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ObsessedI have been a Mint member since 2016. I think around January of this year (2021), Mint redesigned their app. I have been obsessed with it! My favorite is the weekly and monthly “story” styled recaps - seeing how my net worth has changed, what contributed to that change, and seeing what changes there were in my expenses. Also since 2016, I have been keeping track of my expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis - all hand written in my planners! While I still do this, I love using Mint for my overall financial management. The user interface is 10/10 for me. Using this app brings me joy 100% of the time, I always leave happier after using it. The website is 4th on my internet browser bookmarks bar. After I finish this review I’m going to move it to first because it makes me that happy. Wow. Amazing. Thank you Mint, keep doing what you’re doing. I absolutely love it. Keep it up with the cute hashtags too. #MoveMints #EmpowerMint I set a net worth goal in January of this year and not only am I happy I reached it, I’m glad to have done it with the help of this app..Version: 150.49.1

Needs Small Fixes - Otherwise a Great ProductI love nearly everything about this app. I love seeing all of my information displayed and the overall look and ease of the app. However, I wish they would fix some of the issues they have with the banks and credit unions. When I first connected with them I had no issues then it duplicated most of my accounts. Now I have a few credit union accounts that show all savings, checkings and loans twice. When I asked for assistance with customer service to resolve they advised me to delete the account then reload (but they were not promising this would fix the issue) or just “hide” the duplicate accounts so I do not see them and the app does not use the info. They also said if I deleted the account then I would lose all of my history it has collected. I opted to just hide my duplicate accounts since at that time I had several months of data I would lose and now I would have several years of data I would lose if I were to do it now. I am not satisfied by this and wish I did not have to have “hidden” accounts. Someday I hope they will have a fix where I do not lose all of my previous data the app has collected to get this fixed. It is frustrating but I can live with it if I must. Besides that I have no complaints. They constantly update and add new features which I love. I do refer the app to others..Version: 5.23.0

Can’t synchronize with PC master cardFor the last 2 weeks. Mint is not able to link with PC MasterCard. Non resolved Please fix it.Version: 6.4.1

Love the App!This app and the desktop companion have helped me organize my household finances very effectively. Lately, however, I’ve had a couple issues. 1. No description of where I made a purchase is being downloaded into the app from my bank. Everything used to come in clearly but now it just says the day it was made and the last 4 digits of the debit card used. It makes it hard to remember how to categorize because most are default categorized to restaurants. Weird. I’m running a household with 5 busy kids and I don’t always remember what was spent where. 2. There’s a glitch that sometimes erases all the categorization and notes I’ve made to transactions. So I have to go back and redo it all. It doesn’t happen a lot, and it’s not to every transaction, but it’s hard to recover when it does. Other than this it works great and has helped me keep track of all the financial comings and goings of a busy household. One suggestion would be to add a way to keep track of receipts. I’d love to scan in my receipts and track online receipts for tax purposes. All the apps online for this purpose are for small businesses, so they charge way too much and offer lots of features I won’t ever use. They just aren’t realistic for someone running a household..Version: 5.25.0

Best Finance app, but still needs moreUpdate: All my bills in which I use mostly this app for are all gone. Just disappeared. Not cool. Mint has worked wonders in managing my finances. No longer do I need registries, or keep up with my reciepts. If your a numbers geek, want to keep up your finances, or want to watch you banks grow. This is the app to do it. I find myself looking at trends and budgets. Tweaking and adjusting to my financial goals and needs. With out this app I would be truly clueless where all my money is going. Now I know where every penny goes. As a current college student recovering from credit card debt, watching my debts decrease and my net value increase has been addicting. Highly recommend. However I wish this app allowed to add estimated payday payouts to the calendar on bills, giving you a balance of what you'd receive and what would be left after bills of the following 2 weeks and month. That way customers will know how much money they can budget everymonth. Or simply just adding the ability to add expected income before and adjusting automatically to when the deposit comes in. Mint is great for tracking expenses, investments and property. Just not the best at income!.Version: 5.19.0

Love this app but has a couple flawsAs a recent college grad learning to budget independently for the first time this app has been a lifesaver!! It takes some time to set everything up but is SO worth it- I can track how much I’m spending each month across various accounts and two credit cards. The big negative is that you can’t link a venmo account, so being paid or paying someone through your venmo balance doesn’t register unless you transfer the balance to your bank (or pull funds directly from the bank). This is for me the biggest flaw of the app because I use venmo constantly for splitting restaurant/bar bills and paying utilities, so the monthly tracker frequently doesn’t accurately track that spending/reimbursement. I also wish there was a feature that let you automatically override the spending category, and I REALLY wish spending not in a budgeted category still counted towards your monthly budget- for instance, there have been so many times I didn’t notice a charge at CVS that was automatically labeled “Pharmacy”; since I don’t have a separate “pharmacy” budget, the spending didn’t show up as pulling from my budget until I manually changed the category. If these things were fixed the app would be perfect!!.Version: 7.0.1

Bought premium immediate regret constant crashingI’ve used the free version for years on and off and had no problems other than the normal random account won’t link or sync but it was keeping track of the main things I wanted it to and worked for the accounts I cared about. Recent couple months have been paying closer attention and felt like I wanted to join the premium version so I decided to get the premium tonight. Immediately after the purchase I regretted it. Selecting anything that came with the premium version would cause the app to crash. Even some of the free features like the monthly expenses when I click on the lower area the app will crash. I have looked at the reviews and I am not the only one dealing with this and every time the moderator/help bot says to message them on Facebook or Instagram or another app. Honestly just out of principle if I get that response I will most likely unsubscribe and uninstall the app. Date of first review (January 14th 2023) If you have made it this far thru the review I will rate it 5 stars at the beginning because it has been great but if I get the same response or no response at all I will rate it a 1 star so later down the road you will be able to understand what happened or why it is fully rated long term..Version: 150.66.0

WEALTHSIMPLE TRADEPlease add wealthsimple trade. Can’t sync it.Version: 7.25.0

Great general overviewThis is really lovely for people who want just a monthly overview and to kind of watch their money as it flows in and out of your bank account. I however have been budgeting check to check instead of an entire month. I find that it’s just easier for me to focus that way. When I’ve done the entire month all at once I’ve made mistakes in My finances that I tend to not make when I zoom in closer. However budgets are only set up by month and as far as I can tell you can only go up to the month you’re in whereas I plan my budget a month in advance… so that would be nice to be able to continue to do. Since I’ve been doing that I’ve never missed a payment or over-drafted an account like I used to when I would clump all my finances together. It would also be cool to be able to add paydays into the calendar to see which bills could come out of which checks. I also don’t like that I linked my credit cards and now my alerts just say credit card is due without saying which one and then it gives the total balance as what’s due instead of the minimum payment. So it would be nice to at least see both of those in the actual alerts..Version: 150.47.1

Great appTracks my spending to keep me on course for my financial goals ! Love it.Version: 5.16.0

Mint user since 2012Mint is the perfect tool to keep track of 100% of your finances. Want to track your net worth and credit for free Mint is perfect. Saving goals, monthly budgets, pay bills, get reminded about bills. It's customizable and intuitive. It has gotten better over time. It used to be that you struggled to keep all your accounts synced, mint has improved the reliability. Of 20+ accounts, maybe one or two need to be fixed a year. Even your Lowe's card now syncs with Mint. I only give it 4 stars because I wish I could pay to remove recommendations but that really isn't that annoying, it's less like a ad and more like an adviser showing you tools on how to save money. One thing I wish the app could do that you can do on the web version is reset the monthly rollover budget for a category. Like if you went over on groceries last month and you need headroom this month, I have to go to the web version to reset the budget to zero without the overage carrying over from last month. Good job mint team! Can't wait to see how you integrate mint and turbo tax in the future. One more request, add net worth to the trends within the App, web version has it app does not. Important to ensure it always is going up!.Version: 5.19.2

Very good, just this close to perfect (see below)To track my net worth and expenses, have been a long time user of Personal Capital. However, noticing that it recently had several issues connecting with my 401k provider and refreshing properly RobinHood account data, I decided to try out Mint. So far, the experience has been great as both accounts linking and syncing has worked flawlessly. EXCEPT: 1- One issue... when linking RobinHood, despite correctly adding both my investment account value and the cash management account value, it computes the investment value incorrectly: since it adds to it the cash account balance. Basically, the cash management account balance is counted TWICE! 2- I was amazed by how flawlessly Mint shows me transaction history for stock purchases. So, why not computing this into a graph that shows progress of financial growth over time? Net worth data unfortunately only starts from the day I register my account and connect the institutions of relevance. And it would be just amazing if the app could pull past data and logging that too! Hoping for this to get fixed (item 1-) to update my review to 5/5 :).Version: 7.11.0

I love itI’m a long-time user of the app and website as well. I believe the site and app are worthy of 5-stars, and I think everyone should be budgeting their money and giving themselves financial goals. There was a big update to the website/app, and the goals section changed. I have left a lot of feedback about it because some features went away, it used to give you a clear plan as to how to pay down your credit cards. It had access to your APRs, and it would tell you exactly what to pay to each card each month to pay them down the most efficiently. There were also sliders for BOTH money and time, if you want to pay less money per month, the time it would take to achieve your goal would change, and you could use the time slider to adjust the goal as well. Now it just asks, “How much money per month can you pay?” And then it spits out a timeline. That gives way less information than before. Overall the app is wonderful but I’d love to see those old features of the goal page return..Version: 150.66.0

Great app but some bugs to be aware ofI’ve been using this app and the website for many years, and it’s very good, particularly since it is free. I have recently reported an issue with the app incorrectly including income categories as expense when viewing prior month budget history. And if you exceeded your Income budget, earning more than planned, it shows it in Red like it is a bad thing. So that is confusing, and it’s hard to go back and see what your budget was previously if you are a person who adjusts your budget categories each month. (It appears your total monthly budget was double what you had planned to spend. You will need to use the full website version to see the correct number.) Also, I often get advertisements for credit cards I already have, so the targeted ads could be better. Sometimes an account will stop syncing, so you have to keep a close eye on that. Also, pending charges can sometimes remain after they have gone through, so your budget can get hit twice for the same transaction. You just need to change the category of the duplicate pending charge to ‘Hide from budgets and trends’ to fix that..Version: 6.7.1

Previous month budget inaccessibleIn the iPad version you cannot go back to a previous months budget. Please fix for 5 stars..Version: 150.54.0

The BestI have been using this app for several years now and I believe it's the best app for keeping track of bank accounts and credit cards. It has several new features that I am interested in using-investments . I really enjoy the fact that all I have to do is enter my password and I can see all the details of my checking account and my credit card. In my opinion this is the greatest app for controlling my budget. All I need now is a little will power. Thanks for this app. I really miss the ability to make additional payments on my credit card. I wish I had used it more often. If you want to improve your credit score, use this app to easily keep track of your money on a moment to moment basis. Having tried a few other apps, I am happy to say that this app is the BEST. UPDATE!!! Oct 29, 2018: I have just experienced a second password failure. This same failure happened 2 years ago. (Nov 13,2016). Their system just drops the password and there's nothing you can do but establish a new password. It's the only complaint I have ever had with system. They send a message through your email so now I have to start all over again. Other than this problem, it's a great way of keeping track of your money..Version: 6.3.0

This is the best app ever!This is the only app I use for finances and it’s all I need! This has helped me to be on top of budgets, account balances, bills and my credit score. This app would be great for anyone, even if you are starting out with you first savings account. It’s easy and can only be opened with your thumbprint or passcode if you wish. It sends you alerts if you have high spending or if your account balance gets to low. On the budgets you can use their categories and subcategories or create your own. I have only found a way to create them on the website, not on the app but they may have updated since, not sure. Basically everything about this app is customizable as for as organization goes. You can rename your accounts and when transactions come through under a category that may not make sense, you can change the category to fit in with where it goes in your budget. You can even hide transactions from your budgets and trends (there are trends a graphs for everything)!! I use this If say... I bought something for a friend who was going to pay me back with cash, but I didn’t want to take the cash back to the bank to balance the account. I could use this feature to just hide the transaction..Version: 5.23.0

A powerful financial tracking and planning toolPrior to switching to MINT at the start of 2019, I had been a Quicken user since 1987 and a QuickBooks user since 2009. So far, I really like MINT as it’s as seamless and easy to use as any software I’ve tried. I like the fact that once you set up your Accounts and Categories, it literally automates the entire process, and makes it relatively easy to modify a mid classified transaction. It’s an order of magnitude better than Quicken, as there’s really no need to worry about “balancing” translations from all of the accounts as MINT seems to do that very well. What I’d like and is the reason I won’t give it a 5 Star rating is that there’s not a way to go back past the current month and add a Budget as the software is focused on keeping users in the now. That’s too bad, as it would be a cool and helpful feature if it were available. I also would like more flexibility to print our reports, but MINT’s model prefers you do everything on line. Other than these few items, it’s a great product and I would be willing to opt in for a paid usage, especially if it would get me out of having to deal with all of the offers from credit cards through how to invest my money. Yet, those are small inconveniences considering the power of the program..Version: 6.8.1

Good app, but it’s lost some focusWith the development priority seeming to go towards monetization, the mobile app has become less useful/intuitive. They’ve gotten much better on the back-end integration with financial service providers, and I’ve noticed fewer data feed outages in the past year or two, and they tend to be resolved faster. Kudos for that, dev team. But the app UI has suffered, with more advertising of card referrals and less utility in the dashboard. Budget line items are sorted alphabetically, rather than by overall category as they are in the web interface. Why default to alphabetical (why not largest budgeted amount, or dynamically based on most recent transaction) and if it’s static why can’t I drag and drop the display order like I can with most other apps adhering to the iOS design language? The widget is set to show upcoming Bills, which is odd given that Mint has deprecated Bill pay. I would much rather have recent transactions available in the widget view, or better yet a choice of what the widget will display (but seriously, transactions please). Overall solid effort, but a handful of tweaks would get me recommending this app again..Version: 6.23.0

Need’s a new feature option for a more comprehensive understanding of your wealth of informationThere's not a transaction deletion feature available. You can't remove transactions once they are placed on your accounts. Now, you need this when for example, you take money from one bank account and put it in another, it will show up as a negative when in reality you're just moving money around, resulting in an ”expense” that in reality has not left your pocket. And in the end, it will show up as an expense, that at the end of the year will show inaccurate results. An example of it is the following, I paid my insurance company with my credit card and then I decided to move to another company so I received a full refund of the money that I spent on a paycheck, so although I got the money back and deposited it, it still shows up as a credit card transaction and income transaction, when in reality is the saw amount of money. If I would have the option to delete those two transactions then my monthly expenses don't have to show up wildly as it shows with these transactions that you can't delete for an accurate reading of your expenses..Version: 7.12.0

A gift to those of us who can’t keep track of our spending habits!I’ve tried just about every free app for tracking finances and budgeting... Mint wins hands down. It’s simple to use and pleasant to look at, gives you options for setting goals and reminders, sends you notifications if you’ve spent too much or your any of your bank accounts have a low balance to keep you from accidentally going in the red, the app can track the status of your federal tax refund and alert you when it arrives, you can import any loans you have into the app and it will track your progress paying them off and will help you to set payment goals and send you reminders, also it gives you a break down of your spending on a chart that shows what percent of your funds goes to what category like food, rent, gas, miscellaneous, etc. Thanks to this app I realized I was spending way too much on beverages at gas stations. It adds up more than I realized! You can use it to create customized reminders for when it’s time to pay bills so you never forget. It’s just amazing. Highly recommend..Version: 150.33.0

Great budget appI love Mint to help me track my spending this is way better for me than the Bank of America tools because the bank site used different categories on different page sections, and I couldn’t create a cohesive easy to understand view. Mint lets me pull in several accounts and credit cards and see everything all together. There are 2 things that bother me. First, it has a great feature for budgeting that allows you to carry over unused funds from month to month. This is great if you want to save up or reward yourself for behaving, but the app can’t tell the difference between overspending and underspending. For example, if your clothing budget is $50 a month and you only spend $25 in one month, the extra $25 will carry over to give my $75 for next month (yay!) but the app shows the budget item as red as if I have overspent and tells me I’m -$25 over budget (boo!). That makes NO sense and throws off my ability to quickly look for the red/yellow/green bars to see if I’m ok on spending and see how much I have available to spend. Also, I wish Mint would “learn” better. There is one restaurant I frequent that always seems to get categorized as a hotel. I have changed the categorization about 200 times. I would like the app to either figure it out or to let me set up an automatic override rule so I don’t have to keep changing the same charge over and over. If they would fix these 2 small things, the app would be perfect for me..Version: 5.39.0

Love mint, suggestions for improvementLongtime Mint user here. Mint is the best app I’ve found for tracking spending and managing our budget. A HUGE improvement would be to create a feature in the budget tool that allows you to specify that transactions from certain vendors should ALWAYS fall under a certain category in the budget. It seems like Mint eventually “learns” how to categorize some transactions, but it takes forever. Just give me a box to check that says “always categorize transactions from this vendor this way” or something. It gets wearisome having to individually recategorize transactions from the same vendor over and over. For the millionth time, NO, our favorite restaurant, Nose Dive, should not be categorized as “sporting goods” (who even had a sporting good line item in their budget?). And NO, purchases from Pet Supermarket should not be categorized as “groceries.” It would probably be helpful if you would also make it possible to delete budget categories we aren’t using. That might improve Mints ability to better guess where transactions should go. Another helpful tool would be being able to select multiple transactions and then categorize the whole batch. Then I could select all of my entertainment, shopping, or restaurant transactions and categorize them in one fell swoop. Come on, Mint! You have a great product, but some of these things seem like common sense..Version: 6.15.0

Great app, couple issuesThis is the best budgeting app I’ve had. I’ve tried a few others and nothing compares. I like that I can link my accounts (recurring bills, investments, credit card, checking and saving), set personal budgeting goals, and watch where my money goes each week and month. The app sends alerts to my email when I’ve exceeded a budget. My issues however started a few weeks ago. For whatever reason, the app has the hardest time syncing my checking and savings account, which I hold thru a small, local bank. I sometimes have to log out, log back in, and sync it a few times before it corrects itself. So my transactions aren’t loading, I’m not getting alerts, and the overall data isn’t correct. The app used to sync on its own before May 2019 started. I’m not sure if it’s a new update that’s causing a glitch, but it sure is annoying. I check the app to monitor my progress a few times a week, and I edit my budgets monthly, so it’s not like I hardly mess with the app. Additionally, the app doesn’t provided any tips or tricks for how to spend less/save more. Some apps I’ve tried had those but didn’t have the personalized budgets, so I switched to this one. Can’t have everything apparently. Ultimately, I won’t ever leave this app because it provides the bulk of what I’m looking for in the app. I’m just annoyed that the app stopped syncing my accounts without me forcing it to every few days..Version: 6.11.0

Differences in Website vs AppI have been using this app for at least 5 years and have been overall satisfied. A downside that I consistently see is differences in functionality between the mobile apps and website. For example, on the website you can set a budget based on a frequency of how often the expense will be incurred, while at the moment on the app I can only set a monthly budget. I would suggest Mint reviews their functionalities and streamlines them on each platform. It is frustrating to have to switch between platforms..Version: 7.10.0

Almost perfectI've been using Mint for years and recently started using it consistently. There's a lot to love about this program! I won't go into all of its great features because with this kind of rating, it's obvious that there are many! Instead, I want to bring up a few minor nits that keep this from being perfect for me. First, there's differences between what you can do on the web version, the iPad version and the iPhone version. For instance, you can only create new tags on the web version. The reports are slightly different. The way you set date ranges are different. It's not intuitively obvious how to do the same function on a different platform. I can manage it, but trying to help my not-quite-as-tech-savvy wife understand why the capabilities and functionality is different on each platform is hard. The second nit is that across all the platforms, I don't see a way to do multiple filters. For instance, if I want to see all my fuel purchases at king soopers for the last two months, I have to either search for the fuel category and look manually (or export to csv) or by merchant and look manually or... But there's no way to specifically look for all three criteria. Similarly, when I get a list of transactions in the little pop up window on the web version, there's no way to export just those transactions. I have to copy and paste them out to transfer to a spreadsheet. Besides these nits, I love the program. I use it daily and am mostly very happy with it!.Version: 7.28.0

Great app!I've used this app for awhile now and it's fantastic. Really enables you to manage all of your accounts and keep an eye on your budget! Update: I have now been using the app for 2 years, and I still use it quite regularly, but I have two gripes. One is an echo of another review in that the ads are super annoying and pop up in an awkward place. The second gripe is about the budget. While it's great that I can get so specific about budget categories (e.g., coffee shops, restaurants, fast food, etc.), if I haven't specified a particular subcategory that represents a transaction, the transaction doesn't reflect in my cumulative budget spending. For example, if I only establish a budget for restaurants, but go to a coffee shop randomly, those transactions don't get included - so while I think I'm on budget for the month, I'm actually not. It would be great if I could make blanket budgets for certain spending areas (e.g., Food & Dining), and when a transaction for a subcategory under that spending umbrella comes in (e.g., coffee shops), it will account for it into my food and dining budget..Version: 5.17.1

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