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Duet Cats : Cat Cute Games Negative Reviews

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Duet Cats : Cat Cute Games App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Duet Cats : Cat Cute Games app received 18 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Duet Cats : Cat Cute Games? Can you share your negative thoughts about duet cats : cat cute games?

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Duet Cats : Cat Cute Games for Negative User Reviews

Fun but boringI had this game for aroundd 4 months I think? It was very fun in the beginning I finished almost all the cat remixes and stuff, I then started getting more money and buying more decorations in the home area, getting more cats ect.. I then just started to finish all the songs and then realized that I have nothing else to play but the same songs and remind you these songs take like 1 or 2 minutes to finish, 3 if you’re lucky. I just got bored of it later on because they didn’t add more songs or anything. I think it would be nice to get a daily update with songs every month or week if you’re really constant with your game and how the progress of it is coming along, maybe you can even add a co-op duel with other people! Who knows how much they can accomplish with this game, I think its overall okay and could be a bit better with its updates.Version: 1.3.40

Do NOT pay for no adsIt’s kinda dumb that when I pay for know ads I still have to use ads to unlock songs and certain cats….. for $5 I feel like at least making it so I can purchase it all with coins instead of NEEDING to watch an ad makes more sense if I paid for the no ads… The songs should be unlocked based on your stars. That makes sense if you have purchased no ads at least. I paid $5 so that I don’t get an ad in-between a song attempt. I’m all for giving money to play the game but I expect not to see more ads if I do pay..Version: 1.1.22

Trash“If deleted data won’t be saved” are you kidding? What if someone needs to change phones, or move around space to fit other games?! The fact that there isn’t a way to save and you could’ve deleted it none the wiser… That there isn’t even an option for cloud when you could’ve spent HOURS playing. So it’s all moot, huh? And only a dozen songs after 6 months, wow, I feel supported when I play this game. This game was made nothing more than to be a meme. Move along..Version: 1.1.19

I paid to remove the Ads but they keep appearing every timeI like the game so I paid to have no ads. But the ads keep showing… What happened?.Version: 1.3.55

So cuteThank you very much for the cute game I really enjoy the songs on their and the animations are wonderful but I have two problems with the game. First is that I get really annoyed when you have to watch adds to play most of the songs. Second of all, I’m not sure if this is a bug or not but every time I die and I don’t press watch an ad to continue it makes me watch an ad but I don’t get to play it! What cheek! It’s really annoying for me to keep watching soo many ads that it just makes the game rubbish. Please look into this and maybe if you make it better I will give u a 5 star rating with a full explanation of why. Although this game is really cute! Thank you Lila.Version: 1.1.22

✨♥️Great Game!♥️✨just too many adds…😭🎞️I love this game! It’s so addictive and fun and the cats r adorbs! 1 thing is the adds. To buy new cats nearly half are watching adds to get them. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU HATE ADDS! Also to continue a round if you’ve failed you have to watch an ADD. This is so disappointing cos I would defo recommend this game to anyone! It has been ruined by the adds. Yes… before the developer says ‘just buy the no adds pack’ some people may not be allowed to ‘waste’ money on a game and some may not like the concept of spending REAL MONEY on any game..Version: 1.1.19

Good but WAY TO MANY ADSThis is a great game and it’s cute and all, but after every song there is an advert. I know ads make the game free, but please put less of them! I have an idea… maybe there could be a really cool cats that has a rainbow trail when you move it and it could be for 20p. Many people will buy it and then that would give you money to keep the game free with no ads. Then it’s fair and enjoyable! Keep the prices cheap at 20p if you are going to do special cats. Maybe there can be a special background like waterfalls or snow or something. Please consider these ideas to make the game succeed..Version: 1.2.38

Better, but all the good songs are ads.I sent a review before, and it has improved a bit. But whenever I want to do one of my favourite songs, ( cheap thrills ) I have to watch an ad first. Could you make them for coins too? Because you can run out of things to spend on them too. Ty! <3.Version: 1.2.151

Way too many adsTerrible game for kids with soo many ads.Version: 1.3.40

Glitch is killing meMeows are glitched, when ad done its game over,I mean, people who didn’t buy this game,DONT.its bad, and when u think its cute, its game over guys. GAME OVER! 0/100.Version: 1.2.151

Slow loadingIt won’t load. The reason why I gave it three is because when it does Load it’s still really fun!.Version: 1.1.22

I hate the musicI hate the music.Version: 1.2.121

When is it coming!…The game is fun and all, but they’ve been saying that new cats and new rooms would be coming soon since the beginning of August! It’s December! When is it coming?! Coming soon means it’ll take around a month…two at most. If you’re not gonna put new things up soon, then don’t say they’ll be coming soon! I check every day and there still aren’t any updates! Signed, AngryPlayer09.Version: 1.3.3

DisappointedI paid for the app without ads and it’s nothing but ads!😡.Version: 1.3.40

Do you like Ads with your Ads?Cute game with fun music and gameplay that is borderline unplayable due to the unskippable video ads that play between Every. Single. Play. If you complete the song, that means a 45 second ad every 1-2 minutes, which is bad enough. But if you fail a new song (as kids tend to do) you’ll get the same 45s ad for your 10s of game time before you can try again. And apparently purchasing the ad block for 2.99 only applies to pop up banners, not videos, which is absurd - I wouldn’t know since the option is so well hidden. That’s before you get into the ads to unlock everything in the game. In short: you should only download this if you like spending more time watching ads than playing the game. Such a shame..Version: 1.1.14

Deut. Cats 🐱See this game is okay the thing is it has adds and can I say that most game have adds don’t get me wrong but it is very annoying because you want to play you game and it goes on an add.😡the game its self is not bad but I think there may be some better games in my opinion but I still love to play so you should get it if you like music and cats. Who ever the game created is I think you did an amazing job it’s just not my style.Version: 1.1.22

Still showing ads after in-app purchaseWhy am I still getting ads after having made the in-app purchase to disable them?.Version: 1.2.151

:/Sorry if I’m rude but I hate cats so I don’t play I don’t play it H Ha Hap Happ Happy X Xm Xma Xmas.Version: 1.3.40

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