wish it had Apple TV + controller supportI would love to see Apple TV support added as this is the kind of game I could play on the couch for a long time. With the touch controls I can only handle about one game before I need to give my hands a break..Version: 2.6.438

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