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Most devs would finish an app before releasing it.Even with filters it feels like sifting through a landfill. Fix overbearing tags/ tag spam. Fix duplicate posts so you don’t scroll for 5 minutes and see the same three listings over and over..Version: 6.5.1

Can’t cancel paymentsAccendently purchased something and I couldn’t cancel it immediately right after..Version: 5.23.1

App Sucks Right NowThis app totally sucks right now. They’ve made a change so now you’re only allowed to charge a flat rate for shipping, or offer free shipping. If you want to enter the package details and have eBay calculate the shipping, you must use the desktop computer - since all the photos are on my phone, I have to start the listing on my phone, then login on my computer to actually list the item. Very poor!.Version: 6.10.0

Terrible sneaker authenticationI’ve been using eBay for over 10 years and the app used to be great but this last order is the worst I’ve ever had on eBay. I bought a pair of shoes from a seller that was supposed to ship them to an authenticator. The seller printed the label but never sent the shoes. I’ve been waiting 11 days for the seller to ship them and have tried to file a claim with eBay but they said I cannot file a claim until the expected delivery date which is 3 weeks after the date I ordered! The seller has a bunch of feedback saying they never shipped the shoes people purchased to be authenticated now. He clearly is trying to scam people but eBay support is too stupid and pathetic to realize that and step in. They are letting a scammer continue to use their platform and the shoes I bought are going to cost me over $100 more than I paid when I finally get my refund because they went up in price. StockX and GOAT only give sellers 2 days to ship. eBay gives them 3 weeks. That just shows how clueless eBay is and how flawed their system is. They need to change the amount of time a seller has to ship or else there is absolutely no reason to use eBay to buy sneakers and I would highly advise against using eBay to buy sneakers unless you want your money held up for weeks by stupid scammers and equally stupid eBay customer support workers..Version: 6.9.6

Price range bait and switchFirst of all it’s messed up that you can’t contact eBay customer support via email and are only provided a phone number. My complaint is about how sellers have side skirted the lowest price plus shipping filter. It used to be that you could press lowest price plus shipping, and the results would be the items with the lowest prices. Now when you click lowest price plus shipping, it shows you an item with a really low price, say $.74, but when you click the item and go to its page it has a price range of $.74 to say $15. You are usually provided a few options to enter for the product and when you put in the information relevant to the item you are searching for, 9 times out of 10 the price becomes $15 instead of $.74 with the $.74 item being a worthless accessory or something not even wanted. This is annoying to no end and completely makes useless the lowest price plus shipping filter. This along with having to scroll through miles of pages of the same stock photo from the same seller of a product where each page has a price difference of a penny or a different color option or something. Individual sellers flooding the search results with jillions of pages their own stuff so nobody else’s product gets seen through the crowded mess. If nobody at ebay is fixing this, that means you must be complicit. Boooo!.Version: 5.29.1

EBays seller feesEBays seller fees are way to high, by the time eBay and PayPal take their share which combined even on postage costs you lose out on almost 25% of final selling price. I really can’t understand why they have to charge such high commission when it’s the sellers and buyers that do all the work. And now I have had to fork out over £200 on a newer second hand iphone with iOS 11+ so I can continue using the eBay app on the go, eBay you really are a disgrace, you charge way to high fees and what's with the automatic charging on return postage these days at your cost rather than actual cost. I feel I must use eBay to sell my current items but after I have finished selling up, I will not line your greedy pockets anymore, also see you don't seam to be doing £1 final fee listings these days and have resorted to £3 final fee so long as sellers full fill all your hidden small print conditions, found out the hard way with what should have been around £60 in final fees turned into almost £600 in fees plus around the same to paypal, daylight robbery. I Could have opened a pop up shop for a few months instead and still been better off..Version: 5.17.0

Bad seller and also worst policy and customer response system by ebayZero star Seller telling to wait more a month and the product order 5 months ago and still waiting. Now ending up by seller said he cant refund because of long time and pay pall policy.Version: 6.10.0

Getting better and betterApp is getting better and better Can you please add apple pay support.Version: 5.20.0

Automatically redirects from the web browserThe app itself is okay from what I got to try out. I made a purchase with it and everything worked great, and I like having the option to get notifications directly on my phone without having to keep checking the website all the time. However, I ended up deleting the app soon afterwards because I also like to access the website from my phone's browser where I can use all the features of desktop mode. Well, I was browsing on the website and it was working fine, but then when I tried to open a certain page, I was automatically redirected to the app. I don't remember now what it was I clicked on, possibly to see a seller's other items, but in any case, it had nothing whatsoever to do with the app. I went back to the browser, tried again, and was redirected again. The website refused to let me open the page in the browser until I finally removed the app altogether. I suppose it's possible there's an option somewhere to stop it redirecting, but I didn't feel like wasting my time searching. When I'm using the website, it's because I want to use the website. When I want to use the app, I will open it myself. There are pros and cons to both, and I'm not interested in having an app that decides for me when I want to switch..Version: 5.35.0

Bad update- now I cannot see when my fixed listings expire - the above was done on purpose in tandem with the hidden and automatic “good till cancelled” item re-listing, meaning that when re-listing from app previously expired fixed item with 30-day duration, the app will re-list same item/auction at a “good till cancelled” duration instead without giving the option to opt for 30-days and changing it without asking from the previous 30-day duration to “good till cancelled.” Then the app lists your fixed items without showing you when they expire; it’s a downgrade for the sellers, not an update; eBay sellers get another hidden boot - what’s with the unanswered message alerts throughout? So if scammers send you all sorts of crappy messages (that eBay advises to ignore), the ignored and unanswered messages will always be annoyingly displayed and reminded? In the previous old versions 5-6 years ago I could mark as message answered to get rid of the reminder but no longer; every year it’s getting worse and worse. Before I would go to the desktop version but now even that UI is changed excluding lots of helpful options ... - now it takes forever to scroll down through my active for sale items thanks to bigger pics, as if I as a seller need to see better my own pics.Version: 5.26.0

PayPal link not working!!Unable to use the PayPal link on several options😡.Version: 5.16.1

Can be great3 stars maybe even 2 rather then 5.... why? The eBay international global shipping program doesn't make much sense to me. I purchased something a few weeks ago, the seller was a 16 hour drive from me, yet global shipping sent it on a trip that was half way round the world from me, and took two weeks to show up. eBay needs or should have east and west central shipping depots with their international global shipping program, because I won't use it again because of this experience..Version: 5.14.0

No new items in saved searchesSince the last update, I’m getting no results for all my saved searches. There are no blue dots indicating there are “new items” and on viewing the results of a saved search, which sorts by newly listed, the results are all almost a week old. If I manually search for the keyword newer results display, however it seems the postcode based search is what’s breaking search results. Normally each saved search normally gets new items every hour and now all my searches get no results, so it’s not simply that there aren’t any searches to display. But it means all my searches in my area are useless. I’ve tried resaving my saved searches and reinstalling the app but with no success. Right now there’s no way to look for local results..Version: 5.33.0

Global shipping is a scamI have been an eBay seller and buyer for over 10 years and eBay now is ripping people off with their global shipping program. They charge duties on things that don’t need duties charged and as well they charge duties in American dollar which which adds an additional 30-40% cost to the actual amount you should be paying at the door. I realize there is a cost of doing business but this is ridiculous. There’s one more item that I am looking for and then after that my decade with eBay will be over. I recommend All Canadians should boycott eBay..Version: 6.4.0

3/10Unless you tend on only buying items on eBay, don’t bother selling. You can only list up to 5 items a month, or earn $465 a MONTH. Which is less than what rent costs in a one room apartment. So if you have something to sell on eBay and it’s worth more than $500, don’t bother. You’ll have to request for higher selling limits and that requires you to have an actual business outside of eBay. Address included. Which is stupid and pathetic. These limits are horrible and outrageous. I sold two things on that app before i got an email saying my account was suspended INDEFINITELY for no reason. A few years ago, I didn’t like eBay because I couldn’t sell much and the algorithm was messed up. But now, it’s even worse. You can get your account taken as a seller if one buyer reports you just because they don’t like you. And the selling limits are so pathetic and limited, you have no room to breathe. They advertise it as user friendly but then put so many obstacles for you to jump over in the process and expect you to do so. The selling limits need to change. And the limiting of posts? There’s no point to do that. Especially around Christmas when people are buying your items. If you’ve got more to sell, don’t bother with eBay..Version: 5.27.0

Has a massive bugI recently made a account and it asked for my address and mobile number. I filled it in (all correctly) and the java script thing comes up where you have to wait for it to refresh. I noticed that it said something about confirming the information once it refreshes. I do it again and the same java script prompt came up. It refreshed and it wanted me to do my information again. I fill it out again and the same java script thing happens. I do it again and again hoping that the app would fix itself, it never did. A similar one happened on safari version, you would put in what country you where from and the java script would happen again, another loop. This problem I have described at the start happens on the chrome version and app version. I always use eBay so please let me use it again and fix this issue.Version: 6.2.0

Not that greatNot sure so much about the app itself, I guess it will need time Ebay’s ranking system seems to be very poor, does not work for the small seller that try’s to obey the rules It’s pretty bad when buy swap and sell seems to work far better I’d like to be loyal to the Ebay brand But it does make you wonder If your a scammer they seem to be protected buy the the establishment The staff may appear to be helpful but truth known, there protecting there jobs There running on a different computer ai system and for what I’ve seen, it’s not good One other thing be very careful buying things for so called Freinds etc, the feds and police and customs will be involved This is also very unprofessional that we can put in any user name and buy something and hence make a costly mistake Also remember say I opened up and account in 2008 well I’ve been a member for 10 years ha Say I wanted records for the ten years I’ve been a member Ok got told we only go back 3 years Ok now come on we pay tax medical police etc and they go back decades So tell me this, how is it that Ebay seem to be exempted Well you answer it for yourself cause I at present still haven’t got an answer back Maybe the government etc should look into Ebay and there subsidies closer They may not like what they might find.Version: 5.16.1

BuyingLots of item doesn’t appear on the search even though the seller has them listed. One example is gender gxps 500 several sellers have listed it but as a buyer you search it doesn’t appear..Version: 5.29.1

Won’t use it any moreI’m simply fed up with the poor processes of eBay, though I’ve been registered for many years! Firstly, the images sellers advertise are not always the same as the product, I.e., it’s an inferior item, usually cheap knock-offs from China. That’s ok, just don’t use misleading photos. I hardly ever return anything, but whenever I have needed to the returns system freezes up or crashes whenever the return shipping label is requested. I’ve been all around the houses with them over and over trying to get past it but you just get the same old runaround every time - even though the system says it's their fault. My last gripe is that you must be wary not to order items from China that are delivered outside the 60 day refund timeframe, because if you don’t get the item or it’s faulty you’ve blown any chance of ever getting a refund. I’ve had lots of smooth purchases but I’ve not always been impressed with the quality and if you can’t return items easily, especially in these Covid times, it’s lost it's appeal. Thanks but no thanks!.Version: 6.7.0

Pick up. ChinaI’ve won an item and the misleading add led me to believe they would mail to my address and finally with no reply to emails it says very obscurely pick up China and to pay anyway or eBay will flog and shame me. Poo Head..Version: 5.27.0

Awful updateThis update is horrific. The developers obviously do not try to sell things via the app to test it. You can’t see what the buyer paid for shipping. You have to click through a million extra settings that are unnecessary. It prompts every time you list an item to see if you want automatic lowered pricing and never stops. You can’t delete a shipping method and let the other replace it. You have to delete the second one and then replace the first one with the second method. It automatically adds the “or best offer” option unless you manually shut it off each time you list. It automatically adds sentences to the description which is potentially misleading if you offer more than one shipping method. The sold tab design is focused around “leaving feedback” for the buyer, which might be the reason they overlooked the glitch that shows “you pay” shipping instead of what the buyer actually paid. There are also huge white gap spaces that take up half of the design. My favorite part: When you got to upload photos, it takes you to the oldest photos at the top of your camera roll FRIST! You have scroll through every photo to get to the one you just took of your item!! Makes sense!! The older version wasn’t perfect, but it was much more speedy and practical..Version: 5.33.0

Not a trustworthy place to sell!!Had an absolute nightmare of an experience with eBay and after being loyal for many years I will no longer choose to Dell & make sure to spread this story!! I was trying to rid a few items amongst which a designer dress. Value was £100 and sold it for just £6!! It was in mint condition and had it steamed and everything before sending. The buyer claimed it was damaged which it was clearly not. Rather than accept to see the photo of how it was sent back to me in comparison to the one I took before for the listing eBay decided to refund the amount which is not what I am upset about. Not only was this an amazing deal, I am now left with a dress damaged by the buyer who clearly put it in a normal wash (can smell it was washed from miles away) causing lots of holes since this item needs a delicate wash, I also had to pay postage to send the item to her, waste my time dealing with the brat and now have been charged return postage. Honestly stay away from eBay as they have no respect for their loyal customers and do not have any buyer protection whatsoever..Version: 5.27.0

Good .. until you have an issue with a Buyer.When selling goods on eBay one is always at the mercy of the Buyer and with no facility to leave anything other than positive feedback they can behave exactly as they like without fear of any penalty whatsoever - the classic one is that they win the auction and then fail to make payment. With no facility to check a Buyer’s positive/negative feedback ratio, a seller never knows if they are dealing with a time-waster. If a dispute is opened, eBay will always side with the buyer (irrespective of fault) so it can cost a seller money too. The following is a good example - I posted an item out to a buyer who failed to collect from the sorting office and resultantly, two weeks later, I received the item back. I contacted the buyer who refused to pay for a re-post and opened a dispute with eBay. eBay settled in his favour - refunding the cost of the item including the £5.99 postage which I had paid. eBay explained that there was no facility not to reimburse fully as the goods had not been received. The issue of fault appeared irrelevant..Version: 6.11.0

My review on SellersI have been an eBay member since 2001. That’s a total of 18 years. I think in the last three years the credibility of the eBay sellers has disintegrated. They lack credibility, integrity. My first 10 years maybe longer no matter what I purchased it was always exactly what they stated I warily ever had to return anything. I think maybe I returned two things in 10 to 15 years. Now it is just awful. The quality is bad it’s not as it described and what I find is that eBay doesn’t support the buyer when it comes to certain items. I don’t mind purchasing something if returns are not excepted, but when there is dishonesty and I purchased the item based on their truthfulness and I discovered that there is dishonesty involved regarding the product and I open a complaint and eBay supported the seller. The particular item I am talking about was a Kiehl moisturizer I purchased on eBay. I discovered The item was expired. I did my homework before I opened up the complaint. I personally met with the Kiehl representative To educate myself on skin care and expiration dates before I even opened up a complaint. I doubt that you’re bored who makes these decisions Didn’t do the research I did. So my lack of trust with eBay supporting me as a buyer has disintegrated considerably just like the sellers you allow.Version: 5.36.0

ChangesGet rid of the watch reminders. have a setting to turn off offers. I dont need a stupid offer every two days for my watch list of 4 items..Version: 6.10.0

AN ACTUAL,NOT FAKE REVIEW!!So, let me start this off by saying i am not happy with eBay whatsoever. This website and app is the biggest scam to ever be made. Now let my make this clear, if you are BUYING from eBay. No problem, have fun scamming people and having eBay help you scam them because of their "selling agreement". BUT, if you are selling or trying to sell off of this website you are in for a "fun" ride. If your intent is to sell you will be shown just how easy it is for people to scam you. Here's what I mean buy this. I have sold over 20 things over eBay and 15 of those 20 things have all been the same. Even though I put in the settings that "I DON'T DO REFUNDS" the people buying from me where able to schedule a refund for my product claiming "that I had missing pieces or parts" even when I was selling something such as a cup... anyways because of this and how eBay is a buyer first type of company EBAY themselves were able to go into the PayPal and send the buyer BACK the money WHEN HE HADN'T EVEN SHIPPED MY PRODUCT BACK. So in this case he had MY product and had his $200 back... it has been over a month and I have lost over $2000 due to this ongoing scam to eBay and their "buyers". I also haven't received my product back ever. So, if you are going to use this app to buy. Have fun, if you are going to use this app to sell. Good luck because you are going to loose a lot of money..Version: 6.3.0

Frustrating new check out processHaving used eBay for over 15 years, many via the app I have enjoyed the experience bar a few gripes along the way. The recent changes in past few weeks that force you to select which PP option you want is annoying and poorly rolled out. I only use PP and have no issues with others wanting more options but why can it not be set as default? Sometimes I have to enter my email and password for PP at checkout, other times Password only, other times it’s Face ID. The system never remembers my details (despite clicking for me to do so) and means I am having to click and enter my details 3 or 4 times if I order multiple items! Glitch that is easy to remedy. Get on it eBay developers. Also please stop pushing sellers in the USA to the U.K. I want to default to U.K. only, not global. If I chose to order from China I will but why on earth is EBAY U.K. now pushing sellers in the States for basic products. Taxes, shipping times, hassle means the USA is not an option. Please let us default location not having to keep selecting for every search! Annoying and useless IMHO. My last gripe is fees on postage and shipping as a seller. Losing 10% on shipping prices when they are often predefined is cheeky - please give private sellers a chance to compete with business sellers by offering sensible P&P prices that are not taxed at 10% then more so by PP. All round a good platform for selling items but frustrated by poorly rolled out platform updates..Version: 6.9.5

CR-APPAs the title says . when ask do you wish to buy similar , it goes to some other completely useless junk . cannot coprehend the english language, ask to search for china marble ?? goes instead to chinese marble. then they list junk in antique section that was made by hop sing in his backyard yesterday ie china thy have vintage items in antique section visa versa . sellers that dont even know what they are even selling or its value. then feebay charge excessive fees , then they want you to pay 50 dollars fee a year for the privilege of a instant 50 dollars discount on your next purchase over 100 dollars , then you like or watch something then feebay email you the buyer has offered a discount? whoopdeefriggindoo if i wanted it for an over inflated ptice i would not be watching it . and not offered it at frebays miserly discount feebay was good now its turned into as the title says CRAPP could go on for another 1,000 words but don't have time to comment more on feebay.Version: 6.6.0

New to thisAs my title states Iam new to eBay. I give you a rating of 3 stars at this point considering you ask me at my present experience. So I can only hope there will be a follow up questionnaire after further dealings. I've purchased two products so far that have made it to or past the shipping stage. The first, greatly impressed me with accuracy of description and shipping speed. The second, was a pair of shorts. I bid and waited and won. I then receive a message about the product stating it is not as posted and isn't even the same color. I responded saying I was not interested in the color they wanted to give me, that I'm willing to work with them but that particular color I didnt want. I then receive a shipping notification that the shorts have been shipped. I then send multiple messages to seller saying I didn't want the color they offered me, that I wanted what was pictured. They have not responded. So I've yet to leave a review as I see I'm not even able to do until I've been a member for 5 days. So, I leave and stand by my rating of 3 stars since I've had a mixed experience. I hope to hear from you in hopes you can resolve my issue since your app doesn't allow new members to review..Version: 5.14.0

Quick to reply but.......Maybe she meant I need to go to the website! And the information she gave me, does not exist on the app???!? I am not milking it! I did actually have a very bad accident at work! In that time of being in hospital. eBay sent me a thank you message, and that they have taken there £29 fees...... As being out of work with no income at the time, I was relieved! Satisfied! And ready to do more business. After refunding a few happy customers, and taking money out, I got another message from eBay, and guess what it said?!?! Sorry but eBay did not take the fees of £29, and now it’s £49..... 🤬🤔 So I got in contact with them, explaining my problems and situation, I asked for the email stating my fees and explanation of any charges, she told me to look in settings, no need to send the email to me, Like a donut I agreed, just to find NO such information in the app on my phone! Thanks for the stress, it’s been annoying 👎!!! I did offer part payment as that’s all I had at the time, EBAY REFUSED IT AND BLOCKED MY SELLING, PLUS ALSO GAVE ME WRONG INFORMATION! Not good! Also eBay app is very slow! Other apps seem to be fine....Version: 5.22.1

Terrible customer serviceI made an eBay account today with the intention of selling some old games. However within ten minutes of creating the account I received another email stating I have been banned permanently due to suspicious activity. There hasn’t been any activity. The account has only just been created!!! I attempted to send an email in response to query this and received an email back advising that I needed to speak on live chat however after trying this was then advised that I could not speak to anyone as my account is banned! Absolutely useless! I’ve been banned and then because of their mistake I now cannot speak to anyone to resolve. Not only that but it was banned permanently making the account totally useless. The company seriously needs to review their procedures and employees working in these areas as they seem to be banning accounts for the sake of it. After looking online I’ve seen that multiple people have also had this issue and also cannot resolve it. It’s a catch 22. I want to resolve this as I have not done anything wrong and cannot let this lie as I want a resolution..Version: 6.9.5

DisappointedMade payment but eBay keeps asking for payment. Seller can’t find payment. Getting nowhere..Version: 6.12.0

BuggyThe app is buggy, it makes you sign in dozens of times though out registration process and when I could finally make posts the app made me sign in with a security code that didn’t work. Infuriating. Wasted an hour..Version: 6.10.0

EBay needs to update appMost app features work well but they continue to fail to address the needs and suggestions if sellers. Too many circular help options. The mail reason for my low rating is eBay still has NOT fixed old purchases being “stuck” in the list of purchases. When trying to remove very old purchases (so to increase # of watched items) it says unavailable or just doesn’t let you delete them or the just reappear. Why doesn’t the developer FIX THIS???? There’s so many complaints about this going back several years! Related: why is there such slow limit of the number of watched items one can have? That makes no sense. In fact, I can guarantee eBay is losing money by not fixing this problem. If I could watch more items, I know I would be able to watch them and buy more. But if my list is “full” I simply forget about the items that I might have bought. Seriously, you guys need to step up your app or sellers and buyers (like myself) are going to leave this app. I know I’ve about had it with eBay’s lack of interest in helping its sellers. You guys purposely don’t make it easy to get help or to get improvements made. Take heed of the feedback and make changes or you’ll become the next “tumblr” and die a slow death..Version: 5.28.0

Very disappointed in the way you take care of dodgy sellers on eBayI have noticed recently we are buying goods and they are saying they are UK sellers when you go into their feedback and it history you find out they are from places like the Philippines! I ordered the steering wheel cover recently to be messed about with delivery to find out its not even in this country and they are selling from Liverpool as really they are from the Philippines! That is okay if I wanted to buy from a foreign country but I did not I ordered with these people because they was from UK! Then I have another one I bought lightbulbs for my car to find out that the person selling them at selling the wrong ones yet I still have to pay return postage as I find disgusting that you allow this as I will be left out of pocket and you wonder why people are stopping buying on eBay! Then you make it so difficult to open a dispute that it puts people off the small amounts which is disgusting it should be very simple to open a dispute and get the problem sorted it’s like if you do not want to sort out problems you would rather let the sellers rip people off and you just carry on having your pay day out of it! It’s about time you had a review of the way people are selling on eBay and ripping people off you will be the losers in the end as people will stop buying which I know a lot of people I have already they all say they are sick of getting ripped off..Version: 5.27.0

Withdrawn itemsIn the last week I have tried to purchase 6 items. Out of those 1 I could not pay for on either credit card or PayPal and 3 items have been withdrawn???.Version: 5.26.5

Recent app updates reduce funtionalityWhat happened to the ability to view our seller listings in order of the ones most recently listed? This is a major reduction in funtionality for me. I now have to revert to my MacBook to find this info which is not always possible. Also, why are ‘item details’ embedded in a click down box in item listings? This information should be shown clearly without having to search for it. Often buyers will message asking questions that are clearly displayed if they are on a laptop but hidden if browsing on the app. It creates more work for the seller and gives seemingly less clarity for the buyer. All in all this app scrapes through to allow me to work on the run but falls way short of the full screen device experience..Version: 5.30.0

Get your act together.This once great trading website is now next to useless due to an ever increasing number of sellers listing multiple items under the one listing. This added to the huge numbers of sellers from Asia being allowed to include free shipping that can take up to 6 weeks to ship items. The only way to avoid the tsunami of dodgy sellers and useless listings is adjusting the search parameters manually EVER SINGLE time you use the app. Just incase the frustration levels weren’t high enough already, this only limits the influx. If you don’t know what I mean, try to buy a set of black Vans Spicoli sunglasses. eBay clean up your sellers requirements. Limit the number of identical items listed by sellers. Close this stupid drop down menu multiple items loophole, and extend the “shipping time” as a search parameter to include number of weeks..Version: 6.1.0

HorribleThis app has been ruined . They shifted focus from being user-friendly to having massive ads right on the home screen. Its way harder to access information and list items for sale than previous versions. On the old version I could see up to 7 listings on my screen at a time. Now I can see maybe 3 listings per page at most due to the oversized pictures I am forced to look at. And the prices were listed to the far right of the listing to make finding the price simple. Now the item's price is in the middle of the listing's description in a font smaller than the number of "stars" the item received. The old version was superior in every way but eBay "retired" my app for no apparent reason. I guess the version I was using didn't have enough ads. There is no way to customize what shows up on your home screen, I sell way more than I buy so it would be nice to be able to see sold items on the home screen rather than watched items. The worst part by far though is that while you are creating a listing, the bottom navigation bar disappears making it extremely difficult to compare your listing's price with other ebay listings before finalizing it. This unnecessary inconvenience will absolutely hinder the amount of items I decide to list on Ebay..Version: 5.16.1

So so sadI sure wish EBay had some better case judges ! They have allowed a con artist to Rob me of hundreds of dollars! It was avoidable but who ever was reading the case messages were very foolish and perhaps they didn't read them at all ! This one buyer opened 3 cases , two were won by the buyer and one case was never settled and is still open after 6 months ! The seller sent a box of garbage instead of the item that was to be returned, eBay wanted me to get a police report and start a big legal battle, but after evaluating all the advice and wisdom they had been feeding be I decided not to presume the legal case because I felt ebay was full of bad advice and they were just saying what ever the had to to satisfy me enough to get me off the phone! I’m just going to sell what I’ve got to sell and close my account! Shame on eBay !!!! It’s a good thing until you have a problem and need assistance or help and I have a excellent record and feed back but that’s didn't seem to help , who ever read the complaint and response did not have the experience needed to judge the case , and I would have liked to discuss it verbally, it is such a large loss that it still hurts me to think of it ! Can’t count on eBay’s case reviews , it’s like a wild animal, anything can happen ! Even nothing at all ........Version: 5.38.0

HATE eBay With a PassionHonestly, use Facebook’s Market Place or Gumtree (although Gumtree is owned by eBay). EBay’s fees are ridiculously high and as a seller you literally have zero protection. Case in point? ...I recently sold a pair of trainers on eBay. 2 days later the buyer wanted to know where they were. I said they’d been posted and to please be patient. He opened a case against me on eBay and as a result PayPal held back £25 of MY money (cost of shoes and postage) and I couldn’t use PayPal until I paid it. LUCKILY the buyer received the shoes and after about 4 messages from me he closed the case. But if he hadn’t, I would have lost the shoes AND he would have automatically been refunded if I hadn’t have paid the money back myself. Disgusting rules. Also, you lose too much money selling and the app keeps messing up (like now I can’t list anything as it says my eBay and PayPal aren’t linked which they are!) The website isn’t any better (you can’t even mark something as posted on the web site). Customer service is also horrendous. Seriously, sell anywhere else but here. I’m only here now to shift some things quick because I’m moving. I loath using eBay though for it!.Version: 5.21.1

Don’t recommend them for selling anymoreI’ve been with eBay since 2008. Recently had an issue with a buyer that asked for a refund which I clearly stated it did not offer refunds all sales were final in the listing. Item was sent out packaged with double wall foam and bubble wrap as well as even more bubble wrap in the original box. He states I sent him a defective item yet stated he has the exact graphics card that is doing the exact same thing. Fact he has my card and his card doing the exact same thing equals either a driver issue or hardware incompatibility. I said look I’ll just refund you and send me the card back. But I was having so much anxiety from the whole situation and frustration I said keep the card keep the money and be done with it. After so many years with eBay I am finally going to put in a request to permanently close my account. eBay does nothing to protect its sellers and let’s you get ripped off. I’m out money and a graphics card. It is what it is though can’t let him get to me, just keep in mind buyers on eBay will do this to you, they will buy from you then don’t know what they are doing complain and get to keep your item and money. It’s just not worth it anymore to sell here. It’s been a good couple of years, that helped me offset paying for new computer builds selling my old hardware in original boxes and packaging. but if you plan to sell here keep in mind eBay will always screw the seller over..Version: 6.7.0

Can’t sellCan’t setup an acc it always lags and crashes.Version: 5.38.0

No buyAfter three month still missing out on several items..Version: 6.2.0

Could be massively improvedIf you’re a buyer then the app’s great. However, for sellers there are so many things that SHOULD work but DON’T and certain aspects are quite sly on Ebay’s part, in my opinion. FEEDBACK: 1. Add the option to send combined invoices. 2. There is currently NO option of de-selecting auto-relist, meaning items are relisted & you can be charged - even though you haven’t actively chosen this. Bring back this feature & let me choose! 3. There is no option to add combined postage when relisting. 4. It automatically selects “Good til cancelled” on BIN listings, meaning you may be charged if you fail to spot it/remember to change it. Again this should be actively selected by the seller instead of automatically being selected by Ebay! 5. Allow offers is auto selected by Ebay on the majority of listings - annoying & adds time for sellers to remove this - it’s time consuming enough & if we wanted to allow offers we’d select it ourselves. 6. Constantly freezes & spins. 7. Doesn’t let you delete combined items from purchased/sold lists, you have to go onto the desktop site. 8. It should allow sellers to enter their own postage price & have the ability to save this for future listings instead of us having to manually change the postage costs on each listing. Sometimes we don’t want to use the standard set prices. 9. Allow different fonts/colours for descriptions typed via the app 10. Have the option to bulk-relist items. 11. Use touch id to access app..Version: 5.26.0

Refuse to accept responsibilityMost already know that there is no protection for sellers, but that extends beyond simply siding with buyers over small matters such as refunding items the seller doesn't want to accept a return on. They will use nasty tactics such as playing buyers against sellers with disgusting behaviour such as telling me (seller) to wait 14 days for an item that I was expecting back - that the seller had sent to an old address due to the eBay system allocating a 9-year old address to my returns address - and then claim that I had not received it so to have a decision made in my favour. The same supervisor goes on to suggest that the buyer may not have posted the item, despite the buyer giving proof of postage. The supervisor ( Chloe from the Ireland office) goes in to detail about how the receipt could have been paid for but the item not posted and how she had heard of that happening before. Meanwhile, the buyer also gets on the phone to eBay, and they tell him that it was I that had made the mistake re the address. The above behaviour (accusing an innocent buyer of buying the postage but not sending the item and playing us against each other) all the while the mistake is by eBay themselves, who refuse to accept responsibility is DISGUSTING AND i will be making a formal complaint and taking the matter further..Version: 5.24.0

Update, cant use the app anymoreIt’s really great that the latest update requires ios12 or later deleting the app.Version: 5.39.0

Bad shipping. Don’t bother.They don’t bother shipping during the pandemic. I lost a few hundred dollars because they can’t be bothered to refund you for lost items. It’s a waste of time and money. Don’t bother with eBay..Version: 6.9.6

Tabs would be goodEasy to use app. But the ability to create tabs of things you're looking at would be handy. Or a look later folder/section. So you can select multiple items to view from a search..Version: 5.14.0

Terrible Update - Less functionalAs a seller I like to keep an eye on every aspect of selling an item; from payment status right through to feedback from both parties. The previous app did that at a glance, on one page, for all items I am selling, by using the same icons that are used in the website for payment, shipping and feedback sent and received. The new app does some of this by showing the 'current status' as text, eg: SENT, but these four steps don't always happen in the same order every time. Feedback may arrive before shipping esp. when buying. Even when you click on the item for more info, it only shows you the auction details, not the 'after auction' details. I cant see in this list when a sold item receives feedback. Quite frustrating. Layout is clunky and chunky. In this case less is not more. It may become more familiar after some use, but it still won't easily show me feedback status. Latest version: freezes when viewing item photos! And takes ages to load base pages such as Purchases..Version: 5.26.0

EBay allows deceptionMany items have a description in their title and a DIFFERENT description in fine print on the description page that deceptive sellers use to deceive. Also sometimes a photo falsely suggests strongly the size of an item (even though the actual dimensions are on the description page showing actual dimensions much smaller in metric but without a ruler or coin to suggest actual size for polite reference), KNOWING MOST WILL LOOK AT THE PHOTO AND BUY BECAUSE OF IT. This on items they know are copies / counterfeits of the real product in standard size, like a hairbrush I bought which was actually so small I couldn’t hold it to brush with it without it flopping out of my hand over and over. It’s as though they intentionally deceive because they know that NO ONE will return a $2-3 item. Also my eBay app should hold my purchase history INDEFINITELY OR UNTIL >>>I<<< delete it, and not be deleted by the eBay system. If I purchase lots of things it’s very easy to forget or lose track of an item ALREADY PAID FOR THAT I NEVER GOT. ESPECIALLY if eBay deletes my purchase history. It’s MY RECORD. DON’T DELETE IT FOR ME!!! Allow me that option. 😡 in light of what I’ve said, choose carefully and you may do well. There are some very good deals on eBay if you have good judgement and the time for all the hassles too. JD.Version: 5.16.1

Account infoIt would be useful if your account info “change page” would actually change stuff instead of getting me to log back in 19 consecutive times and still hadn’t actually changed anything...very poor, iv definitely been put off using eBay unless I really have to, that is once my account info can actually change so I can use it.Version: 5.31.0

Can’t sell or relist on the appUpdate seems to have removed the option to relist items or sell items on the app. Ironically eBay has changed their email notifications after your item doesn’t sell telling you ‘it’s time to relist’.Version: 5.23.2

Garbage appUse alibaba much better.Version: 6.9.6

Going downhillI used to sell a lot on eBay. It was easy, eBay was reasonable. Now they’ve lost their minds. Now they force buyers to accept offers, which is incredibly stupid. What is the point of listing a starting price for an item if you’re going to take offers? It would be like walking into a store with priced items but then being told that you could just make an offer on every item. What’s the point of posting prices? eBay is just hoping you sell every single thing because they’re going to make money no matter what. Who cares if you make only a nickel because you had to accept a ridiculously low offer? You care, but eBay doesn’t. eBay is just greedy. This is a company that makes zillions of dollars and can afford to court buyers, but instead they’re turning people like me off. It’s interesting that this app listing says “Your feedback is important to us.” That’s obviously not true. I don’t think I’m asking for anything unreasonable, just some basic common sense. But no one actually cares what real users think. The proof of that is that (1) no one will respond to this, and (2) eBay will not change anything suggested here, even though it makes perfect sense..Version: 5.25.0

Ripped offI sold a gold coin in a certified holder that I bought from an actual reputable auction house. The buyer asked to return it but broke open the coin holder and sent back a fake. eBay gave the buyer the money back with out any care that I was missing the gold coin. I had proof on video and everything but they wouldn’t even let me send them the proof. eBay has no interest in looking after its customers just their profits! Face Book market place is a better place to use. eBay is VERY BAD!!! Stay away!! They make u link pay pal to the selling of items or u can’t even sell with them. Ripped of in every direction I go with eBay. How their is not yet a huge class action against the company is surprising because they don’t operate within Australian consumer law. They seem to operate at what ever way goes to their profits only. Can’t wait for them to loose all their customers over time..Version: 5.27.0

Not sure what they’ve done to the app...I loved the eBay app. It was easy to use. A quick way to view your account and your sales. As of last week though, I wish I could incinerate it. I’m frustrated and extremely annoyed, especially with the number of calls I have had to make to sort the issues I have been having and they’re still not fixed. I had a double sale go through on the app when I purchased an item. Even though the offer should have been cancelled by my purchasing it at full price. I asked to cancel. The seller cancelled. It didn’t cancel on the app and I got a non payment mark against me. Hence the start of the phone calls. I messaged the seller. They promised it had been cancelled. eBay cancelled. The app carried on with an unpaid mark on my page. It’s still showing even now. I’ve deleted the app several times and it’s still there. Then there’s the sale. The sale where I got promotion I didn’t ask for. The sale I’ve been charged twice for. The sale that’s still showing on my total. I would call again, but I’m all called out. The help desk have been great but they can’t solve these issues either. So I’m stuck with these issues until they go out of date or the month resets. Also, please do a multi delete in the bag/ basket section. Deleting one at a time and having to start from the top again is exhausting and extremely annoying. If a seller is abroad please don’t state UK. If only so delivery dates can be exact..Version: 5.36.0

SELLING FEE TOO MUCH, 15%EBay raised their fee to 15%. I did the calculation on multiple sold stuff on my eBay. 15% IS WAY TOO MUCH. At this point, I highly recommend to not use eBay for sales 🤦‍♂️ this is ridiculous..Version: 6.10.0

Ebay sucks . PERIODSellers BEWARE eBay is the play-field for all the scammers.. it doesnt matter what you sell, how well and proper the description of your items is... all buyer has to do is “this is not as described” and you lose your money and items!!! And the nail on coffin is you CANT even give negative feedback to buyers.. its just NOT an option.. but buyers can “blackmail” you to post negative feedback if you dont do their demands. F eBay!.Version: 5.30.0

What’s happening if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but now it’s brokeBeginning to feel like another multi billionaire determined to get richer at the expense of others. The app since I began using it has got worse and worse. Now forced to accept offers, no choice, only an “OK” button! No “NOT OK” button? No longer an option to choose signed for international postage? What’s that all about? I want to send international parcels signed for. Listed something for sale this evening on Buy It Now and watched the duration change all by itself from 30 day’s to Good Till Cancelled and no way of changing it, even went into Safari browser on my iPhone to revise the item but still no way to change the duration to 30 days, very easy to think I am being conned into paying fees I don’t want to pay. On top of all the constant changes it seems the ebay app has a mind of its own, it seems to be able to update itself usually to something worse without me even updating the app through updates, feels like there is an ebay worker living in my phone, feels like someone is controlling my phone without my say so. Feel it’s time to look at other similar sites as constantly having to re learn what’s going on with the app is not something I want to do every day. The phone calls asking why my sales total in the app for 60 days is wrong was a complete waste of time why would a multi billion company care about the apparent little people who list the goods for sale that make their money?.Version: 5.25.1

Scam needs fixing!Think before you use ebay. Ive been using it for many years . The problem is ebay, have never took my side when selling a item to a buyer who has clearly no intention of respecting the item. Makes out it is fake or in some cases has damaged the item being sold. Just so they can go though the ebay policy just to get a refund. The buyers can leave you bad feedback without actually purchasing the item which i dont get .This has happened so many times to me. Ebay policy to choose buyer! So basically if i wanted to i could purchase something on ebay. Like expensive clothes for instance why i have sold on here myself . I could easily say, the item i received is fake have a actual fake one ready which obviously identical . Contact ebay say its fake, they will always take buyers side. The seller ends up losing out having to return money plus receiving a fake bag back and still having to pay for posting for returning. This is happening on ebay too much. i no people myself had this done to them. Please sort it out ebay im considering deleting my account!.Version: 6.7.0

Useless app for sellers.I would be ashamed of this app if I were eBay. A buyer opens a request saying an item hasn’t arrived. Nowhere on the case does it tell you the buyers user name! How can a seller look into when the item was purchased and dispatched without this information? Also when you mark items as dispatched they don’t show as dispatched and you have to continuously click on the same item to find that the app just doesn’t respond properly. Eventually it will acknowledge that you have clicked dispatch but it’s just so amateurish. The same thing with messages. The app constantly tells you that you have messages to respond to when in fact you have already responded. Similarly when you have a request, eBay message you to tell you that you need to respond to the request. You click on it and it tells you that you have already responded to this message. What an absolute waste of space, and it really makes life difficult as a seller when you are on the go and trying to maintain quality customer service. Sort it out eBay!.Version: 5.28.0

Lots of limitations with this appAs a long-term seller on eBay I find the app extremely frustrating that you can’t perform the same functions that you can old fashioned desktop. You can’t cancel sales from the app, you can’t lodge complaints with eBay regarding problems to do with sales, very difficult to list items and the biggest frustration is not being able to see my feedback score on the profile page it just continually has a loading symbol and no detail comes up resulting in having to log into a workstation all the time it drives me insane! I find listing things on marketplace with Facebook is so easy that I’m starting to move my business over there because eBay have just made everything so complicated over the years and have driven all the long-term sellers absolutely crazy. It’s time to simplify your process eBay!!.Version: 5.20.0

Ebay employees don’t use it?Although some core features work well, The Ebay mobile phone app is clunky, has incomplete features, does not follow the same layout as a computer interface. Newly posted items for sale are buried by default, have to sort each time for Ended Latest. Every time you create a listing your forced to close 2 pop ups regarding automatic price lowering. No option to block in future. Every item for Sale says “Buy it Now” also says “Live until sold or cancelled” which is redundant. Every item for Sale just has “Shipping” next to it, instead of any reference to “Free” “Flat” or “Calculated” so before adjusting any price you commonly have to go into each one, open shipping section, review, back, then adjust price. No way to select specific notifications, rather they all come or none. App is covered with google ad results. Even when your looking at your own Orders, eBay thinks a Seller may be interested to see some Google Ad Results. This type of garbage makes it clear that eBay is just trying to milk out as much money as possible on the short term despite the negative impact in the long term. Recommend you have eBay employees sell a few dozen items from mobile app and they will see what deal with. Thanks for reading! Hope to see some changes make this app smoother!.Version: 5.38.0

Horrible service /shopping experienceI have been a long term customer on eBay . But recently I have been through the worst service/ shopping experience which made me delete the app immediately. I purchased one item and paid$2.5 the postage from an recommended store from eBay. The item has no description at all. When the item arrived, it didn’t fit the device I have, which became totally useless to me. So I request a refund. But because I chose “ the item doesn’t fit” so the stupid eBay system considered my case as ” change my mind “ scenario, which left me to pay the return postage and provide the tracking number which will cost $8.95 But the postage from seller was packed with normal envelopes with 2 stamps which costs $2.2 that I already paid for. Which means if I want to return the item, I have to pay more than the value of the actual item($7.5) This is really ridiculous / unfair way that eBay setup for refund cause lots of trouble and stress to me. Now my request still sitting there as I don’t have a tracking number to provide. Don’t think I get my money back at all. Wasted $ 10 for a lesson/ horrible experience. I have done with stupid eBay. Won’t recommend to anyone!!!!.Version: 6.11.0

One star not enough!Sold a coat and the buyer washed it on high heat damaging the fur so requested a refund, eBay granted it without any investigation whatsoever. I offered the buyer a £10 partial refund as a goodwill gesture as I would not be able to resell the item after it had been damaged, she accepted but I have still been charged for full refund and eBay have said there is nothing they can do! I asked if they could arrange for the item to be returned but they told me to ask the buyer as it is nothing to do with them! Completely unreal, I forked out for postage been charged for the item I sold and don’t even have the item! Not to mention the outrageous seller fees, it is absolutely ludicrous. The customer service is poor they don’t seem to understand what they are doing so pass the problem onto another advisor who does the same. They can’t spell or speak very good English so it is just a complete waste of time and money, sellers have zero rights or protection just a complete scam to squeeze money out of people, utterly disgusting how it is allowed. Please do not get stung like I did!!!.Version: 5.21.0

Account CancellationI will never use eBay again due to my account being closed by them for no apparent reason. I made my first purchases from EBay on the weekend after having an eBay account for I can’t remember how long and 4 days after my first purchases they close my account. On ringing eBay they said that they cannot disclose why they closed the account, but they cannot reactivate it. WHY is my question. The email stated that they noticed some suspicious activity with my account. The only suspicious activity I can think of is that these purchases were my first. If that’s suspicious then then there is something very wrong with your system. There are other buying platforms out there that I will use. On asking the very friendly, but robot like human I spoke with about the items I had already purchased, but have not received. How do I get my money back. She told me I’d have to take that up with PayPal. THANKS eBay you cancel my account and I have to run around to get my refunds. In the star rating you have 1 to 5 stars. I ticked one because that was the lowest. I actually give eBay a zero. Thanks EBay for the terrible experience..Version: 5.27.5

App not workingI've been using eBay for 10 years and this app for probably 8 years or since it came out. Never had any problems until recently it doesn't work on my iPad. Says I need to update the app but I have the updated version. It opens the app and looks fine but shows a notification saying update or exit, but behind the notification the app looks fine just as it always has. When it goes to the App Store it will say "sorry this app is not available or updated for Australia. Can you guys please fix it so I can leave a better review ? Not sure what the deal is. I would otherwise give it 5 stars because I'm a fan but this has just been a real let down with trying to use this app..Version: 5.15.0

I miss the Notes section, etc.I like eBay, I use it often. However, I wish you’d bring back the notes section in the watch list. I used it daily—it helped me keep track of what I was doing. Since you eliminated that, I no longer use the bid option, because it’s too aggravating to keep track of without the notes feature. I just use Buy It Now 99% of the time. *Also, when I reorganize my watchlist by category so I can check everything in that category, it resets itself to random scramble after I’ve clicked on one item. Then I have to go back and find the category again and it all repeats itself until I’ve finally made it through the whole category. Why can we just arrange our lists how we want and then have it stick? Let’s not let eBay become an old habit-prone dog. Next, why is deleting something from the watch list so fast, yet deleting from the other list so darn slow. You practically have time for a Japanese nap in between deletions. What gives? Please fix that. Thank you for including the payment options list, I like choosing a different payment source for different purposes..Version: 5.27.5

Needs improvementWhy doesn’t the selling option display my active selling items? All it does is show option to sell new items and no list for what you are currently selling. I eventually found it under my profile which is a frustrating place to put it. Also why hasn’t the sellers account been put in the eBay app? so I can pay my eBay invoices easier. I have to get my laptop out just to do this. Would be so much easier..... come on eBay this is just simple things that should be in place by now!!! Don't like how you can only delete things that you haven't left feedback on in your purchases and the things you have you cant delete! Also it's about time when you are viewing item descriptions it would work in landscape mode as well so you can zoom in on mobile app because of the small screen. Also when purchasing an item it needs the option to search the same item in the sellers feedback. So your not spending ages trying to find some review related to what you are buying!.Version: 5.14.0

Horrible Selling app. You’re way better off using Facebook or something elseThere’s many reasons why eBay is a horrible app to sell on. We can start off with their ridiculous fees that take a good chunk off the top of whatever you sell. Or perhaps we can go with the fact that sellers have very little protection on this app. For instance, I sold sealed packs of sports cards and the buyer claimed they were ‘resealed’. Not a problem just ship them back and I’ll issue a refund... No big deal right?? Wrong. What I received in return were the cards from these packs that the customer had opened and what I assumed he cherry-picked through and took whatever he wanted. Once I contacted eBay support about the issue they were very unhelpful and didn’t even understand what I was saying as they are obviously foreigners, from some call center, that don’t know English very well. So now I’m out of 400 dollars as I was forced to issue a refund though PayPal, with no recourse to solve the issue. On top of all these problems.. eBay had the nerve to invoice me a bill for 76 dollars that I obviously did not wish to pay.. however it isn’t up to me as they just took it out of my bank account against my wish. Do not use this app... please just save yourself the trouble and sell elsewhere!.Version: 6.9.5

Worst customer serviceMy account is blocked for no reason ans there’s way to talk to customer service. What a f joke..Version: 6.10.0

Just terribleI’ve been an eBay member for 11 years. I’m finally calling it quits because of the terrible terrible resolution center. The high bidders on my items never pay, the items I buy never arrive, and just recently a seller would not accept a return on a broken dslr they sold me. eBay won’t even let me delete my account, google it and you’ll see it’s actually not possible due to a “programming error” that has existed for at least 7 years. eBay is dead. Long live amazon..Version: 6.11.0

Ebay treats new customers like they are criminalsI started a new personal (not business) account. I sold and shipped an item that is en route. Then I attempted to purchase some tank tops. I have a PayPal account already and decided to link them. The item I sold was a women’s biker riding leather gear. Day 5, when I purchased some tank tops and the gear was in route to the buyer my account was suspended for fraud! I call and am asked where I obtained the things I was selling. My account was reinstated but now the item I sold and the funds still pending are no longer available. The tank tops I ordered have been canceled but the funds are gone from my PayPal account to that vendor with no receipt or proof of sale but an email saying it was cancelled, oh, and I am an accountant so I take screen shots. Why would I be accused of scam and fraud without a call or verification? I have excellent credit and never had a felony or anything!? I have decided I would rather pay more or do without than work with the gestapo. I will be donating the rest of my riding gear and decor I no longer want to goodwill. 2 stars for selling my leathers and making me jump through hoops as if I had to prove I’m legit, instead of verifying people like a normal business would! Unless you are a business ebay is not where you want to sell your personal items..Version: 5.14.0

ShippingHi there you used to be able to see shipping prior to checkout now you have to commit ... even though it says free shipping and your country doesn’t appear on the non shipping list. When you commit it says doesn’t ship to your country then you have to cancel? Not happy customer.Version: 6.4.0

Dodgy BuyersThere needs to be a better system in place to make it easier to open unpaid item disputes within the app. It keeps switching from app to what looks like the mobile site and back again. Also need to get rid of this 4 days business. If they win an item they have 4 days to pay and another 4 for dispute to close. Probably to multiple sellers at a time. These people should be straight up banned from bidding and their accounts, both eBay and PayPal closed. You have all their details so you would know if they just tried to re open an account to their address or bank account. So much wasted time and lost sales. What is our 10% fees going towards exactly??? Should also be able to instantly block users rather than having to add usernames to a list each time..Version: 5.38.0

Used to be good but now rubbish!Most companies improve their apps over time but not eBay. This app seems to get worse with every update. The most annoying thing is when you search, you can accidentally click back one too many times after viewing an item and end up having to scroll through the whole list of items you've already looked at, just so you can find whereabouts you got to. Why so many clicks just to read an item description? It's almost as if eBay are encouraging people not to read the description of items (which surely will mean more returns and unhappy buyers/sellers). Why does it forget sort order every time? There's so much wrong with this app that I can't be bothered to list all the faults. A couple of years ago this app worked perfectly but now it's absolutely rubbish. You can't even remain on an old version of the app as eBay force you to update by making it stop working. It's hard to believe this is the official app for a global online marketplace such as eBay; shocking! It's no surprise that eBay is becoming unpopular..Version: 5.16.1

Glitchy and ScammyThe app can be glitchy in the various steps required to list items for sale. For this reason and because of the many item details required to post, it takes a long time to get an item officially up for sale through the app. After finally listing my items, they were almost immediately ‘purchased’ by scammers. eBay obviously does not vet buyer accounts in any way. eBay did spot the scam before I reported it, but the result was that they deleted my listings? So I cannot relist and need to start from scratch with the glitchy, time consuming listing process because of a problem with THEIR system. Seeking help/info within the app does not flow and is far easier on desktop. Really disappointed with eBay as a seller..Version: 6.9.6

New image search “feature” ruins experienceWhoever designed the new “touch the screen to start an image search” “feature” has obviously never used the mobile app. This new “feature” ruins the browsing experience. I don’t even want to spend time on the app anymore... You folks should use your own app more often; Most of us actual users do this: search for an item, then browse the long list of items that come up using our thumb by 1a) resting our thumb on the lower area of the screen until we’re done looking at the current set of items on the screen 2) then moving it up the screen to scroll and get the next set of items. Or 1b) even if we don’t rest our thumb for the entire time on the screen, there’s a delay from when we touch the screen to when we scroll (this delay is our brains processing information). Now if my thumb doesn’t IMMEDIATELY move upon touching the screen it causes the “image search” feature to pop up and it COMPLETELY ruins the experience and flow and enjoyment and everything that makes browsing eBay anything resembling good. I’m typically pretty accepting and understand that nothing is perfect and take the good and the bad with apps and other things. But this is just silly, anyone that uses the app can see how much this ruins the browsing experience. It really makes me not want to use it anymore....Version: 5.27.0

App lacks features, ebay takes your $$I’ve been using ebay since its early days for over 20 yrs. You used to be able to make a profit when you sold your good, almost new or new items from your own closet or home. Now ebay charges you so many fees, including shipping fees, that it’s impossible to get your money back on items you’ve bought but don’t need. Ebay also almost always sides with the buyer on disputes, even when the buyer intentionally damages an item in order to return it. When i add it all up, I’m probably losing money, so I’m shutting it down as a seller and going to a competitor. I still have lots of items I’m trying to get rid of in my home, but ebay is just too painful to deal with now. As for the App, it’s not bad, but it does not include all the features you need as a seller or buyer. You cannot do a dispute, manage your account very well, or find information. That’s a problem with ebay in general. They do not make it easy for you to get answers. It’s intentional so you give up and don’t bother. If you want to browse for items and purchase, it’s fine. But the negatives for ebay far outweigh the positives. Plus the support is overseas and there is at times language barriers and they read off of scripts. It’s time to go..Version: 5.41.0

Ebay doesn’t always support the sellerI’ve bought so many things that never turn up and it’s taken so long with the seller lying they will arrive I run out of time to ask for a refund there should be no time limit.Version: 5.38.0

Rip off scam application I lost $120 using this appEBay guarantee is not as they advertise keep clear They all Chinese sellers very bad quality goods and dishonest sellers just want your cas and if your lucky you may get what brought..Version: 5.36.0

Frais de douane devrais être toujours indiquéC est décevant de devoir payé 50$ de douane pour un livre acheté 8$ plus les frais indiquer de 12$ et la PAFFFF une frais de 50$ à la poste pour recevoir ça !!! Voleur pas d’autre mots et frais cahé.Version: 6.9.6

EBay has forced me to update my app and the new one is rubbish!I had remained on on version 3.4 because the version they replaced it with was dire. 3.4 was simple to use and straightforward. Today, I got a message from the app, saying it had expired and needed to be updated. God knows why, because it was working fine. I was apoplectic that I was being forced to make a change that I don't want to make. The new version 5 app is at least slightly better than the original replacement, hence I've given it two stars rather than one, but it is still not a patch on 3.4! It is over-complicated, poorly laid out, and I've lost all my saved categories. Listen up eBay - your app is putting me off using your service once the bids I've currently got running end. I demand that you reinstate version 3.4 or make an option in your new app to select the 3.4 layout! I struggle to understand how you have failed to listen to all the criticism you received when you first completely changed the app after 3.4 and give back your customers what they want. You're in business to make money - you do that by pleasing your customers, not angering them..Version: 5.17.0

Oh eBay!The app itself isn’t too bad. What is bad is the search function, and eBay itself!!!! It seems that through the years it has allowed numerous sellers to advertise as if they have products locally or in certain Australian cities. But under close inspection the sellers are all registered in China or Hong Kong, and express post charges are extremely high (one way of identifying them). This brings me to the search function. If you try and search, most of the time(even when applying filters) it appears that most results are either eBay sponsored results or Chinese sellers. I don’t mind waiting a few days for my items, but I would rather pay higher to buy local and not wait weeks. But if I do find a seller selling locally it is a Chinese seller claiming he is in an Australian city but actually isn’t. But eBay doesn’t appear to care!!!!!.Version: 5.42.0

Over chargedI was charged $2496.57 when the approximate about shown on my order was $2243.10which is $254 over the approximate amount. I had to cancel my order due to the wrong shipping address. A refund $2354.49 was refunded to my account for cancelling my order due to the wrong address. My refund was short of $142.08 I placed my order again with the correct shipping address. I was charged again $2496.57 again for my order. Total charges $2496.57 x 2 = $4993.14 Refund $2354.96 I’m charged $2638.65 for an order that was supposed to be $2243.10 My card is over charged $395.55 just because I had to cancel my order due to wrong shipping address. I found a phone number to contact eBay which is no longer in service. I contacted the seller and was told eBay handles changes. If this matter isn’t resolved I will be cancelling my entire order under full refund money back guarantee..Version: 6.10.0

Do not sell hereGreat for buyers maybe, but sellers beware. Very little selling protection and they always side with buyers even if they are fraudulent and scamming you. Horrible website and app with horrible people running it who just don’t give a darn about the sellers and their reputation and only if they get the money. I sell for a living and have never had a worse experience than eBay. I was drawn here for being able to sell higher priced items and the lower fee than others take but learned it’s not worth it. I sold a very high end coat for $600 days before Christmas that came with original tags and all proof of authenticity. Buyer decided to open a return case for it being unauthentic within 5 minutes of opening it. I purchase items from the stores myself and KNOW it is not fake. I do not accept returns either but eBay forced me to without even listening to me or letting me talk to somebody. Buyer purchased just to wear on vacation and return and I can’t do anything about it and lost my christmas money and item until she decides she is ready to ship it back. DO NOT SELL HERE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE ! Customer service is non existent unless you take the time to call and even then they don’t do anything. Depop, Poshmark, TheRealReal, or literally anything but eBay is the better option. They will at least try and help..Version: 5.27.0

What has happened to ebay?Ebay used to be great. It was flawed but it was a community and the system served the people who used the platform and in return ebay made a good profit. Now it's just a machine which is tuned more and more to extracting money from the people who use it. The seller rules and restrictions are particularly unreasonable. I was recently banned for a week for giving someone my flipping postcode. Ebay said I had violated their customer safety rules. You can't meet someone from a postcode! The buyer only wanted to get an accurate shipping quote. The truth of the matter is that they suspect everyone of trying to do deals outside ebay whether they have any evidence or not and they will find you guilty on the thinnest of pretexts. Not only that but eBay's rules are capricious and inconsistent. What's acceptable in one transaction will get you banned in another. How are you supposed to purchase a high value item sight unseen? It's ridiculous. As far as I can see it's l about squeezing their clients for every penny and creating a climate of fear so that nobody transgresses. It's revolting. And then there's the fees. On average 10% of any sale an then a further 3% from PayPal. The sooner someone comes up with a new platform the better. My guess is we will be leaving in droves unless ebay starts looking after their customers..Version: 5.16.0

Still not a smooth experienceI have used this App for many years and used it to purchase items in the past, but not any more. As the previous reviewer stated - the purchases may go through PayPal but not show up in your purchase list on the eBay system. I have experienced this too and it is annoying, inconvenient and scary. If this happens to you, the best way to contact eBay is through email, if you can manage to find its email contact facility - they don’t make it easy. If you call them, it will add to the confusion. eBay confirmed to me that there is a known glitch with this App and I was advised not to use it for purchasing items. I don’t use it to purchase items any more and I am surprised that this App still has such problems. Currently, this App will not archive any of my received purchases of the last 3 years. There is no syncing with the online platform. Still not a smooth experience..Version: 5.22.1

Terrible lack of support for missing items and refundsI will hesitate to use Ebay again following a recent missing order which has never arrived and never been refunded. The seller has refused to refund me, and Ebay have been no help whatsoever. Basically I’ve been robbed by a seller and have no recourse to recover my money. Let buyers who use Ebay beware!.Version: 6.6.0

Terrible scam siteMy purchase history was never recorded, but I received emails for all orders. One seller have been messaging non stop telling me I must contact paypal for them to get my money. They even sent links. I told them I realised it's a scam and to not contact me, but these messages through ebay have continued. So I looked up how to report a seller on help, it has a link which just leads to more info. and that's it. So I tried to leave feedback to warn others, but it claimed the buyer doesn't exist when their account is still active. So I went to chat in help. Ebay said because there's no purchase history I paid outside of the ebay site. I told them I have emails from ebay on all orders and they are penalising me for their failure. They ignored my request to speak to a manager and my order no., which they never asked for. They even said it's my fault if I receive another message because I replied to the last message, which I didn't and a recipient is never at fault for receiving scam messages. Ebay has completely shrugged off their legal responsibility and passed the blame onto me. I will never shop at ebay again, stay away..Version: 5.37.0

EBay and PayPal serviceI think eBay has changed over the years and become more focused on making money rather than looking after its long term customers that are making them money. I choose not to use eBay so much these days to buy and sell as the last straw for me was an item I purchased locally went missing from our local post office before I was able to pick it up. For some reason it went to another person by mistake and was declared lost. I bought the item via eBay and payed via pay pal as I always have done because eBay would like it and push the point that all items are covered for loss with insurance. When I contacted eBay and pay pal with paperwork and evidence of my loss I was refused any compensation with a lovely friendly smile. So thank you eBay and pay pal for a great buying and selling platform but unfortunately really crappy customer service. Regards Mark.Version: 5.29.1

Acc lockedMy acc got locked and suspended for no reason whatsoever. I had literally just created it two days prior. I was trying to start selling things. And for my efforts i get acc ban without any explanation or recourse for me to undergo. Guess what im not making a new email adress just to get banned for no reason again. Ontop of this absurdity ebay and paypal have a monopoly where the seller is forced to use paypal or have to pay 30$ a month for a "online marketplace" acc or something. And when you are using paypal they take a tax from the money u make, ebay takes a tax and in the end you wait extra week to receive 50% of the earnings you made. Also Never sell more than 1 item at a time because ebay buyers are all scammers who request refunds on items you clearly have labeled "NO REFUNDS"... Why does ebay allow a buyer to request refund and receive their money back even when a seller has set the option "no refunds". That defeats the purpose of having the option in the first place. So if you sell 2 things and 1 of them request refund when you already withdraw the money, ebay will take the money you made from the 2nd item and give them to the scammer buyer. Without question ebay returns the money to the buyer, therefore scamming the seller. I used to have a negative balance on paypal because ebay steals money from there for the buyers refund even if i have nothing on the account. Ebay is actually on the scammer side, and paypal is their method..Version: 5.33.0

Terrible service if your a seller , great if your a buyerIf you try to sell stuff on eBay watch out there are so many scammers out there claiming your products never arrived or damaged or fakes and you have to give them a full refund. eBay sides with the buyer in a heart beat. If your buying stuff it’s a great place to get free stuff apparently. Just claim it never arrived and you get full refund back ! Can’t go wrong.Version: 6.11.0

Best buying and selling app.EBay is horrible. They are bullies that don’t help at all and let scam artists sell fake stuff or things that don’t work at all and are broken then you can’t get any help at all to get your money back or contact the seller and there’s no way to contact eBay either. It’s extremely difficult and once you finally figure it out They don’t reply. if you are lucky enough to get someone to contact you back after weeks they are extremely unprofessional and rude. This company is shut down here dad and sued for millions . 100% bad business . I’ve been screwed in several items, thousands of dollars. No help from eBay at all. Don’t be fooled by their falsely advertised protection plans because they don’t work at all and you won’t get a reply. One of my many issues was when I purchased an iPhone for near $400, it didn’t work at all, tried to get ahold of seller for weeks, eBay didn’t help, finally sent it back to get my money back and they didn’t not refund my money. I somehow over looked the customers return request day and sent it 1 or 2 days after they requested. So i revived zero money back and they kept my phone and eBay didn’t help at all. They just were rude, unprofessional and did not help at all. The new iPad Pro arrive and is broken, doesn’t event turn on. I can’t get any help or reply from eBay it the seller..Version: 6.8.1

Why are shipping prices so crazyI have been on ebay a long time at one time it was a good place to shop now people are putting there shipping prices so high that it is a joke. A small $20.00 piece and $90.00 shipping. Used to love shopping on ebay. But makes more sense to shop at Amazon, sorry.Version: 6.10.0

Bad newsJe ne peu plus acheter avec ma carte sans aucune raison , après tout ces achats je crois que je vais quitter ebay...dsl.Version: 6.10.0

Unable to pay via PayPalBeen an eBay and PayPal member for many years. Now I find I cannot pay via PayPal. The window that opens upon checkout hangs forever. You are losing sales..Version: 5.16.1

Hate the app updateEbay has wrecked this app. The easily usable & navigatable app is gone! Ebay has disabled the older version of the app which I really liked and left me with this new version 5.18.0 which I can't stand. There is no user customization anywhere! Now the home page is nothing but suggestions, “deals of the day” & ads, where is my user data? I have saved searches, members & collections which I am not able to set as my home page nor am I able to view anywhere else either. At least on the desktop version I can switch from the home page to the “saved” page but that option doesn’t exist on the app. The “my ebay” page also has no user customization, I would collapse the left hand column while looking at items in my watch, purchased & recently viewed lists, instead the viewing window is only 1/2 the screen while the left hand column just takes up valuable screen space. There are a myriad of other issues I would alter through user customization but I can’t go over all of them here. When Ebay updates their app; give the users, whose sales and purchases finance Ebay, the opportunity to customize their experience. I’ve been an Ebay user for over 16 years and I hope the designers of the Ebay app read these reviews and incorporate the users suggestions into the next round of updates. I won’t be using this app until further updates are made, instead I’ll use the desktop version on my ipad, which is set up with my preferences..Version: 5.18.0

ReviewBought a few items on eBay but no more as my last 2 purchases haven’t been completed due to the sellers. As yet I have not received any refunds..Version: 5.27.0

Time to update and get with the beat...I’ve been waiting for three years plus for eBay to update their App to make it easier for phone and tablet users to buy and sell. Out if date and not really fit for purpose anymore it prides itself on being fair and transparent in its policies, it’s NOT. It allows IRA items to be sold, whilst condemning anything with a swastika. It decides whether your goods are right or not, despite having categoric proof that an item is genuine. It doesn’t allow you to sell golly badges if you use the word golly, but it’s OK to use the words gollly, golli, gollie, wolligog. It shill bids you up, telling you not to lose an item because the next bid up is the other bidders highest. It doesn’t allow paintball guns to be sold but you can sell paintballs. Basically it is a hypocritical site that makes it impossible to contact anyone directly or at least makes it VERY difficult to do. It also tries to force the selling policy onto sellers, so that they have to OPT out of taking offers on an item EVERY TIME. It dictates postal methods. It does not allow sellers to save more than eleven items for later sales so that you HAVE to go for (at a fee) scheduled listings. It also puts the buyer over the seller and believes their version of events against the seller in any dispute. For these reasons, but there are many, many more - eBay is corrupt. It’s time they cleaned up their act..Version: 5.42.0

Problems inside the app....I don’t like the new format. While building ads, I should be able to turn features off and never be asked those questions again, like allowing the seller to give me a half price offer, shipping the item for free, or if I want consider reducing the price over time. Though those options might be consider by some, they absolutely don’t work for me and it adds extra time and worry to building an eBay ad. I would like to see, easier access for creating sales, easier distribution of my sale flier (past, non- following buyers), and more apparent of the actual things I purchase. They need to remove “sell” and “selling” terms on the front page, as it makes it more confusing to navigate. Finally, though buyer protection is nice, there needs to be a better follow through investigation on return items. Many times the buyers circumvent my “no return” clause, with made up conditions just to make me look like a bad seller. Often times, the past buyer’s have confessed that they did not read my description; only the title. This gives me an unfair advantage to me because they didn’t do due diligence before that bought the item. I am always willing to further express my on going concerns. I have been a seller for a few years and have experienced several changes. I need some cooperation from EBay in order for me to continue as the luster of being a seller is starting to fade fast. Please let me know, Tom.Version: 5.41.0

Calculated shipping not working on appI input my weight and dimensions and go to select the shipping carrier and it does not show the calculated shipping option.Version: 6.10.0

Reviews!I’ve been using eBay for quite some time now, and it has come to my attention that it’s really hard to see certain products reviews... now I am the type of person that likes to check reviews before purchasing because of many reasons... When I am on the “Wish” app you can click on the stars on a certain listing just to see the reviews of that one product you’re viewing, but on eBay you go to check the reviews on one product and all the reviews from all their different products show up and it makes it very difficult for a buyer to find reviews on that one product they want to purchase! I would like this to be changed so when you’re viewing one particular item you only see reviews on that one item, and having the option to also show some pictures on reviews would be just as great so other buyers could see the product and make a final decision..Version: 5.26.0

From a sellerI think it’s time to make a separate app for sellers. There are so many issues and updates are causing more. I can’t print shipping labels from the app if customer buys multiple items, purchases through the global shipping program, plus many more instances when the app fails to allow me to print shipping labels. When I go to view my available items scrolling is horrible. There’s just too much going on, it takes 5 mins to scroll to the bottom of 250 listings, freezes/lags the whole way there, plus it’s just horrible the way it’s listed. I love eBay, but your app is below par for sellers. Also I can’t control anything that has to do with promoted listings via the app. This is just one more example that proves how weak and limited your app is for sellers. Thank you if you took time to read this. eBay is a great company and I must say they are #1 in every single way when it comes to customer service. I never have problems with foreign accents, they are always kind, and every-time I have had an issue they had a solution, in a very pleasing way plus timely manner. Thanks for your time. Southwestusafossils.Version: 5.27.0

OffersUsually it’s quite easy to list an item, just put it on and apart from answering the odd question just wait till item sales or if not relist item, that was until eBay introduced offers, whilst I can see some people may like this, I don’t. Having recently listed about 30 items setting offers to OFF I later found that I was getting offers on my items, if I wanted to sell items cheaper I would have started the auction cheaper. I had to go back into my items and check each one individually had offers OFF but found whilst this worked on some items it would also revert back to offers again even though I had checked details before submitting. This has happened many times I just wonder if its all worth it as you don’t always make a lot anyways and really didn’t want to spend that amount of time on something when the return is so small. eBay needs to give the option of OFFERS in site preferences where you could set and save permanently and not have the headache of having to keep going in and changing every time you list an item. I went on to a forum to find out if there was anything I could do to stop it to find other people having the same problem, others saying it was a glitch in the system, well if it was it’s still happening and eBay need to sort it..Version: 5.25.0

Not happyNot happy with the new eBay app. Nothing wrong with the old classic view page everything on one page and never had any trouble seeing payments, messages, 2nd chance buys, time left, feedback, how many to post, no available for 2nd chance buys everything. This new version tells me I have a message but when I try to open it doesn’t show the message, I was notified on one page that payment was made but didn’t get email confirmation that it was, I had to go to PayPal to see in my account to verify payment. 2nd chance come up as buy it now where the old version it wasn’t and I could add to invoice so as to apply postage discount this resulting in emails going back and forth and then doing refund for excess payment of postage so much extra work and frustration. All in all it is suppose to make it more simple to operate. If the old version isn’t broke why try to fix it, and old saying but true. Not Happy Pawpaw147.Version: 5.19.0

Scam filled company!Buyer beware! EBay has not changed one bit. After ten years I thought I would give them a second chance. OMG! Big mistake! I made 6 purchases from various different eBay sellers and what I discovered was. EBay is only as good as it’s best seller. The worst sellers are just straight up scams. They claim their system can detect these people and automatically boots them out. It doesn’t. If you have the unlucky fortune of buying something from a scam artist seller and want to get your money back. Good luck for the next 30-60 days, some cases take even longer to refund. In this case the seller sold me car parts, eBay claimed they would arrive by the 4th of the month. Time came around, I noticed the parts had not even been shipped yet. Contacted the seller for an updated ETA. Got a can message auto reply stating the seller was out of the office and would not return till next month. This is the scam. You can not get a refund because it has to be done by the seller not eBay! EBay insurance policy has time reporting and other restrictions which eliminate you from being able to claim fraud via their 100% guaranteed insurance. So just like last time ten years ago. I had my Credit card reverse the charge and learned never to do business with eBay’s scamming sellers again. Keep in mind you are not doing business with eBay! They are not involved with the purchase beyond introducing you to the scam artists they call sellers!.Version: 5.30.0

Works but Still no perfect.After years it’s still not possible to change the language and turn of this automatic translation. Since years many people requested this in the forum but they all are being totally ignored..Version: 5.24.1

I can’t even post a listing on the app! Fix it!The app has bugs that it needs so fix so people can actually post listings. When I post a listing for clothing it asks for the size, and I select it but then it disappears seconds later. You can’t post a listing without selecting the size of the clothing! It needs to be fixed!.Version: 5.22.1

Needs Dark modeDark mode still isn’t available. I literally find myself avoiding the app because of it..Version: 5.38.0

BuggyFalls far short when it comes to managing items for sale, too many bugs and issues to count. Some item for sale is not there in active listing and not showing up in search of active listing, but is there on the classic website, same for sold items and items awaiting postage. Also not displaying offers when there meant to be. When responding to offers from buyer who request i.e “free postage”...being a seller we need to know buyers location to determine whether we can afford to throw in free postage. Also buyer feedback counter display on offers. Good app but more improvements needed to be truely useful. I like to be able to use the app exclusively, but currently having to use both app and website, so phone and computer instead of just one..Version: 5.14.0

Just a bunch of hacked accounts and fake Chinese sellersI highly recommend you stop or never start using eBay. It was become a market place of fake sellers, most with Chinese addresses or American addresses that have been hacked. Just recently bought a backpack and received a shipped notice with a tracking number. When the “item” arrived it was a letter saying i would receive it soon and I could track it at USPS. But I never received a new tracking number. When I tried to get a refund from eBay, they required me to wait another 15 days before I could even request a refund. I decided to call eBay customer service and I was on hold for over 30 minutes even though the app said it would be a one minute wait time. When I finally got through to customer service, I had to explain my situation multiple times before they took any action. After all that waiting I was told I the seller had a week to provide a refund, if they failed to do a refund then I would have to call back. Prior to that incident I won an Apple TV from someone in California, after two weeks I never received the item and when I contacted the seller I never received a response. Again eBay forced me to wait another 10 days before I could request a refund. When I finally received a refund, I was not allowed to leave feedback warn others of the fake seller..Version: 5.24.0

Not good at allI hate it soooo much i live in Canada but every time I change the settings to Canada it changes back to United States I have tried every this app is the worst!!!!!.Version: 5.31.0

Customer service Is trashEbay just suddenly blocked my account for 0 reasons. After contacting customer service, Lisa, the customer representative assigned to me took extremely a long time to answer questions that did not answer the questions at all. Example Question: Why are you blocking me? her answer: Ebay has restricted your account. Super not helpful and wouldn't want to bring her manager. Terrible service from Ebay and Lisa.Version: 6.10.0

In it's own time zoneI've had this problem for quite a while and it is getting worse! I have my phone set in the automatic time setting and know for a fact it is spot on on time, yet when I use the eBay app it runs to a different time that's currently about 1 minute and 10 seconds faster than the actual time. As eBay is an auction site that is pretty much dependant on actual time this creates a very large problem when you bid and the auction in your app finishes over a minute before it does for anyone else and as a result I've been outbid several times when this has happened. Can you fix this!!?? It used to be around 10 seconds different but now it's over a minute I think it is beyond a joke!!.Version: 5.16.1

SAID YOU GOT THAT RIGHT !!!I have been trying to buy a picture give her a lighter for over two years now I kid you not because I purchase all the time on eBay so every time I think of it I go and try to find someone that selling it it’s a very popular later and the last very well I have a different model of one that I’ve had for years now and they use very deceptive practices they have one picture showing one thing which PayPal will quickly results for me because I take screenshots of every part of the order the thing they have listed the thing the message I wrote to the seller well paying for it and I’m very very specific they use language barrier as if there’s not 15,000 apps out there I have met many of them and they work perfect two years to buy a lighter because they make three colors and there’s only one that I wan PayPal will quickly resolve for me because I take screenshots of every part of the order the thing they have listed the thing the message I wrote to the seller will paying for it and I’m very very specific they use language barrier as if there’s not 15,000 apps out there I have met many of them and they work perfect to use to buy a lighter because they make three colors and there’s only one that I want.Version: 5.16.1

Needs some improvementI use this app for buying but I also sell a lot of stuff on it along with other apps. eBay is good as I sell most on there however the fees need lowering because there too high especially for a platform that isn’t even new and just starting out. When trying to list an item, putting specifics in takes ages as it’s very slow.. takes me a few minutes just to put what brand the item is which is ridiculous. This really needs speeding up. Buyers should be made to actually PAY for an item they have supposedly BROUGHT unless they specifically ask to cancel the order. I have had enough people ‘buy’ then never pay so I have to relist. TONS of scam sellers on this site and they all need removing. I have seen and heard complaints from people who have brought something and then receive something completely different, I have also experienced this personally. I have also recently had someone say they never received an item although I checked tracking and it said delivered. Of course they never said too much apart from ‘well it’s not here’. Clearly trying it on to get refunded.. not that I would have done because the item was delivered and the proof was in the tracking. People like this need removing Sellers need more support overall. Sometimes the buyer isn’t actually right and are just trying it on to get refunded so the item they have brought doesn’t actually cost them.Version: 6.11.0

EBayNot working well on my iPad! Information dropped, freezes in certain data entry pop-ups. Switched to browser mode, information dropped there as well. What’s going on at eBay?.Version: 6.10.0

EBay Shopping and Customer serviceThis is a nice app to use to go shopping on as well during this pandemic but we just bought a electric car/scooter to help get places quicker and easier than walk 5 miles there and back but we called in because we were supposed to get a 50% off discount for it but we clicked it and went to check out to purchase it WITH the 50% discount but later on looking at our item we realised we didn’t get the discount thinking it was a mistake but called in to make sure it’s gone through but end up being told we didn’t do it when we did and there was something else to do to get our discount but we clicked it. It’s an honest mistake that we didn’t know there was something else to do we purchased that very item with the discount so we still should get it because we did click for it and if you did allow us to still get our discount we would of given you a 4 star or even a 5 star rating this is just one of the things at eBay that needs to be sorted out for customer services Thank you.Version: 6.1.0

Heavily Flawed System for SellersThe app has no access at all to your user account, you can't get into your bill, balance or any of that other really useful stuff. Also be careful selling, if you choose to accept refunds or not it doesn't matter, eBay forces you to accept anything and everything back despite the sellers reasoning. Part of eBay's buyer protection, the sellers get screwed over. Which is ironic as they are the ones making eBay money?! Sold one item, seller used it for 3weeks then decided to return it on the grounds that the price had gone down on it in the last week and he'd decided to send mine back and re-buy the item slightly cheaper from someone else. Giving him a further month to use someone else's item before returning again for a cheaper one and so on & so on... eBay will also force you to pay for the return postage for these items too!? Essentially letting people loan items for up to a month for free! I know people who buy expensive camera equipment for holidays use it, take the footage off the cameras on return and then get the seller to pay to take his own used equipment back now they've no use for it... Be careful, less your buying then feel free to screw everyone... who.Version: 5.17.0

Sellers - Limited Accesibility on AppI love everything about selling through the eBay app, except a few major flaws that need to be addressed before I would give the app anything close to a 5 star rating. While I am able to create/revise listings with single variations through the app directly, there is no option to create/revise multiple variation listings through the app itself. I only sell through multiple variation listings, as creating listings for item variations individually would be way too time consuming and costly. But multi-variation listings is only accessible through a computer’s web browser, (note: I have tried using my iPhones safari web browser to create/revise listings that feature multiple variations, but my efforts here have been unsuccessful due to issues loading the classic desktop webpage in my iOS mobile browser). Another major issue is communication with my buyers-when I reply to their questions from the eBay app on my phone, it doesn’t register my responses as ‘answers’ to the buyers questions, despite the fact that I have answered them. As a result, my eBay seller hub thinks that I have countless unanswered questions from buyers, yet I have answered every last one. If these two issues were addressed, I would most definitely change this review to 5 stars!.Version: 5.33.0

EBayI can’t see any feedback or my own after update sort this out ASAP please eBay has gone down hill massively for the seller massive seller fees at 10% plus PayPal fees then on top of that there’s no protection for the seller ie i sold a iPhone that was absolutely mint almost shop perfect and the buyer said he once a Partial refund because he seen a tiny scratch on the Apple logo which I no wasn’t there because it lived its entire life in a case with screen protector I’m sure he done it but he got onto eBay witch eBay forced me to partial refund him I was fuming eBay needs to sort this part of there model out as it’s getting abused plus eBay make it hard to report or block someone ie this should be the easiest thing to do but it’s well hidden I understand what eBay want to do they want to look as if it’s the best place to shop and sell not really when you have millions of people in one place you can’t please everyone and certain aspects are open to abuse therefore reporting and block nuisance people should be made very easy to do on the whole eBay still needs improvement in certain areas.Version: 5.31.0

Terrible Terrible!!!!I have been a seller for over 10 years, sold many items throughout the years. First, EBay has never stood up for the seller! Anytime I’ve had an issue, or had a case, EBay has always sided with the buyer! Who do you think makes you money???? The seller is the reason you make money! This is why everyone is going to Facebook to sale their item lol. Second, I had to create a new account because of some lost information and EBay is unable to see that I have sold in the last without issues, but EBay still hold the money I’ve earned by selling an item. Ridiculous!!!! I am waiting for my funds to be released and once this happens, I plan on listing anything I have for sale on FB!!!! The only time I plan on using EBay is for Purchases!!! When you go out of business because no one wants to list anything on your website, I will purchase my items with a much smarter business. You are fortunate you were one of the first online stores, because this is the only reason EBay was successful in the beginning! Now there are more options and unfortunately many of your employees will be out of a job because of terrible decisions by upper management! You bit the hand that feeds you and soon if not already, you will see how it affects your bottom line!.Version: 5.26.5

Send buyer an invoice option please!!!!Please please please enable sellers to send buyers a combined invoice from the app!!! It is almost impossible to do this! Currently I only manage to do this by going on my browser to the actual eBay site and then to classic site but even then it constantly switches back to the mobile version!! It drives me insane! Please fix it!! It just takes too long just now!!! Other than that..... I’ve been buying and selling on eBay for 12 years now and love it. Gives us a way to clear out no longer needed things and brings in some extra cash for it. The fees are ridiculous though. Between eBay and Paypal fees it’s not too hard to actually be out of pocket - which is of course useless! And with Royal Mail constantly increasing prices it’s getting pretty dear as a buyer as well. However i do still feel it’s worth it for me. The app is good but not perfect. I often have to go to the actual site which is a pain. Would love to see the app continually updated by actual users. All of this said - on a number of occasions over the past decade I’ve needed help from eBay - an abusive seller once - a hard to deal with buyer another time - and a few things here or there - eBay help team has been fantastic. Could not fault them! However - it is pretty hard to actually find the number to contact eBay/ be contacted by them - it’s almost impossible. Please make that a bit easier as well. All in all - I’m thankful for EBay!.Version: 5.20.0

Crashes when submitting negative reviewsThe app itself is a bit clunky but that can be overlooked, it does its job. What is really frustrating is that it just crashes whenever you try to submit any kind of negative or neutral feedback..Version: 6.1.0

Please add invoice requesting in checkout!My biggest issue with the eBay app is one I’ve requested many times now and your customer service people tell me they get asked for all the time. Please, please, PLEASE give us the ability to ask for an invoice in checkout so we can notify the seller we would like combined shipping. Currently this is only available in the desktop version and even then only on an actual computer. It’s still not available if I select desktop mode on my iPhone and use eBay in Safari. This is a HUGE gap in capability. Also, you appear to have a memory leak. I’ve been a computer technician and programmer since the ‘70s and I know a memory leak when I see one. After using the app to check out posted items and scrolling through lists long enough the speed of the app bogs down tremendously and tends to spuriously quit all on its own. This happens most often when scrolling through lists but can happen at any point. I keep hoping that another update will fux this but the problem is actually getting worse. It used to take a fair amount of time to happen and then not every time now it’s every use of the app and occurs quite readily..Version: 5.31.0

Selling - Drafts?I like eBay and have used it for a long time. However over the last few days I’ve made drafts of all of the things I wanted to sell. I made around 25 listings and drafted them so that I could list them properly all at once. To my surprise, when I went into drafts only the last 7 are there. I looked this up having not read anything about this before and found out that you can only have 7 drafts at one time. Not anywhere did it ever tell me this information on the app when I was doing it and not once did it mention anything when learning how to sell items. I’ve now been left angry and frustrated as I now have to go back and make about 20 listings all over again, and waste what’s probably going to be another two evenings, thanks to information not being put across to me before hand. Why is this not mentioned when learning how to sell an item? I have to say I’m very annoyed and disappointed. Update: the drafts that disappeared for me appeared back once I had listed the first 7 that were there, although this was a relief to me and cancels and most of my issues, this information was never put across to me and so I wasn’t to know this, hence my initial frustration..Version: 5.35.0

WthI keep trying to set mu location back to canada and it keeps logging me out and setting it to america also my password never works what the hell its so frustrating.Version: 6.10.0

EBay update 2021New updates sucks I can’t even update the damm app Apple needs to fix this please.Version: 6.10.0

Saved searches now almost useless.The saved search function used to be far superior to the desktop version (in that it uses a symbol to show when there are new results, which the web version doesn’t, meaning you don’t have to bother with email alerts) but it has been rendered almost useless now. Frequently, the app will just forget your refinements, so if you’ve got a saved search for a single category and under a certain price, it’ll forget that and give you all items matching your keywords across the entire site, which really isn’t helpful. Even when that’s working properly, all saved search results are now completely stuffed with “sponsored” results. I’m forever getting told that my saved search for a certain video game has 12 new results, only to get one actually relevant listing and 11 “sponsored” listings that are, at best, outside my price range or in a different platform category (because sponsored results ignore refinements) and at worst (and very frequently), blatant bootlegs and fakes that eBay not only refuses to clamp down on, but takes money to push at users. It’s hard enough to find legitimate retro games on eBay now without having them repeatedly highlight all the fakes that shouldn’t even be on there..Version: 5.33.0

Works, mostlyI like the convenience of eBay on the phone. But, one thing my app used to do, but has stopped is swipe for save for later. Now both options are remove from cart. ??? I have tried to find out why..Version: 6.11.0

Create accountI can’t even create a account with my iPhoneX I put in my name and email and it tells me to put a password. It wouldn’t even let me put a password to continue..... it just highlights the area with “strong password” in all yellow..... it wouldn’t even let type my password..... I would give it half a star but the lowest I can give is 1 star..Version: 6.10.0

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  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
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  4. If you are a EBay marketplace - Buy & save customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using EBay marketplace - Buy & save.

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