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WhatsApp Messenger App User Positive Comments 2024

WhatsApp Messenger app received 133 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about whatsapp messenger?

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WhatsApp Messenger for Positive User Reviews

The BestI can honestly say my WhatsApp experience to date could not be better. It’s unbelievably clear and reliable. I talk from New Zealand to London frequenting and it brilliant. I’m almost 60 and have not found any difficulties embracing this new but easy way of calling friends and family. Perfect for people of all ages. Older folk should definitely use WhatsApp. David (NZ).Version: 2.18.51

My reviewI love WhatsApp, it’s so easy to use and it’s a lovely way to communicate with my friends and family online. I love sharing on my status so my friend and family can see what I’m up to. You can text, FaceTime, call, voice message or even send photos or videos. I go on WhatsApp every single day because it’s just so good! You can add peoples numbers on WhatsApp too and you can create your own groups which is quite fun, I couldn’t even count how many groups have been made by me and my friends. The only thing that I wish didn’t happen with WhatsApp is that when you go onto WhatsApp and you have full storage it will say go and delete some apps or photos and block you out of WhatsApp until you’ve deleted some photos or apps, my storage gets full very quickly as well because I love to take photos and videos wherever I go so it is a bit annoying for me but on the positive side it is really good and I love to use it so if you don’t have it I recommend that you download it and use it because it is one of my favourite apps on my phone!.Version: 23.20.1

Some things to considerHey, i just want to say, nice to use and easy to use. A suggestion that I have for u is, much like Discord, u can see what someone is doing and how long they have been doing that thing. Thx for being able to keep WhatsApp a great chatting app. Keep it up, and thx again for being great!!! DarkNinjaCC, YouTuber and user of many things including WhatsApp.Version: 2.21.190

SpeakerFor me when I put the speaker on or go onto a video call the person I’m ringing can’t here me, but there is an easy fix you could just head phones with a built in mic. Other than that it is a great app and I use it all the time.Version: 2.20.81

Passcode protection, please?!Considering many people use WhatsApp for private chats of a sensitive or adult nature, it really needs a passcode/password protection feature. Yes I know we can passcode protect our whole iPhones, but some of us don’t remember to turn on our iPhone’s passcode every single time we go out or meet up with other people... and yes it’s possible to leave it on all the time, but personally I find it a little inconvenient to have to enter the passcode every single time I use my iPhone... and I use mine A LOT cos it’s loaded with lots of art and photo editing apps, as well as Facebook and suchlike. And people don’t keep their phones to themselves 100% of the time... eg, I’ll often pass someone my iPhone to show them photos on it... so if someone was in a nosey mood, a few tiny little finger movements is all it would take for them to access my WhatsApp chats in all their glory. The consequences of having their private chats pried upon like this could be disastrous and absolutely traumatic for some people, such as those planning to escape domestic abuse, for example. So... PLEASE can we have passcode protection for WhatsApp?! Cheers x.Version: 2.18.22

Overall very good appSo I got this app because everyone else has it. It is actually really nice to use and organised. By this I mean the way it is layed out: rows of your messages that you can scroll through and you can pin the few most important ones at the top (I especially love the pins thank you for that). Another thing I’d like to say is that I like how WhatsApp is connected to Messages, so you don’t have to name everyone twice. I mean, if you names someone Stevedore Francisco (random name right there) on Messages then they would be named as Stevedore Francisco on WhatsApp. Very helpful :) Thanks for reading this and if you generally want to get this app then you should actually get it it’s completely free no scams or anything. If your one of those people that just like to randomly read app reviews then I hope this review was satisfactory for your app-review-reading-needs. :).Version: 22.8.75

Love Everything except...WhatsApp is an amazing chatting app that conveniently connects you to a broad chat base of your family & loved ones, friends and acquaintances alike at a quick setup without having to generate unique ways to connect with each other. It has a plethora of other cool features like ability to make voice and video calls etc. and now even make payments to each other for a dinner you shared but did not pay for... BUT all this power without the possibility to lock the app or have a password access is a waste of opportunity to complete the offering by WhatsApp. I really feel THEY ARE RATHER LATE. PASSWORD PROTECT OPTION at starting the app window IS MISSING AND should have been there like yesterday ... it’s a simple feature addition but gives many people the safety they want to protect their communication and today communication is everything!.Version: 2.18.101

Bluetooth/Airpod mic update suggestionI would like to humbly suggest an update in the name of users who use Bluetooth AirPods. The microphones on these devices are terrible for recording voice memos. People never understand what I say. It would be good if it were like Instagram. On Instagram, when you record a voice message it utilizes the iPhone mic instead of the AirPod mic even when using the AirPods. When I am having a conversation with someone via voice memos on WhatsApp, I have to turn off Bluetooth, then record my voice memo. After I’m done recording I have to turn Bluetooth back on. It goes on and off indefinitely until I am done with my conversation. So with that it would be awesome if we had the option to turn off the Bluetooth/AirPod mic only in a setting or just update it to be like Instagram where it records on the iPhones mic and only plays back on the AirPods. Thank you so much!!.Version: 22.5.71

Amazing app, but could use some work.I think whatsapp is great but I’m the camera they could add some filters. Not too many, just stuff like black and white (mono). As well as this they could add a like button on the Status section. So even if you don’t want to comment, you can still like it. This is so the person knows that you liked the image or whatever. Because when you see the views on your status you don’t know if people actually liked it or not. But over all it is a great app. Especially because you can see if someone has read your message or not..Version: 22.14.74

Almost perfect but I have a few suggestionsI love this app it’s amazing. I highly recommend it but I’ve got some little suggestions that will make the app 100 times better. A) When do a status you could make it so you can choose who see that certain one. Because you have to select who you want or don’t want to see a status and it’s annoying when you want to only do a selected number of slides B) You could schedule when a message gets sent. For example let’s say your doing something but you know someone will message you. The app could send a custom message saying something like “Hey sorry I won’t be able to respond for a while as I’m a bit busy but I’ll respond as soon as possible”. I know you have the bio or description the but let’s be honest who actually goes and reads those? Otherwise a brilliant app!.Version: 23.13.82

Good in the UK ?I fiend WhatsApp a fantastic app to use in the UK. But I feel that a lot of different platforms that use any sort of mobile connection, SHOULD use some of the profits to invest in the country’s that have bad networks. I am NOT talking about a bad network connection due to lack of network coverage, I am talking about BAD network infrastructure. As I tend to talk to many from all parts of Africa, and have gotten so MAD when you are texting or doing an audio call or worse still, a video call. As they can just drop out without any known reason. You can be talking away, then you notice that the person that you are talking to, is just NOT on the line anymore. So you NEVER know just how much of the thing that you had been talking about had actually been heard. So come on guys, get the governments to STOP been so corrupt and help them with their infrastructure to make communication a thing that people can easily use..Version: 22.23.76

Unread messages within chatsThis app is good and all the improvements have made it better over the years. Can you make a provision for keeping unread messages within chats unread? Currently what happens is that if I open a chat all the messages become read yet sometimes I may want to read upto a certain point and continue from there later. This kind of feature is available in Telegram. Best regards.Version: 2.21.101

Please include export call data optionWhatsApp has been great for many years now. However, recently it has started to cause problems with calls. Notifications for messages and calls don’t tend to show up immediately unless you open the app. Please fix that. It would be great if there could be an export option for calls as well. please!!!.Version: 22.11.75

Latest update malfunctionHi First of all, would like to say great app, brings the family and friends closer. I am really enjoying this app and thankful for that. But after latest update, my app won’t show any notifications and I won’t know any messages or call until I open the app. I tried changing the notifications settings and reverting back to default, yet there is no change. If you could please find me a solution, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks..Version: 2.20.61

Thank the Nerds!!Finally an app that does exactly as it says. Its got very good support. Picture is usually very clear and if your network is good then the app performs brilliantly. Its sound is crystal clear. Its only drawback is it doesnt have pictures to choose from in app so your constantly having to go to your own saved stuff, or use gif apps. All in all well worth downloading now, what are you waiting for you already have the written invitation. Its the only communications app you will ever need..Version: 2.18.61

AvatarsThese are all Zuckerberg clones. I seriously am not related to him, nor are all my peeps. Why do our avatars need to make us look like family? It’s the Facebook Pervasion. WhatsApp has also been banned in our organisation for causing vulnerabilities in our firewall. It used to be a great app at inception but… lately?.Version: 23.2.75

The best app by Isla CoatesI love this app I love my status and I love texting my friends this app is so fun cause you get to see what your friends are doing or your friends can see what you are doing and you get to send funny videos, pictures, animations you get to make new groups and new friends you get to show a haul of stuff you got for your birthday or Christmas or Easter maybe on Halloween or on new years on valentine day or on a special occasion but the best thing about it is that if you want to talk to someone about stuff you can talk to them on what's app these are the three tips I give you one be safe on the internet do not text anything bad or rude two if you feel sad or down I the dumps you could text somebody and talk about it if you don’t feel like talking to your parents about it three stay happy on the internet and don’t be afraid to speak out and stay safe that is the most important three things that you need to remember and always speak out and stay positive and safe !!!.Version: 24.4.78

It’s good and nobody is gonna read thisWhatsApp is good and better for sending stuff quickly but it has slight problems such as when I send a photo it goes all blurry and pixelated also it doesn’t say when someone downloads an image that you send which could be a problem for some people Wow hello someone is actually reading my review that’s ✨✨✨amazing ✨✨✨ because you’ve made it here HIII your amazing I would totally give you my number so you can talk to me on WhatsApp but you know stranger danger BYEEEEE 🏠🏡🏘️🏚️🏗️🏭🏢🏬🏣🏤🏥🏦🏨🏪🏫🏩💒🏛️⛪️🕌🕍🛕🕋⛩️🛤️🛣️🗾🎑🏞️🌅🌇🎆🎇🌠🌄🌆🏙️🌃🌌🌉🌁.Version: 23.20.79

Update ruined itI use it for everyday communication with my friends and family overseas. It used to be a very good app before but not after the recent update. After the update the app starting acting weird. There is no sound for incoming video calls. Voice reduces after removing earphones in middle of the call. Lot more difficulties using this app. Please do rectify these mistakes and bring it back to the normal state. Thank you.Version: 2.21.11

What I like about the appThis app is great 👍 My favourite part is being able to see when they have seen your text and when they were last on the app because then you can see if someone is just choosing not to reply or if are on there phone 😃.Version: 2.18.111

WhatsAppI love WhatsApp so much I would recommend it to everyone I give it 5 star rating for chatting app’s.Version: 2.18.91

Whatsapp backup password prompt countdown neededI have an issue with the disabling of the main Whatsapp system when the password for Backups is being requested. Not me specifically but some elderly family members who were out and about suddenly couldnt use Whatsapp to communicate without having to recall their password (which they didnt have at hand, so effectively lost whatsapp for several hours) There should be a warning or a countdown to let you know the prompt is going to happen shortly, but doesn’t immediately disable whatsapp..Version: 23.12.71

WhatsAppOverall this a really good app to talk to friends and family on! It is free to send a message and you can customise your own background! The only problem which I see with this app is the icon...the icon I think should be part of making a group chat because I am in many group chats with my friends and they keep getting in arguments over it all cause any of them can change it and many of them keep changing it. Then when people get into an argument people who aren’t chatting get spammed with messages so they get annoyed and make an even bigger argument. So I think you should make a renovation to this app and make the admin/group maker in charge with the icon so when they make a group they can only change it. So then there are no more arguments and nobody gets annoyed. I think this could help a lot of people! Thank you..Version: 2.19.41

Text alert tonesOf all the things I would appreciate being updated within WhatsApp, I think I’m always waiting for the developers to improve the range of text tones available. I would really enjoy having some lovely distinctive text alerts which I could apply to different contacts, fir instant identification Sounds which are brighter, good to hear, and which can be associated to folk in a way which isn’t derogatory ie downbeat, gently awful! Sounds which you can pick up easily from your pocket, bag, or from the other room. I just have two which are linked to my family. I don’t use them for anybody else. This is a long message, but please please please put sone work into developing the pick up sounds so that it’s a pleasure to hear them. Bright voices and not dull moaning. Snippets of string music, beauty and not a beast calling you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..Version: 24.2.75

I can’t live without WhatsAppIt’s simply the best app for messages, video calls, voice messages, group chats and what have you. I’m the kind of person that loves sending pics and videos to my mates. We can even send documents, PDF and other files, which makes life so much easier for study groups. I’ve been using WhatsApp since its first years and it only gets better and better. I really don’t understand why some people still use messenger. The only improvement that I’d love to see is to be able to make video calls from a computer through WhatsApp Web. This definitely a 5 star app to me..Version: 2.21.221

TAG FEATURE SHOULD BE ADDED WHEN UPLOADING ON STATUS.I’ll suggest that contact should be able to tag people on their status , because sometimes people upload your pictures and you don’t end up seeing it within 24hrs when it disappears ... but if a tag feature is added , I can easily upload a picture and tag whosoever is in it and even though he doesn’t end up viewing all his contact status he will definitely see mine and I get a “thank you” This happens mostly on birthdays when a lot of people upload a picture of you and you can’t view all contact status to know who and who uploaded your picture so you can thank them... but with this tag feature ... contacts can tag who is in his/her story and the person get to see it ... Thank you.Version: 22.2.75

Copy & paste issuesI love WhatsApp & it’s my go-to for most of my communication with friends & family. One main problem I’ve found though, is that if I’ve written a message in my notes or anywhere else & paste it into WhatsApp, the formatting goes. Even when I use the _ for italic or * for bold, etc, it doesn’t do the job it’s meant to. It simply adds _before_ and after the words instead of making it italic. Even if I only copy a quote into a partly typed msg, it removes all previous formatting. It’s my main frustration with the app...Version: 2.21.31

Add a ‘like’ button, give option of prioritising some notifications over othersIt would be really great if you could use an emoji /thumbs up etc symbol to agree to someone. Instead, if you’re in a big group, you get every tiny boring notification just because someone needed to show they agreed with something, when you could have had just something like a ‘like’ button. The consonant notifications in group chats are very annoying. I know you can mute, but you never know if something is important or not until you’ve read it. If you made a like button and then an option to mute notifications for reactions (likes, dislikes etc), it would make this app a lot better, thank you..Version: 2.21.141

Encryption - end to endWhatsApp provides great platform for communication for individuals and groups - most users I know believe it is vaulted both ways ie end to end but this is not the case - my understanding that encryption can be lifted in Australia to various authorities on ‘ national security ‘ interests under issuance of a warrant - the trouble is warrants so issued - it is my belief - are handed out like lollipops - without due diligence and consideration for the principles of a Parliamentary Democracy, Rule of Law and Privacy and the consequences when interested authorities abuse the powers so invested in them !.Version: 22.15.75

REQUST TO FIX SOME BUGsThis is one of the best app in apps market, still we are facing one major problem with this app in IPHONE 12 pro and IPHONE 12 pro max “while watching status the app gets totally hangup”! In this case we have to shut the app and relaunch it. We have a request that developers should fix this bug. we really Appreciate.👍.Version: 2.21.130

Change the default setting of automatically downloading all images into your photo album for on iOSThis feature has been one of the most annoying aspects of WhatsApp. Everytime you download WhatsApp on your device, you are always subject to the default settings when saving your data on your device One of this features is how by default WhatsApp will download any image or video shared in any conversation which you are apart of into your camera roll photo album. This results in images and video which I do not possess appearing into your camera roll. The reason why I don’t like this is because you are not in control of what people share and it doesn’t mean you want their content saved in your camera roll. It’s particularly annoying with GIFs or Memes which are not actually funny and rather offensive. I would like Facebook INC to change this feature to do not download all images and video from conversation as the default preference..Version: 2.21.81

Love Whatsapp connectivitySo grateful to reach friends, family, make new connections for free! Whatsapp helps you do everything. Post reminders, links, info, instructions, wish lists. It is great also to organise plans, group activities, party planning, simply and saves time. Always able to pass on positivity, reach everyone, pass on uplifting quotes, photos, smiles. It’s the best communication freedom. Thankyou. So amazing. It’s free. It is the freedom private messaging best app ever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.20.31

Best App Ever!There is not enough text space to write down everything I love about this app, nor do I have the time to write it all down!! Suffice it to say, I wish I could get everyone in my contact list to use this. For work, we have a record of all of our conversations, which in my line of business, this has been a really good thing for us. Also, you can see when the person read the message. Being able to back up conversations to the Cloud has also been useful. One of the things I’m most impressed by the Developors of this app is that they are constantly updating the app with new capabilities. Like I said, there are several things I could continue to write about how much I love this app. Suffice it to say, it’s one of the best Apps in my phone and I’m a hard critic when I comes App reviews..Version: 2.19.51

Please add in an EDIT button to WhatsAppI have been using WhatsApp for a very long time now and over that period it has served me well. However, I am continually frustrated that I am unable to edit any of my spelling errors in my msgs. If this was added into the options available it would lift the performance of it and be on a par with other social media apps offering this function…. PLEASE WHATSAPP ADD AN EDIT BUTTON IN PLEASE 🙏🙏💙🙏🙏THANK YOU !!!.Version: 23.9.77

Great but needs more flexibilityCould you please add more mute settings?? A 24 hour and a 48 hour option would be amazing - 8 hrs to a week is a bit too far of a jump, and not really practical. For example, 48 hours would allow me to mute my work conversation on my days off, allowing me to separate more for my mental health. Right now, my options are mute for a week and risk forgetting to unmute it in time for my next shift, or having to repeatedly mute for 8 hours over my days off if I want some separation, becoming more stressed every time I do - it’s one extreme or the other. Please, some more options would be wonderful. Thank you..Version: 2.21.170

Overall A very good messaging app that I use a lot.Whatsap certainly has had its trials and tribulations, but from what I’ve seen so far, only access ability stuff that needed doing is working very well now, I can access a lot more stuff using voice-over than I used to be able to, and I always believe that as long as the developers listen to us, the customers and users, what ever you want to call us these days, Service users, and users, clients, patrons, whatever! then something is working the way it should! I just have one final thing to say, keep up the good work! Keep improving this program, and you make a lot of people very very happy and keep all our communication needs in check! I talk to people around the world with this program, and I really enjoy using WhatsApp, sometimes, it’s the only thing that I can really get my hands on to use, when everything else is broken! So I’m super excited about that! It’s really good times. Anyway, thanks for keeping this going, keep up the good work, and making WhatsApp better!.Version: 2.18.22

Link a device feature is not working.Can someone please explain why “link account on companion iphone” is not working. Why are you writing in “what’s new” section if you cant give what you have said. I have contacted whatsapp support and you automatically closed the chat without resolving my issue..Version: 23.11.78

This is definitely for meThis is a great app I use it all the time. I even use it to text my sister when she is sat right next to me!!!🤣🤣 My favourite thing about WhatsApp is the GIFs they can do anything like a dog waving saying hi to a person saying what the hell and also it makes most of the GIFs really funny.🤣 Most reviews have something the particular app needs to improve on so here is some advice to maybe consider adding on here maybe you could put more options on the Memoji’s so you can customise them a bit more maybe you could put more tops on and on the hair there is not many boys hairstyles (not that I am a boy) and maybe make the Memoji’s a bit smaller so you can put some trousers and shoes on your Memoji. I hope you can improve a bit but apart from that WhatsApp is a great app and would recommend it to anyone who likes messaging. Thank you..Version: 22.11.75

You are always there even staying a miles awayIt’s hard to stay away from family when you live in different countries and you get to see them once in a two year. Having video chat you don’t miss them a lot as you feel more connected and with them for some time WhatsApp has made things more easy by adding anyone through phone number as it was hard for my parents to login on Skype and opening laptop earlier to speak to us but now everything is so easy and wonderful Thanks to this innovation.Version: 2.21.221

A really good app, but...The app is very good and in my time that I’ve been using it, I haven’t noticed any flaws or anything that bothers me until now. I personally don’t like the 7 minute time limit for deleting messages for everyone, which I just found out about after trying to delete a message I sent, because sometimes I need more time to think about whether I should let someone read what I’ve sent them (obviously before they read it, say if I’ve sent the message when I know they’re asleep). For example, today I sent my friend a message - which I wasn’t sure about sending in the first place as it was personal - but I sent it knowing that she was asleep and that if I decide that I don’t want her to read it I’ll just delete it and just play off the “this message has been deleted” as a bunch of autocorrects. However, once I finally decided to delete the message, I realised that I couldn’t. And now I’m stuck in a bit of an awkward situation just because of a stupid 7 minute time limit which I don’t think does anyone any good other than exposing people and putting them in awkward situations. Which is why I’m hoping you take my request into account and just remove the time limit completely and let people delete their messages for everyone whenever they please and not in only 7 minutes whilst possibly being under pressure if it is something personal that they’re sending to whomever they maybe talking to. Thank you..Version: 2.19.71

Excellent app for communicationAll the features are perfect. One kind request. We need an option where it will enable the admin in a whatsapp group to block a particular troubling contact number. Incident: few teachers have created a group to share the educational details the link was shared publicly. One unknown person joins using that link and keeps on sharing bad irritating information and links. But no one is able to block that contact including the admin. If there is a option to sort this it will be great. Thanks ☺️☺️☺️.Version: 2.19.41

EmojisI think this app is WONDERFUL! But there is some emojis missing, for exemple the GIRAFFE emoji! Some people like me, love giraffes! So please, can you make an emoji giraffe?.Version: 2.17.52

WhatsApp is a great app to use!Hi, I’m not sure that there is any problems with this app that bothers me, and I’m not sure if this is just the one issue that my phone has a problem with. Sometimes, it would say : unable to use this app right now. Try again or later. But the other thing I have been having issues with is the groupchats. I was recently getting spammed on a group chat, and the amount of text Messages I had was unbelievable. My phone went VERY glitchy when I tried to enter the group chat. I was also unable to get access into the other chats or group chats for atleast 2 minutes. Other than this it is a wonderful app. Something I love about this app is that if you want to edit a chat with a couple friends, you can change the wallpaper whichever one you pick, it’s spectacular. Specifically that you can take your own pictures for the background. You can also delete messages what you’re probably thinking is she’s crazy almost every app can delete messages” well, this allows you to delete it twice. It might seem strange when I say this but it’s gives you the opportunity to delete the message when it says you deleted this message “ it goes completely away like it was never there. Although I never use the status, I would agree it’s a fabulous idea for that. Personally, I could never of thought better than this app. Thanks for reading, <3.Version: 23.25.6

Amazing app, terrible status updatesI love the app, it allows me to contact everyone with a nice looking app haha- The recent two updates for the status area are annoying and just make life harder. I liked the original or even the first update is better than what we have now. It’s distracting and I don’t want public stuff because status is majority my friends and family posting and now they are just inconvenient to find It’s a good app still. Have a nice day/night!.Version: 23.24.0

One frustrated user😡Great but, one problem, one part of WhatsApp doesn’t fit the screen and it’s so big you can’t get out of it. I tried switching my phone off, didn’t work. I had to restart my phone☹️. Otherwise it’s brilliant but PLEASE FIX. Sadly im giving four stars. Fix it if you want the final star. Please support iPad. I’m begging you Update: Thank you for fixing the bug. Now WhatsApp is FLAWLESS!!! Still though please support iPad. Me and my friend want to chat, but we can’t cos he has iPad. Please please please. Update 2: you said you were adding undo send. I guess not. I have waited and you haven’t added it. PLEASE REPLY. Bye the way I’m not allowed to send emails to random people. So please send all the answers in one email. Thanks. Update:3 Right what are your updates for. You say in your updates that you are adding features. In later updates you say you will add those features when they have already been added. Otherwise brilliant except that it is made by meta.Version: 23.11.78

Please get this app it will change ur lifeI know this looks long but READ IT ALL. THIS APP WILL LEGIT CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok this app is soooooo good! I got a new phone at one point and was gutted when I couldn’t use this until my number switched! It’s even free to send nearly anything, unlike other apps where you have to pay extra for pics and stickers and calls. I can use this to call my friend in Scotland who I otherwise couldn’t contact properly. It is fun too! The stickers are amazing and you can even make them out of your own pics on your camera roll! Then you can post on your status, the group chats, so you can post multiple people at once, and the channels (I highly recommend getting the WhatsApp channel as It will give you so many hints and notices) and other apps go well with it too like Emoji+ and Bitmoji (❤️) yeah you will never get bored and I am gonna stop there even though there is so much more to tell coz you are probably getting bored of me now though you will never be bored of this app get it now! I MEAN IT!!!!!!! 😆.Version: 24.1.80

IncredibleI really love this app. It's incredible how you can talk with anyone around the world without paying actual money. There’s nothing wrong happening with my version, the camera works well and shoots good photos. There are some things that would make this app the best messaging app. The first one is that when you mute a group chat there should be an option that allows you to mute it forever, same goes with the real-time location. When you create a group, others shouldn’t have the option to kick you from the group, and there should be an option to make someone not be an admin without having to kick the person and adding them again. Also, I really want the GIFs to have their own spot so you don’t need to go to Photos and Videos and then click GIFs. Also, make a DRAWING option. Well, that’s all. Thanks for this amazing app..Version: 2.17.80

Piece of adviceIn your next update, you should include a search option in the community section. People would be able to search for communities around them with also already having the option to create one. For example : The search could be like ( football community, basketball, hiking, camping, beach, cruising community) and so on.. This would help people find communities where they feel like they belong..Version: 22.23.76

Voice notes don’t record when connected to Bluetooth deviceI love the voice note feature in WhatsApp and use it constantly to connect with friends. However something that happens regularly is that one of us forgets we are connected to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones and then a whole voice note records without sound. It would be GREAT if WhatsApp could build in a feature where it notices if Bluetooth is connected and gives a warning or won’t go ahead with recording the message. Please! Thank you! It’s so sad to speak your heart deeply for 15min only to realize it went into the void. Thanks guys 🙌🏼.Version: 24.4.78

Whats app is great!I’ve only had the app for about two months now but this app is proving to be great. My favourite part of the app has got to be the groups. I just love how you can send a message to multiple people at once. Another great thing is the status. I find it cool how you can update your status every day. The profile pictures are cool and I like the stickers. I also like how you can archive chats that you don’t post on any more (like a holiday chat for that holiday only). The app looks really clean overall and isn’t hard to navigate. It’s also nice that you can follow different channels, such as a football team, celebrity or even app (such as whats app). In conclusion, I would definitely say that this is the best app for messaging and would definitely recommend it to anyone..Version: 24.1.80

Fantastic and would recommend!Wow! I was honestly very surprised when I got this app that it was going to be this useful and fantastic! I would never not recommend this app to all of you! This app is great for these times especially because you can still talk to friends and family! CoronaVirus is terrible so talking to your friends on This is great! Would recommend to everyone! I would say 7+ for this app! If your parents are worried about this app for you then show them this comment! This app is great for all ages! Recommend by....Version: 2.20.40

Security Update is neededThis app is a free messenger you can send photos and videos for free and call people on and off Wi-Fi with mobile data obviously. This make texting pointless as WhatsApp is free and works the same if not even better. The calling quality is pretty poor in low signal environments otherwise I would say it is pretty good. However I have recently been receiving messages from random strangers despite never handing out my number and being on no group chats. I believe my number has been stolen and put on a public website for other people to use. I asked one of the people that tried to contact me how he got my number and he sent me a screenshot of millions of WhatsApp users phone numbers under the categories online offline and not in action there names and info were stored on this website so watch out or you could be next. WhatsApp need a security update asap..Version: 23.17.0

Auto Chat Backup Not Working1. Chat backup used to happen daily when plugged in and connected to wifi. Since the last major release, this has stopped working. Only manual updates work. 2. Add more notification management Please add a way to suppress/silent subsequent messages from the same person/group within a short period. People tend to send messages as they type these days, rather than write a massive paragraph and send at the end. Would be good to have the option to only push notify once every 30 seconds perhaps from the same sender..Version: 2.19.10

The best everAll necessary features available here: deleting multi messages chats and photo, not like messenger! Also can managed storage, preventing autodownload etc Maybe should offer phone call with paid credit like viber out? or even real text messages Thank you.Version: 23.9.77

Great app but international?I have done a bit of research on whether whatsapp is free internationally. I am still too unsure that i won’t be charged, and i find the app’s description to be very inconclusive. It says INTERNATIONAL CALLS AND TEXTING FREE but it has the * symbol. Then you scroll down and it says *Data charges may apply. What the hell does that even mean? I’m tired of searching for the true answer and I don’t want to take the chance and lose money. There is no conclusive answer anywhere. I would like to be able to move past instagram dms and talk to my friend internationally using my mobile data, because using my mobile data to go on instagram takes up a lot more data than going on whatsapp. Please can you give me a straight answer?? I would really like to contact my friend more often. Thank you very much, Isabeau (note: this app has been very good for all my other friends who live in australia and my city, especially contacting those who have androids, or just catching up with old school friends in a group chat. I love using whatsapp I would just like to know about the international thing.).Version: 2.19.22

So easy to useThis app keeps me in touch with friends all around the world. It’s easy to use and really convenient for uploading and downloading photos, videos, and links to other internet information It’s fast too. I recommend Whats App to anyone not already using it..Version: 2.19.120

Whats wonderI would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the creators of WhatsApp. Your incredible creation has truly made a significant impact on people's lives, allowing loved ones to feel closer to each other, regardless of the distance. It brings back memories of a time when making international calls to my home country used to cost a staggering $3.40 per minute and that was in the 90’s money value. Thank you, WhatsApp makers, for making communication more accessible and bridging the gap between loved ones..Version: 23.14.0

I highly recommend this app!!Very very good app. If you have an iPhone you could easily FaceTime anybody else with an iPhone that’s in your contacts, but what if you dont have an iPhone? In WhatsApp, if you’re in a group chat or private chatting with somebody, you can audio call them or FaceTime! An you can even do group FaceTimes with up to 4 people at a time! I highly recommend this app to anybody that would like to chat/talk to plural friends at a time. I dot. Even think it should be 16+ rated because there’s no violence or bad words in it (unless somebody is chatting it, if so leave the group) but I think it should be an 11+ or 10+ app as that’s the age that kids are usually getting phones these days, but there’s obviously parental guidance needed in that case! But other than that it’s a totally great app and I chat with friends all the time..Version: 2.19.41

HmmWhatsApp is a very good app for those who don’t have a phone bc it’s unlikely for the ppl who don’t have phones that they will probably not have FaceTime message nor voice call so it’s great for them now for the complaint I’m not saying that other people have the same issue as I but i have an issue it’s not a big issue but I just want to put it out there that the FaceTime call on WhatsApp has just a bit of bad audio and quality so it’s a bit hard to hear what my friends are saying the voice call for me is appalling I can bearly here my friends what so ever and sometimes they don’t want to normal call so I have to listen to a defanging sound for quite a bit like I have said I don’t think this is happening to anyone I know but it is happening to me please update WhatsApp so I can have a better experience not only just for me but for other who might be going through the same experience please get back to me as soon as possible thank you. Yours sincerely Mrs Daniels.Version: 2.19.51

I’m new to WhatsApp.It’s got some great functions but it sure takes figuring out. If you archive a chat you can never hear from that person again unless you archive again. I set up an announcement group rather that a group chat and no one could post but me. Some of the photos people posted can’t be enlarged so I can read the text. But I’m slowly learning!! I love being able to pin your location..Version: 22.23.77

It needs to have iPad cross platformI love this app, I didn’t use it a while ago but I really think it’s great. I recommended it to a friend and she got it to and also like it. But I only have one problem it doesn’t allow iPads to get the app. Now I have a phone but at the moment I want to be able to use my iPad which for starters has a much bigger screen and allows for more movement. Even when u tried to use an airdrop to try to get it on my iPad it didn’t work. I think getting it on iPad would be great and then my other friends can also get it cause most of them use iPads.Version: 2.20.121

Spam and overnight messagesI do like the functionality of WhatsApp for messaging friends. However there are 2 issues I wish could be resolved. I wish that notifications of messages would suspend when I put my iPhone in do not disturb mode. I turn off notifications for groups in different timezones to avoid being awoken at night. The second issue is more pressing: spam messages. I was woken up by a spam message from someone in another time zone. I don’t want spam. I especially don’t want spam while I sleep. I updated the app but still can’t report the spammer, which would limit the volume of unsolicited messages that can be sent..Version: 2.20.110

Update needed to improve WhatsAppWe should have the option to set our WhatsApp status to be viewable only once. I strongly believe that implementing this feature would greatly enhance the user experience on WhatsApp. Currently, when we share a status, it remains visible to all contacts for 24 hours, which may not always be ideal. Allowing users to set a status for one-time viewing would provide more control and privacy over our shared content. This feature could be particularly useful for sharing personal updates or moments with specific individuals or groups without the concern of it being visible to everyone for an extended period. Overall, introducing the ability to set one-time view status would undoubtedly contribute to making WhatsApp a more versatile and user-friendly platform..Version: 24.5.4

WhatsApp- A Great End to End Encryption PlatformI am particularly fascinated with WhatsApp because of its versatility and agility as far as social media platforms are concerned. It takes customer privacy and security into great context and go out of their way to protect that customer information from 3rd parties and hackers. I have never heard of a hack or security breach into WhatsApp security systems. Overall the App has been great and has eased the way the world has connected via talking and sharing digital and graphical data. The only downside to WhatsApp is that when you lose your device or are out of storage and uninstall the app, you typically lose all your previous chats and data. I would have been great if WhatsApp had an option for optional storage space for sale, for folk to backup their communication and social media data. Thank you.Version: 2.20.50

Good!I absolutely love WhatsApp and use it all the time literally for everything: organising, socialising and contacting. I much prefer using it then normal messages on an iPhone, only because I send pictures quite a lot and just find it easier that way. I love how you can have group chats and it’s such a safe app that you don’t need to be worried about having your personal data stolen or anything like that. I personally don’t post stuff on my status, but I like it when my friends do and I can see what they were up to for the day without even having to start a conversation with them. WhatsApp is good for anyone and I totally recommend it, if you just want to have a chat with one person or organise and chat with a whole group of people and friends if you want to. The only thing I don’t like is how they changed the look of the ticks (how you see whether your correspondent has read your message), they are so ugly and should be changed to how they were before!!! Skinny flimsy ticks are not good, please change them!!!!!.Version: 2.19.120

Great but room for improvementI use Whatsapp all the time to communicate with family and friends around the world. It’s incredibly convenient and simple and for the most part, has been an absolute pleasure to use. With the latest IOS 11 update however, I’ve noticed the app has become a lot more laggy - particularly when I’m typing a message and I switch to and from the emoji keyboard. The app will often freeze for 15-20 seconds as soon as I have switched from one or the other which I am finding terribly annoying. I would also love if we were able to use Whatsapp on a computer without it needing to be synced to your phone in order to function. Other messaging apps (iMessage, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Kakaotalk) allow this - what’s up, Whatsapp? Otherwise a great app. A couple of minor improvements could be made but it is useful nonetheless. Probably my most-used app!.Version: 2.17.82

Great for overseas however....This app is brilliant for overseas travelling and holidays, or just to message friends and family in other countries, as it doesn't need the use of mobile data, only wifi. This could be even better if it didn't need wifi because you could use it out and about. And with a multiple photo selection because one at a time is very hard for large amounts. Overall it is great. I am using it to message family while I am away in another country. I have wifi and it uses no mobile data unless you choose :)).Version: 2.17.52

Good - Takes up storageI’ve had this app forever and i love it! You can chat with friends and it’s literally impossible to meet anyone who would be a danger to you. You can make as many group chats as you want and remove and add people if your the admin! It’s a good way to see whose a snake on it too as when you message people you can see if they ignore you or not 🤣! I love it, but i had to delete it... It takes up all your storage and kicks you off even if it has enough! you can make it so it doesn’t Save the photos to your camera roll and you can leave groups or delete messages to make more storage but if you have a group chat with 20 people which gets about 1000 messages per day it just all builds up untill it kicks you off again! This is even worse as if there’s drama you miss it live action as it kicks u off 😂😂! apart from that it’s an amazing app lool :).Version: 2.19.100

What I would like WhatsApp to add (it would be really handy).Hello, I’m just going to tell you what I think would be good in WhatsApp. So..I think that it would be good if you block/hashtag out swears because I don’t understand why anyone would want to swear to be nice because I’ve had people swear at me when they were mad at me & I don’t think anybody wants to be sweared at. I think that you should add where you can send people songs because then if you think someone would like a song you know but they don’t know it then you have to tell you the song name but it would be less effort to just send them the song. Last I think you should add a report button if someone is online bullying you are a random number texts you & you don’t know them & this could lead them to hacking into your phone & something bad or harm could come your way by tracking your location & when someone is being rude like swearing or even worse like over call you can report them & then WhatsApp could ban them for how long it depends what they did. If you see WhatsApp then please take it into consideration..Version: 22.23.77

Great app!I think the app is great, but when I look at the messages it has grey and blue ticks, 2 grey ticks means that it has been delivered and 2 blue ticks means that it has been read. The only thing I think they should improve the app is to make as many blue ticks there is as people. Eg. if I have a group chat of 8 but only 5 people have read my text then it should have 5 blue ticks, but if all of the people in my group chat have read it they should make it one tick but another colour like red or something so I know that everyone has read it. But other then that I think this app is Awesome.Version: 2.19.21

Why WhatsApp?If you would like a means of communication where you can chat to friends or family, clients or social groups, WhatsApp really does hit the mark. I tend to keep the notifications off so I need to go into my phone to see if I have any messages but this suits me. If you are like me, I tend to use social comms when needed, rather than being at the beck and call of my phone, which is so easy these days. It’s easy to use (I taught a group of 80 year olds who were not very familiar with it last week and it opened up a whole new world for them and their friends and family. You can call someone with or without video. It is not always the most reliable signal wise, currently but I’ve never had a problem and although use messenger for calls, in time I’ll probably just use WhatsApp too..Version: 23.8.78

Missing 1 thing 😒Easy to use, no fuss when swapping phone numbers, quite versatile (send photos, videos, messages, stories, status) However I often use this for many group chats, this is an however because usually on group chats there’s important dates/flyers that’s put on it them: with no specific function, (like a clear pin board), to put up these dates, they get lost within the other messages and media on the group chat, so it would be great if this function was available,(can even make it so that the date is actually within the system so that WhatsApp takes down the event automatically off the pin board once it’s past- and have the option to preview past events, and the admin can choose to take them down or choose whether no one else can put them up in the first place or not) I would definitely give WhatsApp 5 stars..Version: 2.19.80

Pls fix thisSo whatsapp is great and all you can chat to anyone you desire no matter where they are in the world even if they are in antartica you can still chat with them if they have internet. But thats not the point, the point is that when you type one of your gifs the person on the other end of the line can always favourite it and steal it like. No my friend did that and she used it in our chat and i was like No she just steals me and my friends gifs because she has her mums apple id and her mum didnt put it and she cant get the app the make your own gif because its a GET app Like just because you cant get the app that we are using doesnt mean you can steal the gifs that we made using the app like no hun like everything she owns is from primark her mum works there so she gets the stuff there for free like her clothes are from primark her shoes are from primark even her wallet is from primark. But back to the point, please remove the thing where you can favourite other people’s gifs thanks for reading..Version: 23.9.77

Great app. Needs more archiving options.I love this app to keep in contact with overseas friend and family. It would be great to be able to permanently archive an active group chat. Turning off notifications and muting the chat helps as long as you’re not actually using the app. However if you’re using it the number of messages still appears next to the chat and the chat always stays at the top of your list. The only other way to not see the chat is to leave the group which can be awkward. Please make this a feature in the next version. And also a way to organise chats under different categories/tabs would be awesome..Version: 2.18.102

RecommendationBring the dark mode in whatsapp too....!!!!!!.Version: 2.19.92

Can you please explainWhen we have to update whatsapp how come we go on the App Store and it says this app does not updating I don’t know if this is only my phone or this happens to some one else but could you please fix this and also when our phone is ringing why do we have to open whatsapp to answer a call why can’t we just answer the call outside of whatsapp Overall your app is amazing but if you could fix these things then I would be very grateful.Version: 22.21.77

My WhatsApp issues.I’ve got a lot of problems with my WhatsApp app. First of all why every time i add stories then when I went back and deleted em other people still can see em? Today’s been 3 years since I started using WhatsApp but it still the same why i have to update my WhatsApp app every once in a while? And the main thing I noticed is even when I blocked someone i can read their stories and the can read mine as well sometimes i got very upset and one thing i also noticed is when I’m talking to someone on WhatsApp my background always looks black or blank and it won’t let me do nothing. Please guys do something with this app that will makes everyone happy. I use WhatsApp more than any other apps out here please fix these issues for me. Thank you 🙏🏾.Version: 22.4.75

All My Contacts Can’t See When Online Or TypingHello. I’ve had WhatsApp for many years and I've always loved it so much. Until today. When texting, my friend, I realised that I couldn't see if she was online or texting (but her messages we're still sending). So I went to settings and my last seen was set to ’nobody’. It has never been that. So I changed it to ’my contacts’ thinking nothing of it. It didn't work. I tried ’everyone’, it didn't work. Then, I asked on my status if everyone could see if I and other people were online or typing - but everyone said no. Is WhatsApp broken? Like really, yesterday it was working perfectly fine, but now...it’s really broken. I've tried un-installing the app, and re-installing it - but it's still the same. PLEASE fix this. I really dislike not being able to see if people are typing or are online. Hopefully you see this..Version: 2.20.61

DARK MODE PLEASE IOS 13Please can we get a dark mode for iOS 13 ASAP.Version: 2.19.92

Professor Adrian Wilson - Knee replacementI underwent this procedure on the 3rd of October2023. Within a week I had abandoned the crutches and was able to walk steadily both inside and outside. I was fortunate to have rails previously fitted for my husband which I had not removed thus enabling me to go up and downstairs safely without the crutches. I used the recommended cryotherapy machine for a month, and continued to do my exercises. I was driving my car (an automatic) within 3 weeks. I continue to make excellent progress and find I am able to kneel, walk my four dogs, and do my shopping. Friends are surprised by my progress. I am looking forward to returning to full muscle strength and a full range of movement in the next few months. I am very grateful for the help and care of all the team. I would recommend this procedure under their care. IPG Williams (age 78 years).Version: 23.24.0

Not gonna say much but…So I’m gonna try and make this a short review but sorry if it’s to long WhatsApp is an amazing app that me and all my friends have. It’s really useful and I love the fact that you can change your chat wallpaper because you can’t do this on many other messaging apps. I love that you can do regular statuses witch disappear in 24h-it’s been really useful in the pandemic/ lockdown so you can see what everyone’s up to. I’m not allowed anything like Snapchat or Facebook e.c.t. So I love this app as I’m allowed it because it’s child friendly(will talk more about that later) and you can also take photos and put on different emojis and stickers that you can also use in your texts Ok sorry this is kinda long I am sorry Its child friendly cuse you can block people, be admin/not admin and you can chose who you send your status to. Thank you for reading my review ❤️❤️ Developers I think you have done a really good job in Making this app wonderful One thing that I would like you to consider is being able to pin more than 3 people- Mabe like 5 because I really want to pin my 2 BFFs but I can’t because I have to pin my perents, aunt and uncle so I can find them quickly if needed to Thank you for reading my requests and review ❤️❤️.Version: 2.21.160

WhatsApp got Hacked?In todays news tvnz stated that around 2million peoples contacts were hacked and leaked to a website and are available for sale on some dark website. I am concerned as many are about this data leak, specifically when WhatsApp was approached about this for comments they simply denied it? I mean who do we trust here??.Version: 22.23.77

WhatsApp Changed for the Better!!I have used WhatsApp for about a year now, and I love it!!!!WhatsApp is an overall Great and Safe social Media!!! It allows me to be able to communicate with friends and family around the world! WhatsApp is a great way to message and talk to your friends and and family virtually! It has satisfied me 100%! I extremely suggest it. One feature that I’m in love with is, the status feature, it allows you to post videos,gifs,pictures about you and what your doing today, and plus to keep it safe, only your contacts or the people you chose can view it!! WhatsApp is amazing! My friends and I enjoy it very much!! It keeps me in touch with everyone! 😊! I 100% recommend anyone to use WhatsApp, it’s completely safe and free!! 🤩🤩 Sincerely, Kira Robinson.Version: 2.20.71

Need to be add very important featureHii, WhatsApp i want to suggest that please add a new feature to check a particular date chat in this feature we can check any information from our chat which i had before a month. In the absence of this feature sometimes we want a information which we have shared via chat with someone or we want it immediately but it takes too much time to find. So, it will be easy to find if just open a particular chat and search a particular date and get all within a min. I am looking forward for this update. Thanks.Version: 2.18.61

What’s appHow wonderful is whatsapp! I have my retired friends travelling in Europe and every day or two they check in and share their adventures with me. I have my daughter in Australia and she too, can call me and update me on her life experiences. We talked yesterday for over 30 minutes and catching up was great! All this for free in my twilight years. My Mum always said there is no such thing as a free lunch in life. I would now suggest otherwise! Thank you Whatsapp! You have made my days!👍🏻😀😍👏👏👏.Version: 2.19.42

Better app than text message 👍👏😊WhatsApp is a fantastic app it gets regular updates to improve performance and fix bugs which is great and best of all it is free and I can send videos and stickers for free without charge to my network, where as text message I sent a video once and it charged my network and I was unhappy but then I found WhatsApp and I have had it for 3 years now on my phone and nothing has gone wrong so far with this app and I like it that you can customise the background to your own wallpaper. Also I would recommend WhatsApp to use for social media it is way better than text message. + keep up the good work to the developers of the app.😊 ⚠️MESSAGE TO THE PUBLIC IF YOU HAVE AN APPLE IPHONE PLEASE DO NOT SEND VIDEOS, STICKERS AND ANIMOJIS RECORDINGS ON TEXT MESSAGE THESE THINGS WILL CHARGE YOUR SIMS NETWORK PROVIDER WHICH EVER ONE YOU ARE WITH OTHERWISE YOU WILL HAVE A MASSIVE BILL TO PAY THIS IS JUST A WARNING SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!⚠️.Version: 2.21.90

Broadcasting Should Be Made Easy#1. Bring back the hidden archived chats ! It’s for personal security and privacy ! Staying hidden was waaay better, please bring it back and just find another way of notifying the user if there’s a new message from the hidden archive. If it’s not by default at least it should be put in settings where you could activate & personalize user experience. #2. Selecting a list from your contacts to broadcast a message to is not an easy task especially for those of us who have lots of contacts list. I think we’ll be way better off if we had the option to “auto / multi” select all (256) contacts at once, rather manually doing it, It gets really boring at times. Also increase the total number of contacts who can receive a broadcast message at a time. (256) ain’t enough. Thanks.Version: 22.4.75

Requested access to photosI had a pop up from WhatsApp requesting access to all photos. I can't even remember the last time I used the app (it has been over a year) and at the time the pop up was displayed I was browsing in Safari. Since I didn't expect the pop up I mindlessly clicked Allow and then immediately went into settings to revoke all photos access. WhatsApp should not be requesting access to all photos out of the blue. I'm giving 4 stars because the app worked fine as far as I remember. I wanted to report the issue to WhatsApp but have not found a way to do that so am attempting to let somebody know by writing a review. I'll probably delete the app now though to avoid future occurrences. It makes me suspicious of what it could possibly be doing in the background without my knowledge because I didn't do anything that should result in WhatsApp wanting access to my photos..Version: 23.2.75

Enable Poll Function and Deletable Unread MessageThank you WhatsApp! It has been such a great tool for communication so far, I thought that it would be great if a poll function can also be integrated in the group chat — especially useful when trying to organise event etc so people can quickly choose the dates etc... or the going or not going rsvp function like we have in Facebook messenger? Also is it possible to have unread messages to be deletable forever for all recipients? It seems that it is currently only deletable within certain minutes after its being sent?.Version: 2.18.111

New whatsappMark Zuckerberg is now doing too much. There is way too much going on with whatsapp. I loved it coz using it required less data for our countries that dont have unlimited data options which we cant afford. All this whatsapp channels is highly unnecessary. Less is MORE please.Version: 23.21.0

Encryption has keyzThe messages work an seems ok, sending pics & videos great, unsure security .. intelligence can usually see screen of divicê or have encryption keys .. some snuck in law whilst public sector didn’t know about it prob says they can ethically hack in if terrorism is suspected.. Listen thru the mic an look thru the cameras who’s typing, expressions whilst on phone , see live screen , look thru contacts and pic gallery, use a connected watch etc to see your surroundings effect your body and your heart’s rhythm etc, if it’s a permission required you have to accept it in some form this app will allow all access to your phone, I like that the chats can be backed, although can be annoying waking up an seeing deleted messages with then no idea what it said but could mean anything.. paranoid people , or those involved with criminal activity often don’t trust anything else.. encryption is good and two factor authentication ensures an actual phone line..Version: 23.1.75

WhatsApp ReviewThere is nothing to fault about WhatsApp. It is protective, simple and amazing! Just in case you do not have much time to read this review: I absolutely recommend this! WhatsApp is a messaging app to communicate with friends, family, business partners and anyone else. You can also call people on there, have communities, groups, private chats and much more. You can also have a status where you can communicate to your contacts what has been happening in your area, but do not worry, you can exclude some of your contacts if you do not feel comfortable sharing with them! Recently, there has been updates where you can have channels to update on your life. So, rather than sharing your life to your chosen contacts, you can share them with people you do not know too. If you love Liverpool Football Club, go ahead and express that, if you love drawing, express that with friends and folks around the globe. It is protective because you can add Face ID to WhatsApp to make sure none of your family or friends look through your messages if you do not want them to. You can backup your chats as well just in case you change your phone: rather than starting again! If you want to find out more, download the app, I certainly recommend it! Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this and have a lovely day!.Version: 23.25.81

Great but...Great app but I hate how when I go into the app because someone has messaged me - wether I click on the message or not it would the little 1 that says I have 1 new message disappears. If I forget to open the message - because the one disappears I forget and don’t open the message. I had a message from 3 months ago. I opened the app to do something g unrelated to the message. But because I OPENED the app NOT the message itself- the little notification disappeared. I didn’t remember till recently that I had this message. Please fix this-.Version: 2.20.81

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thanks WhatsApp team......Version: 2.17.52

5 Stars✨What’s app is easy to use it’s a great way to communicate with people and it costs nothing! you just need wifi or data (if you offline) and if u have no credit then it’s perfect for you so I think that it’s a great app the u should get now!!!! Also it’s safe for your kids so if u don’t wanna keep putting money on there phone get this app!.Version: 2.21.21

Great but…. Read the reviewOk a few things. I love this app it’s amazing for me to text my family and friends. However when I don’t have much storage left it shuts me out of the whole app. The other day I was in a sticky situation and needed to message a friend on WhatsApp who I can’t message on normal message apps. But I didn’t have much storage and it had locked me from the whole app so I couldn’t message her until I deleted so many photos. Another feature which would be a great add on to the app would be timed texts. If you don’t know what I mean by that I mean messages that you can choose when you want to send them by putting them ons timer and they send at that later time. Thank you..Version: 23.5.78

Photos and Videos stay on other peoples camera RollOkay. I would just like to say, that I have noticed although, it is possible to delete messages, photos and videos, from a what’s chat, what isn’t possible is that the photos and videos DONT get deleted from the other persons device on their camera roll!!! WHY Not? Why does this happen and should it be allowed ? what’s app haven’t yet invented, if you delete a photo or video from a chat, it stays in the others persons camera roll... this should not be possible, if you want to delete it as you own that photo and don’t want the other person to have the photo video or message, it should be fully DELETED !!! Also what’s app chats, even if deleted, can still be retrieved from a back up file. Please fix this ! Surely this is a MAJOR privacy concern for the sender using WhatsApp chat????.Version: 2.20.92

Really good, but have a few fixer uppersWhatsApp is really good as it is a free app the you can message and call for free. You can catch up with all friends and family but the things that bother are very annoying sometimes, when u send a message sometimes it taya very long time to send, if it was an emergency this would be very worrying or frustrating and also you can’t send messages or call if you don’t have an internet connection which is also very annoying. The status is very good it is like your own little story/ notebook where you can send pictures and phrases but to reply to them it only replies privately, it would be really good if you could send a reply to the status so everyone could see it( if they wanted ) but apart from those flaws WhatsApp if very handy.👍.Version: 2.21.60

Additional feature?Hi developers! WhatsApp is super useful, it’s my go-to messaging platform. I use it almost daily, and have rarely ever had problems with it. Clean, simple, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing interface, WhatsApp is great in a lot of ways. One of my issues with WhatsApp, however great it may be, is that the features regarding image sending and editing is extremely simple. I understand that you don’t want to make it too complicated, it is a messaging platform and not an art platform after all. However, I’ve noticed that when trying to mark up images and draw on them I’ll often have a particular colour that I used that I want to reuse, but there is no tool to grab a colour and use it again, and this has been quite frustrating. I’m not saying that you should incorporate extravagant colour pickers or a way to save old colours, that’s unnecessary. I just think it would be extremely beneficial to include a button (perhaps an eye dropper) below the colours that you can use to pick colours from an image or previous lines to match. I’d really appreciate your consideration, as I think it would be very useful. :) Thanks.Version: 2.21.90

ReviewI think WhatsApp is great! You can use WhatsApp to keep in contact with your friends and family! calls,texts and voice messages and even video messages (which is currently in beta and not everyone has at the moment) (I don’t have it)keeps you viewers updated with your status where you can post pictures,videos and even voice messages! The only annoying thing about WhatsApp is when you don’t have much storage left and it kicks you off of WhatsApp I think they should fix that! But in general I think WhatsApp is amazing and I think they should make it so everyone can do the same things on WhatsApp instead of waiting because I’ve updated WhatsApp and still haven’t got video messages so please can I get it? thank you!! Edit: hey I currently see you can’t add to Status with linked devices. Maybe you could add that bec I wasn’t aloud my phone for a while I still had my tablet but I wasn’t able to add to my status. So maybe that’s a suggestion! Hope it’s added!.Version: 23.25.80

Love it but please add this featureI really love this app to the extent that I can’t imagine living without it because it’s where I can contact all my friends and relatives who use it very easily! Thank you very much However I’m frustrated that I can’t send videos of large sizes. It’s really frustrating to like a video and benefit from it and then you can’t share it with your lived ones just because of the size limit. So if you could fix that that would be VERY appreciated :)! Thanks again for the lovely app!.Version: 2.20.92

Great for home and InternationalWorks off your phones data plan if you don’t hook to wifi. Data rates will apply as per your phone plan so if you use up your data you will be be charged. When you go international always make sure there is available free wifi and hook to it prior to using Whatsapp, that way you won’t use up your data plan (which happens really quick when outside your own country) and there won’t be any charges. It’s the only app I use when I travel..Version: 2.19.31

Essential appWhatsApp today is an absolutely essential app on any platform. The fact this experience is not available to iPad users other than through the problematic WhattsApp Web is a serious discredit to Apple, and largely damaging to those who want to use the iPad as a primary device! Can the two companies not get together and sort out their differences? Or, alternatively, are there not any legal eagles in the EU who can apply their knowledge of the GDPR or other EU antitrust legislation to force them to give users a better experience?.Version: 2.21.243

What’sApp is goodWhat’sApp is good, but sometimes it is really slow. Once I was trying to download some more wallpapers (I was at home with full bars) and it waited about 2 minutes when it said: Error, couldn’t download wallpaper. Try again later. This is a good app when it comes to text messages..Version: 2.18.52

Great app! Available on more devices please?WhatsApp is honestly one of my favorite ways to text my friends and there’s very few bugs. It’s a great quality app and I’ve had it for about 3 months now and I haven’t had any problems that weren’t fixed by an update. The only downside is that I recently broke my phone and can’t see the screen at all but I don’t have the money for a new phone just yet, it would honestly be great if it was possible to have WhatsApp expand to iPad and iPod just to make it easier for people that can’t get it because they don’t have a phone or their phones are currently broken. Please expand this to more devices. Thx.Version: 2.19.112

I have a huge problem with this appOk whatsapp why are so you put exit when you have no space literally what if yo have no service I literally had no service and then your like oh no space exit what if someone has a problem and needs my help then I fixed that problem and deleted photos but then I noticed when I clicked on camera or mic it says to go to setting to enable it and I never unable it and then it takes me to the setting where it says WhatsApp and it says nothing to enable a camera I search it up and it says to go to some photo thing so I can turn it on WhatsApp the photos and mic and it shows nothing all it shows is apps that have requested to access to you will appear hear please fix this I did nothing to WhatsApp I like it but this is frustrating.Version: 2.17.82

Status bugI’ve been facing an issue when uploading a status. Controls ( cropping video, photo and emoji section ) don’t fit on my iPhone X display. It appears to be upwards and covered with the notch so i have to rotate my handset to allow me editing my status. Please fix this as soon as possible..Version: 2.21.210

Too easy to call people by accidentThe app is really great and connects me with my contacts all over the world. It makes it easy to stay in touch. You can text and even call for free. Doesn’t get any better than that! The only thing I would change is how easy it is to call people by accident. It happens all the time. I wish they would hide that button behind the profile page. This is mostly a texting app, do we really need that button on the first page?Even on an iPhone you have to first click the i button from the message page to call someone. It’s smart. Another issue is that the app distorts the quality of pics and videos after they are sent. I often receive videos with delayed sound and fuzzy images. I have to ask my contacts to send me those through other apps so I can actually get the proper sound. Please fix and it will be the most perfect app!.Version: 2.18.41

AMAZING!!!! 🤩🤩I think Whatsapp is AMAZING it’s so easy to use and I enjoy updating my status!!!! The one bad thing about it is that if you do have a lot of storage left of your phone then it locks you out of whatsapp and says that you don’t have enough storage so you can’t use whatsapp so I had to delete some of my apps and photos (so if you could do something about that it would be great thanks because I hate having to delete apps and photos just so whatsapp will work!) But overall whatsapp is great and you should definitely download it!!!! Also I just wanted to say that some people say whatsapp doesn’t let you backup your chat history but that’s NOT TRUE AT ALL because when I got a new phone I was able to transfer all of the chat history onto my new phone!!! And one more thing: other people say that there is no way to put any protection on whatsapp but that’s NOT TRUE either because I was able to put touch ID on whatsapp so when I got onto the app it requires touch ID and you can also put Face ID depending on what phone your have!!!.Version: 22.15.77

A suggestionGreat app thanks. Any chance the next update could give an option to allow notifications for selected groups? I have a number of groups that I get messages from constantly so would go crazy if group notifications were on, but I have a couple of work groups that I would like to respond to immediately. I’m sure I’m not the only one wanting this option. Cheers.Version: 2.20.121

Not impressedI recently bought an iPhone 14 pro max! I switched from a Samsung galaxy note! In my world I am American and my wife is Dominican! We use WhatsApp daily to speak to one another! Often I copy and paste in conversation because my Spanish is mediocre at best! I itch my Samsung phone I could copy multiple messages at one time and paste to my translator to keep up with the pace of conversation! With Apple that piece of functionality isn’t there! I just don’t think the Apple people understand or have done enough research as to why certain things are important. To copy one message at a time has brought our conversations back to the stone ages! I really like my iPhone! But this is consistent in many applications but it really means something when using WhatsApp!.Version: 22.23.77

Excellent app but...Secure, calls, video calls, txt and group txt. Excellent for international use as only a WiFi connection is required. My only complaint is call and video calls connect too quickly. If you accidentally tap on someone’s name there is no time to disconnect the call and they will receive a missed call. It would be better it was like the iPhones where connection took place after a second or so to give you time to disconnect..Version: 2.19.61

PrivacyThe privacy on WhatsApp is incredible, I know you probably don’t have time for young girls but basically my whole year level agrees to make it more like snap, not fully copy right but try and change the status so it isn’t so embarrassing when you add to it👍 Also if you do change it we have all agreed to spread the word, you know tell everyone to get it because it’s better than snap, hahahaha!!! Also you should add a camera simble next to all the chats so you can just click on that and send a specific photo to each chat, instead of changing it in settings every time😫 another good reason is because Snapchat is 17+ or something so basically no one is allowed it, if you include these simple things then it might just be the next big app, isn’t that what you want??? I know exactly what your thinking why would any idiot like me waste all of this time just for a comment? Well because it’s not just me talking about this, it’s the whole freakin school!! Even the teachers, I am only 16, I don’t expect you to just go and change it but at least try!! Why save the best till last, it’s worth a crack isn’t it?? And if it doesn’t work, just change it back no biggy, and I know I have no idea what I am taking about it’s probably a lot harder than I think it is but just have a go!! You only have one life so why not try and live it instead of trying to survive it??? Yours Sincerely, The great idea!!.Version: 24.2.75

Vert6 Aug 2018. Love the app, but have found that Siri does not work with this app. When asking Siri to send a message to a contact using WhatsApp the reply is always the same “ mmmm couldn’t find Pat or John or whoever in your WhatsApp contacts” It doesn’t matter which contact name I choose it’s always the same reply. I have checked all my settings, given WhatsApp access to my contacts but still Siri, comes back with the same response. I thought at first it might be my phone (iPhone 6) but after trying it on my friends phone (iPhone 6) same thing Siri could not send a message or ring a contact using WhatsApp on her phone. On her phone the response was the same. I have tried different ways of asking Siri the question. 1. Using WhatsApp ring Pat. 2. Ring John using WhatsApp 3. Dial John using WhatsApp 4. Using WhatsApp dial Steve 5. Using WhatsApp call Steve. 6. Call Home using WhatsApp But I get the same answer “Sorry WhatsApp couldn’t find John in your contacts who would you like to call?” 😪 Regards: Trev.Version: 2.18.81

Just a minor issue that’s really problematicSometimes my messages can’t go through on time and it’s takes forever for them to receive it. When I text my friends who own Samsung devices, the message won’t go through even though they’re still online. It usually takes about 3 to 2 minutes for the other person to read my message(s). What really bugs me is that once it shows *last seen today at (time)* the message that I’ve sent is delivered, and it’s would show the double check mark. So the person who I sent a message to would only get it if they exit out the app. Plus, no matter how much messages you send to that person, they will never receive it until they exit out of WhatsApp. Please fix this issue🙏🏼. It makes it really hard to communicate, even when it’s an emergency..Version: 2.19.51

Need perfection for 5 starI don’t know if I’m the only one. But there’s something wrong, either with iOS or with WhatsApp. When someone video call me then front camera won’t open automatically (after updating app several times), I have to go to home screen and then click WhatsApp icon to open the camera. But I experienced no problem when I’m already using WhatsApp or while the app is already open in main screen (problem remains even when the app is open in background). Second problem is with voice. On Other side the person can’t hear my voice louder even if I’m talking louder. I thought the problem is with my iPhone 6s mic. But I tried regular cellular calling on hands free, but the mic on my phone and other person’s phone speaker were working fine. Your team need to look up on this problems. Because I love to use WhatsApp since 2012. Thanks..Version: 2.20.90

Definitely set 2FA !!Love WhatsApp. Use it more than any other app. 100x better than SMS! However, it recently was hacked. And the person that did it, tried to scam my friends, family and business associates out of money by saying he was me and needed to borrow money. This was the moment I realized whatsapp support was zero help. I sent them messages and they replied with copied text from their FAQ. It was ridiculous. They did help one bit as it almost felt like they were supporting my hacker. Make sure you set your 2FA. And if you get hacked, delete whatsapp and change the SIM card in your phone. Then you have to wait 7-days for the email authentication to reset. My hacker kept resetting it so it actually took a lot longer. C’mon whatsapp! Figure out how to shut these guys down. Use the power of Facebook and figure it out!.Version: 22.19.78

WhatsApp reviewI really love this app because it takes messaging for me to a whole ‘nother level. I can call, FaceTime, and see my friends numbers in just a few presses of a button. I also have the ability to see when they are online or typing as well as when the message is being delivered, when it has been delivered and when they read it. I can also create groups and invite friends plus call more than one person at a time. I really love this and I will be using it every day! Five star for anyone who wants to message better..Version: 23.3.77

Splitting long videos for WhatsApp statusHi WhatsApp… it’s your boy here. Yeah just wanted to say the app is great, really. Being from Jamaica, WhatsApp is pretty dominant, a great and easy way to connect with people you love. I have no issues using WhatsApp normally, but 2 years ago I discovered I had to manually split long videos myself in order to upload them to my status, I did do it for a time, then I stopped. It’s now 2022 and I still have to manually split long videos if I want to upload the whole thing to my status. I sure do hope the reason you haven’t added a feature to automatically split long videos into segments for WhatsApp status, isn’t because the world will explode if you do. If that’s not the case, then that’s all I’d like to see. Boy would it save me some time. Great app btw, definitely won’t stop using it unless you do something horrible…. Like kill a child.Version: 22.16.77

New Update Doesn’t Show SenderUpdate: Thank you for resolving this in the latest update!! Original Post: The new update does not show who the sender of the message is when the phone is locked or when not using the app. Just shows that there is a message, which is quite frustrating. Only shows sender if ‘preview of message’ is turned on in settings. Can this please be remedied..Version: 2.18.61

RecommendationOne annoying thing with whatsapp is the absence of control over accepting a group invitation. Anyone can create a group and add you , giving you no choice to accept or decline . Additionally, the option to block a group just like u block a single user should be available..Version: 2.17.52

Full communication…periodThis was my first time purchasing with this company, and because I am a beginner with wigs I chose wigs that I should maybe have waited for the opinion of My teenage daughter, L O L the bottom line is when I returned. The three weeks was concerned with how the return process worked. From the initiation up until at this point, I’m in the phase of inspection, there has been full communication with this company in regards to the return. This communication was so strong and positive. It invited me to buy another wig which I love and now I am ordering more wigs, thank you very much for a positive experience. This is the site my daughter swears by and truthfully after she finished with her wigs, she gives them to me and I love them all so now I am buying for myself. You are awesome..Version: 24.6.78

I Love Whatsapp!!!When I first got whatsapp, my parents were skeptical of whether it was a good and safe app or not. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks, but I’m really enjoying using it! I love making group chats with my friends and not having to pay much for sending photos. In my opinion, it’s a 5/5 and I don’t see anything wrong with it..Version: 2.19.70

Add photo info!Hi WhatsApp, This app is really great, I use it everyday and is exactly what I need! It is a basic app for messaging, but with so many advanced features! However, I think a really good improvement for this app would be to have information on photos you send. So if you click on your photo either on a chat or status, you can find out who saved or took a screenshot of it. This would be very beneficial for many users, and enhance the app even more! One more thing that would be great to be able to do is delete photos, even if everyone has viewed it. Every person I’ve talked to wants this feature, and it would be helpful for personal, non business related chats. So once everyone has viewed it, you could still go back and delete it before more people save it. I would love to see these as an addition for WhatsApp, as it is such a great app! Thanks for your time!.Version: 23.16.0

WhatsappWhatsapp is a great app to have andI love having it!! Although there are a few things that I don’t like. It gets really glitchy a lot and It’s kinda annoying. Also sometimes I can’t send messages to different countries 😭 Pls change this🤞🏻🤞🏻.Version: 23.2.75

Critical FeedbackLove the app, I wish it could be improved more by giving users the option to clear chats in the last week or last month and not just clear all chats. It will be lovely to have that. It would be nice if the picture quality does not depreciate anytime I post on whatsapp- I noticed that the quality of my pictures go down drastically so I rather post more on other social media apps, to attract more customers, I believe the team should do something about this ASAP. And also it could be improved by allowing the user delete sent to someone at anytime, because after a few minutes If I delete the message it only shows ‘delete for me’. It’ll be nice if it still shows delete for everyone even after an hour or two. Thanks!!! All in all, very nice app, the app I mostly use compared to others!!.Version: 2.20.30

Not goodI like the older version of WhatsApp. Im constantly having connection problems with WhatsApp where if i send a message it takes minutes to be delivered its ridiculous!! And always delayed sending to one contact as opposed to the rest of my contacts😠i bought a new phone hoping it would fix the issue but it hasnt. Please fix this annoying problem iv been having since ios 10 came in.Version: 2.17.80

Disappearing Messages in Group Chats…Hello Team, We now have Disappearing Messages feature in WhatsApp, where we can set the older messages to auto-disappear after a certain time duration. In Group Chats, once it is set, this gets set for the complete group, I.e., all members of that group. Now, a certain Group Chat can have LESS importance for few Members, and can have MORE importance for other Members. Members in first category want the messages to Disappear, but the members second category do NOT want the messages to Disappear. So, suggestion is, is it possible to enhance the feature, so that individuals in the Group Chat can set their own Message Disappear timeline preference based on their need, without affecting the other members of the group. It’ll be similar to “Delete For You” and “Delete For Everyone” options available while deleting a post in the Group Chats. Happy to clarify, if there are any queries. Regards, Sumant.Version: 23.19.0

Mute conversationsWhatsapp needs a mute all conversations for 8 hours feature. I love Whatsapp and how easy it makes staying in touch with people; I particularly like the group chat function but this is also where my problem lies... I have to get up earlier for work than most of my friends and family and so go to bed earlier but conversations in the group chats can continue whilst I’m sleeping. Although my phone is on silent, the vibrate notifications wake me up and annoy my husband! Conversely, I respond to messages when I wake up (I don’t get many opportunities to use my phone during the day) and most others are sleeping. I’m in multiple group chats so it is very tedious having to remember to mute them all individually for 8 hours; I don’t want to turn vibrate off on the phone as I want to be accessible in case of an emergency so a ‘mute all conversations’ option would resolve this issue..Version: 2.18.80

Camera takes fuzzy photos every timeWhatsApp in general is fine. But every photo I take in the app is fuzzy; and more zoomed in than my normal photos app. It’s like they are putting camera in video mode and taking a screenshot. I guess this is part of their cross platform library but still, I wish it would let the camera app use more native and high quality functionality. Additionally, it’s wayyy too easy to send things to the wrong person. You can’t remove people from “recently contacted” or “frequently contacted” prompts around iOS for sharing. I’m terrified I will send my girlfriends brother something immodest because his name shows above hers even though our chat volumes are way different. WhatsApp is a globally loved tool but has some pretty strange UX issues given its financial backer and experienced staff. I will continue to use it as most of the world doesn’t have iMessage; but if they did; I don’t think I’d miss the WhatsApp app that much..Version: 2.17.52

Privacy concernWhatsApp is one of the best messengers, the fastest and most efficient, but I have a problem. I can not stop showing a call made through the application in the search history (spotligth) of the iphone. it doesn't matter from where you delete the call, not even deleting the contact at all from the iPhone, It always appears the last time you called that contact in the spotlight search if you call it with WhatsApp. This phenomenon does not happen with the native application of iPhone calls, deleting them from the history deletes them from everywhere and there is no trace of it in the spotlight search. This little detail does not happen with WhatsApp. I have had personal problems because of it, I hope you know what Iam talking about and solve this. Regards..Version: 2.20.70

I enjoy whatsappI can’t live without God; but I can live without whatsapp. However, the great features of this app is what keeps me using it. Its updates are always so innovative and very useful. I love how it keeps me connected to friends and family all over the world..Version: 23.11.76

Great AppWithout a doubt, WhatsApp is one of the best communication apps I’ve ever used and I strongly recommend it to everyone. It’s great for audio calling, video calling, and messaging. It’s really good for working with a group because you can send files, documents, photos, videos and so much more for free!.Version: 22.23.77

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