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TextPlus: Text Message + Call App User Positive Comments 2024

TextPlus: Text Message + Call app received 63 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about textplus: text message + call?

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TextPlus: Text Message + Call for Positive User Reviews

Awesome appBest text app ever.. If you guys tead the description it DOES NOT work in nz unless your friends use textplus too.. It would be cool if you made it work for other countries too :) thanks gogii team .Version: 0

It doesn't work!I typed in the number?.Version: 0

What a appWonderful.Version: 8.0.1

DisappointingText plus is currently not working why.Version: 7.6.7

GoodGood.Version: 8.2.7

Best text app on the App StoreSome Apps try to make you pay constantly. Some Apps don’t work. Some Apps disconnect your number. 🏆This app works for years, and with just a few bugs here and there, I’m over-satisfied with this free app. I bought 1 year, but I didn’t need to for the first 3 years. 5Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The only thing I wish: Sometimes my number shows up as a “VOIP” or VIRTUAL number. I can’t use it when signing up on just a few occasions. Fix that, and I would recommend TextPlus to everyone… They’re the CHAMP OF PHONE APPS..Version: 8.1.3

Nice app- but bugs to addressReally like using it to have an alternate number. But I wish that some issues are addressed soon: 1. When on wifi, cannot make or receive calls. Basically outgoing call fails, incoming call gets dropped as soon as answered, which forced me to disable wifi and use network data for calls. 2. Any video I receive, plays back without sound. 3. Can't receive pictures from T-mobile cell customers. 4. In the latest version, the keyboard hides my text input box. 5. Also in the latest version, at other times the text input box is buried way at the bottom edge of the screen, to the point I can't tap it to enter my message. Thanks for your attention..Version: 8.1.2

Text plusIt does work in nz, you just need to download it 2 times!.Version: 0

Great for Work & Cash AppIn my profession, I need to text clients. My boss is cheap and has stopped paying us for cell use since COVID. This Text + works perfectly for me. My actual number remains private and I receive an unlimited amount of text messages from clients. I needed a 2nd Cash App account. Text + allows me to have a 2nd cash app account on my phone. I simply log out of one account and log into the other with my text+ number. I am enjoying this app..Version: 8.0.0

KeypadUnable to press number 1 to accept the call.. this was fine yesterday! Please fix this.Version: 7.8.5

Does not work properlyThe app never works properly. I can’t scroll to previous messages abd it pauses or freezes for no reason. Better to use textnow app.Version: 7.9.4

Finally a useful oneI made a TikTok account in which I used a burner google account, well that account was then deactivated by google for lack of use or whatever google does. I needed to add a phone number to the TikTok account to delete and didn’t want to use my real number. I spent about 2 hours on different apps like Textnow all of which make you pay for verification codes. I came across this app and it didn’t make me pay and let me use the number it gave me for verification. This saved me. Amazing work developers 💯.Version: 8.1.2

AUSTRAALIA?????This is probually one of the most usefull apps out there, i know if uou made it work in australia its go top 50! please listen and make it work in aus!!.Version: 0

What??!!I downloaded text plus for my iPad Pro 11.I had no idea when I downloaded it, that going it was going to be, my now favorite app. Not only is it easy to use,it works flawlessly. Granted, it’s a little annoying trying to earn credits, so I just paid for a year of unlimited talk and text. I don’t really talk on the phone, but if I have to, guess who’s doing it free? I pay for unlimited data, so this is a win/win! The only thing I don’t like,is that I paid for the unlimited talk and text, to keep my number a year, and add removal for a year, so why are there still ads trying to get me to earn credit? Please fix this because it’s super annoying. Other than that, good job! Y’all get this app,you won’t regret it!.Version: 7.9.0

Great except for one issueI don’t have many complaints about this app, i think it’s actually pretty good and i use it all the time. The only issue i experience is when someone is calling me, my phone doesn’t ring or wake up and it doesn’t show anyone calling. Once the call stops ringing and goes to voicemail, then my phone will notify me and wake up and show that i have a missed call. happens quite often unfortunately. Thought it may be because of low wifi signal, but it still happens even when i have a strong internet connection. Other then this it’s a great app. iPhone 6 iOS 12.5.6.Version: 8.1.2

Where my getir dons atGetirs biggest nightmare.Version: 8.0.4

CrashesIt just crashes as soon as open it, please fix it.Version: 5.2

TextPlusI LOVE text plus cause I can text all my friends and the people that don’t have iPhones.Version: 7.6.2

Getir looking fine aslKnow hall here from tt naughty kids.Version: 8.0.4

AmazingThis app is great ! Love it ❤️.Version: 7.7.1

Very usefulThis is really a good app for calling and receiving calls and messages and easy to use ..Version: 8.1.3

It’s the bestIt does everything I need, and it’s free. Can’t get better than that.Version: 7.7.2

Works like a charmDownloaded this app because I needed an alternate phone number to call my service company to change my phone number. I was able to quickly download and get a new number in under like 2 minutes! App works great and quality of phone calls is clear/no echo. Thank you for helping me get my problems solved! Only change I recommend is- Please make it easier to simply BUY minutes. This isn’t 2009 anymore. I don’t have the time to watch ad videos to earn free minutes. I had to search the app pretty fervently to find a page to PURCHASE the minutes. Otherwise, wonderful app!.Version: 8.1.6

Highly Recommended!This app is incredible. Don’t waste time and download it as soon as possible! 😊💪🏻.Version: 7.7.3

GreatHate watching adds but it works.Version: 7.7.2

GreatGreat.Version: 7.7.6

Text PlusGood service and great international sms and calling options..Version: 8.2.4

AmazingThis helped me rob a bank would use again! amazing security they think it's some man named Micheal lol.Version: 7.7.9

Texts to Canada not workinI hav been using this app since a long time Suddenly it says international text messages are currently not supported ? Plz let me know what is goin on ? And kindly fix this issue - Thanks.Version: 7.3.9

Excellent serviceGreat app. I use it every day to text my family and friends, all for free. Can even send photos. Works reliably and consistently. Fivevstars!.Version: 7.7.8

Great appI love this app been using it for years. Just wish you didn’t have to watch or complete so many offers to get credits to call.Version: 7.7.6

This is a very good app...... But would be easier to find communities if you could choose what type of order the search will be sorted in. E.g community size, alphabetical order, etc..Version: 0

Great app needs final tweaks like AU supportThis is a great app except you can't text anywhere but American or Canadian Numbers. You can call anywhere in the world with very very low cost. Top up by watching a few adds. Calling Australian Mobiles is a little bit expensive vs Australian Landlines but overall it's a great app just needs tweaking.Version: 5.3.2

Love itThis app is amazing you don’t even need to pay for a phone number just get this app and you get a free phone number and you can watch videos to earn credits to call for free or you can buy credits but it is simple and awesome and is free with a few in app purchases I 100% recommend this over any other texting app or paying for a phone number but you do need data it is not glitchy at all and is amazing I have had the app for 3 almost four years and it has never failed me.Version: 7.7.2

Overall GreatnessI love this app. Been using it every since my phone was turned off. I would recommend the creators to add games to play for coins! That would be awesome! Getting to a certain level on a game to get a certain amount of coins! It’s hard getting a lot of coins unless you subscribe to something and waste money on something you don’t even want but you do it to get coins to call people. other than that I am enjoying the app! Great job guys! Keep up the good work!.Version: 7.9.4

Bomb.comText plus is my dad.Version: 7.9.5

An essential serviceLifesaver..Version: 7.7.7

FantasticVery easy and cheap way to stay in contact.Version: 7.7.4

Text plusJ’adore cette application, elle est sécuritaire et on peut l’utiliser de la meme façon qu’un vrai téléphone.Version: 8.2.5

AppVery easy to use. Good app. 😁👍🏽.Version: 7.7.4

Recommend App!!I recommend this app for anyone who has WiFi but doesn’t have a phone service plan it it’s a free, easy app to use. This app works soo well. You do have to earn credits to call but texting is completely free, you can watch a 25second video to earn credits and you can use the credits towards getting rid of ads and make reply’s fast. However, I haven’t had any issues with the reply’s being slow at all. This app doesn’t even have a lot of ads like some do. I totally recommend this for everyone..Version: 8.0.4

Best for texting!!I love using this app it’s easy for texting and it’s free and you don’t have to pay a thing but for calling you do but it shows you basically what you need to have or do for that so it’s way easy for anyone to understand and be able to do please and thank you.Version: 8.2.5

THIS SAVED MY LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPIM DATING a girl from america and I'm in Australia and I found it hard to find an app that supported those destinations but thank you so much.Version: 5.4.0

So far I’ve no problem.So far the app works for me. I like it. For guys who lost their phone numbers: Don’t forget to pay 10 cents a month to keep your numbers..Version: 7.7.4

This app works perfectly as intended for me.I decided to write a review because of how many bad reviews I’m seeing about this app. It works great for me and I haven’t had any problems. It is a VOIP service so you of course need wifi but I have had my phone number with them for a very long time and I can always rely on it for my calling and texting. I don’t agree with all these low star reviews, there is nothing wrong with this app, and I even customized it to my liking. It even saved so many of my voicemails from so long ago that a normal provider would not have saved for me. Good job text+..Version: 7.7.8

JigsNice app.Version: 8.1.7

Happy camperI’m happy with the app as I have a hard time always getting my cell paid and the back up number from text now really helps.Version: 7.9.5

NiceReally good and fast and secure.Version: 7.7.6

Free verification code numbers...From what I can tell, so far.... Huzzah!.Version: 8.2.5

Using New 2020 iPhone SETerrible! Was great at first ! I even uninstalled my other calling app. Then after watching many many ads for credit scree went white . The screen stayed white every time I tried to use the app. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and tried signing back on. Text Plus said No account found ! Shame on you guys ! I am a light hearted guy who would have probably secured more minutes through payment eventually. 4.5 stars on so many reviews has me thinking I did something wrong:( But I couldn’t have . Feeling ripped off of time and what seems like a great app to many..Version: 7.9.2

UkIf you lot are from U.K. and we're doing the same thing. We're friends 🤣🤣🤣.Version: 8.0.4

Great appI love it. I can call my friends in the USA. Earn credit to call anyone etc. Just wish Bluetooth could work on this app. That's why it's 4 stars. Once Bluetooth works on this app I'll give it 5 stars..Version: 5.6.6

A KBest app to get you around corners.Version: 8.1.6

Australia?Make an update for Australia..Version: 0

Good!Great app does what it should.Version: 8.0.4

It worksI live in nz and this app works for me.Version: 0

LOOOOOOOOOVE ITThis app is amazing! If you have an iPod it's perfect! Especially if your friends don't have an apple! It works well for me. It can be a little glitchy but very rarely! It help me connect with all my best friends! We all have so much fun! You can even just watch videos to get credits! When you call someone you can even play an emoji game! And the other person you are texting doesn't have to have the app! Honestly it's the best! Especially for fun! Get the app! It's a life saver if you have an iPod touch like me!.Version: 7.7.2

Really good but 1 questionThis app is really good especially if you don’t have a phone to make phone calls. I just have one question, it says there that you can buy something that says that you can keep your phone number. What does it mean? And does your phone number change every month if you don’t buy it? I was wondering that. Besides that the app is awesome and i recommend it to others who don’t have a phone but do have a tablet or an iPod..Version: 7.2.3

Very really very goodUnbelievebly good app fof iPod to iPod aut as previously stated, texting to an Australian mobile - has to be an update for this soon please, other than that, excellent!!!.Version: 0

Awesome serviceI never had the inconvenience of running out of minutes. All my calls go through and are very clear as well as the calls I receive. My texts are sent and the voice texts are perfect when I’m in a rush and can’t type the messages. I’ve tried numerous other text apps and I have to say this is my favorite by far. I’m a happy customer and would recommend this app to anyone looking for a free and good quality service..Version: 8.0.6

NiceReal nice.Version: 8.2.5

This app has established a life long pb & j friendshipText plus was all I had in a dark time. It helped me tremendously when I couldn’t make friends because of my chunky bangs and Perry the platypus t-shirt. Years later as I reminisce, I’m crying right now. So beautiful. This hits home. I love what’s happening right now and I wouldn’t change it for the world. 8 years ago we set off on an adventure that lives on today. I deleted the app BUT (and I cannot stress this enough) it’s the bread to our pb and jelly (without the crust) (for obvious reasons) signed, Peanut Butter and Jelly.Version: 7.7.4

Really great appAlways works well. It's free and simple to use and I can reach anyone I like quickly without glitches..Version: 5.6.10

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