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Brotato:Premium app received 26 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Brotato:Premium? Can you share your negative thoughts about brotato:premium?

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Broken Balance on MobileThe game plays a little different from the PC with tweaked speed settings etc. I don’t mind 99.9% of this at all and find it to be appropriate. However, there is one difference which I have to imagine is simply a game breaking bug where elites on difficulty 5 are essentially impossible to get past. They attack more frequently and with less delay between the hit box showing up and actually dealing their damage, and the attacks will one or two shot you, where you usually have about 4-8 hits with a typical build on the PC (as well as the ability to kill the elites - on the mobile port it seems they have at least double the health pool so racing their damage is also not feasible). This renders almost every single run on difficulty 5 a guaranteed defeat on the first elite you encounter, regardless of character or item quality. You can Google this known issue by searching for something like “Brotato Elites Difficulty Mobile Bug”. If they fix this one issue the app would deserve five stars, but I would say in its current state it’s not even worth purchasing as you will end up progressing very quickly to a point where difficulty 4 is not challenging and 5 is impossible. I hope anyone reading this chooses to wait until they release a bug fix for this before buying - I already put the money in for the premium version and consider it a waste of money until they do fix this..Version: 1.3.16

Tricked into buying the free VIP before this oneI wish I had known that instead of paying the same price for a pay to win brotato, I could’ve just bought this one. Very disappointed.Version: 1.3.11

Great game, mid portThere’s a number of bugs, which many have mentioned. The boss’s attack patterns are 1 second faster, making them near impossible to move out of the way. You can’t u lock the character when you hit below 20 speed. The screen also seems to cap out at a certain number of enemies, making pacifist runs way harder. Once you hit lvl 17-18 on pacifist, get ready for the enemies to move way faster than you and get swarmed to death because you can’t kill the enemies that speed up their allies. These issues don’t exist for the steam game. Hoping this changes for this port..Version: 1.2.37

不如端游参数感觉被调整了,武器和属性经常刷新四五次都刷不到想要的.Version: 1.2.37

Add more original content and optimizing neededBug fixes are fine. But this game is built for desktop, not mobile. Base pickup rate for the game needs to be higher and there should be some invulnerability frames to accommodate less than ideal control schemes of mobile gaming. Also, mobile specific content would be nice to differentiate the main game and the mobile version. Maybe borrow some features from the main game’s modding community..Version: 1.2.37

Too hard, harder than freeI played the free version, was up to the mage, then a friend suggested the premium. I highly regret it. It’s been 20 losses with the very first character on the easiest setting. The easiest setting shouldn’t take 20 or more tries to complete, especially since I beat it before in the free version, the first time through. This paid version is way harder than the free version and it honestly is too hard and unrewarding. I’ve gotten nothing for my 20 attempts. Not a single thing. At least in the free version you get stuff when you die. I play difficult games. I like them. But this isn’t one of them. This is simply a terribly balanced one stick shooter. At what point am I to be rewarded for my efforts? At what point are you going to lower the difficulty on the easiest setting? How am I supposed to unlock stuff when level 11 is unbeatable and even if I beat it the boss is unkillable but that’s not the hard part. The hard part is getting hit by random things when your screen is full of enemies. That’s fine, btw. But not on the easiest setting. The easiest setting- 0 - should allow players to easily progress and unlock various things so that they can play the harder difficulty levels. We are unable to do that here. Here, level 0 means nothing, as you continually try to beat it you get nothing for the losses..Version: 1.3.16

Frustratingly Bugged Brotato ExperienceI recently downloaded the "Brotato" iOS game, lured in by its captivating graphics and intriguing concept. However, as someone who appreciates a smooth gaming experience, I was utterly disappointed. The game boasts a unique character called "Demon" which, I admit, initially caught my interest. Unfortunately, this feature became the source of my ire. While navigating my character through the treacherous world, I noticed an inexplicable loss of HP even without any collisions with monsters. This bug led to several untimely and frustrating deaths, diminishing the overall gameplay experience. I tried to give the game a fair chance, hoping that the developers would rectify this glaring issue, but alas, it persisted. The constant setbacks caused by the HP bug significantly detracted from the game's potential, leaving me feeling aggravated and unsatisfied. In its current state, I cannot recommend "Brotato" to my fellow mobile gaming enthusiasts. The HP bug is a glaring oversight that needs to be addressed immediately, as it severely impacts the enjoyment of what could have been an incredible game. Until this issue is resolved, I can only provide a one-star rating..Version: 1.2.44

Difficult!!!Worth the purchase but it’s beyond difficult. I’ve tried every character and boosted traits that focus on their ability. I’m unable to get past wave 11. Having read some tips and tricks online it appears that the tips and tricks focus towards steam version. Granted I’m not a hard core gamer, I don’t mind a challenge but this game is beyond ridiculous. Not worth purchasing unless they are able to tone down difficulty ..Version: 1.2.44

Bug with demonCurrent patch has a serious bug with demon that occasionally the gained life gone buggy and you lost all of them after game. Leads to a immediate lost game which is very annoying when you chase endless mode. Hope developers can tackle this issue in next release..Version: 1.3.16

Flawed endless scalingThe game is well thought out and fun, but the Endless mode scaling is entirely broken to the point of worthless. The game used to be fun when it was possible to go to wave 500+, but now once you hit wave 30 the materials dropped and XP gained scale down exponentially while the enemy's damage and health scales up exponentially to the point where it's now harder to get to level 40 than it used to be to get the level 400..Version: 1.3.13

Avoid it for now.I can see the potential. As it stands the game is not balanced for anything but annoyance. It has what seem like a ton of trash characters and items, no way to limit what choices are offered, huge difficulty spikes, and seems to work against whatever build you're trying out by offering a bunch of stuff that will be counterproductive..Version: 1.3.2

Fun, but very problematicIt’s a really fun survival shooter but it’s got some pretty big problems. First, weapon and item selection is utterly broken; it’s seemingly 100% random, which means you can go 10 levels or more without even being offered a weapon upgrade, and when one finally comes up on reroll it’s a tier 1 (and it’s level 18, it’s a crossbow, and you’re playing a Gladiator). It’ll do stuff like offer you the “lumberjack”’perk every level, even after you have it (it doesn’t stack). The little guy who drops a crate? He does it maybe 50% of the time (regardless of your luck stat) but always on desktop. It’s incomplete: there’s a bunch of stuff that didn’t make it in for whatever reason. It’s a lot of fun but devs should prioritize getting as close to 1:1 with the desktop experience to have a true 5-star game..Version: 1.2.44

Passable but frustrating portMissing several characters, play options, and difficulty/accessibility options when compared to PC version. Still somewhat fun, but exceptionally frustrating due to what feels like poor RNG settings. I've hit streaks where the game stops offering weapons entirely after a few waves, leaving you to fend with underleveled equipment. I wasn't even aware of rarities beyond purple until looking up some strategy online. In short, bring the functionality up to what you offer on PC, fix your RNG so it offers a fighting chance, or do both. This game isn't worth paying for until then.Version: 1.3.2

Not as polished as the Steam version yetThis version is artificially harder than the Steam version mostly due to bosses. Their attack indicators appear WAY later than in the Steam version, to the point there is <200ms to react and dodge any attack..Version: 1.2.44

Great game. Mobile version has some flaws.So Brotato is awesome. I actually bought the steam version after playing this one, and that’s when I realized how busted this port is. The game is so much harder on mobile. Touch controls are going to be inherently more difficult for a game like this, but there are game mechanics that are for some reason tuned to be less forgiving in this version. The Butcher is basically a run ender because his attacks are so fast that the only way to dodge them is pure luck. Healing items don’t leash to the player when you walk by like they do on PC. The shop tagging system feels like it isn’t quite working, but admittedly that may be RNG for me. Anyway I know that they are aware of these issues, and if they fix them I’ll fix my rating. Until then I’ll be playing on steamdeck..Version: 1.2.44

A disappointing port of an amazing gameWhen you port a game from keyboard and mouse to phone you tend to tune down the difficulty. While most enemies appear identical and the player as powerful as the steam release (iPhone version is several patches behind but I digress) the bosses behave dramatically differently in this release Let’s look at the butcher in particular. The first phase is almost impassible, the visual indicators for damage are almost a full second shorter than the steam release based on my timings. This leads to the only viable solution is going so fast that you pass the danger which isn’t realistic, stand completely still, or guess the direction. I have a maxed save on steam but I have doubts I’ll ever pass difficulty 4 with the current version. I look forward to launching this in 6 months and having everything be better. The devs tend to take their time but their quality is unquestioned.Version: 1.2.35

Not the same as Steam VersionLoved the steam version of this game but this version seems much harder for some reason? Please bring the current Steam features to the game. The difficulty goes from extremely easy pre round 10 but ramps up way more than it should way faster than you can adapt/build. A lot of characters are just not viable to play even in difficulty 0 for this reason. Bought on Steam and bought on iOS. Please fix the game for your loyal supporters..Version: 1.2.44

Good but confusing with a similar P2W appGreat game and a good port of the Steam version, the controls are a bit janky and there’s no manual aim but you can look past that. There’s a “free to play” Brotato app though which is okay to win and 4.99 for a VIP bundle but they mention nowhere that this app is the full game for the same price. Seems deceptive and I don’t like how shady it is.Version: 1.3.9

Can be fun but still brokenThe latest patch appears to have broken the bosses and mini bosses again. Their attacks give zero time to dodge and kill you in seconds. This was something they had previously fixed, but the game is essentially unplayable again. The overall difficulty has still not been addressed either, it’s so much harder than the PC version. I feel like I’m playing a beta test, not a game ready for release..Version: 1.3.6

This is the best game ever made, and it better be updated consistentlyAnd now he updated more often but also maybe make it there a mini boss around 11 that isn’t difficult but isn’t hard either maybe like an easy boss to warm you up for boss that’s on wave 20 and it’s the best game I’ve ever played because of how fun action packed game it is and how it’s a survival game and since I play so many survival games and I’ve gotten pretty good good really good at playing survival games because of how many hours are they on survival games so if you could make it easier to be the second difficulty but not so easy that anyone could beat it and maybe is for all the other ones too so it’s not like you have to spend thousands of hours in the game.Version: 1.3.13

Ayo nvmYo the butcher way too easy the attack pattern actually so bad rearrange it so its harder or something bro.Version: 1.3.15

Lots of bugsLove this game on PC, but there’s some game breaking bugs on mobil, some characters are unwinnable, and certain mini bosses you can’t beat at all, also there’s a bug where you can die and take damage at the beginning of the wave. It’s a shame cause this game is awesome on PC, but I heard the devs don’t have patching the mobile version as a priority if it ever happens at all. Cant recommend this mobile port unfortunately, especially for $5..Version: 1.2.44

Get the free versionGame is amazing. I know that because I downloaded the free version first. When I saw the premium I was very excited to unlock new or exclusive content. I was wrong. It, in fact, has less content than the free version. Free version does not force ads ever. What it has is adventure/survival mode. To gain higher levels you can CHOOSE to watch ads or just progress through daily/weekly missions for different types of currency. I thought in paid version there would be some other way to gain levels that didn’t involve ads, or maybe not as many, or different currency gain since you shelled out $5 from the beginning. Or maybe different characters, idk… ANYTHING. That isn’t even an option. You just don’t get access to anything other than standard play. So I just threw away my money for a stripped down version that is not is not even compatible with the other. All the hours of progress spent do not carry over. I have no incentive to even play this version. What a bummer. Support team basically just said it’s an ad free version, but there were never forced ads anyway. I could have gotten the free version, chosen to never watch ads and still had more content. I am so confused and disappointed. Either charge for the whole game from the beginning or remove this version from the shop. I feel like I’ve been tricked..Version: 1.3.16

Unfair and UnrewardingThis game was enjoyable at first, but is very punishing without much of a reward system in place for good runs. You can lose a good run in seconds, and the new difficulty levels are impossible. I’ve played probably over 100 runs and have won twice, total. Maybe I’m just bad at games but I did not enjoy my time with this game, and would not advise somebody else to get it unless they like a punishing, repetitive, and unrewarding experience rooted in a solid core gameplay loop..Version: 1.2.44

Awesome game, unintentionally difficult portBrotato is a great game, you can read other reviews for that. But this mobile port has some very large and gamebreaking bugs that make it far far more difficult than the PC version. Some of the highest impact bugs: -The Butcher elite on wave 11 attacks much faster than the PC version and as a result is extremely difficult to beat -Certain enemies that speed up on wave 16 can speed themselves up over and over making it impossible to run away from them -Some items don’t work correctly or at all. The Snake item doesn’t spread burning, Knockback does not seem to be applied properly (or at all), Bandana doesn’t work on weapons with zero pierce to start, and burning damage does not stack or increase with elemental damage properly. All of these bugs make several characters very difficult to the point of being almost unwinnable. Combined with the poor mobile joystick design (please let us adjust the size!), these bugs make the game a much worse experience than the PC version overall..Version: 1.3.9

Way to hardIt’s so much harder than the steam version 😳.Version: 1.3.2

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