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Amazing but minor setbacksI originally used Chime. For a whole year I loved it then they told me because I wasn’t primary on my (married filed joint) tax return they would not take it into my account as if I had no right to our refund. So I closed the account & was terrified I wouldn’t find a better bank but boy was I wrong!! I see the “check deposit” & “pay people” options are pending but I like that y’all have the “share” options so I don’t need to pay my husband or vice versa to share an account. It’s like an optional joint account and we just add money for the other person as needed!! && I love I can create other pockets so if my family adds accounts we can do a full save for a large family vacation no hassles of keeping up with cash to make sure we all contribute. It would be my main bank now but my current job only pays by check so now I have to find a mobile bank that does check deposits instead of direct deposits 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll be checking back though for when y’all do allow mobile check deposits!!.Version: 1.20.0

Great replacement for simpleThe pockets are very helpful - which was the main reason why I chose to go with this bank. They really help with budgeting. Auto-save also pushes me to save more than I used to, and I’m pleased to see my savings grow every day. The only thing preventing a fifth star is the ability to search your transactions. I move money in and out of my pockets frequently, and that takes up the majority of the transaction history. I have to search every line to find a specific transaction. It would be perfect if I could filter the transactions to just outside purchases, and not my organizational tactics of moving money in and out of different pockets. Or alternatively, a search bar. Perhaps in the online version you can do these actions, but given I usually stick to my phone app, I really notice this absent feature..Version: 1.32.1

Pockets are neatI’ve had this account for a few weeks. I’ve only used it for a few purchases. It takes 5 business days for transfers from other banks to show up. The auto-save feature that rounds up your change from your purchases happens the day after you make the purchase, not automatically when you make the purchase. Every single time I open the app, I have to enter my full email address in addition to my password. I like on Chime app where I just enter my pin to open the app. Entering this app takes a few steps, first I have to tell them I don’t want to enable Face ID log-in, every single time. Then tap “log in”. Then wait for the website to load to enter my full email address and password. There is no remembering my email or my preference to not use Face ID. This is a little annoying especially because I’m accessing the app frequently to see if my transfers have finalized. I did like that I was able to add a digital card to my virtual wallet as soon as I opened the acct. The physical card took 3 weeks to come in the mail. Update: April 2022. Thank you for making logging in more simple! I love this app and service!.Version: 1.42.0

Amazing Banking at Its BestThis banking application is absolutely superb. Very modern, yet simple and easy to navigate, and understand interface. No fees, absolutely none. Yes that includes over-drafting, no fees or penalties for that either. Has option if you’d like to choose to do so to show your credit score in your dashboard of the app’s interface daily for free. They give you an instant credit line that your able to use your same debit card to switch card to pull money from credit line and switch it back at your will to pull money from your standard checking account all within the app. The list of amenities and perks goes on no exaggerations. The big banks definitely have to worry now..Version: 1.32.0

I'll say 5/5I'm going to give One 5 stars because of their ability and willingness to quickly implement customer feedback. I love having each bill/merchant assigned its own pocket. It's perfect for fraud protection and to stop possible overdrafts if I'm double charged. The addition of virtual cards for every pocket is awesome. This set to allows me to budget down to the exact penny (a virtual cash envelope system). I adore my credit line. It is now higher than any of my credit card debt. Why is that awesome? As I pay off my credit card debt (woo!) I know I'll have a 0% loan and then 1% every month after (12% APR). That's HALF my credit card interest rates. No worries on the credit card debt. I'm on a debt free journey and my pocket set up with One has eliminated me from making extra swipes just because. I have a "Frivolous" pocket that gets funded after all my bill pockets are filled. What I'd love to see? More automation in the budget. I'd love to say these are my fixed expenses and One do the calculation for each payday contribution. I'd really love a Goals feature. "I need $15,000 by Dec 2023" and One calculate the amount per paycheck and set aside the funds. I'd also love more built in budget features like: how much am I spending on categories (pet, restaurant, automotive) Hopefully those things will come. That would truly make One the only bank, only ap, & only card in my wallet/phone..Version: 1.30.1

The most straight-forward, honest bankingHaving tried every bank from Chase to Bank of America to Wells Fargo, and even small credit unions, One has clearly demonstrated value over all others in a very short time. Big banks are only concerned about profit, normally at the expense of their customers, so it is incredibly refreshing to see a bank being transparent with their products and services. Additionally, they go out of their way to make sure customers avoid late fees and overdrafts or being taken advantage of by hidden fees or costs. They are actively encouraging sustainable and responsible spending/saving behaviors. It is heartening to see a bank look after their customers. I can’t recommend them highly enough!.Version: 1.12.0

So far so......not good but okThis isn’t the company or apps fault directly because they state it’s coming soon but for the modern age today. You need to have the mobile check deposit feature working. My company I work for does not offer direct deposit so I’m stuck with hard checks. When I make a debit transaction it must be instant and not take several days to deduct from my one account. That’s drives me crazy which has caused me to leave other banks and mobile banks for that matter. I don’t have over draft issues but once again for the modern age. If there is a situation which causes an over draft. There absolutely should not “ever” be fees. Free atms everywhere no matter what. These basics should be applied to make a good foundation and a good experience for your customers. Not just......ok. I will keep this bank for awhile and look forward to future updates to see where it goes. Thank you.Version: 1.16.6

Very Good Mobile Banking AppThis is my first review on the App Store & felt like this was needed. One Finance deserves some more recognition as the UI & Customer Service is very top tier. The UI of the site, app, & design elements used on PDF’s, Logos, Transaction Logos, Debit Card, etc. really caught my attention as it’s designed very minimal & pleasant. The Auto Save pocket is 3% APY & is probably the most i’ve seen on the market. Save is sitting at 1% APY which is the usual norm. Good to have both pockets with different features & the ability to share pockets with others is very cool. Some people can be denied this bank so it is good to share pockets with people for business, family, or bills but peer to peer payments isn’t ideal. Check Deposits & Pay Anyone feature is all that this is missing & think it should be rolled out ASAP & be a high priority. Lastly if there was a way to send money instantly to any bank with Zelle or another friend who banks at One without sharing a pocket would definitely set this bank above 99% & consumers would agree with exactly what I’m saying..Version: 1.18.0

Brilliant Simple Successor!I was an early adopter of Simple, but eventually drifted away as my financial reds expanded. I was SO excited to see this new mobile banking service from the same team (presumably, at least) — the thing I’d missed *most* when I left Simple was the automated savings: between “Goals” and the “Safe-to-Spend” balance, it made it truly effortless for someone like myself (historically bad at saving money) to keep atop my expenses. So far it seems One is going to replicate much of what made Simple so special, but bring in some more of the flexibility people want more & more from their mobile money management services. Hopefully support will be added soon for the new iOS 14 widgets! I’d love to have my Spend balance available at a glance alongside the other financial information I keep readily available already (in this case, investment metrics from Acorns, PayPal, and the built-in Stocks app). Loving everything so far though — looking forward to seeing One grow from here!.Version: 1.18.0

Complaining here, hopefully will hear backI opened my account just days before moving. I have tried multiple times to change the address. It should be very easy to change the address in an app, right? Any app developer can do it. However, this apps fails to provide a convenient option to change your address. You have to send them a request. My first debit card went to previous address. I sent a request for change in the address and I have not received any response yet. [Cricket’s chirping]. And I am almost sure that they have sent the new debit card to last address again. I love this app though. I just think a task like changing the address should not be a pain and should not take weeks..Version: 1.32.1

Amazing Alternative to Traditional BankI had a checking account with Wells Fargo. They eliminated all overdraft line of credit for all customers - new and current. One finance gave me a generous overdraft line of credit ($800) after about 2 months of consistent paycheck deposit. I received my paycheck a day early and so far I have not paid a single fees to One Finance (Unlike traditional banks such as Wells Fargo that charges you a fee every chance they get). The debit card works perfectly fine (and without any fees) at AllPoints ATMs. The “pocket” feature is super useful. You can easily categorize your money and expenses and keep them separate. The only downside of One finance is the lack of any physical branch. But if you are like me who doesn’t even remember the last time you needed to step into a bank branch, One Finance would be perfect. Also it is worth noting that their support seem to be outsourced but that it outweighed by other benefits you get. As One Finance marketshare grows, they might turn into a more traditional corporation with all the bads that come with it since the ultimate goal of any company is to make money. But until then, I’ll stick to One Finance for now. I transferred my savings to One Finance from Wells Fargo and the interests at so much better here. I will never go back to any big 4 bank again..Version: 1.40.2

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