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Mobile Mouse Remote for Positive User Reviews

Epic!Amazing app, very well presented, perfect for home theatre.Version: 2.6.1

Simple yet powerful!Awesome little app! Very handy for use around the house wether it's using it as a mouse (when you can't find any batteries in the house for your original mouse), or using it as a means of controlling multimedia. One little feature i'd like to see is the ability to use the volume buttons on the side of the iPod/iphone as a volume control even when the iPod/iPhone is locked. (like you can do when listening to music) Other than that, greatest free app in the app store! Most useful tool ever! I use it everyday! Well done!.Version: 2.6.1

Across a company wireless networkNo issues; easy to install and configure. Worked first time with no effort. Great control and very fast response time. Love it..Version: 0

Excellent app!!!!!!!!!!Excellent very smooth and responsive..Version: 0

This is GreatThis is great, perfect for when im not at my desk and need to use the mouse. I like the options of being able to control apps like iTunes with a touch of a button, as well as browsing long pages, whether it be word documents or webpages, and being able to scroll with 2 fingers. The simplistic layout allows the user to do a range of tasks with ease, and does it well..Version: 0

Fantastic, fantastic, fantasticThis app is amazing!!!! The wireless mouse I wanted to control my computer screen on my TV would not cover the distance I needed. This app does, and so much more. Plus I get to play with my iphone. Might even use this as my regular's more fun. Love it. Keep up the good work..Version: 0

GreatGreat! Easy to set up. Use it for my media pc on the tv. Only thing missing is some form of scroll. Buttons on the mouse where a wheel would normally be just result in vista trying to switch between apps. Perhaps the wrong thing is being sent to the os. Maybe something on the right hand edge like laptop mouse pads for scrolling up and down pages. Also had it once not respond to button clicks though the mouse pointer would still move around. Otherwise saved me from going and getting a small wireless keyboard..Version: 0

$&%#ing awesome!Ok, profanity aside the app rocks. First off this will probably be the only app review I ever write (seriously who has time for writing reviews)...but back to the point - up until now my only other options were well over the $100 mark and only let me control one computer - the people at "airmouse" just saved me about $150 per home media system AND it's far easier to use then either of the hardware options! (I love you guys - "tear").Version: 0

Reliable.The important thing about this app is that it works consistently and doesn’t have any lag for the pointer when working over local Wi-Fi. I tried a couple of other options and they both had the mouse jumping all over the screen. This one doesn’t. The UI isn’t 100% my favorite, but it’s more than good enough..Version: 3.5.0

A wireless touchpad. Really handy app...READ THIS 1stI have been using this app all day with Windows 7. And 3GS iPhone. Everything installed and set up smoothly. IMPORTANT: you will need to have some tech/troubleshooting skills to get it going, perfectly. I highly Recommend you Read the Help section on their website to get an idea of what you are getting into 1st. There is a big learning patient. Even though it doesn't do everything I want it to do, it does do 90% of what I want. good enough to buy. And this app has LOADS of potential. Probably most useful if you have a laptop and are using it for media and browsing. Now I can sit back on my couch and watch a movie, surf, check iTunes without moving. A couch potatoes dream!.Version: 0

AwesomeI was having a few problems with it at first but now works perfect.Version: 3.5.0

Solid performanceIve been using this app for years. I can’t remember ever having problems with it. If only all apps functioned so smoothly!.Version: 3.5.0

Great appWorks great. i only needed this application because my keyboard broke, but the mouse feature works great as well..Version: 0

ExcellentI've used a whole host of remotes for my media pc including windows and soundgraph items. The only problem with then is the mouse. Thus software is incredibly effective. It was quick to sync with the software and works flawlessly. All for £1.19 or whatever it's at! The media screens work great controlling volume etc. I think I'll try it in the classroom when I'm teaching to change powerpoints etc. The only great addition which I don't think is possible is an on/off softkey. I know that my soundgraph remote connects via the power button on the motherboard so may not be able to integrate..Version: 0

Beautifully doneWorking great! Functionality awesome. Two thumbs up.Version: 0

Excellent software, only the occasianal glitchThis is one of the best pieces of software for me to have; I often use my laptop to present things, and was looking at buying a wireless air-mouse, when my search hit this. I was pleasantly surprised by how effective this was. The only issue I ever hit is that if I try to do too much at once on my old laptop my mouse movements aren’t always picked up, however on my desktop it works beautifully The only thing that I would like to see (excluding those already in development) is a more full sized keyboard (F1 – F12 keys, arrows) and the windows key as an actual key rather than a modifier as WIN + E to open explorer (and other shortcuts) don’t work. Overall the most useful thing on my iPod; well apart from things like music ;-).Version: 0

Love itBut i hate when it bog when the admistration in windiws7.Version: 0

ScepticalI was a little sceptical about this app so downloaded the free version first. It installed easily and without hiccups. Impressed enough to download the pro version. Connection is immediate and the response is just as good as the actual mouse. No more leaning over the desk and no more sore wrists to work my remote mouse! I think the health benefits of this app have not been highlighted enough. I can be any where in the room (depending what I am doing) or just sit back on the desk chair to comfortably control my apps from my iphone. This app will also save a small fortune on replacing batteries on the actual mouse - good for the environment and on the pocket! Get your head around iphone remote control, it is the way forward!.Version: 2.1.2

Bit of a curveTook a minute to figure out, but, it is doing more than expected. I find it works well but has trouble switching between com/lap..Version: 3.5.0

AwesomeWell thought out app. Easy to use but with every feature you could want to have on a remote for the lap top. Great for plugging in laptop to HDMI and surfing movies and the net from the couch. Thanks mobile mouse.Version: 3.0.4

Love it!I’ve had and loved this app since around 2009. Just needed help using it under mojave so i could watch bandersnatch. Contacted them and got quick and efficient suppport. Very happy.Version: 3.5.0

One Of The Best Apps!!!!!This has to be one of the best apps I have ever paid for!! This apps is one of a few apps that has put a smile on my face when using it! I love this app. It is WELL WORTH the buy!! Even if you think you may out use it much get it, as the amount of times I have needed a mouse because of them breaking or batteries running out. This keeps me working until I get a new one, but I have found myself using more even if I do have a working mouse. Because of all the hot keys and ease of use this app makes a standard mouse seem like a waist of time. So long story short this app is a BIG 5 star for me..Version: 0

Worked as AdvertisedWorked very first time with only one hiccup so far. I will be doing some workshops on my MacBook in a couple days. Nice to know I won't be anchored to my desk. Very cool app. And you can imagine I will be using this to mess up my wife when she's using the laptop. Teehee..Version: 0

Truly amazingIf you haven’t told anyone about this you are doing it wrong. Tell everyone let them know you outmatched and out smarted Apple at their own game..Version: 3.4.0

AwesomeWorks great with all pc's haven't tried our mac yet though.Version: 0

Great howeverThis app does everything I want but it would be easier to use the keyboard if when u tilt it sideways the keyboard went sideways as well instead of dissapearing this is the only thing that I would like see improved Thanks guys good app.Version: 0

10 years or so later and I’m still using it everydayIt occurred to me that’s it’s been probably close to 10 years and this app is still in my daily use rotation. It has its bugs, sometimes it’s a pain and forgets it’s synced desktop but all in all, can’t really complain considering it’s still highly functional.Version: 3.5.2

Extremely useful appThis doesn't leave my iPhone, and the iPad version is even better. This app has made our media PC come back to life. We found we weren't using it just because of how difficult it was to control. Now with this app we find we can do pretty much anything we need..Version: 2.6.1

AWESOME!!This is my fav app ever made, so easy to set up and as a person who use's laptop it took no time to get used to it, its smart programing allows it to know weather ur on itunes or on google chrome etc and it adjust its setting so u can navigate without a problem, also on the iphone 4 it works great with multitasking as i can leave the app and check my email or answer a call without having to restart the server once i go back into app, great work..Version: 0

WOWI'm so happy with this. If you have a PC and you're using the trackpad/touchpad mode, it's like replacing your laptop's touchpad with that of a mac! And that essentially means you can scroll down and up using two finger gestures, double tap to right click, even switch windows (alt+tab) by just clicking the up/bottom arrow (though no one uses that feature in a PC but that's a cool addition). Also, single tap for left click can be done, something that is lacking from mac's touchpad. Not to mention the ability to control your music (wmp, itunes) from a distance. The remote mode does need some time to get used to but for $1.19 it's a steal. I hope it can do something like apple's newest magic mouse features (swipe left, right, etc) in the future. NB: the troubleshoot might have all the answers you might need to configure the settings. remember to turn on your iphone's wifi..Version: 0

GreatI just surprised how it is working.Version: 3.4.0

GreatReally great app, handy and easy to use. Buy it, it's super responsive and has a lot of cool features to it..Version: 2.7.1

Well done down to every detail...I downloaded this app a few days ago to control my Windows Media Centre. It runs a bit smoother on my Macbook pro, but that's probably just Windows :-). Anyway - the app is great. The Trackpad function is totally usable and on the Mac the app always knows which program is running and gives you the right buttons for it - also the Taskbar is really useful. I'm not so fuzzed about the air-mouse function and would prefer it to work with tilting like in marble maze :-) - or have an option to do so - but in fact, after getting used to it - it actually works and using it for presentations to just do general pointing and less precision stuff it would be great. Maybe that's in the end too slow and not precice either - the guys that made this app have surely played around with several options. Keep up the good work ! Well done and detailed !.Version: 0

Fantastic!Just downloaded this app and it is working brilliantly on vista 32. Haven't had time to try all functions yet, but even before exploring it fully I had to write this review to say it's worth every penny. The designers have made it very clear that you need to install the software onto your pc before it will work but once you have done that it works like a dream. I lost my remote mouse and this has replaced both that and the keyboard at a fraction of the cost. Can't recommend it highly enough. Worth every penny! If you have found that it has stopped working since update perhaps you need to update your computer software too. Failing that, the makers have made it clear that they will offer full support by email to get it going. I can't think what else they could do. They have asked that you do not use reviews for troubleshooting but contact them directly by email. Possibly the best £1.19 I ever spent!.Version: 0

Absolutely Awesome App!This is an extremely powerful and very well designed app! They've covered all bases and it does everything you could ever want in remote controlling your apps from the couch. I primarily use it to control my home movie/music library (itunes/coverflow) browsing, search and playback. I love how you can both browse quickly with the mouse accelerometer but also one cover at a time through the arrow buttons on the function controller. If you could also browse one cover at a time in media mode (in coverflow) that would be absolutely ideal -but otherwise a perfect app. Full Kudos and thanks to you all at RPA!.Version: 2.5.1

Superb app!Such an awesome app, well worth the $$ paid. Much better than some of the other mice in the App store, works brilliantly, even in games such as Warcraft. I've done away with my keyboard and mouse on my Media PC which runs XBMC too. Because I have the only iPhone, means I get control. I think my fiancé might need an iPod touch ;) 5 stars from me!.Version: 0

Great app for those who need a mouse extensionThis application is wonderful. Does a lot of great things with what you can do without a mouse. Works really well, and I'd recommend it to anyone who needs a mouse to their computer thats too far away..Version: 0

Still not able to purchase presentation upgrade!Love this app, would love it more if it would let me give you more of my money so my presentations were slicker :p.Version: 2.5.1

Wow. Incredible.This is more than just a WiFi remote mouse on your iPhone. Gestures, Front Row and a numeric keypad (for we poor MacBook Pro or iMac users with a wireless keyboard), it is incredible what this app does. I mean opening a new tab in a Safari window? You betcha! Making use of Exposé and Spaces? Yep. So it's not $1.19, but it's worth the $2.49, especially if you use a Mac as a media centre. It does much more than any other WiFi touch mouse - pity it's not bluetooth - I've seen or used or read about. It deserves five stars. FTW, I wrote this review on my iPhone, but using my MacBook Pro. That's how amazing this app is. As long as you can see your Mac's screen, you have everything you need in the palm of your hands. Now PowerPoint or Keynote presentations can be done from anywhere in the room as long as you can use the WiFi. Freedom!.Version: 0

Volume button to scrollCan you make a choice in the setting to allow volume down and up keys for scrolling pdf? That’d be really helpful..Version: 3.5.0

ExcellentThis is a really great app that i downloaded immeadiately when my friend showed me apple's magic mouse. This is by no means as good as the real thing, but has some very impressive features. It was suprisingly intuitive to use and setup was not an issue. I cannot award 5 stars for a few reasons, the most pressing of which is the very limited multi touch capabilities. Ie no pinch to zoom, swip for exposé etc. It only scrolls, points and shoots. The accelerometer mode is a fun gimmic, but would take serious practice before it could be used for decent computing. So, as a wireless mouse the functionallity is sublime, but as an app on such a versatile device it would really be nice to get some useful multitouch capabilities, like on my beloved MacBook Pro trackpad. Please add these functionallity for 5 stars !!!!!.Version: 0

Brilliant. Total Control with No Lag.This is an unbelievable App. I am writing this review on the MAM iPhone screen itself. Everything appears on the iTunes review page with no lag whatsoever. It is amazing. I can navigate anywhere, open any PC app, use Windows functions exactly as if using a mouse and keyboard. I am finshing this review for now, but still absolutely impressed. A definite 5 star App..Version: 0

Top app!I have to admit that I almost got carried away and wanted to give this app 5 stars. Purely because it really is the best app I have bought, and is probably the only app I frequently use. The 4 star rating is down to a couple of glitches. The air mouse capability works but can be frustrating to use as the sensitivity wavers between extreme sensitivity and sometimes none at all. Also, with vlc being such a widely used program, I thought the media controls should include vlc compatibility with volume controls and not just play/pause. Having said that, there is a way around this with the hotkeys function and the touchpad is excellent. But I'm sure the developers will work on these in future updates..Version: 0

Best app ever!This app is by far the best out there at the moment, I am writing this review while sitting across the room using the app, if you go to their website and watch the demo about the app you will find out about and how to use all of the extra controls and functions, like the music player panel and the web browsing panel which make using your computer from across the room just as easy as if you where sitting at it. At first I was unsure about how easy it would to get Air Mouse to work, but its really easy and simple, all you need to do is go to their website and download and run the set-up file, buy the app and sync with your iPhone and its ready to use. Air Mouse is very handy and even fun, i can use it to control my music at any time and even play pranks on my brother when he uses my Pc. This app is a must buy its so cheap, and yet gives so much!.Version: 0

Shiney & Mostly functionalNot bad at all really, there are areas for improvement - Air Motion seems a little off (Though I guess it takes some practice), and it would be great if the option was there to customise the media controls a little more. The app looks very nice though, very pretty and shiney. I have another trackpad app, and this one is a great deal better (And was a little cheaper...). Overall, the app works perfectly as a mousepad (Scrolling included in that too), but could be improved as far as the media / web button section goes. Maybe having photo slideshow buttons added would be a good future update...?.Version: 0

FlawlessWorth the money, actually fun to use and even if you don't want to use it as an air mouse it has a second layout so you can use it like laptop touchpad. AND don't forget the keyboard. it would be fun to use this as a prank on someone in the house!.Version: 0

Great but one small adjustment requiredThis is one of the best apps on my iPod and I actually use this way more than my laptops trackpad and keyboard. The only problem i have with this is that, when in either trackpad (landscape and fullscreen portrait), the scroll button either doesn't exist or is placed the bottom of the screen. This makes it hard to scroll while using the trackpad and I have to refer to the portrait trackpad with a keyboard, which rather restricts my onscreen movements, or the air mouse, which requires space. Really all this app needs to become the best app in the iTunes Store, is a small amount of redesigning. (update) there are also some keystrokes that I use on my laptop (such as function+F5 to sleep) which I cannot use on my iPod. All this needs is a function key for vista/HP users which could be included in an update.Version: 0

Excellent application if used correctlyI really like this application and it is great when used in the right capacity. I'd use it for a home theatre PC or for presentations, and at a push as a replacement touchpad for my laptop. The Air Mouse application has two modes which suit both these functions. For a pc attached to a large screen such as a home theatre pc or for presentations i'd use the accellerometer mode where by you tilt the iPhone left to right as if turning a door handle to move the mouse left and right. Tilting the phone up and down moves the mouse up and down. For the second mode, the touchpad you simply use the upper part of the screen as that, a touchpad. I don't think it's intended as a mouse replacement. That would be a fanstastic finish to the app which i would award a final fifth star for. What i would probably say is the most useful feature is the keyboard input. It is flawless and allows you to type in any field you select. Overall it is worth the money if you would use it not as a replacement mouse! Its a very well polished app!.Version: 0

Get it!Super handy app. Worth 10 times what I paid..Version: 2.6.1

Well doneYou can control your Mac from your iPhone. You can do it well. What more do you want from this app?.Version: 3.5.0

Works great!I don’t need to get up to change the Netflix!.Version: 3.5.0

AmazingAir Mouse Pro is a practical, functional trackpad that is a must for any app lover. I often have to produce keynotes for an audience, so I have recently been on the search for a "remote" app. I found several, but none that closely compared to Air Mouse Pro. The unique "Air Mouse" feature using the accelerometer is great fun, but can be difficult to master. If you are looking for a simple, sleek and CHEAP mouse application this is perfect for you..Version: 0

What a grea toolHelps a lot thanks for this app.Version: 3.5.2

Not working for meI buy it today and buy some thing to connect with one box and still not working keep ask for password for my Mac and my app in Mac not connect its like I loss 3 box.Version: 3.5.0

Jaw-droppingly awesomeThere are many cool apps for the iPhone; lord knows I've got my fair share, but most of them are cool for a couple of seconds and then relegated to the bottom of the App pile. This is where Air Mouse Pro differs - not only is it hella cool - it's uses are also numerous and you'll be using it time and time again. I use mine primarily on a Mac which pre-dates a Front Row Apple remote; Air Mouse provides this, and more! Allowing me to script actions to function keys and even use my iPhone as a 'Glass Trackpad' for my Mac! I've even gotten to the point where I'll be using it on my lap in front of the desktop. The glass surface of the iPhone makes it an excellent surface, and it even does two-finger scrolling! With a subtle clicking sound effect too! Easily worth double the price (but I like it the way it is!).Version: 0

EyeTVHad this for several years & it's absolutely brilliant! The first fully functional remote that does everything I need it too. I have it configured for EyeTV on my 27" iMac and it works like a charm. It's also very customizable being able to assign up to 8 shortcuts to remote keys..Version: 2.5.1

Comes in handy, love it, but...Nice app..the mouse part of it is fine..i love it...but remote controls need to be editable..i use VLC on my pc but the controls for it on MM are too simple and lacking basic functionality, I cant change or add commands..would be good if there was buttons that could be binded to program keyboard shortcuts too add or change remote functions..otherwise a nice app..thanks.Version: 2.7.1

Excellent App!!This is an awesome app that has become increasingly impressive and functional the more I use it. The interface is excellent and very responsive, I was worried it wouldn't be so easy to use the air mouse option but after a few minutes I got used to it. I've done everything from recording a logic session to watching movies and browsing the web from the couch with this app, I couldnt recommend it more highly for all uses. Ive barely touched my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse since I bought it! It would be great to have drag and drop functionality in the trackpad mouse, other than that Im all outta feedback! Great job!.Version: 0

Get itIt's great.Version: 0

Life Saver!!..When your laptop mouse goes for a holiday in the Bahamas <;,)~....Life Saver!!...A++++.Version: 3.5.0

Great app! Needs better iPhone X and up compatibilityFantastic app to turn any smartphone I to a mouse and keyboard for media center controls or whatever. It doesn't scale well with the notch on my XS so I imagine it doesn't with any of the X and up devices. Please fix the UI for these phones that have the annoying notch. Thanks for the great product otherwise!.Version: 3.5.0

Who needs a Media Centre keyboard/touchpad ?I bought a keyboard with built-in touchpad for around £50 last year and the range is rubbish. Try typing anything while more than 5' away from the laptop and it just misses letters out. Air Phone on the iPhone works over much greater distances, does everything the £50 keyboard does and it'll fit in my pocket when I don't need it. Windows software downloaded and installed in a couple of minutes and ran perfectly after I allowed it to communicate through the firewall. If you need a wireless keyboard/mouse solution and you have an iPhone/iPod Touch...why the heck would you not get this at this price ?.Version: 0

The KeyboardIt would have got 5 stars but the keyboard function unless you type the letters really fast after each other the characters do not work the first time around this is a pain when first typing and when not typing a million miles an hour. the Mouse function is still worth it for 8 buks. shame about the keyboard ..Version: 0

Brilliant A1 appBrilliant, brilliant app! I use it on my MacBook Pro hooked up to wide screen hd tv and it's flawless. Once you get used to using using the touch gestures on (same as your mac) it's just the best. I even get all my dock icons in the iPhone app so all I have to do is tap it to launch the app! The picture grab tool in safari is really cool too. Grab a picture from the net on your mac and it saves it to your camera roll on the iPhone! How cool is that! A lot if work must have gone into this app. The free one is great but the functionalities you get for under £2 is fantastic. Cannot rate highly enough. Reviewed by a real mac user! It works on winderz too allegedly! :).Version: 2.6.1

Mouse proBest app I've ever used to run my computer from iPhone or iPad. 😊.Version: 3.4.0

Worth the money for 8$ (aud)Grate app... touch it and goe... much like a laptop... the hard part it getting use to the other option ... air motion... still working on that . But its grate if your always out and about. control your computer from a distance if or when it is being projected onto a tv or screen.Version: 0

NEEDS NEW/LONGER SCROLLGreat app but can you please update the option to make a side scroll wheel instead of one small scroll in the bottom middle. Every time I try to scroll my hand falls off and I see no efficiency compared to the one available in the Lite Mobile Mouse version. I bought this app because it’s supposed to be better. Please make it that way!.Version: 3.5.0

AmazingThe paid version has an unbelievable amount of functionality, very impressive. Definitely worth $2.Version: 3.5.0

Been using for 12 years, still the best solutionI see a lot of recent reviews with people upset who didn’t read the instructions or don’t understand the basics of setting up the host server application. I purchased this app in 2010. Now in 2022 I still love this app. I love having my phone for a backup keyboard an mouse on the go, and at home running this app for custom shortcuts is awesome..Version: 3.5.2

AwesomeWorked flawlessly on both my pc and mac. Easy to use. Awesome app..Version: 0

BEST Computer Remote 2010This application is indeed the best of all the remote applications for the iPhone. It not only helps you relax back away from your computer/laptop and operate movies, songs etc but also offers you the features if accessing all your other folders and application on your computer with a touch of your finger. This application works great and helps me control my computer applications, write emails all from a distance. So those of you who haven't liked this Air Mouse, should follow the installation steps carefully. It's a great application. Thank you developers..Version: 0

Awesome productNo more getting up to adjust the volume when watching a movie. Good job!.Version: 0

Brilliant.Works perfectly for me, always has..Version: 3.5.0

Really useful appI’ve been using MousePro for a long time and it’s the best app I’ve used for the purpose. I can unhesitatingly recommend it!.Version: 3.5.0

I've had app since release!I don't normally write reviews, but I noticed that this app didn't have any.... I've had this app since it first came out... a very long time ago... It's really great and does more than you could ever ask for an app to do, that was originally just for a wireless trackpad and a crappy keyboard... it's so much more now. The main use I have for this is when I have my MacBook hooked up to my TV via a cable or even applets but my macs in another room or something. This works amazingly! The new and constant updates really does make this app worth buying. Thanks!.Version: 3.2.1

Impressive!I love Mobile Mouse. I used the free version for a few years then a few months ago I chose to buy the Pro version. What an amazing app!.Version: 3.4.0

No more osk!Thankyou developers! This was an easy setup, and is even easier to use. This now replaces my $150 Logitech Air Mouse and adds a keyboard. No more on-screen keyboard...thank god! **Update - Thank you again for making this even better. Looks great on the iPhone 4 and now re-connects instantly. Best app on my phone**.Version: 0

Extremely usefulI've been using the app for 2 years now and even the lite version was dope, it only made me get the paid version because i was tired of the ads. But I most definitely recommend this app..Version: 3.5.0

Best keyboard / mouse app in store!Awsome app, I used to use a wireless keyboad and mouse with my home media PC and constantly had issues with range. I tried a few iPhone apps for keyboard and mouse input, none if which came close to Air mouse. The replication of movement on the host PC was 1st class and without lag or interuption. Fantastic value for money application if you want a WiFi remote look no further! (The only small improvment that could be made is that the server side of the app could run as a windows service. At present you have to log windows in via an attached device, then airmouse server runs post login, in the system tray. Allowing you to connect and use your iPhone for input - not a major issue as you'll note I've still given 5* as the app is so good).Version: 0

No ctrl-alt-del ?I just loved this software, very easy to use, and pretty smooth with a clean wifi connection. If you can provide the following item in the future version, it would be perfect. 1) no ctrl-alt-del, this is a must for windows user. 2) customizable combination keys or macro. 3) function keys Keep us inform for the news!.Version: 0

A great gadget/appLets make a point clear - this is hardly an essential app, especially if you don't connect your PC up to a TV or a super huge monitor. BUT it is fun and a very very polished app - you'll find ways to use it! The touchpad mode is far easier to use but the air mode is fun if not a little difficult for finer movements. As a remote it works brilliantly and allows customisation. Although I have a Logitech diNovo Desktop with a remote I'm going to try to use this as much as I can is just so much slicker. Time to keep that iPod charged up!.Version: 0

Works great.I use this app to control my MacBook when it's connected to my TV. There is minimal lag and very little delay when operating. Connects reliably and quickly..Version: 3.3.1

Buy It! Won't Regret!Seriously, best app I have paid for in my life. Control your computer from your bed, function keys to quick open proggies and media keys for winamp/win media player/vlc and the ability to use the media keys for pretty much any program that used hotkeys. Is very cheap for what you do actually get and theyn should be charging more. HIT IN NOW WHILE IT'S ON SALE..Version: 0

Well worth the $$Excellent application and very easy to setup and use, O an it works on Windows 7 aswell..Version: 0

Nice jobGreat app, anything which means I don't gave to get up and touch anything except my iPhone gets a big thumbs up ! Thumbs up! Yay!!!!.Version: 0

Im lovin it!Awesome app! Does a great job as a high tech remote. And all u need is wifi.Version: 0

Loved itGuys this app made me to save so much money on buying battries for my Bluetooth mouse. Above all the mac book pro 17" has only 3 spots for USB and always one of them had to be for my mouse but now, I have got one free USB port. Love the features, if you like the mac track pad this app is for you. Very happy and thanks for such an innovative app. Well done guys, well done..Version: 0

Great product!!!!I have bought many applications from the app store and have never bothered to write a review. Until now!!! I have an old laptop hooked up to my TV and this application is a fantastic alternative to dragging out the clunky wireless keyboard. Setup was painless and for $4 this is a bargain! If you are watching TV through a PC or laptop this is a must buy.Version: 0

AirmouseWorks great as described. Now I do not leave the sofa ( ok, only to go to the fridge)..Version: 0

There is a god!Today as I was mourning the death of my ATI All in Wonder Remote, learned that if I was to replace it, it would be $70.00 at least. Just when I was about to give up on everything I find this... This... This AMAZING app. For 5 bucks I was able to replace my remote with a much cooler device. Great job guys! This thing is easy to use and even easier to set up. If you cannot figure it out then you fail and should have your Internet privillages taken away..Version: 0

Exceptional!Tried several others but this is by far the best. Wow!.Version: 0

Ready to useIt's very effective at connecting to your pc. I installed the app, installed the program on my pc, and it automatically connects (no configurations with ip). It had already been running and moving my mouse right after install. Tried 4 other similar apps, this one is the easiest to use, with less issues..Version: 3.5.2

Absolutely amazing!This app will literally replace my mouse! The best thing is that it was extremely easy to install with no hassle at all and only took me 10 minutes. The movements are so accurate and precise and it even includes a proper number keypad, the F number buttons, all your apps at your fingertips and much more! This is the first review I have actually bothered to write because it is absolutely amazing, definitely recommended and much more worth it than paying heaps for a wireless mouse :) (I actually typed this whole review using the keyboard on my phone from this app hehehe) Definitely worth buying people!!.Version: 2.5.1

This is mobile and desktop software done right!Many people say that this is the best remote option available and I tend to agree! It is constantly being updated and I have used it since ~2014. So it has worked over Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, and now Catalina..Version: 3.5.0

Great little appNo idea why others are giving 1*. This works just fine. Incredibly useful little tool and cheaper than a coffee..Version: 3.4.0

FantasticWorth the money and worth watching the video on the main site for the simplest way to get to use it. Great work hope it works with OS 3.0 when that comes..Version: 0

Most definately THEEE best app ever!Absolutely fantastic! Really helpful, most useful app of all. And allot of fun too, I have linked it up to 3 cpmuters in my house and it's alot fun playing with other computers when they are in use, confusses everyone! BRILLIANT! This app could do allot of damage as it means u can just stay in bed all day long while using computer and if u use remote boot u won't even need to get up to turn on ur computer! Recommend to all: business men to teenages the lot, so each to set up n use even toddlers cud enjoy! Thanks to the creator n keep up the work, if only all other apps were half as be as this, thenbevery1 wud have an iPhone or iPod touch. And I speak as sum1 hu has allot of apps!.Version: 0

Stop working after 7 daysStop working after 7 days, but after I input the IP and Port information then it works again. The mouse motion still need a little adjustments on Windows 10 PC..Version: 3.4.0

It works!Very happy.Version: 0

Cannot start mobilemouse server on 10.9.5Used to work properly, just re-download revently but I cannot start the server on osx 10.9.5.Version: 3.4.0

Top class applicationThey made this 5 star app even better after the latest app+server updates. Well done guys!.Version: 0

Finely the best appsCompletely super air mouse..Version: 0

Simply stunning app...Tried a few diff remote mouse apps and had problems with latency and drop outs from wifi connection, no such problems with this. Really nice interface and multiple view options. Lovely touch to add the vista window scroller to browse all open programs. Dedicated views for media, Internet, keyboard and function keys and drops into a neat landscape mouse pad mode. I think the accel motion mouse pointer control may need a little more work as I foun it difficult to control but the touch pad method works just fine. Plug your laptop into your plasma screen and merge your av and pc to form a superb entertainment setup..Version: 0

Great mouseDiscovered this after buying a few logitech air Mice for presentations at work. Whilst not quite in their league the keyboard ability means overall these are of more use for teaching. More interactive than iwbs as you can move around the room. Great value and easily the best of the app mice..Version: 0

Best appThis great app!! Great for pranking your mates as I have done a few times already..Version: 0

Insanely GreatHonestly, I don't think even apple could have done it any better. Though the actual "air mouse" motion translation is shaky, such are the natural limitations of the accelerometer and the human hand itself. However, the trackpad and on-screen controls completely make up for it; the implementation of customisable hotkeys and precision refinement of cursor speed to adapt to higher screen resolutions and/or finer detail work makes this app and it's OS-side software counterpart a more than worthy addition to any armchair commando's arsenal..Version: 0

Finally a replacement for all this crap hardware...This is an amazing little app! For months I've been fighting with crappy Microsoft Media Center keyboard and its useless mouse, then with a Keysonic bluetooth keyboard that never works, and other useless devices. And here, for a fraction of the price (the price of a glass of wine in London), I now have a fantastic mouse and an almost usable keyboard, all in my pocket when I need it! What could be improved: - Full screen mouse - Full screen keyboard (with iPhone in landscape) that would also show you the last 20 characters you've typed (since when using the keyboard, you are probably looking at the iPod's screen) Very highly recommended!.Version: 0

Easy to useI’m sure there’s still a lot for me to learn about this app but so far it’s absolutely amazing. If you were ever worried about pulling the plug, this is your ease of mind. Changed my entire home entertainment experience! Great buy!.Version: 3.5.0

Mouse saverReally handy for when the rodent dies, no batteries etc. Simple, functional and intuitive to use app..Version: 3.4.0

Very handy!I love this app! It is too good!! No lag whatsoever!!.Version: 2.6.1

Nice, butYup, a little pricey, but it is just what I was looking for, I.e a mouse pad (less interested in the tilt, but that's just me). I know there are other approaches such as rdp or vnc, but I don't need anything that heavy, i simpy want to control my home theatre pc from the sofa in a natural way, plus I find it actually more accurate than trying to control the cursor on a tiny remote desktop. That said there is a couple of things, one quite serious in my view. 1) given I prefer the mouse pad mode, I found you cannot use it to perfom drag operations in many circumstances. This is partly because : A) you cannot seem to hold a mouse button and slide the pad (despite multitouch) B) you can't seem to double tap and hold (you can double tap to click) C) you can press the mouse button, slide your finger up into the pad area, which will initiate a drag op, but it means you cannot drag the object any lower than where it began! It's fine for scroll bars, but try moving windows about or navigating in google earth (an excellent test) then you will see what I mean. 2) please make the keyboard optional/toggle most of the time I don't need it, and would prefer more pad space. Hope this helps ;).Version: 0

Maybe this will help...?I was having no luck at all in getting this to work with my new iMac & iPod Touch, so decided to try "Remote" for iTunes, (which wouldn't work either!). The "Remote" troubleshooting guide said, "For Mac OS X 10.5, you don't have to edit the port addresses, but make sure the firewall, (on the iMac & not the Router), is NOT set to "Allow only essential services"", which mine was, (by default!?). As soon as I had changed my Firewall settings, (System Preferences/Security/Firewall), to "Set access for specific services & applications", both Apps worked like a dream, Hurrah!! I also created an exception for Air Mouse Pro, which, by the way, is absolutely fantastic & worth every penny....Version: 0

GreatThis is a very smooth and easy to use app. While I found the actual air mouse functionality to be quite painful to get used to and gimmicky, I love the trackpad and keyboard. This is especially great for those of you hooping up your PC to a tv and not wanting to lug around your wireless keyboard/mouse. Now if only they could make a wireless tv remote control app......Version: 0

Excellent remote mouse appThat I have been using practically since it was released. I have been using this on my windows and Mac machines. There was always a little better integration into macOS than windows. And I am still even running Windows 7 on some PC It seems that the server software for windows is missing a few of the things that are available on Mac, there are less protocols available for PC. Anyway, the iPhone software is now crashing now that I am on iOS 14. This has never happened before. An update is probably warranted..Version: 3.5.2

Freaking amazing!!!Love this app. It's amazing how broad the itouch is. My mouse from my iMac crapped out. So for three bucks I got this app instead of buying a mouse!!! Five stars but needs more!!.Version: 0

Just absolutly BrilliantThis has to be the most daily used App that I have, and now with the 2.0 update ( tho im inclined to say this is an overall upgrade), its just has become something else. If you like me and store films on your Pc (Tho i have this using Mac and Pc), this is a must have, I like to use VLC as my default player, which this is ready well made for, pause volunme etc etc, all with on screen display that you are viewing, the track pad is excellant with the ability to turn the phone to the side to make the screen a full touchpad. You can literally sit back and control your entire media set from this thing, as well as type, all the keyboard functions are featured, making hotkeys, its look very very slick and is the ultimate remote for your Pc/ Mac, its was no hassel to setup, in fact their was nothing for me to do, just be sure to update the server software as the App software updates at the same time. This is beyond what I thought to have on my iPhone, but the phone and this app for me alone make the whole things worthwhile..Version: 0

Great appWorks perfectly.Version: 3.5.0

A True DelightHaving looked through a number of different reviews I was a little dubious about purchasing this app. I have to make the point that this was completely unfounded and VERY easy to set up. I visited the website, clicked on the correct operating system (Mac supplies a .dmg disk image, Windows supplies a .exe installer) and downloaded the server application, opened the DMG file, copied the server application into my Applications folder and double-clicked it. Hey presto! It works. I really do wonder how there are a minority of people who have had problems setting this one up, when I reckon this one is easy enough for the average primary school kid to set up! I would TOTALLY recommend this App..Version: 0

This app works phenomenalI was using the free remote mouse app before i found this one, remote mouse gave me nothing but problems and a bunch of adds. When i downloaded this pro app it’s worked like a charm. It hasn’t lagged once and works as well as my mouse on my computer 5 Stars from me!!.Version: 3.4.0

Wow!Wow, this app is now so feature rich! I can hardly believe it includes so much for free! I managed to get it working without any paid features to control my Mac from my iPhone as long as they were connected to the same Wi-Fi network. ( Didn’t work if the devices were connected to different Wi-Fi networks that were connected to each other. ). I’ve only just started using it again after I first used it many many years ago..Version: 3.4.0

FantasticExcellent application, super easy to use..Version: 0

The best app at a great priceThis is the best value app I have purchased. At this price, don't think twice. Works great as a Vista Media Centre remote too. I usually don't take the time too rate apps, but one this good needs to be praised. I am telling everyone I know - if you have a computer connected to a TV or projector you will find this app awesome..Version: 0

Slightly quirky, totally awesomeThis app is so fantastic! Every other mouse program has been really laggy, but when I downloaded the free version without any sort of expectation the smoothness blew me I immediately paid my $2 and got the pro version for the added features. There is a learning curve to use it and watching the videos on their website clarifies a lot. For use with my htpc it's fantastic. And the more I use it the more I love it. It's not perfect and a less awkward way of showing and hiding the keyboard would be nice (pulling it up from the bottom like the notification center is pulled down from the top would be nice). Also some of the button layouts are a little weird, and not always that comfortable--they can get really small. But overall this is the absolute best $2 I've spent in a really really long time..Version: 2.6.1

Awesome softwareI llliiikkeee very muucchh.Version: 2.6.1

Works great in mac!Good response and fast connection !! Good app!!!.Version: 0

Not able to type in windows login passwordI’ve been using the pro version for years and it works quite well. Recently I’m trying to set up the WOL on my laptop connecting to my TV and this app can wake it up without any problem, which is great! However, when the windows login page shows, I can’t use this app to type the password into the field. No matter what I key in from the app, there’s nothing in the password field. I have to pop up the lid and use the keyboard to type the login password. Any idea how I can fix this plz?.Version: 3.5.0

Updates greatly improved appI bought this prior to the update to air mouse pro. It was pretty decent at the time but the newer version is so much better. The auto-adjust to compliment the program you are using is very user friendly. The option to hide the keyboard and also to switch between portrait and landscape for everything now makes this a much better remote. My only suggestion would be to modify the software to auto-toggle the keyboard when a text field (such as the URL bar) is selected. Highly recommended for any iPhone users..Version: 0

Works well with mini macIPod Touch gen one has worked will with Air Mouse Pro. Both my laptop PC and mini mac work with the iPod Touch using Air Mouse. Still working on getting a direct link over wifi between computer and iPod Touch. Still need a keyboard and mouse to set up the iPod touch with the computer but then a touch pad in the hand is all one needs. My battery does run down fast but over an hour is fine. Regards Roddy.Version: 0

Great app, needs an option to stop iPhone sleepThought this was great, and decided to use it to do my presentation this week. The app installed fine and worked great, but unfortunately it kept going to sleep. When you unlock the phone it then takes a few seconds to re-establish connectivity, which won't do when doing a presentation. Request to developers - please can you put in an option for 'presentation mode' or similar to stop the iPhone going to sleep when doing presentations? This is definitely possible as the RunKeeper app does this to avoid losing GPS signal. Add this in and it'll be a 5 star app for me. I did try to use the 'gyro-mouse' mode, but found it a pain to use, but then the standard more works great anyway..Version: 0

Accelerometer needs workThis app is nearly a 5 star app however the air motion side of things needs a little more work, I found that it was nearly impossible to control. However with a few tweaks it could become quite good. The touchpad control on the other hand is quite welldone and is flawless, well done, just a few more tweaks in future updates..Version: 0

Good app, only drawback is the iPhone hardware!You can get a free version of this form logitech if you just want the touch screen but this basically functions as a touchpad and a remote on your Mac. You can use it to control iTunes, VLC etc from anywhere in the room. The best feature is that it also displays your dock which makes opening programs really easy. You can't however use it like a normal mouse as the iPhone doesn't have that capability, so they have made a kind of pointer mouse thing which is good for some things but wont replace your mouse. The pointer is also a bit tricky to use. Takes some getting used to the whole thing but when you do it gives you a great navigational experience on you computer. Good value for money too..Version: 0

Freakin sweetThis app is probely the best app out there besides games and such.... the app does need you to downlaod software for your computer off the site but after that its just mind boggling on how well, smooth and percise it works i was going to buy a 70 $ mouse but now i got something 20X better i would recomened for people with laptops and no wireless mouse and keyboard great product.Version: 0

Good for the MacI like the app if when you have WiFi is the same on the iPhone and Mac !!.Version: 3.5.2

Simply amazingIt amazes me what this iPhone can do and what developers produce. Thank you for this wonderful app, great and easy interface, almost can never make an error. It's only that when typing, the display is laggy but no worries there, it's probably hard to develop the way it is. Thanks again!!.Version: 0

Easy to useWorks superbly with my iTouch via wifi. I look forward to testing it through a bluetooth connection.Version: 0

Awesome appGreat for using with laptop especially with good wifi, be cool if it could work with an attached wire instead of just wifi. But love it.Version: 3.0.4

Good new update is awesomeWorks good, but has bad range when you move it only a couple feet from your computer (I'm using the newest Macbook Pro). Completely useless when it's laggy and choppy. I bought it for presentations but it's not going to work because it has bad range. Also when my IPhone goes to sleep and I wake it up, it needs to be re-synced which is super annoying. Dissappointed. UPDATE: The latest updat seemed to fix my problem. 5 out of 5 now, great product. Great!.Version: 0

Agravating at times.I thought I’d take write a review while I waited for the mouse to catch-up with the commands I have been trying to give it for the last 15 minutes. When I first bought the app everything worked fine. Now I find that it stops working out of nowhere, especially when I get all snuggled into bed, which means I have to get up and go to the laptop, reopen the app, and restart the mouse. This happens about 3-4 times a week. Every time it does this I usually mumble something about being great full about spending hard earned money on it 🙄 I have no interested in finding another app, so I’m stuck with it, but before you actually pay for it I hope this review helps you..Version: 3.5.2

My most used app.I've had this app for over 2 months now and I don't know what I would do without it. Control my media centre from the lounge, show demonstrations at work and scare friends by moving their mouse cursor while sitting next to them... IMO no iPhone should b without it, everyone can benefit using it some way or another..Version: 0

Its amazingI love this very easy to use.Version: 0

Best app ever!Absolutely brilliant little app! Perfect if you have a PC hooked up to your tv as a media hub..and wifi over LAN is so easy to configure! If you have trouble connecting you can tweak the settings to "auto wake" the server so there's never a connection issue. Pretty stable and rarely glitches out,packed full of features and functionality. Only suggestion to impove the app would be to make it fully customisable allowing additional functions/buttons to be added. Dont waste your money buying the VLC Media player app..this app works just as well. Best app of its kind out there as far as I'm concerned!.Version: 2.6.3

Great app with a few small issuesCan’t get apostrophe to work and I vaguely remember there being a full screen touchpad option but perhaps that was removed? I bought this app years ago, I’ve just come back to it while my K830 is (hopefully) repaired..Version: 3.5.2

This app is solid and well thought out.It is pretty clear that this developer has carefully thought out this app and has great coding competence. It feels very polished, works like a charm..Version: 3.4.0

BrilliantI have loads of apps but this is my first review purely because i think this one truly deserves it. Whomever is writing poor reviews for this app is either computer illiterate or just plain stupid. I have a macbook and this app works brilliantly. The touch sensitivity is just the same as that of the touchpad on the mac and for those (like i) with a projector or LCD tv who wish to control your mac wirelessly this is the app for you! However i have only two small (and very small) grievances. And i hope the developers read these reviews, The small icon at the bottom of the scroll bar of a finder window (the one wish stretches the window horizontally) doesnt seem to have any response. Also if you have hot corners enabled you have to be pretty accurate to point the mouse into the corner as the X-Y axis seems to be quite linear. These however are very small niggles and i hope after reading this the developers work on them. Overall the best app i have ever spent money on and i recommend this to anyone who has a mac!.Version: 0

Very coolI was pretty sceptical at first but i bought it just to see what it was like. It is very impressive, I have my laptop running dual displays and it comes in very handy, much more efficient, comfortable and easier to use than a conventional wireless mouse. The keyboard capability makes it twice as handy, i actually wrote this review using it!! its also much cheaper than a wireless mouse, i look forward to seeing what updates do to enhance this already fantastic app..Version: 0

Great utility app all around, worth getting itThe features in this app are amazing, I’m usually picky about spending money on apps but after being in love with the lite version of the app, I decided to get the paid version thinking if nothing else, it’ll help the devs but oh boy it was quite the upgrade, love all the things you can do with this. I’d say worth the 2$ for sure. I will say, for the future, if you could possibly add a feature to the air motion where you could drag the phone like a mouse instead of a rotation based movement (unless it’s there and I just haven’t figured it out yet) and usb/bluetooth support for Windows, I’d love it even more! TLDR 10/10 app worth the money.Version: 3.5.0

A great applicationA great application that does exactly what it says it will do. Surprisingly there was no noticable lag over the wireless network both at home or in the office. One thing that needs improvement is security. There should be a password or pin to pair the client and server applications. At the moment any client can control any server on the same network..Version: 0

GreatMy other house doesn't have wi fi, so the Bluetooth is great!!!.Version: 0

Awesome!!!Best application! Have searched and waited long for this! Huge range, better than laser mouse and scroll pad works well! Turn your laptop and LCD tv into media centre with the iPhone as remote & keyboard!.Version: 0

Perfect for Digital Kanban Boards!I’m a project manager who leads a team of people using Scrum methodology and we employ a large screen for our daily stand up meetings. Mobile Mouse Pro has made running the software for my stand ups so much faster and easier! I’ve never had a single connection issue. They’ve done a great job!.Version: 3.5.0

Works amazingly wellWorked much better than I thought it would. If it integrates force touch, it would be perfect..Version: 3.4.0

Mobile Mouse ProAwesome works well with my Mac.Version: 2.6.3

OkThis is ok but it keeps fuken crashing not very impressed!!!!.Version: 2.7.1

Better than a keyboard in your lap.Windows 10, iPhone. Works great. Punctuation works, easy setup, some delay for keyboard inputs, but it shows the inputs on the phone's screen in real time. Otherwise works great..Version: 3.4.0

Good startA pretty nice implementation of a wifi mouse. However, some suggestions: -The tracking area is a bit small, toggle keyboard would be good. Alternatively, motion inertia would help. -Scroll area in the centre means visual reference is required to use it - relocate to an edge for tactile reference. -Tends to pick up doubletap drag when i dont want it. a lot. +Graphically very nice A solid, well-polished app, but room for updates..Version: 0

Stunning and stable!I bought this app way back and it’s still awesome today!.Version: 3.5.2

The sweetness of wine has but on flavorIt works out well I haven’t used a full size keyboard and mouse for over 10 years. I have used every handheld keyboard with mouse pad . Some were Bluetooth others WiFi with dongle and phone mouse with keyboard like this one. It is exceptional and they have put thought into streamlining the changes that come up in the user interface. Searching, typing, scrolling and getting back to the mouse quickly and easily at anytime during. This is one of only two such well thought out mouse/keyboard apps that are out there for you to purchase. If you are good at mastering new layouts to make them work for you this could make life easier by only needing your phone in your hand to control everything..Version: 3.5.0

FantasticI downloaded the app and within minutes I had it talking to my computer and was able to use it with my Keynote presentation. Gone are the days when you needed a PhD to work out how to get things working. Beats having to buy a remote. Thanks for a great app..Version: 2.5.1

GreatGreat app. Awesome easy to use. Must have.Version: 2.6.1

Truly fantastic app that works exactly as it should.Since moving bedrooms, I decided to take up the lazy task of watching movies on my PC from the comfort of my bed. It was all good until I had to pause, stop, or just turn down the volume. Getting up everytime was a pain. So I searched the app store and tried this. I have over 40 apps on my iphone and this one is the best. Why? You install it on your phone, install the client on your computer and thats it. Within seconds I was moving my mouse around the screen with no lag what so ever. I even managed to link it to my media player, (The KM Player) and used the playback controls in the app to pause the programme. Its fantastic. Best choice I ever made and for under £4 its a steal..Version: 0

Support mouse on iPad ProAre you going to support iPad now that mouse controls have come to the iPad Pro. Can you run a mouse server on iPad Pro?.Version: 3.5.0

Job doneGreat app, does all you would expect it to. Very responsive and can be used on Windows platform. Look no further, this is the one you are after..Version: 2.7.1

A must have in your arsenal of appsVery good UI, easy of use, friendly, etc... You can transfer your subscriptions from iTunes to iCatcher via export of opml file, and back. The only down turn is that this app does not offers the possibility of rating the episodes, like in the iTunes or Apple Podcast app. Anyway I stopped using Podcast! Please continue the good work!.Version: 3.0.5

[Updated] Crashes on iPad!That app has been fixed! Thanks for the response! If you are open to suggestions, please make the slides notes windows scalable..Version: 3.5.0

Unreal !!!Look I could waffle on about how amazing Mobile Mouse is and how it does exactly what the developer says it will....but quite simply, there is no need to look any further. You have found the best. You won't need any other remote Mac/iPhone app . I have tried the others and this is the one ....get it now!!!!.Version: 2.7.1

FANTASTIC!!!Not only is this app extremly useful for media servers and general use. Their support is equally brilliant. I had an issue with the upgrade their tech support actually logged into my comp to fix the problem without me having to lift a finger. 2 THUMBS UP!!!.Version: 0

Awesome on iPadEven though it's not a native iPad app, air mouse is one of the best and most useful apps on my iPad. It's so nice to have full control over VLC and Finder on my Mac Mini, and the pixel-doubled screen is even more accurate than on the iPhone. Love it..Version: 0

Solid app!I've been using this app for work since iOS 2 (or 3?) It's definitely been a very long time and this app has been solid and has never failed me. Definitely one of the top apps on my list..Version: 3.5.0

Great appGreat app. Supports multi gestures which is what I was looking for. Both the WiFi and peer to peer mode have slight delay however using usb runs perfect. Would really love an option to turn the screen completely black to save battery on newer phones..Version: 3.5.0

There are free apps that do this 4 free -5starsThis is such a waste of money, the air mouse works by tilting the iphone forwards, left right ect. It ends up being very difficult and time consuming so you end up using the touchpad instead, Having said that there are other apps that have a remotepad interface and are FREE! Do not waste your money!.Version: 0

GamersAmazing if ur a gamer. Brings new fun into games like runescape.Version: 0

And the point is?Im not going to knock this product itself, because it works and it's clever. Minor problems seem to occur when I have 2 laptops on at the same time - instead of asking or connecting to the most recent, it errors, but this is a rarity as I dont usually have 2 laptops on. To be of real use to you, you need to have a big screen TV, else if you're using it to control your computer as you're sat in front of it, you probably need to get out more. The app is really good and very clever. The different layouts including full trackpad are a great idea. I have one issue with the app and that is... the time it takes to enter my iphone pin, go to Settings and turn on Wifi (having wifi on all the time drains that battery), then going to the air mouse app and turning that on, then dragging the mouse across the screens to find what you want (in my case, I use it to play media) actually takes quite a long time to do. That whole procedure can take you best part of a minute and if you dont have a huge screen, you need to use the zoom functionality which uses more time. The thing is, I can do all that in a matter of seconds by literally walking over to the computer/entertainment system and doing it myself. It's clever but in reality it's not very practical..Version: 0

Great updateIt keeps updating and getting better and better connecting right away to the computer.Version: 3.5.2

Excellent, well worth the money!I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, just an app that would let me use my phone as a trackpad for an iMac out of reach. This was the second app I tried: the first free one had a noticeable lag between movements on the phone and the cursor moving on the iMac; Mobile Mouse Remote has none of this, it’s just like using a real trackpad. There’s also the option of a Bluetooth peer-to-peer connection for a small additional charge if my wifi ever becomes too unstable to get a robust connection. Thank you!.Version: 3.6.2

It's apps like this that make the iPhone what it isThis has to be one of the most useful apps I have on my phone and it had to be on sale for me to try it but it actuly works I was a big sceptic that's why I wouldn't pay full price but if I new this to start off with I wouldn't have hesetated to pay full price.Version: 0

What no TAB?Amazing app but how can it get away with leaving out the TAB key? A keyboard customizer would make this app AMAZING and I would give 5 stars. EDIT: the developer responded that double tapping the <Return> key will send a tab. This is not well documented. A visible tab key should be provided..Version: 3.5.2

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