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Robinhood Wallet App User Positive Comments 2023

Robinhood Wallet app received 28 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about robinhood wallet?

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Robinhood Wallet for Positive User Reviews

Fantastic app visuals are stunning. Need a few more updates being new.I love everything about this app! The only suggestions I have is some better explanations and guidance within the app if you are not used to a crypto wallet, it is kind of scary at first. Also some guidance on how to put your NFTs in the wallet. There is a manage button, but it is blank. Besides, this issues, this app is fantastic one of it’s not the best crypto wallet out there! I trust Robin Hood unconditionally and their brokerage platform is phenomenal. This is a fantastic complement to the main brokerage app and offers a solution to keep your crypto safe and secure. Well done!.Version: 2023.4.2

So far so goodAuthenticator piece is a little annoying but seems to work.Version: 2023.8.2

Amazing appSuper easy to use and swap crypto. Love the colors and the playfulness!.Version: 2023.3.1

Robinhood changed the financial systemRobinhood undoubtedly changed the financial system as the bias negative controversy on towards Robinhood, People are ignorant to the facts, because the invention of Robinhood opened up the stock market to anyone who is willing to invest and creat generational wealth it’s not a gambling casino or made too resemble but just makes things learnable,provides educational tools, is not overwhelming, and most importantly it’s accessible for anyone with a bank account, Email address, and smart all are in one and common to all of us. phone Both teaching financial literacy and making it possible to invest as little as one $1 in any stock no matter the price. Before Robinhood is in my opinion I don’t that the people who discovered investing and learned something about the economy, teach others how to invest with 100% control of their own assets despite their account value. Building even Iras along with a brokerage account and has great support, for customers 24/7 in my experience..Version: 2023.10.0

Great but missing a crucial chat featureVery good UI, it reminds me of the old chat feature. If you could consider adding that back in any capacity, we would love it..Version: 2023.8.3

Great AppI love this app easy to send and receive crypto on polygon or ethereum networks easy to use and easily we can transfer tokens from robinhood as well..Version: 2023.11.0

User friendlyEasy to navigate. Intuitive. Links to all my existing Robinhood assets. No fees. Consider me a fan..Version: 2023.8.3

Awesome app!This app UI is clean and easy to navigate.Version: 2023.3.1

SuperbI’m actually a little surprised at how well they did on this app. But they got it right. Fast easy to use, intuitive and lots of tokens are 0% fees. My advice would be to open it up for all tokens, all networks and add staking capabilities.Version: 2023.9.0

AwesomeUI/UX is perfect, please add the ability to manage multiple wallets in the app 😎.Version: 2023.8.1

Easy to use, transfer from RH app but…I was worried at first because I have crypto on the RH app, but once I created a new RH Wallet account it allowed me to transfer directly from the RH app to RH wallet (and I got 5 USDC for first deposit). It’s smooth so far, like has a smooth feeling user interface. When you touch/drag your finger on the screen the screen changes color where you’re touching…it was a subtle and nice aesthetic touch. I’m sure they will build out more features, but I would like to be able to buy/trade more variety. A lot are not swappable via RH wallet, but I think you can still receive. It will be fun to watch and grow with this app and community!!.Version: 2023.8.1

ThanksI love wallet app✅.Version: 2023.4.2

Love the user experience!Robinhood Wallet is probably the easiest-to-use self custody wallet in the market. The visuals are incredible, their offering is compelling, and the low to no cost transactions are a cherry on top. This is the new benchmark for crypto!.Version: 2023.3.1

WowWow.Version: 2023.8.3

Fast, secure and easy to useThis Robinhood wallet is super easy to use. Great job team!.Version: 2023.8.3

Beautiful appA beautiful app. It’s functionality is growing but they’re really thinking about the w patience in a user-centric way. So easy, intuitive, and pretty to look at..Version: 2023.3.1

Best NC Wallet everSuch a great user experience!.Version: 2023.3.1

Easy to useLove the quick & easy Swaps between tokens..Version: 2023.4.3

Lolol Crypto is awesome *dies*I Came for the free USDC…. That is all. Your dismissed..Version: 2023.9.0

HiHow is everyone doing.Version: 2023.3.1

SimpleThe lay out is simple I like it. I love the fact I can hold my dogelon mars and eth together $ELON #dogelonmars.Version: 2023.4.3

Great,but it could be awesome/Splendid.I’m a new robinhood user,I wanted to try their first app, but is not possible for outside Us costumer, when I saw this new app I jumped with excitement. This is Their new non custodial crypto wallet ,not first on this market but it’s a first good step, Crypto is not only is the future/crypto is the now ! the new generations will be using more of this convenient way of actually owning their assets whether is with a app thru a defi platform, cause I think in few years will become more popular borrowers and banks will be able to see you payment history and make more larger transactions like buying a vehicle or even a house,the mortgage will all done thru the app, is win win, you could also make a peer to peer money borrowing,all transparent and more importantly convenient. This where you actually own, Your own assets not the bank or institutions YOU, that is freedom.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Suggesting to this fine app: Maybe make a options to invest APY bundles Like multiple assets of a crypto or stock (I don’t think you can buy stock with crypto but it would sickkk)with automatic monthly payments or whenever your feel like it, it will draw more costumer that are new to crypto world. You know adds more coins, that have little or no gas fees Like BHC (a cheaper version of bitcoins or cardano XRP)and so on. Anyways congrats on the app guys is great..Version: 2023.4.3

BitcoinUpdate it so it can support Bitcoin very butthurt that I cannot but bitcoin in my Robinhood wallet 🥲🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.Version: 2023.10.0

Very nice !Very pleasing to the eye makes me want to put all my money in it as soon as I get some ..Version: 2023.9.0

Add BitcoinGlad to see they made a wallet.Version: 2023.10.0

Nice app!I am an old user of Robinhood and to have a new app like this is awesome. I do buy crypto and sell it as it fluctuates, but the price reduction to sell it and the price increase when you buy it, it's kinda like the network fee. In other words, this is like Robinhood stock market app but for crypto only. The good thing about Robinhood is that there's no fees to sell it or buy it. While in the other hand other companies charge you huge amount of money every time. NICELY DONE ROBINHOOD!!.Version: 2023.5.0

So impressed!!Wow. Probably the best app on the market to store my crypto! I love it!!.Version: 2023.3.1

BrilliantVery good wallet app. Probably the best one there is that I have used. Coinbase is a bit sluggish and so is Metamask. Very futuristic looking as well. Nice work robinhood team. I’d love to work for your company one day..Version: 2023.10.0

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