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Fun gameNo permanent unlocks though.Version: 1.2.37

Buy itBest game on app store.Version: 1.2.37

SUPER FUN but unfairLook, The game is really fun and perfect but the the free brotato have some different stuffs compared to that one that I don’t think it’s fair For example on the free one we got the talent cards and on the time that you can choose a attribute you have 5 choices and on that one 4!!! And the worst is that I paid for that. But the game it’s A M A Z I N G and suuuuuuuuuper fun. I super recommend download the free one and buy the vip..Version: 1.3.9

C’mon, it’s BrotatoDope ah game.Version: 1.3.16

Great GameI just got this game yesterday with my friend me and him have played so much and it’s so fun! There’s so much little elements and big elements of the game that makes it great especially the ability to unlock achievements. Another thing I like about the game it’s kind of a strategy game with the characters and having to keep your skills balanced! One thing I would like to see you add is co-op multiplayer, I know it’s a lot to ask but it would be great to see it in the future of this game..Version: 1.2.44

Great gameIts a great game but when playing with controller in the shop sometimes you can only go up and get the cursor stuck.Version: 1.3.11

It’s okayI wish there was an explanation for the materials that get picked up at the end of the wave?.Version: 1.2.37

Good but harder than pcIt’s really good, almost the same as pc. But I never win once don’t no why. Seems like the boss is harder than pc?.Version: 1.2.35

Just like the pc versionLot of fun.Version: 1.2.44

Really fun but dont buy this version :/I really enjoy the elements that this game takes from other games by being roguelike having autochess-like builds. Its able to blend these elements really well while still being unique enough to have its own identity. The only reason the rating is 4 stars and not 5 is because I and many others payed full price for this game and with the full game (which is much more polished) being released with another pay option feels unfair to the early supporters. If there is any way to either add a feature to unlock the full polished game for buyers of this version or to bring the same polish to this version of the game it would really show appreciation for the early supporters..Version: 1.3.6

HiReally fun.Version: 1.3.6

Brotato vip vs Brotato premiumThe game is fun but it is different from Brotato on other platforms and I think you should just get vip on Brotato for more stuff than this version since I think there is less which makes me feel like I spent the same money on something for less in game stuff.Version: 1.3.6

Worth the money for rouge/litesGreat for passing time if you enjoy anything like binding of isaac and hades. Personally have a belief that 1 dollar equals an hour of entertainment, bought it last week and have easily of 10/15 hours without even scratching the surface. Highly recommend if the loop scratches an itch for you..Version: 1.2.44

Plz allow offline modePlz allow this game to be available offline for road trip purposes! Edit: thank you dev! Adjusting the rating!! 5/5.Version: 1.2.35

Love itSuch a fun game!.Version: 1.3.13

Love but please updateThis game is amazing I’ve been wanting the game for the phone for a while but I’ve noticed that the characters and items have not been updated anywhere close to the computer version. Again love the game and please update.Version: 1.3.2

Digustingly FunYeah, its a vampire survivors clone. But man, is it the best one. I think calling it a "clone" is an insult honestly. It is a perfect pairing to Vampire Survivors. Like a beautiful steak and a glass of fine red wine, both are great individually, but I love having both. This game is really, stupidly, unfogivingly fun. It will melt time away. I am so glad to live in the universe where we have Brotato and it is worth every penny of the 5 bucks for premium..Version: 1.2.44

PotentialCan now play offline. A great twin stick shooter. Well worth picking up.Version: 1.2.30

Almost perfectThe game is challenging and addicting. The only big issue for me is that the iCloud sync feature is not working. I would like to play on my iPhone while I’m away, and play on my iPad at home. Unfortunately because iCloud sync isn’t working, I’ll have to start over on the iPad. Please fix this!.Version: 1.3.16

Simply amazingA masterclass in rouge like gaming, put 100’s of hours in on PC and I can see myself doing it again on mobile. 10/10 mobile game, for the price you truly can’t do better. Stop reading this and get the game!.Version: 1.2.20

EnjoyableLots of replayability and many builds to choose from..Version: 1.2.30

Great game, but port has some quirksReally enjoying my time with the game so far (~15 hours in). The iPad scaling issues look to have been fixed, but a few things: - Using WASD to move on the iPad Pro keyboard causes the character to move in that direction for ~a second, instead of just a little like on desktop which makes it impossible to navigate properly using it - The cloud saving sometimes has issues and doesn’t sync often enough to where there are mismatches. A force sync option or upload / download button would be helpful to ensure progress is synced.Version: 1.2.30

Worth itDevelopers put the work in..Version: 1.2.37

Getting betterThings are better since they adjusted the bosses and fixed the progression issues. Really need to have full parity (characters/items) before it can be a 5. And I don’t want to wait until September for that other version I see in the App Store hahah.Version: 1.3.2

It’s BrotatoIt’s great on PC and it’s still great here.Version: 1.2.44

Good gameNice game cool concept.Version: 1.2.37

Bought twice, don’t regret itOriginally bought this on steam during the summer sale, it was cheap so why not? Spent hours as soon as I got around to playing it. Brotato is an easy, experimental rougelite with runs that aren’t hours long, but still hectic and entertaining, complimented with tons of different builds and weapons. If you want to kill time and still have fun, this is THE game.Version: 1.3.10


GoodGood.Version: 1.3.32

GoobGoob gaam.Version: 1.3.21

WoooooWoooooo.Version: 1.3.21

Best mobile download 2023Do you have a spare minute; play a round of brotato, waiting for that pizza to cook; play a few rounds of brotato or a long bus journey, beat brotato! The pick up and play nature along with the vast variety of characters, items and difficulties means you will seldom be bored as long as you have power ;).Version: 1.2.37

Love itI have been a long time player on PC where I’ve already completed the game. I was really looking forward to play this game on the go as well! While I would have much rather played it on a Switch, I’m really happy with the mobile port as well. The game is solid, and fluid enough. Love it! The -1* is only for the UI elements that needs a bit of care still. Like on an iPhone 14 Pro, the dynamic island covers the main menu text, and some elements a bit funky to use, but the gameplay is great!.Version: 1.3.6

IPad experience - it’s like playing the game with tunnel visionGreat game! 5 stars on the iPhone, But on the iPad it’s just short of being great. I generally play games on the iPad because it sounds better, it’s bigger, and I can See More of what’s on screen. Unfortunately with the iPad version of Brotato, it certainly is Bigger and sounds great, BUT I actually see LESS of the game (and I’m playing on the big screen version of the iPad). That means: the time I have to react to enemies appearing on screen is very short compared to the iPhone. On iPhone i see enemies coming a LOT sooner, and as a direct result, I die less. Sure it’s nice to see your character and enemies up close, but I would have like the zoomed out view more than this “tunnel vision” experience. I would love to play this game with an expanded view on the tablet, and keep the tunnel view as an optional mode in settings for those who like it (and like dying more often)..Version: 1.2.44

Could never be betterMultitasker… One-armed… Soldier….Version: 1.3.11

Love this game!This game is REALLY good. I haven’t been able to find a game similar to it other than pickle Pete, which is not as good in my opinion. All the different characters, and weapons, and ways to play make this game really good! And it’s not too easy either! You have to strategize to make your build the absolute powerhouse it can. Nothing is better than something else and it makes this game amazing!!.Version: 1.3.16

Potatoes with gunsIt’s potatoes. With guns. What more do I need to say..Version: 1.3.21

On par with vampire survivorsI love the quick pace and pick up and put down flow. It delivers on the vampire survivors/ survivorIO experience in a beautiful mobile way that allows for all the highs in 3 min bites instead of 30 min slogs. Though do expect to sit down and binge levels and upgrades galore. A must play for fans of the genre and newcomers alike..Version: 1.3.13

GoblinsSo fun can’t stop playing.Version: 1.3.21

Très efficaceJ’adore.Version: 1.3.13

GgWp.Version: 1.3.9

Fun and enjoyableHave had a blast playing this game, simple to enter yet hard to master..Version: 1.3.9

I CANNOT STOP PLAYING THIS GAMEI loved this game and pre-ordered it, but I went to check when it was available to play and saw the option to play it right now for five dollars and I am mediately clicked it and bought it.Version: 1.2.44

Good game with some problemsOh I have to write something down here er like It good.Version: 1.3.32

Great gameGame is great. Knockback seems to be bugged, do not get knockback weapons. They knock enemies into you instead of away from you. Playing engineering and getting killed by enemies getting knocked inside of you is extremely frustrating. This seems to be a mobile only issue?.Version: 1.3.34

Isn’t Butcher too hard to deal with?I am so glad that I can play this game on my phone now, especially play it offline!! But, I really think the butcher is way to hard for too many characters at the moment, as it’s attack speed is too fast and too dense every time….Version: 1.2.44

It’s flipping rad!!You should get!.Version: 1.2.37

100% Worth itDeceptively deep game.Version: 1.2.37

Great mobile portI am so happy I found this version. I really like the steam game and think the gameplay has been translated really well into mobile format. If you’re nostalgic for the time period of games where you unlock characters and items through specific challenges and creative solutions, this will scratch that itch..Version: 1.3.9

Need to adjust the difficultyHi devs, The bullet animation for the boss/elite (butcher and monk) in wave 11 is impossible to avoid. It is too faster comparing to PC version. Is that a bug? I’m pretty sure it’s not myself but many of players is having problem to beat it. Great game overall, appreciate if that can be fixed. Another bug report: after I play a lower level, the previous unlocked levels are locked again.Version: 1.2.37

Fixed bugSpeedy bug fix for the iPad resolution, now it plays well.Version: 1.2.30

FantasticOne of the few games I have purchased for my phone that was worth the cost. Max fun, no ads.Version: 1.3.21

Good and faithful but a quick bug reportThe title says it all. Let’s cut to the chase Here are the bugs I’m reporting The danger 5 reward character can randomly die from health spent in the shop upon leveling up Handcuffs displayed hp cap it sets doesn’t reset properly between runs(Had a run where it said my hp cap would be 89 from a previous run but it showed up when I was at 30 hp. The item caps hp at the value it’s at when it’s taken. Any hp past that point isn’t used in waves.).Version: 1.2.37

LuvLuv it.Version: 1.3.32

Great gameGet the game….end transmission…!.Version: 1.3.11

Très bon jeu mais…Vraiment très addictif mais il manque sérieusement un système de perks permanent… on a toujours l’impression qu’on doit recommencer à zéro à chaque fois..Version: 1.2.37

Incredible GameI very much enjoy the PC version of Brotato (100% completion). This mobile version is not only true to the original title but it is a great simple but original tale on the arena shooter/roguelite genre. My only gripe is a selfish one but after 100%ing the game it gets a bit boring, however the rainbow chests mod changes that and creates HUGE replay ability. I know it’s a big ask but maybe making a new game plus with the rainbow chests mod as a feature could be great. 9.5/10 100% would recommend ❤️.Version: 1.2.35

Would be 5 star if…If there was a way to restore my purchases going into the premium version of the game. I started on the freemium version, unlocked everything and decided to get the premium version but nothing carried over :/.Version: 1.3.11

Bueno¡!.Version: 1.2.37

Good but felt abandonedUnlike the PC version, this one still has lots of bugs.Version: 1.2.44

Good gameGood game with lots of replayability. You need to read though.Version: 1.2.35

Amazing game!Extremely fun and addictive. No annoying ads or microtransactions. Shooting the enemies feels extremely satisfying. Highly recommend it!.Version: 1.3.11

Keeps It InterestingI’ve played a couple of games similar to this. However, even with simple graphics, the gameplay is a lot more in depth than you’d expect. Each level you pass will have you second guessing your choice and have you trying to beat that hardness level. Well done guys. Keep it up.Version: 1.3.11

Not optimized at allUI is not optimized at all for the ipad. Also the main playfield exceeds the screen real estate so you can get lost on the edges of the map. Kind of unplayable. Edit: fixed the ipad resolution quickly. I can actually play the game and it’s fun. Edit 2: please consider adding controller support..Version: 1.2.30

Good gameYes good game.Version: 1.2.44

Just buy itAwesome. No regrets rogue-like fun.Version: 1.3.6

Definitely recommendGames really fun it’s straight forward and easy to understand with insane build verity and tons of characters.Version: 1.3.13

BestToo hard though.Version: 1.3.11

Partial ReviewI’m about 2 hours into this game and it may sound like a goofy game at first but this is one of the best bullet shooters I’ve played it’s deep it has multiple weapons and skins and the difficulty slowly rises up so you don’t get thrown into the deep end right away I’d say it was worth it to buy the game for sure however I gave it 4 stars because I haven’t played more of the game but so far it’s off to an amazing start.Version: 1.3.11

Best game I’ve ever playedI love this game so much, I literally have no problems with it, especially the fact that you don’t need internet which means, since I travel a lot, it’s the perfect game to play in the car or on a plane. I even play it in the bathroom at school. Only one suggestion, add pets (items category) that help you kill more aliens and some that could collect the xp to help u progress much more quickly, and pets should die after taking to much damage, and their health should be the same as yours. <:.Version: 1.2.44

AwesomeI’m mean nothing much to say it’s fun..Version: 1.3.9

Cool shooting game with lots of varietyHaving a blast with this game, it’s one of those that you can spend hours on or play in short intervals at a time, Certainly has that just one more go factor love the different sound effects and music Would be good if you could see Stats like total time played, best Run etc… Been playing this on an iPhone 13 Max Pro and have noticed that with the virtual joystick control, I often end up with the character under my finger or thumb. Any chance of decreasing the joystick movement or making it more sensitive as I find there is too much play when going to move your character say left or right I appreciate there is a setting to enable fixed joystick mode but that doesn’t seem to help… That said it doesn’t detract from a very solid game which totally deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.2.44

An amazing port of the PC game!Hey Devs, This is an amazing port of the PC game! While clearly influenced by Vampire Survivors, I love the game's dual mechanics of experience to level up stats and then materials to purchase new items (be it weapons or gadgets). On top of that, the game has such a clever character/class system. Your character determines your starting equipment, stats, and usually a few unique quirks (both helpful and harmful)..Version: 1.2.37

Good gameNice!!.Version: 1.3.13

Great gameShort sessions, meaningful progress through each run and between runs, plays smoothly, and lots of fun. Highly recommended..Version: 1.2.44

AwesomeMore than 200 hours ~.Version: 1.3.16

Very fun gameI love brotato.Version: 1.3.11

Beautiful, enjoyable gameI’ve absolutely adored this game since the launch on steam and since straying from PC gaming, I’ve been waiting for this to drop on IOS. Thank you devs, I plan on dropping at least a couple hundred hours on this..Version: 1.2.20

Is fun bro!Excellent, simple, fun, addictive…..Version: 1.3.9

Great Game but DIFFICULTYThis is a great import from PC. The move is smooth and combinations are fun. I think it’s absolutely worth its price. One thing I don’t understand is the difficulty. The wave 11 boss from difficulty 4 took me hours and still failed to pass. Maybe I’m not a good player, but other reviews are also saying this boss is abnormally strong. I will appreciate even developers could give me some suggestions about how to pass..Version: 1.2.44

5 Stars!It’s Brotato on mobile! I shouldn’t have to explain why you should buy it!.Version: 1.3.6

Amazing but one problemThis game is incredibly fun and I love everything about it but there is one very significant problem for some reason there’s 6 characters that aren’t on the mobile version even which I just don’t understand like why does the pc version have 6 more characters.Version: 1.3.11

Great game!Super fun. Lots of replay value..Version: 1.2.44

Fun but why so difficultIt’s fun but it seems to be very tough to beat.Version: 1.3.16

Mine problemsThe mines in the game need to be changed. They should only trigger when enemies run over them. Currently the user can run over them and they explode but it should not be that way..Version: 1.2.44

YesLove it.Version: 1.2.44

Good portVery well made takes a bit getting used to but imo just as good as the pc edition besides mods.Version: 1.3.11

Hello Brotato premiumI enjoy this game very much and I just got to pain level 1!but I have a spare idea,you do a multiplayer gamemode?thank you for your hard work building this From Tyler.Version: 1.3.6

Very solid portThe game at this point is only missing a handful of features from the PC version. Even with those missing features, this version is definitely worth your time and money if you want to play Brotato on the go or don’t own a computer to play the full release..Version: 1.3.10

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