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Trulia Real Estate & Rentals App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Trulia Real Estate & Rentals app received 80 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Trulia Real Estate & Rentals? Can you share your negative thoughts about trulia real estate & rentals?

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Trulia Real Estate & Rentals for Negative User Reviews

Only USAIs not applicable for Australia..Version: 5.1

Waste of timeApparently there is no places for sale or rent in the greater Vancouver area... What a joke!.Version: 4.1.3

ArghArgh newest updated has caused all my saves to be cleared....not really impressed by this.Version: 7.3

US only!!!Not much good for Australians.... Glad I didn't buy it because it's useless to me!!!.Version: 5.1

SMHThis app is good but I really wish it worked in Canada 😢😪 I'm looking to rent and this would of been the perfect app for a busy person like myself😠.Version: 5.2

Constant crashesPoor app. Keeps crashing, forcing you to start a search from the beginning..Version: 6.6

Trulia manipulates clicksWhy does Trulia show incorrect results when click on listings. Does it have anything to do with manipulating and generating higher number of search results.Version: 8.2

Good…ish…Please add keyword search function. Thanks :D.Version: 4.1.1

Needs updates and fixingEvery property you view there always be a picture that doesn't load. Poor information about properties... No HAO fees listed. 1 in 3 properties are not listed correctly. Sometimes when you click on the map icon or street view you either get no map or and icon in the middle of know where. Needs updates.Version: 10.1.1

A waste of timeDid not get me a single listing in my selected area in Montreal.Version: 7.4.2

Need ability to cancel sent requestI want to like this app. Since I spend so much time in the website, I figured it would be easier to have the app. However, since getting it, I’ve accidentally sent so many requests regarding apartments that I’m not even interested. Usually I’m swiping with one hand and the button is too sensitive somehow. Worst is that it doesn’t always record that you’ve send a request and your I end up sending the message more than once to the same people. There needs to either be a way to cancel the sent request or have a confirmation button before it is sent. For now, I think I’m just going to wait until I get in my laptop so I don’t send more accidental requests..Version: 10.15.1

UselessPotentially great but search settings are impossible to set. They keep resetting whenever a filter is changed. Incredibly frustrating..Version: 7.4

Does not work in CanadaThe app description never specified this doesn’t work in Canada. I can’t search for anything in Alberta or other major Canadian cities. Get this garbage off the App Store..Version: 12.2.1

IrritatingOn the app, I can’t find my ‘searches’ like I could the last time I used the app. Nor only see the homes that have piqued my interest. I can’t swipe away homes I’m not interested in. I get recommendations for locations I’m nowhere near and at prices way beyond my interest. I should be able to have defined parameters to a search, with only notifications for homes fitting those parameters, with ability to ‘deny’ properties and not see them within my search again, and should be able to open my searches each with its own criterion and see only the properties I haven’t ‘refused’ and that fit those criterion... if you want a list of homes available that may or may not be what interest you, this app is super. If you’d like to use this app to narrow your selection and monitor places of interest, go for a different one!!!.Version: 12.12

Not available in Canada?No houses in Canada....Version: 10.11

I Used to Like This AppWhen this app sends you updates and recommendations for areas you are interested in buying in, it’s great. I’m searching for homes exclusively in the NH seacoast region and no where else. But somehow it started sending me recommendations for San Diego, CA claiming it’s based on my search history. I never searched for homes in San Diego, there is no way that I can find to disable that search location in the app, and I’ve sent two email requests to disable that search and both have gone unanswered. Now I’m getting emails and recommendations almost exclusively for homes in San Diego, which I could care less about, and my desired search area is virtually ignored. The app is now useless to me. Why can’t the developers allow you to disable search areas? How hard can that be? So be careful if you do a search for a friend or out of curiosity search in a location you’re only mildly interested in because then you’ll be inundated with results from those areas and not be able to turn it off!.Version: 13.1.1

Doesnt work for CanadaIm sure its great for the states. ???.Version: 6.4

NEEDS TO BE FIXEDThe "days on trulia" and "best match" are coming up with the same result of houses and not giving me the newest house that have come up for sale, please fix it !.Version: 7.6

Only available in America?I live in Canada, if I try to see houses in my area, I will receive a notification saying "No homes available, please adjust your zoom." I am quite annoyed by this fact but I think this would be great, only, if you live(or are planing to live) in America. Everywhere else you cannot use it..Version: 7.1

Crash proneUseful but crashes often.Version: 5.2

Good luck contacting property owners2 stars for being able to see pictures of properties and overall ease of searching for apartments using the map. I would give it no stars when it comes to attempting to contact a property owner/manager to inquire of availability. I have reached out to several managers and never receive a call or email reply. Makes me wonder how often listings are updated? What’s the point of this app if I never get a call back to attempt to get an apartment. Other websites seem to be more efficient such as cragsL. Good luck actually trying to get an apartment using this app, you’re better off driving around town and call apartments that have a vacancy sign outside with a phone #..Version: 13.11

Almost perfect but too difficult to see lot sizeI don’t know exactly why I like this app over others for searching real estate. Something about the base functionality is more fluid or something but I can’t exactly place my finger on it. But I have to use a second app to see details more easily. I believe it’s because the website posts lot size on the photos. The app does not and I think lot size is a key feature for buying. The app doesn’t display it anywhere without expanding menus for mor info and I still have to hunt for it. I’m sure the app could have other improvements but I don’t use it as my primary right now..Version: 13.12

Decent app, one major flawI like this app because it has a lot of options, especially viewing neighborhood data like schools and crime etc... However there is a huge problem of moron jerk faces posting “lot” or “land” that “would be great to build on” and crap like that on home listings. Additionally when builders list “not yet built” but list “plans and a lot”. This is so frustrating and these listings should be pulled. They should have their own section for people who actually are interested in that. This app would be 5 miles ahead of all other platforms if they would add the ability to “report” those listings, to be pulled so that everyone doesn’t have their time wasted by lying manipulative jerks. Perhaps if a certain user gets 3 or more flags in a given time they should have their account suspended. This is an ongoing problem lately and I’m sure I’m not the only prospective buyer getting mad about this..Version: 10.19

Probably great for studios, infuriating for biggerThis app should be great. I appreciate that one of the filters is how close it is to public transportation stops, something I haven’t seen on other similar apps I’ve tried. However, when using filters, particularly price and bedroom number, it’s immensely flawed. Instead of searching out places that offer the selected number of rooms within your budget, it finds places that offer units that meet either criteria. So if you’re looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, it pulls up places with studios in your budget even though units in the size you’re actually needing are way over budget. Trying to sort through them all to find one that actually works for you is such a headache. All that said, if they correct this I think it will be one of the more helpful apps of its kind. (Also their “leave feedback” button is giving an error, so this is currently the only way to make suggestions like this)..Version: 14.0.2

Does not work in CanadaA message telling me this before I downloaded the app would be nice.Version: 13.2.3

Only for AmericaNo point if you're house hunting in Australia..Version: 7.7

OK, but some annoying glitchesI get email alerts of properties that may interest me, and downloaded this app thinking it would be easier to view them on my iPhone than opening in my browser. It’s not really. The email links now open only in the app, no choice. When I go through an email I may click on several properties so I can then delete the email. The properties stack up in the app, and there appears to be no choice but to see them in that order. To see the next property I must close the one I’m looking at, and can’t go back unless I favorite it. I don’t want all those favorites, just an ability to move between three or four properties. There also seems to be no way to get a link to send without starting a false text and then copying the link. Even starting a false email does not give a copyable link. Yes, I can send a direct email to someone through the app, but that is usually not what I want to do. I want a link I can paste into an email or text I am writing outside the app. If there are solutions to these issues they are ones I have not been able to find in way too much time spent looking, which reflects on the usability of the app. These issues are annoying enough that I am going back to using my browser, and since there’s no choice where things open that means deleting the app entirely..Version: 11.3

BuggyThis is the third version of this app that does not work in Hawaii. Searches work fine in the mainland, but any map searches in Hawaii say "you've reached the outer limits". I'm tired of waiting for Trulia to fix this bug; it looks like a great app, but it's useless in HI..Version: 4.1.1

I wish the directions worked betterI’d like to see better photos submitted to the listings.Version: 12.6.0

Pros and consCons: The major issue I am having right now is that the app won't recognize that I've changed my alert settings. It keeps showing me homes for rent in an area that isn't in my saved searches, and I have unchecked showing homes in the surrounding area. I am purchasing, not renting. Currently, when I try to go to the alert settings it gives me an error message and shows a blank screen. Pros: I enjoy this app for its street view, and it gives more information than other home search apps don't have. Sometimes it even lists homes before Realtor. The price drop alert is a great feature. Other than that, it does what all the other similar apps do..Version: 10.17.1

MrTotal waste of time. Does not show results in area I live in.Version: 6.4

SpammersWARNING This app auto subscribed me to 16 email lists that impossible to be unsubscribe from from on an iPhone. Just thought you should be warned..Version: 9.3

No goodRubbish. If you try searching Sydney it gives results only for the USA. How hard is it to return local results?????¿.Version: 4.1.3

Old app was betterIt's a shame they have removed the map functionality of the old app. I understand it's because of apple's introduction of their crap maps but if like me you've not upgraded your IOS because of that this is, it's a backward step. Trulia you need to offer an option in the settings to allow users to select the default map option as the google map app..Version: 5.8

Splash then CrashWon't load past the splash screen. Back to Zillow!.Version: 10.3.1

Does this even work in Canada?Couldn't get it to work in Vancouver, BC or other areas. Other reviewers mentioned it not working in other major cities in Canada..Version: 10.14.1

App/Listings don’t follow filtersI used to really enjoy using Trulia. The interface was cleaner and more user friendly than some of the other apps (layout, ability to swipe through pictures). However, I’m assuming to some changes, searching for properties that fit my specifications has become annoying and cumbersome: 1) Lot size is very important to me but I can’t sort my search results by lot size. 2) I’m not interested in condos, apartments, lots/land, or auctions but those properties frequently show up in my results, no matter what filters I apply to my search. This wouldn’t have been a problem in the past, however 3) there is no longer an option to hide properties that I don’t care for. This was always a great option to have because I know that there are some properties that I won’t change my mind on, however I have to see them and scroll past a ton of them without the option to hide. I used to love what Trulia does, now I just get so frustrated with the fact that it’s not allowing a personalized search that I’m going to have to delete it..Version: 11.6.1

Impossible to stop unwanted notificationsAbout 10 months ago, I was using Trulia to search for houses in two areas, let's call them A and B. Eight months ago, I stopped looking for houses in area B. However, I continued to receive notifications in the app for new listings in area B. This continued for months, so I finally contacted support and asked how I could disable notifications for area B when I was no longer interested in it. After two months of back-and-forth with their 'support' person along with mutliple pinkie-promises that it would be fixed as well as lots of "just wait seven more days!!!!", I was finally told it was my own fault and to wait another 30 days for it to clear. (Nevermind the insults!) I've wasted an incredible amount of time on an app that basically shows pretty pics and lots of inaccurate listing information. I am now using the MLS directly with my realtor, the information is 1000% more accurate, and I don't get unending empty promises from a company with useless customer support..Version: 13.2

Abysmal “Update”Trulia used to be my go-to real estate app. Now, with this update, filters don’t work properly (the app really, really wanted me to find a place in San Francisco), the sidebar with the house pictures doesn’t move out of the way when not needed, when I touch on the property on the map, it doesn’t give me the sidebar picture and link unless I really tap on it and then it goes to the listing but that isn’t what I want. I want to be able to take a quick glance at the picture and the location on the map to see if I want to look more. I’m looking forward to when Trulia will fix what it fixed, and frankly didn’t need fixing to begin with, as far as I’m concerned. This was an elegant program ruined unnecessarily..Version: 12.17

No one repliesI have been on this app for months trying to find a rental property. While the app itself is easy to navigate and use, I can honestly say that I have not heard back from one property management company or landlord at all! It’s a scam that these rentals are requiring application and payment up from to apply to simply view or tour a rental, but to not follow up with you or notify that your application has not been selected for whatever reason is completely unprofessional. There should be a way Trulia can track these scam listings because I refuse to believe I am the only person that has paid to apply for several properties without even a single email or call back. I have since stopped applying now that I’ve caught on, but it’s a shame to be taken advantage of when I am in desperate need and in search for a place to call home..Version: 13.19

Was GoodI was enjoying this and found it quite useful for our house hunting. However, about a week ago I started getting notifications for NYC apartment rentals. I don’t live in NY, I have never searched in NY, and I most definitely am not interested in renting. On top of this, suggestions used to be spot on; now they suggest houses which are in no way in my search parameters - not even close. $500,000 homes are not in my family’s budget. Lastly, the app tells me I have 8-10 new notifications and it turns out there is only one. Maybe this is just a bug, but it’s a dumb one. Fix these things and get 5 stars. But the app has been more annoying lately than helpful..Version: 14.4

Only works for USAWas excited for this app, now disappointed that I cannot see Canadian listings...would change to a 5 star otherwise..Version: 8.0.2

UselessIn a global world.... A USA only app is a waste of time, money and hard drive space. Junk.Version: 5.2

TruliaI don’t like the fact that there’s no receipt of messages or a way to follow up with places you may be interested in. I’ve tried to look into several places I’ve sent “emails”, “1 click availability”, and I haven’t heard back from 1 of these places and there’s no way to check if you’re “message” has went through or maybe I’m not using the app right idk but as right now, I don’t seem to like how that app works in that aspect. There should be a message area through the app that shows receipt that I reached out to realtors and they can reach back out to clients through the app. I’m waiting on an email (reply) that I don’t even know that was received. Frustrating..Version: 13.3

Stop hijacking my search with beggingI’m in the middle of a search. I’m looking at a house. Suddenly! As if on cue! The app whisks me out of my view screen and asks, “do you like Trulia?” Uh, no, no I don’t! And if you click YES it sends you to the iTunes Store to leave a review. If you click NO it shunts you into a feedback form to force communication with their developers. If you take me out of my flow to demand feedback, I will give it to you. And you won’t like it. I don’t like the Trulia app. I hate it for its inappropriately-timed begging for feedback. I dislike the fact that you can’t clear or escape the Recommended properties. I think the crime view is fairly inaccurate based on downplaying crime wherever you’re searching, but I could be wrong about this aspect. Aren’t you glad you pushed me to leave feedback, Trulia?.Version: 11.3

Inaccurate and out of dateDo not waste your time on this app if you are seriously looking for a home. This app is always late to post new listings or update existing listings. I am constantly getting notifications for new listings from other home apps and then I get them from Trulia like weeks later. My notifications are set up correctly on Trulia too so this isn’t user error. My husband and I put an offer on a home in the first week of January and it was pending several days later. I JUST got the notification from Trulia this morning saying the home was pending and we are closing on the home tomorrow. Redfin had that weeks ago. That’s almost a month late, Trulia. The only reason I still have this app is for the heat map that shows the crime reports. That’s super helpful and the only reason it got two stars..Version: 10.16.1

No rentals?It looks like it'd be a good app... But it's a shame there's no listings in Sydney at all. Obviously I'm doing something wrong?.Version: 5.9

Not in CanadaIf your in Vancouver dont bother it doesn't have any listings here..Version: 5.0

Not one property found anywhereNothing found, tried resetting phone/app. Same result. Completely useless and certainly not a download and use tool? I don't need to spend time debugging someone's app with them, just deleted..Version: 9.4

It would be better if you could delete/change alertsThis app is fine except for one thing. If you are looking for homes in a specific area for a while and then one day you change your mind and would rather look elsewhere, you can’t change your alert settings to exclude the area you don’t want. I keep getting notifications for homes in an area I’m no longer interested in moving to and I 1) can’t delete the alerts, and 2) can’t change the alert criteria to exclude that area. I don’t get any alerts for homes in areas I’m ACTUALLY interested in, which is very annoying. And my alert notifications won’t go away unless I mark them as “read.” I hope this feature is changed with a future update..Version: 13.19

Stupid app 👎🏽First of all they can’t even register you with just your email they’re so parasite that you must use third party like FB, google or Apple and even that doesn’t work properly. Gonna delete this trash right now!!.Version: 14.5

Wish I had read all the USA only reviews before downloadingPutting that in the description rather than relying on the reviews to do the job would have helped..Version: 5.2

AnnoyingDon't waste your time it dose not work..Version: 6.4

Very poorVery poor app, doesn't bring up listing the website does. So not worth bothering with.Version: 6.4

Updates are badA lot of changes were made to the app in the most recent update that weren’t that great. I regret applying the update to the point I don’t even want to use the app anymore. When I search for a specific address now I get a map boundary of the area the house could be. It’s like a game which green oval on the map is the house I was looking for. Before I could search an address and it would pull up the exact listing. The history of what you have viewed is gone. Previously you could click on a house it would turn grey and remain grey even after closing the app and reopening it. Now the app only maintains that history until it’s closed. I used this feature every time I used the app. It was helpful in knowing that anything green was new. Now I have to click through everything looking at 100 houses I’ve already looked at. The amount of detail for each listing is gone. Before you could tell the exact type of heat and air conditioning a house had, central, forced air, radiant, etc. now I get a yes or a no whether the house has heat or ac. Along with this you have two categories cooling system and air conditioning, what’s the difference? Cooling system is always yes whether a house has central air or not from what I’ve seen. Cooling system can be yes and air conditioning can be no, it doesn’t make sense..Version: 10.21

Great Potential with LimitationsI’m thankful for the flexibility in this app. It can easily transition categories, from ‘rental’, to ‘for sale’, to ‘sold’. My partner and I used this app to successfully find our current rental and are now using it for house hunting; sort of. If you select ‘single family home’ there shouldn’t be any townehomes, row houses, or attached living spaces. Furthermore, when we type ‘garage’ as an added feature I’d rather the list not include options with ‘garage parking’. Lastly, and probably the feature trulia has the most control over, is I wish there was a ‘remove option’. I understand that the houses viewed are ‘grayed out’ but I think it’d be especially helpful in deselecting houses/units which are undesirable. The app is otherwise easy to use, intuitive, and I’m grateful that turning off notifications/emails is easily achieved. I’d give it a 3.5 if possible..Version: 12.15

App changesWas a good app until the latest update. For some reason they got rid of the satellite view which made it nice to see the direction and layout of the yard. One of the best options now gone..Version: 10.9.2

FlakeyI have a love hate relationship with this app. I love the fact that it doesn’t look at specific realtor house (zillow, realtor, etc). My issue is that it is flakey showing houses. I can look at houses one day and then the next day won’t show anything at all! Not even the ones I viewed the day before! Before I would get a message saying nothing found try changing filters. Still wouldn’t show anything. But now I don’t even get that message! No houses show! The app isn’t hanging up. I can still see my favorites. This issue really needs fixed. It happens on all 3 of my devices, but I’ve noticed that my much older tablet doesn’t have this issue as much as the newer devices!.Version: 13.8

They changed it.I have several apps for searching for houses that I refer to. Trulia was not my favorite for this reason - you have to actually click on a house to see the pics instead of being able to quickly scan across the pics from the main page. This seems like a little thing, but when you're looking at so many houses, and looking at many of the same houses again and again, these things make a difference. That having been said, Trulia had something that none of the others had - maps of the crime in the area of the house. This was invaluable, and I would get all my addresses and plug them in here to see those crime maps. And now it seems that they've taken that off. On my mom's phone and mine, we can't find it there anymore. That's a shame. Not much reason for me to keep using this now..Version: 13.17

Currency of listingsVery useful however some information is out of date ie listed properties have already been sold..Version: 6.5.1

Worthless appDoesn't bring up anything in all of Perth!!.Version: 6.4

App isn’t working anymoreI love this app and I’ve been using it for about a year to look for a new apartment. it started out great and the app was really helpful in my fiancé and I’s search. however, since the last update, the app just isn’t working at all. it’s been about two weeks now that I can’t get the app to even open. I’ve tried redownloading the app a few times but it’s still won’t open. it’s just a blank white screen with a red alert at the bottom that says “cannot open app, please try again later.” I’m not sure if it’s a bug with the new update or if it’s something wrong with my phone, but I’m really disappointed. I’m still getting notifications multiple times a day for new listings and it’s very annoying that I can’t look at them. please fix it so it can be one of my favorite apps again!.Version: 12.14.1

Faulty App!App will not update or work on my iPhone 5. Also, it will not let me delete it. There is no app support to help resolve issues!!!!.Version: 10.7.1

I like it and I don'tLike I'm sure others have said, you c ant clear recommended, and sometimes the recommendations are no where near what you're interested in, or can even afford (as much as I'd like to be able to afford a quarter million dollar home, throwing it in my face doesn't help :)). Another issue I have is the FEED. It started out being a good thing. But now, houses I've no interest in (maybe saved them at one point but are no longer) pop on and off the market DAILY, and fill the entire feed. There has to be away to report listings that are constantly on and off the market (possible fake listings) or at least remove them permanently. I don't want to see the same two houses 24 times on my feed jumping on and off he market. However, the positives are that typically I find more houses on this app than I do others. I call them "Hidden" listings, because living in a woodsy and farmsy Midwestern state, a lot of listings in these areas don't get listed on other apps, from what I can tell at least. With the last update I thought it was easier to "unsave" listings, but with them popping up a hundred times in my feed, I'm not so sure it worked haha. I still use the app, just think it could be better. N.Version: 10.16

Not helpful!Not much good unless you live in the US..Version: 5.0

Not always helpfulI have not found out how to change the settings, it is not easy to use but the constant alerts are good; not so great if wrong area!.Version: 10.12.1

Do not request a showing - Constant SpamI really liked this app for browsing for homes and seeing the data they provide. But seriously, DO NOT request a showing through them. I hardly ever got spam calls before I did and now they pop up every couple hours at least, even with spam blocking. I also kept receiving texts from them trying to get me to use one their agents even though I found my own right after I’d requested the showing initially - I had to block the number they were texting me from. And I still started receiving texts from multiple other agents trying to set up showings. I literally got in touch with my own agent right after sending the request through Trulia and had told them never-mind right away after the first time they texted me they, and I’m still getting constantly hounded..Version: 13.5.1

Only in the USIf you are not living in the United States of America then do not bother. It has a really nice user interface besides that. Hope it grows into more countries..Version: 7.8.1

OopsGot one search in, now it's all black, nothing.can't reset or anything..Version: 4.1.1

Not available in CanadaNot worthy of being in the Canadian App Store. Please update or remove..Version: 6.0

Canadians can’t useThis app can’t be used by people who live in Canada. That makes for a lot of disappointed potential customers, like me..Version: 13.16

GarbageNothing for sale over the whole Canada. USELESS.Version: 11.0

Limited filteringI have been using a few different apps and trulia is the most inconvenient. They offer less options for filtering. I live in Florida and will only buy a house that has a pool. I entered “pool” as a keyword, yet half of the houses shown don’t have a pool. I don’t have this problem on other apps. Sure this app has a lot of houses, but I spend most of my time looking at ones that should be filtered out. I find better houses faster on other apps like realtor and Zillow because they have better search parameters. Also, I have multiple saved searches set up, and get notified as houses show up, yet my app says I don’t have any saved searches created? Trulia has good potential but needs some work..Version: 12.11

Glad it was freeWish it worked in Canada, gave me a local real estate agent to call! I could have done that myself!.Version: 5.2

App is severely glitchy!Previously this app worked very well however in the past week or two it has been extremely glitchy. It will send me recommendations that are completely outside of my search parameters and also it will send me a push notification for a new property listing only to go to the app and into my alerts and have it tell me to ‘set up’ new alerts as if none are already there. If I hit refresh the previously saved searches list will reappear. Lastly, I tried to report the issues via the ‘report a problem’ option and it redirects me to an apple site where it then tells me that ‘I do not have the product’ in order to do a support request… very frustrating!.Version: 14.0.2

Doesn't workDoesn't work in Australia, please don't put on the global store if it doesn't work. Waste of time..Version: 6.4

Update is annoying!Doesn't let me delete homes from my favourite lists any more so I keep receiving notifications for every single one for everything. It's pretty annoying to have your phone beep all the time for price reductions of $1 or any other activity.....Version: 10.9.2

🤔Although I like trulia, I don’t understand why you took out the home boards. It was easier to categorise stuff and you just took it out..Version: 10.15.1

TriciaTried to put in a location, where I have looked before BUT it kept coming back with 'location unknown'. Disappointed..Version: 6.4

FiltersLooking for a home is always a struggle and it only gets harder when you have pets. Being able to specify more on what your looking for would be really helpful. I am constantly waisting time on homes that wont accept my pet due to size or breed. Im unsure why the renters are able to specify small or large dogs but as someone looking for a home i only get the dog or cat option. We should be able to filter more options or maybe a more advanced profile where i can put in who would live in the household, what breed and size pets i have as well as the types of homes and areas im looking for... Theres alot of areas in our city i would t want to live and it would be nice to be able to highlight areas your interest in or uninterested in. That way you only see properties that match what your looking for..Version: 12.4.0

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